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Eager teen nickey huntsman manhandled by bbc
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Sign of the Times The Michel Family Part 12 Chapter 20 That is everybody but Susan, who seemed to be helping them. I watched for a minute to see what was going on.

These two guys apparently made a deal with Susan to share the wealth if she would help them and one guy said, "These bitches will make great fuck toys." Susan said, "I personally want to cut the cock off that smart ass kid." I stepped out and open fired killing all three. Susan turned as I fired with a shocked look on her face as I put a half dozen shots into her at least. She never got a word or a noise out as the bullets came at her so fast.

She with the others just slumped over and fell dead on the floor. I removed Cindy's gag and Cindy she said, "There is one in the yard as I cut her free." Cindy grabbed her gun and out the door and she ran to Judy. they took cover and raised the door of the APV. I freed my girls left Linda and Sara tied and gagged. All my girls armed themselves and opened every window and were on station. I had Melody at the master flood light and light it would light every outside light including barn lights she lights and garage lights we were all set she turned it on the guy was by the water trough a half dozen guns opened up on him he was dead.

I took the gag off Linda. I said, "Is there any more?" Linda said, "I don't know there were four guys after we broke down and Susan was talking to them. They took her in the woods and we figured they raped her but she came out all smiles." "Were they in a vehicle?" "No they were on foot." We scanned the area there was no fourth guy we searched the road With the APV and up by where the girls were a bear had got him.

There wasn't a whole lot left of him we headed back to the house posted a guard just in case and went dark after we put the animals to pasture. We pulled the trash out of the house. I got the back hoe dug a hole across the street and we striped the bodies and through them in the bucket and I buried them just dumped them like trash and covered them over. Sara and Linda begged and pleaded that they knew nothing, and the fact that they were tied I allowed them to stay. I said, "There is no funeral I buried the trash they are gone.

Bondage pussy teased smokeyeyed honey jojo kiss is broke and alone said, "My daughter?" I said, "She gave up being your daughter when she sided with that trash.

They would have raped and killed you at their leisure." "No the trash is buried and a bear got the fourth guy are you sure there was no more." Linda said, "I am sure." Sara said, "That is all that was there but we had no idea she did this." "It's done let's put that behind us." I went out and set a few claymores on the road and across the ditch with a flare release if anyone else comes. We brought in the crib and the girls set it up John said, "That automatic did a job, looks like we got a few holes to fix." I smiled and said, "Yea kind of got mad and carried away a bit." John said, "You get carried away all you want, that is another one I would of walked right into." "Yes but I was careless again, I should of had guards out after new arrivals, it will never happen again." When I calmed down I apologized to Sara and Linda and said I will dig her up in the morning light is full and we can bury her proper.

Sara said, "As far as I am concerned she is buried and Linda said, "I agree let it be we well get past it quicker with no marker." Cindy came in give me the paper work they had in their clothes and said the cloths are not much good but we washed them anyways you can see in the morning there is at least a half dozen holes in each, and that one that was by the trough no way may get a few pieces of a rag must be twenty holes in that shirt and jacket." Cindy said, "You have to teach me how to use that." "Let's pray that none of us have to use it again." I sat at the table by the sofa and Cindy watched me closely field strip the gun and clean it.

John said, "Here," and he open up another room I didn't know was there and he said, "Here are bullets for that they are 180 grain," and I looked at one bullet that was still in the gun it was the same I said, "Yes they are the right ones." Cindy asked, "What's the difference," and I told her how different grains affect trajectory.

I told her I would find the book and she could learn about it, she was fascinated with guns. While I was there she field strip cleaned and was back together in 3 minutes. "Wow that's faster than I can do it, great my sweat lovable woman," and we kissed.

Then all the girls were cleaning while Cindy stood guard no one was catching her like that again. Linda watched in awe and said, "They all proficient with guns?" "Yes and you will be to you will be ready to kill vermin as easy as they and I am.

It is they or we and you had a close up and personnel view tonight." Britney said, "They set the bed up in Linda's room and she is already asleep." I called in Bridget who was on guard and said keep your guns close by. Britney and Judy put on tea and served it. The adrenaline was dying down and some of the girls realized they did what they thought they could never have done.

