Milf humiliation marilyn scott tennis

Milf humiliation marilyn scott tennis
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Chapter 4 Suspension of Certain Morals I was standing by the side of the bed, my dick deep in Denise's pussy, as my 18-year old sister walked in on us.

Denise, my sister's old classmate, promptly got up, as if standing on her feet would somehow make the scene less awkward. My penis popped out from in-between her lubricated vaginal lips as I willed Jordan to close the door and come closer. Jordan stood as if frozen stiff, her face full of bewilderment. I don't know how long it had been since she mom and son dporn sex saw or spoke to Denise, as even though we lived a stone toss away they rarely hung out these days but the shock of finding her in her big brother's room getting fucked was clearly visible on her face.

Her eyes went from Denise's naked frame to me, who was clothed save for my pants. Her eyes wondered down to my crotch, and her tongue ran a tempted half-circle about her lower lip. I had two days earlier used my powers to make her sexually attracted to me, and so that she got off on exposing her naked breasts to me.

I occurred to me that even though I had later sent her the suggestion that she should not be ashamed of our secret oral sex session, I had never removed her attraction to me. The scene that unfolded kicked down yet another of my inhibitions, and I could do nothing else but seize the moment. Jordan, I sent into her mind, You are to follow any order I give you, and gladly wish of your own will to do so.

You are to take pleasure in my touch, my words and the mere thought of me will turn you on. "Jordan," I said to her in a calm, deliberate tone. "Y-yes, Matt.?" "Denise and I were just getting better acquainted. Would you like to join us?" ".I, I. I really." "Let me rephrase. Come join us, Jordan." I commanded her, my heart beating not just from the suspense of the situation but from the knowledge that I was doing what I had dreaded I would eventually do.

"Okay." she said, and with that she became more relieved, like she took comfort in being told what to do. "Denise, come here and get on your knees. You too, sis." "Okay, Matt." Denise said, breathing heavily. They both now sat in front of me, ogling my cock with huge anticipation. Denise, with her perfect athletic, tanned body, firm breasts and long legs. Jordan, with her plump curves, big C-cup tits bordering on D-cups, and exquisite mouth which held almost otherworldly cocksucking skills.

My dirty blond sister and her brunette friend. These beautiful 18-year olds, both of them different types of taboo. They were both under my spell, as cheesy as it sounds. I could do whatever I wanted to them. "Okay, girls. You want to have some fun together?" "Yes, Matt." they both said in unison.

"Alright then. The both of you, lick my cock up and down." They each took a side of my dick and stroked it with their tongues, one rising as the other fell.

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They both sectioned out their licking with small affectionate kisses, looking up to me for my approval. The sensation of any one of their tongues on my cock had been like heaven, like wet warmness made into flesh that gently caressed me, but to have two of them working me at the same thing was another thing all together. The feeling didn't just double, it changed.

The sensation of one tongue making its way up and down my dick affected the sensation of the other, as Denise's shy and slightly modest licks pleasured the lower base of my penis they traveled up the stem and melded with those of Jordan's experienced and lavish polish. Eventually, the two girls both united their efforts at the tip, but as their faces got closer, and the two became more aware of each other, they both seized in their enthusiasm.

"Is there a problem?" I asked. "Um," Denise stuttered. They both looked up at me. "I love it. But having another girl, your sister of all people, do this to you at the same time is, well, a little disheartening." "I got to say I agree." Jordan concurred. "The smell, and the sensation is all just, just perfect. But this is just a little bit out of my comfort zone." "I think I have a way of mending that." "You do?" Denise asked.

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"Sure." I said, and gently and lovingly petted their heads. You have no qualms about pleasuring me together. In fact, any woman who pleases me becomes as attractive and arousing to you as any man They looked at me with widening eyes, then looked at each other. Their expressions were first ones of surprise, but soon turned into acceptance and then into lust.

"Denise," Jordan moaned. "Have you always been this fucking hot?" Denise laughed with slight embarrassment. "I don't know. You think I'm hot? Because I think you're totally gorgeous!" The two beauties moved their faces closer, and as their lips met they moved the crown of my penis in between them.

Then my sister and her friend started to passionately make out with the tip of my cock caught in the middle. Their saliva mixed with my oozing pre-cum and as their tongues danced and wrestled a white slime-like substance formed and stuck to their lips oggy and cockroaches porn with olivia thick strings.

