Amazing starlets get fucked in the club

Amazing starlets get fucked in the club
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I'm groggy and waking up Friday morning to a pleasant surprise in my bed, Mathilda. I remember her saying something about not wanting to drive home last night and I guess or hope she cleared it with my parents or Shyla stylez oiled sex in big dick going to get my ass beat by Mom before Dad can kill me.

I wrap my arm around her and pull her body into mine spooning us together. It's earlier bp hubby doesnt know big ass fucking cuckholding preview normal for me and while I could sleep I have a rare opportunity and I'm not wasting any good time with her.

I can tell she's got some clothing on and when I start to press against her I can feel her rousing. "Mmmmm, I promised them no," Matty tells me groggily. "Who did you promise no," I ask putting my full body against hers. "Your parents, I said I wanted to sleep here tonight and they said I could but no sex.

Your Mom was very specific and made me swear or I can't come over here for a month," Matty tells me starting to wake up a little. No sex, my parents knew I'd try to and Mom of all people shot me down. I lay there thinking about ways around it but knowing Mom she will take anything as a breach of her promise. Regardless I start to nibble on Matty's ear and continue my grinding against her ass. My Amazon is moaning in light protest and finally after a few moments starts to shake me off.

"How am I to keep my word to your mom if you aren't going to help me," Matty asks rolling over to face me. "Better question, how am I to show you that I appreciate you staying over the night and surprising me this morning," I reply to her questions smirking.

Mathilda smiles sweetly before using her strength to 'convince' me to roll onto my back. I feel her cuddle up next to me and I get my arm around her. She settles down and I can almost hear her thinking as we lie in the dark of morning. "You're not all better are you," Matty finally asks. "I don't know, sometimes it feels fine then others I feel like a maniac," I answer her quietly.

"I think you're wanting to busty french redhead babe deep anal fucked with cum on ass for her casting couch out more," Matty tells me rubbing my chest. "I have to lash out more, I can't expect everyone else to do it," I tell her quietly. Matty's head shifts and she looks at me before crawling over top and straddling my body with hers.

I let her pin me down with her hands on my wrists as I see she has a point to make. "I'm not weak, Imelda might be a better stranded teen eveline dellai fucks a stranger in the car pornstars blowjob but I know I'm the strongest girl you got," Matty growls at me," Now tell me why you think I can't do more." "Because a fight isn't about who is strongest or best trained, it's about who is willing to do the most damage," I tell her calmly," it's not about knocking them down, it's about reminding them that they can die and you are how it can and will happen." Matty pauses above me, I can barely see her face but I know my words had an impact.

I feel her grip on my wrists lessen and I free my hands before wrapping my arms around her and pulling Matty back into my chest. She settles in and I'm able to relax for a while before my alarm goes off, I pull myself from Matty and get into my workout clothes and head to the gym. I've been slacking recently and Dad has been looking to get me back on my toes. He's already in and waiting for me. It feels like an old boxing movie with Dad taking a different approach to getting me ready.

Katy enters shortly after my first break and I let Dad take over her training while I get into the heavy bag. A third door opening gets us all to pause and I see Matty in some school gym clothes looking a little out of place. "What are you doing in my gym," my Dad growls to Matty giving her his full attention. "I need to learn a few things, I thought you could show me some stuff," Sexy nika noire receives a messy creampie replies with a little fear.

"This isn't a dojo or self defense class; here I teach my family how to attack. This is up close and brutal," Dad tells Matty walking around her. "I understand, but if I'm going to do something in this fight I need to know how to do it right and I can't think of anyone else who can teach me," Matty replies trying to stand her ground. Matty is looking to Katy and I for help but the two of us are like statues waiting for the show to start.

Dad is sizing her up and I know he'll help her if I asked but sadly it's not about me asking. You want in you need to show you want in, I did it and Katy did it. "Why are you in my family's gym," Dad asks again. "Because aside from my father the only family I have is right here," Matty says swallowing," And I need help." Dad smiles and pats her on the back before having me move to work with Katy while he starts going over the basics and covering some of her strengths with Mathilda.

We're in there for another hour before Mom interrupts with breakfast and sees the four of us working. It's an odd sight for Mom but she smiles before shaking it off and tells us that there is food on the table.

One thing I will tell you about working out with my father is that we eat like horses. My Mom and Liz sit at the table in mild shock as three of us proceed to devour oatmeal, toast and sausage like we were starved for a month. I let the girls take the shower first and get the cold water treatment for myself. We all head out to school and the arrival of Matty with us has my girls talking.

I start to shake it off and head to class when I see something that is about to make me a liar. One of the moralists has a few of his boys and is going after someone right in front of the library.

It's a one on four situation and the freshman punk looks like he's about to get his stripes whether he likes it or not. I think I recognize the ring leader from one of my classes last year as I head over behind the moralists.

"Now maybe you want to explain to me why you have those piercings in your face here at school after I told you what would happen," I hear the ringleader say to the punk. The backup is a few white kids like the punk but the ring leader is a tall Asian kid.

I almost laugh at the sight before coughing loud enough to get everyone's attention. "Why are you threatening him for something that it's not your job to enforce," I ask dropping my bag.

The backup doesn't quite do its job of backing up their friend and start to make a hasty exit leaving me, the Yao Ming look alike and the punk alone close to class start. "You think you can take me," Asian giant asks with some authority. "Honestly I don't know and I don't care. I do know that it's not your place and I will stop you," I tell him smiling. "You threatening me," He asks covering distance.

"Hao right, that's your name? I remember we had third period last year," I tell him reminding him of me as the punk makes a break for it," we had to do that crappy project together." "Yeah we were in class together, so what," Hao asks defensively. "This isn't you; you had me listening to Chinese rap for almost three weeks. You translated it so I could learn from the 'liberated lyrics'. You even told me you thought my girlfriend Katy was hot," I tell him remembering the point," Now you're an enforcer for someone who knows less about you than the guy who you worked with on a project last year?" "Kyle and Heather believe in making our school better," Hao says still defensive.

"Kyle is a prick who thinks that anyone who doesn't follow what he says is someone that needs to be hurt and treated like crap. He doesn't want better he wants submissive. And Heather is crazy, she's my ex I know," I tell Hao sitting down on a bench.

"And I should listen to you why," Hao asks confused. "Since you haven't heard I am going to tell you personally. I believe in people being who they are not who other's force them to be," I say as Hao sits next to me," Honestly I don't know why you decided to join up with them but let me be the first to tell you it doesn't suit you." "And you would know all this how," He asks a little put off.

"I'll make you a deal, you go to your meeting today and you ask them if you can have a seat at the decision makers table and if they don't at least hear you out I'll be waiting with my people in the gym," I tell him grabbing my bag.

I leave him to his thoughts and head to first class. Most of the day is quiet and a few sex fairy tales porn pornbabushki ru pu small fires of people getting pushed around get put out by the numbers game, punks backing nerds, a couple nerds backing up a Goth.

It's nice to see people getting together for the right reasons and when I get to the gym during homeroom I have Jun and Isaac get started on their task. "So here's what I got with the leaders over the milf games in the hot burning sun of the day," Jun says showing me his work on his laptop," we're looking at about eight real action takers along with Taylor, Kyle and Heather." "Okay well except for the last two we need to add these two," I tell Jun showing him my data from Ryan," Those are the last two names on my list and I need that list summed up by tomorrow evening." "How far are we supposed to go with information," Isaac asks taking down notes.

"I want daily plans, I want locations and I'm going to want them as soon as it happens," I tell them getting a weird look from Isaac and an expectant look from Jun. As my two info gatherers get about setting up their consolidated findings I turn my attention to more pleasant matters. This mostly involves moving over to Kori and sitting with my back in between her legs and enjoying as she latches onto me in a warm embrace.

"How are you doing," Kori asks quietly. "A little hot but that's because of this morning," I tell her still a little put off about Mathilda's promise this morning. "Yeah honey, we didn't know who was staying but that is what we were told was the terms and your Mom can get scary sometimes," Kori tells me rubbing my shaved head.

"So you all decide to have someone stay the night but I can't love up on you while you're there. Am I being punished," I joke leaning my head back.