John seen it and said, "You women were professional tonight you did what master foxy zoe bounces on a black dong you to do.

Nothing to have remorse about, be happy you saved all your sisters and each one of you gave the other the strength to do what had to be done." I said, "Thanks John, I couldn't have said it better and from here we move forward but it goes to show how cautious we must be of anybody even if we think we knew them." We unwound and then slowly we made breakfast.

It was full light. I decided to cut some wood and put it through the splitter. With us all working we cut and split and stacked 2 cord. John supervised and had them stack it so the air could pass through it. We finished and made it an early day. The girls arms were tired not used to that kind of work.

Sara and sue never woke up they slept through all the noise. They were really exhausted. Melody took care of Gina fed and changed her.

After supper they all went to bed I sat up in the kitchen with just an accent light. Britney was on my xoxxx com story free porn storys and said, "It has been a hell of a week my love my master." "It certainly has not the way I expected to learn to use a back hoe.

"I will be glad to get back to gardening instead of playing soldier my window boxes need care." Well morning comes early and she got up and took my hand and led us into my Master bedroom.

Sexy busty mature oiled up photoshoot and creampied showered and I played with her tits and she played with my cock and got it hard. We got out dried off and crawled in bed. She was kissing me and on my hard pole in minutes she started fucking me and saying, "You are my new husband and I love you. I have always loved you as my son but now I love you as a man you have all the traits on your father and more which makes you so easy to love." "Britney I always thought you had a gorgeous body and now I do so much enjoy it.

My feelings are also deep for you I am learning to love all the girls but you are special and always will be." I came as she cum to and we just held each other as she laid on my chest with my cock in her.

After a while my cock being a exquisite japanese brunette in a smutty foursome was rock hard and I took the high ground and fucked her feeling her tight strong cunt muscles try to capture my cock as I thrust into her. We were wrestling with each other's tongues and I pulled on a nipple as she moaned into my mouth and started to vibrate and she squirted a bit.

After she came down from that climax that I dumped another load into her she said, "Brad I only did that once before in my life and it was the night I conceived you. This is a special night indeed my love my master." We laid there and fell asleep I woke when another entered my bed it was Judy and she was playing with my cum filled cock and she went under the blankets and sucked me clean and hard.

She mounted me and was riding me when Britney rolled over and started kissing me and said, "She wants you again horny little thing isn't she." Judy whispered and said, "Master I am, it is a trait I inherited from my mother." We all laughed and that made me cum inside Judy as well she lay on me and started sucking my neck and I said, "No more branding tonight my sweats." We all fell asleep and we woke at 5am it was almost automatic. We got up mom took a gravol and we knew from that she kissed me and said normally it takes months you do it first shot.

We all went out and we strapped our guns and I took my 308 semi and was at the ready. I check the yard before I allowed them to come out. Chapter 21 Paranoid, probably but no one red lips sex story sex stories going to hurt my precious family.

We milked the cows and they were at the gate we were going to let them into the field when the horses started acting up. The horses were uneasy and getting louder the girls drew there side arms and I went towards the horses there was a black bear in who is she natural tits and long legs field with two smaller bears heading for the barn. Damn we didn't wash the blood it was pulling them in I waited till they were 25 yards out wham, and wham into the big one wham into one of the smaller ones bang and bang and wham and 3 bears were down.

Cindy with her 270 was on scene seconds after the third was down the other girls all had windows open and guard positions they thought we were attacked again. "Cindy go tell them were OK," and as I was looking at her, and up come her rifle, wham and I turned and here was coming standing high a big male wham and wham and wham. I emptied my last three shells Bridget came out wham, and Cindy wham they emptied there clips and the bear fell just as John arrived passing me a 12 gauge pump, and a belt of ammunition.

Cindy with her 9mm drawn was walking towards the gate and I said, "Stop Princess we don't have clear view that is deep grass wait until for 20 minutes and full light, keep your riffles handy." Melody came out and gave Cindy and Bridget full clips and me one for the 308 plus more bullets for my empty clip. Cindy got a ladder put it up on a shed and got on the roof. She was real smart, able to view the food and to protect it or kill it if it moved. Sara and Linda came out wiping their eyes they, missed it and Sara said, "Sounded like a war out here." John said, "No just 4 bears." Sara said, "Where, I would like to see." John said, "Go up there with Cindy," and off she went.

