Olied group sex is for pro fuckers

Olied group sex is for pro fuckers
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Again, I'm a beginner writer, so any constructive criticism welcome. Any suggestions or opinions welcome, I'll try to make a third part maybe more. Sorry this took a while, been busy with work and school. Quick summary. Matt blackmailed Emily in the store he works in into having sex with him (more like a rape). And he taped the whole thing on video and took a bunch of pictures.

He promised her that he'll continue on Friday of that same week what he started and that she will beg him to do it. Friday morning. What a long freaking week, thought Matt as he got up at 10 am. He only had one class that day and nothing due until next week.

So he was feeling happier than he had in a while. But what made him the happiest was what he had planned for that gorgeous stuck up bitch Emily. Although, her attitude had improved quite a bit since last time, still, she had left over "stuck up" attitude.

During the last week, he saw her 2 times in the store. Each time she came in, she was with at least 1 other person if not more. She was much nicer than before, but nothing too drastic. At least now she actually acknowledged him and did talk to him in somewhat of a formal manner.

One time, she came in with her other "thief" friend. They were both in very skimpy outfits and to his delight, they were browsing the adult section again.

He was watching the security camera feed on the monitor next to the register. He watched as the friend picked up a KY bottle and stuffed it in her bra. It was obvious that Emily had taken the bait and didn't warn her friend. It seemed to him that she was setting up her friend like he had said.

He let them go that day without confronting them. That would be a meal for later, the thought. He was anxious to have the day over with so he could head for Emily's house; even his dick "A.K.A. junior" was awake and kept on rising every time he thought of that little tight gorgeous body. Or that amazingly tight pussy; every time he recalled the ecstasy on her face or even better, the pain shown on her face when he took her virginity, junior would stand up straight and struggle for freedom.

It was so hard at times, that he would have to adjust it so model babe hardcore banging with her stud in her bedroom wasn't too painful.

He didn't masturbate the whole time, saving everything for that night. Since he was hoping the day would fly by, the day totally dragged. Even the morning class, the teacher was more boring than ever before that the 50 minute class felt like a week. At the store, everything was the same, but again it felt like the clock was slowing down. It was 6 o'clock and he was trying to close, but that was the time that a couple of families decided to do their shopping.

It was 6:30 before he locked the doors behind them seething and hating on 'slow people'. He quickly counted the cash, wrote down everything and locked up in less than 5 minutes. 'Record time' he thought as he hurried towards Emily's house. He had his backpack with him, but it didn't have any school material in it. It was all 'in case' items. It was another very hot day with lots of humidity; the sunset wasn't until 9 something. Since he was indoors most of the day, he didn't care about the temp.

But now he was walking with the backpack on his back, he was sweating quickly. Luckily, Emily's place wasn't too far. He was at the front yard when he decided to enter from the back. They liv aguilera gave a footjob to a dildo a fence around the backyard, but luckily the door in the fence was partially open.

He squeezed in, trying not to make any sound and when his eyes took in the sight in front of him, junior stood up hard.

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The backyard, if you can call it that, was huge. There was a pool right there in front of him. And to top that sight; Emily was laying right there tanning topless on her back. Even though he was thinking about her all week and even kept on reviewing the videos, nothing prepared him for the real thing again. Her breasts were full despite her age, and even thought she was lying on her back; you could still see the definition and the nice firm shape.

The pink nipples were hard and pointing towards the sky. Slowly he walked towards her; trying not to make a sound and adjusting junior in his shorts so he could walk properly. She must of fallen asleep he thought, because she didn't move and he could hear her steady slow breathing.

He got down to his knees right next to her and slowly took the closest nipple into his mouth. He didn't use any teeth, just his lips and tongue; at the same time he moved one hand down to her honey pot and started rubbing her clit slowly without moving her bikini bottom.

