Name of the girl or names of the movie

Name of the girl or names of the movie
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Drive In Theater, Part 01 My first adult cock. When I was young my parents moved into a new house that was located about ½ mile from a drive in theater. Since I didn't have a car I would walk to the drive in and enter thru the Exit drive way. I would set in the patio area and watch the movie and chat with some of my school mates that had come in by car with friends or parents.

I would often check out the men's restroom and was fascinated by the piss trough on the floor instead of the traditional urinals. I already knew I was attracted to men sexually and this was a great way to check out all he cocks as they hung out to piss. I would always get a boner looking at the men so I was careful not to reveal my desires to other men. One evening while at the theater Gorgeous bitch acquires holes screwed interracial and hardcore had to piss so went into the men's room during the movie.

While I was pissing one of the men that worked there came in and whipped out one of the biggest cocks I'd ever seen in my young life.

He knew I was looking and pulled on it as he pissed and leaned back to give me full view. When you are a young teenager, everyone over 20 seems old. I guessed this guy was about 22, good looking, well build ,with dark hair and clean shaven. I couldn't tell too much about his physical body because of the work drive in coveralls he was required to wear.

The name tag on his pocket said Carl. "Nice big dick. Huh kid? He said proudly as he turned towards me to give me a better look. "You should see it in action when it really gets hard and grows even bigger." I bashfully acted like I was not overwhelmed and quickly put my hard dick back into my jeans. "Hey kid. Are you here with some of your friends?" "No. I'm here by myself. I walk in the Exit road and watch the movies." "That's clever.

How's about joining me in the back of the theater in my shed. I've got a good view of the movie and no one will bug you. Besides I need some company. I might pieced nipples gf tries out anal sex while being filmed let you get a closer look at my dick and get it hard for me. Would you like that?" "Yeah&hellip.I mean…no I got to go after this movie." "Come on kid.

If you don't join me I'll have to turn you into the manager and he'll kick you out of the theater, and might even have you arrested for trespassing. You wouldn't like that now would you? Come on Kid. I know we can have some fun together." I was excited and scared by his proposal. I was still very new at playing around with other males, even though I had messed around with a few close buddies from school, but I'd never had the chance to be with an older adult man.

I nodded and followed him out of the men's room and up the driveway to his shed. "I watch over the theater from up here and make sure there are no fights and direct traffic when the movies are over. Most of the guys park along the back of the theater so they can make out and fuck with their girls. You'd be surprised how much action I've seen take place back here. Later on we'll do a condom run and pick up all the used rubbers back here.

Lots of man juice in some of these young dudes." His shed was about 8 lesb sexy #62 strapless strap-on from lesb sexy tube porn by 10 feet. One wall had a large window and a door at one end of the building. Against one wall was a make shift cot covered with a used bedspread. He popped oven a beer and offered me a sip but I refused. The night was clear and warm so we set on a wooden bench leaning again the shed.

"What's your name kid? My names Carl. I take it you live near by." "My names Richard and I just live across that field. You can see the house lights from here." I said as I pointed towards my house. "There are 3 other guys that work here with me, but they are checking out the area. They won't be back for about an hour." Carl reached inside his coveralls from the side and adjusts his cock.

I knew he was naked under his coveralls because I could see his bare skin at the open side. It was exciting and very sexy. He kept playing with his cock and then looked at me and calmly said. "Do ya still wanna feel my cock when it gets hard? Come closer and reach inside my coveralls for a feel. I've got it hard now." I nervously set closer to him while he took my hand and placed it inside his coveralls. I almost came. He was naked as I suspected and I felt the heat of his hard firm body and the feel of a huge hard cock.

I could hardly get my hand around it. He set back and closed his eyes as I caressed and explored his manhood. Then he pulled his coveralls off his shoulders and down to his knees and set on the bench almost naked. He was tall and had a firm swimmer body. The only hair was under his arms pits and around his crotch. His uncut dick was long and very large around and stood firm like a flag pole. His large balls hung down between his legs. He was very sexy. "If you like you can jack on it for a while.

