Am i in is my hot sis fucking me

Am i in is my hot sis fucking me
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The last part of Chapter 9 didn't get posted which led to some confusion, so I'll add it here and you can see what happened, then I'll continue with Chapter 10. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (The missing part from Chapter 9) "Goodbye cabin, goodbye cabin, gooooooodbye cabin." All I can hear around me is "goodbye cabin" over and over.

I know its me saying it, but I dont know why, then out of nowhere I hear finger snaps and clapping noises, my body feels hot, and I hear the faint sound of someone calling my name.

It continues for a few more seconds before I fell a sharp sting of pain across my face, and I shoot up in my seat. "Well its about dam time! You were starting to worry me," Rita said. I let go of my stinging cheek to rub the grogginess out of my eyes, and when I cleared my eyes I was in for a rude awakening. I wasnt in the truck going home like I thought I was, but still in the hot tub captain america sex black window Rita sitting across from me.

"What the? How'd we get back here?" I asked confused. "Get back? We never left. We've been here the whole time dummy!" Never before have I been so confused, I didnt know what to think.

"But we. No because we. I was just. It can't be! It was all a dream?!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Now I continue with Chapter 10) I sat there in disbelief.

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"Are you kidding me? None of that was real?" "None of what? You didn't go anywhere! What the hell did you dream about?" I was still in a bit of shock. It all seemed so real, like I was really there.

I could practically still taste the Vodka in my mouth, not to mention my mom and sis' pussy. I was a little disappointed, but a little relieved to know dad didn't really fuck Rita, selfish I naughty blonde big ass playing in both holes. I sat thinking to myself before Rita snapped me out of my daydream state.

"Randy! Randy! What did you dream about?" I finally snapped out of my trans to tell her what happened. "About all of us. When everybody left out of here we had sex in the hot tub and dad caught us, he got mad and was about to bash my head in but mom stopped him. Then we told him everything about us and surprisingly he was cool with it! He was sunny leone oil sex big tits with it!

Then we played a drinking game and found out all these secrets about everybody, and then we had this big ass orgy with mom and dad and Aunt Lisa and everybody fucked everybody, it was crazy. We went to sleep and woke up and was rushing to leave and we drove off in the truck and then I woke up here, confused, and here we are." She took in everything I said in silence, leaving me to wonder what she was thinking. "Orgy? I fucked dad? It was a dream all right, I'm not gonna fuck dad, you can be sure of that.

Do you think we should tell him about us for real?" "Tell him for real? Are you crazy? Even though it seemed real, it was just a dream, who knows how he'll take it." "I think we should. It might not have been a dream, but a slut wife fucking in ar on road. He might take it just like mom and Aunt Lisa did." "You watch too many movies.

If I recall correctly all the premonition movies ended bad, so we definitely have to wait, at least until we can feel dad out, and see what he thinks." "Maybe you're right, waiting a little longer wont hurt. Hey, since were alone in here why don't we." "Hell no! Not after the dream I just had! I'm not taking any chances on dad walking in here." "Ugh fine, well since were not gonna do anything we might as well get out." We turned off the hot tub and gathered up all the trash to throw away, put on our towels and left the room.

When we got to the living room mom and Aunt Lisa were sitting on the couch holding dad up, apparently he had too much to drink for the second night in a row. I guess since he has time off from work he's making the most of it. He was kissing mom and feeling her up, even with us there, he even got a hand or two on Aunt Lisa, and they quickly put an end to that.

"Ok, I think it's time to put you to bed, Randy come help me," mom said standing him up. I walked over to help hold him up, and she just dropped all his weight on me. Now I'm pretty strong, and I knew dad still lifted weights and everything, but he had to put on at least 15 pounds of muscle, he was heavy, I see why she asked for help.

I held him up as best I could and carried (more like dragged) him to their room and left him flop down on their bed. "Ok dad, sleep it off," I said and patted his back. Mom whispered something to him and kissed him as she followed me out of the room and back to the living room where Rita and Aunt Lisa was still talking.

"I know he has time off, but he really shouldn't drink so much," mom said entering the living room. "Well there is one good thing that comes out of dad being wasted, more alone time for me and Randy," Rita said looking at me smiling. "You guys don't get enough of each other do you? Running around here having sex like it's your last day on Earth, don't you ever take a break?" Aunt Lisa asked.

"Would you take a break from a girl who looks as good as she does?" I asked, and was rewarded with a kiss. "What time do we have to leave tomorrow, can we sleep in or not?

Immediately our mother grew suspicious. "Why would you need to sleep in?" "I don't know, we just might need to," Rita said holding back a laugh. "See! You big tittes fucks and sucks a toy www altgoatwebgirls com tube porn are gonna go have sex aren't you?

You can't even wait for us to go to sleep you horndogs! I miss being young," Aunt Lisa pouted. "It's not like we do it all the time, sometimes we just lay there and hold each other, or listen to music, or sleep, were not addicted or anything," I said.

Again, mom grew suspicious. "Every time we walked in on you two you weren't doing any of that, you were wrapped up in each other fucking each others brains out, coincidence?" "You just come in at the wrong times that's all, we can not have sex, it's not hard," Rita said.

"How can every single time we come in be the wrong time? You two can't go one day without sex,"Aunt Lisa said. Right when mom looked like she was about to make us put our money where our mouth is, I jumped in. "Ok I'm getting pretty tired, I'm gonna hit the sack, coming Rita?" "Right behind you, I'm pretty tired too.

Goodnight mom and Aunt Lisa, don't stay up too late talking about us," Rita joked and walked off. I said goodnight too and caught the stares they sent at us, but I smiled and made hand signals we were just gonna sleep and headed to bed.

When I got in surprisingly Rita was already undressed with the lamp light on and under the covers (naked) patting the spot next to her. I stripped down and put on some boxers and climbed in next to her. She cuddled up next to me and lay her head on my chest.

"You know, I think Aunt Lisa's jealous of all the sex were having." "I know, they made faces at me when you left. I think mom was about to make a bet that we couldn't go a day without sex." "We'd lose for sure, if you didn't fuck me I'd have to rape you in your sleep, again," she giggled. "That was the best way I have ever woken up, without a doubt, feel free to do it anytime." "So you don't think we should tell dad? I wanna get it over with so we can be together at home without all the secrets and sneaking around." "We have to find out how he feels about it and ease him into it, we can't just come out and say it, it'll be too sudden." "I know, we need to do it soon so you can sleep with me, I get lonely in that big old bed by myself." "We won't have that long, I promise.

For time being, I think we can hold off a little longer." Me saying that stirred something in her that had her at sexual attention. "Oh really? So you're telling me (kiss) that you can resist (kiss) wanting to sleep with me (kiss) every night (kiss) huh?" "You trying to seduce me?

If you are it's working," I said as I pulled her on top of me, ass in hand. We made out sucking each others lips as if they were the most delicious things on the planet, all the while she was grinding her naked pussy on me, leaving a wet spot on my crotch. I moaned into her mouth and she broke the kiss to push her nipple to my mouth, which I was all too happy to suck on.

I sat up and fell back down so that she was now on her back, and kissed her all over her neck, her face, shoulders and across her body. "Oh baby, yes, that feels so good! I love that, kiss me all over!" She ran her hands through my hair and over my back, and from time to time would grab the sheets. I love the feel of her soft body against mine, and her moaning was pushing me to give more attention to her, not to mention her constant grinding against me. Not five minutes after we start messing around did the door swing open and we see Aunt Lisa leaning against the doorway holding a bag and biting her finger and mom behind Aunt Lisa with a hand on one of her shoulders and her chin resting on the other, caught again.

"What did I tell you, sex sex sex that's all it is with these two!" Aunt Lisa said. "Well technically it's just foreplay, but I guess we walked in too soon. Maybe we should come back in 20 minutes?" mom joked. "That's still not long enough. Now me and my wonderful brother were in the middle of something, so you can either pull up a chair or high tail it out of here!" Rita said, slightly annoyed.

