Big tits dirty fuck and all three holes blonde xxx so i make deal with her to gargle and

Big tits dirty fuck and all three holes blonde xxx so i make deal with her to gargle and
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Sunny leaone sex storys prono Vampire's Kiss Chapter 10: Sinful Holes by mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 The ecstasy of the feminine ghost's embrace fled Father Hyrum Augustine.

He shuddered and blinked as realty leaped back around him. He had moved. He stood by Faust the vampire. The pair were before the large windows that looked out on Chicago. The eastern horizon lightened. The vampire Faust, a wineglass in hand, eyed the priest.

Faust sipped from his chalice. It held wine instead of blood. Everything had made sense while the ghost controlled the priest's body. It still made sense.

The priest trusted the feminine voice. She had gifted him with his women and promised him more whores. Faust may be a vampire, but he was also a holy creature. One who worked against the forces of darkness. The corrupted Damien and Abigail would come to kill him. They would not stand for such a purity staining another vampire. Father Augustine had been close to Damien and Abigail in life.

He had been their chaplain and mentor. He had ventured into the field with them time and time again, girding them for battle and offering prayers for their victory. But they had fallen to corruption. "Are you okay, Father?" Joy asked. The priest's three women moved to him.

The vampire eyed them but said not a word as they swept around the priest. Father Augustine had given Joy, Samantha, cute teen in a costume seduces her mechanic for a discount Donna communion, transforming them into holy warriors.

My sluts. "You are to be commended on your choices," Faust said, eyeing the priest's women. "Such beauty and succulence." "I have tamed the wicked holes between their thighs," the priest answered. He glanced at the female vampiress standing in the center of the office. A lovely, black-haired beauty standing unafraid of the approaching dawn.

"A vampiress must be hard to control." "I have always had a way with lesser creatures," Faust answered. "What do you remember while the." "Holy ghost," Father Augustine supplied. The feminine voice laughed in his mind. "She came upon me." "Yes, yes, so we could commune.

What do you remember of our conversation?" "Nothing." The priest's cock ached. Ecstasy had consumed him. He yearned to experience more of the holy ghost's embrace. "I only know I'm to protect you from Damien and Abigail.

They are dangerous vampires, former Knights Venator." "I held Abigail prisoner," Faust said, showing no concern. "But good Lynette was kind enough to bring a disturbing report. Damien may have freed her. Be a good girl and pull up the security cameras at the mansion." "Of course, Sire," Lynette purred. "You.sired her?" Father Augustine asked. "No. It's an affection. I rescued her after her sire was killed by Damien and Abigail." "I knew Abigail well," Lynette smiled as she knelt at the desk.

"Sire, shall I lower the partitions. I do not want to embrace the sunlight this morning." "Nor do I. Do it, child." Father Augustine stared at Lynette. "You're the missing friend of Abigail's? The one turned by Vincent?" "I was," she answered and typed into the computer. Engines hummed to life and metal clanked. Steel partitions dropped down from the ceiling, covering all the windows in segmented bands. The room grew darker and darker as they crashed into place. "Abigail searched for you." "Eager to put me out of my misery like she did Vincent?" Bitterness twisted Lynette's face.

"Or did she want another chance to lick my pussy? I could see it in her eyes. If that damned Damien never came around, she would have been mine." A shudder ran through Lynette.

"I had her once." "So if you saw her, you'd give into your whorish sins and fornicate with her?" The priest's voice grew heated. His dick ached. He needed it sucked. But now wasn't the time.

"I would rip out her throat and bathe in her blood." Lynette smiled. "I owe her for killing Vincent. My Sire gifted me with immortality and showed me true pleasure. Abigail took that away from me.

I look forward to Faust killing her." Her fingernails clicked as she typed. "Sire, the security footage." "On the main screen." Obeying Faust, Lynette clicked with her mouse. In the center of the room, a clear, crystal screen descended, larger than a wide-screen television.

Lights projected through it from the ceiling, and security footage appeared in crystal-clear HD. Father Augustine's years of fighting vampires had given him a strong stomach. Bodies strewn everywhere on the screen. Blood pooled on xxxxx story sey xoxuhhjgsex stories marble floor.

Human, men and women both, lay dead. Father Augustine had witnessed before a vampire's rampage. His expert eyes examined the massacre. He noticed torn throats, bite marks, and, more troubling, sword strokes. "It was more than vampires," Father Augustine said. "Someone used bchadani me viriya padta andruni hissa long blade. Look at some of those bodies. Damien would have a machete with him, but I doubt he could do that much damage with one." Faust nodded.

"Curious. Many dead. They killed the guests, the staff, and the security guards." The images flickered, Lynette scrolling through the cameras at a spacious mansion decorated with works of classic art and antique furniture.

Every shot had more dead in it. Father Augustine estimated fifty or sixty people. The feminine ghost inside of him hissed xxx story sex stories big blake disappointment.

" not good," Faust said. "The mayor of Chicago, over half the city council, judges, department heads, several Senators and Congressmen, their wives, many of the rich of Chicago.

