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Hot and thick latina slut fucks some
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Chapter 2 The very next day Jack had Sam flown over to Germany. The first addition to his team of five (men). At the airport Jack gave Sam a bear hug which made old Sam feel very odd and turned his face beat red. "How are you buddy?" Jack asked, patting Sam on the back with a massive grin on his face, caused by pride mixed with happiness. "You are not going to believe your fucking ears dude!" Jack said grabbing a suitcase and starting off.

"I'm fine thanks." Said Sam looking at the back of Jack walking away in the glow of the ultramodern airport (and very clean).

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He grabbed his laptop and travel bag, swung them over the same shoulder grabbing his other remaining suitcase and followed Jack. "Wait!" He yelled. Jack entered a coffee shop. It was not brown, dark and cosy but sort of pink. Jack had a thought: Why so many women, this place doesn't need any cleaning. Sam entered smacking his suitcase against the side of the door getting some nasty glances from the regular clientele. Sam joined Jack sitting down out of breath with some beats of sweat on his forehead.

"You should start working out buddy." Jack advised, reading a menu. "There is no point to working out." "There is if you want to get some pussy." "Can you maybe yell out that word?" Sam said making a frustrated face and turning red again. "Relax buddy this is Germany. Alles ist gut." "Germany, how the hell does that make it any better, they will still castrate a stray man with such efficiency he will only notice it on his next birthday." Jack laughed.

"Good one." Looking over to the group of women on his right acknowledging them with a smile which they repaid in kind. "Jack, stop that you are going to get us in trouble again." "My dear friend if that is the case then I live for trouble." "Can we get down to business, please?" Sam almost begged, he saw that glister in Jack's eye noticing how the women were eying Jack too, the way they drank their coffee licked their lips.

It had changed, it was charged, it was raw, it was sexy. He knew it was going to turn out all bad. Well good for Jack, then a crazy escape with a mob of beautiful women wanting to chop off the tall blond handsome man's balls and just for good measure his friend's balls too.

Although sadly the poor old fella never got it out of his pants in the first place. "Okay, yes let's get to business. I tell you the universe man is fucking awesome. It gives and it gives." Jack said. Sam thought; 'why would the universe reward Jack so much. He had it all the looks the mind and everything else his karma was not supposed to be good, he did bad things like have sex all the time.

Yet he had the most amazing luck and still had his balls'. "What are you thinking, Earth to Sam?" Jack asked. "Oh nothing, so what is this all about, I know it's about the big metal box but how does this involve you and more importantly me, Jack?" "Well my very dear friend I am officially employed by the world to discover what this box is all about.

You are my second in command." "Are you serious, we will need more guys and equipment and money and how the hell did you pull this off, did you tell them it's aliens invading?" Sam smiled at his own wit.

homemade amateur brunette anal first time art imitating life we will get Mike, Sunny leone xxx sexi story story and Theo to join us, yes we have a budget not so impressive but it will serve, and no I did not tell them it's an alien invasion. Sam you know nothing about women they would never buy shit like that.

I told them it was a bomb a fucking big fat WOMD!" Sam's eyes bulged he choked on his coffee. "You told them is was a bloody WOMD! Are you crazy?" "No Sam I am not crazy just smart or sly, what the fuck ever, it does not matter we are in!" Jack looked over at the women, they were paying Jack and Sam's heated conversation some attention focusing on Jack.

Women might have the world in their hands and everyone convinced they would be better off with no men. Yet a hunk was still a hunk, waking that primitive instinct deep down in women, it made them feel good it made them want to dance, hang it all out show it off, to see the hunger for them in the eyes of a man, a handsome man at that. Jack winked at them, they giggled. "Smart… my… bum!

You're insane, and stop that!" "Stop what… Look buddy we are in something interesting now, and I got us in using good old fear." "Yeah, thanks so what's the plan?" Sam looked over at the women, he could see this was not going to end well. There were something like hunger on their faces, plain old lust it was. They were deciding their plan, their pray however was chosen.

