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Frisky lesbo models are stretching and fist fucking butt holes
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I watch through the TV monitor as Casey walks into Jason's room and sets her schoolbooks down on the bed. She doesn't question why his bed doesn't have sheets on it. Nor does she notice the red blinking light of the camera hidden in the corner. It's no secret that Casey wants to fuck Jason.

The bait is set. She came to the frat house with the intention of studying for their upcoming psych final, but it is not the schoolbooks that get her attention, it is his well stocked bar. As Jason pretends to look through his backpack Casey approaches his collection of bottles and takes one in her hand.

"Is this all yours?" She asks, motioning to the array of liquor. The hidden mic isn't great and her voice comes through the monitor speakers broken and fuzzy. Jason abandons his backpack and joins her at the bar. "Most of it." He says, taking the bottle of vodka from her hand.

"When my degree isn't worth shit I figure I'll at least make a good bartender." "Will you make me something?" Casey trying to look cute as she moves close to Jason, pleading silently with her big blue eyes and exposed teen cleavage. From behind the monitor we silently congratulate each other.

This is going better than planned. "Of course I will." Jason replies. "Go sit down." As Casey returns to the bed she swings her petite hips and hopes Jason is looking. The tiny white shorts she's wearing showcase her long tanned legs and the tight ass that barely fits inside them. She sits back on the bare mattress, settling on her elbows and letting her perky tits push up against the tight black tank top.

She pretends to admire something on the ceiling; inviting Jason to stare at her well toned body. "What a fucking slut." Someone says, as we watch from down the hall. As Casey saunters across the room, selling her body with every step, Jason's eyes are elsewhere. She is so busy trying to look sexy she doesn't notice Jason pouring powder into her glass. It swirls as he adds in juice and vodka.

Then, with the simple twirl of a straw, the powder disappears. Jason smiles and joins Casey on the bed, handing her the drugged drink. "Thank you." She says, slipping the straw between her plump lips and pulling from the glass in slow, dramatic sips. Her tits rise with each sensual sip and the straw dances between her closed lips, subtly showing Jason the tricks her tongue knows. Jason looks on in disgust. How many guys had she pulled this stuff with while she was with Danny? He suppresses the nausea and smiles through gritted teeth at the young freshman slut, wondering how he can speed up the plan.

He soon finds bitchy teens bounce on boner hardcore blowjob solution that cures both his nausea and his impatience. He gives Casey a big wink and then downs his drink in one big gulp. The ice cubes cling against the empty glass as Jason jumps to his feet and Casey looks on, astonished. "Looks like I need another." Jason says, walking to the bar again as Casey stares at her drink, pondering the bait.

"Wait!" Casey calls. Jason turns around and the little freshman takes the bait. Her platinum blonde hair falls as she tilts her head back and swallows the drugged drink in one gulp, convinced it will lead to sex. Jason looks on, knowing she is half right and chuckling as the bitter drink twists her baby face. "Wow." I whisper. "Jason gets first go just for that creative ass shit. Put on the timer pledge." "Eight minutes on the clock sir," one of the pledges replies.

Jason makes more drinks and rejoins Casey on the bed. Everyone watching big ass fit babe in shorts fucking at gym the monitors can only pay attention to the clock. The drugs need eight minutes to take hold. Secretly I hope we will get there before that happens. I hope she will still have some fight in her. While the others wait I call Danny.

"Hello?" "Hey Danny. Just want you to know that everything is going great. Better than planned." I say, trying to sound casual.

"Good. Don't hold back Nick. Give that cheating bitch what she deserves." He replies. I can still remember a time when he couldn't think about her without crying and I end our conversation with a promise. "I will. You have my word." By the time I get back in the room everyone can barely sit still. On the monitor Casey isn't feeling very good. She can't sit up or grip her pencil. Jason tells her to lie down for a minute. The drug is attacking her muscles. They sag and grow heavy, feeling like they are filled with lead.

Slowly but surely Casey becomes trapped in her own body. However, above the neck is largely unaffected and her cries of confusion have turned into panicked screams. "Jason oh my god! Jason help I can't move! HELP!" But Jason does not move, he sits on the bed next to her, smiling and moving his hand up her tanned leg. "NO! JASON! NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Jason slides his hand up Casey's leg and grabs her pussy through her panties.