No one around and no one can see us, besides who cares. Your hand feels good on my dick. You like it? Feel my balls too. They have a lot of man juices and are ready for you taste.

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Jack on it buddy. Oh yeah. Just like that. You've done this before haven't ya?" I was beginning to relax and enjoy his big manly cock. I was so excited that I didn't care if any one saw us. I jacked on it for a few minutes, then I noticed some clear dripping juices oozing from his piss slot. It looked fascinating and I was even more curious. I was old enough to shoot my jizz but wondered how much a big cock like this would shoot. I had one hand on his dick and the other exploring his balls.

"You have caused my dick to ooze out some sweet man juices. Wouldn't ya like to taste my sweet juices? Go ahead kid, put your mouth over the head of my dick, and taste my juices. You'll like it I guarantee." I got on my knees beside Carl's legs and leaned redhead swinger milf rides a differant cock his hard dick. He placed his hand to the back of my head and forcible shove my head to his cock. I didn't resist and gratefully placing my mouth over the head of his big smooth cock head.

He smiled with consent and sighed with pleasure. I had never had such a big man cock in my mouth before and I knew I couldn't suck him off like I did my school buddies. He was way too large for my mouth. All I could do was go down on the cock head and taste the clear liquids from his dick. It was salty-sweet and pleasing. "See?

I told you it tasted good. Hey kid, jack on it with your mouth over the head. I'd like to give you more of my juices. You're a good kid and I like you. Jack on it and let's see what happens.

Oh yeah. That feels good. You have a hot mouth and a very lively tongue there. I like this and perhaps if you do it right I'll let ya come here more often and suck my dick." I liked the taste of his juices and wanted more. I jacked it up and down then licked his shaft up one side then down the other.

I inhaled his body smells and tasted and kissed his balls.

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He became more and more excited and began to wriggle and breathe deeper. I knew something was about to happen. He grabbed my head and started to 'face fuck' me. I gagged but finally got into his rhythm of his movements, and linking my hand movements and my warm mouth over his big cock, he started to shoot a load of his cum into my mouth. I was surprise at the wonderful feeling of a big cock throbbing, pulsating and squirting load after load of jizz into my mouth.

I didn't know there would be such a volume of cum gushing from a man's dick, but I kept sucking and swallowing as quickly as I could. Tears come to my eyes from gagging, but when he finally released my head I took control again.

The overflow of his cum ran from the corners or my mouth and onto my hand and shirt.

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He set back on the bench and let me continue to suck and clean off his fantastic cock and low hanging balls. "Hey buddy, you did a great job. Perhaps we should do it again later to see what you learned from this round.

You did well. Did you like it?" about that time we heard some one talking and walking towards us on the ground cover gravel. Carl immediately pulled up his coveralls and set back on the bench. I got off my knees and from between Carl's legs and quickly and set beside him. From the dark walked two other men in coveralls who worked at the drive in. "Hey Carl. Who's your little friend? One of your cocksucking fans?" one of the men said. "You still molesting young innocent boys again?" " How do you entice these 'cuties' to suck your cock?

The other man said. " Why don't you ever share with us? I like getting a blow job or fucking a sweet boy pussy as well as the next guy. " I figured I'd better get out of here before they decide to rape my ass. I stood and told Carl I should go because my parents were waiting for me. He knew different but it gave me an excuse to leave.

"Yeah. Okay Kid. See ya tomorrow night?" I nodded yes, and waved goodbye. I headed down the middle of the theater walk way and to the concession stand. I enjoyed sucking Carl's big cock but was not ready for his two friends just yet. They looked mean and rough and I didn't feel like getting gang banged by his two work pals. I would return tomorrow night and have another go at Carl's big beautiful and juicy cock. Story by Richard Barber.