Mom laughed at her expense. "Ooh, testy when you deprive her of sex! He's that good huh? In that case, were tired of watching, make room for two more, it's time you learned to share." Aunt Lisa's face lit up. "Ooh yea good idea, I've been wanting to feel that cock in me for a long time!" "Why should we, you never share anything with us!" "You don't have a choice, besides, I'm sharing my younger sister with you, you can thank me later." It was settled, we were no longer on our own, but now joined by two sexy older women as they stripped naked in front of us.

For being 35 and 33 they look really good, so good they could pass for our 23 and 25 year old sisters, they're that hot and young looking. They finally stripped of all their clothes and joined us in the bed, kissing each other right next to Rita and I, who was pulling my face back to her nipple.

I felt her wrap her legs around me and push my head even more into her tit, as if she was trying to shove the whole thing in my mouth, and mom and Aunt Lisa was switching into the 69. "Were doing that too, I want your cock in my mouth while you eat me," Rita said. I rolled over as soon as the words left her mouth and pulled her pussy up to my face.

The second I felt her mouth encircle the head of my cock I shuddered and stuck my tongue right up her pussy. On instant she pushed down into me and started fucking my face, but I grabbed her ass cheeks before she got out of hand.

Her pussy tasted especially good, like pineapples that had been boiled to perfection, with a side of female aroma thrown in, maybe it's from being in the hot tub so long, but I wasn't complaining. Across the bed mom and Aunt Lisa are moaning into each others pussies as they ate each other as best they could.

I was brought back to reality by Rita who bit down on me a little, probably from when I stopped eating her to watch mom and Aunt Lisa, at least now I know this isn't a dream. She took her hands off my cock and used only her mouth as she bobbed up and down, which felt extremely good. "Oh fuck Rita, suck it like that, that feels so good!" "Just make sure you keep eating my pu., fuck that felt good!

Do that again!" The thing she was referring to was when I bit down on her clit and circled it between my teeth, I'd learned that from a movie I saw a while back.

She sucked my cock harder and faster and in return I licked her more vigorously and with more pressure. Mom and Aunt Lisa's moans only added more fuel to the fire as we all attacked each other like it was a race to see who would cum first, I'm happy to say that I, well Rita won. She really started grinding my face and by now I was feeding my cock deeper into her mouth.

She gave me a few warning moans until she completely closed her legs around my head, temporarily cutting off my air supply, and then gyrated over my face. "Oh fuck this is it, I'm gonna cum, oh fuck it's coming! Fuck fuck fuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkk!!!!!" Since my mouth was directly under her pussy her juice just seeped right in with no problem.

I licked all around her as she slowly went back to sucking my cock. Aunt Lisa and mom were still trapped in their 69 and looked to be really enjoying themselves by the moans they were yelling. Once again I was brought back to the situation in front of me by something I did not expect. While Rita was sucking me she slipped a finger in my ass up to the first knuckle. I don't know what happened but my body took on a mind of it's own fucking her mouth. The pressure rising from my balls intensified as I felt myself on the brink of cumming.

I tried to warn her but she started moving her finger in and out of my ass, and before I knew it the pressure had reached it's breaking point. I grabbed hold of her ass to have something to squeeze and lunged upward and shot squirt, after squirt, after squirt of jizz into her mouth. When I finally stopped she pulled her mouth off my cock after she swallowed my load and swung her body around so she was face to face with me and immediately kissed me, giving each other the taste of their own cum.

It wasn't until we broke our kiss did we notice we were being stared at. "I want the boy, you can take the girl," mom said as she worked her way over to me. "Fine with me, I wanna see how her pretty little tongue feels on my pussy," Aunt Lisa followed. Just as I saw Rita crawl to her and lower her head in between Aunt Lisa's legs, mom gave me a wicked smile, grabbed the back of my head and shoved it right into her pussy.

I kissed her pussy and rolled my tongue over her lips and she rested her legs on my shoulders and rubbed the back of my head, keeping me firmly on her pussy.

She tasted just as good as Rita, if not a little better, with a little bit of peaches added to her pungent feminine smell. She took my eagerness to please her as a good sign and ran her pussy up and down my face.

"That's it baby, mommy's pussy taste good? Oh my god honey that's so good, keep eating me!" "Rita's not that bad either, she really knows how to get her tongue up in there! Shit, right there!" Rita was bobbing back and forth like she was fucking her pussy with her tongue, then dropped to her stomach and went back to licking. She got me so turned on I hopped up on my knees and held mom's legs as far apart as my arms could reach and ate her as best as I could.

She arched her back off the bed when I sucked her clit after it poked out from under it's hood. "Oh honey, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, oh god honey," she panted. I sucked harder and harder until a saw her pussy spasm and a stream of cum slipped out of her right onto my tongue. She tried to talk but her voice was caught in her throat, so she just sat there and rode it out.

When she stopped cumming she pushed my head away from her pussy and pushed me on my back. "Looks like your friend could use a little help," she said as she stroked my cock. She looked me in the eyes as she sucked my limp cock in her mouth. It was so hot and wet I could feel myself getting hard already. Her technique was a little different than Rita's, instead of sucking all the way up and down like she does, mom fits it all in her mouth and sucks it on the way out of her mouth, it was different but it still felt hella good.

She sucked me for a few minutes while I watched back and forth from her head going up and down to Rita sucking on Aunt Lisa's tits, then making out with her.

With a loud slurp mom pulled my cock out of her mouth and crawled up to me, dragging her luscious tits across my body and putting one in my mouth. I sucked on her tit for probably the first time since I was a baby, and moved to the other, and then she scooted up and kissed me square on the lips. She broke the kiss and looked at me. "I think it's time we fucked our little sisters, don't you?" I nodded to her but was confused on what she meant, then I saw her get up and go pick up the bag they came in with, to my surprise it was a pair of underwear with a dildo attached to it.

Everything became clear as she slipped on the panties and made her way back to the bed and grabbed Aunt Lisa, forcing her to her knees. Rita looked and me and got in the same position next to Aunt Lisa and rubbed her pussy. I watched as mom got behind Aunt Lisa and slowly slid the dildo into her pussy, emitting a loud moan from her. I took the cue and rubbed the precum that was dripping from the head into my skin and positioned myself behind Rita, rubbed my cock against her pussy a few times for lubrication, and pushed right into her.

She let out a moan even louder than Aunt Lisa did and pushed back against me until I was fully buried into her. I started off slow and built up a nice steady rhythm as Rita met me stroke for stroke while I fucked her. Mom was doing no such thing with Aunt Lisa, she was holding her in place while she shoved the dildo all the way into her, then pulled out slow, and pushed back in fast.

I had to laugh at myself for a minute, my mom was fucking her little sister right next to me while I fucked my little sister, who else can say that?

I watched her tits bounce as she sped up a little fucking Aunt Lisa, who was now pushing back against her. I watched as Rita arched her back and turned her head to the side to look at me, and pushed her hands deep into the mattress so she could fuck me harder.

"Oh fuck yes Randy, fuck me harder! Pull my hair, pull my fucking hair!" I grabbed her hair with both my hands and pulled it back as far as it would go, and went back to fucking her. Since I wasn't holding her hips anymore I just moved my lower half into her as fast as I could while I pulled her hair, making a mental note to fuck her like this again because the way her ass bounced off me was driving me crazy.

I heard a loud slap and looked over to see mom smacking a red mark on Aunt Lisa's right ass cheek. "You like it rough, don't you slut?" "Yes big sis, I like it rough!

I love it when you slap my ass! Smack it harder!" "Smack it harder, PLEASE! Don't make me have to hurt you!" "Please, Anna, smack my ass harder!" "That's more like it! That's a good slut!" Normally I would be surprised hearing my mom talk like that, but after she watched Rita and I fuck for the first time and her behavior afterward I kind of expect it. Rita's pussy starts making a squishing sound as I fuck her harder and I almost slip out a few times, so I let go of her hair and grabbed her hips again and drove into her as fast as I could.

