Brother and sister x tthe rape story free download

Brother and sister x tthe rape story free download
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Daniel woke up in the morning and Noah was gone. He went downstairs and it was like Noah had never been there.

The next time Daniel saw Noah was in science. The teacher was putting everyone in pairs and Daniel was paired with Noah. " This is an amazing coincidence." Daniel said as Noah sat down beside him. " No coincidence. I asked the teacher to be paired with you." Noah said. " Oh." Daniel said.

The teacher started talking and Noah moved his chair closer to Daniel's. Daniel looked at him strangely and Noah just smiled at him and turned back to the front.

Daniel look back at the front, wondering what Noah was up to. Daniel felt a pressure on his thigh and looked down to see Noah's hand.

Noah still looked toward the front and still had that mischievous grin on his face. Daniel looked back to the front. Noah began squeezing his thigh, closer and closer towards his crotch. Daniel heartbeat picked up and he tried to concentrate on his work but he couldn't get Noah's hand out of his mind.

Noah's hand slowly crept onto Daniels crotch, rubbing it, squeezing it. It took all Daniels had not to moan. Daniel looked at Noah, angrily. Noah jut smiled widely back. Daniel tried a pleading look but Noah just tug at Daniels cock faster.

" Please." Daniel whispered. Noah replied with another tug. " Sir!" Noah called out. The science teacher wandered over to them.

" Yes Noah?" The teacher asked. " I need some help with this one about humans in the food chains." Noah said giving Daniels cock a tug. " It basically boils down to predator and prey." The teacher said. Noah gave Daniel another squeeze. " Humans are at the top of the food chain because nothing actively seeks us out as prey but we prey on other organisms. " The teacher said. Noah tugged at Daniels cock faster and Daniel moaned slightly and buried his head in his arms on the desk.

" Are you okay Daniel?" The teacher asked. " He is feeling a bit sick." Noah said wiggling Daniels cock. Daniel just nodded. " I think you should go to the nurse." The teacher said. " I'll take him sir." Noah said. " Okay. Both of you pack up and then come see me for the next assignment tomorrow." The teacher said. " Thank you sir." Daniel said. Noah removed his hand and Daniel could finally breath. Daniel pack up and got out the door quickly. Noah followed close behind him, " calm down, your supposed to be sick." Noah said.

" so are we actually going to the nurse?" Daniel asked. "Of course not. Had a fight with mum this morning about staying out all night and I'm feeling a bit frustrated." Noah said walking. Daniel followed obediently. Daniel wanted to ask where they were going but he thought better of it and stayed quiet.

Noah walked in to the boy's toilets and Daniel wasn't sure if he was supposed to follow or not. Noah looked back at him and Daniel awesome brunette with sexy ass teasing on webcam followed him in.

Noah stood in the middle of the bathroom and Daniel stood in front of him, awaiting his next command. Noah smiled slightly and stepped forward, kissing Daniel. Daniel kissed back and was startled when Noah started to pull him backwards into the toilet stall, closing the door behind them. Noah dropped his bag off his back and Daniel did the same. Noah pushed Daniel up against the toilet stall door and pressed their hips together. Daniel could feel Noah's hard cock against his own and he moaned in the kiss.

Noah pulled back briefly and said " You have to be quiet." " Okay. Sorry." Ember stone coming for you said kissing Noah's neck.

Daniel kissed up along his jawline and Noah moaned deeply. " What happened to being quiet?" Daniel asked teasing and kissing Noah's neck some more. " That only applies to you." Noah said thrusting against Daniels hip. " That's a little unfair." Daniel said half teasing. " You should know by now that this is how it works." Noah said. " Now shush." Daniel went back to work on Noah's neck and slowly made his way back to his mouth.

Noah got his hands in the waistband of Daniels pants but Daniel stopped him. Noah gave him a suspicious look as Daniel got down on his knees, pulling Noah's pants and underwear down. Noah smiled and put one hand on Daniels head. Daniel grabbed Noah's cock and started pumping it roughly. Noah moaned and Daniel put the head of Noah's cock in his mouth. Noah tried to contain his moans as Daniel started to slowly suck on his cock.

Daniel moved his head back and forth, sucking as he pulled back. Noah moaned a little too loud and at the same time they heard the door open. Daniel looked up at Noah; mouth still full of cock and Noah just motioned to be quiet. Daniel sucked a little and Noah moaned softly again. " Okay who is in there!?" A voice asked. Daniel recognised the voice and would have yelled and cursed, if his mouth was not full of cock.

Noah recognized the voice as well and stood up to open the toilet stall door. " Hey tiger." Noah said. " Oh my god. I thought you were going to the nurse!" Tiger exclaimed.

" Just a pit stop." Noah said with a smile. Daniel closed his eyes wishing this wasn't happening. " Is he any good?" Tiger asked. " He has gotten better." Noah said. Daniel looked amarna miller the macho and the nerd at Noah pleading him to make Tiger go away.

Noah just smiled with an evil glint in his eye. " Want to try?" Noah asked. Tiger smiled his wide smile. Daniel Finally took his mouth off Noah's hard cock and said " No way I'm blowing him." " You will do what I say or I will find someone more willing to be my stress relief." Noah said. " No! I would blow anyone else for you if that's what you wanted but tiger? I have to draw the line somewhere." Daniel said.

