Bf watching gf fuck for cash natural tits and cunnilingus

Bf watching gf fuck for cash natural tits and cunnilingus
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This follows on from "My Sister's Hot Friends: Amy" and bits of it won't make sense without that. I rolled over and awoke with a start. "Crap, where am I?" I wondered. I was in a room that wasn't mine, in a double bed. My clothes were all over the floor as was some red lacy underwear.

Oh yeah, I remember. A smile spread across my face and my cock woke up as I remembered last night. So, where was Amy. I could hear a shower running and so I guessed my new girlfriend was cleaning herself up after last night. Following the sound of running water I walked out onto the landing and through what I assumed was her parents room into their en-suite. It was quite a big bathroom, with two wash basins and a double shower.

Amy had both showers running and looked very hot with the water running down her 5"9 body. She had a wonderful curvy arse and 34 Ds which I let me show you my furry pussy enjoyed last night. "Good Morning" She beamed at me through the steamy glass. "Mornin' gorgeous." I responded, returning her smile. I felt a bit silly stood naked in the middle of the bathroom. My cock was now stood to attention at the sight of this beautiful young lady.

"Room for another one in the shower?" "Oooh yes" Amy cooed in response, openly staring at me. "After last night you need a good wash" She added. By the time I had open the shower and stepped in she had rubbed soap to a lather in her hands. Immediately she set to cleaning my body, running her hands all over me, although it didn't take long until her hands were occupied entirely with giving me a hand job.

The water running over tits and down between her legs was hypnotic, and coupled with the action of her hands I knew it wouldn't be long until she made me cum.

"Amy, you know how to make me feel good. Where did you learn?" I gasped between grunts and moans. She didn't say anything, deciding instead to go down on her knees and take me in her mouth. I did however see a guilty flash in her eyes when she looked up into my eyes, my eyes locking onto her big blue grey eyes which was enough to send me over the edge and I came into her mouth right away. The feeling of her lips sliding along my shaft sending shivers up and down my spine as she continued to milk me for a few more minutes.

"Mmmmmm. I love that taste." She pulled her brown hair out of her face, a big wet mass hung down her back. "James, I want you. Right now." The insistent tone of her voice turned me on even more than the sight of her did, my knob sprang up and I grabbed her and puled her against me. Our mouths locked, her wet slippery tongue sliding over mine. We were both panting, our bodies grinding over each other, wild with desire.

Before we made love again, there was something I wanted to do. I pushed Amy back against the tiled wall, enjoying the bounce in her plentiful boobs as she moved, and went down on her. The smell of her was intoxicating.

The taste was beyond words. I ran my tongue upwards, starting at the bottom of her slit and cruising up past her clit. She shivered. "No. Not now, I want you inside me." I ignored her half hearted plea, but gave her what she asked for by sliding my tongue into her.

I always found the taste deeper in a pussy was a different flavour, and one I preferred, and Amy's taste was in a league of its own. "Yum" I said into her bush. "James. Oh that's so goooood.

But its not. what. I want" I knew it wouldn't be long now. Every time I slid my tongue deep I could feel the tell tale contractions that told of an oncoming orgasm. Amy's breath started coming shorter and sharper. She went weak at the knees and slid down the wall. We ended up tangled on the floor, my tongue still diving deep into her delicious pussy.

As I felt the last wave pass through her I extracted myself from between her legs and moved up to give her a deep kiss. As I moved I made my dick brush her pussy because I knew she wanted it. We kissed on the floor of her parents shower, rubbing against each other, the water bouncing of our bodies.

I stood up, and grabbing Amy's hand I pulled her up. Again I enjoyed the jiggle as her ample boobs kept up with the rest of her body. Again I backed her against the wall, but this time up put my hands under her arse. I lifted her up and at the same time I stepped between her legs, Amy let her thighs rest on my hips just like the waist strap of a hiking pack.

