Hot and horny stepfamily shares big rod and jizz

Hot and horny stepfamily shares big rod and jizz
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My relationship with my step daughter did not start out so well. I met her mother five years ago when she was just 10 years old. She was sunny leoin xxx boobs sucked cute little blonde, but had some serious emotional issues. She ran away constantly and was disrespectful to me and to her mother, which culminated with her attacking me and me calling the sheriff on her. She was arrested and placed in juvie when she was 13, she spent a few days there and went to counseling.

Eventually all charges were dropped. From then things got better. She understood that I wasn't going to take her shit and I understood that some of the stuff she was doing wasn't as bad as I was making out to be. We grew close, with me helping her deal with boyfriends and such.

She even began to call me daddy. Unfortunately my relationship with my wife wasn't headed in the same direction. Her job took away most of her time, with her spending many hours in the office and away from us. This did give me and Ronnie a lot of time to spend together, which was nice.

I noticed her growing up and filling out. Her chest began to take shape and eventually sported a beautiful set of c cup tits by the time she turned 14. I looked, as any guy would, but never really considered anything sexual.

I could see she was interested in boys and how she would make it a point to stick her chest out a little more when she saw a particularly cute one walk by. One day I came home to my wife sitting at the kitchen table. In a calm, cool and collected voice she told me that she had been having an ongoing affair with her boss and she was leaving me to move in with him and naughty babe deepthroats and analyzed by black boners taking Ronnie with her.

I was devastated. Not that she was leaving, but that she was taking my little girl from me. Ronnie came home from school and we sat down with her. My wife explained that she had met someone new and that she needed to pack.

Ronnie was having none of it. She was flourishing in school and had all her friends there. My wife said she would force her to go, and Ronnie threatened to run away. After much discussion we agreed that Ronnie would stay with me.

The next day my wife packed up her clothes and was out the door. I should have been pissed, but honestly I didn't care. The love we had was gone and there was no sense in losing my mind over something that was inevitable.

Our first night at home was quiet and awkward, but eventually we started adjusting to our new life. My days were filled with trips to the mall and to her friend's house and to special events, not nearly enough time for me. The only time I had to myself was in the shower and at night in my big empty bed. One day while she was out and about with her friends I went into her room to get the laundry together.

I looked under the bed and saw a small plastic box. My curiosity got the best of me and I pulled it out. I opened it and was a little surprised at what I found. It was one of her mom's vibrators. A small silver bullet that had disappeared some time ago.

My cock began to stir in my pants as I pictured my young step daughter using it on herself. Next to the vibrator was a memory stick. Curiosity got the best of me and I took it to my laptop. I plugged it in and found it was password protected. Unfortunately for her, all her passwords are the same. I typed in Aguilera (After her favorite artist) and it worked. There was one folder that was marked "Porn" and one that just said Folder 1.

I opened the porn folder and found a lot of dirty pictures. There was a lot of girl on girl and younger girls with older men. Facials, threesomes, bondage, it was all there. I saved the photos to my laptop and opened the second folder. My eyes about popped out of my head. It was my little Ronnie, completely naked along with some of her girlfriends. The photos were rather tame, but in some they were holding up signs with boys names on them.

I'm guessing she was sending these out to people online. The pictures got a little more risque, some where of her spreading her pussy lips, in others she used her silver bullet, and in my favorite ones she was kissing her girlfriend and they lascivious college hawt slut hardcore and reality sticking their tongues out pretending to lick each other's nipples.

I knew it was wrong, but my lack of sex was overriding the normal part of my brain. I saved all the photos and put the memory stick and the box back where I found them. As I stood up I noticed something sticking out from under the blankets. It was a pair of her panties. They were black lace boy shorts, but that wasn't what got my attention. I saw that the crotch was a little wet.

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I slowly moved them up to my nose and sniffed. The smell of her virgin cunt was intoxicating. I pulled out my cock and started jerking it while sniffing her panties. I knew it was wrong and I knew it was sick but I didn't care. It took me less than a minute to shoot a thick load of cum across her sheets and onto her pillow case.

When I got myself under control I stripped her sheets and pillow cases and threw them in the washer. I was angry with myself for having those thoughts and swore to never have them again.

I finished around the house and got a text from Ronnie saying she was done at the mall.

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I picked her up and drove home in awkward silence. I then helped unload all of her purchases and carry them into the house. One of the perks of a guilty mom with a rich boyfriend is that you get to buy whatever the hell you want. I walked inside and set everything down. "Is something wrong?" She asked.

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"You don't seem like yourself today." "I'm just tired, princess. I'm fine. What all did you buy?" She smiled as she pulled outfit after outfit from her bags. Man, was I sorry I asked. I noticed she skipped a bag and kept shuffling it around. "So what's in that bag?" I asked.

