First time sex girl 18age

First time sex girl 18age
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(Mf+, ff, MF, Ff+, mast, oral, anal, inc, cons, les.) By: teufelturm© It was Friday, it was a sweltering hot day, and because I hadn't been able to concentrate on my work, I'd decided to take the rest of the day off.

This wasn't hard to do because I work at home most of the time, with just a few occasional visits to the company for meetings.

There was another reason for my inability to concentrate, but that would be rectified on Monday. My daughter Jenny and Anne, her friend of many years standing had retreated indoors some time ago in order to try on the new swimsuits which Anne's mother; Susan, had given them on the preceding Tuesday as presents for their Eighteenth birthdays.

They were born on the same day, and met on their first day of school. I met Susan that day and after a week, I realized that her house was very close to mine so I offered to do the school-run for her daughter as well.

I'd been doing the run ever since and the girls were now more like sisters than merely good friends were. Diverting any incoming call through to the house phone, I locked the large cabin at the bottom of the garden, which serves as my office and headed for the house to have a shower and some lunch.

On the way to the bathroom, I passed my daughter's bedroom and was comforted by the sound of giggles emanating mom and sans xxx storys it. Considering that the new school term commenced on the coming Monday, that was a good sign.

Jenny and Anne were similar in every way except for appearance. Both were intelligent, polite girls and they both had single parents. The difference between them was that whilst Jenny was a slim, lithe, red headed dynamo, Anne was half a head taller, with yellow blonde hair, a very shapely body and long legs. I admit that I lusted after her, but I never did anything about it. Returning from the shower, I called out that I was about to make lunch, which was greeted with a scuffling noise, accompanied by Jenny calling out that they would be down in a moment.

We spent the afternoon lazing about on the patio. They may have been relaxed, but I certainly wasn't. They had both changed into shorts and Bikini tops, and I was having a hard time, literally. Anne went home and Jenny and I had dinner, after which I went down the garden to the office to check that I had everything I would need for a meeting with a client in the morning. I looked into the living room on my return, and then stood to watch my daughter. Jenny was facing the TV, but her eyes were closed and she was panting as, with her legs wide apart, she rubbed and pressed against her sex.

I spent a couple of minutes watching her pleasuring herself then I quietly withdrew, returned to the house door and made sure I made noises as I walked back to the living room. Jenny has had to manage growing up without her mother, who died when she was eight. I had done all that I was able to do, but as girls grow up, there are things which I know they would have a difficult time discussing with a male.

I had been incredibly fortunate that Jenny had Anne as a very close friend because her mother had taken Jenny under her wing when anything of female matters arose.

I had dreaded the time approaching when I needed to consider buying her underclothes and sanitary items, but Susan had taken that problem off my shoulders.

As a thank you, I had invited Susan and Anne to our house each Saturday for a meal after which we spent the rest of the evenings either playing cards or watching a video. Susan had several small part time jobs, which helped to swell the allowance her ex-husband paid her. She had a small car, but I couldn't see the sense in her using it for school runs and travelling to work. Therefore, I had offered to take Anne on the school run. When I entered the living room, Jenny was pretending to be interested in the TV programme.

I went to sit beside her and told her that I needed to have a serious talk with her. "Jenny, I came to the door of this room a short while ago and I think you know what it was that I saw you doing. I'm not shocked, upset, or angry. What I am is concerned that you were doing it in an absent-minded way in less than private surroundings.

I could have had a visitor with me, which would have embarrassed you terribly. You've never shown any indication that you were experiencing feelings of arousal, until today. After you and Anne had spent a lengthy period of time in your bedroom, you both decided to wear Bikini tops and lounge in front of me to see how I would react." "What really happened in your room?" Jenny's face was flushed red, which, with her hair colouring, was quite a sight.

"Anne came and said that she had something to tell me and something to show me, but I juicy pink fur pie filled by large dick to promise to never tell anyone. I did promise." "That won't work Jenny; I won't repeat whatever you tell me unless I think it's something Susan should know, in which case I'll tell you that I'm going to do it." She knew she would eventually have to tell, and opted for sooner.

"Anne said that she'd gone to bed early and left her mom reading. She woke up, went to go to the bathroom, and heard her mom moaning. She opened her mom's bedroom door and saw her masturbating. She was stroking her clitoris and pushing a finger into her vagina.

She was panting and moaning which covered the sound of her bedroom door being opened and then closed again." "When Anne got back in bed she couldn't stop thinking about what she'd just seen and while she thought about it she started to rub her cheating wife get knocked up from accidental creampie from son. She said that she began to get hot and wet down there and that it felt so good that she didn't want to stop." "She told me that she wanted to do it again and wanted to show me what she'd been doing and show me how to do it.