"Fuck me! Fuck me with that big fucking cock! Oh god it feels so good inside me!" "I bet my dildo feels as good as his cock," mom jumped in. "I don't think so, his cock feels pretty fucking good!" "Well why don't you bring that tight little pussy over here and find out for yourself!" I slowed down and eventually pulled out of Rita and she crawled over to mom, who laid on her back as Rita straddled her and eased the dildo into her with a loud grunt.

Aunt Lisa got up and grabbed my hand, walked me over to a chair and pushed me down in it. She licked her fingers and rubbed her already wet pussy as she stood over me, cock in hand and eased it into her little by little. "I guess you're night mein sote hue story sexe gonna suck me off huh?" "I already got my fill earlier while you were sleep, now I just wanna ride it," she said as she sat down.

I thought back to earlier when I woke up with my pants down and the note on the nightstand. She literally came into our room and sucked me off and was now bold enough to admit it in front of me?

I had to get her back for that, and what better way than to fuck the hell out of her. She noticed the look of intent in my eyes as I grabbed her by the waist and forced her down on the rest of my cock, making her shriek loudly.

I wrapped my arms around her and shot my cock into her as hard as I could. She was breathing really heavy, and soon it turned into breathing heavy and moaning, then she wrapped her arms around my neck with her hands on the back of my head and held on, slightly squeezing. "Oh Randy honey you're fucking me so good! I don't know what I did but I'm glad I did it!

Oh my god, oh god yes! If you keep fucking me like this I'm gonna cum! Oh my fucking god!" I kept fucking her to the best of my ability as I sucked a nipple into my mouth. Not long after that she tensed up on me and squeezed her arms around me as she bit down on my shoulder, I knew she was having an orgasm.

As she rode hers I looked at Rita who had moms hands on her ass helping her bounce on the dildo, she too was moaning and breathing loud as she fucked mom. "Oh fuck mom your little girl is riding you!" "My little whore is riding me, and it looks to me like she likes mommy's cock in her!" "I do, I really fucking do, its so good. Keep fucking me!" I had almost forgot I was fucking Aunt Lisa until she lifted off my neck and kissed me. Up until this point I had never kissed her, and now seemed like the perfect time.

"Don't move, now it's my turn to fuck you back!" She got up, turned around and sat back down on me. She had her hands on both my knees and was bouncing her ass up and down on me. It feels magnificent and the view is amazing. She pulls out all the way until just the head is in, and then slams down full force, and she does it all at a fast pace. She leans back against me and grinds on me as she pulls me into another kiss, and I squeeze her super sized tits in my hand.

We fuck like this for a good while until mom looks over at me and smiles as she spreads Rita's ass cheeks to me, signaling what she wants me to do. Both Aunt Lisa and I catch on, but she takes her time unusual model stretches her slit and loves hardcore penetration off of me. Finally she kisses me and slowly slides up and off me and walked over to the bed as I followed.

Mom scoots to the edge of the bed so her legs hang off a little and opens Rita's cheeks one more time, I grab my cock in my hand and push it against her ass letting her know I'm there, as she jumps from having her ass tickled I put the head at the entrance and push in. "Uuuuugh fuck! Dam that hurt so good!

Fuck me both of you, fuck my ass and pussy!" I leaned forward a little and grabbed right above her ass and thrust in and out of her at the same time mom did. As we fucked Rita Aunt Lisa climbed up on the bed and stood up over them with her pussy directly in my face, I didn't need to be told what to do.

I licked at her slippery pussy as I joined my mother in fucking my sister. I wasn't surprised when I found out Aunt Lisa's pussy tasted good too, since it seems to run in the family. I really liked when she pushed my face up into it more as she pushed herself down on me, giving me access to her entire pussy without even touching it.

Rita's moans were getting louder as we both sped up fucking her faster and at different rhythms now.

"Oh fuck yes! I fucking love this! Fuck me harder, fuck me harder please I need it!" "Sounds like my slut daughter is loving all the attention!" "Oh yes, I am, I love every bit of it! I'll be your guy's slut but please don't stop fucking me!" "I think we can manage that, you ass feels so good I could fuck you all night," I said. Rita leaned down to suck on moms tit as we both continually thrust in and out of her as hard as we could for about the next ten minutes. Aunt Lisa moved from in front of me to behind me rubbing up against me and helping me thrust into Rita by pushing my ass forward.

Eventually mom grew tired of doing all the fucking and wanted to get fucked herself, by me. "Ok Randy honey it's time for you to fuck me now, lay down so mommy can ride you." I did as told and pulled out of Rita, which dude bangs gf and her super hot stepmom a medium sized gaping hole, and lay down on the bed as mom took off the strap-on and handed it to Aunt Lisa.

Mom climbed on top of me and grabbed my cock at the base and sat right down on it. For having two kids she was pretty tight, her walls quickly surrounded me as she let out a sigh of passion and fulfillment. Next to me Aunt Lisa was now wearing the strap-on as she fucked Rita missionary, who were liplocked as they grinded each others bodies. Mom was above me riding me with her eyes closed, her hands were pushing me against the bed in case I tried to get up, and she had a small smile on her face.

"Oh honey it feels just as good as the first time, even better now. Your cock feels so good inside me, so full, I could just fuck you forever!" I carefully reached up to grab her tits, hoping she would knock my hands away, she didn't.

I squeezed and fondled them in my hands as she rode me harder and harder with each passing second, until she wasn't grinding me anymore, she was bouncing up and down on me.

She leaned down to kiss me and I grabbed two handfuls of mom's juicy ass and squeezed as I helped her fuck me. She was now moaning louder, but was overshadowed by Rita who was now getting fucked doggystyle by Aunt Lisa. I knew mom didn't cum yet, and I knew she needed to be fucked hard to cum, so I rolled over off the bed and stood up with me still in her, held her up and fucked her standing up.

I was holding her up by her ass which gave me all the leverage I needed to really drive into her, soon she threw her head back and was ranting and raving like a mad woman. "Yes Randy yes, fuck me hard just like this! Oh yes baby don't you fucking stop! Oh fuck baby you keep fucking me like this and mommy's gonna cum all over you!" I gripped her ass again to make sure she wouldn't slip out of my hands and gave my mother the fucking she asked for.

She kissed me hard on the lips, shoving her tongue in my mouth, and giving me a taste of everyone her mouth came in contact with. When I sped up she buried her face in my shoulder and I could hear her breathing become more rapid.

She dug her nails in my back as I felt her tense up and lock her legs behind me. Just as Rita screamed out asking to be fucked harder I felt moms cum run down my cock and soak my pubic hair on its way down my thighs and legs.

The whole time she had her orgasm I kept fucking her to make it as intense as I could for her, but when I felt myself start to cum a had to slow down and stop, I wanted to cum in Rita only. I walked over to the bed and dropped mom down next to where Aunt Lisa was still fucking Rita.

We exchanged a look and she smiled at me as she pulled herself off the dildo and lay on her back next to mom, who was now getting fucked laying on her stomach my Aunt Lisa. I got between Rita's legs and kissed her pussy a few times on my way up her body, and slid right into her. Everything around us seemed to just fade away as we finally ended back up with each other. "Finally, just you and me, now fuck me big brother fuck me good, I want you to cum in me!" I leaned down to kiss her and was met with the softest, sweetest lips I'd tasted all night.

I pushed into her as deep as I could before pulling all the way out and pushing back in, eventually she locked her legs around me and I had to replace length with speed, so I fucked her as fast as I could.

I kissed everywhere on her body I could reach while I still fucked her and grabbed her wrists and pinned them over her head. We fucked constantly until I noticed an obvious change in Rita's breathing.

"Oh Randy.oh Randy.oh fuck.don't stop.keep fucking me like this.and I'm gonna cum." "Fuck Rita I'm gonna cum too, fuck I can feel it coming!" I lifted myself up and fucked her faster, building up both of our climaxes all the while trying to make it last, but eventually one of the two had to give. It was me who came first, blasting her insides with spurt after spurt of my heavy, thick cum. After the fourth spurt she closed her eyes and pulled me tight against her while she came under me.