"Oh, just some stuff." She said as she tried to walk out of the living room. "Well, let me see" I said with an amused grin. "OK dad, but you can't get mad." She reached into the bag and pulled out an extremely short skirt. "There is no way you're ever wearing that outdoors" I said immediately. She gave me her usual pouty face and whined, "Please dad? It looks so cute on me!

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Watch!" With that she ran into her bedroom. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed myself a drink, pissed because I already knew I was going to give in. I sat down as she walked out and nearly spit my drink on the floor. The skirt was flowy and very short.

She had a black blouse on that was sheer except for the chest pockets, which covered up her tits. The heels she was wearing were rather high and slutty, and I was amused at how much of a hard time she had walking in them. "See?" she said as she spun around. "It's not that bad." As she spun her skirt flowed saucy roxy gets plugged from behind cumshot and facial, giving me a brief flash of some very tiny, very red thongs.

"Just where do you think you're going to wear that?" I asked as sternly as I could. "I dunno. I bought it because it was cute, not because I'm necessarily wear it anywhere. Just consider my shopping sprees to be revenge on mom and her boyfriend for leaving us." I crossed my leg to hide my hard on as she started to pick up her purchases. She seemed to enjoy me watching her and made it a point to bend at the waist a lot, showing me her sweet little ass.

The blouse would shift too, giving me a view of her soft puffy nipples. After she picked everything up, she straddled my lap, just below my erection. "I love you daddy" she said as she leaned in and kissed my lips. She had done it before, but never really let it linger like she did today.

And right before she hopped off, she shifted forward just a little bit, briefly grinding her panty covered cunt against my erection. She hopped up and ran to her room.

I immediately went to mine, grabbing her used panties off the top of the laundry hamper and locking the door behind me.

Needless to say, I didn't last long. Ronnie walked to her room and shut the door. Her heart was beating a mile a minute. She actually did it! She exposed herself to her stepdad! She locked her door and turned the stereo up.

She then crawled under her bed and pulled out her little box. She had found the toy about six months before her mom left. It was left on top of the bed and Ronnie's curiosity took over. She knew kind of what it was for, but had never actually used one before.

She took it into the tub with her and turned it on, enjoying how it tickled school exam hall room sex storys hand while it vibrated. After a few deep breaths she placed it against her pussy and pulled it away quickly. The sensation was unlike anything she had ever felt, but it was too overpowering.

She turned the power down to its lowest setting and tried again. This time it was perfect. She really didn't know what to do, so she just moved it around until she hit the right spot.

The feeling that washed over her was intense and she swore she would never let that toy go. In those six months she learned how to use it properly, learning by watching porn on the laptop her parents had bought her. She sat next to her stereo and pulled up her skirt, exposing the overly slutty panties she bought today. She pressed the bullet to her clit and began to massage herself, enjoying the feelings washing over her body.

Her daddy didn't know, but she bought the outfit just for him. Her friends had always told her how hot her daddy was and eventually she started seeing it.

He had an easy going smile and a good build. Eventually she realized she was living with a hottie right in her house! She knew she wanted to lose her virginity to him but didn't know how to go about it. She had read numerous stories while using her toy about girls who seduced their fathers. And she noticed a lot of them used the premise of asking about sex to get what they wanted. Tonight was gonna be the night she seduced her daddy.

She knew she was not going to wait until marriage to lose her cherry, but she definitely wasn't going to give it up to any of those idiot boys at school.

She knew the power of the pussy, and definitely knew the power of the blowjob. She had sucked a few dicks, mainly to have the boys do things for her, like her homework and buy her presents. She loved the feeling of power and she loved to swallow their cum. Hell, she'd suck their cocks for free but where's the fun in that? As she thought of sucking her dad's cock she felt that warm feeling in her belly and she knew she was close. she rolled onto her belly and moaned into her pillow as she came.

She licked her fingers and her toy clean and started prepping for tonight. It was another saturday night at home for me. I figured Ronnie was going to raven bay is a slutty schoolgirl masturbation and pornstars out so I'd at least watch some porn and rub one out in the living room.

I was surprised when she walked out of her room in a tight little tank top and her bootie shorts. Her hair was up in pigtails and she had her house sandals on. "Not going out tonight?" I asked. "No, I don't really feel like it.

I figured I'd stay here and we could watch some tv together." It was sweet of her to offer, but I was a little bummed that I was gonna have to wait for my jerk off session. I ordered us some chinese food and let her pick a pay per view movie. I kept looking over at her as she walked around the house.

The pigtails were new and the tank top she chose was an older one from when her tits weren't really filled out yet. I could see her nipples pressed against the fabric. Just to play it safe, I threw on some sweat pants and did some breathing to get my erection down. As I walked into the living room the frisky czech sweetie stretches her narrow kitty to the special rang.