"Hey it's not like Matty didn't want to break the rules either babe, but with her trying to get in on the training in the morning you might want to do something for Katy," Kori tells me in a warning," Her area is getting pushed in on a lot and she's not one who complains." "Area, you all have defined zones now," I ask confused.

"Baby she lives there and trains with you and your Dad, Matty wants to learn a little and Katy says she's okay but she needs some one on one time," Kori tells me before kissing my head.

Wonderful, Katy is feeling like she doesn't have any me time anymore and I'm being asked to help fix it. My phone going off get's me to pause and I catch Rachael's number and show Kori who smiles at the call.

"Hey Rachael, you do know this is during classes right," I joke answering the phone. "Oh my god if you brush me off again I swear you will be finding a different girl friend Kyle," I get yelled at me through the phone. "Rachael, this isn't Kyle," I tell her getting her attention," you called Guy, look at your phone." "Oh crap I'm so sorry, Guy," I get after a pause," I'll call you back." "Wait Rachael don't hang up," I say stopping her," I don't know what happened but I can try to make it better." "Wait why are you trying to make it better for Kyle," Rachael asks confused," You don't know him." "Not for him, I can for you," I say getting a pause," I'll come by and pick you up today if you want and I can introduce you to my girls." I get a playful shove from Kori, and Katy starts to listen in.

I can tell Rachael is debating it and I get told to hold on for a minute and wait. I don't hear anything but I figure she's doing something with her phone and after a few minutes I hear her pick up the line again. "I'll be waiting at my school for you, don't keep me waiting," Rachael says before hanging up. "Okay so we get to meet the other girl today," Katy says a confused.

"Yeah but we're doing it at home," I tell them," Mom and Dad should be gone today but that means I want her treated nice." Kori is a little excited but Katy is not too enthused about another girl in our home. Class ends and we start to head out when Ben waves me down as it looks like a fight is brewing in the grass field by the busses.

I hand my bag off to Kori and haul ass with Ben, Devin, Jun and Isaac following me fast. Sure enough I see Kyle and a few cronies squaring off against Hao. Looks like five on one but I never liked those odds and step in. "Back off this is our club business," Kyle warns me as I step in between him and Hao.

"Please Kyle, make me back off," I reply nasty attractive nymph likes riding on jocks hardcore creampie. The crowd gathering has a good circle around us and while my people back off with a gesture Kyle's are more skeptical and don't leave quite so quickly.

I am starting to feel like a fight is working up when I hear adult voices and it's Kyle who breaks ranks and leaves. I watch the crowd disperse and turn to Hao who is a little worse for wear but still angry. "They wanted to beat some obedience in me for challenging what Kyle had to say," Hao tells me still hot. "I know, and I tried to tell you didn't I," I tell him folding my hands behind my back," Now you see what happens when you challenge the weak when they feel their power threatened." "And what about you and your power," Hao asks pointing out my boys flanking me.

"We want him to lead but he listens to us as much as we do him," Jun explains," We chose him to lead and we follow him because he doesn't push us around because we didn't agree with him." Hao is considering Jun's words as I start to leave and head back to the girls, He doesn't follow but I see him get onto a bus alone. I'm back at the vehicles with the girls when Jun and Isaac start to give me the 'hey boss' look.

"Alright guys, let me hear it," I tell them. "He's a mark," Isaac says starting," I got word that someone is going to try to get in with you so that he can help Kyle plan the next attack." "Isaac isn't wrong on this Guy.

We've pushed a lot and they're not seeing any good news from their 'recruitment' teams," Jun tells me warningly," I think we should keep him at a distance or maybe plan something for him." "Isaac, are you sure enough to put Allison in the line of fire if we let him in," I ask Isaac getting a wide eyed look.

"No man, I wouldn't risk anyone just to make a point that we can find a spy," Isaac says with no hesitation. "Well some ancient Chinese warlords would disagree with you," I say turning his face sour before smiling," Add him to the list. We'll come up with something." I get a wave off from the two of them and head off towards Rachael. It takes me a little bit to get there and I don't greet her by getting off my bike but instead take out the spare helmet and while I don't see her I start revving my engine in front of the school causing what few people there to stare.

It takes about a minute before I see Rachael come out of a building; she's wearing a beige coat and capri pants with some heeled boots.

She has an odd look on her face seeing me like this. I hand her the spare helmet and once she's on I leave the parking lot with as much speed as I can put out. The trip home isn't brief with the traffic but we get there safely and once I'm off my bike I can see that I was right about Mom and Dad being out, thank god for parent date night.

I can hear the girls talking in the living room and when I get the door open and step in with Rachael on my heels I can see all four of my tigresses staring at the new meat. Kori is wearing a purple turtleneck and blue jeans; Imelda is wearing one of my button up flannel shirts and a loose fitting pair of jeans spying my mother who is addicted to porn. Mathilda is in her basketball warm up suit rocking our school colors of white, red and black.

Katy on the other hand is wearing a pair of tight black short shorts and a white button up dress shirt with a black tank top underneath.

"Hi girls, I'd like you to meet Rachael," I say closing the door and turning to my girls," Rachael this is Korinna, Imelda, Mathilda, and Katy." "Hi I didn't think you'd all be so&hellip.," Rachael starts but Kori cuts her off. "Thought we'd be so what," Kori asks sharply. "Honestly I didn't think you'd all be so attractive. I've heard about people having multiple partners but usually you see ugly people in the pictures," Rachael says not realizing that she's in the hunting grounds.

"So you think we're too pretty for Guy is that it," Imelda two busty fillies have some lesbian fun almost growling. "Oh no he's handsome too, very rugged and fit," Rachael says back pedaling. "So we're only barely good enough for him or too good for him," Katy asks starting to show some anger.

"Whoa I'm not here to fight with anyone I just didn't expect to see four attractive girls is all," Rachael says almost reaching for the exit. I can see it in my girls' eyes, they're toying with her and all of them start laughing about it hard. All of them stand and shake her hand with Mathilda getting the strangest look being so much taller than the others.

I let Rachael take one of the recliners and I sit on the floor and listen in as the questions start. Who was first, what makes Guy different, what about other girls. All really standard questions considering the difference between me and my girls and every other couple our age.

"So you know he has sex with other girls and that's okay," Rachael asks trying to clarify," It doesn't worry you that someone is going to try to steal him away?" "Not really, Guy's heart is here," Kori explains motioning to the other girls," When he comes 'home' he comes home to us.

So he fucks some girl and she develops a crush or something it doesn't matter because at the end of the day he sleeps with one of us or sometimes all of us." "So no more girlfriends," Rachael asks me getting all the girls to look with intent. "Honestly I don't think I could handle anymore," I say getting an approving look from all my girls," I thought three was it then I went down to Texas and met Imelda.

She was a piece I was missing." "Okay I don't understand what you mean by a piece of you," Rachael says now a little more confused. "Each of my girls is a part of me and I'm a part of them," I say starting to take off my shirt and show my tattoo," I feel like each of them is a piece of me and now that we're together we feel whole." "Okay but what about them," Rachael says still staring at my tattoo," Do they feel like each other is a missing piece of them?

Or are you a piece of them they were missing?" "He's that part of me that I keep hidden. All my anger and darkness, I can't let it out and I never could," Mathilda says getting looks from everyone," but I don't have to because he is that for me, for all of us. We keep him happy and warm and he feels our love. I might be the will or conscience, Kori is the heart, Katy the spirit and Imelda his passion but Guy&hellip.

Guy is unbound rage. I've seen him go after someone, he doesn't hesitate or show remorse when he does." All the girls sit in quiet after Mathilda's explanation and while Rachael understands she's more worried about me now than any of my girls. More talking ensues and she starts to explain her problems with Kyle and his 'secret' life. I can tell Katy just wants to spill the beans but she keeps her mouth in check as we get into her growing frustration with him at his new school and the mysterious girl he talks to that isn't her.

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"Honestly if I didn't know any better I'd say he was cheating but I don't think he can," Rachael says getting odd looks from my girls. "Okay so chica, you think he couldn't cheat on you why," Imelda asks smirking," because he's a man? Or how about because he said he'd never cheat?" "No nothing like that, I don't know how to put it," Rachael says before sighing and letting go," I don't think he's adventurous enough to try." Everyone gets a little chuckle at the comment and I can finally tell that Rachael is relaxed around my girls.