As if working by some invisible or inaudible cue, Denise went down to suck on my balls as Jordan started to take my cock wholly into her mouth. The sensation of my sister slowly deepthroating as Denise tenderly sucked on my nuts was splendid. A dewy velvet cave repeatedly swallowed all of my seventeen centimeters as such pleasant suction and caring caressing was applied to my balls. When Denise went up to kiss my rod she was taken aback by the ease with which Jordan sucked me off.

Denise, who had at most been able to take half of it was amazed to see my sister's skill as she effortlessly took it down to the base.

Denise's emerald green eyes widened at the sight of my sister. When Jordan noticed, she slowly withdrew from my shaft, sucking hard and noisily as she went and letting go of the tip with an audible pop. "Incredible." she sighed. "Jealous?" Jordan replied with a smirk and pulled Denise to her, giving her a deep kiss.

When she let her go she took hold of her head and held it right in front of my stiff penis. "Then let's practice!" Jordan urged Denise to take my cock in her mouth, and massaged her firm breasts while instructing her on how to better take it down her throat. "Okay, first thing is to relax. If you try too hard to open up you'll just strain your jaw.

Relax." Denise let out a sigh which was muffled by my meat rod. She had it just about halfway in her mouth, which was about the most she'd ever been able to. "Ease your throat. Breath through your nose. Take it slowly, try to feel the gag reflex coming, and let it go down step by step. Let your throat get used to the mass. Concentrate on the breathing. Always the breathing." Slowly, millimeter by millimeter, Denise was able to take more of my cock until she had about 14 centimeters in her mouth.

Then she withdrew, leaving a trail of saliva on my rigid cock. Impressed, Jordan removed her sweater, letting bare her voluptuous breasts, which Huge boobs latina screwed by pawn keeper lovingly kissed in appreciation of her help.

"Again?" my sister asked. Denise only looked up at me, with a wondering gaze, looking for my approval. "It felt really good." I assured her. "Keep at it and you'll get even better." "Thank you, Matt. I want to be able to make you feel good." "You already are, Denise. Don't worry about that." "This is really sweet." Jordan said, taking hold of my cock, kissing it, lubing it up by taking it all down her throat and back again in one swift, practiced motion.

"You know, sis, I sure would like to know where you got so good at that." "The boyfriends I've had have all been very eager, and I've always enjoyed it. Practice my first video ever edging my virgin cock amp denying orgasm no cumming allowed perfect." "Well, the important thing is to love what you do." "Well, girlfriend," Jordan turned to Denise.

"Back to work" Denise dutifully took as much of my dick as she could. The first 13 centimeters she could get down pretty easily, but the rest of the length she met with some resistance.

This time, though, she was able to take roughly 15 centimeters down her throat. She pulled up with a gasp. "Wa!

Oh, fuck me." "Right." I said, affirmatively. "Girls, get on the bed. On all fours, backs arched and butts in the air." "Okay, Matt." "Sure, bro." They did as they were bid and got on their hands and knees along the edge of my bed. They arched their backs and flaunted their asses and pussies for me. I took a firm hold off their buttocks and gave them each a slap.

"Hey Matt?" Jordan said. "Yeah?" "Are we going to cross the line?" "Don't you want to?" "I really, really want to. But that doesn't change the fact-" "Don't worry, sis. No one has to know. Let's just both feel really good, and if our relationship changes, I promise it'll only be for the better." "Okay, sounds good to me." she purred with delight, my reassurance quelling any doubt she had left.

I had already made Denise cum with my dick just a while before, and the thought of fucking my sister was too much to resist at this point. I placed myself behind Jordan, grabbing her butt cheeks and rubbing her clit with my penis, teasing her of my entry into this forbidden domain of carnal pleasure.

I restrainedly inserted the tip, then slowly put the whole length of it into my sister's longing pussy. Her moans were loud and prolonged by my deliberately drawn-out insertion.

Then I raised the pace, and the smooth feel of the inside of her wet cunt made me regret I hadn't taken her earlier. Splat sounds arose as I greedily pumped away at Jordan's wet pussy, air escaping the spaces between the lubricated flesh, and not wanting Denise to be totally left out I put two of my fingers in her and started rubbing her insides.

"Ooh god!" Jordan let out, trying to muffle her moans by covering her mouth with her hands and diving her face into the mattress. I repeatedly plunged myself into, out of, and back into the velvety walls of her vagina, all the while fingering Denise ruthlessly.

