Gorgeous ex girlfriend ashley scott and her two best friends

Gorgeous ex girlfriend ashley scott and her two best friends
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Rite of Passage Chapter 1 Jimmy Smith's sister's legs were thrown over each of his shoulders as he thrust hard into her tight tunnel. Looking down, he could see the white froth coating his cock and the soft, downy-brown of her pubic hair. The air filled with the squishy sounds of his cock pounding her juicy wet pussy. Her small breasts flew back and forth. Her shoulder-length brown hair surrounded her sweating face.

Her eyes locked on his, her mouth open hot brunette takes a deep one anally and facial a soft mewling sound issuing from it. Her full hips thrust up rhythmically, meeting each of his downward thrusts. The rhythmic contractions of her vagina told him that she was close to another orgasm. He tightened his grip on her thighs and thrust harder. He could feel the mushroom head of his cock pressing against her cervix, trying to force entry.

Their animalistic grunts and groans grew more strident as they reached the point of no return. As they had done so many times before, they pushed each other toward their orgasms. "Oh fuck…oh, fuck…oh my God, Jimmy, oh God I'm coming, I'm coming!" "Give it to me, Julie! Cum for me! I want to feel you squirting against me." "Fill me up, Jimmy! Pump my pussy full. This is your pussy and always will be. Now fill me up, goddamnit, fill me up!" Jimmy began the short hard strokes that presaged his orgasm.

The staccato slapping of flesh on flesh echoed in the room. He could feel her pussy contracting, gripping, and pulling his juices out of him. He thrust hard once, twice, three times, four times, releasing his seed into his sister's womb.

Finally, he fell forward, collapsing on top with her legs wrapped around his back. They lay like that for several moments, sharing gentle kisses and soft words of endearment. "Oh my Lord, I'm going to miss this!" Julie kept her legs wrapped tightly around her younger brother's back.

She loved to hold his sperm in her as long as she could; it added to the intimacy of their lovemaking. From their preteen explorations, to their early teen mutual masturbation sessions and finally to the first penetration, they shared an empathy that caused their sex life to be almost otherworldly in its intensity.

She was at once elated at the prospect and saddened by it. She gently stroked his sweating back and nuzzled his ear, kissing it softly.

Despite their age difference, Jimmy was 16 and Julie was 17 years old, they shared an active sex life. Due to a quirk in the school admission policy, Jimmy would enter his senior in the Fall while his sister left for college "Mmmm, Thanksgiving seems so far away.

And," Jimmy laughed, "this means I'm going to have to find a real girlfriend." As he said this, Jimmy nibbled lightly at his sister's ear lobe. He yelped as Julie brought a hand down smartly on his bare bottom. "Whoever you find, Buster, she had better be prepared to take a backseat to me." Jimmy rolled onto his xxxx story bp sex stories story college sexy story. He leaned over, taking the nipple of her small breasts into his mouth.

He sucked gently on her still-hard nipple. Julie's hand caressed the back of his head, gently holding him. "Hopefully, she will have bigger tits." Julie put both of her hands on her brother's chest and vigorously pushed him off her.

She then threw one full thigh over his waist and straddled him. She shook her finger in his laughing face. "Oh, you mean like Mom's big jugs? I've seen you ogling her when she's walking around in those tight T-shirts." He raised his hand and gripped her waist. He let them slide lovingly over the curve of her full ass and back up to her waist. He repeated this several times "Seriously, why do you think she started doing that?

I mean, the past year or so she has been dressing absolutely slutty. Kind of like you!" Jimmy quickly brought his arms up over his face in a mock defense. Instead of trying to hit him, she reached down and lightly tickled him. As he began to squirm, she rolled off him and lay next to him, her leg thrown across his leg, her head on his shoulder with one arm across his chest. She felt his body shiver as she kissed his nipple. "I dress like that to tease you, silly.

And I suspect that's why Mom does it." "Get serious! Why would Mom be dressing like that for me? I mean, she's forty years old and she's got Dad." "Mom is thirty-nine years old," Julie emphasized, "and she's concerned about being forty and over the hill. I heard her talking to Aunt Anna about how horny she gets and how sex with Daddy has gone downhill." Julie began slowly kissing her way down her brother's hairless chest.

She let her tongue move wetly over his abdomen, tonguing his navel. She continued down, letting her tongue run from his navel down across his downy cum-soaked pubic thatch. She sucked gently on his sweat and cum-soaked pubic hairs. Lord, she thought I am going to miss this. She let her tongue run through the tangled mess of hair until it reached his still hard cock.

She let her tongue run from the base of his cock to the tip, licking off their combined juices. "Hey, no fair! Turn around so I can taste you, too." Quickly, Julie turned, swung her leg over his head and lowered her pussy toward his face as she leaned down to engulf his cock.

Her tits pressed against his stomach as she pressed her mouth down over his cock. Jimmy reached up and wrapped his arms around her full butt. He caressed it as he gazed at the swollen moist lips of her pussy. Eagerly, he reached out with his tongue and drew a long slow stroke through her lips, caressing them and tasting her tangy wetness. She groaned as she felt his tongue invade her dripping snatch. They both loved this so much.

They had discovered oral before they discovered penetration. When jimmy had his first orgasm in her, he had tasted her and said it was the best thing he had ever tasted. Since that time, they always ended by licking each other clean. "Lick me, baby. Lick me long and hard. Clean our juices from your pussy!" As his cum dribbled out of Julie onto his chin, he eased his finger into her tight anus. The internet had been their sex education class.

They searched it and experimented with the various things they saw there. He forced his tongue into her overflowing hole. Julie took her brother's cock in her mouth and slid slowly down its length, her tongue sliding around its circumference, licking up all of the precious juices. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as she felt the delicious sensation of her brother finger fucking her ass while sucking her clit. She redoubled her efforts, knowing that she would come quickly from his ministrations.

"Dear God, baby. You suck cock so well. I…I can feel me sliding down your throat!" Jimmy worked his finger rapidly in and of his sister's tight asshole. He knew how much she loved this and that it would put her quickly over the top.

At the same time, he could feel his cock sliding effortlessly up and down her throat. Jimmy homed in on the hard nub of her clit; circling his tongue around it and making her squirm and buck her hips on his face. He tightened his grip on her full firm ass to hold her in place "Fuck fuck fuck oh shit I'm coooommmmiiinnnnggg!" "Sonofabitch.

I'm cuuummmmminnnnggg!" As one, they exploded; Julie spraying her brother's face while he emptied his load down her throat and into her belly. They fell next to each other head to toe, exhausted. Julie swung her feet to the floor and sat up on the side of the bed. "Come on! Let's shower so I can get back to my room." Jimmy stood, wiped Julie's cum from his face with his open palms, and started toward the bathroom "By the way, were you serious about Mom?" Julie turned and kissed her brother's cum-covered face.

"Yes, little brother, I'm serious. Mom has a serious case of the hots for you. And if you do anything about it, you had better damn well call me with all the details. Now let's get our shower." Jimmy watched his sister's delectable bubble butt as she walked to the shower. He followed her swaying ass. He imagined it was his mother's mia khalifa vs lex steel ass swaying in front of him.

* * * Dinner that Sunday night seemed a little odd. There was an empty chair where Julie usually sat. Earlier that day the three of them stood in the driveway watching Julie and her girlfriend Caitlin depart in her fully loaded minivan.

The two girls had an eight hour drive to campus. They promised to call during the trip and when they arrived. Jenny Smith wore a loose fitting cotton A-line skirt with her now trademark t-shirt. Under that, she had on her new tan sheer bra and matching panties. Her legs were bare and she was barefoot. Waves of emotion washed over her as her eyes moved surreptitiously from her husband to her son. More and more she was amazed at how similar they looked.

Naturally, Henry was heavier, his face fuller. His gut reflected a love affair with beer for most of his 43 years. However, they shared the same dark eyes and brown hair although, Henry's was mostly gone. Her son, on the other hand, was a lightly-muscled six-footer. He was still developing but she was sure that he would end up at least a 6'2", 200-pounder like his father was in his youth.

She wondered if his cock was as fat as his father's was. Jenny was instantly ashamed. For the life of her, she could not figure why her son's body obsessed her. Her sister Anna teased her that it was the result of being married 20 years and getting ready to turn 40. She crudely called it "lack-a-nooky." "By the way guys," she said, "Anna will be spending a couple of days with us. She and Caleb are having a few issues and she wants to get away." "Issues?" Henry laughed.

"The only issue they have is that she wants babies and Caleb is obsessed with his career. He ought to do less work at the office and more work in the bedroom." We could use a little more work in the bedroom around here, Jenny thought. "Henry, don't you be talking like that in front of Jimmy." "Aw, Jenny, the boy knows about sex. We had our talk a year ago. Didn't we, Jimmy?" Embarrassed, Jimmy nodded his head quickly. He recalled his father's fumbling attempts to explain sex and procreation.

A topic he and his sister had educated themselves about on the Internet and then practiced on each other. Thankfully, their mother put Julie on the pill a few years back. Her rationale was "just in case." As they ate dinner, Jimmy was entranced by how his mother's breasts bulged outside the frame of her body. He could see the imprint of her nipples on the t-shirt. Like most boys, he sneaked a peek at her bra size and knew she was 38C. "Jimmy!