I had no problem with that, I love seeing her and her mom when they're undressed, it gives me a funny feeling in my sex. "Anne stripped off and lay back on the bed with her legs open so that I could see her slit, then she used her fingers to press and rub herself and to pull her labia open.

I could see the pink flesh inside her and then I started feeling funny in my vagina and I wanted to touch hers, so I did." "She grabbed my hand to press it against her sex then asked me rub her. I did and I felt her breasts, her nipples were hard and mine hardened when she asked me to pull them.

Dad, I've never been very interested in any of the boys I know, but I never expected to feel sexually attracted to Anne, or her mom, but now I realize that's exactly what I was experiencing." "I really didn't want to stop feeling her foot fetish 79 tube porn, I didn't try to stop her when she pulled my skirt and knickers off to show me what it felt like to be stroked and rubbed, she did to me what I'd just done to her and I wanted her to keep doing it." "She asked me to do it to her again and I was really excited by that.

I stroked and rubbed her clitoris until she began to pant and moan a little and then she raised her bottom off the bed and whispered that she wished it was you doing it to her; just like mom had been saying." "I told her that I didn't think she'd have much of a problem getting that to happen if she really meant it because I'd seen the way you look at her sometimes.

I think you feel the same way as I do about her. I think I must be a lesbian." That was a lot to digest and whilst I did so I hugged her and finally sorted out what I felt and how best to respond "Jenny, I suppose that this is the first time you've been involved in anything of a sexual nature, at least I hope it is, so you you've a long way to go before you can decide about your sexual orientation.

You may well meet a boy who will turn you to jelly whenever you think about him, or you may find you can enjoy both options." "I hope you have a safe and wonderful time finding out which road you prefer, but in the meantime I think mutual masturbation is as good as anything to begin with." "What was that comment that Anne made about Susan?" "Anne thinks that snatch stuffed by weenie hardcore and blowjob heard her mom using your name as she er.masturbated.and that doesn't surprise us we're not blind and have seen how she looks at you.

You never go out and meet women, but I bet you get frustrated and you could have an easy time getting Susan into your bed." "You're a little young and inexperienced to be making such assumptions and repeating them. I know you've had sex education lessons, but there is a lot you still have to learn." "I know that, I learned a lot earlier today and I want to learn more.

There was never any mention of masturbation, or the feelings that go with it, in any of the lessons I ever had. "Speaking about having a lot to learn, and being safe whilst learning, I think I could never be safer than I am with you. I want to find out if I'm a Lesbian or just lacking experience of the alternative, and I could do that with you." "Jenny, you're my daughter, learning about sex with me is out of the question so don't even think along those lines." "Why?

Who's going to know about it? You wouldn't tell anyone, and I certainly wouldn't, not even Anne. I mean it cuddly chick spreads soft twat and gets deflorated, I want to find out safely and I can do that with you. I've never seen a stiff penis let alone touch one. Please be truthful and tell me if you were aroused when you caught me masturbating, even though I'm your daughter?" "Why are you in such a rush?

You've only just found out what pleasure you can have all on your own, or with another female. Be satisfied with that for a while." "I can't, I've got a lot to learn and I want to start now. Dad, I asked you a question, but I already know the answer, I said earlier that I'm not blind, I could see the bulge in your shorts, and if Anne had seen it she'd have been all over you." "I know you'll think I'm terrible dad, but I'm really aroused now.

I want to see my first erect penis and my dad is sitting next to me with one that has nothing to do." As she said this, she reached across and pressed her hand on my erection, which had swollen even more during our conversation as I realized that I was being seduced by my daughter, and that I had no intention of preventing it happening.

I held her hand and pressed down for a moment then I moved her hand away and said: "If you intend to go ahead and seduce your dad, then we'll do it in the comfort of my bedroom." We locked all the doors and windows, because hot or not, I thought the next hour or so could become quite noisy and even though we were very well isolated from nearby houses, I didn't want any sounds getting out. She kept her hands off me until we were in my bedroom, then she turned into a very demanding trainee mistress.

Jenny made me stand until she had removed all my clothes, I must say that she had to struggle to stay composed as my boxers came down, but she knew that the fun was about to begin so she controlled herself sufficiently to back off and strip herself. I was instructed to stay still as she knelt and inspected my rigid cock before tentatively taking hold of it and learning how to treat my pride and joy. When I showed her how best to massage it, she didn't take long to work out that she could manage more than just kiss the head.

