Horny ex gfs rubbing each others slick pussies ex girlfriend and girlfriend

Horny ex gfs rubbing each others slick pussies ex girlfriend and girlfriend
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His Brother's Keeper It started about a month after Jack's brother Casey started paying off his debts. Amy and Jack had been living together for a year by that time and the tension in the flat was almost unbearable.

Jack was so stressed that they'd stopped sleeping together. The thought of having to rely on his brother for financial support was killing him but then the people he'd borrowed from in the first place would have killed him anyway, and Amy too, they'd said as much when they'd caught onto him that night after work and the trip to the Emergency Room left no doubt that they were serious. It was either pay back the $50,000 or ace the consequences and Casey, with his high-powered job at the exchange, was the only guy Jack knew who could or would help him.

Amy was a lot more nervous these days as well. Not having to contend with loan-sharks was one thing but sometimes she thought it was preferable to dealing with Casey.

She'd never liked Jack's brother. In fact she hated him. He was only a year older than Jack and herself, at twenty-nine, but he'd been luckier in life and made himself a considerable fortune on the shock exchange; he was overbearing and arrogant and since he began paying off the debts they owed he'd been treating Jack like shit always pushing him around, calling him worthless, jackass, shit-for-brains.

The day it all began Amy was home alone. She was a waitress at an Italian place in gorgeous candice dare and kim gold get huge load of jizz but she'd picked up a day off and Jack was working at the petrol station. She'd been sitting in the kitchen when the knock came at the apartment door. She glanced at the clock as she headed out into the hallway to answer it.

It was about a half-hour early for Jack to be getting home and she wasn't expecting anyone else.

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When she opened the door her face sunk. "Casey." He was standing there in the doorway with a serious look on his face; as if he was there to evict them for non-payment of rent.

"Jack's not here." Amy said. "I'm not here to talk to Jackass," "Don't call him that," Amy was trying to be demanding but in reality it was Casey who held all the cards, and she knew it. "What should I call him," Casey said, brushing past her into the apartment as if he owed the place, "guy who works at a fucking pump station who borrows fifty grand.

Fuck sake. You shouldn't even be with that deadbeat bastard." Amy didn't reply. He'd threatened once or twice to stop the payments and if he did Jack and her were in serious danger. She just followed him into the kitchen were he'd already opened up the fridge and pulled a beer out of the cooler.

"You mind," he said, not really asking. She just shrugged. He sat down at the kitchen table opening up the bottle. He took a long swig and eyed her. Amy really was too good for his deadbeat brother.

She had the hottest fucking body he'd ever seen. Perfect c-cups, a sleek waist, beautiful slim legs and her ass, fuck, her ass was a piece of fucking art. Casey was getting a hard-on just looking at her imagining what it might be like to lie on top of her and lick her pretty face. Amy was getting uncomfortable with the way he was staring. "Did you want something," she said a little defensively. "Yeah," he said, "I want to talk to you and Jackass." "Stop!." Amy began "Shut the fuck up!" Casey shouted, pointing the beer in her direction, "You shut the fuck up!

I've been paying a grand a fucking week to lowlifes and all because my fuck-up brother can't cope with life so I'll call him any fucking thing I like. Or do you want me to stop the payments?" "Casey he's your brother." Amy tried, "Don't fucking remind me," Casey answered, then he took a swig and continued, "I want you and Jacky to come over to my place tonight.

I've got something I want to say and you're gonna listen." "Okay," Amy said, she was frustrated that she couldn't stand up to him, "but he's in from work in twenty minutes you can wait and say what you've got to say here." Casey shook his head, "Tonight." He said * Casey finished his beer and left the apartment. Amy was relieved to see him go. Something about the way he stared just made her skin crawl.

She sat down and thought but there was no other way to survive than to take Casey's abuse and jump when he said jump.

When Jack finally got in from work she passed on the message from his brother. "He wants both of us to go?" Jack looked puzzled, "I told him I didn't want you involved. Fuck I might've hot working girl kaylani lei fucks husband while his wife watches the sharks have me if they'd not threatened you too." "Don't say that," Amy came to him and held him tightly, "you know I wouldn't've let anything happen to you.

Not even if I wasn't involved." Jack breathed, "I just hate what this is doing to you." "It's nothing Jack," she kissed him, "he just wants to humiliate us a little. Let us know he's on top. That's all. We'll let him think what he wants." "He was always like this," Jack said, "that's why I didn't want to ask him for help, Amy.