Did you hear me?" "I'm sorry, Dad. I…I was thinking about Julie out there on the highway." "Yes, well, she'll be okay. However, I want you to go out and clean the pool. The leaves are falling off the trees and I don't want the filter to plug up again." Jenny mentally shook herself. She was aware that her son was distracted because he was staring at her breasts. She knew he was watching and she had enjoyed his attention. Maybe I need to see a doctor, she thought.

I am not sure what the hell is going on with me. * * * Anna and her sister sat at the kitchen table sharing a bottle of wine. In the adjacent family room, Jimmy and his father watched Sports Center after Monday Night Football. It was after midnight when the boys said goodnight to Jenny and Anna. The women waved airily and went back to their conversation. Their florid, sweaty faces and eyes at half-mast attested to the number of glasses of wine they had drunk.

In his bedroom, Jimmy stripped to his boxers. Just before crawling into bed, he unlocked the connecting door to the bathroom. He and his sister routinely left these doors unlocked. Just as they routinely locked their bedroom doors. All hell would have broken loose if Mom or Dad caught them playing. However, with his aunt staying, he made sure the bedroom door was also unlocked. Jimmy woke to someone pulling the sheet back and crawling into bed with him.

At first, he thought it was Julie. As he crawled from the depths of sleep, he natural babe sucks cock pornstars and hardcore over. His hand touched not Julie's delectable ass but his aunt's big sweaty butt. He bolted upright, confused. He reached over and turned on the lamp on the nightstand. "Aunty Anna! You're in the wrong bed." She mumbled something incoherent, rolled to a sitting position and tried to stand up.

She stood weaving for a moment and then fell back crossways onto the bed. Her knee-length cotton nighty flew up and landed across her abdomen. In the low light cast by the lamp, he could see his aunt's hairy pussy.

Her pubic hair extended in a vee up her belly to just below her navel. It was a lighter brown than her hair. Her gleaming, prominent pussy lips were spread like butterfly wings. Her belly was surprisingly trim, with only a small pooch. In many ways, she was a slighter smaller version of his mother but with bigger tits. They both had the same soft brown hair and dark eyes. Anna was a slightly shorter and thinner than his mom's 5'6", 190 pounds. The sight of all this naked female flesh had his cock rigidly pointing at the ceiling.

He could feel pre-cum running down the underside and over his balls. "Aunty, I'm going to pull you to your feet and then help you into the other bedroom, okay?" He put one knee on the bed and grabbed Anna's arm. He pulled hard and got her to gorgeous teen hottie strokes dick smalltits hardcore sitting position.

She slumped forward, her breasts hanging loosely from her chest. A thin sheen of sweat covered her body. Her mouth stunning brooke gets nailed in a threesome open and her head lolled from side to side. "Just let me sleep here, Jimmy. I'm too drunk to get up." Low alcohol tolerance must run in Mom's family, he thought.

He knew when Mom and Dad went out that Dad sometimes had to carry her to their room. He decided to sleep in his sister's room and let Aunty college student fashion model01 tube porn his room. As he turned toward his sister's room, Aunty gagged.

"I think I'm going to be sick." Anna tried to stand and fell to all fours. Jimmy saw her back undulate in a dry heave. He quickly wrapped his arms around her waist. It was a major effort but he managed to get her to her feet.

It was not lost on him that his hands were now crossed under her ample breasts. In addition, his leaking cock painted her lower back with his secretions. She was like a rag doll. That is, if a rag doll was 5'4" and 170 pounds. Her breasts were warm and heavy on the back of his arms and hands. "Hold on, Aunty. You can't make a mess on the bedroom floor. Let blonde white milf loves black cock in her mouth help you to the bathroom." He began to duck-walk her to the bathroom.

Inevitably, he could feel her large breasts sliding back and forth on his arms and hands. His rigid cock poked her in the ass. Anna giggled. "What is that you're poking me with?" She reached back with one hand and grabbed his cock. Instinctively, he pulled back, pushing her away.

She fell forward on her hands and knees. She finished the trip to the bathroom crawling. Her gown slid up around her waist. Jimmy could see her succulent pussy framed by her full thighs.

Jimmy was transfixed. He slowly stroked his aching cock as he stared at the gleaming slit of his aunt's pussy. Between the wings of the butterfly, he could see a hint of pink. The room filled with the acrid smell of vomit. Disgusted, he retrieved a towel from the linen closet and wet it in the face bowl. As he turned back toward her, Aunty had assumed the position that he saw his mom in many times after her women's club meetings. She was hugging the toilet, her cheek on the bowl with the wall behind the toilet partially supporting her.

Puke stained the front of her nightgown. At this point, Jimmy prepared to bail. It was one thing to get free feels on his inebriated aunt, however, it was quite another to have to clean up her vomit. "Aunty Anna, I'm going to wake up Mom and Dad to help you." "No…no! Your dad would bitch. I can manage." He watched as his aunt struggled to all fours. From this position, she tried to remove her nightgown.

He sighed, realizing that cleaning her up and getting her to bed was up to him. "Aunty, you got to take off that soiled nightgown and take a shower." "Jimmy, please help me.

I'm too drunk to do it alone." Anna managed to get to her knees and then sat back on her heels. She struggled to pull the nightgown over her head. She managed to get both arms lesbian adorable hotties please each other dildo toy but could not pull the gown over her head.

Spent, she fell forward on her hands. The acrid odor of her vomit assaulted his nostrils.

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However, his cock was rigidly hard as he watched her large breasts sway invitingly. He mentally shook his head to clear it and then stepped to the shower stall. He pulled the shower curtain back and turned on the water. Aunty was still on her hands and knees, the nightgown hanging loosely from her neck.

Bleary-eyed, she stared at his crotch. "You've grown a lot since I used to change your diapers," she slurred.

Aunty licked her lips and grinned. He was not sure what that meant, but he knew he had to get her in the shower.

Gingerly, he pulled the filthy nightgown over her head and tossed it to the bathroom floor. Then he squatted in front of her and looped his arms under hers. He pulled her to a kneeling position, her cheek resting on his abdomen. Jimmy was winded. He paused to catch his breath and reposition his arms. That is when Anna grabbed his cock and licked it. The shock went through his body. He looked down into the leering, sweating face of his aunt as she licked the pre-cum from the head of his cock.

He knew he should push her away. He wanted to, however, her tongue sliding around the crown of his cock felt incredible. He stood there while she took his cock in her mouth. He learned that night there is a big difference between eager horny amateurs and a grown woman with experience.

Aunty's mouth slid up and down his cock, taking it a bit deeper each time. Despite being drunk, her tempo was soft and sensual, as though she were making love to his cock with her mouth. Her mouth slid up and down with long cute oriental sits on big dildo japanese hardcore gliding motions, smacking her lips and sucking wetly, swirling her tongue about the head each time she pulled up, and massaging his shaft with it every time she went down.

Her saliva ran wetly down his balls. With each plunge of her sweet, sucking mouth, she took more and more of his cock, eventually opening her throat and letting it slide in. Unable to hold back, he erupted in his aunt's mouth. His sister always teased him about how much he came. This time it was as if a string was pulled from his balls through his cock.

He felt every excruciating inch of that string as he emptied his ball sac into Anna's mouth. His aunt began coughing and gagging. She pulled back. Still he came, spewing his hot love juice like a volcanic eruption. When he finished, a white frothy mess covered his aunt's face, neck and the tops of her tits. Breathing heavily, he reached out with one arm and sweet hot cutie gets fucked hard perfect ass round ass himself against the wall.

Anna slumped back, sitting back on her heels. She made a loose uncoordinated attempt to wipe his sperm from her face. When she cleared her eyes, she looked at her hands, looked around for something to wipe them on, and then casually licked her hands clean.

"Wow," she mumbled, "that was a lot!" He watched as her tongue flicked out lasciviously, ran around her lips cleaning cum from her mouth. "Oh God, Aunty, "I am so sorry!" Anna's head was beginning to clear. "Jimmy, just help me into the shower. You must never, never, never tell bitch porn videos search watch and download bitch free sex about this! Do you understand?" Diffidently he nodded.

Aunty laughed a little and shook her head. "Lord," she said, "what have I done?" * * * Anna was more sober after sucking off her nephew. Nevertheless, she still needed help to stand. He guided her into the steaming water. In the process, his boxers got wet. She slumped against the wall of the shower. She did not go to her knees, but she was having difficulty standing.

Jimmy's still-hard cock throbbed as he watched the water stream through the deep valley between his aunt's mountainous big macky e kig bengala. It ran through the thicket of her pubic hair and streamed through slit of her labia. "Aunty, you need to soap up some." "I can't, Jimmy, just leave me here." Jimmy realized he was going to have to help her. He slipped off his boxers and stepped into the shower stall with her.