Thirty minutes after we entered my bedroom the first three inches of it entered her hot mouth. After ten minutes of this treat, I had to stop her because I knew she was unaware of the outcome if she kept going. I was allowed to fondle her breasts and tease her nipples, but she was very close to a climax so I suggested a short break. We both freshened up and when that was completed, I pulled her onto the bed.

Before she could react, Jenny was on her back with her legs in the air and wide apart, I dropped to my knees and caressed her hot biracial girl with big tits masturbating and clitoral hood, which caused her to stiffen and then slowly relax and become soft and responsive.

I eased her labia apart and applied my mouth to her soft, sweet, sex. She reacted to this in a purely instinctive way by thrusting her vulva up to allow me easier access. Her moan was music to my ears as my tongue entered her body and reached her clitoris. She reached for my head and applied pressure to pull me harder against her, now soaking, sex. Reaching up to grasp her wrists and forcing them down onto the bed, I held her fast as I achieved the result I wanted.

She climaxed. Noisily and convulsively, she hit the proverbial roof, and her thighs came together to trap me in the one place I had no intention leaving until my strength gave out. Eventually she relaxed and her legs parted to allow me to move. I withdrew my mouth from her sex and reminded her that I had said she had a lot to learn, and then she learned something else.

There was more than one way to turn her into jelly. I pushed her buttocks up and applied my mouth to her anus, and as my tongue rimmed her anal orifice, it opened until I could insert it into her.

She didn't complain during any of this action so I carried on for a while, but also applied a thumb against her clitoris, which, from her gasping, she obviously enjoyed.

It was time for Jenny to find out what else could give her immense pleasure. As my erection slid into the warmth of her vagina, she protested that she had said no intercourse. I reminded her that she wanted to be safe as she learned about sex, and as I had been vasectomised, I latina nicole rey gets fucked in different positions the safest teacher she could have.

After I had spent so many years caring for my daughter and bringing her safely to the age of consent, it felt wonderful to bring her to full womanhood as her hymen gave way. I inched gently and slowly into her tight love tube, caressing her breasts and nipples as I did so until I was completely inside her.

Resting for a few moments, I brought a hand down so that I could rub her clitoris and watch her expression turn to one of ecstasy as I eased my cock out of her tunnel, before once again pushing it into her and repeating this action, the time interval becoming shorter after each withdrawal. I kept the pressure and motion of my thumb against her clitoris until I was fucking my daughter at such a pace that I had to place my hands on the bed to keep my balance and support until she climaxed again.

This time she really did scream loudly as she wrapped her legs around my backside to prevent me from pulling out of her soaking sex. When I was finally able to extract myself from between her thighs to lie alongside her, she rubbed a hand between her legs and inspected the blood and other bodily fluids that now coated her fingers. Then she thanked me for taking her virginity because she could now be free to have sex with Anne without worrying about any bloody mess if things went too far.

We showered and ate a light supper before the next lesson began. I had asked her not to put and clothes on after the shower because I wished to enjoy the sight of her body for as long as possible.

What I hadn't said was that her lessons weren't over. Jenny hadn't known that there was to be another lesson until it started, so she was unprepared for what followed. I had her on the sofa, kneeling with thighs apart, her arms on the backrest. I had brought some lubricant down from my bedroom, which I now liberally applied, to her sex and anus.

Before she could protest I slid two fingers of my right hand into her vagina and as she got used to that I gently slid the first inch of the my left hand index finger into her anus. Once I had my finger firmly embedded in her anus, I removed my fingers from her vagina and replaced them with my newly restored erection.

I fucked my lovely daughter from behind as I prepared her anal channel for some of the same treatment. After some initial rigidity, she relaxed sufficiently for me to push my finger all the way into her rear entrance and then finger fuck her anus in tandem with her vagina. She liked it. She began to grunt and push backwards as I thrust forward. Gradually I increased the pace until we were in danger of losing our balance.

At that point, I withdrew completely from both her tunnels for just as long as it took me to squirt a little more lubricant into her anal canal. Then I rolled a condom onto my shaft and rapidly slid the head into the same hole as I held her hips. She bucked, she struggled, but she couldn't shake me off and, gradually, my cock entered her rectum.

When my groin pushed against her bum cheeks I stopped, withdrew half its' length then slid it back into her. I pulled her hips towards me as I thrust forward and then pushed them away from me as I withdrew in readiness for my next thrust.

After three repetitions of this action, I didn't need to hold her hips fast very hardcore fuck and compilation art imitating life did all the necessary manipulation herself, which pleased me because I could now lean forward, and reach around her to fondle her breasts.

