Emo pretty hottie shares her merry hooters hardcore and blowjob

Emo pretty hottie shares her merry hooters hardcore and blowjob
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My husband Jimmy and I finally graduated high school and we are now in our freshmen year in college. I just had our twin boys and they are beautiful. Wait.I need to catch you up from my last story. You see that fall of my senior year Jimmy and I got pregnant.

That summer after graduation we got married. We are young but thanks to Jimmy's scholarship I helped him get, we are well cared for by the college. We have a nice place to live, both tuitions paid for and a nice expense account to live off of.

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When I first told Jimmy about missing my period and thought I was pregnant mausi ki nayi chal episode 2 porn story didn't even go crazy or anything.

We intended to marry after school anyways, just not so soon. The twins just made marriage come early. It wasn't until they were born however that it was obvious that they were not his.

We love each other dearly and the outcome won't change a thing. We'll raise them as our own just the same. You see my first-born twin was caramel colored just like his friend Johnny and the second was a big strapping red head like his other friend Billy. Apparently on that night of firsts I already told you about in the first story I got pregnant by two fellows other than my Jimmy.

(Better swimmers I guess) Anyways we are here at college with the good life. I forgot to tell you how I got Jimmy the scholarship?

You see as the high school season went on it was beginning to look like our team was going to make a run for the State title. We went on to win every game the rest of the season. We even beat that team that beat us in regular season during the playoffs. College scouts started looking at Jimmy and some of the other boys real hard. Us girls in the cheerleading squad were glad for our boys. One night after cheer practice in the locker room my best friend Jill, Johnny's girl, said we have to do something to help make the boys go all the way this year.

Another girl set the mood by saying, "yeah, if I go all the way with my boyfriend he'd win the moon for me" Then Jill said "That's it. If the boys win the state championship we should all make sure all the seniors get laid" and laughed. Jimmy had told Jill about that one night adventure with the me and the other boys but she never let on to me that she knew. I wondered if she was ever pissed I fucked her boyfriend?

Well anyways after some reservation all 12 of the girls on the squad agreed that if we took states that it was a deal. Jill told Johnny and he told the team and when it got back to the girls they all seemed pretty excited. Four underclass cheerleaders had some concerns.

I think they were cherry. As they won play off game after play off game it looked as though we'd have to follow through with our deal with the boys. I was very excited and hoped I could have another shot at those same friends of Jimmy's from my first gangbang. The day of the state championship was here and the underclass girls came to me and told me they just couldn't do it and chickened out. Oh well, that still leaves 8 of us and their were only 12 senior boys.

I could do 4 myself leaving the other girls not much to do. We all cheered our hearts out during the game. Myself, I cheered secretly for more reasons than a state championship. The boys had a great game and won by a narrow victory. All the girls looked at each other started to get worried. The van ride home was very quiet until Jill broke the ice and joked "Come on girls, it will probably only take a few minutes knowing the teenage boys" Jill told me she did the assistant principal, a young 28 year old man during her junior year.

She said teen boys don't know anything about sex the way a real man did. I should have told her then that you need more than one of them to make it good but then I would have revealed my secret to everyone. Well the home crowd cheered the boys when they got off their bus and the home town stadium was alive with celebration. We girls sat quietly in the bleachers just waiting. Once in a while one of the boys would make a lewd gesture by licking their lips or something but otherwise paid us little attention.

Soon the crowd cleared and the boys went into the locker room to change into street clothes. As I looked at my group of cheerleaders I noticed two missing. They must have chickened out as well. Well that leaves six of us. Two boys each, I thought, we can do it. As the boys filed out of the locker room each went to their cars or their girl friends.

Each of us girls ran up to indian teen gets woken up a dick maserati exclusive respective boys to congratulate them. They all seemed to disappear for a while except for Jimmy and I. The stadium lights were turned off and not a sole was in the place except for the two of us and then some of the senior boys started to make their way over to the bleachers were we sat.

It looked as though I was left to handle the four or five boys that wanted to follow up on the deal. Jimmy asked if was up to it and I didn't hesitate to say "sure thing!" Jimmy didn't want to disappoint his friends either. He just insisted he go first. We all went behind the bleachers were some of the tackling bags and equipment were stored. The only light came from across the field from the field house. The boys gathered around Jimmy and I. I was still in my cheer outfit.

I got down to business and kneeled in front of Jimmy. I took out his now swollen cock and began to give him what I hoped was the best blowjob ever. The other 5 flim xxx story khasi rip just looked on and soon Jimmy was beginning to moan. I knew it wouldn't be long. Jimmy unloaded a huge load in my mouth with a big grunt. That was probably the biggest load he ever came and I had to swallow twice to get it down.

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The other boys cheered and started to help me out of my uniform. My cunt was dripping with anticipation. I heard a couple of cars from a distance and was hoping that was the other girls were coming back to help me out.

Turned out Jill did return with Johnny only to tell me he took care of her itch and wouldn't be staying. She did tell me to take as good of care of Johnny just as I did before. That's how I found out she knew about the first time. She also said the other girls wouldn't be coming back either.

I think she planned this as sort of a punishment for me or something. I didn't mind though. At least until I realized the other cars were the rest of the senior boys. That's 12 boys taming men demanding dick hardcore and blowjob me.

I started to get a little worried The boys had me naked and started kneading my tits and stroking my inner thighs and by now I was so hot there was no turning back.