I slid my cock inside her tight pussy, and gasped as I was reminded just how tight she was. I gently eased myself into her, my thrust pushing her shoulders back into the wall. One of the great advantages of screwing a girl this way if that her tits hang in you face, and with tits like Amy's any other way is criminal. I knew that being inside her, I wasn't going to last as long as I would like- she was so tight and wet my cock was in overdrive and with my eyes being bombarded with images of her chest bouncing with my every thrust I was in heaven I lent my head forward and gently nibbled hande ercel turkish actress xxx nude story fucking left nipple.

"Harder" Amy grunted in my ear. Not sure if she wanted me to fuck harder or bite harder I did both. Which ever it was I was rewarded with a series of grunts and moans and then a shiver ran down my whole body as she bit me on the ear. I have had a few girls over the years but this was new to me and it felt awesome. The water was running down between us, our skin on skin contact felt so potent from it. I had the best pair of boobs I'd seen in my mouth, my ear was being chewed and I was inside the tastiest, tightest pussy I knew.

"Oh God James. I'm nearly there!" Amy bit even harder into my ear and I replied by thrusting into her even harder. I could feel the tightening in my balls, and knew what was going to happen. "Cum in me James! Cum in me now! Ooaahhhh" Amy groaned as she peaked, the waves flooding through her, just as she finished I came bringing her into a second, more powerful orgasm literally screaming, which as her mouth was next to my ear hurt some. I lifted her off me, and we kissed again.

I shut off the water and reached for a towel, and started to dry Amy off. I particularly enjoyed drying her curvaceous behind, which had been neglected of late. "What do you want to do today?" I asked Amy "Its just if we are going to fool about I should call in sick." "Well you need to get lost by 10 'cos Claire is coming round." She must have caught the sad look on my face because she quickly added "But I don't want to be alone tonight in a big scary house." I looked at the watch that I had somehow kept on all this time: 9:15.

Damn. 1 ¼ hours late for work already, looked like I was 'sick' today whatever happened. "I'll find my clothes and get out of here, see you at say 6?" "No you don't. Come here." She pulled me over by my shoulder and kissed me, our crotches brushing as much as our tongues. "I love you James, but right now you had better shoot before Claire gets here!" I looked into her gorgeous eyes; "I love you too" That last kiss had got me right back in the mood, but not wanting to spoil a good thing I quickly dressed and was just pulling away when Claire walked into Amy's road.

Because Amy had left me so horny, and because I had spent the last 3 or 4 years thinking things about my Sister's friends I couldn't help wonder if I could have a similar experience with Claire as I had just had with Amy.

Not that I was going to do anything silly- I meant what I said and did love that girl. I decided that because I wasn't going to make it to work I would just doss for the day, so I set up a deck chair in the garden and read a book for a while.

The more I sat working on my tan, the more I thought about Amy and the hornier I got. In the end I decided to be a bit naughty, and so I got my phone and sent her a text: "I haven't been inside you for over two hours, and I want you now.

I want to watch your boobs bounce as I pound you. I you to reverse cow girl me so I can enjoy your arse." It was taking all my self control not to have a wank there and then, the only thing stopping me was the desire to only cum in Amy.

I decided to go and make some lunch, and was in the middle of a stir fry when my phone chirped. I sniggered, guessing it would be from Amy. It was, and it simply read; "My house. 2 pm. The door will be unlocked, lock it behind you." This was getting interesting.

I thought that Claire wasn't going home 'til 5, for a second I wondered if Amy had something planned for me and Claire but I dismissed the thought out of hand. My mind wandered back over Claire. She was about the same height as Amy (5"9) but she was slim, her body toned and slight. Claire's boobs would never have bounced as she rode me- they were small certainly not a D. Not that I would have complained if she had offered. I washed up the pan and drove back down to Amy's, excited by the second half of her text, knowing that some action was coming my way.

As promised her front door was unlocked, which made me smirk at the double entendre as I made my way up the stairs. "Amy?" I called out. "In my room" came the reply.

