Kinky cougar seduces teens into cummy trio threesome big tits

Kinky cougar seduces teens into cummy trio threesome big tits
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I recently did a day trip out of my normal office and interstate. The night before I left I checked on Squirt to see if there were any good cruise spots in the CBD near where our city office is. Squirt listed 2 nearby. The first was toilets in a food court at the bottom of a large tower complex and the second was a department with toilets on floors 3, 4 and 5. There was a warning on second that security were hanging around level 4.

After I finished my meetings I headed off first to the tower complex as it is just on the next block. It was late into lunch time and the food court was busy as hell. I went to the first toilets and the cubicles were empty and it was really busy around publicagent bara her pussy gets wet talking about sex urinals so I went up to the next floor and the cleaners were in so I dropped the tower complex as a possible for today.

I then went up to the department store. I went into the 3rd floor toilets and they were empty and quiet. I waited a couple of minutes pretending to have a piss at the urinal but no one came in. I then went up to the 4th floor toilets and they were quiet too perhaps from the security warning I don't know.

So not giving up I went up to the 5th floor toilets and they were busy. All 3 stalls were occupied and 2 guys were pissing. I stood over away from the urinals and waited. Where I stood was near the entrance door and I had a good view under the stall doors which were really quite high off the floor. I could see the horny kendra secrets wanted a meaty cock in her pussy foot tapping signalling going horny slut gets what she deserves telsev but no one was getting down under the partition.

I continued to wait and 3 other guys came and went from having a piss and I started to get a bit nervous just standing and waiting and was about to go when two typical teenage boys opened the door to come in. When the first boy opened the door he knocked a drink his mate was carrying out of his hand and it spilt.

I heard him say go get a new one, take your time I am going to take a dump and I see you back downstairs. I decided to leave and as I did the first boy entered, I smiled at him and he smiled back and asked if the stalls were full and I said yes, he said "bugger" and walked back out. With him gone I thought I would just give it a minute or two more and waited.

I eventually gave up as none of the guys were going to leave the stalls and they weren't doing anything which is so frustrating. I don't know why they go in looking for sex and when it is right next door only a wood panel between them they don't go for it! As I walked out the teenage boy was standing just outside near the door. As I went to pass him he asked if the toilets were still full and I said yes and I added there were more downstairs on the 4th and 3rd floors.

He said okay and that he might go to them. I decided to skip the 4th due to the security warning on Squirt and I went back to the 3rd for one more look before giving it away and going back to the office. When I got to the 3rd they were still empty so I decided to just wait a minute or two again but this time in a stall.

I chose the middle stall thinking if anyone came in they would have to be next to me. I had just sat down and started to stroke my cock a bit when I heard the door open and the stall to my left door shut.

I tried to look under and I thought I saw sneakers but I decided be cautious and just wait. A about a minute went past and I couldn't hear any noise next to me so I bent down to look under but I couldn't see any feet either. I sat up and looked up and there looking over the partition was the teenager from outside the toilets on the 5th. He smiled again and got down off the toilet pan and straight away knelt pushing his knees under the barezar stella old poran sex stories nude xxxx story and giving access to his rock hard skinny little 5 inch cock that was glistening wet.

I knelt down with my knees between his legs and grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. He put his hand under and grabbed my cock and started stroking too.

I was hard in no time and he was wanking me as I wanked him. He then started to pull he legs back out and pulled my legs under the partition more. He started wanking me again and then I felt his hot moth go over my cock wow his mouth was like and oven and by the way he was working on me mine wasn't the first cock this young kid had sucked.

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He was amazing running his tongue over the head of my cock and into the eye at the same time as he bobbed his head getting more of my cock down this throat. Whilst I was in heaven with his work I didn't want this to end too quickly so I pulled my cock out of his mouth and pulled him back under the stall. I went straight down on his cock and instantly he started to squirm and buck and then I tasted his cum in my mouth. His load was huge and watery so at first I thought he must have pissed in my mouth but then I realised he was just young and his cum was more just a heap of pre-cum.

He pulled his cock back under the stall and I was about to get up when he pulled at my leg to get my cock back. He didn't waste any time and he was back sucking me like mine was going to be his last cock ever. In no time he had me past the point of no control and I let go a cum and half into his hot little mouth. He didn't stop sucking until my cock went soft and I started to pull back out and sit back up. My knees were trembling from the cum and the excitement of just being blown by the kid.

I stood up and was entertainer babe mikayla mico gets fucked outdoor by a stranger to pull up my pants when I looked below and his little hard cock was back under the stall.

I was amazed so I got back down and started to suck him again this time I put my hand under and between his legs and rubbed his bum hole. He squirmed on my finger as I sucked and in no time was thrusting and groaning and he let go another load into my mouth.

As I was getting back up someone else came into the toilets for a piss so I thought probably a good time to leave so I pulled up my pants, flushed the toilet for effect and went to the wash basins to wash my hands and rinse out my mouth.

The young kid was out just after me and stood washing his hands next to me until the other guy finished and left. It was a bit of an awkward moment as I didn't know what to say to him but he just smiled and said thanks that was great.

I told him he was an amazing cock sucker.

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He said yeah I should be because I have been sucking cocks since I was 11. We sort of just laughed and he asked if we could meet again sometime as it was school holidays and his friend was boring.

Of course I said yes and we have arranged to meet next week and I will plan an overnight visit and hopefully get his young teenager back to my hotel room where we can take our time.