He took the sponge and soaped her front. His hand moved slowly across the open area just above her breasts. Gathering courage, he lifted one large tit and washed it on both sides and underneath. He repeated that procedure with the other, but this time he used his free hand to pull gently on her huge nipple. Anna watched her nephew through slitted eyes.

Somewhere within her a voice screamed at the impropriety of what she was allowing her nephew to do. She moaned softly as he pulled hard on her nipple. Languidly, she reached out with one hand and grabbed his cock. Her fingers could not meet around the circumference. Jimmy's cock had never softened, but now it was harder than ever.

He ran the sponge across her full, lush body. Slowly, he washed down to her pubic thatch. A part of him noted that her pussy hair was darker and thicker than Julie's. His hands slid down and began washing the creases on either side of her vulva where they met her thighs.

He heard her gasp as he washed across her swollen pussy lips, the sponge touching her thick, protruding clit. Anna grabbed her nephew's hand holding it tightly against her needy pussy.

Frantically, she humped his hand on the sponge. "Dear God, you're still hard!" The warning voice, fainter now, screamed at Anna to stop. He was 16; she was 38 and should know better.

However, need and alcohol overcame common sense. She turned and placed both her hands against the shower wall. She could feel the water cascading down her back and sliding between the cheeks of her ass.

Jimmy knew what she wanted and he was scared to death. He had never fucked a grown woman. "Aunty, maybe we should get out and dry off." Anna reached back, grabbed his cock and guided it to her entrance. That other voice screamed again for her to stop. "First, you are going to fuck me.

You're going to do what my husband hasn't done in months, give me a good fuck!" Anna pushed back and felt his fat youthful cock slide into her aching cunt.

She gasped as he stretched and filled her. She could feel the head of his cock sliding through her pussy. The feeling was incredible. She began thrusting back against his thick youthful meat. With the hot water streaming over their bodies, Jimmy began pumping hard and fast in and out of his Aunt Anna's pussy. "Slow down, Jimmy, slow down. It'll make it better for me, and you'll last longer." She reached back, placed her palm against his belly, and pressed lightly.

He stopped, unsure of what to do. Two ladies please a group of men with their mouths could feel her pussy contracting around his cock. "Now, baby, long deep strokes!" He slowed down, pulling his cock out until the lips of her pussy just covered the head. Then he slowly drove in, feeling her outstretched hand controlling how hard he went. He began to understand what she wanted.

He gripped her hips and began a slow in and out. This was new for him. Nevertheless, it felt incredible. "Like this, Aunty?" "Yes," she groaned, "fuck me deep and slow!" He groaned, too, as his penis moved slowly through this tunnel of warm, wet velvet.

Velvet that contracted, squeezing him and drawing him in even deeper. She was not as tight as Julie was, but her pussy felt as though it was caressing his cock. "Do it, Jimmy! Do it to me!…Do what my husband won't do, darling! Fuck me! Oh God, yes, baby, fuck me!" Still hardly able to believe what was happening, Jimmy let his body do what came natural.

He fucked her with long, deep strokes, every stroke bringing a gasp of pleasure from her mouth. Anna began moving faster, slamming back against him. Jimmy realized that leaning against the shower wall was a woman, a grown woman who writhed with pleasure as he fucked her.

A woman who urged him on with whispered obscenities. "Fuck me hard, Jimmy!" Anna clawed savagely at the shower wall as she thrust her hips back. Anna was a woman who wanted to be fucked, needed to be fucked, lived to be fucked! Fleetingly, the dangers of unprotected sex with a potent teenager crossed her mind.

She tried to remember where she was in her cycle and could not. "You're fucking me good, Jimmy! Your cock feels so good inside me! Fuck me! Fuck my brains out, Jimmy!

Make me scream!" Jimmy's lips pulled back, exposing his even, white teeth, snarling as he fucked his aunt hard. His hand flew up and whacked her hard across her full ass. Anna screamed and thrust back hard. She was bent almost double with her hands pressed against the wall. Her head hung down with her wet hair covering her face. "I'm going to cum, Jimmy," she hissed. "Tell me what you're doing to me, tell me, Jimmy!" "I'm fucking you Aunty. My cock is buried in your steaming hot cunt!" "Do you like Aunty's pussy, Jimmy?

Does it feel good to you?" Recalling how much Julie enjoyed it, Jimmy again brought his hand down sharply on his aunt's ass. Her yelp and hard thrust back told him she liked it. "I love your pussy, Aunty Anna! It feels so fucking good!" Aunty screamed and thrust her butt back hard against him.

He felt her pussy contract, gripping his cock like a vice. He could feel her pussy massaging his dick bringing him to his orgasm. He pumped hard, exploding deep in her birth canal. "Fill me up…give me all that good juice! Oh, fuck! I can feel it. I could feel you splashing against my cervix. Oh dear God! So good…so good!" They stood there for a moment, exhausted, the water streaming over them.

Anna's auburn hair hung wet and limp around her shoulders. Her back undulated softly as she came down. Jimmy slowly slid his still semi-rigid cock out of his aunt's pussy.

He turned off the water amateur blow job playoffs round captain willy slumped against the wall.

"Are you okay, Aunty?" "Jimmy, I am more okay than I have been in months!" Anna turned and stared at her nephew intently for a few moments. Then her eyes widened slightly as her gaze trailed down to his semi-rigid cock.

She shook her head in wonder. "Dry yourself off and go to bed. I think I can handle it from here. But remember, you must tell no one!" Later in bed, Jimmy slowly stroked is cock. "I fucked my aunt, a grown woman, and she liked it." He could hardly wait to call Julie and tell her. Chapter 2 Jimmy woke to the smell of brewing coffee and frying bacon. He could hear his parents and aunt chattering downstairs.

He grabbed a robe and began the slow descent to the kitchen. He was not sure how his aunt would react in the cold light of day. Last night she had been drinking. She might believe that he took advantage of her. In a way, he guessed he had. He was ashamed of himself and prepared to face the music.

Anna had on a below the knee cotton robe that belted at the waist. Her hair hung in loose auburn curls around her shoulders. In the bright morning sunlight, He could see the faint streaks of gray amidst the brown. There were crows' feet at the corners of her dark eyes and the beginning of deep laugh lines around her mouth, the same mouth that sucked his cock last night.

His mother wore a semi sheer peignoir. It was beige and translucent in the bright sunlight. It stopped just above the knee while the robe continued down for another inch or so. The effect was, as she moved around in the bright sunlight of the kitchen, that he could see the outline of her heavy breasts moving beneath the robe. He noticed that over the past few months that mom's nightwear became more provocative. She used to wear long cotton gowns with matching robes that dropped below the knee.

Light teasing at having slept so late greeted him. His aunt gave him a long hard stare. A slight smirk played across her lips.

His stomach did somersaults until he realized that the hammer was not coming down. "Jimmy, his father said, I have a list of chores that you need to work on this last week before school starts. You can start by mowing the grass." Jimmy groaned as he thought about a morning spent in the hot late summer sun.

He had plans to hook up with some friends for little B-ball. Mowing that half-acre lot would take most of the day. After breakfast, he went to his room and changed into some Jersey shorts and a T-shirt. He slipped on some old sneakers, preparing for a day of hard drudgery. Aunt Anna cornered him in his room. She told him she remembered just enough to know what the two of them did.

She mildly chastised him for taking advantage of her while she was drunk but accepted responsibility for her condition. She went on to say it would have to be their secret.

After dad left for work, Jimmy's mother and aunt decided to go shopping. He was busy mowing the lawn when they both appeared on the patio. In keeping with what seemed to be a trend for his mom lately, she was dressed in tight white hentai caught and squeezed her bigtits by tentacles shorts that hit her mid thigh.

Her tight matching white T-shirt accentuated her breasts and draped itself seductively over the top of her full butt. As usual, her nipples were hard. They pushed saucily against the white T-shirt. Her coral lipstick and light beige eye shadow complimented her tanned skin. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. His Aunt Anna was just a trifle less sexy but no less seductive. Her skintight jeans reveal the faintest hint of a camel toe.

Her white halter-top stopped just above her navel, leaving her soft belly exposed from the top of her pants to the bottom of the halter-top. She wore her hair loose, falling in soft curls across her shoulders. "Okay Jimmy, we are leaving. Back in a few hours." He watched his mother's breast jiggle as she waved.

As he waved back, he could see aunty smirk as she watched him leer at his mom's breasts. After spending the morning mowing grass, Jimmy showered and changed into some old sweat pants and an equally old t-shirt. His mom was on him to throw them out. However, the loose fit was comfortable and good enough for around the house. He fired up his video game and lost track of time as he struggled against the ubiquitous assassins. The sound of the garage door opening startled him.

He glanced at the clock and realized he had played for nearly three hours. The sound of the two women happily chattering meant that they had a good day shopping. He heard the clatter of flip-flops climbing the stairs as his mother and aunt made their way upstairs Jenny peeked into her son's room.

Her face was flushed with excitement. She loved to shop. This trip she had bought sexy lingerie at Victoria's Secret. She loved the silky feel, the wanton sexiness of the store's lingerie. In her hands, she held several bags. She caught her breath as she saw the lump that was his manhood outlined by his sweat pants. She had told him to throw those ratty, much too revealing, things out.

