See with enjoyment sex and massage hardcore and handjob

See with enjoyment sex and massage hardcore and handjob
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It had been a late finish last night, no it wasn't, it was this morning! Three thirty to be exact. I was knackered and hung over. I enjoyed my work as a mobile Dee Jay, and I was bloody good at it, I could choose where I wanted to work, not like some others, almost having to beg bars to give them a go.

Of course, it did help that I was a twenty-five-year-old, drop-dead gorgeous female, or so they all tell me.

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Who am I to argue. In fact, I almost wasn't mobile anymore, I worked for six nights a week in one bar. The other night, I had a club gig. So, I only had to move the music, the once. The gear stayed where it was. As with many nights at the height of the season in Portugal, the bar manager would pay me extra, to keep going after midnight, if there was still a good crowd in, as long as they were still spending at the bar, of course.

Officially, in Alvor, the music licence ran to midnight but provided the doors were closed, the music not too loud, then no one bothered you. Last night, it been two thirty by the time I stopped. And as is often the case, a number of customers either wanted to buy me a drink or chat me up, there was always a big tits on live cam watch part on ulacamcom guys, wanting to try their luck with me. This time, I managed to get rid of the guys quite sharpish, I wanted to concentrate on one in a group of four girls.

They, just like everyone else, had a great evening. It had been, a brilliant night. By nearly three o'clock, the girls had knocked back more than a few. One was totally pissed, two others, not far behind. Only the remaining one, seemed to be well in wet crack if banged hard girlfriend homemade of herself.

I knew that I had built a good rapport with them, through the course of the evening. So, when I joined them at the bar, we were soon knocking back a few shots. And generally having a good laugh. They explained, that they always had one member of the group, who had to stay reasonably sober, to keep an eye out for the rest.

Just my luck, the one I was interested in, was the sober one. Her name, it transpired, was Helen. Her face was almost pretty, just a bit angular and hard, but I found it fascinating. Her face changed when she smiled, then it was attractive. Her figure was fantastic.

No big tits, in fact, they barely showed, but her body was slim and wiry. What stood out the most though, was the way here muscles rippled with every movement.

She moved like a wildcat, stalking its prey. If one thing didn't quite fit the picture, then, it was her hair. The colour was a delicious shade of blonde, it was brushed back, and tied to form a high and long ponytail. I guessed, that she would be nineteen, maybe twenty.

Three of the girls talked freely with me, mostly nonsense I barely listened to, but as hard as I tried, I couldn't really get Helen involved.

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Oh, she wasn't rude or anything, just not openly talkative. Yes, she told me her favourite music, I found where she came from, turned out to be Brighton, in Sussex.

The gay capital of the UK.

When I raised a questioning eyebrow at that one, she shook her head, saying she wasn't one of them. She was born there. She was in the Uni athletics team, which explained the figure, and the muscles. All I knew, was that I wanted to get in this girl's panties. Turned out, that they had only arrived yesterday, at least I had two weeks to score.

The manager called me around for a quick chat. When I returned, the girls had, had to shuffle up to make room for another couple. My original seat had gone, so, instead, I squeezed in next to Helen. I decided that I needed to play it cool, kind of the subtle approach. I would occasionally add the brush of my fingers, maybe to emphasise a point whilst chatting, or make sure my arm was against hers when I leaned over the bar to speak to the girl behind it.

She never showed any indication that she noticed, neither for or against. Three thirty came all too quickly, and the girls said they were off to hit the hay, they promised they would be back tomorrow, hugged me a amazing movie mom and san good night, and off they staggered, all except for Helen, upright and sober Helen.

The next day, I was sitting at my usual lunchtime haunt, great coffee, great salad, and whatever else might grab you. Today, for the moment at least, I just needed coffee and loads of it. My reverie was interrupted, "Hi Dina, how are you this morning?" I didn't look up, I hadn't cottoned on to the voice, I thought it was one of my regular mates.

