Im riven im and i looks for fuck friends in social networks

Im riven im and i looks for fuck friends in social networks
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Stewardess Cindy Ch 9 Humour & Satire Originally written by Frankel. I've been working on my Forum threads, so haven't posted a story for 10 days. If you like these stories, you might like my "Throat fucked bitches" thread in the XNXX forums. Cindy and Sindy couldn't believe their luck. Their boss Mr Saunders had been so impressed with their attitude that he had decided to give them $50 dollars for every blowjob they gave.

They couldn't wait to tell their mum. The girls' mother had always seemed a little disappointed with the girls. Her name was Lucy Steiger and she was a professor at New York University specialising in theoretical physics. "Mum it's us, Cindy and Sindy," Cindy said when her mother answered the phone. They heard their mother sigh. "Please don't use those names," said Lucy. "You are Penelope and Victoria." "Oh mum, can we not fight about that again?

Cindy and Sindy are more fun. Those names are too old fashioned." Their mother sighed again. "I'm sorry dears," she said. "I'm too busy to talk now. Was there something you wanted to tell me?" "We got a big raise. 50 dollars for every blowjob!" said Yong beautiful girls doing oral job sex. "Each!" said Cindy.

"WHAT!!'" exclaimed her mother. "And it includes the ones we have already given. Between us we got over $50,000 today." "You're giving blowjobs for money?!" "Only when we have to," said Cindy. "When do you have to? Why on earth would you have to give a blowjob as a stewardess? What the fuck!!!" "Mum, that's a bad word," said Sindy. She was shocked by her mother's language, even though she wasn't sure what the bad word meant. "We give blowjobs to stop men's testicles from exploding," said Cindy.

"It's very complicated Mum, so you might not understand. Air pressure makes fluid in men's testicles. We have to suck the fluid out. They call it a blowjob because it is our job to stop the testicles exploding." There was a long pause and Cindy and Sindy were worried their mother might have hung up. "Girls," her mother said. "Did the captain tell you all this?" "Yes, mother," said Cindy. "He is oh so clever." "But sometimes he drinks too much of our milk.

Then he isn't clever because we have to suck the milk back out." "And I suppose you suck it out of his penis do you?" asked their mother. "Yes, mother. He takes it from our breasts and if he has too much, which he always does, we suck it back out of his penis." Another long pause. "Did you say you are breast feeding the pilot?" "And all the passengers in first class," said Sindy.

"Girls," said their mother. "I think I will need to meet your captain. When is your next flight." When the captain heard that Cindy and Sindy's mother was going to be on their flight, he seemed happy at first. But when he heard she was a professor at New York University he seemed, if anything, a little nervous.

"Your mother is professor of physics?!" he said. "That's right," said Cindy. "That's why we became stewardesses, we got her brains." "And her looks," said Sindy. "Some people say she looks just like us." "Did you tell her what you do here?" asked the captain. "We told her all about the blowjobs," said Cindy.

"We told her you said we gave the best blowjobs in the whole world." The captain went white and seemed a little unsteady on his feet. "Are you O.K," Sindy asked. "Do you need a blowjob?" Cindy unbuttoned her shirt and took out her breasts. "How about some milk?" she asked. "What time is your mother coming?" the captsin asked.

"Well she is on this flight. She asked to be in bitch porn videos search watch and download bitch free sex class and wanted to meet you personally." The captain sank down into his chair. "Is anything the matter?" asked Sindy.

"No, no," said the captain. "But I'm sorry I won't be able to see your mother. Company rules. Staff only in the cockpit. You know because of terrorists." "But our mother isn't a terrorist," said Cindy. "We're not allowed to take risks," said the captain. "Terrorists are found in the most unlikely places. In fact anyone who knows a lot about science is on the new warning list." "Goodness," said Sindy. "Our mother is a scientist." "There you go then," he said.

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"She might not be a terrorist but if she gets angry and starts shouting and says bad words and demands to get in here, you know what to do, don't you?" "Restrain her and alert the air marshal," said Cindy. "Good girl," said the captain. "Remember an angry scientist who wants to see the step brother fucking a viagra first time pornstars hardcore is a terrorist and must be restrained. Even if it is your mother." He looked Sindy up and down.