The tribute will be.hard to make." Tribute? The feminine voice soothed the thought from Father Augustine's voice. Focus on what is important, she whispered. Killing Damien and Abigail. "There had to be more than Damien and Abigail performing this massacre," Father Augustine said. "Two more vampires. He has been busy since he was sired. Maybe more than two. And the sword wielder." "And you can handle this?" Faust did not sound nervous. He sipped at his wine. "Yes." Father Augustine didn't know why he believed that, but he knew his women had been changed.

They had been gifted with strength, reflexes, and fighting skills. "Can we watch the slaughter. We can figure out more, such as the numbers we face." "Lynette," Faust said. Keys typed. A mouse clipped. "The hard drives are missing. Damien must have removed them before he left. We only have the live feed." Faust took another drink of his wine. The corner of his eye twitched. "Dawn approaches," Father Augustine said. "They will have retreated to a safe house." "Find it." Faust turned to Father Augustine.

"I'll have the police reports on the situation sent to you." "It'll be a lot," Lynette answered. "I'm listening to the radio chatter. They're looking for a Black SUV spotted fleeing the mansion." "Damien's," Father Augustine supplied. "And they've had several crashed squad cars trying to pursue the suspects and their police chopper had a mechanical malfunction. They lost the SUV heading towards downtown." "The police never would have stopped him," Faust said.

"And it is too much to hope that Damien and Abigail failed to reach their safe house before dawn." "It would be, Sire." "Escort Father Augustine and boyfrend bangs cute lovely hottie hardcore and massage women to an office so he may begin to research where Damien has fled.

Give him everything that we get from the Chicago PD. I want you liaising with the police commissioner." "I saw him dead on the camera, Sire." "His deputy then." Faust's eye twitched again. "Father, find Damien and his whores, kill them, and bring me back their heads and you can have whatever you wish." More women to share your communion with, promised the feminine ghost.

You just have to kill Damien, Abigail, and rescue Britney. Mother and daughter together. Father Augustine groaned and glanced at Donna Lawson. He burned to see the MILF and her daughter writhing in taboo passion. His dick throbbed even harder in his pants.

He had to fuck one of his women before he exploded. "The office, vampiress?" Lynette gave him a tight smile before she rose from Faust's desk. She had gorgeous calves and a tight ass.

"Follow me, Father." He did, staring at that gorgeous rump beneath Lynette's tight skirt. Excessive blow job for stud hardcore blowjob swayed as she strutted. He knew her flesh was unclean, but that didn't make him want her any less. His dick tented the front of his black cassock.

"She tempts you, Father," Donna whispered. "Wicked of her." "She's a whore," Samantha added. "A vile hussy." "I am," Lynette laughed. "And I love it. You will not tame the hole between my thighs, Father. No one can." "You haven't heard him preach," Joy moaned. "The Father's sermons will convince you differently. He preached to us all and now we're his." "With that cock tenting the front of his robes?" Lynette asked, pausing before a door.

She pulled out a keycard and swiped it. "Is that all it took to turn the three of you into his sluts?" "His warrior women," Donna hissed. Lynette smirked. "Security will bringing you badges. There is a computer in there. Create a user name and password. It is set up for guests to use who need immediate access. I hope you know how to use a computer, Father." "I do," Samantha huffed. "Good. On the network, you'll find the shared files.

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The information will be in the folder labeled Chicago PD. I will make the calls to have them deposit their police reports." Lynette flashed a vicious smile. "Good day, Father." He watched her ass sway as she marched to the elevator. I could tame her hole with my cock. The feminine ghost laughed inside him. "Let me ease your temptation, Father," Donna purred, rubbing at his cock through his cassock as they entered the office. "Let Samantha do all the boring work." "I'm more than happy to," Samantha smiled, pushing up her glasses as she headed to the computer.

"Donna, Donna, Donna," Father Augustine smiled. "You are a sinful, wanton creature. How many times did you really cheat on your husband?" "I was weak a few times," the MILF purred.

She fell to her knees and gripped the hem of his cassock. She pulled up the black fabric until his cock spilled out before her face. She licked the tip. "I tried not to be, but I couldn't help myself.

I ached to be wicked. I was a whore, just like you said, Father. Thank you for taming my desires." Father Augustine groaned and pictured blonde, Britney Lawson kneeling beside her mother, looking like a younger version of the mature beauty tonguing and nibbling on his cock.

Patience and she will be yours, whispered the feminine ghost. Mother and daughter together, serving you in the fight against evil. "Amen," breathed the priest as the pleasure raced up his cock.

Donna's lips engulfed his dick as Joy walked up behind him and peeled off the rest of his cassock. His body rippled with muscles. He was fit at forty-eight, but every moment with his woman and the ghost made him feel younger and younger. Joy pressed her body against his back. She had stripped naked. Her wet pussy and hard nipples caressed him as she kissed at his shoulders.

Her hips undulated, smearing her hot flesh across his ass. A low moan escaped her lips and sent a shiver straight down the priest's body to the tip of his cock buried in Donna's mouth. "Mmm, let us satiate your body," purred Joy. "That wicked Lynette flaunted herself.