Her body started to respond and slowly he felt her bikini bottom get wet. Her breathing was slowly changing and within a minute her eyes snapped open but not before a moan escaped her lips. He was looking directly in her eyes with her nipple in his mouth. Her eyes widened at what she saw but another moan escaped her lips since he choose that moment to slide the bikini bottom to the side and inserted his middle finger inside.

With her enjoying the pleasure, he lightly bit on her nipple. She bit her own lip enjoying the pleasure coming in along with the pain. It didn't take very long and she had a small but effective orgasm. Her back arched and her legs closed together trapping his hand in. within a few seconds, she calmed down and looked up at him. "What the hell are you doing?" "Shouldn't you ask that before you have an orgasm?" "What are you talking about, I didn't have an orgasm" "Could've fooled me" "What do you want?" "Some ice-cream would be nice, what do you think?

As promised, I'm here to continue what we started earlier this week" "I didn't promise anything" "That doesn't matter" "Yes it does, you'll not force me again. I'm not doing anything for you or with you. So get out" While she was talking, his finger was still inside her with her own hand hold his. But he noticed that she wasn't pulling him out, it felt more like she was holding him in place.

'One last push' he thought. So as soon as she finished talking, he moved his finger inside her and got to her g-spot again. Her reaction was immediate; she lovely luscious hottie loves giving a kiss during sex her eyes and her head rolled back for a couple of seconds.

It took her about half a minute for her to recompose herself then she opened her eyes and looked into his. "You were saying?" "Get out" she replied in a very small voice barely audible.

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"Shouldn't you remove my finger from inside you? It's not like I'm forcing myself on you here." She tried to move his hand but her body wouldn't follow her commands, instead of pushing his hand away, she pulled him in deeper and moaned. "I thought so" he said with a smile. He pulled his hand out while watching her face and he saw the disappointment etched on it for a few seconds before she could recompose herself. She was watching him with closed fists trying to keep herself in check as she watched him take off his cloths.

She was watching closely when he took off his shorts and boxers and junior sprang up. Her eyes were glued on it and didn't look away until she heard his taunt. " Don't worry, you'll be sucking on it soon" he said with a wicked smile on his face looking directly in her eyes. He pulled swimming trunks from his back and put them on incase a neighbor or someone unwelcome walked in. As soon as he put it on, he ran and jumped into the pool. It was a blessing from the heat of the day having the cool water all around reviving him and washing away the sweat from him.

He didn't want her getting revolted by the smell of sweat or anything else, so he had decided that a quick jump in the pool should cool down his head and his other head as well as wash away the sweat from his body. After a few seconds he resurfaced and looked her watching his every move. "Come in, the water is awesome." He said cheerfully. She hesitated for a minute, but totally gave in. she grabbed her bikini top and put it back on. She stood at the edge of the pool looking at him; he had an innocent smile on his face that fooled no body.

But she was already excited and just followed his lead and jumped in. She was surprised when he didn't have her do anything sexual. He did just want to have some fun in the water and calming down a little, she did fat ass mature anal xxx an overdue anal payment playing in the pool.

They played with the ball for a while; then started jumping and making cannon balls and so on. They were playing for at least an hour when they both got out tired but still very happy. They both quickly dried off then she asked, "Are you hungry?" "Yes, in a couple of ways" "Well there is only one thing you're getting now, pizza, I'm ordering, anything you don't like on pizza that I should know about" "Mushrooms" "Mushroom pizza it is." "I see how it is" "You can't blame me now can you, I'll get pay back anyway I can, no matter how small it is." "Fair abella anderson and rebecca linares get slutty, but I'll still get to eat something even better tonight" he said while standing directly in front of her and then bent down and kissed her on the cheek.

When he stepped back, he saw the disappointment on her face which was quickly gone. "I told you, you're not getting anything from me" "We'll see" She walked away hoping he didn't notice the new wet spot on her bikini bottom that wasn't pool water.

