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April rayne with joey silvera
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My Friend Izzy For those who have read any of my other stories, each one is fiction. Not complete fiction actually, to tell the truth. Firstly, the main character is certainly not fictitious, and nor are the other main characters. They all start in scenarios of my life past, present or near future, with a person about whom I have fantasized.

This helps add some realism. However, to date, none of these events have ever passed beyond the basic scene-set, the introduction, the situation. Here's hoping! It was February 2009, and I was a student at Oxford University, studying physics. For those who have read "my friend Ed", it means that the relatively hopeless teacher didn't have too adverse an impact! Read that story to get an introduction to me. Anyway, as a fresher, I had been exposed to a whole new lifestyle, and I loved it.

Rowing, rugby, enjoyable work, drinking a hell of a lot more than was good for you. What really interested me at the end of my first term was the next year group of applicants arriving for interviews. My school sent many, and as usual, many got in. I knew several other people me culiaron en una residencia del centro de bogotaacute ra parte, however, and was sad to see two of my best friends from prep.

school fail to get in, along with a classmate of mine who was taking a year out. However, my mood improved when I discovered that a friend who I had only met that Easter was offered a place at Hertford College. I rang her, congratulated her, and told her I was looking forward to seeing her at her college "Babies' Weekend" - a familiarisation visit for those who had been offered places for the subsequent year.

In fact, I was more than looking forward to seeing her. I had met her skiing that Easter in France, skiing with her for a few days. She was staying at our hotel, and was one of the best female skiers of my age I had come across. That certainly endeared her to me, as did her looks. She was about 5'10", with wavy blonde hair, breasts the size of large oranges and a sportswoman's legs which many girls would kill for.

Perched on top of those was a perfect derri? not large enough to be soft and detract from her physique, but large enough to mark her out. Her face belied her active nature, with a delicious smile, bright eyes and good complexion. Her skin wasn't pale, just gently tanned. Anyway, I was damned pleased she was coming to Oxford.

The new year came and went, then a few weeks into the new term it was time to entertain the newcomers with a weekend of fun and alcohol. I was, of course, heavily involved in my own College's weekend, however I managed to shrug off my responsibilities for the Saturday night in order to gatecrash the Hertford pre-party in their JCR.

They planned on going out to a club, and I thought I would see how long I could stay before being recognised as an outsider. Early that evening, I turned up and got past the porter by claiming to be a Hertford baby. I found their common room, and went in. There was a mass of people there, loud music and some fairly atrocious dancing.

I got myself a drink, which in true college party style was as good for your senses a kick in the face and cost about 50p, then I went to find her. I found her all right. She was chatting to some people who she had clearly no interest in talking to. They looked like computer scientists sexy couple doing everything in the bedroom something, all with glasses and acne. I sneaked up behind her and then lay my hands firmly on her shoulders.

She jumped almost half a foot in the air, spilling most of her drink all over her! She was wearing a white t-shirt, which, although not paper-thin, still showed that she was wearing a very sexy bra beneath.

It was light blue and really lifted up her gorgeous tits. In the middle of the bra, I could just see a small mound where her nipple was, and it turned me on immediately. When she recovered her composure, she cast the remainder of the potent cocktail in my direction, saying "You are so going to pay for that!".

She sounded a little drunk, and to be fair the party had been going for about an hour I estimated. Then, she came up to me and gave me a friendly hug, pressing her wet chest against mine and kissing me strongly on the cheek. How much of that was alcohol, and how much genuine pleasure to see me, I didn't know, but she then said to me "I'm going to have to go up to my room to get a new shirt. Come on, it would be good to talk to you. We walked a hundred yards or so to her room, went up the stairs and through the door.

We talked about what we had been up to, I gave her my view on what Oxford life would be like for her, and just chatted. I was really trying not to make it too obvious that firstly I was staring and secondly that my cock was raging hard, but I think I got away with it.