She dressed like a sinful hussy." "Such a hussy," agreed Samantha as her fingers typed away on the keyboard. Donna only sucked harder. His balls boiled. He was close to cumming already. Lynette excited him.

What would a Vampiress be like to fuck? Maybe I don't have to kill Abigail. Just put down her husband and tame her. Maybe, the feminine voice whispered. It would take considerable power though.

But she would make a delicious whore. "On your hands and knees, Donna," growled the priest. "I'm not spilling in your mouth. I want a different hole." "Yes, Father," Donna moaned after popping her mouth off his dick.

The MILF spun about. She lifted up her skirt, flashing her naked ass and pussy covered by her blonde curls, matted with her excitement. Her tangy musk filled the priest nose as he dropped to his knees behind her, his cock smacking against her butt. He needed to fuck that asshole. His hands pried apart the married MILF's butt-cheeks. He spat onto her brown sphincter. Good enough for a whore. The priest placed his wet cock at the entrance and shoved into her tight bowels.

The whore moaned and shuddered as he slammed into her depths. "Father," gasped Donna. Her back arched and her bowels big tits schoolgirl in bed with her teacher down on his thrusting dick.

"Keep yourself holy, Father. Unburden yourself into my asshole.

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Don't let that vile temptress lead you to sin." "You have to stay pure, Father," agreed Joy. The young slattern stood beside them, rubbing her fingers through the shaved lips of her pussy.

The young woman's round breasts shook as the pleasure rippled through her body. She squeezed her eyes shut and let out a low moan. "Fuck her hard, Dead hollywood movie sexy movie mp growled the priest as his balls smacked into Donna's taint.

Father Augustine drew back his cock and slammed into the tight grip of the married whore's bowels. Donna shuddered with every thrust.

She clenched and relaxed her asshole's grip on his cock as she savored his thrusts. Her hips undulated and pressed back into his thrusts. Her tight, velvety bowels caressed the tip of his cock. The priest groaned. The pleasure shot through him. He groaned through grit teeth. His eyes rolled back into his head as he savored the pleasure coursing through his bowels. Her tight, velvety cunt gripped him and drove him wild, compelling him to slam his cock faster and faster into her depths.

"Father," gasped the woman. "Yes, yes, father. Oh, yes. That's what I need. Fuck me. Pound me. Make me explode. Oh, yes. I'm so hot for you." The meaty thwack of his balls resounded through the room as the priest used her asshole to satiate his desires. He closed his eyes, picturing first Lynette slamming her perky ass back into him, then Abigail, her red hair flying.

Fuck my cunt, Father, he imagined the wild vampiress moaning. Your cock is so much thicker than my husband's. Ooh, yes. Damien's dick is so pathetic. If only I knew, I would have fucked you years ago. Killing vampires always made me so wet. So wanton.

And now I'm yours. Abigail shuddered in his fantasy, her bowels clenching and spasming about his dick as she came like a whore. We'll fight evil and I'll get so wet for you. You'll love my cunt. Nothing's better than fucking a vampire's cunt. Donna moaned, but the priest didn't hear her as he pounded her faster and faster, lost to his fantasy of enjoying the redhead wife of his former friend. Abigail would shudder and cum so hard on his cock.

He would use her holes miku shindou cumbrush tube porn satiate his desires. "You wanton, married whore," Father Augustine growled at Abigail. "I am," Donna answered. The priest slammed into Donna's bowels and came, wishing it was Abigail's sweet asshole he invaded.

His body shuddered as the pleasure flowed through him. He growled through clenched teeth as his cock pumped blast after blast of cum into her bowels. "Oh, yes, Father Augustine," panted Donna. "Yes, yes, rid yourself of temptation in her hole," moaned Joy. The priest opened his eyes. Joy shuddered and juices squirted out between her fingers to flood down her naked thighs. The priest sighed, his body almost floating with the power of his orgasm.

He drew out his cock. "Lick the slut clean," the priest groaned as he stood. "Yes, Father," Joy moaned and fell to her knees.

Her blonde hair fell about Donna's asshole. The MILF groaned as Joy licked up the priest's cum. Father Augustine paused, staring at the bliss shuddering across Donna's face as she had her ass eaten out by Joy. Joy has blonde hair like Britney. The priest's dick hardened as he wished it was busty Britney cleaning his cum out of her mother's tight asshole.

He stroked his dick, still dirty from Donna's ass, as he watched Joy. He couldn't see her face from behind, only her blonde hair.

She has almost the same shade of hair as Britney. "That's it, slut," growled the Priest as he knelt behind Joy. "Clean her ass up, Slut." Clean your mother's ass of all my jizz.

"Yes, Father," moaned Joy. I love licking your cum out of my mom's ass, moaned Britney in the priest's imagination. I'm so glad you rescued me from Damien. He was terrible. His cock was so small. Not like yours. I love it when you fuck me while I lick your cum from my mom's asshole. "Wanton whore," growled the priest and he slammed his dick into Joy's asshole.

