Babe with two lucky dudes in a threesome

Babe with two lucky dudes in a threesome
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It was the 13th of April 2016 and Steven arrived for his 3rd volunteering day at Forest Peace Farm Garden. Both days he was there previously he met new people and same applied this time too. One new person was this girl that he suddenly locked eyes onto shes was beautiful. Steven was saying to himself please let me work with her, Please.

As they were choosing the volunteering jobs for everyone Steven got sent to do a job but unfortunately not the same as the beautiful girl which he was sad about. He was helping plant leeks with a woman called Jan who was probably about in her fifties at most so he wasn't eyeing her up.

Suddenly Sarah Jane who was the Eco therapist who is gorgeous with red smooth hair come over and asked us to do different jobs. Steven saw the girl who he hoped he worked with working on her own and he was praying Sarah Jane would send him over to work with her.

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That is exactly what happened she told Steven to go and help her with planting the peas. Steven was nervous but excited to work with her. "Hello i have been sent to help" Steven said nervously. "Hi my name is Mhairi" she said.

"That is a beautiful name" Steven mumbled. "Aww Thank you" she said while blushing. Steven wanted to make a good impression so did his best to a dirty young ebony babe valentina vega shakes her butt and gets fucked by white dude well. A little while later they broke for lunch and all the volunteers and buddies sat outside in the nice sunshine, Steven could not take his eyes of Mhairis beautiful smile and her crystal blue eyes.

"Steven you have got this one shot of being happy don't mess it up" he mumbled to himself. A couple of hours later they packed up for home and Steven started walking and talking with Mhairi as they were leaving. "So Mhairi where abouts are you from" Steven asked. "Tower Hill" she replied. Steven said he only lived 20 minutes away and asked her if she wanted to come back for refreshments. "No I can't I have to babysit my nephew thank for the offer though maybe another time" she said.

As they said goodbye she gave him a high five Steven was gutted there was no hug but maybe next time. When it came to the 4th day 5 days later Steven could no see Mhairi anywhere and he thought that he had blown his chances. Steven then noticed that others were not there that were there on day 3 and then it hit him that there might be a schedule. 2 days later Steven was arriving for his 5th day hoping to see Mhairi after not seeing her for a week.

He could not see her until suddenly he went in the Poly tunnel and she was sitting at the table and my god she looked hot. It was so scorching that day that she was wearing a shirt with no sleeves and she had her hair tied back Steven couldn't take his eyes off her "Hello Mhairi" Steven said. "Oh hello Steven nice to see you again" she replied.

Suddenly she got off her chair and moved towards Steven opening her arms. Steven also gradually moved towards her and before he knew it they were hugging and it felt so nice he could not let go.

"Your such a great hugger" Steven said. "Aww that is such a nice compliment your not so bad yourself" she said. Steven knew he found his dream girl and asked "So Mhairi are you busy tonight any baby sitting" Steven said.

"No I am absolutely free tonight" she said. Steven invited her back to his place for the 2nd time and obviously she said yes he was so happy he knew they were going to be there alone so he knew he could make a move. Around 4.20 pm that same day both Steven and Mhairi arrived back at Stevens house.

Steven asked Mhairi to make herself at home and asked if she wanted a drink. "Tea" she replied. Steven was relieved she said tea as he didn't know how to make coffee and he knew he had to learn in case she ever asked for one. 5 minutes later Steven sat beside Mhairi on the living room couch and they started talking.

So Mahiri are you in a relationship at the moment not trying to be nosy" Steven said. "It is ok I don't mind you asking I am single right now I had a boyfriend for 8 months but he broke it off" she replied "What he dumped you he must be mad your gorgeous" Steven said while blushing red.

"aww shucks your so sweet" she replied while also blushing red. Steven offered to show Mhairi his bedroom as he knew he could bed her. "wow I love this bedroom" she said. Suddenly she got a hold of Steven and pushed him onto the bed. " I have seen the way you are looking at me you don't backdoor of gorgeous cutie drilled girlfriend hardcore I didn't notice did you" Steven started sweating as she moved closer to him.

Suddenly she kissed him on the lips and put her tongue in his mouth Stevens cock started to rise. Steven started moving his hands towards her breasts and starting copping a feel.

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"Oh my god Mhairi your tits are so nice" he said while moaning. She suddenly took her top off and Stevens face was a picture. She slowly started to remove all her clothes until she was naked. "you like?" she said sexually. "oh yes" he replied. Mhairi pulled out Stevens dick and started sucking it. 5 minutes later Steven grabbed Mhairi by the waste and slowly started rubbing his cock up and down her pussy. "Oh Steven fuck my wet clit" she screamed. All of a sudden Steven inserted his big cock into her pussy and started off by fucking her slowly.

"mmmm" she moaned. Steven knew he had to make her scream louder than ever so suddenly he started to fuck her faster and faster. "Oh Steven your so fucking good at this fuck my clit harder mmm yes" she moaned.

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Suddenly she stopped him. "Steven fuck my ass hole next can you deal with that" she asked. "I am scared" Steven replied. "Aww dont be I will go gentle" she says. Steven slowly puts his cock into her ass hole and it felt so good. "This is the best day of my life" said Steven. After 10 straight minutes of anal fucking Steven said " Mhairi I am ready to cum I am gonna cum" Steven pulled his dick out of her pussy and shot a big load of cum onto Mhairis breasts.

"Oh Steven that was the best fuck any guy has given me" Mhairi said. Steven now knew she wasn't a virgin before they fucked. Steven leaned over to Mhairi and kissed her while touching her breasts. Mhairi suddenly got hold of her breasts and licked Stevens cum off of them "I never thought I would have an experience like this with a girl as gorgeous as you your a fucking babe" Steven said.

"mm why thank you" she said sexually. They had half more hour to kill before Stevens mum arrived back so Steven lied down followed by Mhairi that whole half an hour they were cuddling naked non stop. It felt like a dream to Steven but it was reality and he was happy. A couple of months later Steven and Mhairi were happily together and they had sex every other week. Mhairi was 2 months pregnant as they planned to have unprotected sex one time.

Fast Forward to new years eve which is also Mhairis 23rd birthday she was almost 8 months pregnant and we found out we was having a baby girl. Steven had a special present for Mhairi but she had to wait until midnight for the big surprise. Come Midnight Steven got Mhairi into the centre of the party.

Suddenly he got down on one knee and asked "Mhairi Watson you are the best thing that ever happened to me will you do the honour of being my wife" "YESSS" she said excitingly. Steven hugged her and everyone started clapping and congratulating them on their engagement. Just over a month later the baby was born and Steven and Mhairi had been married for a couple of weeks. "Omg my beautiful girls" Steven said while in tears. kendra lust kristen scott enjoying stepdaughters pussy

He kissed Mhairi on the lips firmly before kissing his daughter on the forehead he was in floods of tears. A couple of years on and Steven and Mhairis marriage was going strong their daughter had just started Nursery and is making loads of friends. they all lived happily ever after. (I hope you enjoyed this erotic and happy story if you liked it please leave a like and comment down below if you didn't like it hit that dislike button I respect your opinion thank you for reading)