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Sexual teal conrad lives out lesbian fantasy pussy fingering and licking vagina
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. IT'S ALL WRITTEN IN BLACK AND WHITE: I was born and raised in Big City, Washington State to a modestly affluent family. I was one of four children who were generated in sensual glee, if the evidence of their love that we saw within the family was real. And I had absolutely no reason to doubt it. They truly loved each other and made sure that we children were very confident in it. Dad was a senior loan manager with the largest bank in town and mom was the pillar of the local church that our family belonged to.

She led the chorus, and arranged all of the pot lucks and picnics for our whole group of related churches of the same faith.

She was beloved by many of the community and raunchy mature looker has her pussy plowed by the rest. Only fly in the ointment was that they were devoted Republicans to my flaming liberal. No sparks flew, but there was an undercurrent of resentment at my political and social convictions.

The rest of the town found this very humorous, even though everyone down to the last teenage girls stripping home away from home away from home in town respected my family. But, my convictions got me invited to many parties and home dinners of the various ethnic families of the town.

It also busty brunette kortney kane blowing a big dick me into the panties of some of their daughters, with no seeming resentment shown, either.

During the summer before my senior year of High School, I was invited to a back yard picnic of the Woo family, Chinese-Americans. One of my sisters attended, too. And we had such a grand time with this family of loving people. It was a habit of this family, I don't know if it was culturally derived, for them to take a brief nap in the late afternoon, before enjoying the family party up to the wee hours of the morning.

So, I availed myself of a bed in the glorified tool shed and fell asleep there. I was awakened after several minutes, I guess, and found the middle daughter of the family at about sixteen years old, undressing and in the process of joining me on the bed. She whispered that she could only be there for up to twenty minutes and so could waste no time in conversation. So, I roused up and as she was undressing me, I reached out to care of her feminine charms. When we were both nude, she moved to be on top of me and began a very vigorous program of affectionate kissing and tongue play.

We were both lit up with lust with no oral necessary for this time and so she had me let her take her back on the bed and I moved to work my way up into her very quickly. She let out a squeal when I hit bottom and then began to thrust up to my thrusts down.

We were so high on hormones that we both came together quickly thereafter. She roused up then and wiped her pussy across my now recumbent's body's lips and then with a kiss to my forehead was dressed and out of the dick loving stud eats pussy while assfucking with minutes to spare. I then gathered myself up to enjoy the rest of the party, and no one ever referred to this episode, not even the daughter, though she remained affectionate with me whenever we met for the rest of our lives.

I finished high school with an A minus grade level and got many scholarships for my college journey. But, in thinking this over, I decided to spend a few years in the military for time to study ahead for a very demanding college program of Meteorology and to be older and more mature with an effort that would probably lead to a P.H.D. if I was able. Before I left, I recruited my sisters to store up the weather reports and related articles for every day till I got back.

And asked them to take dated pictures from the surrounding hills of the very unusual cloud formations that sometimes developed in this area. My father and mother were totally on board with this effort and supported it with driving the girls often. After a sterling Air Force career (Their words at reenlistment time that never seemed to make it on to my regular fitness reports, though they were very good, too,) I separated from the A.F. to begin my college career well prepared, I hoped.

I had taken a number of correspondence courses during my duty in Alaska, where I hand plenty of time to pursue them. But, I wasn't going to ask for college credit for them.

I would be taking the whole program, to reinforce what I already knew and to increase my grades for my future effort to qualify for pursuing my Masters and PHD. I also got a whole stack of hard bound scrap books full of the readings and photos by my sisters. I was so excited that I hugged and kissed them, right in front of two of their new husbands, who thought that it was all very funny to watch. I decided to do my first two years in the local Community College (called Junior Colleges in those days) to avail myself of their very respected professors.

A person can get some very great instruction in these schools, since the professors don't have to publish and so you get them in the classes and not some student instructor. I did well there, too and moved to the UDUB. Interestingly enough, some of the scholarships that I had qualified for in high school were kept for me, since I had used the intervening years in the military service, until the two year school.

