Amazing girl has fun with a friend

Amazing girl has fun with a friend
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Seize the Day - Part 7 I started adding a small amount of the herbal tea to my wife's morning coffee a few weeks after I returned from our wild weekend at your place. It took a couple of days before I noticed any outward effect. She was hugging me more and blushing when I touched her stiff nipples or ass.

Spanking her in passing brought a giggle instead of criticism. After four days I get more amorous in bed and she responds a little hot and a little cold not knowing why she suddenly has a change of heart towards me. It doesn't end in sex. I stop giving her the herbs and wait another couple days. I start giving her the herbs again and she responds more quickly. Now looking for physical attention. She sits next to me on the couch when watching the news at night.

I put my arm around her shoulder and kiss the side of her forehead. She cuddles up closer and puts her hand on my leg. I feel dumbfounded. She is acting more like herself, or the girl I married now than she has in years.

I'm excited but cautious. Not wanted to spoil the moment, I pace myself and just enjoy it. I've got to have a plan, a long term plan to rekindle our love life We prepare for bed and head for the bedroom.

I spank her bottom on the way down the hall and she jumps and giggles and speeds away from me. We change and I climb in bed.

I lay there thinking about how I should be approaching her new found youth, when she comes out of the bathroom completely naked. The first thing I notice is her pubic region is shaved clean and she is blushing. She struts towards the bed rubbing one hand over a breast and squeezing the nipple. She arches her back and sighs, stopping at the foot of the bed to shiver. I feel my dick twitch and my ass itch. Her eyes are dreamy and she slips into bed. She rolls over to me and putting one leg over my waist says, "Honey, I know we mom manag dad xnxx momson by very physical in a long time but, can we make love tonight?" I hold my breath a little pacing my excitement.

"You know I love to love you baby. What can I do to prove my love?" I say being both encouraging and supportive. She rubs her freshly shaved pussy against my leg. It feels hot. Then she reaches her hand over her leg and pulls her ass cheeks apart. Again she arches her back and shivers. "I don't know what's come over me. I keep having these little flashes." she trails off a little, "Just kiss me. Please." I turn my head and give her a little peck. Then another which is a little longer and wetter.

I offer her my tongue and sucks and nibbles on it. My dick is growing under the weight of her leg slung across my waist. Her hand is still holding her ass cheek and she intermittently pulls on it. I reach down to rub her leg and turn to face her, embraced in a long kiss.

My dick pops out from under her leg and flops against the shaved skin of her pussy lips. She jumps and pulls away from my lips. Taking a lovely nikky perry gets her anal drilled hard and deep breath she leans in again to lock lips with me. This time her tongue is pushing through my lips searching my mouth and tongue for some hidden treasure. My hand continues brushing her leg and slide up to meet hers.

I investigate her hand, her grip, her sweaty cheeks. She moans through her nose, our tongues still battling between our mouths. I slide my hand up her back and she arches and quivers. I make it to her neck and comb my fingers through her hair. She moans again and pushes her shaved pussy against my hardened cock. It's been so long since we've been like this. I want her to suck me, fuck me.

But, I know not to rush this. Even with the herbal tea in play, I don't want to cause any undo emotional distress that could jeopardize her new awakening.

I gather her hair in my hand and pull a little playing with her sensations. She moans and bites at my tongue. I slide my hand back down to her lower back and hold her while grinding my hips and dick against her sensitive area. She responds by pushing back and grinding in a circle. Now I'm groaning. She pulls back from my lips and says, "I need you inside me." She lets go of her ass cheek and reaches pov bang for gina valentina pornstars and hardcore the front to find my cock.

Grabbing it she squeezes a couple times, "Oh wow. It's been so long. I've forgotten how hard you are, how big. Be gentle with me. I don't know if it will fit anymore." That gets me very excited and I almost cum in her hand. I push her onto her back and slide down a little pulling away from her grasping hand to kiss and lick her ridged nipples.

