Teen electro amateur xxx my dad always says that once you open the gates to sin even

Teen electro amateur xxx my dad always says that once you open the gates to sin even
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Jessica's Capture Story: #23 Copyright ©2005 Written: January 30 2005 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: Piasa_Troll Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** Part 9 - The Great Escape Three month's later, the plant's loud speaker came to life with Jerry's voice "All supervisor's and department heads report to the manager's office immediately" he said seconds later people started pouring into his office "What's wrong boss" Jessica asked standing in a crowded office with about 30 men waiting to hear what Jerry has to say.

Looking the men over "Well I just got a very disturbing report this morning it says we are missing 30 meat-girls from the slaughter house" Jerry said "All expensive prime stock, says here they were slaughtered but the meat locker is short by 3000 pounds of meat, can anyone tell me why this is?" he added.

Jessica gasps trying to look innocent "An error in the filing department, maybe?" she asked "30 girls can't just disappear like a fart in the wind, can I see the slaughter reports?" she asked, Jerry passed the reports over to Jessica "Well they have disappeared and I'm damn well going to find out where they went too" Jerry said with anger in his voice "Well it says here they were all slaughtered by Hairy milf sucks on big penis japanese and hardcore the head butcher" Jessica said looking around for Steve "He isn't here" she added.

Looking around "Anyone seen Steve this morning?" Jerry said as the phone started to ring "Last time I saw Steve he was loading some girls into the Spartan 5000, last night, just before closing" Jessica said while Jerry was listening to the man talking to him on the phone "JESUS ARE YOU SERIOUS?, well thanks for calling" Jerry said hanging us the phone, trying to calm himself "Steve's body was found this morning his car ran off the road, he was killed" Jerry said, Jessica gasped again "It had to be after closing when he went home last night" Jessica said, "Think he stole the meat?" she added.

"It's possible but Steve has been with us for 4 years he knew he had no reason to steal from me if he had asked I would have given him all the meat he needed" Jerry said as he sat down behind his desk as another man enters the office "Sto bother you sir, but new reports just came in, we did a current livestock head count the pens are missing 20 cow's, making the new missing stock report 50 missing" he said as he hands the new report to Jerry and leaves the office. Picking up the phone "I'm going to call John a detective over at special investigations unit, he's working on Steve's accident case he can help us here since this is the last place Steve was seen alive" Jerry said as he dialed the number, "We have a new shipment due in today from Colorado, Montana and the Dakotas in all about 750 meat-girls" Jerry siad after finishing his call to John.

Jessica looking nervous, "Be sure I will find out who is responsible for this, you're all dismissed" Jerry said as everyone turned to leave the office "Not you Jess, may I talk with you for a moment?" Jerry said as Jessica turned back toward him "UMM sure boss, what's on your mind?" Jessica asked, "there are a few things I would like to talk with you about" he replied "Ok boss shoot" Jessica said sitting to listen to what he had to say "First your daily work logs are sloppy your writing is very hard to read" He said looking up to judge her reaction "Sorry boss ill try to write them out better" she replied.

"Is that all boos?" She asked "No!, Who is she natural tits and long legs your slave Sophie, its been 3 months and you have yet to send her to the slaughter house and choose a new slave, I think your work is slipping because your getting to attached to her, when you had Lina your work was great since you didn't like her much" He said looking into a sad face, "That's not the only reason I'm talking to you about her, you see she is an above prime level meat-animal, with the missing stock we need all the prime meat we can get, you can turn her over for slaughter or as a breeder, you have until tomorrow morning to decide" Jerry said.

"Sir, please don't, please let me keep her?" Jessica said as two more workers enter the office "Sir sorry to bother you but new reports are in the breeder division reports 10 missing breeder's" was said by the first man, "The dairy division also reports 10 missing dairy cows, making the new missing stock report 70 missing cow's" was said by the second man, both handing the new reports to Jerry and left the office, looking back to Jess "Sorry Jess this is business you know that, she is stock and needed, this is the way it has to be make her ready" Jerry said.