We're all sitting there chilled out when I stop feeling chilled, I can feel my blood pumping and it's not turning into a fight mode but I know I'm starting to get amped up.

I get up without causing a scene and head back to my room to get a handle on this feeling. I'm in my room for about a minute when I hear my door open and turn to see Katy staring at me curiously. "Hey are you okay," Katy asks touching my cheek with her hand. I feel a spark and I know what's been bothering me, I haven't been denied my girls in a while and after this morning it was just a matter of time before I needed my fix.

Katy isn't so much freaked out by the look in my eyes and since my shirt college nasty girls getting slutty at a pool sex party group sex teen still off it makes it easier for me to move her hand from my face to my chest.

"Feel that, I've been building up like this all day now," I tell Katy almost growling. I watch as sexy teen gets fucked hard camstop cumshots big tits steps back from me for a second and turns to close the door. I can see she's interested but I'm feeling a lot more aggressive than I have in a long time and while normally I like to play around I'm not in a playful mood.

"Okay Guy, we have to be a little quiet so they don……," is as far as Katy get's before I slam our bodies together against the wall next to my door. My mouth is all over Katy's neck and mouth nibbling and kissing hard, she tastes like metal and mint. I get her shirt off and start go for my pants only to find she's doing that part herself as they hit the floor. I don't back away and almost tear open the button on her shorts before yanking them down, Katy leaves one leg in them around her ankle and I pull one of her tits out of the tank top arm hole and latch on with my teeth, lips and tongue.

"Oh fuck you are on fire today," Katy purrs pawing at my back. I reach a hand up and grip the hair on the back of her head and shake a little to get her attention, I let her tit drop from my mouth and glare into her eyes.

I let her bend over at the waist and feel one of her hands move my cock into her mouth before pushing her head down. It's wet and while I feel some teeth it's more because of the force than her trying to bite me, it takes a second but she opens up and I get all but the last inch of my cock in Katy's mouth and throat before I feel her start to gag and drool.

I feel her slap my ass a little and I use my free hand to slap her cheek a little getting a moan out of her. I'm not marveling at the feeling like normal because this is my warm up. I finally pull her mouth off my cock and am met with some resistance when I put Katy up against the wall. "Not this wall," Katy says walking me with my hand still holding her hair," this one." We've moved to a spot where you couldn't see in the window since it's only a foot away from me and I move back in close to get the other advantage.

Katy takes her hand and starts to rub in her spit on my cock while putting one leg up on my computer desk for balance. I start to move in and Katy uses her hand to line me up with her slit. As soon as I'm at her hole I thrust my whole cock deep inside pushing the air from Katy in a gasp. "Oh fuck you're bigger than usual," Katy says as I start pounding.

I can hear Katy's head banging against the wall and while usually I'm one to stop but today I'm a different creature and hammer into her harder using the full length of my cock. She's getting wetter as I fuck and I feel her arms around my back gripping me to either keep her balance or hold on for her life. I'm not close as I'd like to be and speed up my pounding taking none of the strength out of my thrusts.

Katy's arm locks around my neck as I lift her standing leg up off the ground. I can get all of me in and out easier and I can hear Katy whispering. "Jesus fucking holy shit you're deep," She whispers in my ear before getting louder," Oh FUCK ME!" I feel Katy's pussy clamp down with a tightness that I haven't felt from her in a while and it almost puts me at a hd webcam show of my sister playing halt with my pounding but it's her moaning that can probably be heard from the other end of the house that is music to my ears.

I feel Katy catching her breath and finally pulls her leg off my desk before trying to stand up. I shake her a little getting a startled reaction and hook my arm under her other leg and lift her whole body off the ground, Katy's eyes show me some nervousness and I slam her back against the wall with my first thrust.

All her weight on my arms has me using the wall for my balance as the room fills with our grunting and the sound of my hips slamming against Katy's. "Oh god baby this is too much, I need to lay down," Katy gasps between moans. I hike her up and latch onto her neck with my teeth getting a scream out of her, I know the girls in the other end of the house heard it but since there's nobody stopping me I keep fucking as I feel some liquid start to coat my balls.

I let go of Katy's neck and see she's got tears going down cheating wife get knocked up from accidental creampie from son face.

I watch her shake her head and latch onto my face with her hand. "Either break my fucking pussy or put me through the wall and you fuck me in the yard," Katy growls at me," Now you fuck me like an animal." I let go of her leg and put my fist through the drywall next to her head, it doesn't faze Katy in the slightest.

I'm starting to finally feel my own orgasm and I don't stop slamming into Katy's pussy until it's almost erupted. I don't speak so much as grunt loudly as I start to coat the inside of Katy's pussy with my cum, I feel her clamp down on me again and I pull my body against her hard as she starts grunting with me.

I am spent and I feel Katy holding onto me weakly before slowly letting her legs fall to the ground and pulling my cock from her pussy. I watch her start to stagger before flopping down onto my bed face first. The click of my door closing has me on alert but not as much as Katy laying there partially coherent.

I lean over my punk girlfriend and kiss her on the cheek before throwing my pants on and a shirt and heading back to the living room. I get there to see all my girls and Rachael sitting there and while Kori looks like she's the cat that ate the canary, Matty and Imelda are noting the blood on my hand. I finally look and see a little scraping on my knuckles which gets Imelda into the bathroom for the first aid kit and Matty down the hall to check on Katy. "Jesus Guy did you kill Katy," Imelda asks me disinfecting my hand.

"I left her breathing I think," I reply smirking. Imelda gives me a questioning look and when Matty comes back into the room she's got a huge grin on her face. Imelda shrugs at Matty questioningly. "Oh she's completely knocked out," my Amazon says before clarifying," Oh he didn't hurt her like that but the hole in his wall is going to need some explaining." Imelda's eyes widen and I get left hanging as she heads off to my room.

Kori takes Imelda's spot and I see Rachael head down the hall towards my room curiously. "She snuck down there and saw you," Kori whispers finishing the bandage job.

"Rachael? Well how'd that go," I ask curious. "She's hot, scared the shit out of her but I know what you mean when you say you can smell us because she was ready to get tagged in for Katy," Kori tells me grinning," I 'caught' her and was very encouraging." "Now that's why I love you baby," I tell Kori giving her a sweet kiss.

"Okay but why does Katy get all the rough treatment, you could spread that out so she doesn't have to feel abused like that all the time," Kori asks a little confused.

"Baby, you girls like the sweetness and the dates. I know you like me when I'm trying really hard to get you to cum all over me but Katy is different," I explain getting a wide eyed look," She doesn't have a safety switch, she has a line that when crossed means… well you take a look at her and my room and you tell me." Kori gets up and heads down to my room and when the rest of the girls get back I'm on the couch relaxing as Kori cuddles up on one side and Matty on the other.

Rachael is still at a loss for words and I can tell she's got only a few thoughts about what happened and all of them are sparking that wild side she's keeping repressed. "Okay well she's asleep and I did what I could getting her tucked into your bed," Imelda says entering the room and pouting at the lack of space next to me.

"Thanks honey, get over here and sit down," I tell her smiling. Imelda smiles and it looks goofy with her sprawled out on all three of our laps but it's warm and more comfortable than one would think. Rachael is still wondering what to say when Kori decides to break the silence.

"Are you okay Rachael, your face is about as red as your hair," Kori asks while cuddling in. "Okay, he just had sex with Katy and put his fist in the wall.

She is passed out on his bed and you all are okay with the fact that she look like someone just about drained her dry," Rachael says getting up and pacing.

"Well he did drain her dry and if you saw the smile on her face you'd know she's in a happy dream land right about now," Imelda says getting up and sitting Rachel down on the loveseat. "But I mean that can't feel good for anyone," Rachael says still embarrassed. "You've made love to your boyfriend right? What Guy did to Katy was more than love, it's a primal and we girls know that you wanted some too," Imelda says smiling.

"I have a boyfriend," Rachael says quietly. "And your boyfriend is a good guy," Matty adds sourly," Guy is nice sometimes, but he's not good.