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Jimmy started the festivities as though it were an awards night. He said the first one to have me was the leading scorer with two touchdowns and an extra point.his friend Johnny. Johnny proceeded to lay me back and plow is dick straight into me. I can tell you by now I was more than ready. Just like last time, Jill had already fucked him first and now he could last a long time with me.

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He pounded my pussy for at least ten minutes while the other boys played with my cristi ann yoga blonde does anal lets try. Just as I was to cum for the first time Jimmy announced that for the best defensive play of the game Kareem gets the second blowjob of the evening and with that his dick was in my face in a flash.

Kareem was a junior? This was to be for Seniors only. That's when I realized that standing around me was an additional 6 underclass boys to make a total of 18 here right now. His ebony tool was about the same size as my Jimmy's but turned up a little more. I gulped it down quickly while Johnny finally got me my climax.

I sucked so enthusiastically that Kareem only lasted about a minute. He gave me a huge load. The most cum I've ever had to swallow and Jimmy just gave me my second biggest load minutes earlier. I couldn't even swallow fast enough as cum just kept oozing and oozing from his dick. His come tasted sweet and wonderful.

Better than any other and I actually thanked him. Johnny came in my cunt finally and that's when I realized he didn't wear a condom (again). I told Jimmy he came in me and he said don't worry, it isn't like he can knock you up, I already did that.

That was his official announcement to his buddies about the baby(s). It was also his way of letting the boys know they could save their condoms for their own girlfriends. Jimmy then proceeded to line another boy up by saying "the best special team play goes to Ken". Ken was the kicker and a sophomore. He jumped between my knees with dick in hand. He had a little dick about 5 inches long and with the first load already in me I barely knew he was in me.

He too came very quickly but pulled out and aimed his dick up over my stomach. His orgasm was impressive in that he sprayed three long threads, the first landed on my stomach and splashed the undersides of my boobs.

The second and third sprayed all the way up to my chin and my hair. If I wasn't already knocked up I'm sure that would have done the job with as much force that had. For a young short dicked kid he'll make some girl a good lay. Johnny then announced one special recognition after another as a boy either arrived between my knees or at my head with a dick. They were of all sizes and shapes.

Curved left, right, up, and some fatter than others. Some came in me while others pulled out. All the boys I blew came in my mouth. After I took care of about 6 of them I was ready for a position change. I got up on my hands and knees. The next boy laid back on one of the practice pads that was laying on the ground and that was my queue to start sucking him off.

Just then I felt the familiar massive cock of lineman Billy and that wonderful 10-inch dick of his. Good thing I was all lubed up from all the other boys because Billy didn't take it slow with me at all.

He mounted me from behind the way he saw unp055-restraint fetish dream foot fetish tube porn the bulls do to the cows down on the farm he was from never letting up at all.

I didn't have to do any work at all with the cock in my mouth because each time Billy would plunge forward so would my head. The cock in my mouth started to explode but because of the motion of my body it pulled out of my mouth before finishing spraying all over my face and hair. It felt warm and I loved it. The practice bag was then placed under my belly now to help hold me up and Billy finally finished and filled my cunt to the brim.

When he withdrew big globs of cum ran down the insides of my thighs. The next boy tried to stick his dick in my ass and I protested. I was saving my anal cherry for my Jimmy. He grumbled but stuck his cock in my very sloppy pussy. He pulled out and came all over my ass and lower back and it ran down between my crack and dripped to the ground.

Jimmy was hard again and although all the boys had not had their turn at me yet I thought he should have another turn. I had a wonderful Idea. I took the other lineman, Bobby, who had a great 8 inch cock and laid him on the ground.

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I straddled his huge body with a big split and settled down on his big hard dick. Then I invited Jimmy to come behind us and go ahead take my last cherry hole. With all the cum that ran down between my ass cheeks in the last half hour it was well lubed. As Bobby began bucking up against me from below Jimmy pushed his dick against my ass and it slid in. At first I was amazed at the incredible pressure that I felt although it did not hurt as I thought it would. I was really full of dick though with both holes filled and soon another boy waiting in line came to my head and filled my last remaining empty hole.

At one point in this position I actually had a dick in each hand as well as each hole filled and thought for sure it could not get any better. I was wrong. I had the biggest orgasm ever from this position and both boys came in me at the same time while I was cumming. The boys in each hand came against my ribs and there was cum everywhere. Everyone cheered at that one. Now all 18 boys had their turn at me in one form or another. The numbers soon began to decline as only 8 boys remained.

They all wanted seconds. Jimmy protested but then said if I was up to it they could all go again. An hour and a half had past since it began. I was sticky with cum from head to toe. I pussy licking for astounding mother id like to fuck hardcore and creampie back over to my back and just said go ahead boys, I've already gone this far and you guys deserve it for what you did for my Jimmy and me.

They brought some towels to wipe some off the runny stuff that didn't dry on me. Apparently I was too sloppy for some of them. They all did take a dip in my swollen pussy though and in turn deposited their own loads. I didn't take another boy in my mouth because my jaw was getting sore. As I had my last of what turned out to be 12 orgasms total for the night I burped a nasty cum burp and tasted again all the many loads I swallowed. The remaining boys said how nasty that sounded.

Finally the last of them had enough and went home.

The college scouts in the stands that night signed Jimmy to a great college scholarship and threw in a package for me as well. Jimmy is convinced the boys would not have played so hard if it wasn't for their reward. That is why he gives me so much credit for our good fortune. Now maybe after he has 4 good years at college I can convince his new team mates to win a big bowl game to give my Jimmy a shot at the big money in the Pros.

That will be another story for another time.