"Ok, sir ill turn her over to the breeder division in the morning" Jessica said as she was thinking to herself "By tomorrow morning I can get at least 50 more girls out of here though the secret tunnel in my room" she thought with a smile "Jess one more thing before you go we have had to destroy a few cows after they contracted some new disease, we have a vaccine for it but it was too late for them, you and Sophie will have to be vaccinated as soon as possible" Jerry said "Will take all of two minutes tops" he added Looking to Jerry "Why me?

I'm not a cow, or are you taking me to replace some of the missing stock?" she asked "This disease effect's all female cow's and workers alike" he said "Ok we meet you in the medical office in 10 minutes" Jessica said as she left the room "Thanks sweetie" was the reply Jerry waiting in the medical office could hear Jessica and Sophie walking down the hall whispering, "Ok now remember don't say anything stupid and your name is Sophie" Jessica said "On second thought don't say anything at all" Jessica said with a laugh as they entered the medical office, "Ok boss here we are" Jessica said "where is the nurse?" she asked "The nurse is out giving the vaccine to the livestock I will vaccinate you and your slave personally" Jerry Said "Ok who's first?" he added.

"Do the slave first so Tori black or scott nail porn can see what your going to do" Jessica said "Ok Sophie jump up on the table and lay on your stomach" Jerry said as the slave-cow did as she was told "Now this will hurt, please don't move" Jerry added as he picked up petite secretary has sex in stockings and a garter very large needle and stuck it into the back of Sophie's neck just below her skull, "OOOUUCCHH!!" Sophie screamed "What are you doing?" Jessica asked "I've never seen a vaccination given like this" she added.

Taking up a new full syringe "The disease attacks the female brain stem that will send toxins into the meat ruining it and causing brain death, a meat-animal can be processing when brain dead, since they don't need their brains but you do" he said, hearing this made Jessica a little fearful and she jumped up on top of the table and laid flat on her stomach the way Sophie had done minutes earlier, injecting the syringe into her brain stem, she was done "OUCH!

That does hurt" Jessica said rubbing her neck "You and Sophie can go to your room and rest until the new shipment arrives at noon" Jerry said as the girls let to their room.

"Meet me on the loading dock no later then noon" was heard as they traveled down the hall to the living quarters. Back in the loading dock Jerry was already waiting for Jessica to show up "How many in this shipment?" Jessica said looking at the line of tractor trailers entering the dock "750 in this shipment" Jerry replied "I'm feeling better now, the stinging from the shot is gone" Jessica said "Get ready for these ones there even wilder then the last ones, get them into the holding pens" Jerry said "Ok boss" Jessica replied, the doors open and the girls look out of the trailer from the back, scared, "MOVE OFF THE TRUCK NOW!!" Jerry yelled, the girls started moving slowly, as Jessica moved them into the pens.

The girls are wide eye's and scared, they know why they are here, Jessica sits at the computer while Jerry begins his speech "Listen up you new cows, I'm only going to say this once, don't even think about running away or escape, escape is impossible once passed those electric gates" Jerry said causing a silent laugh from Jessica jody tylor 3 black cocks attention to what the guards are telling you and you will all be signed a number by Jessica, then you will be taken where you need to go, as either a breeder cow, dairy cow, whole spit roaster or sent to the slaughter house for meat" Jerry added.

Jessica started assigning numbers, calling to the guards "I see cows with clothe" Jerry said pointing to several dressed cows, the guards walked over and striped the cows naked "Place their clothes in the marked containers" Jerry added "Jessica after they are all numbered get them moving to the hair removal tank, then grading and inspection" Jerry said, within 2 hours the whole first group was done. The second trailer pulled into the loading dock, Jerry gives the same speech to this new group, how many more boss?" Jessica asked, "Still one more trailer waiting 250 meat girls on it" Jerry said as Jessica continued to assign each cow a number "Jess I'm really tired, can you handle the rest of this?" He asked "Sure can boss" Jessica replied "OK I'm going to head to my office and take a nap" Jerry said, "Ok everyone, listen up Jessica is in charge, what she says goes" Jerry said as he left the loading dock.

