Soumise sandy suce et baise au donjon

Soumise sandy suce et baise au donjon
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Naked as the day she was born, Brianna walked towards her grandfather's bedroom. It was past 6:00 am more than an hour past the time her grandfather had asked her to go. It seemed to her that no matter how much she tried to be a good girl, she couldn't stop making mistakes. If only she had set an alarm! She paused at his door with her hand in the air and took a deep breath before knocking softly. Tap. Tap. Tap. "You are late!" came his voice. "Get in." Swallowing hard, Brianna walked in and took in the sight of her grandfather as the smell of lavender diosas latinas cogida analmente en trio big butt her nostrils.

That smell reminded her of her sweet grandmother before she died. How unfair life was! She had wished a million times before that her grandfather had died instead but unfortunately, wishes always remained wishes and life had to go on. Her grandfather was lying naked in bed on his back with his hands behind his head, exposing his limp member to her curious eyes. "Come on, I don't have all day! Get to work." He ordered. Unsure what was expected of her, Brianna walked to the bed and stopped at the edge, not wanting to assume she understood.

She saw how her grandfather's eyes stared at her eighteen year old body with lust before he swallowed loudly. "What are you waiting for? Get up here and suck my cock until I cum. Then you can tell me who taught you. I don't think I can stomach any details right now." He told her. As if anything can be as disgusting as him forcing himself on me! Brianna thought and bijenny make good to younger boy part her tongue.

Good thing he couldn't read minds or she would have been in deep shit! Under his directions, she straddled him facing away so her ass was exposed to him as she leaned to blow him. Brianna stroked and sucked his cock, cupped and caressed his balls while he spanked her gently for the first time ever. She begun to realize who arousing spanking can be if done right, as a well started to form between her legs and eventually dripped on her grandfather's stomach.

She got encouraged by his moans and gasps and the twitching of his dick as her hands and mouth worked on him up and down, over and over. "You are so good at this!. Ooh… You are a real slut!. Ooh… a bitch… I bet you've sucked many cocks… ooh… ooh… yes, like that…" he kept saying as she blew him. "Insert a finger in me pumpkin!" he called her by the pet name they used on her when she was young.

"Make it wet and- yesss!" he hissed. "Ooh… your doing good… Ooh… am going to cum, pump that finger!" Brianna was filled with a sense of pride perverted as the whole situation was for being able to make her mean grandfather shake and loose himself in her expertise.

She got wetter by every passing second and wished he would insert a finger in her too. She sucked like a pro. All her boyfriends told her that and she was glad she was in control at that moment. "Ooh… fuck! Am going to cum… am cumming!

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Aaah… oooh… oooh… oooh… oooh…" His dick twitched over and over inside her mouth as he came, shooting his load right in her throat and she swallowed it all. He shuddered and moaned through his orgasm until he was done and his tip was too sensitive to allow any more enticing, then he gave her a painful spank, called her a whore and ordered her to get off him.

Too aroused to take offense by his changed attitude, Brianna did as she was told and did her best to resist the urge to deep her fingers in her dripping cunt. Again under his instructions, she bent over his bed with her legs apart but firmly on the floor.

Her grandfather stood behind her and caressed her butt for a few seconds. "Am punishing you for being late. I had specifically asked you to be here at 5:00 am but you failed to come on time." He told her. "Now, as I punish you, you had better start giving me details of your cock sucking history.

You'll start from the very first time you started and you'll give me names too. Understood?" "Yes sir!" she answered. "Good. If I believe your story, I'll give you a present." Presents were very rare in their household, but one thing Brianna knew for sure was that her grandfather was a man of his word and although she had no idea what the preset would be - IF her story was convincing - she was sure he'd keep his end of the bargain.

So with a wet needy pussy she clenched magnificent derriere bridgette b is fucked by anus in hospital butt as his hand fell with force on it.

She received spank after spank until her butt numbed and the pain turned in to tingling sensations and eventually in to an arousing feeling as she told her grandfather all about her cock-sucking adventures. At first she started speaking quickly but when she begun enjoying the spanking, she spoke slowly, strangely, not wanting it to end, while her eyes were closed the whole time as she narrated her story and at some point, she lowered her hand to rub her clit then her nipples.

"My God!" Her grandfather would say as she gave details.

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"You are a slut!" "even that boy!" "… We don't get along with his family, how could you?!" "in a class full of students? You whore!" He would interrupt. Time passed and when the poor old man couldn't take any more details, he rammed his cock into her sopping wet pussy and begun fucking her with deep fast thrusts that only served to bring her orgasm faster. Apparently my history has turned him on, Brianna thought with a smile.

A few more thrusts and Brianna was shaking with the force of her orgasm, moaning as her inner muscles clenched and unclenched around his cock. But her grandfather was not done.

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"Tell me," he said, still fucking her furiously. "Did any of them make you cum like I do? Did they stretch you like I am?" he asked. Brianna had not compared her grandfather's fucking to her previous lovers, except their size.

Uk mom kelly happy with fat black dick grandfather was bigger than all of them and at that moment, she realized he was better too. That realization, softened a spot inside her.

No matter who she fucked in the future, she would always remember her grandfather's moves. "No." She said almost to herself. "None of them was this good." Her words triggered something inside her and she had another orgasm, moaning as waves of pleasure went through her body. "That's right pumpkin, cum for me. Show me how good I make you feel!" he said. He started to alternate his culona maduras ensena el traseren hildental from fast and deep to ramming his cock deep in her and waiting a few seconds before pulling it all out only to ram it back in to his balls, while asking her to cum.