She screeches as he probes her clit violently, pinching and twisting it between his fingers. "JASON NOOOOOOO STOP PLEEEASE!" Her legs twitch as she summons all of her strength and desperately tries to kick her tormentor.

But as Jason pulls out one of her perky tits and begins groping it roughly she loses the last of her muscle control and is finally still. "GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF ME! HEEEELP! HEEEEELP! YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKER!" Jason ignores her as he walks to his desk and pulls out a ball gag from the top drawer.

The microphone is just above the desk and he speaks into naughty and glamorous babe yuna hirose cock humping before returning to his victim.

"You guys can come on in now. She can't fight anymore." Casey sees the ball gag, hears the invitation and is overcome with sudden understanding. "NO! OH MY GOD NO YOU CAN'T YOU MOTHERF—" Jason slips the ball gag into Casey's mouth and her screams become dull squeals. She has little chipmunk cheeks and Jason laughs as he imagines a chipmunk with too many nuts in its mouth. How appropriate. In the next room there is still over a minute left on the clock but nobody cares.

Brothers are grabbing lighting equipment, audio equipment and movie quality cameras with tripods. I lead the select few with video experience down the hall beautiful girls know how to have fun into Jason's room. Jason has made another drink and is amusing himself with one of Casey's perfect tits.

Her breast bulges through his fingers as he uses her young chest like a playtoy. Casey's already bulging eyes grow even wider as she sees us setting up the movie equipment. She screams into the bright red ball in a high screech, the gag muffles it to a whisper. "Having fun?" I ask Jason. "Loads." He replies. "Want one?" In one quick motion he reaches into her shirt and pulls out her second breast. Exposed and helpless, Casey jiggles her young tits with violent, continuous sobbing.

"Don't mind if I do." I say, groping and clawing at her young chest, abusing her body as I stare into her tear filled eyes. "Hello Casey." I whisper. The recognition in her face is undeniable. "Remember me?" She furiously shakes her head no, eyes wide and running black mascara smears down her cheeks. "Liar." I hiss, taking her nipple in between my fingers and squeezing hard. As Casey screams and tries to thrash, I twist and pull straight up, lifting her from the mattress by her nipple.

Now even the ball gag can't muffle her screams.

She violently thrashes her head, the only thing she can move, and throws her blonde hair over her tear stained face. She screams and thrashes as I smile and tell her how much worse it's about to get.

"Here's the deal Casey." I begin. "You're a cheating slut who ruined my friends life in a very public way. I can't tolerate that. But I'm an understanding guy. You want to be a slut. I get it.

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I don't judge. And I've decided to help you." She's shaking her head violently, screaming "NO!" into the ball gag at the top of her lungs. Unable to resist she looks on with unending terror as I detail how I'm going to help her become the slut she has always wanted to be. "You want to act like a slut? Fine. We'd be happy to treat you like one.

In fact, all forty-six brothers are going to treat you like one. Just to help you out." Forty-six. The number silences her screaming. She sobs quietly as the meaning sets in. Her firm perky tits bounce and jiggle as she cries, adorned with red marks from abusive hands. The first of many. "Jason you get to go first for tricking her into chugging her drink." I explain to the crowd of brothers.

"I'll go second as a favor to Danny and then it's OPEN SEASON BOYS!" The dozen guys in the room all cheer. Some adjust cameras, mics and lighting as Jason approaches the helpless freshman slut. Showtime. "I'm gonna fuckin enjoy this you dumb bitch." He whispers as he looms over her. Jason is an efficient person. He undresses Casey quickly and violently. Her shirt goes first. He grabs the tank top and bra together, pulling her upright as he slides them up her raised arms.

Casey is temporarily sitting as her tits bounce from their tank top prison. But once the shirt is discarded her limp body surrenders to gravity and she falls backwards onto the bed. Unable to catch herself she slams into the mattress like a ragdoll, plump tits jiggling violently on impact. Casey is a small girl and as Jason tries to pull off her tiny white shorts her whole body jerks towards him.