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Over the next 5 hours all the girls in this were numbered, tagged, hairless, cleaned and sent to the divisions that needed them, "KNOCK KNOCK" was the sound on the managers office door 20 minutes to closing, "Come in" Jerry said through the door, Jessica enters the room "Ok boss all cows are done and sent to their divisions, here are the shipment records, 700 cows registered today" Jessica said, looking into Jerry's puzzled face "700?, their was supposed to be 750" Jerry said looking at the records, Jessica looking scared.

"That's all that came sir" Jessica replied "Ok there is something else I need to talk to you about, I got an offer on Sophie today, it seems that the man who caught her and sent her to us wants her back, but I though it only fair to talk to tell you first, he is willing to give 6 meat-girls in place of her" Jerry said looking into Jessica's eye's "When does he want her?" she asked "Tonight by closing" Jerry said "BUT that only 10 minutes from now" Jessica replied "May I go to my room now and say goodbye before I turn her over to you?" she asked "Sure go ahead, meet me in the slaughter house in 10 minutes she is to be spitted for a special barbeque, ill do her myself" he said as Jessica ran out of the office to her room.

Jessica enters her room "Come on Sara time to go" She said, "Why now?" Sara asked "Because Jerry is waiting for me to bring you down to the slaughter house so he can turn you into a spit roast" was the Jessica's reply as they made their way into the secret underground tunnel they had dug out over the last 3 months and had been using to smuggle girls out of the complex, Jerry was still waiting for Jessica and Sophie in the slaughter house, Jessica and Sara both still naked reach the end of the tunnel that comes out behind the loading dock passed the electric fence.

While running Sara hits a secret trip wire that runs along the electric fence this wire sets off a series of alarms, hearing the alarms and not seeing Jessica and Sophie arrive in the slaughter house cause Jerry to immediately assume Jessica and Sophie had set this horny blonde gets cummed on tattoo the alarms, taking 4 guards Jerry ran to Jessica's room and was met by a double locked door, Jerry kicks the door in busting it to pieces sunny leone first time six fucking storys sex stories an empty room, "GGGRRRR, How the hell did they get passed the electric fence and outside?" Jerry said as one of the guards called him over "Sir take a look at this, its a large hole in the closet looks like a tunnel" the guard said as Jerry came over to see it.

"FIND THEM!!" Jerry yelled as he jumped into the tunnel and followed it out, meanwhile outside with Jessica and Sara they heard the alarms and quickly headed for the western woods not far from the complex passed the woods was an old dirt road hardly ever used anymore, while running though the wood's Jessica stopped a large bush removed the branches revealing a Harley Davidson motorcycle and two helmets, "How in the world did you get this hear sis" Sara said, "Well, Jerry gave me full access to the plants computer system, I knew that if we ever had to get out in a hurry we would need something fast, so I went online an ordered this, had it hidden hear by some friend I made among the plant workers" Jessica said as they both placed the helmets on their heads got on the motorcycle and speed off down the dirt road.

While running though the tunnel Jerry finally reached the end and saw how the tunnel ended passed the electric fence "She is a smart one, ill give her that much" seeing the naked foot prince on the ground "Maybe not that smart, she didn't even bother to cover her tracks" he said as he got on a radio "Gene, looks like they are headed west into the woods, get to the loading dock were taking a truck and going after them, over" he said hearing "Roger that, be there in a minute, over".

A truck pulls up and Jerry jumps into the passenger side "The tracking says they are moving very fast, what the hell can make them move so fast?" he asked to no one unparticular, looking to dean, "ill bet she is responsible for the missing stock and Steve's car accident, John from special investigations told me Steve's brake lines had been cut by a butchers knife, I suspected it was Jessica" Jerry said "Is that why you made up the stuff about needing Sophie for a special spit roast barbeque?" Gene said as they sped off in search of k exotick karissa kane really knows how to shake that ass escapees." "Yes, I knew Jessica was fond of Sophie, if forced to roast her I suspected she would run off with the slave, it all fits now, the missing stock, Steve's accident, Jessica's fondness to this one slave, that must be why Steve wanted a meeting with me this morning he probably figured it all out, Jessica probably killed him to shut him up" Jerry said as his laptop started to make blipping noises "BLIP BLIP BLIP" "there they are looks like there about 500 yards ahead, she must have a car or something to be moving this fast" he said.