Jimmy glanced from the bags to her breasts. Her perpetually hard nipples thrust against her T-shirt like erasers on a #2 pencil. They jiggled disturbingly as she excitedly related the shopping adventure.

However, that was mom. Any kind of excitement and her nipples get hard. He heard dad tease her on occasion about being one big erogenous zone.

"Have you been inside all day playing video games, Jenny asked? You should be out having fun." "I mowed the grass, mom, like dad said. That took most of the morning." "Aw Jenny, leave the boy alone." Anna gave him a clandestine wink over his mom's shoulder. "Well, I'm going to take a nap before starting dinner. What are you going to do, Anna?" "Well, if it's okay with Jimmy, I think I'll let him teach me how to play his video game." "Uh, sure aunty." Jenny turned and squeezed by Anna on her way to her room.

For a moment, the soft roll of her ass captivated him. His mom had the best ass ever. Aunt Anna cleared her throat. She winked and smacked his mother's ass as she moved into the hallway. "Anna! You stop that." Jimmy watched entranced as his mom's face colored deeply. "Really! You told me you like that." "Anna, you are impossible.

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Stop talking like that in front of my son." Jenny continued down the short hall and entered her bedroom. "How many times have you wanted to do that, Jimmy?" "Uh, what, Aunt Anna?" "You know what I mean. I've only been here a day and I have caught you several times staring at your mother's butt." He blushed furiously as she laughed and kind of waved him off.

"I'll take a shower and be right back." Anna turned as she approached the bathroom door. She reached behind her neck and untied the halter-top. She held it in place with one hand. "She really likes that," Anna said with a knowing smile. "Ummm, likes what, Aunty?" Jimmy's cock was uncomfortably hard. Most of Aunt Anna's breasts oral stimulation and vaginal fucking pornstar and hardcore exposed.

He knew what they looked like. He came all over them last night. Nevertheless, it still was arousing to see her standing there like that. "Jen likes being spanked." Anna turned and exposed her bare back to her nephew as she drop the halter top and walked into the bathroom. She reached back and pushed the door.

It swung partially closed. I need to stop teasing him, Anna mused as she unzipped and wiggled out of the jeans.

She dropped them on the bed. As she stepped out of her blue thong, she noted that the crotch was moist. She held it to her nose and inhaled deeply. Lord, the boy is barely legal and I have the hots for him. Anna walked nude into the bathroom. As she turned on the water and adjusted the temperature, she glanced at the partially open door.

Let him get a peak, she thought impishly. He has seen it all anyway. Jimmy tried to continue playing the video games. The sound of the shower and the sight of the whiffs of steam wafting out of the partially closed door distract him. Images of Aunt Anna laying against the shower wall with his cock plowing her pussy kept popping up in his mind.

His cock was rigid as he recalled the milking action of his aunt's pussy. It pushed up until the head was poking out of the loose elastic of the sweat pants. "Jimmy! Earth to Jimmy!" Jimmy jumped as he realized his aunt was calling him. She was standing just outside the bathroom door.

She had on a blue knee length Terry cloth robe. It was tightly knotted around her waist. She was barefoot with a large white towel wrapped around her wet hair like a turban. As she moved toward him, he could smell her clean fresh aroma. Faint whiffs of lavender scent proceeded her as she walked to his bed.

"Sorry aunty. I was engrossed in my game." Anna eyed the significant bulge in her nephew's sweat pants. She could just make out the head of his cock tried to push out of his waistband. Unconsciously she licked her lips. Careful girl, she thought. Do not let what was an unexpected treat become a habit. "Never mind! Scoot over and show me how this works." Last month, for his 16th birthday, his parents gave him a 42-inch flat screen.

They had it mounted on the wall just opposite his bed. He could lay in is bed and play video games. Anna sat down next to him and then bumped his hips with her butt to make him move over.

The bed was standard size and barely big enough for one. Anna and Jimmy sat thigh to thigh. Having her that close caused his stiff cock to leak even more pre-cum. Anna glanced down, smiled and patted his bulge. "Down Tiger! The only game we are going to play is video games… This time." For the next half you can peek up my skirt while i clean up panty fetish lingerie, aunty and Jimmy played video games.

She was lousy at it but enthusiastic. There was much laughing, giggling and casual touching. Anna would slap his shoulder and whoop with joy when he avoided a particularly difficult trap. Her hands griped his thigh in excitement as he successfully sprinted through the castle runs, avoiding the assassins. Once, when he was close to hitting the 10th level, Anna tickled him to distract him.

Without thinking, he treated her as he treated his sister. He rolled on top of her and trapped both her hands above her head. Laughing, she struggled trying to free herself, her legs kicking beneath him. He wound his legs around hers, thoroughly pinning her. "Let me up! No fair you bigger than me." "I won't let you up until you promise to stop tickling me." Anna twisted and turned, trying to break free.

In the process, her robe came undone. She was acutely aware that she was virtually naked under her nephew. As she playfully struggled to free herself, she felt his cock slide across her abdomen. The eroticism of their play was not lost on her. She knew she should stop him. Anna pushed up with her hips trying to throw Jimmy off her. Their struggles caused his sweat pants to slide down. His cock was free of the sweat pants and trapped between their sweating bodies.

Anna could feel the lava like heat of his juices painting her belly as they struggled. It added to the eroticism of the moment. Her pussy felt wet and gooey. Her breath was coming in short gasps. She moaned as Jimmy slid down and the length of his cock sawed up and down between her swollen labia. Jimmy played this game with his sister before.

He knew that their roughhousing usually ended in sex. He could feel his cock sliding through the lips of his aunt's pussy. The aroma of her arousal competed with the fragrance of her lavender soap. Still she struggled. The expression on her face was less playful. Her tongue snaked out and moistened her lips. Jimmy pulled his hips back. As his aunt thrust up and then fell back, he followed her down.

His cock slid easily into her dripping wet hole. Helpless, still held tightly by Jimmy, Anna managed to thrust her hips up. She felt him sink deep into her needy hole. "Oh fuck Jimmy! God, do you know how good that feels?" "Tell me that aunty. Tell me how it feels." Jimmy tightened his grip on his aunt's wrists trapped above her head. He kept His legs wound tightly around hers. It restricted his movements but gave him a sense of control he had never felt.

"I…I feel so helpless. I feel like a captive in some story out of the Arabian nights. Wanting what was going to happen yet fearing it.

Knowing I was helpless to stop whatever happened." Anna had a submissive side. Years ago, her husband and she experimented with light bondage.

She was a strong willed woman. However, the helplessness she felt back then enhanced their sex life. That is, until her husband was caught up chasing career advancement. "Ummm, I like that feeling of being controlled…of being forced to be…to be a slut.

The only rule is to do what I'm told." Although Jimmy and his sister played this game, they had never progressed to the level Aunt Anna suggested.

He decided to go with the flow. "Are…are you my slut?" Anna relished the sensations of his youthful tool filling her mature hole. He may have lacked experience. However, he was making up for it with stamina and a willingness to please her. "Go slow baby. Go slow. There's a spot just inside my pussy… at the top. Each time… Oh fuck! You slide back and forth in my pussy… Oh Jesus!

I can feel you all through me… the head of your cock hits that spot. It sends little chills and thrills through my body." Jimmy raised his hips until just the tip of his cock was in Anna's pussy. He stroked slowly, letting the head of his cock rub across his aunt's G spot. "Is that the spot aunty?" "YYEEEESSSSSS!!!!! Sweet Jesus that feels good." A tremor shook Anna's body as a mini orgasm overtook her. Being restrained restricted her movements but added to the eroticism.

At 38 years old, she was submissive to her 16-year-old nephew. Somehow, it seemed natural and oh so kinky. A stray thought caused a lustful tremor to shake her body. He is young enough to be my son. This could be my baby fucking his mother. My son in my pussy. Dear god that would be so hot! Jimmy continued pulling his cock out until just the head was inside her swollen lips of his aunt's labia. Then equally slowly, he would slide all the way in until he felt the head of his cock hit her cervix.

"Aunty, your pussy feels amazing. I can feel it squeezing my dick." "Can you baby? Does it feel good?" "Fuck yeah, aunty! It feels like I am in a wet velvet tunnel that kind of pulls and squeezes." Anna felt Jimmy released her legs and arms. She wrapped her legs around his back and arms around his neck.

She began thrusting up harder, feeling an earth shaking orgasm coming. Jimmy could feel the spasming of his aunt's pussy increase, getting harder and tighter.

He had to push hard to get his cock through her pussy. He felt that boiling in his balls that told him he was about to cum. He began to thrust faster using short hard strokes. Anna felt the short hard strokes of her nephew and knew he was close to cumming. They were going to cum together. Her lips pulled back across her teeth in a primal snarl as she redoubled her efforts thrusting harder.

She became an animal in a breeding frenzy. This could be my son, she thought. My son filling his mother's pussy with his sperm. "Oh my God aunty! I'm cummmminnng!! I'm cummmmiinnggggg!" "Oh shit… Shit…! I'm Cumming with you I'm coming with you! FFFUUUUUUCCCKKK!!" The two lovers became the beast with two backs, grinding their bodies into each other.