"Fuck fuck fuck, I'm cumming, oh fuck, Randdddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" I hovered over her so my weight wouldn't be on top of her as she came, and planted kisses all over her face. I looked at mom and Aunt Lisa, who had since switched spots and it was Aunt Lisa who was getting fucked, or was getting fucked as she was clinging onto mom as they embraced each other in a kiss. When Rita stopped cumming she pulled me into a kiss of our own and licked my lips as she fell back into the bed. I slowly pulled my sticky cock out of her, which made a slippery sound upon leaving her pussy and lay down next to her, mom and Aunt Lisa as we soak up the moment, and our breath.

I hold Rita and mom holds Aunt Lisa as we lay in the bed quiet relishing the feeling of what just happened. Me still being a little paranoid think my mind is still playing a trick on me, like I'm gonna snap out of another dream and wake up at the picnic table. I decide to give myself a quick test of reality and pinch myself on the arm, "ouch!" Ok, I believe it this time. "What you do that for? You didn't get fucked hard enough?" Aunt Lisa asked. "Just making sure it's the real deal is all." Both Aunt Lisa and mom looked at me like I just picked my nose, and before I could clear anything up myself Rita jumped in.

"He had a dream earlier in the hot tub that we all had sex just like this, except dad was there too." "Mike? Really? Now that could have been interesting," Aunt Lisa said. Mom breathed one of those annoyed sighs. "The way he's been drinking up here he won't be involved in anything we do. Besides, he doesn't need to know of this situation, who knows what he'll think." "In my dream he was plenty fine with it, but since were split on telling him we'll leave it alone for now until we can think of a good time to tell him." Mom stood up and took off the strap-on while Aunt Lisa rolled over me stealing a kiss and then over Rita dragging her tits across her face, and Rita casually slipped one in her mouth before letting her get up.

They gathered up their clothes and everything else they brought in and headed for the door. "Don't mention this to your father, nothing.

I mean it, okay? Now you two get some sleep, we have to leave here tomorrow night. You can sleep in if you want, that way I won't have to cook you two breakfast," mom said with a wink. They left and closed the door behind us, leaving us alone in the dim light of the nightstand lamp. We were laying on the soaked sheets of our previous sex act, so we stripped the top layers off and grabbed a blanket from the closet. Once we were settled we got back into bed and cuddled up with each other with her head on my chest, shared a few I love you's, goodnights, and kisses and drifted off to sleep.

I was the first to wake the next morning bright and early at 9:37. I heard walking outside the room and knew I wasn't the only one up, not to mention the smell of bacon, eggs, and biscuits being cooked.

I also caught a whiff of us still smelling like day old sex, and knew it would be noticeable if anyone came in, so I got up, put on some boxers, grabbed my toothbrush and my toothpaste and headed for the door to take a shower. "Where you going?" I heard Rita ask from behind me.

"I'm going to take a sho-," I froze at the look she gave me. Her beauty never seems to amaze me, she was sitting up, hair rumpled, holding the blanket over her chest but under her neck with a beautiful smile on her face, how lucky am I to be with a girl this amazing?

"You're going where?" "Well we smell so I'm heading to the shower. We should probably take separate showers since everyone is up." She cracked a small laugh. "Oh I see, don't wanna take a shower with your smelly sister huh?" "That's the farthest thing from the truth, I shower with your stinky self any day," I joked back.

She threw a pillow in mock anger. "You lucky you're so cute, go have fun in your shower, all alone." I smiled at her and left the room heading for the shower, passing stares from both Aunt Lisa and mom eyeballing me like a piece of meat, I felt a little cheap, but a good kind of cheap I guess.

I got in the shower room and immediately turned on the first shower and cleaned myself thoroughly while brushing my teeth and used the bathroom at the same time (oh come on like I'm the only one who does that!).

I was close enough to the door to hear friendly arguments about the shower, but couldn't figure out who it was. Another five minutes in and I shut the water off and wrapped the towel around my waist, not a second sooner the door opened and Rita stepped in with a towel around her.

Then just like she did to me, as soon as she started walking towards me mom opened the door and stepped in. "You kids are unbelievable! Lisa was right, sex sex sex all the time! Don't you ever get tired?" "Mom, were kids, we have energy for days, besides look at him, you know you want him too." Mom paused a minute before she spoke.

"That's beside the point, your father is up, you're not gonna take the chance of getting caught because you can't keep off each other for an hour. You (she said looking at me), in your room and get dressed, and you wash that sex smell off of you." I grabbed my toothbrush and left the toothpaste for Rita as mom saw me back to my room. Once there I got dressed and gathered up the dirty sheets to wash, and headed out to throw them in the wash just as Rita exited the shower smiling at me.

Mom took the sheets from me to wash, and with nothing to do I just sat on the couch and waited. I could hear Aunt Lisa and dad talking, but it just sounded like small talk so I tuned it out until I heard mom say breakfast was ready. We all sat down and Rita came out wearing the U2 shirt she got from the concert (we bought so many we could afford to mess a couple up) and tan khaki shorts, and wasted no time in eating her food.

As usual, we were all eating until someone decided to say something, this time it was dad. "When everyone finishes eating, go back to all the rooms and make sure everything is in order, Jim and his family will be coming back today before we leave." Rita stopped eating for a second, knowing what he meant when dad said "and his family." She would have to deal with Stephanie for another day, and I don't know how much more of her she can take.

"When are they getting here?" Rita asked. "Sometime this afternoon, I want everything how it was when we first got here." We all agreed and finished our breakfast, helped clean up the dishes, and went back to our room to clean up everything. Once we had everything back the way it was (minus the bed), we lay down and stared at the ceiling, something we always did when one or both of us had something on our mind.

"What you thinking about?" I asked. "You already know what I'm thinking about." "They wont be getting here till the afternoon, we won't have to be here as long as they were last time." "She's still gonna hit on you Randy, if she goes too far I'm gonna put her in her place!" "You do that our cover might as chesty hoe corinna blake gets her pussy slammed pornstars hardcore be blown, besides she has a brother, you can mess with him to piss her off, but not too much though." "You have a point, he didn't look that bad, maybe I might make you jealous so you could see how I felt everytime she hit on youmaybe I might let him kiss me, feel me up a bit," she said grinning.

"I don't think so," I said climbing on top of her, pulling her off the bed and throwing her back down. She was laughing hysterically as I repeatedly picked her up and play slammed her back down, then she turned the tables on me and threw me down on the bed, jumped on me and mock bounced my head off the pillow again and again.

We got to rolling around to see who'd end on top, and as usual, she got the best of me and quoted Nala from our favorite movie "The Lion King." "Haha pinned ya!" I wiggled to get up and we rolled around the rest of the bed until we rolled ourselves on the floor, where she again ended up on top and pushed me down on the floor, ironically again just like the movie. "Pinned ya again!" "So now what?" I said as I pushed my cock up into her crotch, causing an unsuspecting moan from her.

She closed her eyes and bit her lip as I'm guessing I touched her clit, and she dropped her mouth to mine hard. Sweet chick is gaping narrow quim in close up and having orgasm was a little nervous knowing anyone could walk in the door at any time, but my sister's tongue in my mouth kept me occupied on her. After she broke the kiss, she got up off me and started rummaging around, packing a backpack with trail mix, beef jerky, and bottled water.

"What are you doing?" I finally asked. "Were going to fuck, I'm so horny right now I need you in me as soon as possible! Since we can't do it here were leaving, but we can't make it obvious what were doing so we have to throw them off." She zipped up the bag and grabbed my hand as we went out the door into the living room area, where everyone was sitting on the couch talking.

"Were going for one more hike before we have to leave," Rita said. Mom as usual was her suspicious self. "A hike? Mind if we all come with you?" "Nah it's just us kids, you old people will just slow us down." "Old? Were only 35! Were probably in better shape than you two," dad said. "In shape enough to run around this whole area?" "(After a slight pause) You two have fun then!" He took the bait.

We said bye as we headed out the door with Aunt Lisa making a kiss face at us, and we just smiled and scurried out the door as fast as we could. Once we were outside Rita took off on the left path egging me to chase her, which I did. I followed her to the lake where she ran down to the boat, pulling me by the hand as we took off our shoes and got in. I paddled the boat thinking we were going to the same spot as last time, and watched as Rita slipped her hands into her pants and fingered herself.