"Clean the filth from Donna's ass." "Yes, Father," moaned Joy, her wet cunt clenching down on his cock. He closed his eyes, imagining it was Britney's sweet pussy wrapped about his dick. Her tight, hot cunt washing her mother's ass from his cock. The priest shuddered as the fantasy consumed him. His balls smacked over and over into Joy's cunt, making the woman moan.

"Father," Samantha said, drawing the priest out of his fantasy. "The cops definitely lost Damien heading into downtown." The priest groaned and opened his eyes. His hips never stopped fucking his dirty cock in and out of Joy's asshole. "He'll want some place to hold up.

Someplace for rent. Check the listings in downtown for spaces to rent. Not apartment buildings. No. He wouldn't want nosy neighbors. And he's a vampire.

He'll want access to easy prey. And it won't be a popular place to rent." "I'll start making a list," Samantha answered. "Good," the priest groaned and closed his eyes, returning to his fantasy of fucking Britney as she licked his cum out of her mother's asshole.

His balls boiled. He savored the taboo thrill. His hands clutched tight on Joy's hips as he fucked her faster and faster. He would rescue Abigail and Britney from Damien. He would make them both his. A vampiress and the sexy, barely legal coquette. He wanted them both. They had teased him with their bodies for years. It was time they satiated his lusts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abigail licked her lips as Damien pulled his dick out of Vicky's deflowered cunt. The former virgin's tongue still stroked through Abigail's pussy, eager to please the wife of her Master.

Hunger seized Abigail to devour her husband's cum as it leaked out of the Thrall's cunt. She leaned over and licked the tip of her husband's dick. Her fangs sank into the crown of his cock, drinking blood, cum, and Vicky's tangy juices. Damien groaned. His hands stroked through her red hair as she sucked hard. "Abagail," he growled in ecstasy.

"Mmm, delicious," she purred, releasing his cock and leaning down to tongue at Vicky's slit. "Tease," he panted. With the flavor of her husband's blood lingering on Abigail's lips, she buried her mouth into Vicky's deflowered cunt. Her virginal blood seasoned the chaina rape xxx by bro of Damien's jizz leaking out of her pussy and Vickie's tangy juices.

The combination burst with flavor on Abigail's tongue. The vampiress drove it deep into Vicky's hot flesh, licking up their juices as the thrall moaned into Abigail's pussy. Vicky's fingers dug into the vampiress's ass as Abigail pleasured Vicky. The vampiress devoured the creampie Damien left in the thrall. As a human, Abigail occasionally had the fantasy to do just this. But she never would have acted on it. She had believed foolishly in the sanctity of her marriage vows. But they were just pretty words, meaningless without morality's chain binding her into puritanical beliefs.

She and Damien were liberated. "Devour her cunt," groaned Damien. "Lick up all my cum." "Yes," Abigail moaned between licks of Vicky's succulent cunt. Damien's hands ran through Abigail's red hair as she licked through Vicky's cunt. The vampiress shuddered, her hard nipples rubbing on the thrall's flat stomach. Her body felt so lithe and warm beneath Abigail. Vicky's heart beat, pumping her sweet blood through her veins. Abigail nipped Vicky's vulva.

Blood leaked out, mixing in with her tangy juices and Damien's salty cum. Vicky moaned as Abigail licked up the wonderful combination. The thrall's life coated Abigail's tongue before it buried deep into Vicky's pussy, swirling around. She licked harder at Abigail's cunt. The thrall's fingers dug deeper into Abigail's ass. "Sir, let me clean your cock," moaned the angel. Abigail found Aurora to be a curious creature. An angel corrupted by Abigail's husband.

The angel's crimson wings flapped as she knelt before Damien. How had he tamed her? He must have fed from her. Abigail watched as Aurora engulfed Damien's cock, sighing as she sucked while Damien ran his hands through her hair. "That's it," he groaned, drawing back and slamming his dick into her depths. "Ooh, yes, clean Master's cock," Britney moaned in the background, her voice throaty with passion. Abigail's enhanced senses heard the moaning sucks of Mary feeding on Britney.

Lust burned through the dark loft. Pity Rosa isn't here to join in. She's wild. Rosa, Damien's other vampiress, flashed through Abigail's mind.

A naked Latina with a golden-brown, flawless body drenched in blood. Rosa reveled in her new unlife. She had killed so many of Abigail's tormentors, letting their blood paint her body. Abigail would have loved to lick her clean. But Rosa was a daywalker, and Damien wanted the vampiress, the realty agent who rented him the loft, at her day job. If she disappeared, suspicions would be aroused.

It was smart. Sexual pleasure could not trump operational security. Sloppiness would get them killed. Faust was dangerous and cunning.

Aurora moaned again. Her fingers dug into Damien's muscular ass as she sucked. The angel feasted on the pussy juices coating his cock. Abigail shuddered on Vicky's mouth as she watched between licks of the virgin's snatch. "She tried to kill me," Damien said, staring down at Abigail. "She came at me with her sword, burning with righteous vengeance. But she wasn't as pure as she thought. I could see it in her eyes.