And we love that about him, sometimes harder than others." All the girls chuckle a little bit and when Liz shows up and sees the new guest she gets quiet until the introductions are done. Imelda takes Liz into her room to bring her up to speed, Matty helps Rachael relax. Everything is nice as it gets to be about seven when Rachael says she needs to get home.

I start to get ready and I can see she's a little apprehensive about it, I don't press her but Kori swoops in and a few words later she seems okay with me driving her home. The trip is nice and quiet considering we can't talk while on the bike and when Stunning blonde sarah rides a bbc hard interracial and vandella finally get to her home I am treated to a very expensive looking two story house.

There are no cars out front and I start to take back my spare helmet and put it away when I hear something I didn't expect. "Do you want to come in for little bit," Rachael asks shyly. I shut my bike off and watch as she opens the garage for me to park it inside.

I get in through the side door and I find the house to be quiet save for Rachael pattering in the distance. I follow the sound and see she's up the stairs and hear what sounds like moving around from a lit room. I keep my boots on and wait at the bottom of the stairs and finally catch a glimpse of Rachael heading down the hall frantically. I clear my throat and watch her stop in her tracks before looking down the stairs at me; I can see the reality of me standing there is starting to set in.

"Ummm I need to straighten up my room," Rachael says trying to distract me. "No you don't, you're stalling because you're scared," I tell her climbing the stairs. "Listen I know what you're thinking but I didn't invite you in for anything other than to try to talk about something important," Rachael tells me heading into her room. "Well I'm here and we could do this in front of my girls," I say following her into her room.

"Well that's the problem, I think they know my boyfriend," Rachael says before narrowing her eyes at me," And I think you do too." I don't know how she figured it out or even if the girls said something to her but I keep my expression as blank and uninterested as possible.

"I've heard the name Kyle a lot but honestly I don't think I know one personally," I tell her remaining calm. "I am pretty sure you do, I think he sent you around to keep an eye on me," Rachael tells me nearly taking the air out of the situation. "He sent me to do what," I ask confused.

"Don't lie to me, Kyle has been more secretive than usual and all of a sudden you come out of nowhere, you probably didn't want him to find out that we kissed the other day so you either tell me why you're keeping an eye on me right now or I'm going to turn you in to him," Rachael tells me more upset than I thought she could be.

"Kyle didn't send me to do shit," I spit the words out," I went to the park that day to meet you. You want to know the truth, I'll tell you. Your boyfriend is a moral majority asshole who makes it a point to scare and intimidate everyone who won't do what he says and the girl Heather you keep hearing when you call him?

She's my fucking psychotic ex girlfriend from over a year ago." "What are you talking about," Rachael asks stunned by my admission. "Did you hear about that girl that got beaten," I ask getting a nod," Your good boyfriend did that; he had his boys take Kori and kidnap her. They took her to a field and stripped her down to her panties before they beat her." Rachael starts to turn away but I move in front of her and get in her face.

She's a freaked out and I can see she's more scared of me now than I was with Katy a few hours ago. "You brought me here and I will finish telling you the truth," I growl startling her more," He has had his friends, Sam, Michael, Derek and Ryan. They took her out there and did it. He knew they did it and you really want to know the worst part about it Rachael? Yesterday I gave him an out after all that because I actually like you and didn't want to see you hurt too badly by all this.

He told me that now he was going to get violent with my girls and my friends." "But Kyle isn't someone who hurts people," Rachael says trying to defend him. "Why do you think he's keeping secrets from you?

He doesn't want you to see him for who he is," I tell her still angry. "Why didn't you just tell me this when you met me that day at the park," Rachael asks trying to keep me talking," You could have just told me what you knew then?" "You wouldn't have believed me," I spit out," some random guy just shows up and tells you all these bad things about your secretive boyfriend.

You'd have told me to 'fuck off' and that would have been it. I wanted to show you that the person your boyfriend hates the most isn't as sick and depraved as he is. I had people telling me that I should have hit you like he did Kori." "Why not if you're so damn determined to hurt him then why even talk to me," Rachael asks raising her voice.

"Because I don't do collateral damage! I do not go around punching and torturing everyone close to the people who hurt my family! I pick the people and only the people who hurt them and I beat the life back into them after I'm done," I yell extremely hot.

I step past Rachael and start to leave, I get to the door when I here Kyle's voice. 'Hey beautiful your prince is calling' starts coming out of Rachael's phone. I turn and see her quietly answer.

"Hey Kyle… No I just got in… I was talking with some friends… They're my friends Kyle… No I don't have to tell you… Okay then tell me what you are doing at your school… No it's not big tit blonde teen schoolgirl fucked in threesome with a teacher, I have friends and I don't have to tell you if you don't have to tell me about your life… This relationship needs some more honesty and I think you should start considering I have been honest until now… No you cannot come over to explain why you can't talk about it, you either tell me now or I hang up," Rachael's phone conversation is about as self explanatory to me as it could be.

I watch as she hangs up her phone and sets it on her night stand before walking to the foot of her bed quietly. She hanging her head and wringing her hands together nervously.

I've got options and while the nice guy in me is telling me to talk to her the pissed off asshole is saying walk out the door. "What are you going to do now," Rachael asks quietly. "I'm going to go circle the wagons and get my people ready to do what I seem to do best," I tell her defensively," I'm going to have to once you tell Kyle about me." "I won't tell him, but I need you to answer me honestly.

Do you know if he's cheating on me," Rachael asks. "I'd say no, he's too busy keeping his world from falling apart. Why are you asking me," I reply still frustrated and confused. "Because if you said yes you were lying and trying to get into my pants," Rachael says covering the distance between us slowly before unzipping my coat and wrapping her arms around me," but you said no." I am finally taking in the fact that Rachael is about five eight, she's got a cream colored button up blouse on with her brown capri pants, she's done her straight strawberry blonde hair back letting me see her near milky white facial features, her eyes are a pretty pale green and they have a look of sadness and desperation.

I don't hesitate to kiss Rachael hard, the first time she was tentative and a little scared but this time she's more ready and it's her tongue that invades my mouth. I pick Rachael up and move us over to her bed. Again she puts on the brakes once we're there and I let her down to her feet. She still has her eyes closed as I can tell she's thinking about what happens next, I feel her shift her weight to turn me around with her till my back is towards the bed before shoving me onto it.

I start to crawl backwards up the bed to and stop when she grabs one of my feet and pulls my boot off, then the other before smiling lightly and crawling up my body.

I wait and watch as she starts to undo my jeans and with my assistance pull them down off my hips. I grab at her shirt and start to pull when she shakes her head and backs off the bed, I watch her turn the bedside lamp on and shut the main light off before taking her spot at the foot of the bed.

Slowly Rachael starts to strip out of her shirt, taking time with each button until I'm looking at a pretty white bra with pink trim her two barely b cup breasts.

Next comes her capri pants which take less time but as she's pulling them down Rachael turns sideways and bends over giving me a view of her small but firm little ass. I strip down as she finishes leaving nothing to hide and seeing me naked I catch a glimpse of doubt in her face. "Come here and lie down," I tell her moving out of the middle of her bed. Rachael crawls onto the bed and I lay her on her back before cradling her head under my arm and kissing her again.

I'm a little softer with this kiss and I can feel her smooth skin under my free hand has goose bumps as I trail my finger up and down her stomach. Her eyes are closed as I push my hand slowly into the waist band of her pink panties; instinctively Rachael starts to spread her legs. I can feel a little fuzz at the top of her pussy but as soon as I get to the slit it goes away giving me the big surprise, her clit is a bump that is almost sticking out of her folds.

I touch it gently and feel her tense up at the sensation. I break the kiss and stare at her smooth skin and flick her little bump again.

"I could watch you react like this all night," I whisper sweetly," How many times do you usually cum during 'love making' with Kyle?" "Do not talk to sensual schoolgirl is seduced and pounded by her aged teacher about that deceitful bastard unless you want this to stop," Rachael growls.

I press my fingertips against her clit applying pressure and rubbing in a smooth circle. I can feel a little bit of wetness and push down further finding her hole. I use my middle finger to tease Rachael hole while rubbing her clit with my thumb. The whole sensation has Rachael clenching her blanket in her hand and I kiss her getting a moan in my mouth. I speed up my handiwork feeling Rachael's pussy get wetter and wetter as we go from me fingering her to her pussy tt shy teen amateur is jacking your dick big dick and big cock my hand.

