Busty sultry babe molly jane big boobs and pornstar

Busty sultry babe molly jane big boobs and pornstar
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This is my first story so bare with me. This is a true story that happened to me in 2012. I was traveling from NC to Manila for vacation and had a 16 hour layover in Hong Kong. When I got to the HK airport I knew that they had small sleeping cabins in the airport you could rent by the hour. I was walking from my terminal to the main area with food and other tourist attractions. I happened to see a black guy with an airport ID on and I said hello and asked him if he knew where I could find one of the sleeping cabins.

He said that I was in luck that he was the asst. manager at one. He said that they were small rooms and I could get a hot shower and a meal there as well.

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So we finished eating and had some small talk, he said he was from Arlington Texas if I remember right and his company sent him to HK. I can't remember his name but he was an inch or so shorter than me, I am 6'3 and 250ish. He was probably 225ish and had really dark skin, which I like. While we were talking I got a little hint that he might be bi or gay, so I started to get a little dirty minded.

I asked him if I could rent a cabin from him and get a hot shower and he obviously said no problem. Well this is where my plan kind of started. When I got to the cabin, it's kind of like a big room with 3 small cabins walled off in each, and there was about 5 big rooms all together. Anyway, I went to take a shower and grabbed my razor too make sure if anything did happen I was clean. When I got out I only put on some loose shorts and white under shirt.

As I returned to my room I saw him coming out of my area, he said if I needed anything to let him know, I told him I may take him up on that offer and gave him a big smile. What I didn't know was hot milf stretch her pussy the fucked he put another couple in the cabin next to me(this where the double fun will come in later).

About an hour later (1230 am) I walked out into the small lobby area and the airport was dead quiet. We made some small talk and I asked him if he could help me move a small table in the room so I could get my luggage fully in the room.

These rooms are literally about 6 by 10 feet. So he followed me in was behind me when we came in the room. I bent over my suitcase to move another suitcase and I glanced back to see him staring at my ass.

When I stood up pretended to stumble and bumped into him. I could feel a slight bulge in his pants when I bumped him.

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I said excuse me and he he responded how I hoped with it was fine. We got my luggage all the way in and I shut the door as he stepped towards me and I took a huge risk and placed my hand on his cock and just looked him trying to read his face. His eyes closed for a second and he let out a slight moan and said he hadn't been with anyone since he came to Hong Kong.

I told him that his dry spell was over and started to unzip his pants. We backed up and I sat on the bed and unbuckled his pants let out a beautiful dark chocolate cock that was about 7.5 inches and as thick as a Red Bull can, and had huge balls as well.

He pulled my T-shirt off and then he removed his. While he he took his shirt off I start licking and kissing the head of his cock. I took my tongue and licked circles around his helmet. His cock was like solid wood with a silky soft covering on it. I licked and sucked his cock and balls for about 10 minutes, enjoying every second of it.

By this time I had dropped my shorts was starting to leak a bit. He took both hands and placed them on the side of my head and gently pulled me up kissing me deeply. It was so hot in this little room we were both sweating and our bodies just sliding against each other. He stopped kissing two whore blonde and red hair in sauna party and told me he wanted to be in me.

I kissed him again and slowly turned around staying in contact with him as I turned, I could feel his big cock slide across my body as I turned. When I had my back to him he pushed on my back and bent me over my suitcases and lifted my right leg up onto the bed exposing my tight rosebud. His hands explored my ass cheeks and back as his wide thick tongue found my entrance.

My eyes rolled back in my head feeling him lick me and push his tongue into me. A few minutes later he stood up and said he didn't have a condom but was clean. I reached back and grabbed his hip and pulled him closer.

He took the hint and stepped closer and place that thick head against my opening and began to push into me gently. The burn was sharp at first and subsided quickly as he pushed in and pulled out of me. He finally got all the way into me and just held there for a moment feeling my tight ass around his thick cock.

Without warning he started a hard a fast pace that caused me to forget where I was and begin to moan loudly telling him to fuck me over and over again. His big thick cock felt so good sliding in and out of me and his balls fucking with raunchy arse pinches pornstar hardcore mine. After about 10-15 I felt his pace pick up and his grip on my cheeks tightenI knew he was about to cum.

So I looked back at him and told him to fill me up. That was all he needed, I felt his cock swell up and then the tell tale twitching of shot after shot of hot cum filling me up. Both of us completely forgot where we were and our noise level but we didn't care.

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As he pulled out of me some of his cum ran down my leg. I used my towel to clean him up while he caught his breath. Just then we remembered that there was the other couple in the cabin next to mine. We both went silent and then both started chuckling when we heard them fucking. He quietly left and lauded down trying to gain my composure before cleaning up when I heard a soft knock on the door.

I threw my shorts on and opened the door and the husband from the other cabin was standing there naked with a monstrous cock hanging down glistening in his wife pussy juice. All he said was "go in my room." I knew my night just a hot a bit longer.