"Not good, terrible bloody head this morning, stayed up too late, drinking with a bunch of girls. Mind you, they were nice, especially one." All of my mates knew my inclination for the younger element of the female sex.

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"Oh, and who might the special one have been?" With a shock, I recognised the voice, Oh shit! I lifted my head from my arms and turned, I couldn't help myself, my jaw dropped open, and I stared.

She almost wasn't wearing anything, it was one of the tiniest bikinis I've ever seen. Then Helen said, "Are you okay Dina?" I knew I was blushing, something I just never did.

But now I felt the flush, my cheeks were burning. "Oh, I'm sorry Helen, I thought it was someone else, you surprised me." "Obviously, I can see that. Riley mason fucked in fishnets and spunkmouthed, you going to tell, who was the special one?" "Well, no one really, just idle chat, I didn't mean any particular one, just showing off I suppose." Was all I could come up with. I tried to change the subject as quick as I could, "Where's the others then, not with you?" "No they're all still sleeping it off, I thought I'd have a stroll, and catch some air, maybe have a swim, but I guess it looks too crowded down there," she pointed to the water.

Hesitantly, I said, "Well there's a beach out by the estuary, hardly anyone gets up there, too far to walk, I usually drive there." She looked at me, "And? What are you saying?" Shit! She's suggesting I drive her up there, my brain must be running slow.

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"You wanna have a ride? My car's only just up there." "I'd love to, if you're sure, that is." She said. Fuck me! Was I sure? I shouted, "Hey Consuela, toss my bag out, please love." It wasn't actually far to drive. A slip road, led to a sandy track with a chain blocking the way, a notice hung in the middle, it said, "Entrada proibida!

Publico proibida!" (Entry prohibited! Public Prohibited!). I jumped out, and undid the chain, dropping it to the ground before climbing in again, and driving through.

Of course, I gorgeous gia and stella adores pussy fingering and licking the chain back. "Is this allowed?" Helen asked, "We won't get in trouble, will we?" "Strictly, no it's not, but I've been doing it for two years now, never had any bother." I parked up on the edge of the service road, "Come on, just over those dunes." We climbed to the top, until Helen saw the beach and sea, "Wow, it's fantastic, what a place!

And no one for miles." We spread out our towels, then, both ran for the water. Late August, the sea here's very warm, no shock running in at all. Bloody hell! She swam like a fish, almost rocketing through the water, I gave up following her and just watched. Eventually, she swam back to me, "What's up, slow coach?" She splashed a load at me, I splashed back.

Then she ducked me, I hadn't been ready for it and took a mouthful. I came up spluttering and coughing. She grabbed me, "Hey, I'm sorry, are you okay?" Be honest, I took advantage, made out it was much worse than it was, as I appeared to struggle to breathe. With a worried look on her face, she held onto me.

"Come on, let's get you out." I clung to her, as she helped me from the water and back to our towels. She held my hand as I sat down, to then kneel beside me, one hand round my shoulder. Then, she brushed the hair from my face, before hugging me. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean that to happen, I feel awful." I coughed a little, taking deep breaths.

Boy, was I good, or what? I lay my head against her, well, her chest actually, she hugged me tighter, rocking me like a baby. My face was brushing her tits. I squeezed her hand, sitting up, "I'm good, I feel better now. And by the way, don't worry yourself, it was just one of those things, it happens." She looked relieved, then she surprised me when she leaned in and gave me a little kiss.

I pulled her in, just lightly, so as not to frighten her. The kiss lasted just that little longer, not much, but enough. She sat back, and blushed, looking flustered.

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So, I acted cool, reached for my bag, and took out my sun lotion. I tossed it at her, she caught it midair, one-handed, looking at me quizzically. "My back, please." Then, I lay down on my tummy, at the same time pulling at my bikini tie. Out the corner of my eye, I saw her hesitate, then she gave a little shrug, and uncapped the tube. Her hands felt good on my shoulders, I reached behind my head and lifted my hair clear, she did my neck. I reached down she takes it all the way down time and pushed my bikini bottom lower over my ass cheeks.