"We need Mike here," Jack said. "He will be able to identify what sort of metal this box is made of and Justin too… no in fact we need the whole team…" Jack trailed off as one of the women came over she dropped a piece of paper close to Jack on the floor, keeping her eyes on Jack for a second, she then left.

The other three women got up following their matriarch leader, each giving Jack a glance. Sam could swear he saw some hope on those faces, beautiful faces they were too.

"Jesus Jack." Sam said as Jack picked up the piece of paper, he unfolded it read it and smiled. "Don't you ever take Phallic-calm?" "No my dear friend I don't nor will I ever, here take my tablet check you'll find everything there. Make the necessary arrangements. Get the guys over here ASAP. I have some pressing matter to attend to." With that Jack got up leaving Sam to his own devices. "You're kidding me right?" Sam asked Jack's empty chair as he turned on Jack's tablet to start making the arrangements.

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The motel was easy to locate, it was the only word written on the piece of paper. Jack held it up to the taxi driver a big fat ugly women. She gave Jack a wink and off they went to the 'Freier Vogel' motel, which is the Free Bird motel in English. The woman at the reception gave Jack a key anja willes content trailer more cumming soon moment he got to the reception.

The key card said it was for room six. He knew he was taking unnecessary chances getting the best break of his life. Jack outscored even Sam on IQ tests but as both of them knew Jack did not have enough blood for both his brain and dick to operate at the same time. His loins won most of the time.

"Vielen Dank." Jack said and off he went to room six. He did not knock just popped the key card and opened the door. There was a sweet smell of women mixed with soft instrumental music floating in the air.

The lights were dim, to the left of the room was a huge round bed and to the right was a Jacuzzi with four happy women in it. They were laughing and drinking Champaign. The one blond noticed Jack she whispered something to her friends they stopped giggling they glanced over at Jack.

Jack could sense they were now nervous and exited not believing what they were getting up to. Jack walked over, he took the Champaign and unp055-restraint fetish dream foot fetish tube porn up the ladies glasses. "Hello, my name is Jack. What shall I call you, well as you are German let's make it Eins, Zwei, Drei und Vier." Jack said pointing to each one as he counted off their nick names in German.

The women laughed and thought it to be the cutest thing and very efficient. "Shall I join you?" He asked. "Yes please." The woman that gave him the piece of paper in the coffee shop said. She was also number one or Eins. Tallish blond, now under bubbles as far as Jack could recall she had some nice cleavage and the overall shape of her in her business suit held a lot of promise. "Now ladies, I have forgotten my swim wear, but don't worry I have a plan." Jack said while starting to undress, the four did not blink.

When Jack took off his shirt and the girls noticed his well-defined body they gave audible sighs. The last of their doubts that what they were doing was a bad idea was banished.

Three whispered to Four all Jack could here was "…er ist so schön…" which meant 'he is so beautiful'. Jack kicked off his shoes, then his trousers, there was a very visible buldge in his boxers the women did notice it, his rock hard abbs, bulking shoulders, square pecks was forgotten for the moment. The women had stopped drinking, they were licking their lips. Number two the taller of the ladies was so absorbed she had forgotten about the foam that covered up her tits.

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The little bubbles were popping one by one and slowly the foam was melting away her darker nipples starting to show.

The ladies waited the ladies lusted, they dare not say their hungry eyes told the truth, it was time for Jack to take of his boxers. And so he did, first slipping his one hand into his boxers holding onto his balls and hiding his dick behind his arm. He slipped the boxers down with his other hand, they fell he kicked them away. Teasing the girls, he turned around.

Jack was well tanned his firm buttocks white in contrast. He squeezed them and relaxed them again. The girls responded with "das ist gut" and "mein Gott im Himmel" and some moans and other stuff. Jack looked back over his shoulder the women's breasts were now mostly exposed they were nice, making his dick throb a little more oozing precum.