So this, plus my G.I.Bill and some help from my father prevented me from having to sink into a pit of educational debt during my college years. When I started at the UDUB, I met in my first week there Eloise, a junior just like me, but in a program of law enforcement. She had the goal of being the first female police chief in the State of Washington, and was a top student in that program with no physical punches pulled in the program, none asked for either.

I thought of Eloise as just a good college friend and entertained no intimate plans for her. I had reconnected with one of my high school girl buddies (Annie) for my sex. Annie had no plans to either marry or have children, but also no plans of missing out on the sex involved, either.

And she worked in town near the UDUB, too. And with an apartment in the neighborhood, made it clear that I was welcome to bunk in for the rest of my college career, if I wouldn't make an issue of some of her girlfriends visiting for the nights with her also.

I informed her that I had no issues with that at all, especially if I was invited to share with them once in a while. She said that she would run this by them. And it actually did happen gloriously several times. Eloise did turn out to be interested in visiting me…&hellip.and Annie, too on occasion. So, both of us got to enjoy Bbw whore likes to take it outside pussy and sometimes together. Annie later informed me that introducing her to Eloise's pussy and ass was more than adequate reimbursement for the 'bother' of having me living there for what turned out to be six years.

Eloise was a very creative lover. She decided to have us attend one of the more edgy band's show in the late evening, with us renting out one of the loges. As soon as the lights went out and the music started, she undressed her lower half and helped me to do the same. And then she lowered herself to address my flute with a dynamic solo performance. It got tuned right up well, and then she traded places with Emi takanashi asian lesbian action and fucking and I played a symphony on her vulva lips and clit.

When we were both lit up with lust, Eloise raised up and lowered herself on to my cock while sitting in my lap. By this time we were gathering some attentions from the more bored attenders of this so-called concert. But, we were oblivious to that, and they probably wondered at her excited bopping up bbc party for a hot blonde teen amateur p one down during the dreary performance.

The others of the audience either really liked this band or were mesmerized by craving big black cock hot gonzo chicks at college the goods lighting displays.

In any case, Eloise soon came with a emptying of her pussy right into my lap. Then we settled down to a more somber suffering of this band's lame efforts to entertain. Just before the conclusion, there was a knock on the loge's door which was locked and blocked by one of the chairs propped up against it. But, we moved the chair and opened the door to an exasperated theater manager and cop.

He made all kinds of accusations against us, and a lot of threats, too. The cop was bemused by all of this and asked if he had any pictures or recordings of any inappropriate activities in this loge. The manager was brought up short on this and admitted that the two people who had reported this suspect activity were unwilling to give their names nor testify against us, if they were called.

The cop, enjoying this much more than a domestic call glibly suggested that the manager have us come to a night that is usually slow and advertise on the underground newspaper, named THE UNDERGROUND NEWSPAPER, of all things, that the suspect couple from this evening were going to be in attendance again. And then let us alone to entertain them a lot more than this grubby band ever would.

Then with his hoots and shouts of laughter echoing down the hallway we and manger watched as he made his way to the stairs to leave the premises. We did attend the next Wednesday night, with the write-up in the T.U.N. ringing in our ears. There was a transparent and lightly colored screen installed for us, which didn't obscure any pleasure that we might have gotten from the musical program. And we had the time of our life doing everything that we could think of, to the audience's regular applause.

This confused the band, since they weren't even up to their usual poor performances for the night. And then they and the audience could see the shadows of her leaned over the seat with me plowing her from behind, we got a standing ovation for this performance, led by the then paused band.

They did sell out that night and the manager was much amused this time for our fun in his loge. He asked us to return anytime, but was much relieved when we told him, 'Been there, done that!' and refused. I and Eloise finished our Bachelor's programs and she went off to write traffic tickets for a couple of years We saw each other at parties in the future and she would always whisper into my ears, 'loge,' to my amusement, even after she became the chief of a mid-sized town in the state.

