Mike is turning fourty and as a birthday gift he gets girls to bang

Mike is turning fourty and as a birthday gift he gets girls to bang
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Miri looked in the mirror and saw that she finally had her makeup 'just so'. Long, scarlet hair, Green eyes surrounded by a black raccoon mask, purple lipstick and skull earrings.

All set off by a black top with a bare misriff, denim mini-skirt and 3 inch stilettoes. Top and skirt tight enough that it was obvious she had no underwear. She put on her dog choke collar, to make the bdsm crowd think she had a Master, lol. <br> Miri drove down the road to the Walmart, the new one that backed up on the horse path in the trees. Arriving there, she parked near the middle where there were always cars. No one would notice hers.

<br> It had been an interesting week. Her guardian, aunt Freida, was going to be gone for all of spring break. When he heard this, Principle Doofus, the stupid nerd, raised all sorts of Caine about her being left alone. Like she wasn't big enough to take care of herself. She eventually had to get signed paperwork from Child Protective Services to shut him up.

"Yes Principal Stevens, No Principal Stevens" the stupid old turd. Tonight she was a woman, all of 16 years old.

<br> Miri had been planning this for weeks. She didn't belong to any of the cliques at school, so she had the week all to herself.

Not only was tonight the full moon, it was her birthday and the 9 month anniversary of her parents death. She could park at the Walmart, then take the riding trail through the woods to the back of the cemetery.

Once there, she would slip through one of the tears in the back fence. The management didn't believe in spending money it did not have to on repairs. <br> Miri ghosted through the woods and made it to the low wide stone marking both of her parents graves. Looking up, Miri saw that it would be midnight soon.

The whole sex xxx kajal story com stood out colorlessly, like a bright black and white photograph. Everything lit showing in bas relief, all that was in shadow, totally invisible.

<br> Miri knelt atop her parents graves, all 4' 11 1/2" <that half is really important> and 85 pounds of her. She shut out everything as she prepared to pray. As she opened her mouth somehting hard struck her between her shoulder blades, shoving her forwards and down on the grass. <br> Surprised, miri tried to push herself back up, but it felt like someone's kneee was on her back!

First one hand and theb the other was twisted up behind her back and hancuffs were put on them. miri was unable to turn her head enough to see her attacker. A hand stretched down to the ring on her choke collar and attached a cable. The other end must have gone to her wrists, since very time she moved, she was choked even worse.

<br> Miri was lifted by her hair, and a kick propelled her half onto her parents gravestone. The concrete immediately began to cut into her bare belly as she knelt/lay there.

Two hands pulled up her skirt while a foot kicked her knees apart from behind. Before she could react, miri felt something hugehard, and long rip into her pussy. The pain of her hymen breaking mixed with the pain of her belly and arms. Yet, somehow, she felt herself become wet as well. By the time the massive cock had slammed her into the concrete three times she was already cumming! All pretty chick alexa grace having large massive dick soon, she felt him stop and quiver and relax.

<br> Belly burning like fire from being scraped raw, miri tried to rollover and address her rapist.

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A soon as she moved, though, she felt herself lifted by the choke collar and her wrists. Gagging and crying, she felt herself likted and turned, then placed on her back on the gravestone's top. In the moonlight, the could see her rapists's rock hard body and large cock.

He reached down and grabbed her ankles. He actually lifted legal age teenager gorgeous cutie shows her love butt into the air, then split her ass open with his cock. It hurt so much!! miri tried to scream, but it was interrupted by the gasping of her chain orgasms. Now it was her shoulders and arms being scraped raw on the concrete marker.

<br> Eventually he tired of her. As she lay aching and bleeding in exhaustion and sexual torpor she saw him walk over to an open mausoleum. A few moments later she saw him wheel out a coffin on a dolly. He opened the top, then approached her. "No mister, NO. Please, not that, NOT THAT!" with a piercing shriek. He paused for a moment, then raised a welt on her cheek with a slap. <br> miri tried again, "What can I do, what do you want, I'll do anything, anything, just please don't, please don't".

Pausing for a moment her regarded her silently. As she watched, his cock grew for a third time. Before she had time to think about where it had just been, or what was smeared on it, he grabbed her hair and forced it into her mouth.

Vile, her mouth was full of shit covered cock!! As she started to gag he sharply rapped her on the head to get her attention and began to move his cock in her mouth. Having no choice, miri began to suck and lick the foul object.

Amazingly, her raw pussy began to wet and clench, searching for a cock to relieve itself with. He kept slapping her head every time her arousal distracted her, which made her only more aroused. After about 5 minutes of delicious torture he came in her mouth. <br> miri looked up at him, his cum on her tongue and lips. "Please, I need it. I want it so bad, just please fuck me!" He reached over and roughly twisted her 34B breasts, arousing her even further.

One hand started at her ankle and traced the inside of her thigh, all the way to her pubic mound, then stopped. Turning away, he rolled the coffin back into the mausoleum and returned.

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miri writhed on the ground as he cleaned up the area, removing all sign that either of them had been there. <br> miri was bucking on the ground, trying to find anything at all to press her pussy against to get relief. He walked up to her and grabbed her long red hair, then pulled her to her feet.

Incredible, even that only made her hornier. He released her arms from the shackles and removed the choke cord from her collar. Turning her, he slapped her hard on the ass and towed her by her hair into the mausoleum. Reaching down, he lifted her in her arms like a baby.

Distracted by arousal and pain miri failed to realize what was happening until she had been plopped down in the coffin. <br> With her whole body sore, miri would have done good to get out of the coffin by herself anyway. Once the lid was closed and the locks in place, there was no chance at all. She screamed and pleaded. forever? <br> Dressed again, and with all his and miri's belongings in a gym bag, Principal Stevens went back to Walmart, got in his car, and went home.

"And that, class, concludes the first day of Special Ed."