"Eins, come here and stand behind me put your arms around me and touch it, the one that can guess how big it is can suck it first." The women laughed, Eins came over. Jack heard one say "Er ist so viel Spaß" (He is so much fun). Germans, Jack thought. Jack looked back at Eins over his shoulder, she was a nice one, maybe 5"8 full C cups, nice hips, long shapely legs close to a 9 if he had to rate her. She blushed a little feeling Jack's eyes taking in her body, what she saw in his face made her a little proud too.

Her wet nipples touched his back first, then the cold flesh of her tits, quickly turning warm. Only her skin was cold being wet in the open for a few seconds. She laid het right cheek between his shoulder blades and enveloped him.

The sensation gave Jack goose bumps. He could feel her mount pressing against the back of his right leg just under his ass. She placed her hands first on Jack's chest squeezing his pecks feeling their hardness. She started sliding het hands down over his body pressing hard into him enjoying the way her fingers traced the contours of his muscular body.

She reached the top of Jack's shaft with both hands at the same time, her left hand went down and cupped blonde czech babe nailed by stranger man balls. Her right hand around his shaft and slowly started to move it forward seeming to measure every millimetre. Jack felt her hot breath against his back. Her breathing shallow and fast.

Number one spoke in English and said. "I am sorry girls but I know exactly how big it is." "How big is it?" They asked as one. "Very big." Eins said. The other women laughed, Jack smiled, Eins stroking his dick slowly, lightly, delicately. Enis let go and stood back, Jack looked back at her over his shoulder. She indicated for him to turn around. So he did. The other women tried to catch a glimpse of him of his manhood, they couldn't Eins were blocking their view.

"Let's give them a show, these ladies have never done something like this, they are only here to watch or that is what they are telling me and themselves." Eins English was rather good in fact is was perfect British upper class type English. "Okay." Jack responded. Eins turned to her side and went onto her knees. There was a stirring and sighs in the hot tub as the girls saw Jack's cock. Jack knew what to do he went and stood in front of Eins.

Giving the women a side view of his proud dick and so a better view. They muttered amongst themselves confirming that Jack's dick was indeed big. Jack cuddly sweetie is geeting pissed on and blasts wet snatch had a problem with the size of his dick it was not quite 8" the thing about his dick it was thick. Not over the top but noticeable. Enis took Jack's dick in her right hand, looking up at him into his eyes, putting her hair behind her ears for Jack to see her face all the better and that she could take his dick into her mouth.

Her hot mouth made Jack moan as it closed over the head of his cock. Jack looked over at the girls in the tub they were watching with their mouths open. Only focusing on that one spot of where the mouth met the dick. Eins knew her stuff she was working the shaft with her one hand her other hand caressing Jack's thighs and ass. Soon there was a slurping sound she hummed too vibrating Jack's dick. She sucked Jack's dick head hard pulling back making it pop out of her mouth with a loud pop.

Really getting the girls attention. Making Jack moan with pain and pleasure. "See girls this is how you suck a dick, the only thing I can tell you about it is that I fucking love it." Eins said, going right back to work. Jack gave the women in the tub a thumbs up, a wink and a smile. Number two played along and squeezed her nice big tits together. Not to be out done number four also a blond got out of the hot tub and sat on the side opening her legs to show Jack her pink beautiful pussy.

Only number three, Drei was not doing anything she was so mesmerised by the scene she did not notice what her other friends were doing.

The only thing was that dick going in and out of that mouth. Her mouth was moving almost mimicking her friend's sucking Jack's dick. Drei was a petite brunet she did not look German to Jack, here skin was darker and her face sharper more Latin looking. Her perky B cups had dark small nipples. Jack wanting to get her attention, moved his hand to block her view. It broke the spell, Drei blinked her eyes looking up into Jack's.

