Two hot blondes and two hard dongs

Two hot blondes and two hard dongs
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At last period, my phone started to vibrate, so when Ms. W wasn't looking, a snuck a peek at the screen. It was my best friend Alex, who wanted to chill. We hadn't really hung out ever since he got a girlfriend, so he wanted to hang again finally. After class, I got him and said sure. I was drove home quickly, and packed some "essentials." I tossed it in the back seat, kissed my mom goodbye, and got to his house in twenty minutes.

"Waddup bro." I said, walking into his backyard. He had a sick house, and had two connecting homes on the property which they used for parties and guests. We were gonna get the smaller one, we didn't need much. He had a small studio on the bottom floor, which we used a couple times to hang out without the distraction of others. We actually recorded some music one time when we were high, and it was awful.

I threw my stuff upstairs, and sat on tennis player afraid of the bbc bed. "Dude, tonight's gonna be sick!" Alex said. I hoped it would be, I missed hanging with him. A lot had happened to me the past couple of months, and when he was busy with his life, it kinda sucked to be me.

"What'd ya wanna do?" "Wanna smoke and chill like the old days?" I missed the old days. "Yeah, man. Haven't done any since we did it last time.

It's been forever, man." "All right. Lemme get my stuff from the house." I was kinda hoping there would be women or something, not just sitting around and getting high. I was kinda skeptical this would be a boy and boy and boy xxx story idea too, his mom might catch us.

He came back to the soundproof room ten minutes later with the stuff. I never really did anything with girls before, so I wanted to at least get head or something tonight. He hooked guys up all the time, I wish he would help me out for once. "All right man.

You do the honors." He tossed me the light hidden in the back of the guitar amp, and sat on the drum set stool. I started to take a hit, and then another. It was really rough stuff, I hacked away at the shit. I took one more, but after I handed it to him. He didn't smoke it. "What's wr—" I passed out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I woke up on my chest one of the beds upstairs, head throbbing from me hitting the floor earlier.

My vision was kinda blurry, so I rubbed my eyes with my wrists, and refocused on the people sitting by the window. It was Alex, his girlfriend, and two other girls. I couldn't make out who they were, but when I could when Alex moved, I saw who they were. There stood Hannah and April, two of Erica's (Alex's girl) friends from school. They were in my senior English class, all three of them were absolutely gorgeous.

All of them had C-cups and asses I had the fortune of grinding on at Prom last year. Hannah was blond, shorter with the best shape of the three. April was a bit taller, brunette, bigger tits and a better ass. I loved Erica, though. She was like a sister to me throughout high school and we had stopped talking ever since last year when Alex went out with her.

They were all in running gear except for Alex, in the same clothes he was in as before. Their skin-tights were incredibly complementing to their body, and they all had sweatshirts on. Cute redhead teen big tits webcam show were on the school track team, and were pretty separate to their team besides Alex, who Erica met at my party.

They were all drinking a beer, which I guess they brought. Alex didn't bring up any beer when we talked before. At least, I don't remember he didn't. "He's up." Said Hannah. The three of them looked at me as I fell back on the bed, tired as hell.

I looked at my phone to check the time. It was 11. I slept for six hours after Alex drugged me. I was tired, too. Irony, huh? "Matt. You good?" "No, you fucking—what the?" My feet were cuffed to the bed posts. I never could tell, since the room was pretty dark and my feet were kind of numb. "What's happening?" "Nothing bad. You'll like this." Said Erica. As she finished talking, the door downstairs silently closed.

Three more juniors I had recognized from my initiation were walking up the stairs. Alex and I were seniors, and when we were sophomores, our school had a secret initiation for the freshmen.

I had a big group of fifty, and these three girls were friends after initiation. Anyways, they were pretty hot, but weren't as gifted, you could say, chest-wise as the goddesses drinking skinny co ed slut has her twat plugged beer. "What, is this some kind of sick party?" I asked Alex. "Nah, not really.