The first female police chief in state history. I and Annie separated our living arrangement when I graduated from my P.H.D.

program and at the graduation party, my sisters got another round of kisses from their older brother, much amused by their husbands and now their children, too. My parents were very proud of their unfortunately liberal son, who had acquitted himself very well in his educational efforts, with their considerable assistance. They were very gracious in their affections to me, just as I expected.

I was then offered an assistant's position in the local N.O.A.A. installation, but I wanted to go into the field for a few years to get practical experience to go along with my lessons and years of measurements. So, I was assigned to a N.O.A.A. ship wandering around the Pacific basin and flew out in a seaplane full of me and the ship's necessary supplies. I have no reason to believe that I was more appreciated than the least of the supplies.

But, was greeted with seafarer's warmth anyway. A slap on the hands and 'get busy!' I was first introduced to the Captain, as impressive of a person as I was to ever meet in my life. She stood right up to my height at five foot, ten inches, was the darkest black of skin color of any person that I have ever met and simply exuded strength and authority like nothing that I have seen since.

She greeted me, "Welcome aboard, 'white bread.' Hope to see you validate your presence here. Boson mate will show you around," and then she turned on her heel to return to her castle, the bridge. I got settled in and checked out the equipment that I would be monitoring and actively using.

It was all operational and just short of too well used, and so I spent the first couple of weeks updating and reconditioning it all. The Captain looked in on my efforts once a day and each time nodded at my apparent industriousness.

And on the third week, I was able to pick up the reading of soundings and radar images of above. Meticulous records were kept of these, and that is one thing that my predecessor had done religiously.

So, with my routine in operation, my thoughts went on to size up my chances at having a ready bedmate for the next up to three years of continual presence on the ship. I had no desire to become involved in anyone in my direct chain of command, either below or above and unfortunately, that eliminated several really fine options.

So, I readied myself for three years of abstinence.

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But, one evening soon after, after a late dinner, I found the Captain on the deck taking in the evening breeze, which was refreshing after the sometimes sweltering days. I moved up to take a position beside her, not too close and tried to engage her in a conversation. She took it all in for several minutes and then turned and looked at me, "Lonely already, huh 'white bread?' And a bit more feeling needy too, I would guess." I had no thought to reply to that, and so kept my silence.

This must have been the absolutely right thing to have done, because she told me where her cabin was and to meet her there in an hour. I in amazement could only nod at her in answer. When I arrived, she sat me down to talk a bit. "You probably wonder at this offer from me. But, since you are not in my chain of command, except that I am the captain of the ship, you are one of my few options to address my needs, too.

I have been a sea for five years now and am thirty four years of age. I am not getting any younger and love the feeling of a man with me, you know. So, since I will probably not hit land permanently for many years ahead, I try to find a suitable and willing lover to keep me well-grounded and it has worked so far. "How about you, sir?" "Well, Captain ma'am I am of the same mind and for the same reasons. I would welcome an intimate relationship on the ship, with you in primary mind." "Yes, I noticed you checking out the fillies on board and eliminating them as you found out where they fit into the chains of command here.

There are still some viable options for you in addition to me, and I might have to lend you out once in a bella and missy have some lesbian fun for them even if you choose me." "I may be open to that, but I will probably concentrate on you since I tend to be a serial monogamous lover.

This is because we are of similar ages for one reason." "Yes, I agree with that, she added. So, we settled in for the night and I found her to be much of a traditional lover, not that much kink, but she did allow me anal once a month to please me and to not disrupt her bodily functions too much. She was very affectionate in bed, in contrast to her dour presented mood in her on duty times.

And I showed the necessary respect to her when she was on duty. She deeply appreciated that I took no advantage of being her not so secret lover.

After three months, she announced to me that she was pregnant with my child and that there was no way that it would be aborted.

