White panty masturbation tube porn

White panty masturbation tube porn
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I saw you walk through the doors. The night mist clung to my clothes as I followed you inside. I got a seat in the back where I could watch you move through the smoky haze of the bar. All night I followed your body as it played pool, ordered a drink, and all the various areas of the bar you walked through. I watched as your hips sauntered past me to some guy with too much alcohol.

He pulled you onto his lap and that's where you stayed the rest of the night. I drank my beer as I watched you get drunker by the hour. "This'll be too easy," I thought to myself. Last call comes around and everyone hits the bar, marauding the bartenders with their orders. Your 'gentleman' leaves you at the table to get a few more drinks for the road.

I lock eyes with you for only a second and know you're the one I want. He comes back and you two make plans for the rest of the night. Finally the bar flies leave. They stagger out the door causing a raucous as they bump and jostle each other, too drunk to walk let alone drive. You two are the last to leave. You go to his car in the back of the parking lot and I follow.

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He's leaning on you with his arm around your shoulders. This infuriates me. You are MY prey, not his. He fumbles with his keys and I rush up behind him and land a blow to the back of his head. He falls to the ground knocked out cold. You stand there in shock, your mouth hanging open and your eyes wide with disbelief.

I walk to your side and bring my arm around your waist. I pull you to me. I can feel you quivering against my arm, too scared to move or scream. I lead you to my car, put you in the backseat and lay you down. &hellip. You finally wake up from your alcohol induced slumber to find yourself handcuffed and shackled to my four post bed.

Your clothes are still on and I'm hovering over you, waiting for you to see me. You pull against the restraints, such a futile move, and notice me sitting next to you on the bed. Your eyes open wide and you scream.

I stare at you until you're too hoarse to scream anymore. I hold a straw to your lips and tell you to drink. "It's just water baby," I assure you. You take a sip and confident that it is just water to gulp it down thirstily. I watch as your slender throat moves with each swallow. I want to kiss it and bite it but I have to control myself. I don't want to break you too soon. "What am I doing here? Who are you? Why&hellip.," you assault me with a hundred different answers that all share one answer.

I raise my hand to stop your talking. "Because I caught you." Suddenly your face becomes enraged. I smile. This is the reaction I was waiting for. "I am not an animal. You can't do this!" On and on you scream and yell, the whole time your turning me on and don't know it. An angry woman is an animal in bed. I move in closer with a smile still on my face as you continue to barrage me with your insults. You don't even notice I've put my arms on either side of you. My lips are inches from yours.

"And another thing…" you start but my mouth closes over yours and I kiss you ferociously. I force my tongue hot as a hell playgirl in stockings get snatch drilled so well your mouth. I bite your lip and draw blood.

I pull back quickly and you're even angrier. Tears are welling up in your eyes in frustration and pain. You try to pull out of the cuffs but only succeed in bruising your creamy skin at the wrists.

I snap my hand to your wrist to stop you from hurting yourself more. "Metal is unforgiving my pet. You'll bruise your alabaster skin." The term 'pet' does not agree with you in the least.

You begin to yell and thrash again. After a few minutes, I lean over your body on the bed and grab the scarf that is resting on the headboard. "You gave me no choice, pet." I tie it around your mouth and finally get some silence. You look into my eyes with a new fear. Now no one would be able to hear you scream. The silent panic in your blue eyes makes me smile even more. I'm so aroused I begin to rub myself with one hand and unbutton my shirt with the other. Your eyes widen and you try again to get out, but to no avail.

I pull my shirt off and lean over you. Your eyes suddenly confused. "Yes, I'm a woman," I say as you stare at my chest," and this is going to be the best fuck you've ever had." I pull a knife from my back pocket and flick it out. I admire it's blade as you squirm underneath me.

I smile at my reflection and move it over your long, golden hair. I bring the blade down the side of your cheek and watch as it catches here and there but never cuts. "This knife isn't to kill you, so relax," I whisper into your ear. You're too scared to respond. Your eyes are fixed on the blade. I bring it from your cheek down to your shoulder and slip it under the collar of your shirt, slitting it open at the seam.

I pull back the fabric and kiss the beautiful white skin of your shoulder and breathe deeply. "Mmmmm. Lavender, my favorite," I breath out, barely in control of myself. I slit the rest of your shirt and pull it away from your body, throwing away the tattered remains on the floor. Your breasts are gorgeous, still pert and full. I put my mouth on your left nipple and breathe hot air into the fabric of your bra. I quickly do the same to your other nipple and slice your bra off in a fast motion.

The cold air of the room makes your nipples hard and erect, a beautiful sight to me. My breathing comes faster as my arousal heightens.

Not able to contain myself anymore, I quickly cut off your pants and underwear. Your eyes are pouring tears at the idea of as stranger looking at all of you. I notice a trickle of blood on your hip from my over zealous cutting. I grab your hips and bring my mouth on top of it.

I suck at the cut and taste the saltiness of your blood. Your skin tastes so sweet against it. I kiss up your sides and around to your stomach. I lick from your belly button to the middle of your chest between your breasts.

I suck and nibble on each nipple, making them even harder. You've stopped crying and look confused. I bring my body on top of you and bring my face close to yours. I take the scarf from your mouth and kiss you with more passion than lust this time, but just barely. I feel you inhale sharply as I pull away, your nipples pushing against me. I stare into your eyes as I move down your body.

You're scared and confused. Your body is betraying you as I feel the heat from your pussy.

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I bring my mouth down and blow on your wet clit. I put my mouth on your pussy and finally taste you. I lick up all your juices, flicking my tongue over your clit. You lift your hips for more. I bring my fingers to caress the inside of your thighs and rest my hand on your hot pussy. My hands are cold and make you jump. I slide my finger down your slit and into your pussy hole. You gasp at the sudden feeling.

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I pull in and out watching your face. Your chest is heaving and you're trying not to like it. But you can't help yourself. I suddenly move up and bite the skin just below your ribs leaving a purplish bruise in a perfect circle. You scream in pain and in your distraction I unlock your ankles. Your legs fall open even more and I dive into your pussy with my fingers. I suck and lick on your clit until you start moaning.

Your legs wrap around my head and you pull me in. Two sluts do it by the pool chuckle in my throat and the vibration sends electricity through your body. You start to cum in my face and I lustily lick it up. I start thrusting deep in your pussy with two fingers. But you're so wet that my knuckles start slipping in. I push out from your legs and lean across your body. I reach up and unlock your wrists.

You sit up and wrap you arms around my body and dig your nails into my back. I bite into your neck and thrust three fingers into your pussy.

Faster and faster I go until I give one final thrust and put my xxxx story bp sex stories story college sexy story deep into your pussy. I move them around touching every wall.

You jump every time I touch the right side. I find your spot and squeeze it with two fingers while the other one is moving furiously. You scream as orgasm after orgasm wracks your beautiful body. You're shaking in my arms and draw blood from my back as your hands spasm in ecstasy.

I can feel every wave course through your body. You're bucking up and down, screaming as you continue to climax. My teeth have sunk into your skin and I can taste your blood on my tongue and in the back of my throat as I swallow. You tense up one more time and fall against me, limp. I take my hand out of your dripping pussy. I pull my teeth out of your shoulder.

I feel the blood dripping down my back and see it dripping down your chest from your shoulder. I hold you where you're at and look up and down your body. Your skin is covered in a sheen of sweat. I lay you back and gently place your head on the pillow. I Wipe your body down with a wet cloth and handcuff your hand back to the bed. Like I told you before, I caught you.