You'll see." The three that just came dropped a 24 pack behind the bed across the room. I looked at Alex, who nonchalantly checked his phone. "Dude, what about your parents?" "Chill, man. They're at that school thing. Won't be home forever." "Dude, I love you." As his phone rang, he answered it and gave me a thumbs up.

I looked at the girls, who started to talk. I checked out the juniors, who all still had an ass on them, too. None of them were chunky or chubby, nor were their asses. I hoped this wasn't some kind of joke. Alex walked over to Erica, planted a huge kiss on her, and fumbled over to the bed.

She managed not to spill any beer falling over, somehow. April took it from her, put it on the coffee table, and motioned a few of the girls over to me.

I tried to play it cool, but I admit, I was nervous.

"Aww, you nervous?" "For what?" They laughed, until April pulled a sash out of her bag. I wasn't sure what it was for, until she walked to my side. She grabbed my shoulders, pushed me forward, got behind me, and started to blindfold me. I helped her adjust it, until I couldn't see anything in front of me. I forgot to tell her Lustful tgirl juliana leal blows a guy and fucks his tight asshole could see below me.

Whoops. "You good?" "I guess." "All right ladies." Said April. She held me so my back was at a 90 degree angle, but I could see a couple of sweatshirts hit the floor. Sneakers hit the bed, then socks, then school t-shirts. Then, skin tight pants hit the floor. They were all in their underwear, and when I was put on my back, they could see that I had some looking room.

God, were they naked. It was Hannah, April, and the two hot juniors. April strutted over and flipped the band of the sash so I could see nothing. "Gotta pay for that one." She said. I felt my wrists get pulled back, and cuffs around them.

They were cuffed together, and after that was done, the cuffs were taken off my ankles. Thank God. "Who's first?" "Okay." I heard. Two sets of hands pulled off my shoes, socks, and pants, while two pulled off my shirt.

I felt one set finally take my boxers off, and heard "ooh's" as my cock was freed. I was semi-hard, so my dick should've looked somewhat impressive. Last time I checked, I was somewhere around 6.5 inches, which wasn't bad, I guess. Then, the best thing ever. I felt two moist lips cling to my cock, then a tongue swirl around the crown of my dick.

I shuddered hard, like when you're asleep and you shake from impact. It was a slow blowjob, she was working every square inch of me, or it was one of her first. I didn't care which, it felt great. Then, two lips met mine.

I raised my chest to meet whoever I was kissing, and lost my balance. It tasted like beer, actually. It wasn't as pleasant as kisses from the past, but I was happy with whoever it was. I came crazy hard in the first girls mouth, and I was ready for more. I felt two cold hands push me back, and I was on my back again. The same cold hands that were on my dick before from the bj were touching my chest, and pressed. Someone was balancing themselves on me, so I blew hard slyly at the sash on my face, and made a small gap in the fold in front of my eyes.

The small hole let me see some of what was happening. Hannah got lay on top me, yet to do anything else. Her hands were on my dick, rubbing it for an erection.

She lifted her pelvis, flipped up my cock, and rubbed me at her entrance. I shuddered again, much to the appeal of the girls. Hannah giggled, and lowered her weight to me. My dick entered slowly, shrouding in heat. She was tighter than I had ever imagined, and I gasped as she lowered herself.

Pussy felt great, I thought. This wasn't exactly a fantasy I had once, but getting gangraped was fun. She started to roll her hips in a circle, which drove me crazy. Once she started bouncing, I started to inked milf doggystyled while pussylicking mature and teen back. She cooed, lifting her head in the air. April started to kiss my neck and face, and I could feel the build-up in my balls already.

She rocked back and forth a couple of minutes later, trying to grind the cum out of me. "Shit, I'm cumming!" She said. I could feel her climax all over, which was interestingly hot. Her body tensed as I started to fuck back as she kept cumming. The other girls faces widened in shock, and I picked up the pace. "I'm gonna cum!" I said. She got off quick, grabbed a hold of my dick, and started to milk me with her hand.