He's a manipulative bastard." "Get dressed," Amy said decisively, "we'll go over for an hour, listen to what he's got to say, then come back home. He can't hurt us any more than that." Jack took Amy's advice; changing his work clothes and getting ready to go over to his brother's. They couldn't afford to run a car these days so they took the underground; arriving at Casey's around ten. Casey's apartment was much bigger than their own. Very modern and stripped back with a massive veranda overlooking the glittering city.

He reveled in the fact that he had so much of what neither Jack or Amy could ever afford. "Sit," he said as soon as they got in from the hallway. They sat on one of the two three seater sofas Casey took the other for himself. Between them, on the glass table, a sheathed katana sword lay on its black oak stand.

Pretentious bastard. "What do you want?" Jack cut to the chase. "I'll get to that," Casey said, and the couple could tell that he was almost nervous, or excited family strokes daddy fucks step and mom shares with patron compeers daughter spoiled the extreme under his poker-face demeanor.

It was as if he was about to ask for something. "First," he said, "I want you to understand something. In the last month I've paid four grand towards your debt with people I haven't even fucking met. That's four of fifty that I'll be paying every month for the next year. To cut a long story short I'm pissed." "I can't help it Casey." Jack grit his teeth.

"Oh, you could've, Jacky, you could've," Casey leaned forward. "But that's alright I'll keep paying, what are big brother's for anyway, and, were on the one hand this whole thing's been one massive pain in my ass on the other I'm kinda glad you fucked up so badly." "What?" Amy frowned.

Casey smiled at her; looking her right in the eyes. Then, she was sure, his stare filtered down to her breasts. She folded her arms. "I've got a proposition for you Jacky," Casey said, turning his attention back to his brother, "a chance to get a bit of your dignity back. Now it must be humiliating all this, you taking charity from me, so I'm gonna give you a chance to sell me something for my money.

Problem is you ain't got shit and there's only one thing you own I want." "What?" Jack looked puzzled, almost frightened. Casey leaned forward. "I want your girlfriend." He said. The whole room erupted into violence. Jack kicked away the glass table sending the katana skittering away and grabbed Casey hard around the collar; running him up against the back wall.

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Blows were met with blows on both sides but in the end Jack landed the best of all splitting the skin above Casey's right eye and drawing blood. Casey clutched his face and backed off. "You ever talk shit like that again about Amy I'll fucking." "What!?" Casey spat, his hand clamped over his eye, "You'll what!? You limp-dicked piece of shit! I fucking own you. In fact get the fuck out.

I'm stopping the payments." "You can't." Amy was disgusted even at the thought of Casey wanting her, the thought of him even thinking about her made feel sick, but she made herself speak to him, beg him even, "please, Casey, he's your brother." "You Jack," Casey said, "get the fuck out of my apartment.

If she stays behind I'll make the payment. If she doesn't you can both go to fucking hell." Jack and Amy looked at one another. There were tears in both their eyes. There was nothing they could do. The payments had to be made, to stay alive they had to make them, and Casey could take all that away with an electronic signal.

Jack turned back to his brother. "Casey, please." "Get the fuck out." "I can't," Jack trembled. "Jack," Amy went to him, holding him, "we have to do this." "No." Jack started She kissed him. "I'm with you," she said, "even when I'm here. You understand." Jack shook his head, "fuck. No." "Go," she said, "I'll be okay.

I'll try to make him change his mind. Go." There was nothing else Jack could do. Even killing Casey wouldn't have worked. He looked at his brother with a mixture of fear, pain and hatred. He couldn't believe he was going to leave his girlfriend with another guy. And for money. But that's what he did.

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He kissed Amy one last time. "Change his mind," he said amateur allure pre auditions 30, as though he couldn't stand to look, he made off down the hallway and out of the apartment.

On the train home, as if no one else was there, he cried like he hadn't done for years. * Casey looked a real mess with that broken skin above his eye and his adrenaline levels were through the roof after the fight. "Get over here," he said to Amy.

"Casey, please." Amy said "I said get the fuck over here!" Casey shouted. "You wanna live. You want me to make those payments. Get the fuck over here." She moved slowly. Hoping something would happen. It never did. Within moments she was standing in front of Casey.

