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Bj lover samantha rone tongue fucks holly hearts wet pussy
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Mother's Little Helper (F-solo, M-solo, f-solo, ff, MF, con, impreg, 1st) by Krosis of the Collective --- -------------- Two weeks ago: -------------- "But Dave, you know what week that is!" "I know, Linda, but it's my job, and we need the money." "Money isn't everything." ----------------------------- Jump forward - four days ago: ----------------------------- Hi!

My name is Jessica (Jesse to my friends). I'm 15 years old, slim with light brown hair, and I attend Junior High School. I live with my parents in the suburbs.

It's quiet compared to the city, and my Mom really likes that. My Dad is a contractor for the city and has to drive out there every weekday. The trip takes a couple of hours each way, but Mom says he gets paid a *lot* of money, so it's worth it.

This week Dad has to work some strange 14-hour night shifts. They're overhauling one of the main roads in town and they want to do it when they're used the least. Mom works 9 to 5 a few miles away, but Dad's shifts are completely at odds with hers.

They don't even get to see each other for the week, Dad having to leave more than an hour before Mom even gets off work! Her lunch break isn't even long enough for her to see him.

Kinky girls like to use sex toys been quite unhappy about it, but seems better the last few days. Only 4 days to go 'til his shifts return to normal. Since there are a couple of hours in between when I get off school and Mom's workday ends, I normally go to Amber's house. Amber is my friend, though Mom calls her my babysitter to annoy me.

Amber's only a couple of years older than me, in Senior High. Amber's nice, but sometimes she's a little odd. She tells me she likes me a lot.

I'm a little uncomfortable with it. Maybe tomorrow I'll just come straight home from school. Today, however, I got home at 5:30. Mom's car was already in the carport. I came in through the carport door and went upstairs. An odd sound was coming from my parents' room, so I stopped, listening.

There were some gasping sounds and groaning. It sounded like Mom! I inched closer to her room, peering in through the slightly open door.

I gasped -- she was naked, lying on her bed, thrusting a humming dildo in and out of her vagina. "Uh uh uh.oh, Dave.yes, yes." she murmured. Even in my surprise I noted that my Mom's body wasn't bad, only a little sag in her breasts and "Mom fat" around her midsection. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was splayed around her head on the bed and her tanned, angular features were contorted with desire for the penetrating fake penis.

Her in-and-out motion picked up speed. "Oh oh oh! Yes! Now.yes!" she cried as she gripped the phallus harder, its humming suddenly changing to a repetitive louder pitch. "Oh god YES! In me! Do it in me! UH UH UH!

Oh Dave." Her entire body stiffened in the throes of her orgasm. Mom visibly relaxed after a bit, breathing heavily, and I moved back from the door, slipping into my room before she had a chance to notice me. My pussy was tingling, but Mom would want my help with dinner soon and I would have no chance to take care of "the itch", darn it. ------------------------- Jump back - ten days ago: ------------------------- "They can do that?" "Yes, Dave, it's amazing what technology can do these days." "So it'll arrive in time if we order it on the Internet?

I know how much you're looking forward to trying again, Linda." "The web site says next-day shipping. We'll be able to figure it out in time." "Hm.where's my credit card?" ------------------------------ Jump forward - three days ago: ------------------------------ The next day I headed straight home from school.

I wanted a closer look at Mom's dildo -- I had never seen a real one before. Entering the house, I headed upstairs. Again I was greeted to groaning sounds, only this time from the bathroom -- it was Dad! He hadn't fully closed the bathroom door, and I could see the side of his head reflected in the steamy wall mirror. Looking down, I could see he was naked, fresh from the shower, and masturbating!

I had never seen my Dad's penis before -- it was huge! Not that I had seen any real penises before, of course; just the ones in the anatomy pictures in health class. It was a good 8 inches or so, and the head was quite purple. Dad's eyes were closed as he manipulated his member, back and forth. Watching intently, I realized that my mouth was filling with drool. I certainly shouldn't think of my Daddy that way, though it was hard not to, looking at his tight butt and hips, his dark wet hair plastered to his head, his strong jaw set as he concentrated on his own pleasure.

My pussy started to tingle again. Dad started to mumble. "Yeah, you want this, huh? You want my cum? Soon, baby, soon. Oh, you feel so good." His hand moved faster up and down his shaft and his breathing increased.

So did mine. After a minute or so he suddenly turned away and reached for something on the counter. I quickly slipped to the side.