"I've got an idea." I said to them. "Jordan, get on your back. Denise, lay down on top of Jordan facing each other." They both did as they were told, their faces told of the excitement that following my orders gave them.

And as they lay on top of each other, they started rubbing their tits together and exchanged loving kisses, all of their own accord. I squatted, putting my point of view on the same level as their two neatly positioned pussies, Denise's juices running down and melding with Jordan's.

I straightened my legs again, and put my dick back into Jordan. I gave her half a dozen thrusts before switching over to Denise, and forth and so forth. At first the changes were a bit clumsy, but after a few tries I achieved a perfect rhythm as I effortlessly switched between fucking my sister and her ex-classmate.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder, Matt! I'm cumming!" Jordan shouted.

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"Me too! Me too! Motherffff-aaah!" Denise followed. Then, I shoved my hot cock in between the two girls and thrust it with all my might back and forth in the midst of their unified juices, rubbing both their clits with the crown of my member. As the two beauties stiffened and moaned like never before I shot out a torrent of white sperm that stuck between their bellies and breasts as they rubbed against each other.

Denise rolled off of Jordan, revealing both of their cum-glazed stomachs. Their breasts were sticky with my semen, and they both stroked each other's bodies with their fingers and coyly fed each other my cum. They looked up to me and laughed.

"Well, I never thought that would happen." Jordan said with a smile. "How are you guys feeling?" I asked as I sat myself down on the floor. "I feel freakin' great!" Jordan said, gazing up to the ceiling, circling Denise's nipple with her pinky. "Me too." Denise said dreamingly. "I feel absolutely fantastic. But." "But what, Dee?" I asked, distantly as I the climax had given my senses a good shove.

"Well, it's just that now I'm worried that you and Jordan are going to do it more than I will." Jordan laughed.

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"Well, if Matt wants me to spread my legs for him in the future, I doubt I will say no. So ball's in your court now, bro." "What's that supposed to mean?" "You got to take responsibility here and make sure Denise is satisfied, of course.

Otherwise she may direct her affections elsewhere." "Oh, I don't think there's a big risk of that." Denise assured her. "I don't think anyone other than Matt is going to be able to satisfy me from now on." "Yeah, I know what you mean. This did feel way better than it would have with someone else. Usually I need to be manhandled a little to cum this hard, but you," she turned to me. "You were able to make me cum like crazy. You weren't even rough or anything, no toys no nothing.

Just vaginal, and yet this might have been the best orgasm I've had in. perhaps ever." "Well," I mused. "Maybe you're just perfectly compatible with me." "I don't doubt for a second that I was made for you." Denise said lovingly. "Wow," Jordan gasped. "Someone call the church, I think someone's ready to get hitched. Which reminds me. what exactly is your relationship? How long have you two been doing this?" This made me think.

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What exactly would the nature of our relationship be from now on? Would I make Denise and Jordan my girlfriends? Sex friends?

Slaves? For some reason I though of Rose, and a part of me wanted to reserve to potential term 'girlfriend' for her. Before I could answer, however, Denise spoke instead. "Well, Matt owns me." "What?" Jordan guffawed. "This is the first time we've had sex, actually. We met last Friday and one thing lead to another. We made out, and I gave him a blowjob. And after that I just couldn't get him out of my mind. So I came here, and I.

I don't know. I just wanted to see him. And if there was a chance I wanted to do this with him. I can't explain it, but I'm his." "Like, literally?" Jordan wasn't convinced.

"Body and soul? He's your master, is that what you're telling me?" "Well." Denise said self-consciously and turned to me. ". are you?" A day ago I wouldn't have known how I would have reacted. Denise was a great girl, a kind person, and it felt somehow demeaning to reduce her to a possession. But this notion was only in her head because I had put it in cute czech nymphos gape their bootys with anal plug and thick dongs moments before Jordan entered the room.

I had sent her the command that she belonged to me, not really thinking about what that meant. But it was just that. She belonged to me now, body and soul. Just like any other woman I wanted could. "Yeah." I said. "I am.

Denise is mine, and mine alone. Isn't that right?" "Yes." Denise said, blissful of having been accepted by me. "And you'll do as I say." "Of course." "Why don't you show Jordan you're serious?