"I'll get it!" she yelled as she ran to the door. My eyes about popped out of my head when I saw what she had done. She rolled the bottom of her tank top up to expose her belly and rolled down the waist of her shorts, pulling them up a little higher so they hugged her ass and gave her a camel toe.

The delivery guy openly gawked at this hot teenager in front of him, and she just smiled as she gave him the money and shut the door. She set the food down and went to the kitchen, coming back with a tumbler full of rum and Coke for me. I took a sip, it was quite strong but I didn't say anything so as not to hurt her feelings. We sat and ate as we watched the movie, although I spent most of my time staring at her perfect little ass as she lay on her belly in front of me.

Her legs were spread and bent at the knee, giving me a view of her perfect little crotch and the outline of her young cunt. Every once in a while Ronnie would turn and smile at me, forcing me to have to watch the movie again. But my eyes would eventually move down to that sweet little honey pot. I made a few more drinks and began to feel extra comfortable. Finally the move ended and Ronnie sat up and faced me, sitting indian style. "Daddy, I have a question, but it's kind of embarassing", she said as she looked at me.

"What is it? You know you can ask me anything." "Daddy, what's a blowjob?" I about spit my drink out. "Why are you asking me that?" "Well, I heard my friend Katie say she gave her boyfriend one and he liked it. So what is it?" I chugged my drink and took a deep breath.

"Honey, a blowjob is another name for oral sex." She gave me a weird look. "It's when a girl makes a boy feel good by putting his penis in her mouth." Ronnie faked a grossed out expression.

"Eew! Do girls like doing that? And doesn't it hurt to boy to have someone blow on his thing?" She was impressed by her ability to feign ignorance.

"Well honey, she doesn't blow on it. She sucks on it." Again with the weird face. Do boys like it? "Well, I sure as hell do!" I said before realizing what just came out of my mouth.

Maybe I was done drinking for the night. "They didn't talk about that in health class. What else do you do during it?" Even in my alcoholic haze, I knew we were running into dangerous territory. "Honey, I think we need to talk about something else", I said as sternly as possible. "But daddy, how am I gonna learn anything?" My bladder signaled to my brain and I excused myself to the bathroom. I awkwardly stood up to hide my obvious erection. Maybe the sweats weren't such a good idea.

As I finished a rather painful piss I heard the tv again in the living room. Thank God, she decided to watch another movie. I walked in and froze in my tracks. Ronnie was back on her belly, and on the screen was a young looking girl with a man's cock in her mouth. "Ronnie!

What the hell?!" I half yelled. "Well, you wouldn't answer my questions, so I looked on the guide and found a movie called "Blowjob teens 12", she said matter of factly as she turned back to the tv. I know I should have turned around and gone to my room but I couldn't. I walked in and sat on the couch, my hand reaching down and squeezing my painfully hot erection.

"Daddy, does every girl get the whole thing down lena paul in final exam slam session big tits and big dick throat like that?" "The good ones do", I blurted out.

Fuck it, not like there was any chance of being adult anymore. "What are you doing daddy?" She asked looking at me. I looked down and realized that I was being very obvious about stroking my cock through my sweats. I didn't answer, I just stared right at her. She crawled towards me on all fours. I noticed she had put on some lipstick, soft pink with glitter on it. "Daddy", she whispered, "I wanna try it." I didn't know what to do. She got on her knees and took off her tank top, exposing her young perfect tits.

Her hands reached to the waistband of my sweats and started pulling down. Without thinking I lifted my hips and heard her squeal as my cock came into view. "Daddy, it's so pretty" she said. She must have noticed that I was starting to feel guilty because she grabbed it and wrapped her lips around the head.

I didn't know what to do. She locked her pretty blue eyes to mine and started sucking. Her tongue dancing on the head of my cock. There was no way that she had never done hot lesbian threesome with my step mom before. She started moving her head up and down, never letting go of her gave. I knew this wouldn't latina babe alexis deen ends up fucking in the office long.

"Baby, daddy's gonna cum!" I whispered. she looked up at me and smiled with my cock in her mouth as she started to suck faster.

I grabbed her by her pigtails and started guiding her head faster and faster. As soon as I stiffened she did something else to surprise me. She forced her head down onto my cock, pushing it down her throat. she held it there like a pro, working her muscles as I shot load after load of cum down her throat.

As soon as I went soft she slowly slid her mouth off of me.

She stood up in front of me and pushed her shorts down, letting me see her in all her naked glory. She then reached for my hand. "Daddy, I want you to make me a woman tonight." With that, I stood up and let her guide me down the hall to my bedroom.

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