I could no longer see him but could still hear everything. "Uh uh UH! Oh, honey, here it comes. Mmm UH! YEAH! AHHHH!" I quickly but quietly slipped back downstairs, otherwise Dad would have known I had seen him since the bathroom is on the way to my bedroom. Keeping quiet in the family room downstairs, I waited until I heard Dad leave and lock the front door behind him. I quickly headed into my parents' room. Looking around, I noticed the dildo right away, being quite prominent on top of a chest of drawers.

It was plugged into an electrical base. I walked over and removed it from its cradle. It was rubberized and skin-pink, and longer than dildos I had seen on the Internet due to a few inches of hand-contoured rubber near the bottom. My fingers fit right into the contours as I held it, and it felt warm, probably because of the batteries being charged from the base.

It was pretty realistic -- it even had amateur blonde hotty getting a good fucking flared head and a small hole at the tip like a real penis. Checking the clock, I found that I still had about an hour before Mom would leave work. My pussy really needed attention -- should I? Horniness won out. I rushed into my room and closed the door, pulling off my jeans and t-shirt, leaving my shoes, socks, bra and panties on.

Lying down on the bed I held the dildo reverently. Would it fit? Our family doctor had told me years ago that a fall in gymnastics class had broken my hymen, which would make my first time mostly pain-free. I guess this would euro blonde stunner puma swede cums hard from solo solo masturbation masturbation as "my first time", as the biggest thing that had been in my cunny up to this point had been my fingers. I raised my hips and pulled off my panties.

I brought the dildo down to my hole and pushed it in a little. I was getting wet down there, but not enough to allow this big prick access. Wait -- hadn't it vibrated when Mom used it? Bringing it back up near my face I found that the handle at the bottom actually twisted clockwise, starting up the vibrations. I brought it back down to my clit, sending excitement radiating through me. "Mmm", I exhaled. That felt good. The vibrations quickly got me ready, and I positioned the dildo back at the entrance to my unused hole.

It went in a little, the vibrations starting to hot petite tattoo chick squirts on cam from within my body, activating nerves within me that had never been stimulated before. "Ooohh.mmm." The dildo sank a little deeper, increasing the stimulation. I closed my eyes and relaxed. My thoughts strayed back to my Daddy, naked and masturbating in the bathroom, the water from the shower glistening on his skin.

Oh, jeez! I shouldn't think of my Dad that way! I shifted my thoughts to Jim, a senior on the football team at school, brown-haired and blue-eyed. I thought of him just getting out of the shower, his tanned, muscled body dripping on the floor tiles.

Do you want me, Jim? Is that your dick pushing into my cunt? Unh mmm. My hand bumped into the outer lips of my cunt. The dildo was in all the way! I pulled it back out slowly. God, the vibrations were incredible! I had to have it back in me, and my hand moved faster, increasing the speed of the in-out motion. GOD it felt good! I would never be satisfied with just my fingers again! I started pulling the dildo in harder, as if a man was thrusting into me.

Oh, Jim! Oh! After a few minutes I could feel an orgasm building within me, but it felt different, a lot more powerful than any I had experienced before.

I was going to explode! As I started to cum my hand squeezed the base of my rubber lover, hard. Suddenly the dildo started making a "Wrrrm! WRRRM!" sound, and the vibrations increased tenfold, rising and falling with the sound. I felt an odd warmth deep inside me. "What--?! Oh! Ohh! OHHHHHHH!!!" My orgasm blasted off like a rocket as my hips rose from the bed, my entire body stiffening in the most powerful orgasm of my young life.

"UHH! UHHH! OH GOD! UUUUUUHHHHHHUHUHUH!!!" After a half-minute or so my orgasm calmed down, as did my grip on the dildo. The vibrations went back down to their original level. Holy fuck! No wonder Mom went so nuts when she used this thing yesterday! Jesus! Removing the dildo from my cunt, I got up, put on my robe and headed to the bathroom to clean my new rubberized friend up.

There was an odd whitish fluid lightly coating it, and come to think of it more liquid was starting to come out of my vagina now that I was standing up.

Damn, I didn't think women could produce that much lubrication, but then again I'd never had something as big or as pleasurable as the dildo in me before either. Wow. I washed the dildo and used toilet paper to clean myself up as best I could, then returned my new best friend to its cradle.

I would definitely return. --------------------------- Jump back - eight days ago: --------------------------- "Our package arrived today, Dave." "Ah.want me to read the instructions over?" "I'm no good with gadgets.go ahead." ".interesting." -------------------------- Jump ahead - two days ago: -------------------------- I woke up the next morning with sore boobies.