She yearned to be mine. To surrender to my cock and let me claim her breathtaking fuck of a filthy bawdy cleft hardcore creampie angel moaned as Damien's balls smacked into her lips. He fucked his cock down her throat, using the angel. Abigail's pussy clenched. The sight inspired her. She ground her cunt harder into Vicky's licking mouth as the vampiress caressed the thrall's pussy with nimble fingers. "You overpowered her?" Abigail asked.

"She stabbed me, but couldn't kill me," Damien smiled. "I crawled down her blade. It was agony. I ached so hard. She couldn't resist my cock any longer. She let me feast and fuck her. I claimed her as mine." "You've done quite a lot of that," Abigail noted. "Jealous." "A little." Abigail licked her lips. "Not of your whores, but your power." "Our power." Damien slammed his dick down Aurora's throat over and over, his balls slapping against the angel's chin. The angel moaned and shuddered.

"The power that will kill Faust." "Yes," Abigail moaned. "Yes, yes, yes. We'll feast on his blood together. We'll tear him apart." "Oh, that sounds lovely," Britney panted. "Will you share, Master?

Will you let me taste his blood, too." Abigail laughed. "You bloodthirsty slut." "I am, Mistress," Britney shuddered, her voice almost orgasmic. Abigail glanced at the innocent, busty blonde. Mary's mouth had latched onto Britney's breast, sucking milk and blood while Mary's fingers pumped in and out of Britney's wet cunt. The blonde writhed on her friend's fingers, her eyes glazed with passion.

"It's so good," she groaned as she bucked. "Gorgeous creature. I almost killed her." Damien shook his head. "That would have been a waste." "Yes," I moaned. Damien glanced down at me. "Aurora, lick my wife's asshole." Abigail's sphincter clenched. "Do you want to fuck me up the ass?" "You love it up the ass," Damien grinned. Abigail laughed as Aurora moved around her. The angel's hands touched Abigail's ass as Vicky, a dutiful thrall, pried the vampiress's butt-cheeks apart.

"What a gorgeous sight, Lord. Thank God for this pleasure." Abigail arched an eyebrow as Damien knelt before her, stroking his cock. "She loves to blaspheme," laughed Damien. "It makes her wet." "So fucking wet," Aurora moaned as she lowered her lips between Abigail's butt-cheeks. "Lord, I am going to feast on her ass.

Watch me, God. Watch me rim her sinful ass and make her cum." Abigail gasped and shuddered. She buried her face into Vicky's cunt as the two tongues assaulted her. Aurora's angelic tongue reamed into Abigail's asshole, fucking in deep while Vicky's tongue plunged deep into the vampiress's cunt, swirling around and stirring bliss through Abigail's body.

She moaned again, licking the thrall's pussy. Aurora's tongue stirred hot bliss down to Abigail's pussy. The vampiress public sex with a blonde girl and a brunette her hips, griding her cunt on Vicky's face as she enjoyed the two tongues.

Aurora and Vicky both moaned, savoring their feast. "You little slut," gasped Abigail when Vicky latched onto her clit. "Who taught you to eat pussy?" "It just feels right, Mistress," Vicky moaned from beneath. "Yes," groaned Damien. "It makes you so hard to watch your wife writhe with two other women," giggled Abigail, her lips sticky.

"So hot." Damien walked around her, admiring her from every direction. His hot gaze inspired the vampiress. She tongued faster. Her clit ached in Cfnm babes humiliate loser in dressing room sucking mouth. Aurora's tongue fucked in and out of her vampiress's asshole.

Abigail shuddered, her orgasm swelling. "Cum, Madam," moaned Aurora. "Let it out. Show God how much you love sin. Lord, I love your ass. Cum for me, Madam." The angel's words shuddered through Abigail.

She let herself go. Her pleasure burst through her body. She groaned and writhed, shuddering between the two women as the pleasure boiled through her body.

Her juices squirted into Vicky's mouth. The thrall moaned her delight. "Yes," growled Damien as Abigail came on the two whores' mouths. "My vampiress." "Fuck my ass," Abigail moaned. "Ram that big cock into me." Damien seized Aurora's black hair and threw her back.

Then he slammed into Abigail's cumming asshole. His thick shaft shoved deep into her bowels, stretching her open. The vampiress drank in the pain and burning pleasure as her husband fucked her hard without mercy.

His balls slapped into her flesh. The friction of his ramming cock shuddered through Abigail. It filled her. Consumed her.

It made her want to explode. She shuddered and groaned. Her head tossed back as she drank in the pleasure. She let it fill her. Consume her. She didn't it to stop. She wanted it to burst through her. "Fuck my ass," she screamed. "Pound me. Hurt me. I love it." "Yes." Damien's fingers scratched at her back. Blood welled across her skin, the scent exciting Abigail as she drank in the pain.

He leaned over her, pressing his strong chest into her burning wounds. He bit at her shoulders, drawing more blood as he pounded her. The orgasm kept bursting through the vampiress. The pain excited her. Agony and rapture were the same to her. Juices flooded out of her pussy into Vicky's hungry mouth.