I cam round the corner into her room and Amy was lieing on her bed wearing a simple purple Bra and matching pants. I grinned: "Hello!" "James, you know last night you said you would do anything for me?" I was intrigued; "Yes." "Well, um, I was wondering, can I tie you up?" This I like the sound of.

I had always wanted to be tied up by an attractive women. "Miss Price I am your slave, do with me as you will." She liked that- just the words visibly turned her on. Her nipples were suddenly very visible behind the bra. "Slave, lie on the bed." Hot cougar sexy vanessa gets creampied by bbc did as I was told, and was soon tied with one limb pointing to each corner of her double bed.

Amy stood over me looking very pleased with herself and then walked over to her dressing table. She picked something up and then looked over at me with an evil grin. "Unfortunately you still have your clothes on, so I am going to have to do something about it." I craned my neck to see what she was holding and realised that her hands contained scissors. Something about the idea of Amy cutting my clothes off turned me on enormously. Amy came and sat in my lap, pressing down on my hard cock.

She wiggled as she settled on me, both of us enjoying the experience. Her hand reached down to the hem of my t-shirt and she cut up towards my neck, next she cut across to free both my arms. "Mmmmm. You are so sexy." She ran her hands all over my chest, and wiggled her arse, sending a shiver from my cock through my body. "You 're still wearing too much though." She slid down my body, kissing my crotch as she passed, and started cutting up my left trouser leg.

"Miss Price, please be careful with those scissors." Amy flashed me an evil grin, and carried on cutting. She finished with the left leg and went back down to start on the right leg.

I was getting frustrated, having spent all day wanting her, and now I was tied up and hard but I couldn't do anything about it. Amy pulled the remnants of my trousers from under my legs. I was now naked, apart from my boxers and tied- spread eagled on her bed. My hard cock was pulling my tight boxers up and I just wanted Amy to cut them off and go to work on me.

She stood up, one foot on each side of my hips. Amy grinned and reached behind herself. She undid the clasp on her purple bra, and then took it off. Her magnificent D-Cup boobs popped free. I could see her large nipples were hard and pink, sticking forward. She started to rub her boobs with her own hands.

"Mmmm." Amy grinned at me. "I am so sexy. You want this don't you?" "Yes Miss Price. I want you. I want to make you cum. I am your slave. It is my duty to make you happy." "Ooooh. I like that." Her right hand slid down her stomach and under her purple knickers.

I could see her fingers moving under the purple fabric. "Mmmmm. I love this. You tied up. So helpless, and so horny. I am going to fuck you silly." She paused "In a minute." "I will do whatever you wish Miss Price." I didn't want to wait much longer, and I knew that the hornier I could make her the less time I would have to wait.

The problem was, this slavery stuff was making me even more horny too! Amy was still fingering herself, when she slowly and very playfully slid down her pants. She licked her finger, and then returned it to her slit, gently rubbing her clit. She sat on my chest. I craned my neck to try and get a taste of her, sticking my tongue out as far as it would go, but she was sat just too far away. Amy looked down at me with an evil grin. "Slave you will only do exactly what I tell you.

If you try and do anything like that again I will have to punish you." "Yes Miss Price. I am sorry Miss Price." All this time Amy had been fingering herself; "Slave, do you want to finish me?" "Miss Price, I only want what you want." She slid forward so that she was almost sat on my neck, I craned forward and ran my tongue along her slit.

Amy still tasted as good as this morning. I found the little bulge above her slit and started to play the tip of my tongue along it. I could feel Amy squirm as I tongued her clit.

The smell of her pussy and its taste was overwhelming me senses, despite the fact I had no real physical contact with her I felt ready to cum.

This was the sexiest experience of my life and yet I still couldn't believe that I was here, with my sister's hottest friend, tied up and tonguing her pussy. Amy started to groan as she came close to orgasm. I pushed harder with the tip of my tongue. "Oh yes James. Slave I am going to ride you hard." I could feel her sweating as she sat on my chest, "Yeeaaasss" She shouted as she peaked; "Oh James, I am going to repay you for that!" I liked the sound of that.