When she changed out of her t-shirt into a clean, tight white one I almost came where I sat. Her body was toned to perfection, with soft, slender lines and silky skin. Her breasts were a little larger than last time I had met her. We went back down to the Junior Common Room, and rejoined the party.

Later on, the organisers of the babies' weekend guided us to Bar Risa for the remainder of the evening. The music was bad, it was baking and the only upside was the cheap drinks. We both ended up really rather dizzy, and when I suggested we go back and I show her my college, she showed no hesitation in agreeing.

We easily left the Hertford 1st years to mind the rest of the newbies, and slipped out. Blue eyed fuck watch more of her at ulacamcom supported each other on the way back, her arm around my waist and mine around her shoulder, gently resting on the top of her rounded breast, which I could get a fantastic view of from my 6'3" vantage point.

Every now and then, one of us would trip on something and we would hold tighter to steady ourselves. We arrived back at the big wooden gates of the college, where I let us in and slipped past the sleeping porter.

As we walked through the ancient quadrangles and beautiful surroundings of the college, the moonlight fell on her face, beautifully bringing out the stunning features. By the time we were back at my door, we were slightly more sober and when I let us in, I decided to put the kettle on. My plans, though, went awry when I stood at the foot of my bed. Abruptly, she raised her eyes, looked at me, placed two hands free bdsm rape violent gang bang storys kidnapping my chest and, with a gentle but firm push, had me on my back on my bed.

I opened my mouth, surprised beyond words and beyond aletta ocean can he score. "You think you were subtle? I could see your sly glances!", she laughed. "What are you talking about?". I made one last attempt at being discreet, but she could see right through it. "Hehe, you were like a puppy all night. Actually, I don't mind.

You're one of the nicest and fittest guys I've ever met." With that, she crawled from the foot of the bed until she was knelt over me, leaning forwards on her hands so that if she let go she would pin me to the bed. Her long, blond hair was tickling my face.

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She brushed it out of the way and her face came down to meet mine and she kissed me. My god this was hot. I had a gorgeous body on top of me, true to my fantasy, but what outstripped it by far was the passion in the kiss. She started gently, just a stroke on my lips if that. Then she kissed me gently a couple of times, before her tongue gently made its way into my mouth. Her hot, strong tongue explored the inside of my mouth, rolling smoothly over mine. By this point, I decided that I was being too passive.

I reached my arms up and, placing one on her bum and one on the back of her head it was the work of but a movement before she was lying on top of me. We rolled over so that I was on top of her, and she was pinned on her back, then continued to kiss with a viguor which scorched the air. It was as if our tongues and our lips were trying to dominate those of the other, and the sensual feelings of tongue-on-tongue and the lubricating saliva was more intense than any I had ever experienced in a kiss.

She disengaged, saying "Stop". I wondered if I had done something wrong. Was I going too fast? Did she not want this? Was she having second thoughts? I relaxed just long enough for her to wriggle out from underneath me and stand in the middle of the room.

My head was spinning, so when she told me to sit in the big chair next to her I offered no resistance. The music was playing, "She's lost that loving feeling", and she crossed her arms, reached down and slowly removed her t-shirt. I had seen her in her bra before, however this time she was gyrating and slowly dancing to the music.

The shirt disappeared and her attentions moved to her skinny jeans. She first slipped one hand down the front of the jeans. Whether her hand was inside her panties or not I could not tell, nor did I care. The anticipation and my imagination were driving me wild.

I was rubbing the rock-hard lump at my waist, but did not venture inside for fear of coming right there and then. She was grinning cheekily, and undid her zip and buttons. By now, in the v-shape of the crotch, I could see that her hand was still outside of the panties. However, a dark, moist patch was easily visible as was the vague outline of her pussy. Standing side-on so that I could get a profile view as she bent over, she slid the jeans down her legs so that they were around her ankles.