I watched her climb the later very cute ass I thought.

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Britney and Judy went back to taking care of the milk and Linda went back to the house she heard Gina cry. Bridget fed the chickens and gathered the eggs. The horses were quiet now good sign nothing was around. I went got the backhoe and some rope and chains. Cindy and Sara came down and came into the field Sara said, "Show me what to do and I will do it." I said, "Not much you can do until we get your strength back but watch and learn." We raised the big bear and I dressed him.

Sara jumped right in holding back the skin while Cindy was doing the same on the other side once cleaned I moved the carcass to the left and laid it in the clean grass. I got the male and dressed that I heard the small tractor coming Britney was coming with it and some plastic tarps. We cleaned the bears then picked up the big one again and skinned it Sara was there pulling as much as she could and John put his hand with hers to help pull making it easy to skin this beast.

We put the hide in my bucket. We cut up big 30 pound roast and placed them on the tarp in the bucket then quartered it and Britney took off for the house. There Melody and Linda help Britney put the meat on the outside carving table near the outside pump. And she returned. While she was gone we had the female skinned and I was cutting off excess fat to save work back at the house. We cut off some bigger roast then quartered it, and off she went again.

By the time she was back we had both the smaller bears skinned. I had one off the bucket and one of the backhoe. We quartered them and she headed for the house with John, Bridget. Cindy and Sara stayed with me in the back hoe. I was digging a hole to bury the stuff I didn't want coyotes being drawn here I got down a good four feet, way deeper that I had to but was practicing and got carried away.

Cindy's hand went up for me to stop and I seen her gun lay across the tire pointing down field. She spotted a buck and 3 does wham, wham, and wham and wham, four shots by her 270 almost as quick as my semi. She held her gun up on the targets and Sara tried to talk I opened my window said, "Shut up, no talking until her gun is put in safety position." I put my 308 up looked into the area she had a buck and another deer for shore.

Blue angel likes to finger her pussy heard the APV coming through the field like it was on fire. The APV got within fifty feet and four girls armed for war deployed like soldiers.

Britney had the assault rifle naughty french teen nasta zya pays ass not cash reality kings a couple of hand grenades I give three blasts on the horn the all clear signal. Judy approached first at the ready and I said, "Cindy shot some dear she is just waiting to make sure they are dead." Wham her rifle went again and I said, "Guess one wasn't." Judy blew the whistle three times they came up to see what was up.

Sara said, "We can't talk she has not put her gun in safety yet." "We all laughed and said, "We can't talk to her, we can talk to each other." Ten minutes later, Cindy reloaded her gun and safety it she said, "I got 3 but I think I missed the fourth," all disgusted with herself. I said, "Girl you're lucky at this range to get one two at most 3 you're a bloody sniper." I said, "Girls stay with us we are close to the tree line watch out for bears and coyotes give me a minute to bury this crap and we will go down together." "Bridget you take high cover." "Yes master but wait until we secure the area." "And Britney put the grenades away." She smiled and said, "Well I didn't know what we needed in this open field." I buried the stuff in five minutes and said, "I will fill in the rest of the hole latter." We went down and there were three deer dead Cindy was walking towards the woods and said, "I found it, a blood trial I knew I hit it." "Britney take up position.

Melody, Bridget field dress what you can Sara you stay put that is and order." "Cindy lets go." Five minutes later Bang with a 9mm. I field dressed it there and Cindy and I drug it to the field Cindy and I helped dressing the other dear and I said, "Throw them all on the bucket," and we tied them off. We got back to the yard put the hearts and livers from the deer in the fridge in the house.

Drove the bucket up to the garage and hooked onto the buck and Sara was now seeing how what she was tied to was properly used.

It was 12 noon by the time everything was cleaned begged and put away and the hides were stretched out for tanning. I took the heads and any other garbage put it in the bucket and Cindy and I went to the fields and buried it she said, "Look a couple of pheasants." I said, "Let them be for another day." She had a pouty face and I said, "We got many years to live here we need to conserve to my angel." We buried the stuff and filled the hole in.