She worked down my back again, hesitating once more at my lower back. Then, her hands were rubbing at the top off my ass. I gave a wiggle, "Ooh, that's nice, you've got a lovely touch." Oops, I thought, slowly girl. "Thanks, Helen, I'm good. Come on lay down, I'll do yours." She lay, bikini top still done up. I dribbled lotion down her spine, then starting at the top, I massaged it in, and it was more of a massage than simply applying lotion.

At her bikini strap, I feigned a tut, "This is in the way," and had it undone before she had time to think about it. I just kept massaging, as I felt her relax under my touch. I ran a hand to each side of her body, massaging along her sides, she must have been ticklish, she squirmed a bit when my fingers touched her tummy sides.

Then up a bit higher, I made sure I brushed the sides of her breasts, but only just. Back to her lower back, I worked on her spine, pushing her bikini bottom downward, as I worked. "Have you done a physio course? You seem to know what you're doing." "I have, as a matter of fact, quite a long time ago now though." My thumbs continued their massage, cali hayes with emma evins below the material of her bikini. She began to raise her head, but then appeared to reconsider, and she let it drop back.

But, I didn't push my luck, not yet. I squirted more lotion on my hands and moved to her legs. I started at an ankle, working the joints, before moving up, I marvelled at the muscles, the power that must be there.

All my training coming back as I worked. Her thighs were incredible, so toned and strong. I worked up a sweat, digging into the flesh. Once, and only once, did I allow, the merest of touches to her inner thigh, along her bikini line.

Then, quickly to the other leg. The same routine, I worked her muscles for her. As I neared her inner thigh again, I watched for a sign, then bingo! I saw her legs move, only a fraction, but they parted, ever so slightly. She spoke to me then, "God!

You've made my muscles feel good, I've missed my own physio, but you're working magic." I massaged the back of her leg, up to her bikini, I eased the messy creampie for a delicious blonde big tits away to partly bare her cheek, pressing and working my thumbs hard.

I reached over and uncovered the other cheek, one hand at each, as I rubbed. Her bikini bottom was now almost like a thong, between her cheeks. I allowed my thumbs to slightly dip into the crevice between, her ass lifted just enough for me to notice.

I went back to her upper thighs, sliding my hands up, and then back down, my thumbs a little deeper down the inside, with each upward push. This time, her legs clearly moved wider, as I approached her crotch, I let them just slide beneath the material, then back down. I think I saw her press her hips down to the towel, but I wasn't certain.

On the next upward slide, I made sure that one thumb, as it slipped beneath her bikini, grazed her pussy lip. I saw her jump, but there was no protest, instead, her legs widened a little more. Time to make my move, I thought, I guessed she was ready for me.

Two thumbs passed each side of her lips, I felt her tense, but I heard a low moan, and I saw her hands clutch at the towel. So, this time I passed my thumbs over the top of the lips, her ass lifted and her cheeks clenched, she moaned again. I pulled the bikini crotch aside, I saw those beautiful lips, and again I rubbed a thumb along the top. I saw her pulling the towel sides into her body.

I pressed in between the lips, and I was rewarded with a gasp. I leaned my head down and brushed a kiss across one cheek, then the other. My thumb slipped deeper inside her. Now she squirmed at my touch. With fake taxi driver bangs brunette cutie other hand, I pulled her bikini crotch fully aside, until I could see along the crack between her cheeks, and I saw her ass hole. I licked my tongue down along the crevice until I reached her hole, I gave it a little tease, then leaned and kissed her there.

A much louder gasp this time, and she lifted, pushing her hole against my lips. I withdrew from her pussy, to move up and lay down beside her. I lifted her chin for her to look at me, she looked confused, and yet excited, all at the same time. I kissed her gently, my fingers caressed her face. I pulled away, looking into her eyes with a little smile on my face. I moved closer, to kiss her again, this time, she closed her eyes, and maybe, she just returned the kiss.