Like never before, Brianna found herself in an almost constant ecstasy as her orgasms came in short successions of each other. Her grandfather had long taken over rubbing of her clit, all she had to do was enjoy the feeling. "Now am going to cum in you pumpkin… am going to fill you with my warm seed." He told her after countless orgasms and even that, turned out to be an orgasm trigger to her. Once again, her vaginal muscles clenched and unclenched his dick during her orgasm and he found his release, cumming deep inside her with a moan.

He pulled out and lied on his bed panting. With a great need to feel loved, Brianna joined her grandfather in bed, "hold me, please grandpa!" she whispered in a husky voice. And, shocking even himself, he pulled her in his arms and held her with her head against his chest. It was almost 9:00am when Brianna sent breakfast to her mother. Her grandfather had already eaten and left for 'some work' as he had said when leaving. Once outside his bedroom, he had gone back to being the same mean old man, ordering her around and calling her names.

It was hard to believe she had dozed off in his arms and he woke her up with kisses followed by a nice quickie. "What happened last night?" Her mother asked her when she was in her room. "Nothing." She lied. What am I supposed to tell her anyway? Grandpa fucked me last night? Oh, and this morning too and I loved it?

No way! "I cant get out of this bed but my hearing is perfect. Are you fucking my father Brianna?" She asked her. Brianna loved her mother and she had Wonderful memories of a happy childhood but it all ended after the accident that left her mother paralyzed.

At only eight years old, she watched her once happy lively mother turn into the grumpy woman she had become.

She understood how it must have been hard for her not being able to walk ever again, but between her moody mother and her mean grandfather, happiness became a distance memory for her.

"Am not sleeping with your father mom." She said, putting pillows on her back to prop her up. "Am not deaf Brianna! And this house keeps no secrets." She said taking a glass of warm juice from her. "He spanked you last night and this morning to. And you two fucked.

Did you seduce my father?" "No!" Brianna's tears begun to flow as a sob escaped her. "How could you even think I could do that! He raped me, ok? He raped me! I hope you are happy." She said and ran out crying. About two hours latter, her grandfather returned and Brianna listened from the kitchen at their voices, which suggested he had gotten into a heated argument with her mother.

She knew she was in trouble. Damned if you do, damned if you don't, she thought. Moments later, her grandfather stormed into the kitchen, his anger evident in his face and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt, pulling her roughly against his hard form. Buttons went flying from her shirt as he kept pushing her away and back against himself while shouting at oil sex story full sex stories amazing. "You ungrateful bitch!

You went to tell your mommy, right? What did you hope to achieve? I fed you and sheltered you while your stupid father abandoned you and this is how you pay me back?

By turning my daughter against me?" He shouted before slapping her repeatedly, his first slap landing squarely on her cheek. "No! Please, already knew!." Brianna wailed, shielding her face with her hands from his raining slaps.

"She heard us grandpa, I didn't have to say a word, I swear!" "I've been spending all my money on you two, no decent woman would ever accept me with the two of you as a constant burden and this is what I get for blowing some steam with a whore like you whose been sleeping with every boy in this town?" He said. He then ordered her to undress, after which, he took her to her mother's bedroom. "Dad! What are you doing!" Brianna's mother asked her father, horror written all over her face as he pushed her daughter into her room.

"Am going to fuck her while you watch, maybe that will bring some feelings to your dead body!" "Don't talk to my mother like that!" Brianna yelled at him and got silenced with a slap.

Bending her over her mothers bed, she felt his warm saliva fall on her arse before the head of his dick poked her there. Her mother was still in the same propped up position she had left her earlier and Brianna felt her fingers in her hair as she tried to console her while begging her father to stop. In her bent over position, Brianna's head rested on her mother's thighs, her tears falling on her. She wondered when her grandfather got his erection but guessed it was when he decided to fuck her with his own daughter watching.

He really was a pervert!

She cried out in pain when he pushed his cock into her arse. She was still sore from the previous night and the pain was still unbearable. She heard her mother's voice crying and begging him to stop but the old man was too far gone to listen or take pity.

Like a savage he pounded her arse and she did the only thing she knew how, to ease her pain rubbing her clit. "Play with her nipples or I'll do worse to her!" Her grandfather ordered her mother. Still crying, she did as she was told, pushing her hands below Brianna and taking both nipples in her finger, rubbing, slightly twisting and flicking on them, over and over. "That's it! For once, your being helpful." He told his daughter then removed his dick from Brianna's arse and inserted two fingers in its place.

He then rammed his dick balls deep in her cunt. Due to the stimulation on her nipples anime hentai amv ecchi tube porn her mother and that on her clit, the double penetration by her grandfather became enjoyable and she begun to moan. "You hear that?

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She's a whore." Her grandfather told her mother. "Any other woman would be dying of humiliation but not this one. She's a proper whore!" He said sounding proud. "Tell your mother pumpkin, about all your adventures." Brianna was humiliated beyond measure but at that very moment, an orgasm ruptured through her and made her moan loudly. "Speak girl! Tell her or I'll bring my friends to have a taste at both of you!" He roared after she'd calmed down.

Knowing her grandfather's two friends, she chose to speak rather than let them fuck her. And as she spoke her grandfather pounded away at her pussy and her mother stimulated her through her breasts while her own hand worked at her clit.

Brianna lost count of her orgasms as her grandfather lasted longer than before. She anime babe taking cock for a blow on knees her adventures while her mother sobbed and her grandfather cheered with moans, suggesting the parts he seemed to like best… "Tell her about the Ramsey boy, how you blew him in class," he would say.

"Tell her about the part where you sucked two boys" " -the field trip three years ago" …and Brianna would speak, only stopping when she was having an orgasm but resuming her narration immediately after until her grandfather had his release too, cumming deep inside her pussy.

When he was done, he ordered Brianna to make haste and finish making lunch. "Your present is in my bedroom, you'll get it after lunch." He said and left mother and daughter crying.