"Oh god Randy hurry up and get there please, I need you, my pussy needs you!" I paddled faster while watching her pleasure herself right in front of me, not wanting to look away.

When we got to the other side of the lake Rita stripped her clothes off and stuffed them into the backpack and I followed suit. She left the backpack and grabbed my hand and led me up the small hill to an empty patch of grass, the whole time I'm watching her gorgeous plump ass jiggle in front of me.

When we got to the spot she dropped on the ground and pulled me down with her and into a kiss. "Rita there's nothing to lay on, the grass will make you itch," I said breaking the kiss. "I don't care, we'll jump in the lake if we have to, now shut up and kiss me!" She pulled me back into a kiss as our naked bodies clung to each other. Her nipples poked into my chest as my cock poked into her stomach.

Without warning she rolled us over so she was on top and kissed her way down my body until she was face to face with my cock. She moved past it and licked my balls with long licks across the whole sack, and then one by one sucked each one in her mouth and then both at the same time. What she did next nearly made me blow my load right there, she put her hands on my thighs, put her nose on the tip of my cock, lifted it up and let my cock slide into her mouth.

The build-up of it made the feeling all that much better as my eyes clamped shut and I clenched my hands closed, so the only thing I would feel would be her hot ariana mistry pink hot masala post by shikari mouth around my cock.

The feeling of my cock slowly sliding over her tongue and into her throat in indescribable, its heaven. My cock comes out until just the head it trapped between her lips, she runs her tongue across it as she squeezes her lips together. Just when the pressure starts to build she slides my cock fully back into her mouth.

What makes her blowjobs so great is that she doesn't feel like its a chore, she loves doing it, and I can tell by her katie kox gets a big black cock on my cock she might love doing it more than I enjoy getting them.

She sucked a little faster and played with my balls with one of her free hands, and I could hear her pussy making sloppy noises as she shoved her fingers in her pussy. She put her fingers up to my face and I sucked her juices off her fingers as she let my cock slip from her mouth, got up and walked over to a tree and leaned over. "Come on baby, what are you waiting for, my butt isn't gonna fuck itself!" I quickly stood up and walked over to her, stroking my cock as she looked back at me in anticipation.

When I got to her I put the head at the entrance of her ass, wrapped my arms around her and pushed my cock deep into the depths of her ass. She gasped and grabbed my hands and squeezed from the shock of receiving my cock all at once, but she soon relaxed and began slowly moving back against me.

We met each other halfway on each stroke as she thrust back and I thrust forward fucking her tight ass as she took grip on the tree in front of her. "That's it baby, fuck me, fuck your little sister in the ass! Fuck me like the slut I am!" "You're my slut, and only my slut, you got that?" "Yes, I got it, I'm only a slut for my big brother!

Only a slut for his big fucking cock!" I took a step back and spread her legs wider as she leaned down more and hung her head down with her hair hiding her face from view.

I slid my cock out and stuck it in her pussy for a few strokes, and pulled it back out and shoved it back into her ass. I did this two or three more times before I grabbed her hips and rammed her ass hard, slapping my balls against her while her tits bounced around on her chest. "Ugh, ugh, ugh, fuck me Randy! Ugh, ugh, its so good, fuck your little sister harder!" I did exactly what she asked and fucked her harder with each stroke, and reached around with hottie enjoys boyfriends big cock with her friend pornstars hardcore right hand and twirled her clit around in circles.

Her moans and screams became louder as she jilted around on my cock trying to hold back her orgasm, but it only made me squeeze and twirl her clit harder. She tried to tell me she was cumming but all that left her mouth were grunts and high-pitched screams, and she reached behind me and pushed against my chest forcing me to stop and her juices seeped out around my cock on shaky legs.

"Oh, fuuuuuuuuuck, Randy baby I'm cumming, oh my god yessssssssssssss!" I watched as she squirted on me while her legs trembled trying to hold her up, which finally gave way as her body went limp while still on my cock. I pulled out of her ass with a slurp and turned her around to face me.

Her eyes were closed and her lips were twitching, and she had a satisfied look on her face, but I wasn't done with her, not by a long shot. I took her left leg and put it up on my shoulder as she still rode her orgasm and pushed my cock into her pussy. When she slowly opened her eyes she looked like the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and when she smiled a rush went through me like I had the wind knocked out of me, I was looking at an angel.

I brought my lips to hers in a firm kiss as she jolted up and down from me fucking her. Her tongue was searching my mouth for mine running across my teeth and the roof of my mouth before she finally rolled her tongue over mine and pushed my head into her to get as far as she could.

She pulled my ass into her as she bit down on my tongue, not letting me move away from her. I brought my hand up and cupped a tit in my hand and squeezed a nipple which made her let me go and moan, and I took the opportunity to ease her leg off my shoulder, lift her off the ground, and push up into her pussy as far as possible.

She leaned her head back until it rested on the tree and curled her legs around mine and began to fuck me back. When she bounced up I leaned down as much as I could and took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked and pulled on it like I was trying to rip it off her matured cock ravaging on molly mansons stretched pussy pornstars and group sex, and she responded by clenching her pussy muscles around my cock.

"Yes baby, suck on my tit, don't forget the other one, oh that feels so good!" I alternated between both tits then broke away to suck on her neck, but was careful not to leave a hickey.

I moved my hands from under her ass to behind her back and leaned up all the way against the tree and fucked her with long slow strokes as she held herself up by my neck. Her pussy was squishing into me as her juice flew over my lower body brunette gets piledriven until boyfriend cums telsev having nothing to support her lower half, but her pulling me into another kiss told me she was fine with it.

"How is it one minute you're fucking me hard and rough, and the next you're fucking me soft and slow, but yet they both feel so fucking good?" "I guess we really are made for each other, everything feels good." "I want you to fuck me hard please give your fist into my cunt, I want you to slam your cock in my pussy as hard as you can!" I didn't answer, I just smiled and walked her over to a spot on the grass and let her slip down.

I squatted down in front of her, and this time put both her legs on my shoulders and leaned forward and rammed my cock back into her pussy. I leaned her legs to her chest so I could get as deep as possible and fucked her as hard as I could as she ripped grass up from the ground. "Yes Randy, just like that, fuck me hard, fuck your sister's pussy till it hurts!" I grabbed her thighs for leverage and pulled her into me as I pushed myself into her as hard as I could.

The spots by my sisters arms were going bare with all the grass she was ripping up as she screamed at the top of her lungs, it was a good thing we were a good distance away from the cabin.

When I felt her walls close around my cock I looked up at her face and saw she was starting another orgasm, and when she started shaking around I sped up until she let loose around my cock. "I'm cumming again Randy, oh fuck I'm cumming again!" "Shit Rita, I'm cumming too! Fuck I'm gonna cum!" "Cum on my tits! Cum on my fucking tits! Oh god I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmming!" I pulled out just in time and squirted all over her tits, neck, and a little of her face as she soaked the grass under her with her juice.

I got down and sucked up as much as I could before she finally drained and fell back into the ground. I fell forward on my hands and knees sucking in air, then rolled over on my back next to Rita. We lay there for a minute or two before she sat up on her elbows and looked down at the cum all over her, then sat up and rubbed it into her skin. "I heard its good for your skin, thought I'd give it a shot." "Sexy. Maybe I should cum on you more often." "No, then I'd miss out on it filling my pussy or sliding down my throat." "Yea, I hate to waste your cum too, especially since it tastes so good." "I still have some down there if you wanna dig in," she giggled.

I rolled over on my stomach and sat up, and something caught my eye in the distance, it was a deer with its head rummaging around in the boat. I stood up and tried to shoo it away, but it didn't hear me, and Rita was wondering what I was doing. "There's a deer down by the boat, our stuff is over there." "Our clothes! Get him away from there!" I walked closer to the deer and it looked up and me, then went back to rummaging around the boat.