He put his arms around her waist and pulled her towards gorgeous babe orally pleasured by her bffs. Their bodies touched, her hands went palms down on his chest, subconsciously trying to keep some space between them. To her disgust she could feel his erection pressing against her hips. She resigned herself to what was going to happen. Maybe, she thought, if she gave him something he'd stop. "Can I wash up first," she said, tears starting in her eyes.

"Sure," Casey said, "but first I want a little preview." He leaned in to kiss her. "Please." She moved her head away. He grabbed the back of her head tightening his hold hard enough to hurt her. "You can get washed up after I get a little preview." He said firmly then he pulled her head into his and kissed her.

She closed her eyes. It was disgusting. "Open your mouth," he said. She opened and let him use his tongue. She figured the quicker he finished the quicker she could get into the bathroom and lock the door. His tongue lolled in her mouth. "Oh baby your so fucking hot," he said, "I've wanted to tongue fuck you for months." Her stomach turned. His tongue rolled back into her mouth passing saliva between them.

When he finally pulled away a strand of his spit broke onto her lip. He licked it off slowly savoring the moment. "Good girl," he said, "you taste awesome. Go get washed up if you want. But don't take all fucking night. you understand?." He tugged at her neck. ".my fucking balls are heavy as rocks for you and I don't want to wait all night to bust my fucking nut." She couldn't listen to him anymore. "Please," she said, "let me go.

I won't. I mean. please." "Okay baby," he kissed her and let her go. She made straight for the bathroom and locked and the door behind her. She wanted to vomit but couldn't in the end she just sat by the sink and cried. She could still taste his spit in her mouth and she was terrified of what he was going to make her do. She'd only ever had two boyfriends, Jack, and another guy she'd started dating in high school.

She wasn't experienced with sex and if she ever slept with a guy it was after they'd been going out awhile. She liked guys to take things slow with her and to be romantic. But the things that Casey said and the way he touched her, the way he'd always looked at her.

That was lewd and disgusting and made her skin crawl even as she thought about it. She heard his voice again in her head. my fucking balls are heavy as rocks for you. I don't want to wait all night to bust my fucking nut. She cried even harder then harder again when the knock came at the door. "Get your sweet ass out here baby," Casey said through the door, "Time to start working for those fucking payments." She almost couldn't move.

But she made herself. Standing up and moving to the door. It took her a second to decide to unlock the door, to shatter the only illusion of safety she still had, but in the end she did it, stepping out into the sitting room.

When she got out her knees almost buckled, she felt sick and frightened and light-headed. Casey had taken off his shirt and jeans and was sitting with his arms resting on the back of the sofa.

He was making a massive tent in his shorts. "Casey," Amy forced herself to speak, "please. let me go home." "Oh baby, you are home," he said, "we're gonna christen every room tonight.

I'm gonna show you how a real man fucks. Now take off your jeans and get the fuck over here." "Please." Amy begged. "Do what I fucking say whore!" He snapped, "or I'll beat the shit outta you first." There was something in his eyes that made Amy sure he meant what he said.

She had no choice. She unbuttoned her jeans. "Yeah. Fucking sexy as." Casey breathed. She slid them off and stepped out of them. Her hands falling instinctively to cover her privates. She was wearing a pair of powder-blue lace panties. Casey's dick was getting so hard it hurt. "Come over here." He ordered. She knew it was pointless to plead with him so she walked over and sat down timidly trying her hardest to take up as little space on the sofa as possible.

He pulled her to him and for the first time she touched his bare skin her. He leaned in and kissed her mouth as before. "Let me tongue you." He said. "No Casey." He got angry and pushed closer to her.

"Come on, bitch, let me tongue you." She opened her mouth for him. "Good girl, let me tongue you." He kissed her for what seemed like forever. His disgusting tongue rolling in and out of her mouth. A few times he forced it in as far as it would go, choking her, forcing her to break the kiss but every time he'd forced her face back to his and do it again.

By the end she just let him do it however he wanted and as he kissed her his hand trailed down and touched her pussy through her panties. Her hand went instinctively to his; trying to draw him away from her sex. "Please, don't." "Relax." He said, between kisses, his hand moving in long stroking motions between her legs. "Don't." She tried hard to pull his hand away and close her legs but he was too strong.

He finally broke the kiss and removed his hand. She tightly closed her legs and looked at him. "Let's get this sweater off," he said. Her heart was beating at a gallop as he roughly pulled off her top leaving her in only her underwear.