My cock's drying up. Come clean off the cum, would you?" "Yes, Master." she said, smiling, with a soft and somewhat submissive tone. That word gave me the most sinister kick.

I would never even have guessed. She got on her knees in front of me and took my limp dick in her mouth, tenderly sucking and caressing it with her tongue. Jordan sat on the bed and watched. "Holy shit." she said. "You're a sub!" "And what about you?" I asked my little sister.

"Well, don't get me wrong. I'm down for fucking whenever you are. I'll drink your cum for breakfast. I'll take your cock whenever and wherever you want, but I don't think I'll be calling you goshujin-sama anytime soon." my nerdy little cocksucker of a sister told me. "Fair, enough." I said. "I did not get that reference, but I think I get your point." I didn't need to make Jordan my slave too, I thought.

She was willing to do it with me, and she was probably better off with a little spunk anyway. Besides, one obedient sex-slave should be enough for now. I felt how my dick was getting harder, as Denise's tongue dutifully licked the dried cum off of it. I could get used to this. "I love you, Master." she said, lovingly kissing the tip. "I love you, too, Denise. My little slave." … As I woke up Monday morning, I dreamingly pictured how I could use my power for my personal gain.

This wasn't just sensual mind control, yet I had so far primarily used it for sex. It dawned on me, as I went to work in the city, that I could use this to set myself up for life. I would never have to work again. My whole life could be traveling, painting what I wanted, eating good food and having sex with beautiful women. I felt something that I don't think any human being have ever truly felt, I realized that I could do absolutely anything with my life, unhindered.

But what about the women I had so far used my powers to influence? Denise was now practically my slave, and I had directly made it so that she wouldn't be satisfied with any other man again. I could only hope that I could release her from my previous suggestions and commands, as keeping her this way for the rest of wacky lesbian dolls are gaping and fist fucking anals lives wouldn't be right.

Bad to the bone scene stockings and lingerie, to be amateur webcam brunette squirting masturbating and moaning, I didn't think I would want to keep any single woman forever.

Unless this power would someday disappear, I would still be able to score twenty-year olds at the age of 70. I would release them, eventually. For now, though, I was going to enjoy the events to come to the fullest.

As I sat on the train on my way to work, I felt something that I thought I'd had the last of. The aching in my head returned. At first it was subtle, but before I could get at the station close to the publishing house, it felt as if though my head was to explode. It hadn't used my abilities since I ushered Jordan into my room the day before, that had been sometime between three and four pm.

Now it was nine in the morning. I realized it was the longest I hadn't used my powers, or been away from someone that I had used it on. Whenever I sent a suggestion into a person, I felt somehow connected to them. I could sense them, and I became more aware of them. During the weekend the aching had always come around the times I had used my abilities. I didn't understand, did I need to relieve myself somehow?

Did the ache appear if I didn't exercise my abilities? I felt the urge to send something anything into someone anyone right now. I looked around on the train, and to my shock, I saw standing at the end of the cart, Troy my sister Hannah's is-he-isn't-he boyfriend.

I needed to let myself go, needed to let something in my head out. I stayed in my seat, but looked intently on Troy, waiting for him to casually look my way.

He was dressed like some rich kid fuck boy, white shirt and beige khaki shorts, large rimmed sunglasses and a backwards baseball cap. His eyes met mine, for just a second, and I decided to humiliate this asshole who dared touch my little sister.

You're fucking incontinent He looked up. He didn't notice me. Suddenly an embarrassed expression formed on his face, and a dark spot appeared on his crotch. People started staring, and his face turned a deep red. As the train stopped at the station before mine, he ran off, covering his crotch with his hands. But he couldn't run very well, because he was still peeing, and he was wearing fucking flip-flops.

My head immediately felt better. Okay, so there's been some mishaps with the previous stories being taken down because there was snuggle content with 17 year olds.

Let's just get this straight. Where I'm from 17 is not an illegal age to have sex, so I was not aware that the moderators would even have an issue with it. What kind of nunnery of a country doesn't let 17yearolds fuck? Kids are physically capable to have sex at 15 and sometimes mentally interested in sex as early as 12, and I've seen stories on this sight with sex containing 12yearolds that was waaay more kinky than what's going on here.

Not that Tomboy orgasms in a gangbanged read that stuff. Ahem. Anyway, might be a few days until the next chapter. I have a full weekend and school and responisbilities to get out of. Until then, I hope you enjoy and please leave some feedback in the comments.