" Elegant girl spreads tight pussy and gets deflorated is the only other person here and I'm in the mood to watch." Noah said smiling.

"Please. Don't make me." Daniel pleaded. " Stop talking and do it." Noah sat down on the toilet seat, cock in his hand and Daniel moved backwards to make room for tiger.

Somehow they got the door closed an tiger dropped his pants. " You could save me a lot of humiliation if you stop it here." Daniel said pleading. " Do it. Suck tiger off." Noah said. Tiger stood there with that stupid grin on his face.

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Daniel slowly pulled down tigers underwear and revealed tigers cock that looked pretty big even though it was only half hard. " No wonder you're always a dick to everyone." Daniel said slightly amused. " Shut up and suck." Noah said. Daniel pumped his cock until it was fully hard and then put the head of the cock in his mouth. Tigers moan was more like a growl and this amused Noah. Daniel slowly engulfed tigers cock stopping a couple of inches to the base.

" Can he deep throat?" Tiger asked. " I don't know but he will try." Noah said kissing Daniel on the cheek. Daniel ignored him and tried to fit more of tiger cock in his mouth. He gagged and coughed, taking tigers cock out of his mouth.

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" Try again." Noah said. Daniel did and got a little further before choking. " And again." Noah commanded. Daniel did and found he could get all of tigers cock in his mouth and down his throat. It was a little uncomfortable but Daniel was still proud of him self and started humming. Tiger moaned/ growled loud and hit his hand against the stall wall. Daniel started trying to swallow and tiger started to thrust into Daniels mouth.

There was a soft moan from Let me drive you wild with my fishnets and Daniel wished he could turn around and see what Noah was doing. " Keep going." Tiger moaned. Daniel pulled off tigers cock and just sucked on the head before taking all of his hard cock in his mouth. Tiger started to thrust down Daniels mouth and Daniel just sat there and closed his eyes. He hummed every now and then and soon tiger was growl/moaning constantly.

Tiger could feel himself getting close and started to thrust hard into Daniel's face. Daniel felt a tear leak out one of his eyes and quickly wiped it away before they saw.

Tiger came down Daniels throat and Daniel had to swallow to keep breathing. The added movement increased the pleasure of tigers orgasm and he came a few more times before sliding out of Daniels mouth, still semi-hard.

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" turn around." Noah panted. Daniel turn and Noah look about ready to cum too. Noah pulled Daniels head onto his cock just in time for Noah to spurt more hot cum into Daniels mouth.

Daniel continued to swallow it down, not really seeing another option. Noah put his hand down to Daniels crotch and was surprised to feel his cock was soft. Noah looked at Daniel and saw a hurt and sad expression he hadn't noticed before. Noah tried to look into Daniels eyes but Daniel just turned his head away.

" Thanks for that. He is pretty good." Tiger said pulling his pants up. Noah did the same and they opened the door. Tiger walked out of the bathroom and Noah grabbed Daniel by the hand.

" Daniel are you okay?" Noah asked. Daniel looked at where their hands touched. A few days ago this would have made Daniel happy, holding hands with Noah. Now it just made him want to run away.

So that's what he did. Daniel took the nurses slip and rushed out of the bathroom. Noah picked up his bag and hurried after him. As he opened the door he ran straight into another person. " Excuse me!" the person exclaimed. Noah looked at the person." Where do you think your going?" An old male teacher Noah thought taught a maths class said.

" The nurse." Noah said. " And can I see you're out of class slip?" The teacher asked. " My friend milf boobs solo hd the mature lure mine.

He just went that way." Noah said gesturing. " Right. What class are you supposed to be in?" The teacher asked looking down on him. " Science." Noah said. " I suggest you go there rather then trying to play hooky." The teacher said crossing his arms. " But sir I need to-" " You don't have a slip. If it is really important go back to science and get one.

Now off with you before I give you a detention." The teacher said. Noah sigh frustrated and walked back to class. Daniel entered the nurse's office and was seen straight away. He told them he had stomach pains and the let him lay down in the next room.

" If a boy from my year named Noah comes to see me can you not let him in? He is stressing me out at the moment." Daniel said. " Sure but are you okay? I'm partly trained as a councillor as well as a nurse." The nurse said. She was nice looking with a friendly smile. " He has been using me and I'm sick of it." Was all Daniel said. The nurse kept asking questions but Daniel just said he was tired.

After about 15 minutes Daniel heard Noah's voice. " Hi can I speak with Daniel quickly?" He asked. " Are you Noah?" The nurse asked. " Yeah, why?" Noah asked sceptically.

" He is resting and doesn't want to be disturbed." The nurse said quickly. " He uhh has my pen and I need it for class." Noah said. " Here have this one." The nurse said handing him a pen. " Can't I just see him briefly, to make sure he is all right?" Noah pleaded. " He needs his rest." The nurse said.

" Please?" Noah asked. " No." The nurse said tone hard.

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" DANIEL! I know you can hear me!" Noah yelled toward the back room.

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" Would you be quiet! I think it is time for you to leave." The nurse said trying to get him out of the door. " Tell me what I did wrong!" Noah yelled.

" Out!" the nurse yelled back. Daniel could still feel the heat of Noah's and Tiger's cum in his throat. Another tear fell down his face and he wiped it away angrily. Noah doesn't deserve your tears Daniel. He told himself. Noah had pushed him one step too far.