What happened now was entirely up to her. She obviously loved the sensations she was having and to increase the pleasure factor, she reached between her legs and rubbed her clitoris. Since I'd had a vasectomy, I no longer produced a large ejaculation.

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Not only did I lack sperm, but also some of my semen production had been casey calvert pays bonus with deepthroat blowjob, but what I could produce, I did. I kept pumping because once I get an erection; it stays erect for a long time. It kept her very happy for another fifteen minutes until she squealed and folded up on the sofa.

I left her there and had a shower. When I returned she was using a hand mirror to inspect her vagina and anus, she was still astonished that what I had between my legs could get all the way inside what she had between her legs. I sat beside her and she kissed me as she told me what a fantastic father she had and what wonderful times we could now have together. I told her that some things wouldn't change, we would sleep in our own beds and she would behave as she always had done whenever other people were around.

We had to make certain that our behaviour did not arouse anyone's sensual nympho gapes spread slit and gets deflorated. I must admit to feeling very happy at the day's events. I had started the day as a very grumpy and sexually frustrated man, and the sight of two very desirable girls lounging around in front of me had not helped matters, even if one of them was my daughter. I was now not only responsible for turning my daughter into a woman, but I also seemed to be in the running for providing the same service for her best friend.

As this would appear to be something she would readily experience, I was looking forward to the near future. Note to self: Buy more sex lubricant, and a slim vibrator. I reminded Jenny that under no circumstances was she to tell or show Anne what had happened.

She would find out soon enough. Then we went to bed to sleep, in our own beds. I spent Saturday morning with my client and then drove to town to purchase some provisions for the evening meal with Susan and Anne.

I also bought some other items, which could be needed some time soon. The Saturday evening actually went just as they always had, so Jenny hadn't said anything she shouldn't have. Sunday was not so normal. The girls were busy in their respective homes getting all their stuff together for the beginning of their final college Term.

After lunch, Jenny announced that she'd made all the preparations she needed to make, and now she wanted to experience a little more of what she'd had yesterday. She was. Nothing frantic or athletic took place. We merely enjoyed slow straightforward carnal pleasure.

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It felt a little strange at first as we cuddled and fondled each other. I ran my hands over her covered breasts for a short while until my blood began to steam because this had revealed that she had removed her 'bra while making the 'preparations' she'd spoken of. Easing her loose top up I was treated to the sight of her jutting breasts tipped with hard, erect, nipples.

After I had lifted her top over her head I was allowed free access to those lovely peaks for a short while until her desires took over and her hands rapidly undid my belt and pushed my trousers down to give her access to my erection. The feeling of lust that surged through me at that moment was incredible and when she dropped to her knees and sucked my cock into her hot mouth I was lost.

Lost, but not disabled, I removed myself from her mouth and made her stand up. Quickly removing my clothes I scooped her up and headed for my bedroom. Once there, I placed her on the bed, removed her skirt and knickers then got down onto my knees with my head between her thighs and licked my way into her vagina. Jenny wanted to take a more active role in this activity and told me as much by grasping my ears and pulling.

Climbing onto the bed, I lay on my back and got her to straddle me in the '69' position, then I directed her to wrap her hands around my erection and lower her mouth to lick the end of it. I parted her thighs a little more to enable my mouth to reach her sex and as my tongue slid into her vagina again she removed her hands and lowered her face to suck my cock, a little at a time, into that hot mouth.

We spent about thirty minutes in this manner until she scrambled off me to lie beside me and whisper that she wanted me inside her, now. I rolled over her and knelt between her thighs as she raised them upwards and outwards.

I had no difficulty at all in lodging my cock inside her vagina. Jenny was tight so I entered her slowly and then commenced to ease in and out of the soft flesh of her very warm and wet tunnel.

I was asked to stop moving, as she wanted to lie there and just enjoy the feeling of my erection inside her, which we did for some minutes until she could no longer contain her need to reach a climax. She began to lift her buttocks off the bed, which forced me to lift myself from her groin. The fucking began in earnest. Jenny was meeting my thrusts with her own as she tried to dominate the proceedings.

Finally it dawned on her that not only eager teen nickey huntsman manhandled by bbc I stronger than she was, but that I was also in the dominant position so a second halt was called.

She had obviously given some thought to the situation because she instructed me to get onto my back again so that she could straddle me and then I was asked to reinsert my cock into her vagina. With that mission accomplished I was treated to the sight of two jiggling breasts just in front of my eyes as she rode me. I did not lie there quietly.

I fondled her very pert and jaunty breasts, I got fingers down to her clitoris and finally, as she neared her climax, I was able to pull her forwards enough to reach around her and get a finger against her anus. I was not expecting her reaction, she reached behind her to hold my wrist her beads keep her company activ studio, and then she drove herself backwards as she pulled my hand towards her.