Fifteen minutes later, the pizza guy was there; Matt made sure he wasn't seen in case things went downhill. She took the pizza back to the pool. They sat and at the table by the pool; he had to pick the mushrooms off before he ate though.

And it brought a smile to her lips every time he did it. She would pick up the mushrooms he removed and move it closer to his face as if it a bug or something that she was scaring him with. After they finished eating, she decided to continue tanning. He didn't have a problem with that; it would help him execute his revenge. She quickly laid face down so that she would tan her back this time. "Make yourself useful and put this on my back, and don't get any ideas, this is the only thing you'll be touching today is my back" "Mhhh, your back, webcam babe webcam girl 4 tube porn tasty" he sexy busty chubby masturbates pussy on webcam and even licked his lips.

She paused for a second thinking maybe this isn't such a good idea, but again her brain was set aside and she just closed her eyes. He picked up the tanning lotion bottle and straddled her legs. He poured some of the lotion on his hands and started applying it on her back. He quickly undid her top and pushed the strings aside so he can have access to her full back. At the same time, he kept on edging forwards and backwards so that his crotch would move over her ass.

Junior was already up and happy with his position, for now. He was moving his hands all over her back, moving every now and then to the sides and barely touching the sides of her breasts. Slowly he started edging downwards towards her beautifully full ass. He would slide one hand down at a time going lower every time. He was easily sliding his hand under the bikini bottom and inching even lower.

He was reaching her ass crack and kept going even lower; he pulled down a little on her bikini bottom so that it was only covering half her ass. He picked up the lotion bottle and dropped a glob right on her ass and started spreading it around.

Junior was fully up and struggling to get out, but he decided not yet. He stopped in mid stroke and moved down all the way to her legs. He picked up the lotion bottle again and dropped a couple of globs, one on each calf. He worked on leg at a time at the beginning. Slowly, he worked his way up; when he reached the upper thighs, he worked both at the same time.

With one hand on each thigh, her pussy was getting very wet. She was sensing his intentions and hoping alexa grace and step mom sucking fucking threesome blowjob blonde he would hurry up and just ram her, but at the same time, she dreaded that he would do just that.

His hand "accidentally" brushed her pussy lips and she let out a moan that she couldn't suppress. He smiled an evil smile that she couldn't see; and continued "accidentally" touching her pussy lips every time his hands went up.

His hands were all the way up to her ass cheeks now and he decided that the bikini bottoms were in the way. So he gently brutaly forced ripped open bleeding pussy pulling them all the way down her legs and off. He stood so he can get them clean off her legs; he also took his own off with junior standing up straight.

He quickly mounted her back and she instantly noticed his nakedness on her. Her pussy reacted immediately by getting even more wet. She could feel his dick resting right in her ass crack and his hands were kneading her cheeks. He moved backwards a few inches and she felt a finger touch her pussy lips. She guessed it was his thumb, because it was bigger than a regular finger. She was building up quickly to an orgasm when she felt his hand disappear and his weight disappeared from her. She looked up quickly total disappointment in her face "why did you stop?" "I thought you said, I wasn't getting anything today, so I think this is a good point to stop for now" "No wait" "Yes?" he said, not really looking at her.

He made a show of putting his stuff in the bag and walked into the house. She quickly followed him and stopped him by pulling his hand back. Her face was totally red, she was breathing hard; her pussy was drooling and her juices were running down the inside of her thighs. "Don't go," she said in a very small voice that could barely be heard "Why?" he asked his face blank, but his dick totally gave him away. Junior was beautiful latina loves blowing a stiff shaft straight almost painfully.

It was like a predator that can smell the prey just barely out of its reach and it was trying its hardest to get to it. "I want you to continue" she said, again in a total whisper. "Continue what" he asked again with the poker face. "What you started earlier this week" "But you said no" She punched him in the upper arm, it didn't really hurt him, but she was having a hard time admitting what she wanted and he was forcing her to say it and not making it easy for her.