She was really good at handies too, which impressed me. I shot all over her chest, which she lifted to me in anticipation. I felt the blindfold get ripped off after Hannah got off, and April pulled me off the bed. April sat on the bed, as the other girls stood behind me rubbing and kissing me. April widened her legs, and I lowered myself to level our crotches. I beat myself a bit to get hard enough, and rubbed my cock at her slit. She loved it.

"Please, just do it!" I pushed at her entrance, and she slowly fell back onto her back. I leaned over to kiss her, looking deep into her eyes. She smiled as we kissed, tongue exploring my mouth. I slowly fucked her, taking in the moment with this beautiful babe.

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I stood back, took hold of her leg, lifting it as I worked a solid pace. She layed back, arms on her chest, tickling her nipples. I kissed her legs in improvisation, and she shuddered harder than I had. I laughed, and started to kiss her navel. Her hands played through my hair, pushing my head into her tummy.

She laughed as I swirled my tongue in her belly button, and she came suddenly. I was shocked, so I started to fuck back, and blew my load on her chest. She licked it up happily. Then, I sat on the side of the bed. The junior with an ass started to blow me, looking deep into my eyes. Her striking blue eyes really got to me.

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Really, I could've cried, it was a beautiful moment. Her puffy lips caressed my worn shaft trying to nurse it back to hardening, and awaken my tested testes. After an okay bj, I was ready again. She turned around and sat on my lap. The heat was radiating hot from her pussy, exciting my balls. She grinded softly on my shaft, pussy practically dripping. She took her pussy out of her misery by sitting up, grabbing my cock, and lowered herself on me.

She had a wonderful ass, and I loved it when she clapped it on me. She put her weight away from me, and put her hands on my knees. She started to bounce, and I couldn't take my eyes off my dick disappearing into her. The three ladies watching all were fingering and rubbing themselves, laughing at my hard gaze.

I was practically drooling, watching my cock get milked of what I had left. I got some of the beer and poured some on her ass, trying to make it shiny, which worked. The smell of the sex and beer enticed me, and energized me some. I lay back, and watched her do her best to cum. "OHH shiiit—FUCK!!

FUCK FUCK OOOOOoooooh&hellip." She yelped. "Matt." Alex said, kneeling on the other bed, having Erica bounce on him while he and her were fucking doggy style. He had a beer in his hand, sipping it every couple of seconds, enjoying the humane pleasures he had.

He looked like he was chilling out, just watching Erica fuck him as if he was watching a movie. As she arched her back up, it really turned my on, and I looked back at the girl that was riding my reverse cowgirl. She was sitting farther and farther back, and finally had her back on my chest. Sexy denisa masturbates with a golden dildo masturbation hairy grabbed her legs, and fucked her madelyn monroe call centre cock, until she climaxed happy in my arms.

I got up, walked across the room, and knelt in front of Erica, as I held a beer. I cracked it open as she took me in her mouth. Alex raised his hand in the air, and we made the Eiffel Tower.

We chugged the rest of the beer, spilling some on Erica's back and head, and screamed in pleasure. Alex starting ramming Erica, and she was groaning, her voice vibrating on my dick.

It felt so good, and as the cum built up in me, Alex had a face that he was too. He went harder and harder, and Erica made me closer and closer, until we came around the same time. I did first, blowing the load deep into her throat, her eyes watering that the tears dropped on my semi-flaccid cock. Alex fist bumped me as he finished his load blowing. Hell, he still had his backwards hat on, he was a real frat.

I got up, and walked into the bathroom with Hannah and April. They had a pipe on them, so we hung out in the bathroom, smoking, making out, and doing oral stuff. They blew me as I took hits, and I would suck on their tits as the other girl ate her out as she smoked. This was the greatest night of my life. I stumbled into the room, seeing Alex falling asleep on the bed, on his right side. Erica let me tell you what to do sologirlcontent on her side, and Alex slowly fucked her as they fell asleep.

Behind Alex, two of the juniors were 69ing. I fell onto my bed, climbed into the middle, and passed out twisted.