She had deliberately impaled herself on my finger. I helped as much as I could to get all of the finger inside her, but before I could really accomplish much; she tensed, gasped and moaned, then she leaned on top of me and climaxed. She shook, she gripped me hard and she wouldn't let go. For twenty minutes an eight stones female held a twelve stones male captive.

I enjoyed every moment of her very close attention, but finally nature became insistent and I needed a bathroom break. Having done what I needed to do, I went downstairs to find that Jenny had prepared coffee and cake.

She had kindly left her clothes off so my world was a rosy place to be because she is the possessor of a beautiful pair of buttocks. The combination of a wasp waist swelling out to very mobile hips was a picture of eroticism she could not have been aware of, but when she walked, she was sex incarnate.

I had never seen her in an undressed state until two days ago and had been unaware of her attributes as a sexually arousing girl. That had all changed. She was my daughter, but I am a man with more than my fair share of sexual drive and in such close proximity to a warm female, I was extremely easy to arouse.

Having finished our snack we cleared the table and used it for 'other purposes'. Jenny wanted more sex and I was willing to let her make it available. It was very pleasant standing between two firm, smooth and silky thighs; my penis in a soft, wet vagina with my hands on her proud breasts, my fingers holding two hard, erect nipples. Because Jenny had so recently climaxed we were able to enjoy each other's body in this fashion for some considerable time, but I wanted to show my daughter what other positions were easily obtainable.

I removed myself from her grip and sat on a chair. When Exotic beauty riding monster black cock pornstars asked her to straddle me she needed no more directions. Jenny reached down to grasp my cock and directing it to her sex, she made sure it was well inside her before letting go and driving her body downwards to impale herself on my rampant erection. I made certain that her breast were fondled, and found that if I nibbled them, she turned into a frenzied, demanding, horny man's fantasy.

Once again I interrupted her by wrapping my arms around her and then standing up. I think she thought I was about to continue in this position, until I made my way to the sofa.

This time, I extracted my cock so that I could turn her round and bend her over the arm latina sucking and riding a huge cock the sofa, then spreading her legs. Easing her buttocks apart, I reinserted my cock into her soft and very wet sex, and then proceeded to fuck her as hard and as fast as I could manage. Despite my lust I had to be careful. Jenny had done well to cope with the size of my cock, but I didn't want to hurt her and if I lost control I could easily do her harm.

I was now fuelled by raging lust and the speed and duration that I could manage was far greater than I had expected. By the time I came I was a covered in sweat and a spent force. I lay panting on the floor as Jenny stood over me smiling down between her lovely pert breasts as she happily announced that she no longer thought that she was a lesbian.

She said that, because she'd enjoyed mutual masturbation with Anne, she thought that she would also be happy having sex with women. I was also advised that I may insert my finger in her anus whenever I wished because she liked it, but that she didn't want my cock in there until she decided if she wanted that to happen, especially as it was likely to be a little painful at first. I readily agreed to this stipulation, as I had really been sorry that I had gone so far with her so early on in our new relationship.

She had no experience and little knowledge, of sexual matters other than whatever decently brought up young girls would be subjected to by the boys at school so I promised not to do anything with her until she gave me permission. In view of the enthusiasm with which she had embraced her sexual education, I knew that I was going to be very satisfied, and tired, in future. Monday is my day off.

My staff knows not to contact me except for very important matters that require my personal attention. For the salaries they receive I have total trust in their abilities to deal with virtually any situation that arise.

Anne arrived at the usual time next morning, and I drove the girls the Six miles to their college. We live in a small village built at the crossing of two roads. One road runs due East/West and the other road runs Southeast/Northwest. I live in the last house on the Northern side of the road heading west. There is a footpath leading North alongside my boundary wall which runs through common land to the South side of the road heading Northwest. On my return, I walked through to the garden and unlocked the side gate in the boundary wall of my property.

Returning indoors I stripped and showered then made my way to the bedroom. I was just in time to see Susan remove her dress, and had the added pleasure of watching her remove her undies, which has always been a sight to treasure. She smiled and climbed onto the bed. "Please Max, hurry up. I love my daughter, but having her at home each day making it impossible for us to be able to be together with any privacy, had me climbing the walls in frustration." "So I understand, and later on I will explain why I think that it won't happen again.

For the moment I am more interested in why I should 'hurry up'" I did as requested; and so, for two hours, I was subjected to a sexual onslaught by a woman who had been forced to recourse to masturbation as her only means of sexual relief, for the past six weeks. Now she wanted to be penetrated by the solid cock that had been doing precisely that three times a week for the past four years.

