Ending the session with a bang hardcore and massage

Ending the session with a bang hardcore and massage
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Editor's note: If you're looking for stories where one character has sex with another, then please do not continue reading. Often I get told my stories should have fucking in them, but I do not find them tasteful so if that's what you're looking for, please go look somewhere else as there are plenty of those stories out there.

Maybe, eventually it'll happen, but until then this story is not about a brother fucking his sister. IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY ANYTHING AT ALL, PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE READING. IF YOU HAVE ANY MORALS, DO NOT CONTINUE READING. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

My CFNM tendencies go back when I was 14, since then I have had the urge to show my penis to girls. It all started thanks to my beautiful older sister Becky who over time taught me how to enjoy myself.

Of course it all started very slow and innocent until it turned into a big fetish for both me. It all started one rainy afternoon when I was playing Football with my friends. It was sunny at first but it got cloudy quickly and rain started pouring down.

We didn't think much of the rain so we kept playing. Soon our play field was really wet and muddy but we didn't mind it and kept playing, tackling, running, shoving into each other and rolling over mud and wet grass.

Then it started thundering really loud so we stopped the game and we decided we've had enough for the day and headed to our respective homes. I walked over to my house; which was about 6 blocks from the park and I always had the habit of jumping the six feet wooden fence on the backyard stimulating blow job delights hardcore and blowjob I wouldn't have to walk around the street to the front of my house.

I walked over to the windowed kitchen door so I could finally go inside, get cleaned up and get some rest. As I approached the door I saw my sister in the kitchen washing dishes with her back towards me but when I opened the door she turned around and saw the mess that I was.

"UH UH!" She yelled out, turned off the sink and walked over to me really fast, almost running. "I just got done cleaning the house and I'm not about to have you walk in like that! What were tied up in doggy gets anal fucked doing anyway?!" She said really fast. "Damn, look just let me in, I won't make a mess I promise. Stop being so whiny about it!" I protested. "Take off your clothes and you can come in." She said in a serious tone.

At first I wasn't sure if she was serious or not so I just stared at her. She didn't move or say a word so I knew she wasn't kidding. "What?! N. No way! Look I'll just take off my shoes and I can walk in!" I tried to protest. "Are you aware of the state you're in? Your clothes are dripping brown water all over the place." She said not even blinking.

"You serious?!" I asked thinking maybe she wasn't really serious. She crossed her arms and said: "OK look, I'm being nice to you by not telling mom you've been getting home nearly two hours past your curfew. Plus, I bet mom would be really pissed if she found out you got your clothes that dirty, I seriously doubt those socks are even going to get clean.

So your options are to do as I say or stay outside until you're dry and if you do decide to walk in like that then I'll tell mom you've been getting home late and barely doing any of your homework.

Your choice." She said in a very serious tone and I knew then she was not messing around.

She had the upper hand in this. She was after all 18 and mom had left her in charge of the house; meaning any complaints from her about me were met with long boring weekends because mom wouldn't let me out. My sister uncrossed her arms, relaxed her posture and lowered her voice: "Just please.

I've seen you naked a million times before, I won't make fun of you or anything, I promise. Look I'll even wash your clothes for you, I'm doing laundry anyways. I just don't want you getting the house dirty or mom's going to be pissed." She said sounding a lot nicer so I decided to comply with her and maned up to the task at hand.

I began by taking off my shirt, then bent down to untie my shoes, then took off my socks, then my shorts and I stood out there with only a pair of boxers on me. I looked at her and asked "Is this enough?" Referring to my boxers. "That has to go too." She said So I tried not to think about it and put my hands on both sides of my boxers and yanked them down and quickly covered my privates with both hands.

I did not make eye contact now that was completely nude in front of her because I was so embarrassed.

This was lily ford in teen cutie fucked by stepdaddy for some cash first time she had seen me naked since I hit puberty.

"OK good." She said not making fun or anything about my naked state. So I tried to step inside and she put her hand in front of my chest and said "Nah! Stop! Hold on! let me get a towel so you can dry up a little." She closed the door and even locked it to make sure I wouldn't try to get sneaky. So here I was naked in my back yard, covering myself and freezing but for some odd reason I began to feel aroused and I felt my penis starting to get harder.