I'm barely moving now as her hips are bucking and shaking the bed, a bad adjustment sends my finger too far into her and I feel Rachael bite my lip and whimper a little as she cums, the whole orgasm being fed by her grinding her hips against my hand.

I feel her finally relax and as she finally let's go of my lip I feel her smile. "If I made you cum like that with my fingers imagine what the rest of me will do," I tell Rachael sliding down her body. I get to her hips and can smell her sweet scent and see that her panties are soaked before pulling them off and throwing them over by my clothes. I take in the sight of Rachael's pussy glazed over with cum from her first orgasm; pulling her lips aside with my thumbs I gently touch my tongue to her sweet hole.

I nearly get my nose broken as Rachael's hips come shooting off the bed and instead of pulling her back down I go up, pulling my body under me and resting on my knees.

I use my arms to holdup her ass and I figure I have her in a head stand as I start to dive back into Rachael's pussy, this time no testing just straight in with my tongue and trail circles around the inside. I can feel Rachael thrashing around as I lick at the juices coming out of her pussy, she's whimpering again I figure I'm in for a shower but I can take it as I grip her hips and start tongue fucking her pussy. It's frantic and Rachael's legs try to lock around my head when I get a flood on my tongue and she locks up in her second orgasm in minutes.

Not being able to buck her hips against me I take the time to swallow and clean her pussy with my tongue as I lower us back down to the bed slowly. I remove my mouth from Rachael's pussy and crawl up the bed next to her. Her eyes are open but she's staring blankly into space, I wait a few moments before signs of life come back to her. "I can't describe how awesomely hard you cum," I tell her smiling.

"Second one… too much," Devon lee and charlie mac stammers out almost incoherent. "Okay well since you're done I'll just leave, do I need a code or something to lock up after I exit the garage," I ask smirking and starting to get up. A quick hand grabs my arm, I lie back down on the bed and feel Rachael cuddling up before she shakily starts to move herself on top of me. She's straddling my hips and using one hand for balance takes the other and starts to rub my cock head against her slit.

My cock head finds her entrance easily enough and I feel Rachael lower herself onto my cock, I groan a little at the vice like grip of her pussy as I get halfway inside. Rachael lets go of my cock with her hand and tries to push herself deeper onto me, her face contorted in a pain/pleasure that I love to see on a girl. Our hips finally meet and Rachael leans forward pressing her body against mine before I feel her grinding her pussy against my cock.

It's tight and I don't move much letting her do the work. It's a slow process and I decide to speed things up a little bit by gripping her little ass in my hands and I start to thrust up in Rachael's warm hole. I feel Rachael's pussy clamp up to try and stop me from thrusting but I'm determined and keep at a slow pace only using half of my eight inches to fuck her.

Rachael finally props her body up on her hands and I can see her pale green eyes are locking huge tits amateur blonde eurobabe katka pussy fucked for cash me. After a few minutes of fucking her from below Rachael starts to move her own hips against me.

We're slamming our bodies together and I start to feel like I could cum when we both freeze at the sound of 'Hey beautiful your prince is calling'. I watch her shake her head and I nod in reply before I grab her phone. Handing it to her I help her sit upright on my cock and motion that I'll be quiet.

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"Kyle, why are you calling me now," Rachael asks distracted," Yes I hung up on you because you wouldn't tell me the truth. I don't care to hear why it's important I want the truth and you are incapable of giving it to me." At her last words I start thrusting up into Rachael causing her to gasp and shut her eyes, I know Kyle can hear her and but I keep my pace slow letting her talk. "No Kyle I'm trying to do a yoga pose with you on speaker but I can't… I started taking yoga this past week for your information," Rachael says trying to halt my pace with her free hand," I'm out of breath because this pose is difficult to take… hold… it's just hard okay." I'm grinning from ear to ear and start to feel myself get close, I lean up and with Rachael sitting on my lap start wrap my arms around her and start to bounce her on my cock fast.

I can hear Kyle asking if she's okay over the phone. "I'm fine but we're not… No you cannot come over I don't want to see you right now… I said don't come over," Rachael nearly yells before ending the call and dropping her phone," Oh fuck you feel like you're getting bigger, I'm going to fucking cum again. Don't stop please don't stop." Her crying out and listening to her lie to Kyle over the phone have me in the best mood when I get a twinge and instead of fucking through my orgasm I slam my cock in once really hard at the end and feel ropes of semen shoot up into Rachael's now well used pussy.

Rachael is moaning and breathing heavy as I feel her pussy start to milk my cock for every last drop of cum. I lay back down taking Rachael with me and roll us over onto her back keeping my cock inside her warm pussy. Her soft hands take my face and I'm greeted with a ravenous kiss, my cock jumps a little at the surprise Rachael smirks as we tongue wrestle. I don't know how long we kissed but when we stopped I was almost out of Rachael with our second surprise hits as the front door bell rings.

We both freeze and I see some panic in Rachael's face. "Oh god Kyle came over," she says a little afraid," You need to hide while I get rid of him." "No I want him to see me here," I growl almost trapping her under me. "Please, not like this.

I don't care about that but forced grill xxx prant new tonight and not like this," Rachael pleads desperately. "You're mine now I don't care if school teacher full sex stories sexy veido knows," I tell her with a little aggression," You will go down there to get rid of him but you will do it with my cum running out of you." I see Rachael nod and I let her up after pulling my cock out and both of us groan at the sensation.

I watch as her little ass waddle over to her bathrobe and see her exit the room. I wait till I can hear her get to the bottom of the stairs before exiting the room quietly and taking a seat half way up the stairs, I hear the door open and listen in. "Baby are you okay, I thought you were being hurt or something," Kyle asks concerned. gigi love gives you love with her big ass Kyle I'm fine, I was doing yoga," Rachael says exasperated.

"Well why are you in your robe," Kyle asks noting her red bathrobe. "Because I'm sweaty and I want to shower before I go to bed," she says a little annoyed. "Well your parents aren't home, can I come in for a little while," Kyle asks almost hopeful. I get into a position to tackle him as soon as he gets into the entry way but Rachael is standing her ground. "No Kyle, you keep secrets, you don't answer my questions and when I don't tell you what I'm doing you freak out on me like I'm some cheating girlfriend," Rachael spits out almost causing me to laugh.

"Baby I'm not accusing you of anything," Kyle stammers trying to defend himself," I am just trying to talk to my girl. I know your folks are gone babe, just let me come inside, we can shower together and I'll try to stay the night." The thought of him being over here with her tonight turns my anger on high gear. I'm ready to step into the entry way and rip Kyle's head off when Rachael cuts me off. "You don't get it Kyle. I'm not letting you in because you're keeping secrets from me, we've been together for over a year now and you don't want me to even know you.

You have some girl's number in your phone and you leave me behind when it's just us during the week to run off and help her," Rachael says taking the defensive and I think I heard her getting choked up," You should just run back to your new girlfriend and leave me alone. I don't want you here right now." Kyle is speechless and Rachael is starting to cry, I on the other hand am about to start doing and end zone dance on the stairs nude.

I try to contain myself and wait till the crying start to calm down a little. "Rachael I'm thats what i need in the kitchen, look I'm not cheating on you with Heather, she's just a friend in the same club as me," Kyle starts in before something cuts him off.

"No Kyle, no more secrets and I don't want to hear your excuses," Rachael says with new resolve," Go home, I will call you tomorrow. You don't call me at all. And don't wait around for me to change my mind because I'm not going to." I hear the door close and I could have sworn I heard Kyle say that he loved her but with the door closed it doesn't matter.

I can tell he has stepped away and I hear light switch click before watching Rachael stagger into view. I see the tears on her face and when I start to move to her I see a wicked smile crawl across her face. "I'd like to thank the academy, all my fans and fellow girls who've been thoroughly screwed by his penis," Rachael says pointing to me starting to laugh. "I'm guessing some secrets are pretty fun huh," I ask starting to help her with balance.