In view of my recent activities I was a little less demanding than she was, but Susan had the bit between her teeth and I do believe she was happy to be in charge of the proceedings. Her first action was to straddle me in the '69' position, thus providing me with 'a close encounter of the best kind'.

It really was a wonderful opening, both literally and figuratively. As I sucked, licked and nibbled the soft inner flesh of her sex, Susan was sucking, licking and nibbling the hard flesh of my sexual organ. Her need for penetration became too strong for her to prolong this activity; despite the pleasure we were both experiencing, Susan needed something more substantial. I was deprived of the fragrant and now soaking orifice as she rolled off me and onto her back with the instruction to do 'it'.

I did 'it'. She had grasped my cock and she didn't let go until it was lodged at the entrance to her vagina. She grasped my hips and 'encouraged' me into her body and the moment she had all of my cock inside her she wrapped her lovely long legs around me and then the thrusting, and counter thrusting, began.

Susan had a desperate need for forceful impalement and once again I was made aware of just how much she turned me on. I became rampant and she received all the force and speed that I could muster. She wailed and moaned her way to an enormous, shuddering climax. I was thankful that she kept her nails short because otherwise I would have had a lacerated back. That was the noisiest climax I'd ever heard her have and I was happy to have caused it to happen. I was also happy that the building next to my house was Two hundred feet away from my boundary on that side of the garden pretty gf rainbow hair anal dildo orgasm was actually a storage facility for the water company.

Once Susan had calmed down sufficiently to cuddle up to me and I had thus had time to recuperate from our energy sapping exercise, we investigated each other's erogenous zones again and then had a much more leisurely coupling just for the pleasure it provided. Suitably sated, we showered and dressed then made lunch. After lunch I told her that I some news, in fact a quite a lot of news, for her. We sat on the sofa and I told her all that had occurred in the past few days.

"I had wanted to tell you on Saturday, but there was just no way to do it with the girls around. I think the time has come to tell the girls about us; especially the fact that we have no intention of getting married, or have you changed your mind?" "No I haven't, I am more than happy to keep things as they are.

We each have our independence; our own houses and a superb sex life because we're not in each other's pockets all the time. I love knowing that you want me every time I see you; I get frustrated when the girls have holidays and we have to stay apart, but it is worth it.

I've never been happier." "How do you think the girls will react when they learn the truth, especially the part about not marrying? I think that Jenny may be upset that she's missing the chance of getting a mother; she thinks the world of you.

"Anyway, all that's academic because what I'm about to propose will really rock the boat, but if we do go ahead with my suggestion then we are in for a really fantastic life together." "Stop being enigmatic and tell me what you're talking about before I hit you." When I finally ran out of steam and eased my cock out of her, she got off her knees and then used the cushion she'd been kneeling on to beat me around my head.

It was worth it, she loves being taken, doggy style, so she'd put as much effort into the proceedings as she'd been able to, once I'd demonstrated that I was in charge.

"Now I'll do as you so nicely requested. Here are the few facts of which I'm aware: Anne fancies me. She also fancies Jenny; after she'd seen what you were doing she couldn't wait for the chance to try it out on her. Jenny loved it, which caused her to think that she may be a Lesbian. She wanted to find out if that was true, so she suggested that she'd be safer finding out with me than with some oik behind the bike shed.

So be aware that I have had sex with my daughter, more than once, and now she know that she's not a committed Lesbian, she'll take what comes. The girls are well aware of how we feel about each other, but not that we've acted on that feeling. Jenny wants your body, and mine. Anne wants my body, amy quinn bill bailey carolyn reese and zoe kush sex fairy taless in all probability, yours.

I don't know if the last two items are intended as separate activities or a permutation, but it could be fun finding out. I would be more than happy for Anne to realize her desire to have me do to her, that which I do to you, but that's your call, for now. I have no problems with you having sex with the girls, whether or not I'm present. Now you've got the salient facts you have some thinking to do about the answer to the question: Would you be comfortable in daddy late for school first time frannkie and the gang take a trip down under two families being involved in a group incestuous relationship?" I went to make coffee while she digested what she'd just heard.

She was quiet for a while as she sorted the various scenarios out; then she told me that she would have to talk to the girls, especially Anne, but if they were up for what I'd just proposed, then she certainly was. She followed that up with some information mom and son sex fairy tales taboo her own with which I was delighted.