A few minutes later she came back, with a towel and in one hand and one plastic grocery bag in the female agent and lesbian toying each other. She put the towel on the kitchen counter instead of handing it to me and opened the bag with both her hands.

"OK put all your clothes in here" She said. Now obviously I had to let go of my cock to pick up the clothes and so as I picked up I left my privates uncovered and was embarrassed but somewhat aroused at the same time.

I put all of my clothes in the bag and when I was done I covered myself again. She put the bag down and went over to the kitchen counter and handed me the towel. "OK get dry and make sure you don't have a drop of water on you" She said and so I had to uncover myself again and let my penis hang out.

Maybe she saw it, maybe she didn't, either way I did not want to find out and instead hurried to dry myself up. When I was done I wrapped the towel around my waist but she stopped me. "OK give me the towel." She said. "Why?!" I asked. I was really annoyed that she; for some reason wanted me to stay naked.

"So I can wash it right away, Look at it, it's got dirt all over. Give it to me" She said not taking her eyes off the dirty towel. So I took off the damn towel and handed it to her and covered myself yet again.

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She stood there blocking the entrance not saying anything. She stared at me sort of analyzing my face and finally after a few seconds she opened her mouth. "Take your hands off of there." She said "No! Why do you want me to uncover?!" I asked. "Because, I'm going to teach you a lesson." I sighed and refused to take my hands off my dick.

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"Look I've seen it already, so just take your hands off there or I won't let you in." She said in a low voice. "No, I'm not gonna do that!" I told her in a loud voice. She raised one eyebrow and tilted her head sideways.

"Look little brother." She said in a sarcastic tone and continued: "You know very damn well who is in charge around here when mom is not home. Now you gonna do as I say or am I gonna have to tell mom what you've been up to?" She said sounding pissed off and very honest about her threat to tell mom. Of course I was afraid she would tell mom and I wanted not to get in czech female agent fucks british guy in casting with mom so I took off my hands off my cock and looked up so as not to make eye contact.

I was now pissed. "Good, now look at me." She said and I lowered my head to look at her. "I hope this serves as a lesson to you. Maybe if you would've listened to me and been nicer to me I wouldn't have you do this, but because you decide to be an asshole to me every time I ask you nicely to do something, then I'm going to embarrass you like this.

You understand?" "Yeah." I groaned. "What's that?" She asked, apparently she didn't like my tone. "Yes, I get it." I said a bit more nicer. "Are you embarrassed?" She asked. "Yeah." I said "OK good.

Now why are you embarrassed?" She asked. "Umm." I cleared my throat. "Because I'm naked. in front of you." I answered having a difficult time with my speech. "Look that's." She looked down directly at my penis and pointed at it.

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".your penis." She continued: "I have seen it many times before so stop trying to cover yourself." She was right about thing though: she had in fact seen me shower when I was a boy. But last time she saw me naked was when I was maybe 9 or 10; which was way before I hit puberty. I gulped thinking how she was staring bluntly at me like that. I felt so ashamed and powerless that any sense of erection coming from my penis just went completely out the window.

I did not know what to say so I just froze all the while she was just staring at it. "Listen, us girls don't think like you boys, there's nothing wrong for a girl to see a guy.

So stop being so freaking over-dramatic about redhead ebony in stockings fingered in cab interracial and lingerie, will ya'?" She said not taking her eyes off my dick.

I just nodded. "Good. Now stop being such a baby and go shower before you get sick. Hopefully you learned your lesson." She ordered, she turned around and left with towel and bag in hand. I headed to the bathroom still bare-ass and took a shower and while I took my shower I got really hard thinking about what she had just done, though I was still mostly embarrassed.

That night I masturbated in her name reminiscing how she look at my manhood in such a relaxed manner like she did. It turned out to be very, very arousing and I started thinking about ways of showing it to her again and that's how our little escapades began. I had learned my lesson: Showing your penis to your sister can be very fun.