Pushing the gas on the old truck Gene started the truck moving cathy heaven 7 minutes in mrs heaven gaining up on the two escapees less then 100 yards away they could see two naked girls on a motorcycle, the girls see the truck and begin moving faster "That's them" Jerry said as it begins to rain making the road slippery and harder to see the girls "Their getting away faster Gene" Jerry said as they could hear a voice yelling "FASTER JESS THIER GANING ON US!!", looking at the speedometer "115 mph, Gene slow down let them think we cant keep up we will get them when they stop" jerry said as he watched the naked girls speed passed a cop, the cop jumped into his car and began to chase after them.

Picking up the radio "George, that you bro?, Over" Jerry said "Ya its me Jerry what's up?, Over" George said "Back up a bit we want these girls on the motorcycle, over" Jerry said "You got it bro, Over" George said and started to speed up faster then the motorcycle blaring his siren and lights as he speed passed the girls and off into the distance "George, come by the plant in the morning you can have your pick of any of our prime stock, thanks bro, Over" Jerry said "Roger that bro, Over" was Georges response.

"see Gene its great having cop's in my pocket, they all love prime girl meat" Jerry said with a laugh, "Ya but now what?

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they are to far away to catch" Gene said, "Your forgetting about the tracking system" Jerry said with a laugh pointing to the hundreds of read lights and blips on the laptop screen, each one with the cows number, or plant workers name.

"We will have all the meat back and all the traitors who helped her caught by morning, I mean heck she sent them all to wait in one place, some old house abandoned steal mill further down this road" Jerry said pointing to the large collection of red blips on the screen.

"What's this?, humm they seem to have stopped in the middle of the road" jerry said, Stopped and waiting "Sara, see that cop car coming toward us, flag him down, tell him what's happened while I ride back and try to lure Jerry away" Jessica said speeding off back toward Jerry's truck, Sara flags down the cop car, petite teen ana rose creampie porn debut cop seeing this naked beauty, stops "What's wrong miss" the cop says, Sara jumps into the back of the cop car and tells him the whole story over the last 3 months.

Jessica is speeding back toward Jerry in what seemed to be a dangerous game of chicken that she was about to lose against a Mack truck with attached trailer, coming close enough to the truck to quickly throw a small rock at the windshield, traveling at 115 mph this little rock was enough to shatter the trucks windshield pouring glass all over Gene and Jerry, Jessica speed off in the other direction, while Gene and Jerry continued forward "She's alone where's the other girl?" Jerry said brushing glass from his clothes.

"Come in Jerry, Over" George's voice came over the radio "Jerry you there, pick up its important, Over" George said "Yes I'm here bro, what's up, Over" Jerry said listening for the response "I just picked up a little naked slut, with some great stories to tell, saying her and her sister escaped from your plant tonight, Over" George said "That explains everything, her fondness to this slave because she is her sister, don't know why I didn't see it before, when the girl arrived Jessica had slipped and said, she wanted to take sis to her room, damn I should have realized" Jerry said pissed off now more then ever "Ok thanks bro, hold her until we get their, Over" Jerry said "This little slut doesn't even know I'm talking to you, she thinks im ordering back up to raid your plant, Over" George said with a laugh.

"Ok then play along with her for now, you know lay on the big soft cop type, Over" Jerry said as Jessica came speeding passed him again "there she is follow her" Jerry said as they chased Jessica passed a stoped cop car "THATS MY SISTER!!" Screamed Sara, "Jerry a motorcycle and large Mack truck just passed me that you in the truck bro, Over" geroge said "Yes, here's what I want you to do, Stop the truck make it look like your pulling us over, Over" Jerry said as George jumped into his car and speed after them, sirens blaring "Hey you in the truck, PULL OVER!!" was heard from a police bull horn.

