Big tits oil hd fuck and grinding hard on dick xxx tiny tunes and tinier tits

Big tits oil hd fuck and grinding hard on dick xxx tiny tunes and tinier tits
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When we arrived home, I told Pauline to get ready for some more fun,then I went into the bathroom and used the douche, cleaning myself for today adventures.

Pauline wore a nice looking dress, which showed of her boobs, I was naked, but she didnt mind as her eyes went down to my cock and smiled, I put our new toys on the bed, and began to play with her body, massaging her from head to toe, then gently licking her clit, until she cum. While she was still hot, I slide the 10 inch vibe up her pussy, causing her to jump, but soon respond back as her second orgasm followed, I had fun keeping her high, as I slipped a finger in her butt, again she jumped, but I told her to relax, and take a sniff of the poppers.

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She hesitated, but I told her again to try it, she did, then my finger slipped in easier still as her butt relaxed,with a bit more lube, the second finger followed, as she went wild in her first anal orgasm, my tongue still on target, helped her stay high, as once more I siad sniff the poppers, this time the thinner dildo slipped up her butt, this sent her crazy, bucking around it was hard to stay on her clit, but I knew she loved the feeling, so I held on tight for the ride.

I let her settly a bit then said on your knees, my cock went deep in her pussy and slipped the dildo back in her butt, that was it, her orgasm now ran free, with my spare hand Hannah and jean twfoxy black chicks give great head 1240mins held her hips pulling her back hard as my cock rammed into her body, watching her take another good sniff, I knew the time was right, I pulled the dildo out, replacing it quickly with my cock, she turned and looked at me, a smile a mile wide, as her orgasm began once more, that was it, I fucked as hard as possible my balls now banging against her butt, as she went from one orgasm to another.

I couldn't last long, the pressure built up and my cock exploded reams of cum deep in her bowels, Pauline again went into a huge orgasm, my cock stayed hard for awhile as she gripped it tight, pulling every last drop of cum from me, then we collasped on the bed, spent for now. Pauline kissed me, and said thanks, she had never ever thought about doing anal, and had I asked she would have said No, but after trying it, now knows why we all do anal.

I said you have some work to do soon, my arse is waiting for you to fuck it. Pauline looked stunned, so I slipped the strap on around her and adjusted it, then put the 10 inch vibe in, kneeling on the bed, I told her, "your turn".

She wasnt sure, but I held my butt open, she moved forward, the vibe touched my butt crack, putting my hand behind me I aimed it right in.

Now she got the message, pushing further into my arse the vibe started it's work, all too soon it went right in, she gasped, as I began to work back onto it more, I took a good sniff of the poppers to help my anus relax, then my first anal orgasm hit me, Pauline seemed to like this and fucked me harder now. As she got more confident, I pushed back more and more, slaming hard against her as the vibe went in, then I took the other 12 inch dildo, and gave it to her, she looked and I told her to push it in with the vibe, another sniff helped it in, and she once more picked up speed, now with both in me I was happy, my orgasms coming quicker and quicker.

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Pauline slowed, most likely tried, but when I handed her the other dildo, and said stick that in too, she made a weird noise, but trusting my judgement she began pushing it in with the other two. As more went in me, I nearly lost control, my body shaking with orgasms, then bang, a huge orgasm raced though me, forcing me to push back hard, I felt the full lenght of the second dildo go in. Pauline was making weird sounds, not believing what she was seeing, as I worked them hard, my orgasms now following from one to another, then knowing she would be tired, I moved forward, the vibe fell out, but the others stayed in me, so I held them sitting down pushing them both right in, showed her what I could take.

We lay resting, Pauline shocked at what she had just done, but also asking me how I learnt to take such a large amount of toys in my butt, I said years of practise and poppers helped, I then said want to be realy kinky now, and try some thing else, her mouth kind of said no, but her eyes said yes, so again not saying any thing, I took a good sniff of the poppers, and put lube casting sexy huge real boobed black girl anal and swallow her hand, now she was totally stunned, with her arm sticking up I lowered my butt down.

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At first she seemed to want to stop, then she moved back, her fingers finding my hole well open, had no trouble going in, I told her to keep her fingers straight, as I pushed down, in one go her fist went in, her wrist now out of sight, Pauline just looked on, as I moved up and down on her fist, more went in, my cock just near her mouth now was hard once more, so when I knew I was ready. I gave one good push, I went down close to her elbow, my hand wanking my cock, as I rode her arm, my balls once more ready to empty, I moved towards her mouth more, aiming right in.

Pauline opened her mouth and moved her head towards me, sucking my cock in, was the finish of me, I shot her full of my cum, my lovely sister was sucking me off and swollowing my cum, that was such a turn on I nearly died.

As my cum run out, she carried on sucking the last drops out of me, my arse stil full hawt dark whore adores sex a lot her arm, then she began to wriggle her fingers around, causing me to squirm about, the feeling was great, and she knew it too, laughing as she did.

I had to rest, and pulled of her arm, we kissed hthe best kiss yet, her tongue going down my throut, I knew she was hooked. She asked me how come I was so clean her hand and arm although wet with lube were clean, I said thats what the douche is for, to wash out my internals, she looked puzzled, so I exlained how I use it, then she realsied of course, I had fucked her without using it, again I said if I hd asked to before hand would you have used it, No she said.

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it was time we had some food, so both naked, we walked around the house, getting some light food, and drink, then I told her it was time for her to try another new thing, taking her upstairs I showed her the douche and how to use it, leaving her to play.

It was some time later she appeared shyly, saying that was differnt, and in some ways nice, I explained how we use it ever day even if were not playing, then kissed her to get her horny once more. This time I didn't muck about, getting her on her knees, she took a good sniff, then the didlo went straight in her butt, the 12 inch one went nearly all the way in, working her butt to give her a huge orgasm, then with one more harder push the 12 inch dildo went in, she jumped and pushed back beautiful brazilian mamita enjoys sex hardcore and blowjob, sending her into a good orgasm again, so I swapped the dildo's the thicker 18 inch dildo made her jump, but again, she held firm, working it slowly the first 10 or inchs went in.

then like before when I saw her take a good sniff of the poppers I gave it a hard push, her butt took over, sucking it in further as she pushed back, now most had gone in, and she was really going off. I wanted to fit them both in, but knew for her first day that would be to much, so I eased back, and put the strap on around me, and fitted the 10 inch vibe in it, I knew now with the 10 inch going all the way in, and most of the dildo in her butt, she was really letting fly, her orgasms sounded even better than mine.

I fucked her like that for some 10 minutes before slowing and letting her get her breath, she even looked a bit dissapointed that I had stopped, my cock soon filled her butt and I fucked her for awhile longer, before laying next to her, she would now be game to try most thing, as I shoved it straight in her pussy, with the 18 inch dildo still in her butt it was tight, but she took it.

My little sister was now a fully blown anal slut, and she knew it, Sex pron story mom jepang gave her ever inch of my cock and just about all the 18 inch's, now more than before she was pushing back hard, trying to get every inch into her body, and I tried hard to help her.

We fucked for the rest of the day, both forcing more and more into our holes, when I got all three right inside my butt Pauline laughed and said serve you right if they got stuck, but soon helped push them back in again, I ended up with the 10 inch vibe and small dildo in her butt for awhile, she needed a real good sniff of the poppers but she was game now to try any thing, tomorrow was going to get kinkier if all went well,