Jimmy contributed and Anna accepted his life giving seed. For Anna, the room blurred. She could feel powerful spurts of her nephew's ejaculate bathing her womb. As they came down, their bodies intertwined, Anna's vision cleared and she looked into the lust filled eyes of her sister peeking around the door. That tears it she thought. She heard the floor in the hall creak as Jenny tiptoed back to her room. Then Jimmy's mouth found hers and she was lost in the sensuality of their kissing.

Their tongues dueled and played in each other's mouth. A corner of her mind realize that Jimmy will still hard and beginning to thrust into her again. She smiled wryly to herself. The upside of having sex with a virile 16-year-old was that he could fuck all day and never get soft. The downside of having sex with a virile 16-year-old was he could fuck all day and never get soft. I am going to be so sore, she thought wryly. ""Jimmy, have you ever done anal?" Jimmy hesitated.

He and Julie did anal many times. Julie confided that there were times she preferred it. "No aunty, he lied, no I haven't." * * * Aunty gave her nephew a long hard look. It crossed her mind that this youngster seem to be more proficient in sex than one might think. The only real thing she had told him was to slow down when he fucked her. However, she knew some women, like her sister Jenny, liked it hard and fast. She shook her head and turned toward the dresser to get the baby oil.

She knew good sex took practice. Where would a boy his age find the time and the willing female to practice? "First it takes lube! Lots and lots of lube!" Anna beckoned for her nephew as she walked into her bedroom. She retrieved the lube she used for her vibrator from her suitcase. "I want you to take this baby oil and squirt it on my anus. Then use your finger to work in it. Okay?" "Yes, aunty." Jimmy and Julie had spent hours on the Internet researching anal sex.

They spent many pleasurable hours engaged in it. Jamie knew what to do but he knew it was important to keep Julie and his secret. Anna handed the baby oil to her nephew. She walked over to the bed and got on all fours with her ass pointing toward her nephew.

"Pulled my ass cheeks apart and squeeze the oil right in my anus. Okay? Think you can do that?" "Yes ma'am. I think I can." Jimmy crawled into his aunt's bed with his knees between her legs. He used one hand to pull one of his aunt's ass cheeks aside. He aimed the bottle at her winking starfish and squirted. The clear oily liquid splashed against Anna's anus and slowly ran down her crack. "Oooooo! That feels so fucking good. Now take your finger and working it in." She felt Jimmy place his finger against her anus.

As she felt his finger press against her anus, she pushed out to allow his finger in. Unbeknownst to her, her Internet educated nephew knew an Internet anal technique with which Anna was unfamiliar. As she pushed out, he pushed his thumb in and turned it slowly in the gap between the first and second ring. "How does that feel, aunty?" The nerve endings in Anna's anus tingled sending a pleasurable sensation throughout her body.

"Fuck! Oh shit, Jimmy! Where the hell did you learn that?" "Learn what, aunty?" innocence dripped from Jimmy's voice. Jimmy squirted more lube on his thumb where it entered his aunt's ass. As he did, he spread his fingers across his aunt's warm moist ass.

Then as he twisted his thumb in her anus, his fingers stroked her ass. He could hear his aunt's grunts and groans of pleasure. He knew she was losing herself in the sensations of anal sex. Jimmy let his hand slide around his aunt's ass until his index finger was at her pussy. Then he began a rocking motion with his hand, simultaneously finger fucking her ass with his sporty legal age teenager likes it unfathomable hardcore and blowjob while fucking her pussy with his index finger.

The sensations overwhelmed her. Anna scream split the air as her body reacted. She came hard, squirting a stream onto the coverlet. She fell to her belly too weak to hold her body up. She humped the mattress as her nephew continued simultaneously finger fuck her pussy and ass. "Oh my God! Oh my fucking God! What are you doing to me?" "Beg me to fuck your ass, aunty. Beg me!" A part of her realized that her nephew was asking for total surrender.

A role reversal was happening. She was no longer the teacher, the dominant; she was the student, the submissive. "Please, please Jimmy! Fuck my ass! Please fuck my ass! I want that beautiful cock buried in my anus. I want to fill your cock fill my bowels. Please Jimmy please!" Jimmy smiled to himself as he eased his fingers out of his aunt's holes. He watched her anus pulse, waiting to accept his cock. Between his aunt's spread legs, he could see the large wet spot on the coverlet.

Her pussy was almost continuously oozing a clear whitish cream. He slid forward on his knees. He lay his cock in the well lubed crack of her luscious butt. Using both hands, he pulled her cheeks apart. His cock slid up and down several times; teasing her, letting her feel the head of his tool sliding across her aching anus, touch her swollen pussy lips. Then back up again. "You bastard!

Stop fucking teasing me. You know I want it. Please Jimmy please!" Jimmy positioned the head of his cock at his aunt's anus. He pressed slowly in, meeting the initial resistance of the first ring. The sensations of Jimmy sliding effortlessly into her mom forces brother trape sister then fuck mom creampie overwhelmed Anna.

She was making noises she did not even know existed and the whole thing was blowing her mind. All of the sensations were making her feel so vulnerable. The way he was fucking her ass was so incredibly hot, so primal. Her nephew, her 16-year-old nephew, was fucking her ass and oh, my god she never wanted it so badly! Jimmy maintain a slow but persistent rhythm.

He and Julie practiced this a lot and they both decided that this was the best way for anal sex. Not a hard pounding, not at first, but a slow constant pumping action. His lips pulled back across his teeth, snarling. Aunty was tighter than Julie was but she loved his tool in her ass as much is her niece did.

"Talk to me, aunty! Tell me how it feels" "It feels so dirty and so hideously kinky! Fuck baby, just a little faster please. I was built for this, to be fucked. You are my nephew and you are fucking my ass. That dual taboo makes me feel so slutty, so bad. Harder, Jimmy, harder!

Fuck my ass harder. I feel like an animal. No nuances, no complexities, just a bitch in heat. I'm an incestuous slut with my nephew's cock pleasuring my ass!" Jimmy leaned down and kissed her sweating back. He moved up and kissed her just behind the ear. He balanced himself on one hand and used his left hand to reach around and grab her breast.

He squeezed it hard. Anna groaned loudly and thrust back hard against his cock. "I'm going to come, aunty. I'm going to come and fill your bowels with my seed. Tell me you want that." "Yes Jimmy! I want it. I want it bad. I want to feel your sperm splashing against my intestines." Jimmy wrapped his arm around his aunt's chest cupped her other breast and squeezed her nipple.

He could feel the boiling in his balls that presaged his orgasm. He raised up on his knees. He used both hands to get a firm grip on his aunt's ass. Each time he gorgeous teen hottie strokes dick smalltits hardcore forward he pulled her ass back because his cock.

"After I come in your ass, aunty, I want you to lick my cock clean." "No Jimmy, please no! Don't make me do that." Struggling to hold back his cum, Jimmy brought his hand up and then brought it down firmly on Anna's sweating thrusting ass. "Say you'll do it, aunty! Say it!" "Oh God no! Oh please no! Don't make me do that!" Jimmy could hold back no longer. He began the short hard strokes, spraying his potent seed into the depths of his aunt's bowels.

"I'm Cummmminnnnggg! I'm cummmming. Oh shit! Oh my fucking god!" Anna's back undulated as she accepted her nephew's seed into this most intimate of orifices. Her orgasms had been continuous, like waves on the ocean rising and falling. However, when he started cumming, filling her, she screamed at the top of her voice.

Jamie rolled over on his back, exhausted. Sweat poured off his body. His eyes were closed as he tried to recover. She felt his aunt sit up in bed. She gently kissed his sweating face. Then she kissed his chest. Followed by his navel. Then, hesitantly, she took his cock in her mouth. At first, she just held it. Then she began the familiar sliding up and down as she cleaned his cock. When she finished, she cuddled next to him, her head on his shoulder arm thrown across his chest.

"Jimmy, I'm your slut. Do you know what that means?" "Uh, no Aunty!" "I will do anything you want whenever you want. Do you understand?" "I think so, Aunty. Does that mean you will help me fuck mom?" Anna languidly ran her hand over his hairless chest. Then she raised up and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Yes baby. I will help you fuck Jenny." Chapter 3 Later that afternoon, Jimmy was laying by the pool reading.

The sliding patio door leading to the family room was just off to his left. To his right was the kitchen door with windows overlooking the pool. He could hear big boobs blonde milf anal xxx my peeping partners step son in the kitchen.

He sat up on the side of the lounger. The voices were his mother and Aunt Anna. He rose and crept along wall to the kitchen window. "You just cannot fucking my 16 year old son. You just cannot." "Why Jenny? Because you want to and are afraid?" "That is outrageous, Anna!" "Jenny, I have watched you. You are dressing like a slut. And we both know that's not for your husband." Jimmy leaned in just enough so he could see them. They stood side-by-side with their backs to the sink.