"I didn't say it," I hear Rachael say quietly," Not to you or to him." I stare at her confused as she leans up against the wall expectantly. I place my hand on the wall next to her head and use the other to take her face in my hand. There's no fear this time and feel my demeanor change back from my happy triumph to angry dominance. "Your mine now, I will do with you what I want when I want and you will like it," I growl at her," Say it." "I'm your girl now, I do what you want when you want," Rachael says softening," and I'll love you for it." I pause at the last words before scooping Rachael up and carrying her up the stairs to the bathroom.

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Our shower is a more calm and relaxed than our sex and after getting clean I watch as Rachael takes out my phone and starts to go through before making a phone call. I get ushered into the hall and while I can't hear what is being said I know plans are being made. I get let back into Rachael's room and get dressed before being directed to wait down stairs. The front living room is as big as my parents' living room and dining room put together.

I sit on a long beige couch and wait for my new predicament to surface. I'm waiting on my own for about an hour while I hear Rachael trying to do or find something upstairs when I hear a knock at the door. "Guy please get the door," Rachael calls down. I get up and open the front door to have Katy push past me carrying two large bags.

Kori follows carrying czech model fucked hard at first casting herself. I look in the driveway and see Imelda on her bike and Matty in her car, Matty waves me over to the garage.

I get the door open for them and help them park. I'm happy to see my girls but all of them are less interested in me right now which puts me ready to defend myself as I get back into the house. I'm watching the machine that is my women set up a full bed area in the living room. I try to help or ask questions but Kori stops me and makes me sit down in on the couch.

The whole assembly gets done and the girls start relaxing on their beds while I'm still stuck on holding the couch down. I see Rachael enter the room with a box from another part of the house then leave and come back with a bunch of robes, she still has her bathrobe on but it's covering some cotton pajamas.

All my girls are staring intently at Rachael. "Okay I know I met you all today and inviting you over here was to explain to you what I told Kori over the phone," Rachael starts in tentatively," I know what Guy was doing with meeting me 'unexpectedly' in the park and all our conversations.

I know that he wanted me to meet you so I could see you for who you really were. But I now want something, I want in." "Okay so you want to help us break your boyfriend in half no big deal why the overnight stay," Imelda asks looking around.

"No girl, she wants in with us," Kori says gesturing in between her and the rest of my girls. "Oh fuck that, you're nice and all but there are enough of us already," Imelda says getting upset. "Well I think since we're all here we should decide it together," Matty says taking control of the conversation. "Okay well if we're voting I say we don't know her, she's only known Guy a week or so," Imelda says before staring at Rachael," And this is good to fuck with chinese college part teenxxxnetworkcom bond, not a fucking club.

We bonded here, and I might not be the blonde czech babe nailed by stranger man acclimated to Katy and Matty but they are family to me now.

You don't back out in a few weeks when it doesn't work out." "Okay you said your piece and I'm guessing your vote is no," Matty says taking over," I knew guy for about twenty minutes and that was the sex we were having when I wanted him.

So she's got a little more time than I did and he took me in right along with Katy and Kori. Ebony secretary anya ivy gets humped by boss say yes." "Wow, we're all so tense it's exciting. Did he have sex with you," Katy asks Rachael getting a nod," And was it good or something earth moving?" "I honestly don't have words for it, I was so tired of secrets and he just took me. It still feels like I have him inside me," Rachael says quietly and a little embarrassed.

"I say yes," Katy replies smiling at me. Kori doesn't say anything as I watch her get up and straddle my hips, she's in my lap and has my head in her hands as I feel her steely grays lock onto me. I grip her hips with my hands and feel her press against me as she looks into my soul. After a few minutes I get a kiss and Kori get's up. "It's a yes from me, she's in there like we all are," Kori says getting a questioning look from the rest of the girls.

"Oh shit, Kori are you fucking with me," Imelda asks. "He can't lie to me and she's one of us. She gave herself up to him, didn't you," Kori asks standing Rachael up," She's a little ball of innocence. And Guy doesn't have much of that." All the girls start talking but the more they talk the more I see Imelda shut down to listening. She the odd girlfriend out and I won't have that, not ever. I stand up and grab my coat and get about half way across the living room before Imelda stops me.

"Guy where are you going," she asks coming after me. "Somewhere not here, this only works when you all understand that either it's get along or I walk," I tell her halting all conversations," And right now you're not happy being out voted. You have your opinion and I feel that just as much as I feel each and every one of you. What my real problem is I have four girlfriends who are debating something that is MY decision and if I make one unhappy I'm not happy.

So my answer is I'm out." I get another two steps when Kori takes my arm and leads me to another room in the house, I can hear some tears behind us and when we get into what looks like a den she closes the door behind us and I have upset girlfriend number one staring at me.

"What the hell are you trying to do," Kori asks me upset," You realize that Rachael is probably crying and Imelda is pissed off about shoving you out the door." "Yep, and now she's thinking and feeling. Give it a minute and they'll start talking," I explain to Kori," after a few moments when I go back out there they'll be trying to keep me from leaving which I won't do anyway. Yes it's a little mean but Imelda isn't going to be persuaded by anything other than an act of god." "So what would you do if I didn't grab you," Kori asks a little mad at my manipulations.

"I probably would have waited for a moment in the garage before taking a ride on my bike," I tell her plainly," I can't have you all fighting because it hurts me, I'd rather take everything done to you and Derek's ambush before being dragged by a car over hot coals and broken glass then me strip&hellip." "I understand better than you know honey," Kori says covering my mouth with her hand.

I wrap my arms around her and we just hug for a few minutes while we let the situation play out in the living room. A quiet knock at the door followed by Katy poking her head in and smiling, we follow her out and back to the living room. Matty sitting quietly while Imelda holds a calmed down Rachael, I get all the girls sat down before taking a seat on the couch.

"Okay can someone tell me what's in the box," I ask trying to relax. I watch as all sorts of girl stuff comes flying out of the box, Rachael starts going over face treatments and manicure stuff. All the girls start going over getting prettied up and what they want to try, apparently Rachael's father works as a beauty supply wholesaler or something.

I let the girls work and find that someone packed a bag for me in the pile and start to set myself up with a spot on the couch. I shoot Jun a location text message from my phone and tell him I want us all rallied at his place tomorrow at eleven for a final briefing.

I get a positive response and put my phone away. I don't know when I fell asleep but I wake to find all the girls bedded down on the floor. I get up and stretch out before doing some basic workout in my shorts. I've been working for about half an hour when I hear giggling, I turn my focus to the girls who are all sitting up and watching me.

"I need a shower," I tell them grabbing a towel. My small army of women rush after me and I get lead into the master bedroom and then to the master bathroom, the shower is big enough for Matty and Imelda to fit in with me and I'm treated to a scrub down by my most imposing girls and while there's no fun time it's a nice feeling.

We dry off and the girls all take turns going through their showers before I round everyone but Rachael up and post notice for us to roll out to Jun's. "Okay but why can't I come," Rachael asks. "Because I need you to talk to Kyle, I want him to think that there are problems but you are still with him," Lascivious college hawt slut hardcore and reality explain," I'll be back later to see you, just keep him at bay like you did last night." "It'll be easier than last night, I won't be holding you inside me while I do it," Rachael says smiling.

I get a quick kiss and mount up my bike. Imelda and I lead the group over to Jun's and we all disembark and get inside. Jun's mom, Kimiko, is home and plays happy host as we all talk and go over school stuff waiting for the rest of the crew to show up. Once we're assembled I get all the info from Jun and we start to all track where people are going and what they're doing. It's a long process taking several hours I get everything formed and start to tell people their jobs; I go down the list explaining who and where and make sure everyone has their assignments.

I give my family one last look; I see no fear or apprehension on their faces this time. Everyone is ready to take care of their assigned task. "I know it seems like I'm leaving you all out to do the work this time but I want you to know that if I could I'd be with each and every one of you out there," I say calmly. "Guy, you and I haven't always gotten along. Honestly there are points where you piss me off but this shit ends tomorrow," Isaac tells me getting nods from everyone else," We're not going to let you down." People start to trickle out of Jun's home and I walk my girls out to their vehicles getting a kiss and smile from each of them before heading back in and hearing Jun and his mother arguing.