Frustrated, Jason pulls the shorts straight up, lifting her ass high into the air as he tries to shake the pants off her tanned teen legs. Finally, after many violent tugs, the shorts sexy brunette camgirl plays with herself more videos on sexycamsorg, peeling off her plump ass, down her long legs and sending her ass falling to the mattress once more.

This time her legs bounce and when they land they are spread wide, showcasing the neon pink panties that barely cover her tiny freshman pussy. Jason smiles, grips the tiny piece of fabric, and tears them in half with one quick rip. Casey barely rises as Jason destroys her panties, but her tight ass bounces even without falling. A lifetime of gymnastics has given Casey a toned body with big curves.

Her limp legs are long for a girl of barely five feet and are tanned from a summer in the sun. Her ass is tight and muscular, it lifts her back and her pussy off the mattress, exposing Casey's tight teen slit to the hungry eyes of the fraternity brothers.

Jason steps back and a cameraman steps in. Casey's tiny naked body lays spread out on the mattress like a discarded doll. The camera flashes and we officially have our "Before" photo.

I smile as I imagine what the "After" will look like. Jason and I take a couple minutes to pose Casey for the camera. We lean her up against walls and chairs, putting her naked teen body in dirty positions all around the room. We bend her over everything, documenting her perfect ass and firm bouncing tits with thousands of pictures. For the last picture I grab a beer bottle from the trash and jam it into her pussy. She's dry and tight.

The bottle fights its way in, sliding along the dry walls and then lodging deep in her cunt. I push her face into the mattress and pull her ass in the air so we can take better pictures. The Internet demands quality after all. Finally satisfied we ask Jason if he wants any privacy. He declines by removing his pants and boxers in one quick motion, setting his erect cock free.

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"Guess not…" Some of the brothers mumble. Jason walks over to Casey's upturned ass, pulls the bottle from the pussy and spanks her hard. Her tight ass jiggles and reddens from Jason's assault. He spanks her again, this time with all of his strength. Casey's starts screaming again as Jason's hand cracks against her skin. The force knocks her over and reveals the bright red handprint forming on her ass.

Jason flips the young coed onto her back and pulls her ass to the edge of the bed. "Ready to get fucked slut?" He says, poking the head of his twitching cock into her dry slit. "What's wrong slut?" He asks, probing her dry pussy with his pulsing cock. "I thought you wanted to fuck me? At least that's what you told everybody else." Casey's shaking her head violently and desperately fighting to move any part of her body.

Jason's cock is twice as big as the cocks she usually fucks. It will tear her in half. She wants to run. She wants to flee. But what she wants doesn't matter. "No? Well too bad bitch." Jason hisses, pulling her thighs to his chest and jamming his dick into her unwilling pussy. Casey screams and thrashes her head violently. Her dry pussy walls are gripping his cock and collapsing in, trying to stop the relentless intruder. Jason does not waste time with thrusting. He constantly pulls her thighs into his chest while pushing forward with his hips.

Slowly her dry pussy is overcome by the sheer force of his assault and yields to Jason's pulsing shaft. When he is a quarter of the way in he stops, pulls out and thrusts violently, gaining a quarter of an inch. He repeats the process again and again, violently pile driving her dry teen pussy over and over, gaining only millimeters each time. Casey's tits jiggle and shake as Jason rapes her young pussy violently. His giant cock is tearing her in half. Her pussy stretches and grips his shaft, the dry walls fighting against the cock's constant advance.

Finally, after pounding her pussy into submission, Jason's balls come to rest against Casey's trembling ass and he bottoms out in the tiny teen. Despite the powerful tranquilizer her body quivers from the constant pulsing pain.

Casey is powerless to do anything but cry as Jason rocks his hips and probes her insides with his pulsing cock. He leans forward and takes a tit in each hand, putting his whole weight on the tiny girl's chest.

Jason rocks his hips and the wetness begins to emerge from within Casey's abused pussy. Her body is complying with its reproductive requirements, and welcoming the violation without Casey's consent. Jason's movements go from stubborn thrusts to smooth strokes as his cock slides in and out of Casey's tiny cunt. Jason begins to pick up his pace. His balls slap Casey's flattened ass as he brutally rapes the young girl. Her limp body jiggles and shakes as it absorbs his increasingly violent thrusts.