"What was that for?" "It's entirely your fault, you made me this way. I tried and tried to make myself feel as good as you made me feel but I couldn't no matter what I tried. And now after you made me get to this point, you want to stop and make me beg. That's just mean. So hurry up and make me feel good" the last part was a command and her voice was rising in intensity. He was smiling inwardly that she was breaking and slowly admitting and begging. So the evil smile broke on his face again and he bent down and put his face right in front of hers and said "you know what you need to do and say.

I told you last time what it will be and I know you want it, so, to get what you want, you'll have to give me what I want" She looked directly into those evil eyes, the eyes that haunted her for the entire week. The eyes that made her pussy wet every time she thought about the mischief that those eyes make. All the awful things that were made to her, but at the same time, made her feel so good She remembered his words from last time, they were in her mind the whole time ringing when she least expected it.

She struggled internally and finally after the bad angel on the left shoulder won; she turned around bent over and said, "Fuck me" "Sorry, I didn't catch that" "I'll kill you" "Oh, I never heard that before" "I said fuck me!" and she yelled it that time "Where?" "Anywhere and everywhere" she said it and waited for him to ram his dick in side. "Take me to your room" is what she heard in a calm, kind of cold, tone. She turned around and looked him in the eyes.

Again those evil eyes with that evil smile looking back at her; they are always in control. She wanted to punch him again, and she did. She ran quickly up the stairs with him close behind, she could almost fell his eyes on her ass all the way to her room.

He walked in behind her and closed the door. She stood there waiting for him to make a move and almost flinched when he did. He walked over and stood right in front of her. He was so close that junior was poking her in the stomach. It tickled her a little and she almost broke contact, but he leaned in and kissed her on her lips.

It was a quick kiss, and then he put his hand on her cheek stroked it then pulled her towards him and kissed her again. He broke the contact, grabbed her smart phone of the desk, pulled her desk chair close to the bed, sat in it and said "show me how you play with yourself" and he turned on her phone and turned its camera on.

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She hesitated, but her body was in control. She sat on the bed and lay down with her legs spread open so he could have a full view. And she started playing with herself. For some reason, this time she felt better than any other time; she kept on looking at him locking eyes with him, watching the lust on his face drive her own. He was using her phone to alternate between pictures and videos. It wasn't long before she had a massive orgasm; it took her about 2 minutes to calm down and then she looked up and saw his expression of a greedy hungry wolf looking at her and two thoughts ran into her mind "oh shit he is going to rape me and finally he is going to fuck me" His hand was shaking so hard while he was trying to put the condom on junior.

It was against all his instincts to do so. He just wanted to go in and ram her raw right then and there, but with the last bit of willpower, he put it on. Then he moved into action; he lifted her legs, pulled her to the edge of the bed and rammed his dick all the way inside. She was fully wet, but the girth and the fact that she was a virgin only a few days ago made for a painful shock for her.

But the amount of pleasure, expectation and excitement running through her, overcame the pain. Her body enjoyed the pain along with the pleasure, he was going in a slow, but long rhythm, reaching everywhere inside her, filling her.

Her mind was totally blank, and she only felt pleasure and small receding amount of pain. It wasn't long before her orgasm started and she felt him convulse inside her too. She felt his junior pulsate inside her many times and the warm feeling of his fluids inside her, which drove her orgasm even further. It wasn't long before he collapsed on her and then rolled to the side trying to catch his breath.

She recovered first and got up, she reached for junior, removed the condom and placed it in her mouth. She'd heard that after cumming, the dick would be very sensitive and painful. So she decided to pay him back by giving him pleasure and pain. At the same time, ever british big breasted sammy sanders fingering herself the last time, the thought of a dick in her mouth made her excited. He was groaning with pain and pleasure now, and junior was already standing and ready for round 2.

She was at it for a couple of minutes when he decided that she shouldn't have the upper hand. He pulled her off him by her hair, not too violently, more like gently guiding her off and had her on her knees.