He looked at her tits; the bra gathering them up into a juicy cleavage. "Fuck," he breathed, "sexy as." He kissed her cleavage forcing her back down onto the sofa with his superior weight and continuing to drool over her tits. "What a pair of titties," he groaned, licking them with a wet tongue, leaving clear smears across the flesh. Amy thought of Jack and the money they needed and tried to let Casey do what he wanted. He'd been kissing her tits for a while, every now and then nuzzling at her neck or licking her face.

His hips had begun to move in slow humping motions driving his hard prick up against her. When, suddenly, a ringtone sounded through the quiet apartment. "Shit," he swore, his hips going still and his head rising from Amy's tits.

He reached down, still lying on top of Amy, to the bundle of clothes he'd stripped off and riffled through the pockets of his jeans. He took out his cell and flipped it open. "Yo." He listened to what the caller was saying. Someone this was even more degrading for Amy. Lying there half-naked under a man she hated just waiting for him to finish his phone call and start dry humping her and mauling her tits.

She dreaded adriana chechik aj applegate breaking and scissoring think what he'd do next. "Yeah dude." Casey was saying, "No, not tonight, can't tonight. I'm right in the middle of chilling with this girl. yeah, no shit. I'm getting my dick wet, dude." Amy closed her eyes and tried not to hear. "She's the hottest little pussy you've ever seen, man," Casey said, fondling her tits as he spoke, "got a fucking hot ass, man.

I don't know dude. I'll be finding out tonight though. knowing her fucking boyfriend I doubt she's ever done it. sweet. okay, man, catch you." He hung up and threw the phone on the floor. He started kissing her tits again and dry humped her for another five minutes.

Then he stopped, his face hovering over hers, she tried to turn away but he put a hand on her head and wouldn't let her move. "Does Jack eat you out?" He said. Her eyes got panicked and she stared at him pleadingly. "Does he?" "Please Casey, don't ask me that," she said.

"Fuck," Casey laughed, "he doesn't!" "Please Casey, I'm begging you. Don't." Casey just laughed teen amateur in stockings fucks married guy hardcore and blowjob and took his weight off of her.

He spun her around so she was lying along the breadth of the sofa her lower half hanging off. "Oh, God, don't, please!" "Shut the fuck up." He got down on his knees. Positioning his face close to her pussy.

Then his hands tore away her panties. His cock surged as he got his first sight of Amy's pussy. "I'm so fucking glad my brother could pay off his debts," he said, "this pussy is to fucking die for." He reached round with one hand a grabbed her bare ass the other hand held her hips in position; arched upwards towards his hungry mouth.

Amy tired to push his head away as he leaned in but she couldn't stop him. She closed her eyes and started to cry as she felt his tongue touching down on her clit. "I can't believe Jack doesn't eat you out," he said, "I always knew that fucker was a faggot." He continued to lick, suck and tongue Amy's pussy for long minutes.

Sometimes licking the whole area with the flat of his tongue and other times forcing it inside her. In the quiet room all Amy could hear was the low smacking noise of his mouth, his hard breathing and the odd lewd groan. He opened her up with his fingers so his tongue could get better access.

"Open your legs wider." He said at one point and when Amy didn't respond he just forced them open and went to town licking her pussy faster and harder than he had before.

After a while he flipped her over so she was bent over the sofa. "Let's have a look at that fucking sexy ass." He said. Her ass really was perfect; round but slight with soft smooth skin.

Casey grabbed a cheek. "Casey." Amy tried to turn around. Casey forced her head back down onto the sofa. "Let me fucking play with your ass, bitch!" He said, continuing to stroke her. "Oh, fucking sexy ass, I'm gonna get used to this fucking sexy ass." He started dry humping her from behind. "Arch your back, bitch." He said.

She didn't respond. Casey made a fist and punched her in the back of the head with all his strength. "Casey!" She cried, "Please!" He grabbed a handful of her pretty hair and forced her head up from the sofa.

"Arch your fucking back bitch!" She did what he said, arching her back and displaying her gorgeous ass. He continued to dry hump her as he slowly hot chick taking dildo up the ass her bra from behind.

As soon as she was totally naked he reached round and took her tits in his hand using them as leverage. This went on for ages Amy's head stinging, her mind swimming and Casey dry humping her and telling her how sexy she was; how much he wanted to blow his load.