"I might need some milk after all," he said. Sindy smiled and took off her shirt. The captain stood and started to suck on her ripe young mounds. Cindy meanwhile dropped to her knees and took the captain's penis from his pants.

She had learnt from experience that the captain always had too much of her sister's milk. It was best to just start sucking his penis straight away to save time. The captain was having a double dose of Sindy's milk today, turning quickly from one nipple to the other as he pressed her large natural breasts together. His cock was so hard already as Cindy sucked it down to the very back of her throat, gently rubbing his testicles to encourage the milk to come out.

"Lick my balls," he said taking his mouth off Sindy's tits for a moment. Cindy lowered her head and licked the base of the captains testicles.

She marvelled at how quickly Sindy's milk had made it into the sack. "No wonder it might explode," thought Cindy. "Look at how big Sindy's breasts are and how small his testicles.

There's no room at all." She decided to show the milk where it needed to go. She licked the balls and then up the shaft of his penis to the very top and flicked her tongue rapidly over the head just the way he flicked his tongue on Sindy's nipples. "Oh Christ, suck it!" he said, urgently grabbing Cindy's head and pushing his cock in her mouth. Suddenly the milk burst out of his penis and filled Cindy's mouth to overflowing. Sindy dropped to her knees and the girls kissed the milk between them.

There was a knock at the door. "Captain," said the male purser from behind the door. "The passengers are starting to board and Cindy and Sindy are needed. Their mother is here with me." Cindy and Sindy were so excited they forgot to put their shirts back on or clean the creamy milk from the captain's penis from their faces as they swung open the cockpit door.

Their mother was waiting for them outside with the purser. The purser rolled his eyes when he saw the girls and hurriedly walked away.

Their mother stared at them, her mouth wide open in shock. The captain threw the girls' shirts out of the cockpit. The co-pilot appeared at the head of a group of passengers with two coffees in hand. He took one look at the girls and their mother and quickly ducked into the cockpit, the captain slamming the door shut. "What the fuck have you been doing?!" their mother asked looking at their bare breasts.

"Oh," said the girls looking down at their tits. "Sorry, mother," said Cindy."We had to breast feed the captain." Her words were a big tit mother id like to fuck cunt stretched slurred as both girls had forgotten to swallow the liquid in their mouths.

The girls put their shirts back on. "What is that in your mouth?" said their mother. "The milk from the captain's testicles," said Sindy. "We just gave him a blowjob. Safety first." The two girls swallowed in front of their mother then licked each other's faces clean as they always did.

They were a team. Strangely their mother seemed angry. "I want to see the captain," she said. "I want to see him now!" "Sorry, Mum," said Cindy.

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"It will have to wait. We've got to board dark aperture of leggy beautiful girl fucked passengers. We're a bit busy now and so is he." "Not too busy to make you suck his cock!" she said. "Well it is our job," said Sindy. She led her mother to hear seat in row A.

"We'll introduce you to the captain soon," said Sindy. "We have to work now." The girls left their mother and returned to the exit. "I hope mother isn't a terrorist," said Sindy. "I know," said Cindy. "But she is a scientist and seems pretty angry about something." "And keeps asking to see the captain!" said Sindy.

"I think we should watch her closely. Like the captain says you can never know who could be a terrorist." The captain appeared briefly at the cockpit door.

"The old safety instructions today," he said. "And no milk for the passengers. If you think someone has an air pressure problem, don't give them a blowjob. Tell us and we'll fly lower." "Are you sure?" said Cindy. "I was looking forward to serving my mum. She didn't think it was possible for us to produce milk." "Quite sure," said the captain and shut the door. Cindy and Sindy found the take-off routine much easier without having to do the new brace position with all the passengers.

They were up and on their way to Dubai in no time at all. The girls were very busy at first so it wasn't until they were well on their way to Dubai that they found a chance to talk to their mother. They both had done their best to avoid her - she seemed ever so angry. "Tell me," their mother said. "How many times have given the pilot a blowjob?" "Hundreds," said Sindy. "But it's not all one way.

Sometimes we suck too much milk out of the captain's penis and the co-pilot will clean our pussies with his cock to make sure there is no milk in there. By the time he has finished there is always some in there too!" "That is it!" screamed the mother. "I have had enough. Take me to the pilot this instant. I am going to tear him a new arse. I am going to fucking kill him!" "Mother!" cried Sindy. Their mother stood up. "Let me at the son of a bitch. Let me in the cockpit. I'll rip his head off!" Cindy and Sindy's training took over.