I totally concurred on that and we determined to raise the child, a daughter we found out when she was born, as a single couple totally dedicated to her welfare. When it was announced to the crew, they got very excited over this. They had known of our lover's connection almost from the beginning, but anticipated a lot more fun with a child aboard.

And as it worked out every one of them took an active part in her welfare while we were on the ship. After four years on the boat, a year more than originally expected, I was extended because of some striking finds that I was making from collating my gathered info with my predecessors.

But, now I would have to return to ground to do advance collating and study of this information and relating it to my doctoral thesis on Puget Sound (Salish Sea) weather phenomena's.

In discussing this with Captain Jamie Oliver, she asserted that I should take Colette our daughter with me, since she would get a better upbringing on shore that at sea. I disputed that, but she won the argument. And she put no restrictions on my possibly marrying while on shore either, just to remember our love of the last four years. I reminded her that I would have evidence of it before me and in my arms every day. When Colette and I left the ship, to board sexy blonde secretary chick gets quickie fucked at work seaplane going home, it was Captain that had the stiff upper lip and it was I that had the tears in the eyes.

I settled in in Twilight City, at the N.O.A.A. station and commuted from just north of the city each day. We had a fine place and I hired a maid/housekeeper to take care of the domestic responsibilities and she took to Colette right away. She was about thirty years old and had a black and white parentage just like Colette. She totally understood Colette's love for me, since she had been close to her father, too. The Captain sent regular letters to our daughter, including first pictures and later videos.

One of her teachers was handy around the darkroom and with sound equipment and so made up a thirty minute program from the letters and pictures. It was very popular at the grade schools around. And we took some pictures of it with our dear daughter watching it in rapt attention for the umpteenth time that she had seen it. When video recording became fashionable, we taped it and sent a copy to the Captain, she was gushing in her appreciation for that.

And subtexted that she better be careful of what she said in the letters. She had never said anything unseemly, though. After dating some of the lovely local women, I became settled on one that seemed very suitable to me now in my early forties. But, the young lady, about twenty-six turned out to be very jealous of the attentions coming to me from my now ten year old daughter, so I politely let her down, because there was no way that Colette would ever be secondary in my life.

And the young lady who was a fine person would need a very devoted husband. She accepted this with a few tears and soon after met a guy who fit her well.

After that, I just dated and Colette grew up to be a fine lady in her own right. She had no interest in college and so went to Art School for a couple of years to sharpen up her already considerable talents. I just dated girls at random and enjoyed many wonderful nights of love with them.

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Many young ladies have no interest in family life, so I had many to enjoy in that way. My housekeeper seemed to want to be my lover and possible wife, but as much as I liked her, the thought never solidly landed in my mind.

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About when Colette two friends enjoy a sensual sex session finished with Art School, Captain Jamie, notified me that she was coming to shore for good. She informed me that she had gotten a position with one of the large local container shippers as their Maritime Operations Commander. Given a private company's rank of Commodore to emphasize her authority over the dozens of ships that she would be responsible for of the crews.

She also inquired if she could bunk in at my place until she found her own. That was no problem, because our daughter was now married with a couple of girls of her own to a MicroSoft executive of Asian extraction that was worshipful of her. Just as she deserved in the convictions of a loving and doting father. In other words I had an empty bed and room for her as long as she wanted. She came and was lovingly welcomed into my home.

She went through a time of integration of herself into the duties of her new position. And on one of the weeks when the school district found out that the Captain of the wonderful video program was in town, they invited her to a multi-school showing of it, with a videotaped Q and A afterwards with her permission.

The augmented version went directly to the schools after that. And with her visit to Colette's grade school she got to see the grand picture of the sea that her daughter had painted to be displayed in the main hallway by the offices. This time it was the Captain's, now a Commodore's, turn for tears.

After a few months she was again in my bed and I was so very grateful for that. And we simply melded together our lives and married in the next year to spend our lives in love from then on.