"Jenny, your son is an amazing fuck! He had me feeling like a teenager again. He has stamina and a big cock. He fucked me until I could fuck no more. And he was still hard!" Jenny's voice began to tremble. She reached up and rested her hand on Anna's shoulder. "Anna… I don't know what's going on with me. I want him! But I must not…I must not!" Jimmy watched as Anna turned and embraced his mom.

She took her face in her hands and kissed her long and hard on her lips. For a moment, Jenny just stood there with her arms at her side. Then her arms moved up. One arm stopped and affectionately cradled Aunt Anna's ass, squeezing it gently. The other moved between them and caressed Anna's breast. Jimmy's breath caught in his throat at this unexpected intimacy.

"We are weird pair, aren't we Anna?" "It's okay Jenny. It's okay! It has been a long time since we were girls and played with each other. I don't know what came over me with Jimmy. The first time I will blame the wine. This afternoon it was just pure lust." Jenny sniffled. She reached in her pocket, retrieved a tissue and wiped her nose. A smile creased her face. "You and Jimmy looked incredibly hot. When he came, it went on forever." "Your son has an amazing cock.

It has a nice size. And it doesn't hurt and it stays hard." He watched as Aunt Anna gingerly rubbed herself. "My butt and pussy still hurt. While he was fucking first my pussy and then my ass, he kept spanking my butt. I just could not stop coming, Anna laughed. " "Dear God, you know how much I love that. Do you remember when you used to spank me until I came?" Anna step back, pulling Jenny away from the sink. She turned Jenny until she was facing the sink.

She wrapped one arm around Jenny's waist. Then she brought the other down sharply on her ass. "You mean like that?" Jenny's head dropped between her shoulders. She grasped the sink for balance. "Dear God, Anna, stop that! Jimmy is just upstairs." In quick succession, Anna slapped Jenny's ass with first her right then her left hand.

Jenny whimpered as her knuckles whitened in their death grip on the sink. Her large ass rotated in circles. "Not until you do what we both know you want to do." "Oh God Anna! Not that! Not here. Jimmy might see us." Anna grasped her sister's shoulders and turned her so she faced her. "You know you want to do it." Anna backed slowly toward the kitchen table, pulling Jenny with her.

When her butt touched the table, she began pushing down on her sister's shoulders. Jenny slumped to her knees, turned her head sideways and laid against her sister's crotch. She gripped the hem of Anna's short skirt. Slowly she pulled her skirt up.

Anna slid back on the table. She spread her legs. Jenny leaned forward and kissed her sister's labia. For Jimmy it was as if a curtain was raised.

His mother was not only revealing aunt Anna's pussy but she was also unveiling a special relationship she had with her sister. Jimmy pushed his shorts down and pulled out his cock. While he watched his mother lick Aunt Anna's pussy, he began to stroke. "Do I still taste good Jenny?" Jimmy watched as his mother's head pulled back. Her face glistened with the wetness of Aunt Anna's pussy. She looked up adoringly into her younger sister's face.

"I wish I could live on eating nothing but your pussy. I would lick you like this for breakfast, lunch and dinner." Jimmy watched as his mother ran a finger along the edges of her sister's vulva, outlining her labia. He was awesome brunette babe has a sexy bath with a sex starved guy pornstars hardcore when Aunt Anna's legs visibly trembled.

His groan matched his mother's as his aunt pushed his mother's head away from her pussy. "We had better stop, Jen. As much as I enjoy that, you're right. Jimmy is just upstairs. Jimmy watched as his mother reluctantly pull Anna skirt down. She stood and lay her head on his sister's chest. Anna gently stroked her sister's hair. She looked sad. "I remember a lot of the things we used to do. I also remember the things we talked about. We both wanted children, a family.

You have yours. But my husband doesn't want a family." Jenny pulled her sister to her. Both hands slid down and she cupped her ass. "Well, maybe this time away will make him think about it." "I doubt it Jenny, I really doubt it.

However, I'm desperate. He and I are having dinner tonight to talk about it." * * * Stealthily, Jimmy slid along the wall to the patio door leading into the family room. Carefully, he slid the door open stepped in and closed it behind him. He tiptoed across the family room to the hall and upstairs to his bedroom. After he closed and locked the door, he lay there slowly stroking is cock. His head was buzzing. He was not sure what he just overheard.

What did it all mean? First, his mother knew about him and Aunt Anna. While she was upset, she did not explicitly tell auntie to stop. In fact, there seemed to be an element of jealousy. More why you and not me.

Second, mom and auntie played like he and Julie when they were their age. He tried to imagine mom and auntie in bed with their heads buried between each other's legs. The image caused his cock to get incredibly hard. Third, Aunt Anna enjoyed rough treatment and hinted that mom like the same thing. There was a soft knock on the door.

"Jimmy? Can I come in?" "Just a moment mom." He quickly stuff his cock back in his shorts. He walked to the door unlocked it and let his mom in. He walked quickly back to the bed so she could not see is hard cock.

He sat up in bed and pulled the sheet over him. "Uh, we need to talk." "Talk about what, mom?" "Anna and I have been talking… About… What you two have been doing." "Uh, okay!" Jenny sat on the edge of the bed facing her son.

She wore her old sweat shorts. She usually wore them when she was working in the garden. They were her old sweat pants that she cut off mid way her thigh. When her husband teased her that they could at least afford some decent clothes for her, she would say they were comfortable and fit over her big fat ass. She had on an old ratty T-shirt. It was obvious she did not have on a bra. As usual, her nipples were hard. One of her feet was on the floor. The other leg, bent at the knee, rested on the bed.

That caused her shorts to pull back into a delicious camel toe. As she began to talk, Jimmy thought he could detect a slight wetness at the center of the camel toe.

"I saw what you two did and it's wrong. I just talked to Anna about it." He was not sure where this is going so he just nodded his head.

He heard the whole conversation and knew that they had not come to a resolution. "Alcohol causes people to do busty babe aaliyah hadid first creampie experience things. Lord knows I know that.

Two glasses of wine and I am done for the day. Anna had had too much to drink when you…she did what you did." "But mom, this afternoon she hadn't been drinking and we did it again." "That still doesn't make it right." Jenny stood. She was out of her element. She drew herself up to her full 5'6". "Look young man, you two have to stop what you doing. I will not stand for it. Do you hear?" Abruptly, Jenny spun on her heels. As she did, her succulent ass was less than a foot from Jimmy's face.

He never knew what came over him. He pulled his hand back and smacked her ass as hard as he could. "Jimmy, she screeched, just what the hell do you think you doing?" Jimmy was terrified. He was acting more on instinct than anything else. He threw back the sheet and swung his legs to the floor. Jenny backed toward the bedroom door, both hands rubbing her ass.

Her face was red. Jimmy notice that the wet spot in the center of the camel toe was growing. He strode past her, closed the bedroom door and locked it. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He had a funny metal like taste in his mouth. Sweat streamed off him in rills. "What… What… Do you think you doing?" Jenny's eyes were as wide as dinner plates. Beads of sweat stood out on her nose and forehead. She took a few tentative steps backwards. The back of her knees hit the footboard on his bed and she tumbled backwards on orgasmic anal drilling session smalltits and hardcore. A riot of emotions stormed through her.

First, there was outrage with her son for taking such liberties. Then there was an undeniable arousal. The image of his sister riding his son's cock to multiple orgasms flashed through her mind. They look so fucking hot. Jenny felt the moistness between her legs increase. She had to regain control of the situation.

Otherwise, something terrible might happen. "Jimmy, this must stop. I am not Anna. You cannot be doing those things to your mother." Jimmy's heart beat like a trip hammer in his chest. He thought it was going to jump out.

Cutie czech babe flashes her perky tits and gets fucked

At the same time, the conversation he overheard played back in his head. Aunt Anna suggested that his mom and she liked the same things. He tore his eyes away from the twin peaks of his mother's delicious breasts. Her nipples were like diamonds trying to cut their way through the thin fabric of the T-shirt. He glanced down at her crotch. The light gray material of the sweat shorts turned dark between her legs. The quaver in her voice when she talked to him did not suggest fear but indecision.

In one motion, he sat on the bed next to his mother, grabbed her arm and pulled her across his lap. She was kicking and screaming trying to get up. Her struggles caused the legs of the shorts to pull up over the lower cheeks of her succulent ass. He stared at its pink fullness. He could feel his cock throbbing against her abdomen as she struggled to stand up. He raised his hand and brought it down hard on her rump. Using one hand to hold her firmly across his knees, he use the other to repeatedly spank her fat rump.

He brought his hand down as forcefully as he could on her butt. The sound echoed in the confines of the room. He brought it down again. His hands stung from the impact. Jenny's lovely sweetie is gaping narrow vagina in close up and coming spreading and fucking were muted. "Jimmy, you must stop. This is not right." Jenny's arousal began to trump her fear. She was not a kinky woman.

However, from the time she was a small girl spanking by her father aroused her. She recalled his startled embarrassment when you realized she enjoyed spanking. In their late teens, Anna spanked her while she masturbated.

When she married, her husband enjoyed administering her kink. However, over time he lost interest. Now another person, her son, was causing her to have mini orgasms.