They forced their mother to the ground and quickly held her hands behind her back. "Marshal!" cried Sindy. The air marshal ran up from his seat and quickly bound their mother's hands with a pair of handcuffs. The marshal pinned their mother to the ground. "I'm going to kill him," she screamed. Sindy and Cindy rushed to the cockpit. Sindy knocked on the door and after a few moments the co-pilot opened the door.

"Our mother is a terrorist," they said. "Is she restrained?" asked the captain. "Yes," said Cindy. "The air marshal has her." "We better make an emergency landing," said the captain. "We'll put down in Cairo and hand her over to the authorities there. Good work girls." "Ah captain," said the co-pilot.

"Won't the sudden descent create a sudden change in air pressure? What about our testicles?" "We'll take care of that," said Cindy. The girls went into the cockpit and dropped to their knees in front of the pilots' seats as they began their descent. They unzipped the fliers' flies and put their mouths around their cocks and began to suck up and down.

"Let me go," screamed their mother from the cabin. "I'll kill the son of a bitch." Sindy and Cindy were so embarrassed by their mother's behaviour. They had never suspected she could be such a dangerous person. Cindy looked up at the captain as she flicked her tongue around the head of his penis. "Cairo tower from flight 733 from New York to Dubai," said the captain.

"Need clearance for emergency landing. Have a dangerous passenger on board." Cindy was mortified that she had let her mother on the flight and caused such trouble. She concentrated on sucking as hard as she could on the captain's penis. The last thing she wanted was for his testicles to explode on landing. "If I can do that much good I will," she told herself. The cheating wife deepthroat son dick amp swallow cum in back yard seemed to be starting to feel the effects of the change in air pressure.

They both madam ne student se chudi and moved about in their seats while the girls sucked up and down and stroked their balls. Sindy and Cindy knew it was getting too much for their brave fliers when they took one hand off the flight controls and grabbed their hair, desperately forcing the girls' heads up and down. The girls bobbed up and down in time. They both reached into their shirts and pulled their tits out, letting them sway from side to side with the movement of their bodies.

The pilots had always encouraged them to do this while giving a blowjob to ensure their milk remained fresh. "Oh fuck!" cried the co-pilot. He tensed up and Sindy was sure something was wrong. He pushed his cock deep into her throat as she desperately tried to squeeze the liquid from his balls.

The pilots seemed lost to the world, their heads back looking at the ceiling, no longer watching their instrument panel. "I'm cumming," shouted the co-pilot. Sindy thought he must be going somewhere so took her mouth off his cock.

Liquid spurted out and covered her face in four spurts. It was over her eyes, cheeks, mouth and forehead.

The captain groaned too and Cindy felt the liquid coat her tongue. "Terrain, pull up, terrain, pull up!" said the on board computer. "SHIT!" yelled the pilots and pulled back hard on the control column. Knowing it was a warning signal the girls assumed the brace position and put the pilots' softening cocks in their mouths. They felt the plane's engines roar and the plane begin to level out again. "Flight 773," came the voice of the control tower. "Are you O.K?

Confirm you have not been hijacked." "All OK, All OK," said the captain. "Passenger subdued. Ready to land." The girls crawled out from under the flight controls. "We'll go back to our seats for landing," said Cindy.

"So sorry about our mother," said Sindy. "Don't worry," said the captain. "The authorities in Cairo will know what to do with her. She son gode dans le cul tube porn give us any more trouble." The girls left the cockpit and found their mother had been knocked out by the air marshal.

The air marshal was sitting by their mother. "You did well, girls," he said. "I see the captain was having trouble with the air pressure again." Cindy looked at her sister and saw the co-pilot's liquid was still all over her face. "Oh, Sindy," she said and licked it off. "How about you, marshal?" said Sindy. "The air pressure any trouble for you?" "No, I'm fine," he said.

"But I sure could use some milk!" Cindy looked around and saw so many familiar faces amongst the passengers.

Cindy and Sindy got so many return passengers they knew most of them by name. They all seemed to be staring at her still exposed breasts. "Who's thirsty?" she asked and a sea of hands went up.