"Time for your punishment." She wasn't sure what he meant, but the look on his face made her reluctant about surrendering her backside to him. She was on her hands and knees when she felt his tongue on her lower lips.

She moaned at the contact and was expecting full treatment, but he strayed in the wrong direction and his tongue moved over her asshole.

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It was a totally new sensation and she wasn't sure what to think about it. Then the new sensation got newer, he was licking around the hole while pushing a finger in it.

So many things ran into her mind, but she heard a sound coming from her phone, which he was sliding so it was under her eyes. It was a video of her playing beepee movies boy boy sex stories herself. It was a total shock, to watch herself in that position, with the focus switching from her face to her crotch and back to her face again. The video must have been on a loop because it kept on repeating itself and she was so into it that she relaxed herself and his finger went in almost unnoticed.

She didn't notice that he had 2 fingers in her ass by now and they were moving smoothly in and out. She did notice however when he took them both out and placed the tip of his dick with a new condom on her asshole. Before she realized what was going on, he pushed himself in and watched her expression on the mirror across the room.

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The pain on her face made him even more excited; he pushed in all the way and she screamed. He waited for her to recover then started moving slowly. She was trying to ignore the pain and watch the video of herself again, but it was kind of hard to ignore that kind of pain and she could see his expression in the mirror too, he was enjoying tormenting her, and every time she cried he got happier and more excited.

But what's even worse was the fact that she was beginning to enjoy it. She was getting fucked in the ass for the first time, it was painful, but her pussy was nice webcam tattooed brunette massage small tits amateur wet, and she was getting excited and she could feel and orgasm building up.

Noticing her pleasure, he moved his hand down and started playing with her clit. It was a bit awkward, but he managed it and her pleasure was rising again until he suddenly stopped. He pulled out, pushed her and flipped her over, lifted her legs in the air and pushed them back with one hand and realigned his dick with her asshole again. Slowly, but with some force, he pushed in; again him entering her was painful, which she suspected was intentional, but the awkward position was more demeaning than anything.

She could see his dick moving and she knew it was in her ass, he could see her face directly and notice the tears on her face. At the same time, he grabbed on of her breasts and squeezed it hard.

The thought hit her that she enjoyed pain and pleasure at the same time, and knowing that, made her orgasm hit fully blown. She was screaming from pleasure and pain and convulsing while he was moving in her asshole. She was squeezing him so much, that he came right then and there. Again they both lay on the bed panting trying to recover, she managed to move to her side and punch him on the upper arm again.

"Don't you ever make me feel like that again?" "I thought the massive orgasm meant that you liked it" "No I didn't…" pause "ok I did, but that doesn't matter, it still hurts, so don't do it again" "No tranny with big dong plays a solo punch "So what now" she asked "What do you mean?" "What's our relationship "?

"You're my slave" "I don't think so" He turned and ran a finger on her breast and instantly pleasure from the expectation of what was to come made her moan loudly.

But he removed his finger and just lay there. "Why did you stop" "I don't feel like it." "You can't torment me like that" "I see no reason why I should do anything for you, you said you're not my slave so I don't have any obligation towards you." They were quiet for another minute before "Master" the word was barely a whisper.

It sounded like she was just trying it out. "Did you say something?" "I said, I'm your slave" again it was barely audible "Still didn't catch that" "Master, I'm your slave, first time sex girl 18age, make me feel good" "Sounds good to me, I think this will be a nice long weekend after which I won't be able to move, but still, I'm thinking about getting a second slave, what do you think?" "Am I not enough?" "Have you every heard of a guy refusing a threesome?" "I guess not.

Not that I hear any such conversations, I'm a good girl after all" "Yeah and I'm a billionaire" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for reading; I hope it met your expectations. Again any suggestions or constructive criticism welcome, if there are any spelling mistakes I apologize, I started writing this on my phone.

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