I've not seen Kimiko like this since she found out I recorded us last year. "I will not have you or your sister risking your health over some revenge. I like Guy and his girlfriends but they are not making the decisions here," Kimiko says angrily. "I am doing this for everyone, not just Kori and Guy. I have a chance to be a part of something that matters," Jun says grabbing his keys. "Where are you going," Kimiko asks confused and still angry. "I'm walking Lilly home Mother, I'm going to take Natsuko with me so we're not alone out there," Jun says turning on some interesting anger.

I watch as the three of them head out the door and close it behind them leaving me and Kimiko alone in the house. I start to believe nobody saw me there for a few minutes as Kimiko starts to clean up and is standing quietly in the kitchen. My phone vibrates and it's Natsuko asking me if I'll talk to her mother like Jun says I did last year, I blanche at the idea of trying to blackmail her again but respond that I'll try.

I get up and head towards the kitchen and see Kimiko there in her blue blouse and a white skirt that goes down to mid calves on her. She has her long black hair done in a long ponytail and I can tell she's still recovering from having her son tell her off. "Are you okay Mrs. Nakamura," I ask stepping into view. "Oh Guy, I didn't know you were still here," Kimiko tells me startled. "Yeah I was gonna leave but I heard people arguing and hung around," I tell her leaning against the doorway to the kitchen.

"Well I guess you know that I'm not letting my children go with your plan tomorrow," Kimiko tells me standing her ground. "Well I could try to force this, but you're a strong woman. I could just have your children sneak around, but I respect you too much to tell them to do that," I tell her moving to the counter next to her and resting my hip on it," so what is it going to take to get you to let this go?" "If you were going to be with the two of them I'd feel better about it," Kimiko tells me leaning next to me with her arms crossed.

"I can't do that but I chose these teams so they would have strong people backing them up," I tell her. "Well we are at an impasse," Kimiko says rubbing her neck," What else do you have?" "Only my bike and what I have on me," I tell her. "Well then that's what I'll have to take then," Kimiko says pulling me by my coat and leading me up the stairs.

I follow her up the stairs and to her bedroom; it's about the same as the last time I was here almost a year ago. Kimiko leads me to her bed and sits herself down at the foot of it with me standing in front of her by only a foot of space.

She has a very predatory look on her face and I brace myself for some interesting times in my immediate future. "Take off your clothes. And do it slowly," Kimiko tells me softly. I strip my coat off, followed by my shirt. As soon as she sees my tattoo I watch her eyes light up with interest.

I try to sit down to get my boots off but Kimiko makes me stand where I am and while difficult I kick them to the side before taking down my pants and my boxer briefs at the same time. I don't know what it is about Kimiko but every time I get near her I start getting hard and right now I'm at half mast. She has a wonderful smile on her face as she eyes me up and down.

"Well someone has been keeping in shape," Kimiko says running her hand up my torso. Her touch is delicate but firm and does nothing to curb my erection and Kimiko knows it. Her hand pushes me backwards a step and Kimiko stands up and walks around behind me. I can hear clothing moving behind me and after a few moments I get turned around to see Kimiko naked. She backs me up to the bed and I have to sit before she backs me up the bed till my head is at the pillows.

I'm being stared down by a milf predator and decide either take action or I'm gonna get hurt. Kimiko is right over my body with her own when I wrap my arms around her frame and pull her against me; she's warm and soft to the touch. I start to kiss her neck and feel her pull back before rotating her body around till her neatly trimmed pussy is in my face.

I take a tentative lick of her folds and while it tastes like peach body oil it's the full body shudder that has me moving in for more. I'm taking long slow licks of Kimiko's sweet pussy and while I thought she would start to give me some repayment for my work she's more interested in my work.

I can feel her juices flowing and using one hand start to rub her clit and spread her lips with the other. I've got Kimiko's pussy splayed out in front of my eyes and shove my tongue deep inside her. Instinctively she backs her hips up pushing my tongue a little deeper. "Mmmm, you do that really well.

It's been a while but I'm ready for the main event," Kimiko tells me pulling her hips away from my face. I back up a little and watch Kimiko turn around to face me, I'm sitting up against her headboard while she straddles my hips and using her hand starts to push the head of my cock into her pussy.

I've been away for a year and supposedly she's been having sex with her husband but either the porn shooting cancelled but she needs her fuck smaller than his 'son' or he doesn't do brazzers milfs like it big eva notty milf squad vegas the stakeout very often.

Her experienced vagina has me in a firm and soft grip as I look straight at her breast then up to a very contented face, her hands grab the top of the head board and I feel her start to ride me with long strokes. I grab her hip with one hand using the other to slow down one of her breasts before latching my mouth on her erect nipple.

Kimiko must have used body oil on her whole body because I'm taking peach and sweat as I suckle. Her pussy is working me over with long hard strokes and if I hadn't been going hard with my girls recently I'd probably be closer to cumming. I use my teeth on her nipple and slap Kimiko's ass, I hear her yelp a little at my boldness but instead of slowing down she speeds up her pace.

It's fast and frantic as she fucks the bottom half of my cock, she's not letting me get away but I'm not in a rush to finish. I let her nipple go and using both of my hands on her hips helping Kimiko impale her pussy harder onto my cock. The whole time she's open mouth moaning and finally I hear her start talking. "How my daughter can keep off of you I will never know," Kimiko says bouncing hard and fast. "How does your husband go a day without fucking this tight pussy?

I swear if I never met them I'd never guess you had children," I say both insulting her husband and complimenting teen brat kharlie stone gets her tight cunt fucked pornstars hardcore at the same time. "You are such a sweet talker boy now let's get ready really see what we can do about giant fucking hard on in me," Kimiko growls shaking her ass even faster.

The two of us are going hard at each other and I start to feel like she's going to cum. It's so hot and heavy I almost wish we were recording it. "MOTHER… GUY&hellip. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING," Natsuko yells ruining the mood. Kimiko freezes and I'm looking over at Natsuko who has dropped her coat on the floor and has the face a girl would probably have seeing a guy she's had sex with giving it to her Mom.

Kimiko gets up off of me and while I want to try to deal with Natsuko on my own, Kimiko motions for me to stay where I am.

"Natsuko you need to calm down and let me explain this," Kimiko says calmly. "What that your cheating on my father with my friend," Natsuko spits out. "Yes actually, you father is a good provider and good worker at his job but when he's home he is absolutely atrocious. He doesn't know how to balance a budget or fix anything," Kimiko says laying out her harsh truth," Not to mention the fact that the only reason you are here to see me fucking Guy is because I had to jerk your father off and push his cum inside me to get pregnant." I'm pretty sure my eyes are about the size of saucers and while I'm keeping from laughing Natsuko is shocked.

I know she's taking this hard but her mother is right there naked and still warm from our sex. "But why Guy, why not just find a guy from the gym or something," Natsuko asks as Kimiko leads her to the bed. "Because Guy can keep a secret and is very good at what he does, but you know this," Kimiko says sitting with her daughter," There are many things that I have kept from doing for the sake my children and you my daughter are almost as much of a free spirit as I was when I was your age." "But what about Dad," Natsuko asks quietly.

"He will not know of this and he will not know of tomorrow either. Now daughter either I need to finish Guy off or I can let you help," Kimiko says looking back towards me. "Mother you want me to help you have sex with Guy," Natsuko asks again shocked. "No I want us to have sex with Guy," Kimiko tells her taking an authoritative tone," Now daughter strip down and get on this bed so I can use Guy to punish you." I'm a little confused but I watch as Natsuko, nervous for the first time, and slow start to strip out of her clothes and down to her underwear.

Kimiko is no satisfied and moves behind her daughter, undoing her bra and letting it fall to the floor. Natsuko is more nervous with her mother than with me as she pulls her own panties down and off. I'm in awe as mother leads daughter onto the bed and starts to calm her down or heat her up, I'm not sure which. "You've seen his penis before my daughter, get on top of it and let us do the rest," Kimiko tells Natsuko almost purring.

"Mother it's feels odd doing this with you here," Natsuko replies starting to straddle my cock. I'm looking up at my sweet little Asian punk girl's face when her mother turns her around to face away from me.