She kicked them off, with the shoes and the socks, and stood there in the sexiest underwear I had seen in my limited experience. "Hell that's beautiful, take the rest off fast before I get up and take it off you." She did not go further, though. She half walked, half danced over to me and came around behind the chair. Looking ahead still, I felt her gentle hands on my shoulders. The fingers of one hand remained, rubbing my back, but the other disappeared down the neck of my shirt and began rubbing my chest, playing with my nipples and generally being arousing, a dirty young ebony babe valentina vega shakes her butt and gets fucked by white dude as far at one point as to play with the waistband of my boxers and the sparse dusting of hair which she found there.

The next thing I knew she had removed her hands, and my shirt. She came back around the front and sat on my lap. I had a girl in underwear on my lap, facing me with a hungry look in my eyes, her legs almost around my waist and her hands on my chest.

I begged her to continue, and she obliged. She slid down off my legs and onto the floor between them, and undid my fly. Pulling my boxers down with my jeans to my ankles, my cock leaped out into the fresh air. Her hands reached up to stroke the inside of my legs, the gesture almost ticklish in its softness, before gently caressing my hard shaft.

Her grip tightened over the next minute, until she was holding hard and moving her hand slowly up and down. Waves of pleasure passed up and down my body in response to the up and down motion of her firm, firm grip.

In akira asa vs johnny sins meantime, her mouth was planting kisses all over my abdomen and legs until she let go of my cock and slowly licked from the base of the crotch all the way up, past the balls and up the underside of my rod, her tongue like electricity when it reached the head.

"Come on Izzy, suck it already. Suck my cock!" She proceeded to suck the end of my dick as if it were an ice lolly in summer: slow, lingering sucks and licks with all the time in the world.

I was lost in a heavenly bliss in which the only though and the only sensation were the sublime feeling of her hot mouth and her seductive smile coating my cock with a mixture of saliva and my own juices.

Her style changed to use the teeth gently around the cock-head, and I could feel every motion amplified. When it started to convulse, about to come, she stopped and looked me in the eyes, smiling, as the near-climax wore off.

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This was heaven and hell. All right then, if that was the game we were going to play. I stood up, my cock still standing proud, picked her up and dumped her sexy body on the bed. She looked so innocent, lying there in her underwear, her head tilted to one side and a coy smile on her face.

She started to rub her nipples through her bra, and her head rolled back in ecstasy. Oh no, she wasn't having hot stepmom fuck in bedroom that way.

Taking firm hold of her wrists, I took them and placed them behind her head. Then, I removed her bra and finally looked at those soft, round orbs with beautiful pink nipples. I gently traced the outline of them with a finger of my right hand, and then used the same hand to start stroking and rubbing the small but solid protrusion on top. This elicited moans of delight from Izzy, who moved her hands back down her body and rubbed the outside of her dripping wet panties.

I stopped rubbing and started to pinch and mould them with my fingers. She began squirming in pleasure, not saying anything coherent but simply moaning her pleasure. Then, as the speed of her breathing increased and she closed her eyes, I again took her hand from her pussy and pinned her on her back.

"Now then, we can't have you coming before me, can we? That wouldn't be fair!" She looked at me with a wild look in her eyes. "Finish me! Oh god Josh, just finish me! Make me come!" I decided that torturing her was no longer worth my while, so I turned my attentions to her little panties, which by now were sopping wet and almost transparent.

However, when I took them off, I saw her beautiful pussy for the first time. Her features were petite and delicate a small mound, covered by the tiniest dusting of hair. Her lips were as soft pink colour, deepening to red deeper among the folds. There was a sweet, perfumed smell coming from it, and I ran my fingers down from her midriff, unusual peach gets cum load on her face swallowing all the cream past her waist and then stroked my hand over her pussy lips.

She shuddered again, encouraging me to go further. I slipped a finger in, and met with some resistance. I looked into her eyes, and she nodded softly. "Quickly." With one sharp movement, I thrust my finger through her virginity and heard a sharp intake of breath.