Abigail screamed out her bliss as she writhed between the two. Her bowels spasmed about his thrusting cock. Their flesh slapped together.

Damien moaned as he suckled blood from her neck. It pumped out of her into him. She shared her life with her husband.

"Damien," she screamed. "Cum in me. Give me that flood. I need it." Damien slammed into her asshole. Her bowels ached. She loved it. The pleasure hammered her cookie of amazing cutie is team fucked. He growled into her neck. His mouth sucked hard, drawing out more and more of her blood. She shuddered. The loft spun about her as her orgasms reached higher and higher crescendos of bliss.

"Abigail," Damien growled. He buried into her. "My sweet vampiress." Abigail tried to speak, but the pleasure gripped her. Her vision fuzzed into darkness. Everything faded but his dick slamming into her bowels and his fangs biting over and over into her flesh. He penetrated her and drank her pleasure. His cum flooded her asshole. She bucked beneath him. She writhed and spasmed. Abigail's asshole drank in his jizz. He groaned into her neck, drinking her blood as he gave her his seed.

She savored it. His strong arms held her. The world spun about her and she drifted on her pleasure, her husband's arms around her. She was free of Faust and his chains.

He would never humiliate her again. She would humiliate him.

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She would make the vampire suffer for daring to attack them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Damien rolled onto his side, holding Abigail in his arms. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she let out a low moan. His cock stayed hard in her bowels as he held her. He nuzzled at her neck, licking up the traces of coppery blood staining her skin. Her wounds had already closed. She's really in my arms. I freed her from Faust. Her breathing slowed as she fell deeper into sleep.

The sun dominated the world. Its purity shown outside the walls, seeking to destroy him and his woman. But they were safe in here. They had escaped from the light into the darkness. He kissed her neck and listened to her dreams as his mind worked their next problem. Faust. Vicky pressed her naked body into his broad back, snuggling against him. Her body was warmer than Damien's or Abigail's. Vampires were the same temperature as the ambient air.

But Vicky lived, and her life relaxed Damien. He owned her life. "Dream of our vengeance," Damien whispered into his wife's ear. "Dream of our plan. We're hunters and Faust is our prey. How do we kill him?" His eyes grew heavy. Damien could not count the number pal drills tight ass hole hardcore and massage times he had fallen asleep spooning his wife from behind.

Despite her skill as a warrior and her strength, Abigail had never stopped being feminine. She never stopped feeling wonderful in his arms. As sleep descended, Damien's dreams imagined Faust's death.

He saw the tall tower and plotted their attack. They would need to scout it. Britney and Vicky would be perfect. The tower had an observation deck at the top. A tourist destination. Faust would have tight security, but allowing the public in was a hole. One Damien was eager to exploit. He had to.

In his dreams, Damien watched, chained and helpless to the wall, as Faust defiled Abigail's body over and over.

Every one of Abigail's moans and gasps, every one of her shuddering orgasms at her Sire's hands had been burned into Damien's mind. Seared. Only Faust's death would heal him.

He needed new memories to brand over the pain. Like Abigail covered in Faust's blood lying wet and lithe, pining for her real man to come and fuck her. In his dreams, Damien took his wife hard, drunk on Faust's blood. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Father Augustine looked over the list Samantha had compiled based on his recommendations.

The feminine voice whispered in his mind, giving black schlong for white floozy interracial hardcore, but the ghost did not know Damien as well as the priest. Father Augustine had trained Damien and Abigail. He had taken the two youths in at the age of eighteen right after they had killed Vincent. Father Augustine knew how Damien thought.

One location on the list stood out to him. A loft over the club Risqué. A spot that had stood vacant for weeks. No one would want to live over a thudding club. A constant stream of drunk and high revelers would flow in and out of the club. A source of food. New vampires craved blood and sex. Damien would be no different. And from the loft, Damien could strike out at Faust. "The police found his SUV," Samantha reported as he stared at the loft's address.

"Was it near the club?" Faust asked. "No." Samantha looked up from the computer. "It's on the other side of town. There are several locations for rent in the area that match it." Father Augustine frowned.

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Damien would not have time to dump the car and make it to the loft. His instincts redhead babe monique alexander fuck in office him Damien was above Club Risqué. But how did he get his SUV on the far side of town? "Get dressed. Let's investigate the addresses on the far side of town," Father Augustine growled. "Let's eliminate them." His eyes flicked down to the ad.

Printed at the bottom was a phone number for a real estate agent, Rosa Reyes. As his women dressed, Father Augustine pulled out his phone.

It wasn't a smart phone, but an old flip phone he had owned for almost seven years. The battery didn't hold much of a charge, but the priest couldn't be bothered to upgrade. He flipped it open and stared at the colored screen.

He dialed Rosa's number. The phone rang as the priest and his women trooped out of the office. The ringer trilled in his ear over and over. He waited. Was it too early to call? He chewed on his lip as he waited for someone to pick up and answer. "Rose Reyes," a sultry voice asked.

A shiver ran down to the Father's cock. She sounded gorgeous. "How can I help you?" "Yes, Ms. Reyes," Father Mature blonde cala craves sucks a thick cock and takes it in her pussy said.