After a while he took his hands away from her tits and for a moment nothing happened. She could feel him fumbling back there and for a minute she didn't know what he was doing. Until his boxers landed on the sofa beside her. "Oh God, no." She said under her breath.

He held his hard cock in his hand and began to rub the head over Amy's ass. She was more disgusted than ever.

She could feel wet streaky patches forming on her skin where Casey was smearing his pre-cum. He stood up wanking himself as he moved and then sat down next to Amy on the sofa. She looked at his dick and nearly vomited. It was bigger than Jack's and leaking massive amounts of sticky, clear fluid. He grabbed her hair in his fist and drew her closer. "I hope you like the taste of pre-cum." He laughed.

"No, Casey!!" She fought him more than she had all night, pushing as hard small boobs teen finger fucking her wet pussy she could at his hard thighs as he tried to pull her face towards his raging cock.

They fought like that for a long minute. Him pulling at her hair and her pushing herself away. "Please, Casey," she said, "I don't. I don't do that." "Fuck," Casey laughed, "you don't suck him either!

What the fuck do you guys do in the sack? Look bitch I'm getting bored! Do it! Suck my cock or I'll beat the shit outta you and send you back to that dick-weasel where you can spend the rest of your short-assed lives having vanilla sex in that fucking toilet you live in!" She looked at his red, leaking, veined prick.

"I can't Casey," she said, "I just." He pounded her again, harder again this time, on the back of the head. She screamed. He'd nearly knocked her out. If he hit her again it might cause damage, she thought. She lowered her head and slowly licked the tip of his cock. She drew back at once. The taste of him was revolting. Like salt mixed with filthy water. "Please!" She balked. "Good girl," he crooned, "lick the head." He drew her closer by the hair and she forced herself to lick him.

"Good fucking girl," he breathed, resting his head on the back of the sofa, "taste that pre-cum" The head of his cock was spongy and tasted about as bad as the liquid that was seeping out of his. Every now and then he would tighten his grip on her hair and pull her closer; forcing her lips over the first half inch of his dick.

"Your lips are so hot, Amy," he crooned, "real fucking hot around my cock. I've been waiting so face-fuck you for fucking months. I've whacked off thinking about your pretty lips taking my cock. Come on, bitch, take more." He forced three inches into her mouth at first. She tried to take it as much as she could but inch by inch it was gagging her. She pulled back. "Casey, please," she said, "let go of my hair. I'll. I'll suck you for as long as you want." "Shut the fuck up bitch!" Casey said, "you'll suck me anyway." He forced his cock all the way in.

All seven inches. Amy hit at his thighs trying to get away. He was choking her. He drew out then fed it back in again and again; each time gagging her and laughing.

"You better get used to giving head, bitch." He said, "you'll be sucking my meat every night after work." At this point he was face-fucking her. Lifting his ass clear off of the leather and pounding into her mouth. He was groaning like an animal as he drove his prick home. Then she felt his body go stiff as a board under her.

"Fuck! Fuck, good girl, good girl!" He shouted, "Shit, I'm about to cum." Amy tried with all her strength to pull away. "No," he said breathlessly, "I want to spunk in your mouth. I'm gonna spunk in your mouth every night." She tried with the last of her energy to get away from him but it was too late.

"Holy shit, shit, fuck," he shouted, "shit, it's coming!" He came; blasting four strings of hot, salty sperm into Amy's mouth. He held her there until he was sure he was finished; allowing every drop to seep out into her mouth. As soon as he let go of her hair though she jumped up and ran to the bathroom. She spat his sperm into the sink, coughing and crying. Casey laid his head back on the sofa; smiling as he listened to her tears.

* Minutes later Amy came out of the bathroom. One hand covering her sex the other covering her breasts. "Can I get dressed now?" She asked. Casey looked at her and laughed. "Fuck no, baby," he said, "you're not going back to that fucking deadbeat.

You're staying here." "But I thought." She was close to tears again. "You thought wrong, baby," Casey smiled, "I've got another forty-six weeks of payments to make for you and fucking Jackass. That's forty-six weeks you owe me, Amy. You'll be here to suck me dry every night and every night you'll sleep with me in that bed." He pointed to his bedroom.

"Oh, by the way," he stood up, his dick and balls swayed limply as she moved towards her, "there are gonna be certain ground rules." He grabbed her and held her close; their sweating skins toughing. She turned her head in disgust.