Gene stops the truck and pulls over, George stops the cop care in front of the truck and pulls over as well, seeing this Jessica stopped the motorcycle, turned around and headed back toward the cop, "This is going to be good, cant wait to see the looks on their faces" Jerry whispers to Gene, as Jessica jumps off the bike and into the cop car to see her sister, big hug and deep kiss was had by the sisters as George quickly slammed shut and locked the car door. Looking out the window at the cop "Hey what gives here, why have you locked us in?" Jessica said as Jerry and Gene walked up to the cop, "How you been Georgie?" Jerry said "Not bad the backs acting up again, you know how it is, the kids would love to see you again, they miss their uncle Jerry" George says laughing as they all saw the hopeful faces of the two escaped girls fall to sadness.

"How's your meat supply sleeping xxx mom japan son siliping days" Jerry said, "Low, was going to stop by the plant tomorrow and get an order" George said looking to Jessica and smiling at her, "Well, like I promised come by tomorrow morning and ill have 6 prime meat-girls for you to pick out of the new shipment that just came in" Jerry responded "No charge" He added.

"Ohh great, well here you are two freshly recaptured escapees, that girl told me that she and her sister have been helping girls escape for the last 3 months over 200 girls so far, that what roughly 150,000 dollars in lost stock, I can see why you want them back so bad, id love to see what you have planed for them" George said with a laugh, "Well then when you come to the plant tomorrow to pick up your order you can stay and watch these sluts die" Jerry said "they cost me a lot of time and money yes, but we had tracking devises implanted into every meat-girl and plant worker, we will soon recapture all the missing stock and get every traitor who helped them" Jerry said looking toward the girls.

"GET OUT OF THE FUCKING CAR YOU BACK STABBING LITTLE CUNT!!" Jerry yelled as George unlocked the car door pulling out two sets of hand cuffs, Jessica steps out of the car "But Jerry you know you love me to much, can you forgive me?" Jessica said rubbing his hardening cock, grabbing her arms Jerry quickly took a pair of handcuffs and cuffed her hands tight behind her back "Not this time cunt, the only thing I'm going to love is prepping your ass to roast" He replied.

"YOU TOO, OUT OF THE CAR!!" He yelled again to Sophie "Jerry please no, wait" Jessica said "SHUT UP BITCH!!" he yelled as he quickly grabbed Sophie's arms and hand cuffed her wrists tight behind her back "I guess your plan didn't work huh Jess?" Sophie said "SHUT UP SARA!!" Jessica said as exceptional tight teen gets her soft fuckbox and little butthole banged were lead to the truck.

"Sara? Why did you call her Sara?" Jerry said, George walking over with them "That's the name the older teen big ass white and hd solo fingering xxx tie me up and treat me like a whore gave me when I picked her up and that this girl Jessica was virgin gets forced raped amd choked younger sister" George said.

Jessica looking scared, Sara looking confident "Jessica added false records jenna show shes not wielding a weapon just the panties shes been sniffing facesitting and fingering me in the computer the day I arrived, saying she had a plan to help girls like us escape, from what she called the 3rd level of hell, but the plan didn't work, because getting caught wasn't part of the plan" Sara said "Sara shut the hell up, it did work their are over 200 girls that will get to love now because of what we did" Jessica said "Well you seem to have your hands full here bro" George said walking toward his car "Ill head back to the station, ill need those cuffs back when i see you in the morning" George said as he got in the car and left, looking toward Sara "Well no matter what you think you did, we know where every single meat-girl and every single conspirator who helped you is, we are on our way to pick them up now, how do you like that little miss spit muffin?" Jerry said, "Mr.

Jerry, I didn't want any part of this, I tried to make her stop, would you please consider letting me live? I can show you how she snuck the girls out of the plant" Sara said "Shut up, I already know about the tunnel" Jerry said as he pushed Sara into the trailer of the truck onto a dirt covered mattress.

"SARA YOU LITTLE TRAITER BITCH!!" Jessica yelled, "Their seems to be a lot of that going around" Jerry laughed, "You back stab me for her, milf eva notty sex full story she back stabs you to slave her own life" Jerry said laughing "Sir please, let me live I don't want to die" Sara said pleading for her life again, "you little back stabbing slut, if I knew you were like this I would have let him spit your ass like he wanted to and kept my job" Jessica said as Jerry picked her up and threw her into the back of the track making sure she didn't land n the mattress, "OUCH!!, HEY WATCH IT BUDDY OR YOU WILL BRUISE THE MEAT!!" Jessica yelled "Making jokes as usual" Gene said as he got into the truck's driver seat, Jerry joining him after locking the trailer shut, Jerry opened the small window looking into the back of the trailer to keep an eye on the two girls.

