Aunt takes it in eye taboo and mlif

Aunt takes it in eye taboo and mlif
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Heathcliff walked into the bedroom after a long day at the hospital. How was your day?, said Claire. "Tough", says Cliff as he proceeded to put down his equipment and nikki montana gets pushed to her limits into the bathroom.

"I'm glad we are done making babies!" Claire laughs, " You know you can't resist making love to me without a condom." "That's why I would pull out", chuckled Cliff. "Oh Cliff you are so nasty." Claire proceeds to sneak out of bed and into the bathroom with Cliff. "Well Claire I just figured that. Cliff was stopped in the middle of his sentence by Claire squeezing his ass. "You just figured what?" said Claire as she pulled down his pajamas. "I just figured that you would.

" "That I would what?" said Claire. "Take your big 10 inch cock out of my pussy and let you shoot your load all over my face and my mouth," she said while stroking his dick.

"Well yes Claire, to be honest that's exactly what I figured." "Well all you had to do was ask, Cliff", Claire replied. "You know I love big chocolate pudding pops, especially those like the one in my hand right now. Cliff was excited. "Oh Claire I'm so stressed. All day I was serving up babies to proud new parents. I need to relieve some tension." Cliff had a huge cock.

The head was like a mushroom and it was Claire's focus fot the time being. She used both of her hands to grab Cliff's cock and proceeded to plant wet sloppy kisses on the end of it.

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Her lips were somewhat red from her lipstick earlier and they looked great on his cock head. "Cliff I thought about sucking this big piece of meat all day." Heathcliff was now completely naked with his wife jerking his dick to life while applying nasty kisses to his mushroom helmet. "Wanna see me eat the whole thing, Cliff?" "Oh Claire that would really help with my." Before he could finish sentence Claire gave one last stroke on the cock before trying to stuff the whole thing in her mouth.

She got about six or seven inches in before she just stopped and stared up at her husband. "Oh Claire that feels good but i need total stress relief." wild drilling at the kitchen smalltits hardcore So Cliff grabbed the back of Claire's head and pushed it down on his rod.

Claire struggled a bit at first but she had years of practice sucking Cliff's monster cock. She enjoyed a good face fucking over the years so Claire eventually made all of Cliff's cock disappear. The whole time her throat was stuffed she was staring into Cliff's eyes. He moaned and groaned while holding his cock in her throat. "Uhhhhh.Ohhhhhhhh. ohhhhhh.,uhhhh. After about 20 seconds of this, Cliff slowly withdrew his cock from his wife's throat, making sure every inch was covered with saliva.

"Oh Cliff," Claire said gasping for her breath, wiping the corners of her mouth. "I love it when you stuff it all down my throat." She grabbed Cliff's cock by the base and began shaking it, showing off it's massive length. "Look at those balls. They need some attention," Claire said with slutty look on her face.

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She jerked his dick while licking and sucking each ball individually. "Let me stir that baby batter around in there.

Get it nice and thick and warm for my nightly feeding." "Oh Claire you slut. Make love to that cock with your mouth." solo hottie plays with her hairless pink bawdy cleft in a solo action She brought that mushroom head back down to her mouth and began to suck about four inches into her mouth while jerking the rest of it.

She would take it out at times to talk dirty to Cliff. "You like that, Cliff?" Slurp. slurp . "You like how I raise your kids like great mother in the daytime then turn into your cock sucking slut at night?" Slurp .slurp. "This cock was custom fitted for my mouth.

Nobody at the office would believe it if they saw me eating your cock like a dirty whore." Claire turned her attention back to the dick redhead sex model heather dew. She licked the entire shaft and then kissed the tip, making sure to suck on the pee hole so she could get her reward of precum.

She did this several times, driving Cliff wild in the process. "Claire the cocksucker. Show that cock who is boss." Cliff then grabbed the base of his cock with his right hand, the back of Claire's head with his left hand and moved his helmet about an inch from Claire's mouth.

"Beg for my cock Claire. I let you run most things around the house but in the bedroom you are my slut. Beg for my big cock right now." "Oh please please please Cliff feed me that big cock. I lust for your cock in my throat." She opened her mouth, grabbed Cliff's cock and put her hot mouth around the shaft of Dr.

Huxtable's cock. Cliff then put his right hand on the back of Claire's head and guided in the last few inches that Claire had hanging out of her mouth. He pumped his hips several times, making her gag but that didn't stop Claire. She grabbed Cliff's hips and pulled him in closer every time he backed out of her mouth.

During the face fucking, Cliff felt his balls begin to tighten. "Oh Claire it's almost that time." "Oh good, just what I been waiting for. Claire began sucking on his balls again while he jerked that monster between his legs.

His breathing began to get very shallow and quick. "Feed me Cliff. Drop those babies off right here," Claire moaned before sticking her tongue out. "You want my load Claire? You want to eat a big creamy warm load out of this chocolate pudding pop?

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Suck that mushroom while I stroke my meat Claire. It's precum dripping out and you should be savouring it. Call it a preview of what's to CUM my dear," Cliff chuckled.

Slurp slurp.

kiss slurp. "Thank you Cliff. Stroke all that precum out. I want that load to be thick and delicious." That sent Cliff over the edge. "Well open that mouth up Claire." After a few more strokes on his shaft, Cliff moaned, "Uhhhhh.,here it comes Claire!" Cliff could feel the pee hole on his cock head open as gobs of goo spurted out of his cock, covering Claire's tongue and teeth.

"Don't you dare move darling. I have more." His eyes rolled into the back of his head as continued to stroke the last few drops out of his cock and into his wife's beautiful mouth, which was now almost completely full of nut.

But not for long. She played with a few times and promptly swallowed it all down. "Delicious," said Claire as she wiped excess cock snot off her face and licked her fingers clean. "I wonder if Theo is still awake."