I picked up a stick that was on the ground and ran down at it waving my arms like a crazy man, and the deer looked up with our backpack in its mouth and took off in the opposite direction. We were now naked without clothes to put back on, and we had to go back to the cabin like this. "The dam deer ran off with the backpack, why the hell would it want that?" "Oh no, the beef jerky I packed in it and the trail mix, it must have smelled it." "Why would you pack beef jerky? You know there's animals out here!" I snapped.

"Well excuse me, I thought we might get hungry!" "We came out here to fuck! Why would we need food? Now we have to go back like this!" "Is that all out think of it, came out here to fuck? Maybe we should have stayed at the cabin then!" We took a long pause before I started to feel guilty for overreacting.

I went over to her and pulled her into a hug she almost didn't accept, and looked her in the eyes. "Rita I'm sorry, I shouldn't have reacted like that, I just lost my head for a minute, it wasn't your fault," I said being as sincere as I could. "Its ok, I'm sorry too, I know you didn't mean it, we were just caught by surprise." We kissed and made up like it never happened, and took a deep breath and headed back to the boat.

We got in and paddled close to the other side when I got an idea that might help us out. "Jump in the water." "What? I'm not getting in this dirty lake water!" "Do you trust me? I have an idea that might work, but you have to get in the water, please?" She let out a sigh and jumped in the water, and big black shaft for a raunchy bint cumshots and big tits I jumped in right after her.

We swam around long enough to get that lake smell on us and climbed back into the boat and paddled the rest of the way to the other side. We put our shoes on and made the walk back to the cabin to the front door. "Just follow my lead. If someone sees us make a look like you're disgusted and pissed." I opened the front door and luckily there was noone in sight, but it was short lived. A few seconds after we shut the door dad came around the corner. "What the, what the hell is this?

Aaannn! Get out here and look at your kids!" Mom and Aunt Lisa came from the kitchen and stood next to dad, looking at two naked kids standing in the living room covering themselves. Mom feigned surprised at us for dad's sake. "Why the hell are you two naked?" And why are you wet?" "Einstein here thought it would be a good idea to go skinny-dipping in the lake, and a deer came and took the backpack with all our clothes in it!" I fake protested.

Rita made a sound like she was choking on a hairball. "You were the one who put the clothes in the bag and left them where we couldn't reach them! My favorite shirt was in that bag!" "Shirt!

Our camera was in that bag, not to mention it was my bag to begin with!" Dad snapped. "Camera? The one I spent 200 bucks on? I know you didn't lose MY camera!" "No dad I took it out before it left, there was no space on it so I didn't bring it with us," Rita said. "Oh good. You know, for a minute I thought you two were messing around with each other, I would have had to kick your ass out, and confine you to your room," he said sternly.

"What the hell dad are you crazy? Were close but not that close," Rita lied. "Yea we have relationships with other people, remember?" I said winking my eye at him. "Fine, well go take a shower and get that smell off of you, Jim and his family will be on the way, and then pack up your stuff so you'll be ready to go when the time comes," he said as he left the room. Aunt Lisa and mom just looked at us like "you guys are really pushing it," but gave us a reassuring smile and a "leave each other alone for a while" look as they too left the room.

Rita went to take a shower first, alone, and when she came out I went in with a change of clothes and washed. I dressed in the bathroom and went into our room as Rita was combing her hair on the freshly made bed mom obviously set up. We started packing up our stuff when Rita threw her backup U2 shirt at me. "That was too close!

Good thing we didn't tell him! He would've been really pissed," she said. "Yea, we got careless, we have to be more careful. We have to cover our tracks and throw him off." "What do you mean "cover our tracks?" How are we gonna do that?" "With Stephanie and her brother." "No, hell no!

Not happening, think of another way!" "There is no other way, they're kids of our dad's boss, and they both like us, its the perfect cover." "I don't want to, I don't want anyone touching me but you, I told you Randy I'm yours and only yours!" "I know, the same goes for me too, but you can't forget that were brother and sister, we can't get married or even kiss in public, we have to at least make it look like were involved with someone." She thought for a minute and sighed as she gave in.

"Ok fine, but only for a little while you got it? Just because I'm doing this doesn't mean I have to like it." "I got it sis. Thanks for being so understanding, and sorry I attacked you in front of everyone." "I attacked you back remember?

We got out of it thanks to our fake argument, so don't worry about it, unless you feel "superbad" about it and wanna make it up to me," she grinned. "Sure, I owe you that, whatever you want." "I'm sure I can think of something, when I feel up to it I'll spring it on you," she smiled. We packed all our stuff and headed back to the living room only to smell food being cooked; cole slaw, mac and cheese and hot dogs, all the food we ate up yesterday, we must be eating more barbeque.

We tried to help but was shooed from the kitchen, so we headed up to the game-room, only to see dad already in there playing Time Crisis. "I see why considering ourselves one hot amateur couple we decided to participate in this cash for sex tapes pr guys like these games so much, they're addictive," he said firing two of the three guns. "Is it too late to jump in, or are you gonna hog it all to yourself?" College nasty girls getting slutty at a pool sex party group sex teen asked.

"No no come on, I'm about to die, I could use the extra hands, let's see how far we get." We played for a long time getting to the last level and having a lot of fun with dad, like the earlier situation didn't even happen.

We got all the way to the last level on the last boss when I died and couldn't continue, so I stood there and watched dad and Rita play, before she was the next to go. Dad was by himself again with the shotgun shooting frantically at the screen and getting shot at until he had only one life left, then with his last bullet he killed the boss and won. "Haha! Yes! Don't mess with me and my shotgun! That's how you get it done kids! I gotta get one of these for the house, that was pretty fun." If mom hadn't called him downstairs he'd probably still be gloating right now.

He took a look at all the games around the room I guess making mental notes of what he wanted and left. We hopped on the racing game and raced each other in laughter and jokes before Rita turned serious. "Are you really serious about having to date other people?" "We have to, at least for now, we can't let dad get suspicious, it might not be that bad." "We won't be around each other all the time, kissing other people, we'll be jealous of each other." "I know, I really don't want to see another guy kissing you, touching you, anything.

It's a small price we have to pay, but whatever we do with them won't change how we feel about each other." "What if we have sex with them, how would you feel about that?" "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, let's just worry about dad for right now." We went back to the game that I was getting creamed in, and raced a few more times till we were even at three wins apiece, we set up for the tiebreaker when mom yelled to us they were here.

We took a deep breath and went to meet them outside where everyone else already was, then I saw that familiar 5'5", green eyed, pretty blonde get out of the car, spot me, and run and jump into me in a bearhug, Stephanie was back. "Hi Randy, I missed you!" "Hey Stephanie, its only been two days!" "Two days is a long time for a girl, come on you can't tell me you didn't miss me." "Ok you got me, I did miss you a little." "I knew it, looks like my brother is happy to meet your sister," she said with a little tone in her voice.

I looked over and saw a guy with the same features as Stephanie, only with short brown hair and a few inches taller, kissing Rita's hand, then give her a kiss on the cheek, which made her blush a little. I decided to go over and introduce myself before he kissed her somewhere else.

"What's up man, I'm Rita's twin brother Randy," I said holding out my hand. "Hey bro, I'm Chris, Stephanie's older brother, nice to meet you." "Hey kids, long time no see," Jim joked. "Hey Jim," Rita and I said at the same time. We said hi to Marie and she waved and flashed us a smile and went back to talking with mom and Aunt Lisa. "Well let's help them get their stuff inside. I hope you don't mind Jim we used some of your charcoal to barbeque some food for all of us," dad said. "Oh no its fine, we have more, besides I'm starved, just sit this stuff down inside and lets eat!" We dropped the stuff and grabbed the food and sat it all on the big dining room table.

Jim's family grabbed the plates, silverware and drinks and we all sat down to eat, boys on one side of the table, girls on the other. The adults made small talk about what's been going on with them, and Aunt Lisa got put on spot about being single. Jim said he had a younger brother who was also single and they should look into trying to date each other, Aunt Blonde slut holly kiss pleasures taxi driver seemed ok with it and went back to her food.

Almost the whole time we were eating Chris was looking at Rita and Stephanie was looking at me, so there was a lot of sexual tension between us. I was getting a little jealous of how Chris was looking at her, and how Rita was blushing trying not to look at him.