"I heard you tell Aunt Anna that you really like this. And I want you to be happy mom." He used is free hand to slide her shorts down to the bottom of her ass cheeks.

His mother's butt was full and pink. Small dimples of cellulite covered it. Between her womanly thighs, he could see the clamshell of her pussy. His red handprints had an almost neon glow on her delicious ass. The crotch of her shorts were soaked. In quick succession, he smacked her ass with first one hand then the other repeatedly. He only stopped when the stinging in his hands became too painful for him to take. By this time, He could feel is mother's wetness dripping down his thighs.

Instead of screaming for him to stop, she was furiously humping his thigh. "Oh Jimmy! This is so wrong!" Jenny shivered, feeling her pussy convulsing at the arousal caused by spanking. Though she protested, lust replaced fear and shame. It was wrong. It was hot teens caught in dressing room at camsoda god-awful wrong. Nevertheless, it felt so fucking good. Jenny flinched in pain as her son slowly stroked her bright red ass.

He leaned down and gently kissed it. "I love you mom." He rained kisses on his mom's ass while gently rubbing it. Her screams of indignation gradually turned to mewls of pleasure. As her crotch began to rotate slowly against his thigh, He let his finger slide deep into her wetness. Simultaneously, he brought is left hand down smartly on her ass. Jenny moaned and bucked back hard against his finger and began to slowly hump it.

"Jimmy, please. I… I!" The metallic taste in his mouth grew stronger. His heart was beating so fast that he could barely talk. It seemed to be stuck in his throat. Jenny was saying stop but she kept humping his finger. She was grinding her crotch against his thigh.

Jimmy knew he should obey his mom but he was too far gone to stop. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm cummminnnggg!" Jenny bucked against her son's thigh as a soul shaking orgasm overtook her. He added a second finger to his mom's pussy. Before his eyes was the perfect ass that he had lusted for so long. His mom frantically humped his fingers. He leaned down and gently kissed her ass. He could see the whitish liquid streaming from his mother's pussy and across his thigh.

"I have always loved your ass." "Oh baby! Mommy loves you. Don't stop!" Jenny's cries climbed the scale until they were pretty teen rides stepdad pornstars and mature high-pitched scream. He could feel her pussy contracting around his fingers. Then she squirted.

He felt the hot liquid hit his thigh and run down the on the bed. As she came, he smacked her ass repeatedly several times. She collapsed, her arms hanging to the floor and her legs limp.

He leaned down and kissed her ass again. This time he let his tongue slide to the crevice of her ass. He did this with his sister Julie and she loved it. His mother moaned and peculiar lesbo models are spreading and fist fucking ass holes her ass against his invading tongue.

He used both hands and gently separated his mom's ass cheeks. He licked her anus. Jenny groaned as she ground her steaming pussy into his thigh. "Do you like that mom? Does dad do this to you?" "God baby that feels so good. He used to but not anymore. But please Jimmy… Please… Don't fuck me! I know you want to but I'm not ready for that." He began to tongue fuck his mother's ass while is two fingers slowly stroked her pussy.

He found her G spot. As he stroked it Jenny began to hump is fingers again. "Oh no Jimmy! If I cum again I'll die! I'll just die!" He managed to get the tip of his tongue into the succulent opening of her anus. He kept flicking it. Suddenly Jenny's back arched up. Her face contorted and her mouth flew open in a silent scream. He was afraid he had gone too far, that he was hurting her.

Again, her pussy gushed that fragrant liquid. It ran down his wrist, across his hands and onto the sheet. As his mom went limp, Jimmy raised his hands to his mouth and licked her precious juices from his fingers. He shook her and she did not move. He slid from under and turned her on her back. He caught his breath as he beheld the salacious gleam of her cleanly shaved pussy.

He could see the nub of her clit peeking out of its sheath and pulsing slightly. Unable to control himself, he leaned down and French kissed his mom's pussy letting after being tempted sweetheart gets nailed hardcore and blowjob tongue slide up and flick lightly at her swollen clit.

A tremor shook her body but her eyes remained close. "Mom! Mom! Are you okay?" He knew there was no one in the house but her and him. He had just about decided to call 911 when her eyes fluttered. Her eyes were unfocused, rolling independent of each other. She seemed to be trying to focus. Finally, they rested on her son. Her breaths were hard and labored. "How… How long was I out?" "Are you okay mom? You were just out a few moments.

I was about to call for help." "No, no you can't call anyone. I'll be fine. Help me up." Jenny was unsteady on her feet. When she tried to walk her sweat shorts almost tripped her. Jimmy squatted in front of her and helped her step out of them.

His eyes were even with her gleaming wet pussy. He could see her swollen pussy lips. Impulsively, He leaned forward and kissed them again. Jenny grabbed her son's head and pressed it to her pussy. Involuntarily, her hips thrust forward. "No baby, we must stop. Don't do that." Despite her protestations, she held her son's face pressed to her pussy. The aroma filled his nostrils.

It was overwhelming. He felt a little dizzy. He let his tongue slip from his mouth and along her gleaming wet slit. Jimmy turned his head to the side and began French kissing his mom's pussy. The wet heat of her need was almost palpable against his tongue.

His tongue found her swollen pulsating clit. He took in his mouth and sucked it hungrily. "Oh fuck, baby! You must stop! Jenny wanted her son to stop licking her pussy but she could not help herself. Multiple orgasms had excited every nerve in her body. As her son sucked on her clit, she had sensations in her belly. It somersaulted continuously. Her nipples were rigid. Her body quavered as another orgasm, smaller than the first, shook it.

"Enough Jimmy! This is gone a lot farther than it ever should. Stop!" She screamed the last word. He sat back on his heels and looked up at her. "I love you, mom" She looked down at him. Her eyes was soft and he could see tears forming at the corners. "I love you too baby. I love you so much. Now help me to my room. Then you get cleaned up. I'll shower and start dinner." He wrapped his arms around her waist.

He could feel her warmth next to him as he guided her to her bedroom. He walked over to her bed. She reached down with one hand and she sat down. She looked up at her son. "Now please leave me alone before this goes any further." Jimmy walked back to his room.

He closed the door and started to lock it. Then thought better of it. There was really no need to lock his bedroom door anymore. Chapter 4 "You did what?" Anna and her sister were having coffee. Henry was at work and Jimmy had gone to play basketball with his friends. Jenny had just told her that Jimmy spanked her to an orgasm while fingering her pussy. "I know, I know! I was chastising you for having sex with him. Now I have done everything except fuck him." Anna took a sip of her coffee.

As she did, she observed her sister over the rim of the cup. Jenny was flushed and unable to sit still in her chair. She scooted from side to side and recrossed her legs. "Why didn't you fuck him?" "I begged him not to. Nevertheless, I know if he pushed me on my back, my legs would have popped open as if they were on springs. I haven't been that aroused in years, if ever." "So what now, Jenny?

You have let the genie out the bottle. You know he's gonna want more." "Dear God, I don't know! I lay in bed last night my pussy aching for my 16-year-old son's cock." "Hello girlfriend!

Anal sex for a little teen and cumshot

Let me tell you, it is a nice cock. I mean, he's not horse hung or anything. But it's a nice size cock that fills your pussy. When I got home last night, I woke him up and rode him until I got off." "Last night! You fucked my baby again last night?" "Yep, Anna said nonchalantly, and came like a schoolgirl!" "But what is all this sex doing to him?

He should be out with his girlfriend and not with a eroticax maddy oreilly s passionate and romantic morning fuck of old broads like us." "Jenny, he can have both of us and his girlfriend and none of us will ever know the difference. The boy stays hard." "I don't know Anna, I just don't know." Anna stood up and quickly walked around the table.

Before Jenny could react, she pulled her chair back and pushed her gown up around her thighs. She eyed her sister's pussy then leaned forward and kissed it.

"Anna, stop that! You know we agreed years ago to stop doing that." "I just want to prove a point. You just ashamed to admit it." She leaned forward and tenderly kissed her sister's wet hole. Initially, Jenny tried to push her sister's head away. Then she grabbed it and pressed it to her needy pussy. "Anna! Anna! What kind of people are we? Are we wrong because we love sex with each other so much?" Anna sat back on her heels.

She used the back of her hand to wipe her sister's juices from her mouth. "No we are wrong for denying ourselves. Moreover, you are wrong for denying yourself the thing you want most, sex with you son. Let's go upstairs." * * * Jimmy left the basketball lot early.

He still had a list of chores to do and it was already Wednesday. As usual, He rode his bike up the driveway, open the side door to the garage, and put it away.

He saw his mom's car and assumed she and Aunty Anna decided not to go shopping huge boobs latina screwed by pawn keeper day. He was hot and sweaty. The absolute best thing on a hot day was ice-cold water. He knew his mom kept some in the refrigerator in the pitcher. When his mother was not around, he drank straight from the pitcher.

That was a big no-no but he thought it tasted better that way. As elegant cutie blows cock in pov and gets pink pussy reamed turned up the pitcher, he heard a noise. Thinking he was busted, he quickly put the pitcher down. At first, he thought it was mom and Aunty Anna talking upstairs.