The smile on Jack's face stopped her from looking away she smiled back. Jack lifted his hand and indicated with his finger for her to come over. Number two had joined number four on the edge of the Jacuzzi and both of them were fingering away at their pussies, both very nice pussies that Jack wanted to taste. Drei got up the water and foam slipping like a satin sheet from her lower body revealing she had a thin strip of dark hair on her mound.

Her middle incredibly thin. Wow, Jack thought. Eins noticed Drei and got up. "Come here Bruna and suck this beautiful dick." Eins said. "But I have never suck a dick before." Bruna said going down onto her knees in front of Jack. "I know but the only important thing is you want to, and here is a nice fat dick for you." Eins said, looking Jack in the eye, there was a promise there, a promise of red hot sex to come and soon. "What do I do know?" Bruna asked.

Jack just stood there not wanting to be anyone else or any other place in the world right now. What could be better than being Bruna's first dick that she would suck. "Simple Bruna, take it in your hand then put the head in your mouth and suck it, don't use teeth." All girl tied tbed dominated nc forced orgasm exabition said.

"Okay Natasha." Bruna looked up at Jack she seemed nervous and shy but willing. Jack smiled, Bruna too and then her lips pressed against his dick head.

They were cold. Her small mouth opened her big eyes locked onto Jack's, they were dark green. Jack's dick head was slowly entering her mouth.

"That's it Bruna nice and slow, it feels good in your mouth doesn't it." Natasha said. There were moans coming from the tub as the two other girls were enjoying the scene and their solos. Bruna moaned Jack's dick head was now fully in her mouth it was tight in there her tongue was exploring, she gained in confidence and started to emulate Natasha pumping her head up and down on Jack's dick.

She wasn't exactly good, the idea of being her first was helping to make it really hot, Jack knew he was not going to hold out much longer. "Natasha…" Jack said "I am not going to last much longer, can she take it." Jack grunted.

"Bruna Jack's gonna cum soon, you must not stop sucking his dick no matter what!" Bruna just kept sucking bobbing her head with determination speeding up a little.

Natasha went and stood behind Jack her body pressed hard into his, Bruna sucking his dick like there was no tomorrow, the other two moaning, Natasha caressing Jack. He grabbed two hands full of Bruna's hair and started to cum.

He groaned holding onto her hair like handles fucking her face she was gagging as cum shot into her through. Jack held on, he was in bliss ramming his dick into Bruna's throat.

Bruna tried to get away her hands pressing against Jack's legs to no avail. Jack was fucking her face and hard. "Yes Jack, fuck yes!" Natasha shouted. Jack let go of Bruna's hair she fell back coughing fighting for air, cum all over her face spilling from her mouth.

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Her eyes were big and wild after a few more coughs she got her breath back. "How was that?" Natasha asked. "Fucking… awesome!" Droga duerme y abusa de su hijastra said. "Cum tastes good too." Sounding amazed. There was some intense moans, two and four had gone to the bend. Now intertwined in a 69 seemingly having simultaneous orgasms.

"Let's go join them." Natasha said letting go of Jack's already hardening cock. "I'll be right over, give me a minute." Bruna said. Jack followed Natasha her ass was firm, admiring how her back muscles flex with each step, she had a way of walking slightly on her toes showing of her calves.

She stopped at the bed's edge, looked back at Jack, bit her lip. She got up onto the bed on all fours. Showing her tight little asshole it was dark pink, like a nipple. Her pussy was just a line, like a clam. Like something from the future, scientific perfect and clean. Jack's dick was back to full erection and ready for action.

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Natasha still looking back at Jack winked. Jack got onto the bed. Two and four were going at it just in front of Natasha. Jack spread Natasha's ass cheeks, exposing her asshole and her perfect pussy more, the lips parted ever so slightly it was light pink in there. Jack placed a kiss on her button on her asshole, Natasha gave a slight moan. She laid down with the front of her body angling her pussy up for better access. Jack licked from her asshole down into her slit.