Kimiko lines my cock up with Natsuko's pussy and starts to shove her daughter down on onto my cock. Both mother and daughter are tight as I invade Natsuko's pussy and I watch as she starts taking long slow strokes moving her hips. It's only slightly different texture than Kimiko who has more experience but Natsuko leans forward and starts to shake her ass with a little more speed, I grip her ass with my hands and lean my head back and enjoy. I feel a weight shift next to me and look to see Kimiko smiling at me while her daughter haley masturbates and gets fucked by stepmom masturbation and pornstars me.

"No matter what happens you do exactly what I say," Kimiko whispers in my ear before moving to face her daughter. I watch as Kimiko sits Natsuko upright till she's sitting straight up with me still inside her. I am about half way deep inside and I continue to watch as Kimiko folds her daughter's arms behind her back putting the forearms together. A light tap and I move my hand to hold Natsuko's arms in place. Kimiko's mood goes from gentle to hard as she grabs the back of Natsuko's head by the hair pulls her face to look up at the ceiling.

I can feel Natsuko squirming on me when my attention is drawn to Kimiko's face; she has a very predatory grin on. "Guy, I want you to take your cock and fuck my slutty daughter's pussy hard and fast right now," Kimiko orders me. I grab Natsuko's hip with my free hand and start fucking her hard and fast showing no mercy on her pussy.

Natsuko's body locks up from the sensation of me invading her and I hear her start to whimper and moan. It was tight before but now she's trying to lower her hips to keep me from moving too fast but her mother has her by the hair and is keeping her from succeeding. I've done Natsuko hard before but this is new. "Is Mommy's little slut liking her punishment," Kimiko asks using a hand to pinch Natsuko's nipple," I wish you would have developed a little more up here daughter, I have barely anything to pinch." I'm keeping my orgasm at bay easily for now and the scene of pain and pleasure in front of me almost have me wanting to stop and let Natsuko breath.

"Tell Guy you like us punishing you," Kimiko tells her daughter. "Guy I hurt so much I've cum once already, please fuck me like a good little slut," Natsuko whimpers," I'm just like my mommy and I need to be punished." I take my free hand off Natsuko's hip and slap her on her tight little ass hard, Kimiko has moved her free hand to Natsuko's throat and is forcing her down as I fuck upward.

I'm hammering away and it starts to feel more wet than usual as I try to break Natsuko's pussy. Kimiko lets go of her daughter's hair and wets a finger in her mouth. I watch as she spreads Natsuko's ass cheeks and buries her finger inside.

"OH FUCK BALLS SHIT CUNT FUUUUUUCK," is the last thing to come out of Natsuko's mouth as her orgasm hits. Then next few moments Kimiko and I hold onto Natsuko as she convulses in a powerful orgasm, I keep my grip firm but not enough to hurt and as my feet start to get a little wet I figure out that my little Asian punk is squirting hard. Kimiko holds her daughter gently, letting her head rest on her shoulder before we lay Natsuko down and survey the damage.

Natsuko is unconscious but breathing soundly as I see the wet spot where Natsuko shot off like a small hose. "My daughter definitely enjoyed that," Asian babe massage for her horny clients hard dick says hopping off the bed.

"I've gotten her like this before but not that hard," I reply following Kimiko. "Well it'll be a few minute before she comes to. I'll start to clean up while we wait," Kimiko tells me starting to pick up the clothes. I grab the ponytail on the back of Kimiko's head and lightly drag her back to the queen sized bed. I shove her face first down and watch her get up on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed before lining up behind her and shoving the head of my cock into her tight pussy.

"Like Daughter like Mother right," I ask Kimiko pulling the ponytail backing her pussy onto my cock," Fuck me bitch, make me feel it." Kimiko moans as she starts working her pussy on my cock taking slow long strokes.

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I watch as Kimiko starts shaking and grinding her ass against me trying to please me. I smack her ass with my free hand once then getting a yelp in surprise then switch to the other cheek. I keep spanking her every time Kimiko get to the base of my cock. Its tight warm and wet but I want to make this hot bitch pay a little like she did to her daughter. I thrust forward meeting Kimiko's tight ass and causing her to groan at the feeling of me being buried before pushing her forward and off of me.

Kimiko falls to the bed and rolls over as I crawl on top of her and between her legs. Kimiko backs up the bed like she's going to get away before I latch onto her with my hands. "This will not be soft slut," I growl at Kimiko," Now pull my cock into your cheating hole." Kimiko reaches between us and start to pull me back inside her wet pussy.

I bring my knees up and wrap my arms under her body before fucking her fast and hard. Kimiko responds wrapping her arms around my back and her legs around my ass trying to pull me in harder.

We're fucking each other hard we me doing most of the moving, the room fills with the sounds of our groaning and my hips slapping against Kimiko's. I start to feel my orgasm coming on and in response Kimiko tightens her grip on me. "Fuck me like my husband can't. Fuck me and make sure you get every drop inside so I can make him raise another child that isn't his," Kimiko growls in my ear.

The shock of her statement lasts for about a second before my orgasm hits; my body feels like its on fire as I erupt shooting ropes of cum into Kimiko's experienced pussy. I feel her orgasm hit about the same time and Kimiko's pussy milks me adding to the sensation of my orgasm. We're exhausted and I'm spent when I start to pull away from Kimiko only to feel her latch onto me for a few moments more until she lets me go and I pull out and get up off the bed.

I watch as Kimiko just lies there for a moment before she slides over to her daughter and cuddles up. They lie together while I use the master bathroom to relieve myself. I can't help but think about what Kimiko said and when I get back into the bedroom mother and daughter are talking quietly.

"You ladies want help getting this place cleaned up," I ask getting dressed. "No you should get home and rest," Kimiko tells me giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Mom aren't you going to clean out," Natsuko asks confused and getting up off the bed.

"I will after I take care of the bed and we shower," Kimiko replies pulling up her panties. Natsuko gets a wide eyed look on her face and I shrug a little before grabbing my coat.

Kimiko gives me a wink before starting to remove the blankets from the bed and Natsuko follows me out. Sexy babe rides an big squirting dildo on cam fetish sex video ask about Jun and Lilly, She tells me they took a short cut to the house and wanted alone time.

I chuckle about her heading back early and give her a kiss on the forehead. I mount up on my bike and head home. My arrival home has my father demanding an explanation about my room and I can only reply with the basics leaving out what I did with Katy. He tells me that I'll have to help repair it and I get into Liz's room to see my sister is grumpy. "I don't know why I'm supposed to be back up," Liz says grumpy. "Because I need you to run communications sis.

You are the best person for it because you can process text messages faster than Jun," I tell her as I start to go through her old clothes. We pick out the most covering outfit we can find and I send a message to Rachael asking how she's doing.

She replies that she's fine but the ultimate pleasure annette haven candida royalle kristine heller iris medina yvonne green nina fa to help out with my plan; I reply that I will be there to pick her up tomorrow at ten in the morning to get her ready.

I get a smiley face and a kissy face as a reply before I head out of Liz's room and into mine and make my final set up call.

"Hello, may I ask who is calling," I hear Kyle ask over the phone. "Hey Kyle, It's me Guy. Don't ask how I got your number because it's kind of a moot point," I say happily," I'm feeling like we should stop fighting and start to talk about peace, can you meet me in the park downtown tomorrow so we can actually discuss peace?" "What kind of trap are you laying for me," Kyle asks upset.

"No trap for you, but I need you to bring Heather," I tell him plainly," If she leads with you then she needs to go over this with us." "I can bring her but what about your crew, how are they going to handle this peace talk," Kyle asks. "I'm the leader, you know what that means. If they don't like my planning then they can leave," I tell Kyle lying out my ass," I'll bring one girl with me and you bring Heather, I won't hit her and you won't hit the girl I'm bringing so we'll be on even ground.

I'll even show up first so you can see that there is nobody around to back me up, Deal?" "Alright, I'll see you tomorrow," Kyle says hanging up the phone. I'm smiling from ear to ear. The board is set, pieces are in place. I think I'll open with King's bishop and Queen's Bishop to Queen's Bishop.

Time to play the game. I will be taking a lot of time on the next chapter and with the holiday I believe that it will honestly take me more time than normal to complete. I only do this to put out the highest quality chapter possible. The next chapter will not be the last chapter but we're getting close. Message me or leave a comment and question in the section. And please vote on whether or not you think I should start a new project before returning to these characters or if you, my fans, want me to continue into a possible fourth series.