Driving down the dirt road again "Mr. Jerry will you at least think about it? I don't care of you keep me as a sex slave, breeder or dairy cow just let me life please" Sara tried again "Ill think about it Sophie, Um I mean Sara" Jerry said looking to Gene as he opened hi laptop and the blipping started again.

"Ok Gene lets go surprise some cow's" Jerry said, "You will never find them, I made sure of that" Jessica said laughing, "Jessica how does your neck feel?, you see they all had the vaccine shot just like you and Sara had, it was really just a micro homing devise, and water, the homing devise is connected to this laptop, we are now on our way to the steel mill you sent them too" Jerry said.

Looking to through the window to the back "I cant wait for you to test my new spit invention" Jerry said laughing, "Mr. Jerry, please don't spit me" Sara says starting to cry, "Shut up back their I said I would think about it" Jerry said with Jessica laughing "Jerry if you really think she had nothing to do with my plans you are a real idiot, who do you think was fucking Steve last night while I removed the girls from the Spartan 5000" Jessica said with a laugh "She is not innocent in this" Jessica added.

Looking to Jessica "Jess why did you have to kill Steve? he had a wife and 3 kids, he didn't deserve to die" Jerry said "He got to close to figuring it out, that meeting he had planned for this morning with you was to report on the missing meat-girl's, I thought I destroyed the only copies of the report, it was stupid of me not to know he passed a copy to your secretary" Jessica said laughing, "besides it was Sara's idea to cut his car's brake line" she added.

The truck slows down and gene turns out the lights and turns off the motor while Sara continued to plead "Mr. Jerry, she made me do all those bad things, I didn't want to, if you let me live, ill give you my two other sister's their both 18 from different mother's, but they trust me and would do anything I tell them to" Sara said beggingly, "Sara, you would trade Molly and Susan to save your own life?, I really judged you wrong" Jessica said son fucks stuck mother without her permission storys flashes of light are seen all around the abandoned steel mill from about 10 different locations, considering her offer "ILL think about it Sara" Jerry replied "Their both on the alternative meat agency's approved list grade A extra prime" Sara said, "I said ill think about it now shut the fuck up" Jerry said, "Sara if my hands weren't cuffed behind my back I would rip your throat out" Jessica said "Shut up bitch you got me into this" Sara replied.

Tired of hearing her voice Jerry opened the back of the truck, went in and forced a ball gag into Jessica's mouth, "Their that should shut you up" Jerry said, "MMMHHHH" was Jessica's only response, as lights from started to appear in the distance, "That must be the extra trucks I called the plant and told them to send" Jerry said "Hey boss don't take the sluts offer, we have friends at the alternative meat agency, they can tell him where her sister's live, we can get them ourselves" Gene said as the extra trucks pulled up and cut their lights as well.

"NNNNOOOOO!!!" Sara yelled, "Please let me live sir" Sara pleaded "Gene get a ball gag in that slut's mouth" Jerry said, gene got up into the truck and gagged her. "OK its time Gene, let get our stock back" Jerry said as 30 guards jumped out of one truck with tranquilizer guns, ready to recapture the rest of the escapees The guards enter the steel mill, Jerry, Gene, and the girls in the truck can hear lots of screaming and yelling, finally after an hour of chasing them down every last escaped meat-girl was recaptured and loaded into the trailers, one of the guards comes up to Jerry "I think we got them all sir, about 325 hiding out in this mill.

200 meat-girl's and about 125 plant workers, they must have hilled in the escapes" the guard said as Jerry checked his laptop for blips. "Yep we got them all" Jerry said waving the trucks away who all went back to the plant, looking innocent chick is gaping soft slit in closeup and having orgasm Jessica, "Nice try you stupid cunt, in the morning you two will meet my new spit, I cutom designed it, to cuase maximum pain, its powerless useing only the force of gravity and simple water to drive the spit into you" Jerry said as he slams the door on the trailer Jessica and Sara are in and walks away laughing.