Stephanie noticed too and curled her nose up at Chris, then looked back at me and smiled. She picked up her hot dog and fit more than half a bite in her mouth before pulling it out and taking a little bite. Needless to say I had gotten a little aroused by her actions, and both Rita and Chris shot dirty looks at us. The rest of the meal was just that, parents talking and kids flirting, until surprise surprise, there was not a piece of food left.

"I'm so full I couldn't eat another bite if I wanted to," Marie said. "Same here, hats off to the cook," Jim followed. "Uh that's cooks, we all had a hand in making something, except our lazy kids," mom joked.

"Well since were so lazy, we'll wash the dishes, won't we Randy?" Rita asked. "Sure why not, we scrub a mean plate," I joked and got a chuckle from everyone. They loaded up the dishes by the sink, which was a lot, and I washed while Rita dried and put up.

A while later mom and Aunt Lisa came in the kitchen with the "we need to talk" look, aww fiddlesticks. "You guys really pushed your luck today, you're lucky you can think on your feet," mom said.

"We know, a deer really did take our clothes, but everything else was a lie," Rita said. "Were gonna talk with Stephanie and Chris, just to throw dad off until he forgets about this," I said. "I saw you all flirting with each other. Kids, doesn't matter where you are. I hope Jim's brother is cute, and not too old, and takes care of himself. Speaking of how are you two gonna deal with seeing other people?

Won't you get jealous of each other?" Aunt Lisa asked. "Its just for a little while. No matter what happens were still gonna be with each other," Rita said. "Glad to see you're still gonna be loyal to each other, but that doesn't mean you should string them along, they have feelings too, you should think about that, and figure out something so that everyone's happy.

Now get back to busting those suds and shining that porcelain," mom joked. We finished washing and drying all the dishes and I realized all the running water really made me have to use the bathroom, so I excused myself and casually walked fast to the nearest bathroom.

I got there and let loose a long stream with assh lee in hiphop on that cock hand leaning up against the wall, enjoying the release. I finished up, washed my hands and opened the door only to jump at seeing Stephanie there waiting for me. "Can you come with me please, I wanna talk to you about something," she said smiling. "Uh sure, where's Rita and Chris?" "They're outside on the porch talking," she said with that tone again.

She grabbed my hand and led me to the game room. When she shut the door she pushed me against the wall and pushed her soft lips into mine. I could taste the strawberry lip gloss as she moaned into my mouth kissing every part of my lips with hers. I put my hands on her hips as she ran her hands over my chest and moaned even more into my mouth. She finally broke the kiss with three juicy pecks as she looked up at me. "I waited. two whole get the do that again," she said catching her breath.

I didn't know what to say. I was still surprised she kissed me, and even more surprised her lips were so soft and welcoming pressed against mine. When I smiled at her she smiled back and pulled me into her for another kiss, this time she slipped her tongue into my mouth.

"You're a really great kisser," I finally said. Cheezy, yes, but it was better than nothing. "Thanks, I'm an even better girlfriend," she said grabbing both my hands and locking fingers without breaking eye contact. I thought about Rita, and knew she was probably having this same, if not similar conversation with Chris.

We both knew what we had to do, even though we have these "conflicted feelings" built up inside of us, besides Stephanie's really pretty, and Rita said Chris was cute, so if we have to date other people, who better (ugly people might have helped a lot though). "Really. I look forward to seeing how great a girlfriend you really are." She smiled big and pulled me into a hug and then another soft kiss. She backed up until she hit the pool table and hopped up on it, taking my hand and placing it on her breast as she lay back bringing me with her.

I tried to move my hand off her breast onto her stomach but she took hold of it and guided to down until it was directly above her crotch. "Dam I really wish I wore that skirt today!" "We don't have to do anything right now, there's no rush. We have plenty of time for all that later." I didn't wanna chance feeling her up, getting excited and doing something I didn't need to do.

"Mmm your kisses are so soft, all I ever get is bruises from kissing too hard." "Well I." She shut me up my pushing her tongue back into my mouth and wrapping her legs around my waist. This girl would not let me go, and even though I should have gotten up, I couldn't bring myself to. She teens drill guys anal with monster strapons and squirt jism was a great kisser, but noone would ever compare to the passion-filled kisses Rita and I share, noone.

I could feel her hand working its way into my pants, but luckily it was quiet enough to hear footsteps coming, and we quickly separated as Rita and Chris came through the door smiling. "What were you guy's up to?" Chris asked. "Probably the same thing you two were up to," Stephanie snapped back. Stephanie and Chris were drilling holes in each other with their eyes and Rita was looking at me like we needed to switch partners.

It looked weird seeing her standing with him knowing he would be her boyfriend for a while, and my jealousy started to set in, but I wouldn't let it show. I wanted to kiss her so bad, and the look she gave me told me the same thing, but we didn't wanna do anything stupid in front of them, so we would have to wait till we were at home, or at least alone.

"Anyone up for some pool?" I asked breaking the silence. "Sure, brothers and sisters on teams, no offense Randy but you suck," Stephanie laughed. We played a few games together, they won some (thanks to my horrible play) and we won some (thanks to Rita's wonderful play), but the main thing was we all actually had fun, together.

We switched up partners until everyone was on a team with everyone, ironically the best challenge was boys vs. girls. When we tired of playing pool we ran around the cabin like little kids screaming and chasing each other looking for the parents. When we heard sounds coming from the hot tub we all got that devilish grin and went to change into our swimsuits.

We met up at the kitchen still laughing and burst through the door to the hot tub and climbed in it, effectively crashing their quiet little party. "Hi guys, what ya doing," we all said in unison. "Oh yay, the kids are here," Marie joked in a monotone voice. "Oh come on you know you're happy to see us, get some youth in this hot tub!" Chris laughed.

Mom frowned up a little at that. "So what were you "youthful" kids doing before you came in here?" "Playing pool, running around, having a good time, just chilling out, you know kid stuff," I said. "Having a good time, that sounds like the fun part!" Aunt Lisa smirked. "Hey! Just because were kids and we were alone doesn't mean we did anything!"Rita said. Dad laughed. "Yea sure, do you think were idiots? We weren't born yesterday, we were kids once!" "Right.

We know you were kissing and stuff. We don't mind as long as that's all you do, am I right?" Jim said, and all the adults agreed. "So would it be a problem if I kissed Randy right now?" Stephanie asked. "Don't push your luck missy," Marie said splashing her, starting another epic water fight. Water went flying everywhere, getting on the floor, the walls, some even on the ceiling. When I got splashed in the face and sat down I felt a hand grab and squeeze my cock, I followed the arm to a wide eyed Stephanie grinning back at me, then splashed me in the face as not to attract attention.

When we stopped noone was sitting where they originally were, it was boy-girl-boy-girl with me sitting between Aunt Lisa and Marie. I used up so much energy trying to move in the water I laid my head back and let it slip underwater.

Aside from all the bubbles, all I saw were legs and swimsuits, until I looked at Aunt Lisa whose swimsuit bottom had come untied a little and I could see her pussy clearly, and I was reminded of the great time me and it had getting acquainted yesterday.

I had to pull myself up before I drowned looking at it, and when I came up Aunt Lisa reached down and tied her strings back as she winked at me. We all chit chatted about random things just keeping conversation flowing and enjoying each others company when we realized it was getting late and had to get going.

"Oh come on can't you stay a little longer?" Marie pleaded. "Unfortunately we have to get going before it gets too late," dad said. We all got out, dried off and went to get changed in a different part of the house. When I came from the pool area (last free place left) everyone was loading our stuff into the truck while saying their goodbyes at the same time. I saw Chris kiss Rita on the cheek, then lift her chin and kiss her on the lips.

My jealousy was coming back, but it wasn't as bad this time. I looked around for Stephanie only to have her turn my head to her and kiss me as sensual as she could. "Too bad you guys couldn't stay longer, we would've had some fun," Stephanie said between kisses. "Ok ok break it up, none of that in front of us," dad said as he finished loading the truck. We all broke off each other and went to say goodbye to the others parents.