Back at the house they had bacon and eggs just about done and Cindy and I went to the green house got a dozen oranges and bananas and I stopped in the garden for a summer squash. In the house Sara and Linda seen fresh tropic fruit and said, "No way, it's real, not plastic?" "Linda what can Gina eat?" "Master we were feeding her berries the same as us real food I don't no." I went to the first aid kit got a needle with three tips and the B12. I came out and said, "Bring her here," and used a swab and give her half of a b12 shot and then give Sara and Linda another shot.

I give them a banana to eat before breakfast and one for Gina she played with a lot of it but once she liked it she devoured it and it was gone. I gave her another half and she ate that. I said, "After breakfast you can cook that squash, and we got some mason jars to bottle some for Gina." Sara says, "I want to be a baby" I said, "I can cradle you in my arms and feed you a baby bottle while I play with your parts." Sara said, "You would to." Cindy said, "That is our master." "Britney, how are you doing?" "Well the gravol worked but I feel a bit off been a long time since I was pregnant." Melody said, "He is good, three for three first round." "He sure is and quite the lover," Melody said, "I know he is wonderful." Sign of the Times The Michel Family Part 13 Chapter 22 Melody was putting the food out.

A playpen was set up for Gina. Sara sat at the head of the table and was promptly assigned a seat that she was in masters seat the head of the family. "Oh she said pardon me master I didn't know," smiling. I said, "You are looking for a red bottom." "Maybe," she smiled.

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Sara said, "Master I am so happy to be alive and to be here with John, Melody, and the rest of you. I will miss Beau, but he should not of fired, we come looking in peace, I still have no idea why he fired his gun, but its past so we move on." We were diving into the scrambled eggs and orange juice.

Linda was going to give Gina some and Mom stopped her. "Not with all those sores and she needs her stomach healed with good food before we can give her anything that is acid like orange juice." Linda said, "I am not very good at this we always had maids and nannies." Mom filled his special glass with milk and gave it to her and showered her how to drink it. We all had milk two and the hot rolls were great with butter. We talked about our sharp shooter talking down four dear brooke and jordan darkish colored haired chick screwed by gigantic cock as wel good 150 yards away.

I told her she would not of done that with the 308 because of trajectory she was all ears as I explained how the 270 was a flat shooter while the 308 arched and being heavier would dropped by 3 to 4 inches for that extra fifty yards.

She said she wanted to see and I said, "I will tomorrow we will start Sara and Linda on gun practice." Linda said, "I don't think I could kill anything." We all laughed and Judy said, "That sounded like me." Linda said, "But you shot that guy last night." "Yep and that is because of masters training." I said, "No one leaves this house unarmed and you two do not step outside that door without one or two of us that are armed." "Look at this morning prime example normally we carry just our side arms they are good for pissing a male bear off but other than that they will stop most anything because of yesterday I had my 308 which will kill a bear." "This is like the early settler days we are in the middle of the woods with starving animals they smell food and they are here.

Normally a coyote is too scared to attack but if the pack is big enough which seems to be the case, if you listen at night they are growing." "It is a threat we will live with until our numbers get so large the human scent will be so strong they will shy clear." Linda said, "That is going to be rather hard you guys keep killing anyone that comes here." John said, "Yes and rightly so if you were not who you were Linda you would be dead now, it would be that simple." Linda said.

"Surely not." "If the outside world knew of this place we would have a war on our hands which we would lose with all our weaponry. Our only chance is secrecy to survive and to survive we must plan ahead.

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We must have children to take care of us when were old and to survive can you see me at seventy trying to plant or harvest or at 80." John said, "We need to keep producing Jim new this as did Steve now the two of us are dead in that department because of a stupid mistake I made, so there is only one bull left." "Linda said, "You mean he is making some of the girls pregnant." I said, "Not some all but in staggered months." "You mean you're going to rape me." John said, "Don't be so foolish women it's not rape its survival." Linda was all upset and John said, "Linda let me put this as logical as I can Jim sent you here so you may live correct.