"I have never told you this because it belongs to a life I thought was over. My Mother was a Lesbian. She and dad had an 'understanding'. He did any female he could get hold of and that would have included me if she hadn't read him his fortune. He stayed away from me but her pals were fair game, until he realised that they weren't interested and he departed." "None of her lovers tried to involve me, but one day mum asked me to take some magazines to one of them, a close friend of hers who had been ill.

I did; I should never have agreed to help her friend to have a bath, but I did." "Anyway, two or three sherry's later I was finding out exactly what they did and I know I enjoyed it. We never let mum find out though. We normally had our little sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays, but on one occasion I was unable to meet her on the Friday so we met on the Saturday.

"Saturday was the day her nephew chose to come for a surprise visit, and it was a success, we all got a surprise. After the dust had settled, he'd had his aunt, I'd had my first male and we'd all had our first threesome. "I ended up marrying him. Anne was born and three years later we divorced.

It was amicable; we really weren't suited to each other. He became successful and I'm happy for him because he was very good to me after the divorce, he pays me far more maintenance than he is legally required to do and never forgets Anne's birthday. He also bought the house for me on condition that I didn't sell it for Twenty-five years. "That means I can't move into town, which is where he lives with his partner, so it was the village life for me and I became very bored, and frustrated.

I saw an ad in the 'personals' section of the local rag and took the plunge. Lovely woman, not too far away and willing to travel to me, we liked each other so the first meeting went all the way to paradise. "You spoilt all that. The first time I saw you at the school gates and listened to you talking to Jenny I wanted to get to know you, a week of that and I wanted you inside me and nothing else would do.

"My 'friend' and I are still friends, but now we just chat. She has two chemists' shops in town and like your staff; hers are all fully trained so she can take time when she wants. She knows why I stopped seeing her, but never tries to get me to change my mind. "When you asked me in for a mid-morning coffee, I was floating. When you kissed me I almost came on the spot. Actually I did, but that was the next day and you came first." I broke in at this point.

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"I've just been told that the sexy lady at the chemists shop is your ex-lover. Is she the tall blonde one with curly hair?" "Yes, that's her. So you think she's sexy do you?" "I know she's sexy; you think she's sexy, and so does she. I believe we are all correct." "What you've told me makes what I want to do a great deal easier to achieve, I was wondering how we could manage to teach the girls all they need to know about sex so they could be safe and happy, no matter what sex their partner was, well now we can.

"We have to act slowly or we may scare them off, it isn't exactly a normal situation. We can take the rest of this week to decide what, how, when and where, we teach them. "Are you sure you have no misgivings about me having sex with Anne?" "None at all she is now old enough to decide for herself and it sounds as though she's already done that, you've been sex stories fake agent hairy pussy enough to tell me you fancy her so I suppose I don't need to worry." "Susan, I just want to fuck her, I'm not interested in trying to get her to fall in love with me.

I love you, I love screwing you whenever you're willing to let me, but since Anne and Jenny started to tease me I've had an urgent desire to fuck her as soon as I can, as often as she'll allow me to.

If I can, I will fuck both our daughters but their bodies are not a replacement for yours. "This started out as an attempt to make sure that they learned about sex in a safe manner, but I have to admit that it's growing into more than just that." Then the 'phone rang.

It was one of the college admin two friends enjoy a sensual sex session. Because of a fire in the college chemistry lab all students were being sent home until matters were resolved, I should therefore arrange for my daughter to be collected. I could, I would and I did. We arrived at the school to find that parking was almost impossible because three fire engines and attendant police cars take up a lot of space. The police were doing their best to organize the parental horde which surrounded them, and eventually a procedure was worked out to enable parents to collect students, and learn about the arrangements put in place following the fire in the chemistry lab, and then leave, in a reasonably short a time.

The college Admin department had done a sterling job of getting a situation report out together with the news that the college would be closed for the rest of the week until the mess was cleared and some alternative accommodation was arranged. It appeared that during maintenance work carried out during the holiday period, an electrician had made a botch of some rewiring and because the fault was in the ceiling void, it took a long time for the fire alarm system to detect the resultant fire.

One thing was certain; the chemistry department would be in temporary quarters for some time to come. Our plans had to change. I had a steaming woman beside me, one throbbing girl that I knew about, behind me and one who was, I believed, simmering alongside her.

I could hardly contain my excitement at the thought of what could lay ahead.

Before I could get a word out, Susan told the girls that we were going to eat in town, which was news to me, and then going to my house because we had some news for them and many questions to ask and answer. That grabbed their attention, but Susan would only say that they should relax for now because they weren't getting any hints. Anne said that she'd already guessed that we were having an affair and wanted us to tell them that we were going to get married.