Mine weren't really big but Mom keeps telling me that I haven't fully grown yet. They're an okay size, I guess. Stupid me, I picked a tight shirt to wear to school. It rubbed against shy russian teen anal took a handsome refugee home breasts all day, and by the last bell I was horny as a toad.

I rushed home, my thighs rubbing together as I pedaled my bike. Boy, was Mr. Dildo gonna get it today. I must've just missed Dad this time, but that was just fine.

My quarry was waiting for me patiently, permanently rising to the occasion. Hello, big boy. I grabbed it and rushed into my room, flinging off all my clothes.

You get me entirely naked today, buster. You like what you see? Mmm, I can feel you vibrating already under my touch. This time I lay down on the bed with my feet toward the headboard. Touching my cunt with my fingers I found that I was already wet and ready to go.

Wait a minute.sore breasts, well-lubricated.I remembered this from health class: I was right in between my monthly periods so I must have been.whatchacallit.overlating? No wonder I was so horny! I put my feet on my pillow, raising my pelvis in the air a bit, and jammed the dildo home. OHH YEAH! Fuck me, Jim! Give it to me hard! Huh huh huh! I rammed the dildo in and out, my hot, wet insides lovingly accepting the penetration and vibrations. I closed my eyes and pictured Jim on top of me, ramming his (probably) huge cock into me again and again, his piercing blue eyes gazing into mine.

Oh fuck! So good! Uh uhh uhhh! God, I was going to cum so hard! Are you going to cum in me Jim? Do you want to spurt into my hot wet cunt?

You naughty boy, fucking me without a condom! Oh Jim! OH! OH! I scooted my hips up and brought my feet onto the headboard, raising my pelvis high. My grip tightened around the base of the dildo as I jammed it hard inside me, unknowingly activating the special feature. Wrrrm! WRRRM! The dildo increased its vibrations, sending orgasmic pulses all through my body. UHH! UHH! UHHHHH!!! I felt the warm liquidy feeling inside me again.

My wacky lesbian dolls are gaping and fist fucking anals body tensed as I screamed in ecstasy, my cervix spasming as it hunted for whatever it could find in my cunt to suck into my womb, my young, healthy reproductive system realizing it was getting what it needed even though I was still oblivious.

UUUAAHHHH!!! AAARRRHHHH!!!! OOOOOHHHH!!!! Oh Jim! Slits amp booties are licked masturbation smalltits Jim! Oh. . I came back to consciousness as another, smaller orgasm washed over me.

Ah! Uhh!

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UHH! What--? I must have passed out from my huge cum, my feet still hooked over the headboard and my pelvis raised up, the dildo still embedded in me, happily thrumming away. I quickly checked the time -- 5:10! I only had a few minutes to clean up before Mom came home! On unsteady feet I quickly went into the bathroom. At dinner Mom seemed sad, almost disappointed. I guess she missed Dad.

Oh well, only a couple of days to go. --------------------------- Jump back - seven days ago: --------------------------- Instructions for the "Mother's Little Helper" dildo: - Make sure the unit is fully charged before use. The power indicator on the charging base will show a solid green light. - To activate the unit's vibratory function, simply twist the handhold base clockwise until it stops. - If you wish to use the UltraSpurt feature, please make sure that you have filled the receptacle head with the desired liquid and have securely refastened the handhold base to the dildo.

- To activate the UltraSpurt feature, turn on the vibratory function and squeeze the handhold base tightly. The pressure switch will activate the UltraSpurt pump, increasing the pleasurable vibrations and simulating a man's ejaculation. - ATTENTION: Please do not put anything into the receptacle head that you do not want to enter your preferred orifice. ----------------------- Jump ahead - yesterday: ----------------------- I woke up feeling tired the next morning, but also strangely relaxed.

School passed slowly, my mind wandering back to my new lover, patiently waiting for me on my mother's chest of drawers. Mmm. My teachers gave me some odd glances as I ignored their lessons and daydreamed. Whatever. I rushed home again, ready for another round of orgasmic action.

I had just entered my parents' room when I heard a knock at the door. Who could that be? I was going to ignore it, but Amber's voice came through: "I know you're there, Jesse. I saw your bike in the carport!" I sighed, going to the front door and opening it a bit.

"Uh, hi, Amber. Listen, this isn't a good time." "Let me in, Jessica. We have to talk." She looked determined, her light blue eyes boring into mine. I stepped back from the door to let her in. As I said before, Amber is a couple years older than me, a Senior student. She's actually a little shorter than me, with curly auburn hair and pale skin that shows off some freckles. Today we were a matched set; shorts and a loose t-shirt.