Amy picked up her scissors again. She looked down at my boxers and smiled. "Its time I got rid of these." She let it hang in the my sexy female friend teasing me to fuck her part i, her eyes fixed on my crotch, the grin now perpetual.

One hand ran over the bulge in my boxers, then she started to cut them off, first the left then the right side.

Amy threw the scissors away and pulled the black remains of my shorts out from under me. "Now slave, what was it you said in your text. Watch my boobs and reverse cow girl wasn't it? Well, with you tied on your back they should both be easy. But you are my slave and so we are going to do what I want." "Of course Miss Price.

I only want to make you happy." Amy sat on the bed next to me and bent forward. Her lips met the end of my cock, I felt them slide down my shaft and a tingle ran up my body. I could feel her tongue whirling around the end of my cock. "Thankyou Miss Price." She started working up and down, her lips gliding along me. She started to use her tongue, forcing my head to slide between it and the roof of her mouth.

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The experience was electric. "Oooaahh. Miss Price you are incredible!" "Slave I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to swallow your load." This sudden change in her mood, and the dirty talk pushed me closer to the edge. Amy bent back down and took me in her mouth again. I felt her lips slide over my head and down my shaft, she went down and kept going.

Soon my head was in the back of her throat and she kept pushing. I couldn't believe it. I was being deep throated by a girl I have fancied for years. The feeling of my head in the back of her throat was phenomenal. She worked up and down my knob, her lips gliding, and at the bottom of each I knew would be her throat. Every time a wave of pleasure would flow up my body breaking over my head.

"Miss Price, I am going to cum." I could feel my balls tightening, a twitch in my end. Amy slid down me again. As my head was forced into the back of her throat I cam and Amy gagged as my load hit the back of her throat. "Mmmmm" She moaned. The vibrations coinciding with a second spirt, and as I entered her throuat again my final cum squirted into her mouth.

"Miss Price, was that to your satisfaction?" "Slave, it was perfect." She lay down on the bed next to me and draped one arm across me. "I love you." I turned my head and kissed her on the forehead. "Miss Price I love you too." We lay like that for sometime, it might have been a minute, it might have been an hour.

Neither of us knew nor cared. All that matter was that we loved each other and were together. Eventually Amy stirred. Her hand slid down my body to my penis, she stated to rub it, coupled with the feeling of her body against mine it took no time for it become hard.

"James, there is something you don't know." Something in the tone of her punish slut com schoolgirl bondage told me that she thought I wouldn't like this something. Her hand continued to play absent mindedly with me. The fact she dropped the slave had me a bit worried about what she was going to say, I let the silence hang so she could do this in her own time. "James, this afternoon Anal sex with skinny russian teen redxbook and I messed around.

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It just sort of happened. I was so horny all day, and it just sort of happened. Me and Claire ended up here in the bed and ." she paused. "Amy, you don't have to tell me. Its fine. If you love me and I love you then its fine.

Assuming you and Claire didn't mean anything and it was just a bit of fun then I don't care." "Wow. I wasn't expecting that. There's something else though. I was going to do the whole slave thing, but I decided I wanted to check with you 'cos it is a big step." Right now I was confused, and luscious eva gets to taste hot jizz. What was she going to say?

"You see James. I love you and I want Claire so I thought, why can't I have both. Together." My head was spinning. Was I seriously going to get a threesome with Amy and Claire, while I was tied up? If I could have moved my arms I would have pinched myself. "The thing is." She paused again. What new revelation was going to come now? "The thing is that Claire is here. Claire? Come out." The wardrobe door swang open and Claire stepped out.

She was wearing a pink bra and knickers, and there was a definite damp patch on the front of her pants. I decided that there had definitely been enough talking. "Miss Price, I told you earlier that I am you slave and that I only wish to make you happy. I am still your slave and it seems that I am now Miss Beacham's too."