Susan merely smiled. Pornstar peach gets her anal reamed with erected dick was a quieter meal than the ones we usually had, but eventually we managed some sort of normality so the girls had to keep their questions until we got to my house.

We'd dined well, if somewhat early, so were able to relax and open a bottle of good red wine, and then the evening began in earnest. Susan sat on the sofa between the girls and taking Jenny's hand she said: "It's time for some straight talking between us.

You're going to be told some very private stuff, but you must promise never to repeat anything you learn here. "Max and I have been lovers for Four years and we know that we are ideally suited to each other. The most important fact as far as you girls are concerned is that we have absolutely no wish to marry.

"We wanted things to remain as they are, but the events of the last three days have caused us to remember our parental responsibilities and that we have a duty to ensure that you two are fully aware of the pleasures, and dangers, of a rounded sexual life. "It needs to be learned, and managing that safely is hard for some to achieve. We are in a position to ensure that that does not apply to you. "On Friday, Max discovered that you two are more than a little interested in matters sexual, both of you have very recently experienced girl on girl sex, and because of that, Jenny has already discovered the pleasures of being bi-sexual.

Well, you've no idea how pleased we are about that. "Tell me Jenny, did you enjoy having sex with Anne? And you Anne, Did you enjoy it?" Both girls were now bright pink and staring at each other, but the both whispered yes. Susan sighed and then asked if they believed that they knew all they needed to know about lesbian sex, after a little glance at each other the girls said that they were sure they had more to learn.

"Well I do know a great deal about it. For many years it was the only sex I had and if you two agree, I will teach you all I know. Yes that does mean that we three will be sexually active, there won't be a thing that we won't know about each other's bodies, likes and dislikes. "Think about that overnight. I give you this piece of news, I would love to teach you all I know, but we will honour whatever you decide.

"That leaves us with the other half of the sexual equation. Anne, Would I be wrong in thinking that you would get into bed with Max if the opportunity arose, especially as I know he'd love you to do just that.

"I know you've tried to tease him by wearing your new bikini and parading around in front of him and you know exactly what effect that would have on any breathing male. So, am I right or wrong?" Anne didn't turn red; she looked directly at me and spoke to me alone.

"I realised that Jenny had a secret which she didn't want to share first anal leads to a great orgasm me, which was unusual. It was obvious she was hiding something so I've kept on at her all day until she told me what you and she did, I'm envious of her and I want so badly to also do it with you." "Then it won't be long until that happens.

I haven't forgotten what you looked like in that bikini." Susan suggested that the girls had enough to think about so foxy nympho is brought in asshole asylum for harsh therapy should leave things the subject until the morning. She was whistling in the wind because there was little chance that things were going to wait until tomorrow.

It was now early evening; there was no school tomorrow, I had no idea what was going through her mind, but I did know that someone was going to be screwed before the night was over and by now I didn't mind who it would be.

"Girls, just bear this in mind, if you decide to do as we wish then our relationships with each other are going to change, forever. Whenever other people are present I'm afraid bf assists with hymen physical and riding of virgin nympho have to address us as mum or dad, but in the privacy of our homes please use our names.

"I want you both to be totally at ease and relaxed about the activities we're proposing, so if you've any misgivings, then now is the time to air them. "Dad, er. Max. Please stop talking about our feelings. If we had any doubts you'd have known all about them by now. Please tell us how we begin." "Before we start I must ask you to have had breakfast by 9am because the cleaner will be here at 9:30 and she's never late.

She'll be here until 1:30 because she changes all the bed linen on Tuesday's and takes the used linen to the laundry. "Okay, I'm putting some pieces of paper in this bag with a different coupling on each one. Susan, are you happy for us to begin this evening?" "Well, the girls are still here so I guess they are ready and I know we are so let's go for it.

Jenny, close your eyes then pick one slip of paper from this bag and place it on the table." She did so and then I then asked Anne to open it and announce the chosen couple. The tension was apparent as she opened the slip and read the contents before throwing it in the air and leaping at me.

I was knocked over backwards into the armchair I had vacated a few minutes earlier. Anne Asked me to stay there until she returned, then she ran from the room and could be heard running up the stairs. While this was happening Susan had gone to Jenny and hugged her closely. I heard her say that if Jenny was in agreement she thought that it might be a good moment to retire to the privacy of her bedroom. She winked at me as they left the room; my lover taking my daughter to bed, it would take a little getting used to, but I knew she would be feeling the same emotion.

I heard a faint "Wow" from the stairwell then Anne stopped the world turning for a moment as she returned to the living room dressed in Jenny's bikini bottom but with bare breasts.

"I'm sorry Max; the top was too small for me." As if I cared. The End