She turned on me once the door closed behind her. "Why have you been avoiding me, Jesse? I thought you liked me!" Her face was mixed with anger and anxiety. I'd never seen her this way before. "I'm sorry, Amber.

I just had some things to do here after school this week." Sure, it was sticking a huge dildo up my twat, but it wasn't a lie. "What do you have to do, Jesse? Your mother said you were to go over to my place every day after school -- no exceptions!" "Um." My mind went blank. "What is it? Tell me!" "Uh." "Tell me, or I'll tell your Mom about you disobeying her." I was stuck! Mom would be furious if she found out!

"Okay, okay.but you have to promise not to tell anyone -- anyone!" Amber was taken aback. "Sure, Jesse. Of course. We're friends." She watched my face intently. I pulled her into my parents' room and showed her the dildo.

She stared at it as if it was the Mona Lisa. "Wow." I told her about how I had been using it the last few days and how it was so stimulating. I didn't go into detail, feeling quite uncomfortable talking about something so intimate with her. "Um, Jesse," she said, chewing her lower lip, still gazing at the dildo. "Would you.would you let me try it?" "What?!" I couldn't believe see how this big athletic stranger girlfriend homemade had just asked that.

"Please, Jesse. I've never even seen a dildo before, much less used one. Please? I won't tell your Mom." She was still trying to blackmail me, damnit! "Fine, whatever. You can use my bed." She took the dildo down carefully. "It's warm" she marveled. "Just hurry up, okay?" I ushered her into my room. As I turned to leave I heard her mommys girl dana dearmond jade nile adriana chechik. "Jesse?

Could you help me? I don't know how to use it." Sighing, I went back in. Amber was already lying on the bed, her t-shirt falling to join her shorts on the floor. I had never seen her without her clothes on before. She was actually in pretty good shape, her medium-size breasts pushing out a little over the fabric of her tight bra. I sat next to her and took the dildo. I wished I were going to use it instead of her.

"You turn the bottom like this." Click.

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The vibrations started up. "The rest should be easy." I dropped the dildo on her stomach and started to get up. "Wait, Jesse. I don't know what to do now. Please help me." What? I remembered that Amber and I had talked about sex sometimes, and she indicated that she wasn't a virgin, though she had never said how and when it happened, or with who. Surely she should know how to put a cock into her cunt!

I looked at her. Her eyes were pleading, apprehensive. I took the dildo again. "Close your eyes." I said, moving the dildo to her chest.

She took a sharp intake of breath as the dildo touched her boobs where her nipples showed through a little. I like to play with my nipples when I masturbate, so I figured this might help her relax. "Ooh", she moaned, her mouth hanging open a little, her eyes still shut.

The vibrations caused her breasts to tremble as I moved it back and forth. Her nipples became hard, standing proudly through the fabric. Her breathing increased.

I moved the dildo down her stomach, circling her bellybutton as I went, eliciting more moans. My nether regions were starting to tingle again. I reached for her panties and pulled the crotch aside. Wetness glistened around her pussy lips and it had spread a bit through her reddish pubic hair. Any men and one girl paused, just looking.

A familiar smell wafted up. I guess all women have that smell when their cunts are wet. I brought the dildo down lower, along her panties and close to her hole.

I heard another sharp intake of breath as I brought the vibrator to where I saw her clit peeking out. "Oh.ohh." she groaned. Damn, I was really getting horny! I used my other hand to undo the button and zipper on my shorts. I turned around and climbed up to kneel on the bed. This would allow me to hold the dildo properly, my fingers falling into the contours of the well-designed base, and also allow my other hand better access to my needy cunt. It was really itching for action, even if it was only going to get my fingers.

I positioned the tip of the dildo at Amber's hot hole and slowly pushed it in. Her eyes opened, seeing what I was doing with the sex toy and my own self-gratification in progress. My fingers slipped under my panties and right into my hole. I no longer cared about what Amber would think of me now. The dildo was halfway in when I pulled it out, again slowly. Amber's eyes locked with mine. I pushed the dildo back in, my other hand's fingers mirroring the motion.

"Unhh." Our moans were in stereo. The dildo and my fingers went in, out, in, out, picking up speed. God, this was so hot! Amber's hand reached down to hold mine on the dildo while her other started to play with her tits. "Oh, Jesse, yes. Oh, I've wanted this for so long." Her words, while unexpected, were helping me on my way to orgasm.

My hands moved faster, in, out, in, out. Ohh God.Amber. "Jesse.unhh.oh, baby. Yeah, fuck me with that cock. Oh Jesus." After a couple of minutes I was getting close, and it seemed Amber wasn't far off either. Our eyes never left each other, our mutual orgasms getting closer and closer. Suddenly I was cumming! UNHHH! Four cock for for a french amateur slut shit!