They stand straight up like little dicks rising from her breasts. She shakes and moans with each touch. Her legs swing open and shut. Both her hands dive for her groin, squeezing and rubbing the shaven area until she is wet. "Oh please. Do me now. I'm so wet and horny." she says with a shiver. I oblige her by shifting up to her neck with my kisses and quickly find her wet opening.

I slide right in with one smooth motion until my pubic hair meets her sensitive shaven lips. She bucks and heaves, the muscles in her tunnel massaging the length of my man meat. "Oh yeah. That's it, right there. I'm cumming!" she shouts. I can feel her orgasm tearing through her body and she arches, stiffening and shaking violently. I keep calm and try to keep myself from cumming on the spot.

I hold her and kiss her neck, patiently riding out her massive orgasm. The walls of her vagina rolling up the length of my hard cock. She's still panting and shaking as she comes down the other side. Once her breathing has calmed I test her resolve by moving my stiff rod out a little.

She jumps but says nothing. I slide it back in till I'm touching her pussy lips.

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She jumps again this time rubbing her pubic bone against mine a few times. I pull out a little again then push back in. This time she moans and arches her back. I do it a couple times in a row then stop.

"Don't stop baby.

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I want you to keep going. Can you do that for me?" she says with a slight plead in her voice. I'm thinking, hell yes I could just pound you every which way, but I hold myself to the plan, "Yes baby, I'll do what ever you would like me to do." She searches for my lips and kisses me hard. I thrust in deep and hold it. She groans, "Yeah. That's good." I start slowly, pounding a couple times then slowing and stroking in and out.

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Her arms are wrapped around my shoulders as she lifts her legs, her knees hanging in the air. My cock now pounding a regular beat into her depths. She's moaning and groaning, her eyes closed, mouth slack. I hold my rhythm as I can feel her starting to build again.

Stiffening slightly, groaning loader and bucking against my thrusts. Each thrust causes her to squeak and her knees are pulling up with each stroke. Hot beauteous girl enjoys unfathomable wazoo bang mouth is no long slack and she has a tight look, squinting eyes and pulled back lips.

She's building up to another huge orgasm as I keep up my pace. My cock wanting to let go and fill her hole with my juices.

I've been waiting so long to fuck her. It's hard to hold back but I need to stick to the plan. Her breathing erratic now and her knees are pulled up tight. Her face is so taught there are tears forming in the corner of her eyes. She's ready to go and I bury my cock in hard with each thrust as she shouts, "I'm cumming again!

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Yeah! Right there! OH BABY!" Again her body stiffens and shakes violently as the tsunami wave engulfs her. Her voice a squeak with each wave that crests over her weakened body.

I can feel her pussy sucking on my ersties sweet student from berlin meat as if trying to encourage me to cum, the head deep against her innards. Her shaking body like a vibrator on my shaft. I keep my cool and think about the possibilities that lay ahead with my lover returned, sharing our mutual attraction. My cock twitches inside her and she shakes her response. I keep still trying not to cum. When this one is over she is limp and breathing hard.

I'm still hard and buried deep in her folds hoping for another chance to show my dedication. I patiently wait for her to relax and come back to reality. Her body sweaty and heaving a little still. "Was that ok?" I ask.

She grabs the hair on my head and pulls me in for a hot kiss, tongues and all. I'll take that as a yes.

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I slide my dick around a little, gently. She groans still kissing. I've foxy latina rides a massive meat pole loved the French kiss. I get lost in it so easily.

I twitch without thinking and shove my cock to the hilt. "You're still hard. What can I do for you baby?" she says after pulling away from our wet Frenching. "I could do you like this all night." I respond. "Or, was that enough for now?" I continue, playing the passive husband.

"That was wonderful. But, don't you want to cum? How would you like it?" she says kindly. I haven't heard her say those words in so long. I remind myself, stick to the plan, "If that's enough for you tonight, I'm happy with that. Maybe we could try another night? If you want." With that she pulls me tight shoving my cock into the hilt again, kissing me hot and hard. 'Seize the Day' I think to myself as I watch her fall asleep with my softening dick still buried between her legs. I slide out, roll over and fall fast asleep.

In the morning I reduce the dosage of the herbal tea in her morning drink. Don't want to wear her out.