He knew exactly what living here meant. Now even though he knew he could not be here he still wanted you here so he knew others were going to make you have kids to help when you're older." John said, "If master sent you right now down to an old abandon farm today you would not sexy brunette babe toying her pussy and teasing on webcam you have no food, no fire wood, little ammunition for your guns, no snare wire, and you may not even know how to do this stuff plus you have the wild animals to fend off.

No your chances of making it until spring our zero. If you were in the city you and your husband new it was death." I stepped in and said, "To survive here with us you have to live by our rules, or if you get right down to it, my rules as I am the leader. Even before I was the leader we all knew that having children was our biggest priority to survive and prosper." "We need children to support us when were older they need children to support them but this is one family therefore it is a safe community no outsiders.

Look at bringing you to our family, it damn near got us killed." "John has given us so much we have every tool there is to survive. Behind this house is a foundation all set to build on in the spring because shortly we will need many rooms across the street we will build an apartment complex with one huge hall for feeding us all as we grow" "Just how many kids do you plan on us having?" I said, "As many as you can without hurting yourself so that will depend on the person.

Your 35 maybe you can have children for 15 maybe 20 years so that would be a child a year take that by every women here and in 20 years we will have a good number and from there it will grow I can see us having a thousand by the time we die." "My god you're crazy," Linda said. Britney said, "No he is so far ahead of us we are from Chester and he was given sleep learning and knows things we don't in many areas." "Linda you and Sara erotic hand and oral sex pleasuring blowjob and amateur learn like the rest of us how to farm how to tan hides make clothes raise cattle.

We have enough milk for all of us plus ten more we can breast feed for two years so I got three years before I have to find a bull which I will find in one of the abandon farms." "When the time goes along the farms most everybody will be dead so we well make out OK.

Anyway enough future let's get back to today. We can pick some crops this afternoon the morning kind of got changed," as I looked at Cindy. "Well we needed food she said smiling." "No arguments there now that makes you entitled to a bear coat with me for winter hunting." That afternoon we got most of the stuff in from our garden our root cellar was stocked.

We also went down and got a few bushels of Macintosh apples great for pies apple sauce for Gina and for pork dinners. Over the next few weeks the leaves were changing I had one of the mini generators go and changed that out a repair job for the winter.

We had all the corn and wheat in and a field of barley we had the fields of hay we got in and just in time when the xxx sex telgu sexstory bathroom rain started.

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I got the machinery all put away figured I would service the stuff through the winter in the green house things were going good and I loved playing with my window box plants. I had different tea leaves and spices even some mint leaves good for a treat. We moved about 20 chicks into the other pen and the rooster was busy in just over a month we had 40 more chicks.

Sara fit right in wanted to know and learn everything Cindy taught her gun safety and how to strip and clean the weapons she would use. Chapter 23 Linda was another story, she finally learned how to clean a gun using it was almost useless even the magnifying glass was useless her small frame let her out using a big shotgun. I finally had her into a 20 gauge semi. And even on that she made mistakes and give her a single shot.

Then one day I had enough, She couldn't cook right, even washing out Gina's diapers was wrong not enough detergent to much detergent and the directions were even wrote down for her.

Linda just refused to take direction. Finally I said, "Linda you pay attention to what you're doing or we will start with a red ass for your mistakes." She scoffed at it then when she boiled the potatoes she took them out they were not soft.

I took her over my knee and gave her five whacks with the belt. She called me every name in the book and then made a bad choice, "I will kill you, you son of a bitch." I gave her five more she cried with the pain as I let her go she went straight for the 9mm on the wall. Cindy and Sara were just coming in they had heard the screams knew that somebody was being punished.

She was pulling on of the 9mm gun when I yelled, "Rouge gun." Cindy was drawing when she heard a bang sending the gun flying from Linda's hand. And blood dripping on the floor, Sara with lightning speed had shot the gun from her mother's hand. Linda screamed with the pain and she looked at Sara and said, "You shot me." "You are worse than my sister you tried to kill the only person in this place that can save us." Crying she said, "He beat me." Sara said, "I am sure it is not without reason for months your playing the act you can't do anything so people serve you.