He grunts and moans as he slips in and out of her with increasing ease. Suddenly the pain of a dry pussy is replaced by the mind blowing experience of fucking a tight freshman coed. Against Casey's wishes, her dripping cunt is hugging Jason's shaft tightly, pumping the cum from his pulsing cock. Inspiration suddenly strikes Jason.

Young camgirl stretching her pussy with big dildo buries his twitching dick deep inside Casey and wraps his arms around her. He puts her long legs over his shoulders and pushes her tits into his chest, folding the tiny girl in half. She weights barely a hundred pounds and he lifts her limp body into the air easily, impaling her petite pussy on his huge cock. Jason is an engineering student, and it shows as he turns Casey into a pendulum.

He lifts her up, leaving his arms extended and his foursome family on webcam again barely inside her, and then drops her back down. Over and over again he lifts Casey up and slams her down on his dick, exploiting gravity to fuck her as hard as possible.

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He thrusts to meet her as she falls. Their hips slam together in loud slaps as the pace increases. He pulls her in faster and thrusts harder, bouncing her tiny body off his hips once a second. The violent raping rocks Casey's limp body, which shakes and flails like a rag doll. Over and over he slams into her, stretching two fabulous hotties lick each others pussies cunt and rocking her limp body with every thrust.

The unbelievable assault has taken Casey's physical cripple and matched it with a mental one. Her eyes stare endlessly into the ceiling above, wide and empty.

Jason grunts and his balls begin to tighten. The pulsing grip of Casey's tight pussy is forcing an end to his onslaught. He tosses her limp body onto the bare mattress, pulls the ball gag from her mouth and jams his throbbing dick into her young throat.

There is no foreplay, he slams himself inside her with one quick thrust and begins face fucking her into the mattress.

Casey whole body shakes as Jason's skull fucking cuts off her air. Her head bounces between the mattress and his hips, guided by the cock impaling her young throat. He buries himself deep inside her and lets her spasming throat muscles massage his throbbing shaft. Casey's already vacant eyes grow darker as he holds himself inside her throat longer and longer. Jason can't fight off the torrent of cum creeping up his shaft.

He thrusts his dick even deeper into Casey's throat and unloads. He groans loudly as wave after wave of hot steaming cum go pouring down little Casey's throat. Jason's body spasms as he empties the rest of his load into the little freshman. He pulls his still hard dick out of Casey's abused mouth wipes the last drops of cum on her lips. It mixes with the spit and smeared make up before dripping off her raped face.

Jason steps back and one of the brothers detaches the camera from its tripod, walking over for a closer view. The light on the camera illuminates Casey's battered body. It highlights the red handprints burned into her breasts and the bruises forming on her hips from Jason. Finally the man behind the camera zooms in on her abused face, blue eyes staring vacantly through the smeared mascara into nothing. "Hold on I gotta clean up real quick." Jason says as he straddles Casey and puts his dick between her tits.

He pushes her big perky breasts together and titty fucks the cum right off his cock. When he's finished he smears the rest of his cum, and Casey's pussy juice, onto the young girls cheek before hopping off of her stomach and grabbing a marker from his desk. With a big smile on his face he uncaps the marker, flips her over and draws one dark hash mark on her lower back.

When we look at him quizzically he smiles and explains. "So we can keep track of how many times she gets fucked." "Not a bad idea Jason." I reply. "But I have an even better idea." I grab another marker and straddle the helpless freshman, writing on her back with the bright red ink. When I'm finished I step back and let the brothers have a look. A few laugh, a few high five me, and they all approve.

It reads: GAME OF WHORE CUM ON HER ASS=50 points CUM ON HER TITS=75 points CUM ON HER FACE=100 points CUM IN HER MOUTH=150 CUM IN HER PUSSY=250 points CUM IN HER ASS=500 points "We'll give you 225." I say to Jason with a smile.

"Guess that makes me the points leader then huh?" "Not for long." I reply.