My grip on the dildo tightened, activating the hidden switch within. Wrrrmm! WRRRMM! Amber's eyes widened as the vibrations exploded within her. "What the--? OH! OHHH!! OH GOD! UNHHH! UNNNNHHHH!!!" Her hips rose off the bed as her vagina spasmed around the dildo.

Her hand pulled mine toward her, jamming the sex toy as far into her as it would go. "AAAHHH! OH FUCK, JESSE! I'M CUMMING!

CUMMING AROUND YOUR COCK!" I was cumming too, spurred on to higher orgasmic levels by Amber's outcries. The dildo rammed into her again and again. "Oh Amber! Take my cock, you bitch! Fuck me back! Fuck me! UHH! UNHH!" "Oh GOD Jesse, I swear I feel you cumming in me! So good! SO GOOD! Uhh AHH!" Our orgasms lasted at least a minute. It's hard to tell when you're so wrapped up in the moment.

Finally we came down, my hands moving down beside my body to keep me from falling off the bed as I shook from the release of nervous energy. Amber was in absolute heaven by the looks of her.

Her eyes were half-lidded, and one arm was draped over her forehead. "Oh Jesus, Jesse. It's never been like that before." She reached down to pull the dildo from deep within her, a disappointed look crossing her face as it vacated her cunt. "Hey, what--?" She watched a white drop as it fell from the hole in the tip of the dildo onto her stomach.

She used a finger to wipe it up, brought it to her nose and sniffed, then touched it to her tongue. Her eyes widened in shock. "Oh my God! Oh my God!" She sat upright, her hands moving to her crotch, bringing out more white liquid from within her.

"It's okay, Amber. The dildo's really effective, isn't it?" It sure made me come lots when I used it, I thought wistfully. Amber looked sharply at me, her eyes searching.

"Jesse, how could you? I LOVED you! I thought you loved me! How could you do this?!" She rolled off the bed to the floor, picking up her t-shirt and shorts, trying gorgeuos bbc cocksucker licking balls interracial and couples get the latter on quickly as she hopped out of the room.


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What's wrong?" I followed her out into the hall. She was heading for the front door, still repeating Oh my God.

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Her t-shirt was half on when she threw open the door and ran for her bike. In a few seconds she was gone. I stood in the doorway, supremely confused.

What the fuck? About an hour later Mom came home just long enough to change her clothes and go right back out, as she was going to her Friday "stitch and bitch" at one of her friend's houses.

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She would be home late, she said, so I was not to wait up. Dad was due back in the morning, his last night shift over. I missed him.

After Mom left I went and grabbed the dildo again, but it wasn't the same. The vibrations were there and the super-vibe action too, but something seemed missing.

I didn't even produce very much liquid cum. The incident with Amber was really bothering me. Well, maybe I would go over there after school Monday to talk to her. ------ Today: ------ Dave got home early in the morning and then gave his wife a nice, hard "good morning" wakeup fuck. She came like crazy before he finished up, blowing his load in her hopefully still-fertile cunt. Ahh. Real sex was so much better than masturbating.

He had missed her all week. "'morning, hon." He snuggled up to her. "'morning yourself." She kissed him and abruptly rolled off the bed. Grabbing her bathrobe, she headed down the hallway towards the washroom. Dave thought for a moment. Was she mad about something?

He dressed and headed for the kitchen. As his wife came out of the washroom he saw his daughter Jessica come out of her room, bathrobe-clad. She was really becoming quite the beautiful young lady. Jesse paused for a moment, gazing toward her parents' bedroom, then continued on towards the washroom, a smile on her face.

Dave thought she looked radiant. Easy, partner, he mused, it's not right to think about your daughter that way. He followed his wife into the kitchen. "Amber's parents left a message late last night on the machine for us to call them", he said. "I saw it blinking when I got in this morning. It sounded urgent." "Well, we'll call them after pawg oiled bikini babe blows fat cock talk." She sat down at the kitchen table, a stern look on her face.

Dave sat across from her, confused. "What happened, Dave? I thought you wanted another baby?" "I do! What's going on?" he replied. "You didn't leave any sperm in the dildo for the last several days. I was so disappointed. My fertile time of the month is over now." What was going on? He had left her a large helping of his swimmers in the dildo's receptacle every day! Missing sperm.

A flurry of images crossed his mind within a few seconds: Amber's parents' worried message, Jessica looking radiant, glowing even, glancing wistfully at their room *where they kept the dildo*. OH SHIT!