She was so clean smelling with almost no taste only the soapy bubble bath. He placed his thumbs on the sides of her pussy and pulled her apart. It was truly a perfect pussy. Jack started exploring her cunt with his mouth and tongue. Natasha moaned softly. Jack felt a few drops of water dripping on his ass. Then cold wet hands starting to explore him down there touching his ass cheeks a finger tracing down his butt crack touching his anus. Making him clench his ass involuntary the finger going down tingling the sensitive patch of skin between his balls and anus making his cock jerk.

Then a cold hand grasped his balls squeezing almost painfully. Wet hair falling onto his ass a hot mouth kissing his ass crack, hand squeezing his balls, a tongue tasting him tasting Jack's asshole, with his own dipping into Natasha soaking wet cunt.

Bruna started to work Jack's cock too while playing with his balls and eating his asshole. Jack moaned into Natasha's pussy. It was just enough to get Natasha cumming. She moaned her juices dripping from her and Jack's face. Jack's dick was now rock hard, he looked back seeing Bruna's hair her face was buried in his own ass. Go girl. Jack reach back and dp teen destruction home away from home away from home a handful of her hair puling her to his side.

She reluctantly let go of his balls and dick, got onto the bed on all fours crawling to his side. Holding her hair still Jack turned her head to face him, he kissed her hard, deep. "Now look how I'm going to fuck Natasha, you will be next." Jack said. Jack sat back on his haunches, his dick sticking up proudly.

"Bruna make it nice and wet." She did, Jack had to pull her off his dick. "Enough, time for pussy!" Jack put his left hand on Natasha back, dick in right smearing it over her pussy finding the slit in her lips working it up and down.

He found the hole, he pushed his dick in. Natasha gasped. It was a tight fit, Jack started pumping, dick going in and out of Natasha pussy, she started to move, moaning. Bruna was mesmerised again, like staring at fire. Two and three were no longer in a 69, they were next to each other fingering one another and watching the scene unfold. The sensation in Jack's dick and balls started to spread through his body he did not feel Bruna touching his body all over, he only felt his dick hard in Natasha.

Only in and out hearing her moans caused by his dick exploring her inner secrets. Jack started going harder faster, he grabbed onto her hips hard (will leave marks) and went all out.

Natasha was breathless she had started orgasming it kept building locking her in bliss. Each time Jack pushed into her with violent force, the power of a man, the sensation of being filled, touched in her soul. His balls smacking the front of her pussy tingling her clit. Jack was taking her to the moon. Jack was taking her to the stars. Jack was showing her heaven. Finally she screamed in pleasure so intense it was agony, it felt as if her heart would burst, there was fear for she had lost to this man, and she would love him, long for him deep into her olden days.

Then it all changed! The man gripped the sides of her middle so hard the sharp pain opened something else in her, he seemed to enter her deeper his penis even bigger, longer and thicker. Like a god cleaving the cold void with a beam of light, Jack's semen shot into her, his quickening making him clench. Natasha had only one desire and that was to milk every drop of seed from this man deep in her.

She bigboobs natural body riding toy must see letcamscom her hips as fast as she could.

But god the mas was strong. His fingers like steel digging into her sides holding her in place. He was grunting, groaning. She could not tell if they were fucking or if a wild beast was attacking her from behind. Ecstasy and fear, the best fuck of her entire life. Jack let go and fell back slipping of the bed onto the floor, he was spent totally, for the moment.

Three women number two, four and Bruna peeked over the edge of the bed. "That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen." One of them said, Jack's eyes were closed.

"Do you think he can do it like that again?" Bruna asked. "Three more times?" One of the others asked. Jack laid there like a dead man eyes closed, and smiled. "This is why I work out a beautiful peach is flaunting her opened soft hole in close range, Jack said to Sam in his mind.