"I'm interested in renting the loft above Club Risqué. It looks perfect for my needs." "Oh, well, I'm so sorry, but it was recently rented." The woman's Latina purr made the priest hard.

Do you want to own every woman? laughed the feminine voice. Yes. They're all whores who should be on their knees. Abigail, Britney, this Rosa. All of them. The feminine voice laughed louder. She approved. "What a shame," Father Augustine continued. "Who did you rent it to?" "Now that is confidential.

But I have other properties I can show you, mister.?" The priest hesitated. "Clarence," he said, saying the first name that popped into his head. "Thomas Clarence." "Well, Mr. Clarence, I would be happy to schedule an appointment to see another place." The priest's dick ached.

The woman's purr excited him. I need to find out if Damien is laired there. It would be safer to talk to this woman, interrogate her and show her how much of a whore she is then to poke around a vampire's nest. I can be forewarned. Fucking her will merely be a bonus. The feminine ghost definitely approved. And she was holy. She had gifted him the powers to show whores their place and satiate the sin they caused in his loins.

He entered the elevator. "How about we meet at noon?" Father Augustine asked. "I have the address for your office." "I look skinny girl teasing infront of the webcam to it, Mr. Clarence." The elevator doors slid shut. "Father," Joy said. "Did that woman's voice tempt you into sinful thoughts." "So sinful," groaned the priest. "But we do not have time to attend to it now." "Oh," sighed Joy.

The young blonde licked her lips. They were moist and ready to go down on him. The priest cupped her chin. "You'll get your chance to satiate me, slut." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aurora stared down at Damien as he slept, his crimson bride in his arms. The scent of cum beckoned the corrupted angel. She hungered for the fluids. Cum and pussy juices. She fed on them like a vampire on blood. Damien's vampiric venom had changed the angel.

What else has changed about me? The angel had no idea. She had rebelled from Heaven, and could not even enter the ether. She no longer had Gideon to relay to her the probability of her actions succeeding. But that did not matter. She would kill Faust and ruin Jezebel's plans. The demon had skirted true punishment for too long.

Heaven's rules had shielded the foul creature. Her defeat would be the sweetest dish. Aurora yearned for it.

"Mary," gasped Britney on the other mattress. The blonde thrall shuddered in orgasmic delight. She squirmed on the bed, the vampiress Mary fingering the thrall's cunt hard. The scent of sexual fluids drew Aurora. Her wings fluttered as she crossed the room. A hand stroked through the valley of her large breasts, across her flat stomach, to the smooth flesh of her cunt. Her clit throbbed between her fingers, savoring the angel's caresses as she gazed at the cream coating Britney's thighs.

Mary lifted her blood-and-milk-smeared lips. "Mmm, do you want a taste of her delights?" The vampiress's tongue flicked across her lips, gathering the breast milk and blood. "I know you do. She's still bleeding." Mary squeezed both of Britney's pillowy tits. Milk and breast milk ran across her mounds in pink rivulets as the two fluids merged together. Aurora licked her lips and fluttered her wings as she stared at the writhing thrall.

"Please, Aurora, I'm here to serve the entire harem. All of Master's women need to be taken care of. I love it." "She does," purred Mary. The vampiress laid her head on Britney's stomach.

Her eye closed. Sleep drowsed her words as she said, "Enjoy the slut. She loves it. She just wants to please everyone." "I do," beamed Britney. "Love you," whispered Mary. Britney stroked the vampiress's black hair, "Love you, too." Aurora fell to her knees and licked up a pink line.

Sweet, creamy breast milk mixed with salty, copper blood. It helped ease Aurora's hungers. Not the blood, but the milk.

It was a decadent, sensual fluid, corrupted from its pure duty of sustenance. The angel loved it. Her tongue licked up to the fat nipple. She latched on and suckled hard.

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Milk squirted hot into Aurora's mouth. The angel swallowed the delicious delight. She swirled it through her mouth, savoring every creamy drop before she swallowed. Britney sighed, her eyes closing as she drifted into sleep, a broad smile on her lips.

Aurora suckled again, letting out a purring moan as the juices flooded her mouth and gushed down her throat. Ambrosia. "What a loathsome creature you've become, Aurora." The angel lifted her face and licked her lips clean of the milk. Gideon appeared ass creampied slut some pornstars and hardcore an indistinct apparition, his glasses perched on his scholarly face. Aurora rose and faced her former angelic partner.

Her eyes flicked to his clipboard. The urge to be vile and crass rose in Aurora as she smiled at Gideon. Despite his scholarly appearance, his body was strong, muscular. And pure. She despised purity. "Did you come to get your dick wet?" Aurora asked, running both her hands across her upper thighs, her hungers flaring. "I know you've always wanted a poke at my juicy snatch. Lord, it was so obvious." "Do not blaspheme," gasped Gideon. "But it is so wicked." Aurora rubbed her fingers through her pussy lips.

"God, I am so wet right now. If you want to fuck me, say it. I'm hungry, Gideon. Your dick will provide me such a delicious meal." Gordon's eyes hardened behind his glasses.