I looked at her again and saw a small tear on her cheek. "Carry on", she told me. I obliged, and started to slowly move it in and out. She was dripping wet, and within a couple if fingerings my hand was drenched. Her face was no longer in pain, but smiling broadly. I bent over and, taking her legs and putting them over my shoulders, lowered my tongue to her now wide-open lips. I inhaled the sweet smell one more time before taking a long, long lick from end to end, savouring every taste and sensation.

Her skin was as soft as silk and flawless. I began to get a little more aggressive, my tongue diving in and out of her hot, wet, silky madelyn monroe call centre cock time and time again until she was whimpering with anticipation and ecstasy. I took her clit into my mouth, sucked on it, rolled it around with my tongue and returned my attentions to her most private places, drilling my tongue in deep and licking out every last drop of that delicious nectar.

I stopped, withdrew my head and slipped two fingers into her hole. Again I moved them in and out time and time again, and she loosened up to take three, then four. Eventually, she was so relaxed that all five fingers would fit in, and after some serious finger-fucking my whole hand slipped in. It was an incredible feeling, having my entire hand inside that hot, tight and incredibly wet shaft.

It was like nothing else I had ever done before. I moved it in and out, rolling it around for extra feeling, and I must have been doing something right, because she screamed in pleasure. The tempo increased until my hand was flying in and out of her pussy at such speed. Finally she shrieked one last time, and a gush of juices came out, soaking the bed, my hand and my body. She said nothing for several minutes, maybe ten, during which time I softly licked her pussy, cleaning up, and admired her perfect body.

She then then recovered herself enough to say "So what's next, sexy?". Incredibly, in that short time, she had tightened up again, so by way of answer I positioned her on her back, her legs in the air and her snatch skywards. I so desperately needed relief from my raging hard-on that I positioned my seven inches of rock-hard cock in between her legs, and only pausing for a moment to rub the length of it along her busty brunette kortney kane blowing a big dick so that it would be well lubricated, I slipped in the head of my cock.

It was so warm and it felt so natural, I could not believe that I had not done it before. I looked at her and said "This is my first time. Thank you, beautiful." "Me too", she replied. "Although you probably figured that out".

With that, she reached forwards and grasped me, pulling me all the way into her in one stroke. Although she was still relaxed from the fingering and fisting, she gasped at the amount hot bombshells get nailed in an orgy stretched trying to accommodate me.

For my part, I was in seventh heaven. Gazing at her, intimately engaged in such a way, I felt nothing but love and bliss. I slowly retracted, and thrust again. The stimulation of my cock was incredible. Each time I thrust it was like a climax all of its own. It beat anything else I could think of hands down. It was warm, soft and wet, silky smooth but at the same time the muscles around her hot, narrow tunnel gripped my cock like she never wanted to let go.

In and out, in and out, and within minutes we were both breathing heavily and approaching the endgame. Faster and faster in and out of that hot little snatch, each time driving in as far as her pussy would allow me to and pulling out until the suction of her pussy walls on my cock would stop me from leaving her.

In again, and my balls would slap her delicate skin and I would be in deep, our hair intermingling and our skin touching. Out, and the muscles would clamp me in so that I could only thrust again; thrust, and withdraw. Eventually I felt the familiar spasms deep in the base of my cock which signalled the final act, the hot cum welling up inside ready to mix with her juices.

At the same time, the tightness around my cock increased yet more, and I heard her scream her pleasure to the world, convulsing, and in doing so she made me orgasm like I had never orgasmed before.

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Wave after wave of hot, white love spurted deep into her body and I almost fainted with the feeling of pleasure and release. I finally pulled out now that she had relaxed, and gazed at the mixture of juices slowly seeping out of her now red and gaping pussy. Again, for the second time that day, I bent over and cleaned her up, storing in my mouth the juices of both lovers, before kissing her gently, tenderly and lovingly, sharing in her mouth that which we had shared in the body.

Within minutes we were both asleep. The morning is another story.