I slid an arm under her neck, and pulled her to me, kissing her once more, long but tender, I felt her lips respond, tentatively at first, then with more fervour. Now she was kissing me, it was no longer just me, setting the pace. I pushed on her shoulder, so her body came properly to face mine, I gently cupped a breast. And as I had guessed, they weren't large, but they were firm, with hard nipples. I circled a nipple with a finger, then gave it a pinch, her arm came round my neck, and held me tight as she kissed me.

My knee pushed between her thighs, rubbing against her mound, and I felt her pushing back to my pressure. I laid her onto her back, dropping my head to her breast, my mouth moved in, my lips absorbed her nipple.

I was feeling ecstatic, I now had this gorgeous creature in my arms, and we were making love to each other. She rubbed her pussy against me, just as hard as I rubbed mine. I felt her hands on my breasts, I lifted slightly, to allow her access. Inexperienced hands groped at them, I didn't mind, at least she reached for them herself. I raised myself a bit further, and pulled her head between my tits, I felt her kissing me there, I guided her mouth to a nipple, first she kissed it, then took it in her mouth.

With the caress from my hands, her nipples had grown, hard buds, I tweaked them hard. Her hips bucked against my thigh, her pussy grinding up. Now I could feel her body starting to tense. I pulled her head up, so I could look at her face, "Now let yourself go love." I kissed her hard, with a passion built of lust.

I slid my body, more on top, so our pussies now rubbed at each other. I felt her climax build, then she was writhing against me, as she came. She clung tightly to me, as I started to cum, I could see that she was going to orgasm again. We pounded our pussies together, my climax was mind-blowing, and I thrilled, feeling her release once more. We clung together, both kissing each other's face, anywhere and everywhere.

We rolled onto our sides, she gazed into my eyes. "I wasn't sure, but I thought it was me you were after, I could see a few signs, ten czech girls with a black man you weren't obvious about it, am I right Dina?" "You don't mind though, do you?

I think that maybe, you liked that just now." "Dina, I've surprised myself, I never for one moment thought that I could ever go with another girl, but it's true, I loved it. I've never climaxed so hard before, and I've definitely, never orgasmed twice in a row." "Well my love, how about, we go for three? Let me show you, will you?" "I need a drink first, please? I've worked up a bit of a thirst." Helen had her drink, then lay back. Slowly, I kissed her body, exploring everywhere.

When I reached her bikini bottom, I pushed it down, she raised her hips and allowed it to be pulled from under her bum. I kissed the little fuzz of hair, my tongue, ever searching downwards. She actually gave a yelp, when I tongued between her pussy lips, probing as deep as I could reach.

I let my nose nudge at her clit, bringing it back to life. My mouth moved up, to take the growing bud between my lips. With both lips and tongue, I sucked and teased, as my fingers sought her pussy. I saw her hands at her breasts, playing her nipples.

Once more, her body was writhing at our touches. My fingers delved inside to her vagina, as I played her, like a musician, plucking strings. I saw her stomach muscles going taught, like strands of steel. Her thighs came round my shoulders, and her feet crossed behind my back. She squeezed me hard between her thighs, her hands now clutching at my head. She pushed her pussy hard into me, bone mashed my lips, and it hurt. But I knew she was there. She actually rolled onto her side, her vice-like grip taking me with her, as her pussy literally fucked my face.

Then, she peaked, her body shook violently, I had to push against her thighs with my hands, for fear of choking. Shit! Never have I seen an orgasm anything like it, it was truly awesome. The intensity was almost frightening, I realised that I had almost panicked at one stage, the pressure from her thighs had been so powerful. Her body sagged, her legs relaxed their grip, once more I could breathe fully. I went to her, at first I thought she was unconscious, but then I saw her smile, so I kissed her tenderly.

Her eyes opened, and she whispered, "Dina, what the fuck did you just do to me?" I smiled at her, "I loved you, my flower." I lay back, and thought, "I've got nearly two weeks with this girl, I wonder if I can stick the pace?" The end.