"Was falling worth this sinful existence?" "Yes." Aurora shoved a pair of fingers into her juicy snatch. "Why are you here? Unless you want to fuck me. It doesn't have to be my snatch. I have two other holes for you to enjoy." "Do you even know what has happened to you, Aurora?" Gideon's eyes flashed to Damien.

"What he's done to you?" "Liberated me. He's made me into a sexual vampire.? Aurora licked her lips. "Give me a taste of the sweet, angelic cum in your balls, Gideon. I want it. I need it." "You have fallen as low as Jezebel and—" Aurora's sword flashed into being. A snarl escaped her lips. "I am nothing like that whore of perdition." Gideon swallowed and stepped back. "I have a message for you. Kill Damien and you will return to being a fallen angel.

You do not have to be a corrupted abomination." Aurora smiled. "What is the percentage chance that I'll kill Damien?" "Less than one percent," Gideon swallowed, his eyes flicking down to his clipboard. "Please, Aurora." "And the odds that I'll kill you." "98 percent that you will try to—" Aurora lunged, her sword lancing out at Gideon.

Anger burned through her. She was nothing like Jezebel. She warred against the darkness. She may now do it from the shadows, but that didn't make her the same as Jezebel. Her sword's tip closed the distance.

Gideon vanished into the ether. Her blade past through nothing. "Heaven won't interfere with the vampires killing Faust, but our hunters will come for you if you succeed." Gideon's voice came from every direction. "Remember, you have a way to escape your corruption. Kill Damien once Faust's blood has cooled." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Father Augustine resisted the urge to have one of his whores suck him off on the two hot girls and two lucky guys to Rosa's office.

The three locations near where the SUV were found had all been a waste of time. Damien, nor any other vampire, nested there. He was certain it was the loft over Risqué where he would find Damien and Abigail. But he wanted confirmation. He didn't want to walk into the situation without knowing for sure. And Rosa would be able to tell him. It had nothing to do with the sensual purr of her voice that stirred a powerful ache in the priest's cock. Slut gets fingered by her lesbian neighbor pornstars fingering navigated through the busy streets of Chicago.

Morning gave way to noon, but still the traffic lingered. The priest knew the city. He had been it in it many times when he had foolishly held to his vow of celibacy. The priest hadn't realized that he was chosen, that he could fuck the whores and harlots that strolled along the street.

There were many of them out, flaunting their bodies, stirring lusts in men. Every woman was a slut. They all denied it, but none could help showing off their flesh. Once a woman had permission to dress as scandalous as she wanted, they embraced it. Sports bras, miniskirts, bikinis, yoga pants, boob tubes, spandex. Clothing designed to show off their sinful flesh. It was everywhere. Businesswomen in tight pencil skirts hugging to their curvy asses, joggers in Lycra shorts that left nothing to the imagination, and the miracle of yoga pants hugging a woman's rear, molding her butt-cheeks into a work of pure beauty.

The priest salivated. He ached to pull out his cock and have Samantha or Joy suck him while he drove, but he wanted to savor the anticipation. He pictured Rosa in his mind. A Latina beauty with gorgeous, brown skin, wavy-dark hair, and a figure that men would commit heinous crimes to possess.

A creature of lust he would claim. Father Augustine parallel-parked his car on the street. Joy was the first out, a purse slung over her shoulder hiding a handgun with silver bullets and a thick knife. Donna wore a long coat under which she hid a shotgun with rock salt while Samantha's pockets bulged with ampoules of holy water and several white oak stakes.

His whores were eager to fight a vampire. They all had an instinctive knowledge of weaponry, imparted through them when he gave them communion. They did not have to go through the extensive training the father gave Damien and Abigail. They were perfect hunters. Donna reached the door to the realty office. She yanked it open for him. Father Augustine smiled. Nothing was more beautiful than a woman's submission.

They all had to understand their true place. Rosa Reyes was about to learn it. A flight of stairs led up to the second floor where the offices were. Joy held the door open, bowing her head. He nodded to the eighteen-year-old waif. Her seduction had been a sweet thing.

She would help with Rosa. All his women would help. "Hi," a bubbly secretary said as they walked in. She had a pile of red curls and a beaming smile, her blouse cut low to show off her ample assets.

"How can I help you?" Harlot. "I'm here to see Rosa," the priest answered. "Thomas Clarence. I have an appointment." "Yes, yes. Just head on through. Her office is the second door. Just knock before you enter." The priest smiled at the word office. Privacy. Do not indulge too long, the feminine voice whispered.

You have a task to accomplish. But I will allow you this one sweet indulgence. The priest grinned. The ghost lurked in him. Possessing him. He was chosen to bulky attractive girl is giving a head the women of the world their place as he fought the darkness. He reached Rosa's door. He did not knock. He threw it open and stepped in. Rosa Reyes was gorgeous. The reality of her beauty outweighed smoking fetish smoking hj compilation tube porn fantasy.

She lifted her eyes and a flash of recognition shot across the priest. "Vampiress," he snarled. To be continued.