I know you're smart and not an ignorant person that way, but we all can see you are purposely doing stuff so you won't be ask to do it." Sara said, "I was a millisecond of doing us all a favour, and putting father cronys comrades daughter wrestling getting naughty on grandpas bullet in your fucking head.

But I am part of a family and it is not my decision but if master gives me the word I will gladly do it for him." "You wouldn't I am your mother, no you are my sister, and a fucking pre Madonna, one, master will teach you one way or another." Cindy looked at her wound and Cindy said, "You are going to live" and Cindy asked Sara, "Where were you shooting?" and she said, "I was shooting for the end of her finger to knock the gun out of the bitch's hand." By this time the family was all here and they all were waiting for what I was going to do." I said, "I am not going to do a thing what are you guys going to do?" "She is not pulling her weight what do you think should be done?" Sara said, "Dig a hole across the street and bury her with the other trash." Linda looked in horror her own daughter would ask for this.

She fell to her knees crying. Cindy said, "Stop the crock tears it won't work now bitch you done the most serious offense against this family, attempted murder of our master." Linda said, "I didn't deserve to be beaten over potatoes." John said, "Linda what do you deserve for depleting our food supplies, for not doing what you were told to do a dozen times, to fork them, for using up our fuel that is a lot of work, and to make us all to wait almost an hour to have supper because you didn't take pride in your task of feeding the family.

What do you think you deserve?" "You make it sound like a federal offense." Melody said, "It is a federal offense. Was it you that cut the eyes out to make the potatoes and watered it and cared for it until planting time?

Was it you that furrowed the soil? Was it you that planted the seedlings? Was it you that walked around keeping the birds away, Was it you that weeded the garden weekly to get this precious life giving food?" "We seen you watch as we harvested and you wouldn't even offer to help store it. And now you want to ruin it, spoil those potatoes that we did all that work to raise." Melody said, "Just potatoes, if they chose that you should live I think you should be made to grow from scratch a garden and you reap what you sew you screw it up and you go hungry." Britney said, "It is our master that takes care of all the flower boxes that gives us our spices our fruits and he puja bose xxx photos full sex stories the one that gets the potatoes ava addam and eva lotti to plant making the growing time shorter as you seen our winters are longer and our summers are shorter and you want to kill him so we can all die." "What should be done with a person like that?" "What would you say if I killed off the man that gives this family life?

Bet it would not be kind." "Alright I screwed up big time and your right I was trying to screw up so I wouldn't be asked to contribute. But I don't believe in corporal punishment either." "What maybe we let you go seven days with only water then waste our time nursing you back to health what kind of punishment do you deserve. We can't let you go because on the off chance you made it out of here and told of our existence we would have a war we couldn't win which was explained before.

The only option is death for you." "Now please tell us what punishment you deserve for all that you have done." Linda really started crying and said, "I don't know." I said, "It comes down to one thing you. Do you want to be a part of this family or not? If you think it's a free ride, that is over and I have no compulsion on doing what your daughter said." I said, "If you want to live and want to learn and be an example for our children to be proud of them stay, but one more infraction and you will be dead you don't want corporal punishment so you got your wish." "You are serious master." "Dead serious and if you ever try to harm me again you are done, your life is over, whether you succeed or not." Britney said, "If you so much as look at our master I vote to take you a mile from here crucify you to a tree and leave you to the animals as the blood runs from your hands and feet as we nail you to the tree." "Linda your life here is not going to be pleasant for the next while as you can see, but you will live through it sexy blonde secretary chick gets quickie fucked at work that's your choice or you can end it either way I do not care." Linda looked around the room and not a friendly face looking back.

She said, "Master I want to live I will do my best for the family. Please do not kill me I will take whatever correction you see fit from now on and she crawls over and kisses my feet." "Britney look at her hand." "Yes master," and she does and sees where the bullet grazed her nail and blood was coming from the sides where the nail was pressed down so hard.

Britney said, "You are the luckiest women on this planet you may lose a nail you will know tomorrow but other than that there is no danger." Britney put a bandage on it and Linda rushes to the stove puts the potatoes back on and cooks them to perfection.