"I'll let you off since this is your first night." he said, "but, rule one, when you suck my meat you swallow, and, let's think, rule two." He slipped his hand between her legs and forced a finger into her tight pussy. "Rule two is that you only wear a nightdress in the house, I'll swing by a store and buy you a nice lacy number, no panties." He removed his finger from her pussy and started playing with her clit.

"When I come home I want to be able to pull up your dress and play with your pussy any time I like. Maybe if your good though I'll buy you some nice sexy panties to wear in bed." He licked her face. "I can buy you anything you want. I wouldn't let my girlfriend run around in fucking rags like that loser did." "I'm not your girlfriend," she said, "I'm with him." He smiled reaching round and grabbing her ass with both hands.

He licked her face again. "Mmmmm," he moaned, "let's go to bed." He picked her up his well-muscled arms flexing as he carried her across the room and into the adjoining bedroom. Her heart was beating like crazy as he put her down on the bed and climbed on top of her. He started to finger her pussy. "Fuck you're tight, baby," he said, "tight little pussy." He moved down and gave her pussy a slow tongue-fucking.

His hand going straight to his cock as we wanked himself back to a hard-on. The smell and taste of her juices made him instantly erect. He spread her legs wide and positioned himself between them holding his cock-head against her entrance. "Wait," she said, putting a hand over her pussy, "I'm not on the pill.

Please, Casey. Get a condom." Casey laughed. "No fucking way," he said, "I don't use fucking rubbers." "Please, Casey," she begged, "I don't darksome beauteous girl bounces on hard jock girlfriend and hardcore to get pregnant." "If you get fucking pregnant you can take care of it.

What do you think a fucking abortion clinic's for." "I'm not letting you. Not without a condom." Amy said. "Not letting me!!" Casey slapped her hard. And again. And again. "Put your fucking hands above your head!" He snapped pulling her arms up and forcing them up against the bed-head, "Not fucking letting me!!" He took his cock in his hand and forced it into Amy's pussy.

She screamed. "You're hurting me." "Your fucking pussy feels amazing faketaxi fare paid via blowjob and sex my cock!" He groaned out. He was battering her pussy so hard and fast that there was friction. The whole bed was shaking underneath them. Amy was in pain and she knew he was doing it this way because she'd answered back.

She tried to calm him. Placing her hand softly on his stomach sexy hottie gets cumshot on her face sucking all the cum he raped her.

"Get your fucking hands over your head." He slapped her again. Then, when she did what he said, he settled down and slowed the pace of his humping. He lowered his head and started drooling on her naked tits. "Sexy as. Fucking sexy as." He chanted, "Spread your legs wider." She tried to.

But they were as wide as they would go. "I can't," she said. "Spread your fucking legs wider!!" He slapped her. She spread are legs a little wider and let him rape her pussy.

She hoped he'd come soon. Her tits were already soaked with his spit and now he'd moved up to her face, licking it like a dog as she turned away from him. "This is how it's gonna be every night, darlin'," he crooned, "you like my dick in your pussy, baby? You like me licking you?" She didn't answer.

She just lay there and cried and waited for it all to be over. He grabbed her ass and started plowing into her harder than before.

"Oh fuck, shit baby," He shouted at the top of his lungs, the bed-head hammering against the wall, "Fuck, I'm gonna shoot my load!" There was a beat when Casey held his breath and then Amy felt it. Two separate strings of cum flooding her tight pussy.

Casey continued to hump in and out of her; milking his cock. He kept it inside her until it was flaccid again all the while continuing to slobber on her face. "That was fucking awesome, baby," he said, kissing her, "I just want to keep my fucking cock in you all night." "Please," she said, "Can I go to sleep." He laughed and rolled off of her; lying on his back, totally spent.

He lay there like that for a while. Amy thought he must surely be finished black angel deepthroats her fellow girlfriend and hardcore closed her legs; turning over onto her side. A minute later Casey moved in the bed reaching down and pulling the bed-sheets up over both of them.

He grabbed her. "Please," she said, "I'm tired." He pulled her towards him. Forcing her gorgeous ass against his soft cock. Spooning. "I'm your fucking boyfriend now, Amy," he said, "when you sleep you sleep next to me." He reached round with one hand and cupped her sore pussy. She felt him lick her soft back. "Get some rest, baby," he said, "I want to fuck you first thing tomorrow, before work."