It sounded more like a moan then someone talking. He started to call out that he was home, but something stopped him. Quietly, he climbed the stairs. The further he got up the stairs, the louder the sound became.

It was definitely moans. "Oh Anna! Baby that feels so could." Jimmy could hear soft slurping sounds. "Jenny, I have missed us doing this. I just loved the taste of your pussy." Jimmy's cock was instantly hard in his shorts. It could not be. It just could not be. "Jesus! I love your finger in my ass while you suck my clit." Jimmy eased around the corner.

Just to his right was the open door of his mother's bedroom. The sounds of lovemaking were coming from there. He stuck his head around the corner. Aunty Anna and his mother were in a 69 position with his mom on top, her ass pointed at the bedroom door. Aunt Anna's head was toward the door.

He could see her face was wet with his mom's pussy juices. He could also see Anna's finger in his mom's ass. The aroma of two sexually aroused women filled the room. He was entranced, unable to pull back. He knew he needed to stop looking otherwise they might see him. Anna heard the floor creak. She looked back, her sister's pussy just above her head. At first, she was shocked. There stood Jimmy his cock in his hand slowly stroking. "Don't stop licking me, Anna.

I'm so close. Please keep licking me." A devilish thought crossed Anna's mind. She used her free hand to wave and get Jimmy's attention. Jimmy froze, with his cock in his hand. Copious amounts of pre-cum covered his hands. Aunt Anna beckoned him to step forward.

Jimmy hesitated, not sure what she wanted. He had that distinctive metallic taste in his mouth again. His heart felt like it was going to jump out of his chest. Anna took two fingers and began frigging her sister's pussy. She continued to beckon Jimmy to come forward. "Do you like that, Jenny? Do you like my fingers in your sloppy wet hole?" "Fuck Anna! You know I do. But use the dildo again. I need something fill up my hole." Stiff legged, Jimmy moved forward.

His eyes glued to the sloppy wetness of his mom's pussy. He could see her juices leaking down her crease and across Aunty Anna's hands. Aunt Anna beckoned again and he stepped forward. "Here baby! I have just what you need. You keep licking my pussy and am going to give you just what you need." Anna indicated to Jimmy that he should remove his shorts.

Stiffly, with fear stiffening his muscles he let his shorts drop to the floor and stepped out of them. Anna beckoned him to step forward again. He could smell the aroma of his mother's creaming pussy.

Jimmy jumped as Aunt Anna wrapped her hands around his cock and pulled him forward. She raised up and licked the pre cum soaked head. Then she positioned Jimmy's cock at her sister's entrance. Without further prompting, Jimmy stepped forward, his cock sliding into the wet confines of his mom's pussy.

"Shit… Shit… Fuck! Anna, that dildo feels incredible. It seems bigger than usual." Anna scooted down and began to suck her sister's clit as Jimmy began to slowly move in and out of Jenny's pussy. His mind spun. His mother's pussy felt incredible. He could feel it spasm as it gripped and loosened around his cock. He remembered Aunt Anna's instruction about going deep and slow.

As he drove in hard, his hips slapped against his mother's ass. She jumped. Her head popped up and she turned around and looked into the lust filled face of her son. She tried to get up but Anna had her hands wrapped around her ass and held in place. "Oh no! Please no! Stop Jimmy. Stop!" Jimmy began to slow. The voice of parental authority was strong. His mother had said stop. Just as he was about to obey, his Aunt Anna lowered her head and shouted at him.

"Fuck her hard Jimmy! Fuck her just as I showed you…long hard deep strokes. She wants it." Confused but so deep into it he could not stop Jimmy be kept up the long hard strokes. He reached forward and gripped his mother's hips using them like handles. Each time he thrust in, he pulled her ass back. The staccato sound of flesh on flesh echoed around the room. "Oh Jimmy! Oh! Oh fuck! That feels so god damn good." Anna began to lick her sister's clit. She let her tongue slide from her clit to the slickened length of Jimmy's pole and back again.

The taste was like a narcotic. From the frothy wetness of Jimmy's cock pounding her sister's pussy to the slick pulsating of Jenny's clit and back again. She could feel Jenny's head dropped back between her legs, hungrily licking her pussy. At the same time, she felt Jenny's fingers into her ass. "Oh you Bitch!

You hot Bitch! Finger fuck my ass you slut. You know how I love that." Jimmy was lost in a miasma of lust. The aroma of sex and the sloshing of his mother's super heated pussy permeated the air. Fucking his mother was better than he ever imagined it would be. "Do you like it, mom? Does it feel good to you?" He remembered how his mom had reacted to him slapping her ass.

As he pistoned in and out of her juicy pussy, he brought his hand shut down sharply on her large ass. "Oh fuck Jimmy! Your cock is amazing! At dammit do it again! Spank your mommy's ass!" Still stroking hard into the slick spasming confines of his mother's amazing love hole, Jimmy smacked her ass twice in quick succession.

The effect was electric. He felt her clampdown on his cock. "Cum for me mommy! Please cum for me!" "Come on, you bitch! Cum for your son!" "OHHHHHHH!! I'm CummmminnnG!" OH GAWDAMMITT!!" Jenny continued screaming. Her large hips thrust back hard and repeatedly as her orgasm washed over her.

Jimmy heard his Aunt Anna cough as his mother squirted her essence over Aunt Anna's face and his crotch. The vice like grip of her pussy exerted on his cock caused him to come.

He squirted his potent seed deep in his mother's welcoming pussy. Anna slid down, coughing. Jenny had squirted directly in her mouth. She slid out from under Jenny coughing and covered her mouth with her hand.

Jenny collapsed on the bed with her son Jimmy falling on top of her his cock still deep in her pussy. "Oh my God, that was incredible! But what I have done? What have I done?" Anna slid down took her sister's head in her hands and kissed her deeply. Then she raised up and kissed her nephew. "Baby, you've done what you always wanted to do. You fucked your son. And you loved it. Moreover, you going to do it again. But first move your big ass out of the way. it's my turn" * * * It was late the same afternoon.

The sun was slowly sinking behind the trees adding a golden hue to the pool. Jimmy, his mother and Anna lay nude on towels spread at the edge of the pool. The two women were exhausted. All afternoon Jimmy fucked them each in turn. They both had lost track of the number of orgasms they had.

Now they lay by the pool, each in the crook of one of Jimmy's arms, recuperating in the warmth of the setting sun. "Anna, you slut! I should hate you but all I can really say is thank you.

Thank you so much!" "You're welcome, Anna laughed." Jenny idly stroked the semi hard cock of her son. "My God baby! How can you still be hard? You came at least twice in both of us and I lost track of how many times I came." Jimmy was a little embarrassed.

He had spent all afternoon fucking his mom and his aunt. Now they lay naked in this intimate embrace. He liked it but was unsure of what it meant for the future.

"I'm sorry mom! It stays as hard." Both women laughed indulgently. Anna leaned over and gave her nephew a long soulful kiss. "Don't worry baby. Your mom and I will find something to do with that." * * * Jimmy pushed his bike up the driveway after school.

For the past month, he, his aunt, and his mother had many stolen moments together. Usually when his father was out of town on one of his many business trips. Anna reconcile with her husband but still managed to come by to share Jimmy with her sister.

He was not surprised to see both cars in the driveway. When he walked into the kitchen his mom and Aunt Anna was sitting at the table drinking a soda. They had an unusually somber look on the face. "Hi mom, Aunty Anna! How are you?" "Sit down, baby.

Your aunt and I need to talk to you." Concerned, Jimmy slid into the empty chair at the kitchen table. His eyes flicked from his mom to his aunt. Despite this somber expression, he thought he could detect a gleam in their eyes.

"Jimmy, his aunt said, you probably didn't know this but I wanted a baby and my husband did not. I was not on birth control but we used condoms. Well, I'm pregnant." Jimmy's head began to swim. His mouth opened and closed like a guppy. He was unsure what to say. "And baby, his mom said, so am I. We are both pregnant and you are the father." The room began to move around Jimmy. He thought he was going to pass out. Then he felt a light slap on his face. He looked into the concerned faces of his mom and aunt.

"I'm sorry," Jimmy wailed, "I'm so sorry!" Both women stood walked around and embraced him from either side. "It's not your fault, Jimmy; we are grown women and knew the risk." "Yes, baby, it's our fault.

However, we want you to know that your father and your uncle are not aware. It will be our secret. Moreover, you must not never tell anyone.

Do you understand?" Jimmy wiped tears from his eyes and nodded his head. He was confused about what that meant for his future but he trusted his mother and his aunt to help him through it. "However, you have special treat for the spectacular big titted milfs banging a very lucky stud doggystyle threesome eight months.

Some men say that pregnant pussy is the best there is and you're going to have two to fuck." "Yes," Jenny smiled, "and we have a few hours before your father gets home." Jenny stood and took her son's hand, pulling him to his feet.

She walked to the stairs. His Aunt Anna stood and followed them up the stairs. Jimmy and his sister Julie had many nights of phone sex as he recounted fucking his mom and aunt. Thanksgiving was coming and she could not wait to join the family fun.