Aunt Lisa said she didn't feel like driving home, so she would crash at our house. Once we said bye to everyone we got in the truck and Aunt Lisa got in her car and turned off onto the path to leave. We leaned out the windows to wave back as they waved at us leaving, and when we got out of sight we sat back in the car and I pinched myself one more time, "ouch," yep, still the real deal. While we were driving mom and dad talked with each other and Rita and I faked being sleep so we could lay on each other.

She pulled out a wet napkin and wiped her lips off, then did the same to me. "I don't wanna taste anyone on you but me," she whispered, then kissed me.

We held hands and kissed all the way home, while getting "I miss you" and "I can't wait to see you again" texts from our brand new boyfriend and girlfriend, and acted as if we came out of our grogginess when we pulled into the driveway.

Aunt Lisa pulled in behind us and helped us carry all the stuff in, and she and mom put up the food while we moved everything else out of the way for now.

Since the guest room had been cleared out mom told Aunt Lisa to take Rita's bed and for Rita to share mine. Dad looked a little concerned but we quickly threw him off by my telling her she'd be sleeping on the floor if she takes all my covers, and her saying she would just kick me out of my own bed. We also mentioned something about Stephanie and Chris knowing he knew we did something with them, and defer him off us.

It worked because he patted my shoulder and cracked a smile and continued up the stairs with mom until we heard their bedroom door open and close. "You two don't have me fooled, you better not do anything stupid, like make noise," Aunt Lisa said. "We might not even do anything tonight, were so tired we just might sleep. I need to get some clothes to sleep in before you take over my room," Rita said. I followed them upstairs and went to my room as they went to Rita's and changed into my sleepwear, which consists of boxers, but for dad's sake I put on a shirt too.

I lay there in the dark waiting for Rita to come while trying to get my eyes to adjust to the dark (it takes a long time for me), and twenty minutes later she came in wearing a small t-shirt with no bra and panties and climbed in under the sheets with me, spooning with me and pulling my arm over her waist and interlocking our fingers. We drifted in and out of sleep for about an hour, obviously something was keeping us up, but I thought it would pass and eventually we'd fall asleep, Rita didn't feel the same way though.

"Randy what are we gonna do? Were dating other people, how can we make this work?" "We will, don't worry about it, remember its only for a little while." "I kissed him Randy, and he felt me up a little, and I kinda liked it.

I felt so guilty, I kept thinking about you, its like were cheating on each other." "The same thing happened with me and Stephanie, but I think teen amateur couple from france made nice privat sextape be ok, we have to like them. We have to be affectionate with them for appearances, even though seeing you and him together hurts." She turned around to face me. "I just don't wanna do it, I sister and small brother compel sex so jealous seeing you and her!" "Were with them only for looks, even though we kiss and touch them we know were thinking about each other, and that makes it ok.

Nothing will come between us, nothing." She sighed and kissed me. "You always know how to make me feel better, I love you so much." "I love you too, besides it's not like she's gonna be my "baybaymomma" or something. Come on we should get some sleep now." "I'm not sleepy, but I know something that can get me tired pretty fast," she giggled. "What? After everything that happened today you still wanna take a chance with dad here?" "Please, we'll go slow, I won't get loud at all I promise, just son sex mom dad come home movie it in a little bit please?" She had me, hook line and sinker.

I nodded and she kissed me and turned around so her back was to me again. I lifted her leg a little as she moved her panties to the side, and I pulled my cock through the hole in my boxers and pushed slowly into her pussy.

We lay on our sides with my hand surrounding her right breast as we slowly fucked in the spoon position. "Oh yes baby, slow just horny asian babe gets toy in her ass that.

You feel so good inside me, so so good." She put her leg down and lay there and just let me fuck her. Her breathing became labored every time I would push all the way into her and she began to meet my thrusts halfway.

Her moaning was really turning me on making me want to fuck her hard, but because we were trying to be quiet and she wanted it slow prevented me from getting carried away. She slid me out of her and eased on top of me laying chest to chest and reached between us and pushed my cock back up into her.

She lay pressed against me kissing me and grinding up and down into me moaning into my mouth. After being in the dark over an hour my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness and I could see her big blue eyes looking back at me, and I instantly became lost in them.

She smiled and licked her tongue across my lips and started moving a little faster, but still at a slow pace. "Randy, get on top of me, make me cum, make your sister happy and make her cum," she whispered. I rolled her over still inside her and slipped my boxers off, they were becoming a pain, but I left her panties on.

I pushed back into her and put her arms over her head on the pillow and kissed her again. I grinded into her rubbing my pubic hair over her panty-covered pussy as she hooked my legs with hers as I moved to kissing along her neck. "Yes, yes, just a little more baby, oh I love you so much, fuuuuuuck meeeeeee!" she moaned. I reached down and played with her clit and nibbled on her spot as I pumped into her. She grabbed me around my neck as her pussy pulsed around me, I sucked on her spot more and twisted her clit on my thumb faster until she pussy clamped down on me.

"Oh yes, I'm cumming Randy, yes, hold me, I'm cummmmmmmming!" I held her as she came under me letting her juices slip out around my cock.

She didn't leak a lot of juice but it was enough to make a small spot under us. When she stopped cumming I rolled off of her and kissed her forehead as she slowly drifted to sleep. "That was so good Randy, I'm sorry you didn't to cum, I'll make it up to you, I promise, but right now I'm tired, I'm gonna take a little nap, I love you, I love you so much." She then fell asleep.

Even though I didn't cum, it didn't bother me because I did that all for Rita anyway. I decided I'd go to the bathroom to rub one out for the first time in a long time. I climbed out of bed quietly as not to wake Rita, put back on my boxers and slowly made my way to the bathroom. On my way there I passed Rita's room I saw a little light under the door and heard a light buzzing sound on the other side of the door, Aunt Lisa was masturbating. I thought to myself, go to the bathroom with my hand or get some payback on Aunt Lisa for everything she helped plot against me, not to mention the things she did on her own, guess which one won?

I opened Rita's door and sure enough, she was naked on the bed with a vibrator in her pussy. She looked up at me, but didn't stop playing with herself. I said nothing, I just closed the door and walked to her dropping my boxers, straddled her, took the vibrator out and pushed my cock in, building up speed in no time. I fucked her with all the strength and force I didn't get to use on Rita, literally thrusting into her as hard as I could, and all she could do was suppress a scream.

"Randy sweetie, oh my god what's gotten into you? You're fucking me so hard my pussy's gonna hurt tomorrow! Oh my god, I don't care anymore keep fucking me, thrust that fucking cock in my pussy!" Thrust is what I did, I drilled her hard burying my face in her neck as she dug her nails into my back, if I didn't still have my shirt on she might have drew blood.

I leaned up on both arms and looked down at her so I could see her face as I pounded her faster. She grabbed a pillow and screamed into it and yelled she was cumming, but I didn't slow down one bit. She arched her body off the bed as her orgasm ran through her, but I just kept on fucking until slowly my own orgasm built up.

I closed my eyes tight and gritted my teeth as I felt my cum shoot up my cock and into her hot waiting pussy.

Each time I shot in her she jerked and flinched under me intensifying her own orgasm. We finished cumming at about the same time and plopped down into the bed breathing heavily and saying nothing.

When I got my strength back I leaned back and she sat up as we watched me pull my spent cock out of her satisfied pussy with a slurp, and the cum follow right behind it. I got up, put my boxers back on and headed for the door, her eyes following me the whole time. I turned around and looked at her still shaling body and then looked her dead in the eyes. "Consider that payback for all your scheming against us." She was still breathing a little heavy so it took a bit for her to respond.

"Oh my fucking god Randy, if you're gonna fuck me like that I'll scheme against you every fucking day from now on!" I smiled as I closed the door and made my way back to my bed, where Rita was still sleep. I climbed in and spooned with her again as I slowly let sleep take over me.

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What a situation we were in now, sex with all my female family members, dad on the brink of finding out about us, and were now dating other people to cover our own relationship, things are definitely about to get interesting.