Lesbian play and strap on for the camera

Lesbian play and strap on for the camera
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Based on another story called boss takes your wife on a weekend trip to a nude beach some of the details have been change like instead of getting back late Sunday they don't come back until mid-Tuesday.

I was so nervous getting ready for my husband office party that we had to go to. I knew he was angry that he didn't get the promotion and they gave to somebody who was younger and cheaper.

Some guy named jimmy Johnson. When he told me they were throwing a welcome abroad party on Friday I really excited and I needed a reason to go out. So I encourage him to go. "I mean it is an office party they are going to lots of people they're we probably won't run into him." I say he finally agrees. I get dress up. I always my LBD around for special occasion.

Well I go through the shower routine, then I put on my clothes. My thong was lace black with a matching bra, I slip into my cocktail dress and leave the room to go see my husband Peter.

He is trying to talk me out of it but all dressed up and ready to go. I can tell he depressed about family strokes daddy fucks step and mom shares with patron compeers daughter spoiled to his party I going to make up to him by giving him a night full of sex.

That's if he played his cards right and didn't obsessed over this jimmy Johnson character. When we got to the party I ran some other employees wives and other women who work with the company.

My friend Erica who worked at the company saw and called me over. I look Peter in the eye and told him, "I'll be with Erica been well and I will reward you later." That should give him something to look forward to later in the evening and keep him from drinking too much. Don't want whiskey Dick right.

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They are a small circle of girls sitting and talking when Erica brought up jimmy Johnson. She said and I quote, "I can see why the men in the office all hate him he is good looking and at least ten years younger than everybody.

Boy I tell you I wouldn't mind taking him for a ride sometimes." We all gasp at the comment she made. Then another girl of the office spoke up name jasmine, "be careful he is a flirt. His wife knows he flirts and said 'they have a mutual understandings' whatever that means." The more and more they talk about him, the more I wanted to meet him and see what they saying is true. Then Rachel said the most shocking thing of the night, "I have seen the bulge in his pants he is packing something that can heart someone." Erica then piped up "I wouldn't wouldn't mind if he tried to hurt me." By that time I was on my third class of wine for the night.

Johnson came up between me and Erica said thanks for throwing the party. He had his hand both on our inside shoulders. He didn't some other spouse so he introduces himself. I was the last to be introduce to him. I have say Casting amateur blows bbc and licks cum pov was not lying he was cute. When we were done shaking hands he put his right hand on my lower back and continued the conversion as if nothing happen.

He started to lightly stroking my back, "So please continue the conversions you guys were having before I got here." Then Rachel spoke up "we were talking about clothes that makes us feel sexy but aren't uncomfortable." We all laugh thinking that would scare him off and go talk to the guys, but know he through fuel to the fire and keep it going.

"So what are some of the types of lingerie that is uncomfortable but worth it?" Jimmy says. Rachel gives him a whole list of the things. While the other girls in the group chime in. Erica said something that surprise me "half cup bras are comfortable if the wiring is padded or they're no wires." Jimmy was taken back by her comment but before he could respond Rachel but in" those don't cover your nipples so your nipples stick out all day and just rubbed against them.

Plus someone in the office is always trying to see what type of bras we women are wearing " Jimmy then found his words, " well than how often do you were these half cup bras?" "Not that often every once and while to feel sexy." Said Rachel.

Then he turned to me "do you where these half cup bras they are talking about?" As he said that his right hand on his lower back was moving in small circles trying to feel what type cock nympho nina kayy gags on big fat cock pov panties I had on.

"Well yes just feel if the people around me can tell. I guess I should where something sexy every once and while." I said. Then we broke up in laughter. And the night went on like, someone husband would come and offer us to dance or we dance in groups. All through the night I felt like he paying special attention to me, it just making me feel sexy.

Later in the night Johnson ask me to help get the drinks for the ladies when we got to the bar he said, "I having a really great time tonight with you I was wondering if you want to come up to the a nude beach with some of my friends?" I look him in the eye and said "only if my husband agrees".

I thought would throw him off. When we got into the car I could tell Peter was mad about something, I just hoped it wasn't Bbw mom sex stories sex storys com request on going to a nude beach. So I ask him "so I guess jimmy talk to you about his request." "He told me you'll go to a nude beach with him if I say it's okay" I could this ruined the night we weren't having sex now.

"Well he kind of charming once you get to know him. I won't go if you don't want me to go, I won't go then." "Well you say that like you want to go and Teen hardcore toys hd worlds greatest stepallys daughter the only thing holding you back." "No mot at all I just through in as an obstacle to see if it will stop him but didn't. Once you get know him you will like him.

Do you want me to see if you can go?" "Well we can we talk about this later, I told I call before the weekend is over." he said, ". The rest of the ride home was quite. When he got inside the house we talked about the party. Then he went quiet. I said, "What's wrong?" "Well I just thinking we can catch him doing something wrong and put you in a comprising position he could get fired and lose his job and they have to promote me instead." He said.

"So you are going to pimp me out to get a promotion?" I said slightly annoyed "NO!! Not like that you go anytime you feel uncomfortable then you record and I can take to HR when you get back and he will be gone." he said I thought about for moment then I thought I could a get a free vacation out of this.

"Okay. I will do it." The next morning I call Johnson to let him know I could join him for the weekend. He told us going to have so much fun.

Then he said "are u sure your husband is really cool with it he does seem open minded." I replied, "He has a lot confidence in our relationship to do something like this." "Well our boy Peter lets his wife out play" "well he not that open minded." "Cool we will leave next Saturday in the morning." The rest of the week drag on.

Peter downloaded recording app on my phone so I was to recording anything out of the ordinary. The rest of the week was pretty standard. Well until Friday. Most of the day was going okay than around noon I started to think about my naughty busty milf more babes on flirtsexlovecom and how it gas held up over the years. What where jimmy and his friends going to think?

Am I sagging? I tried to distract my mind by doing mindless task around the house, but that didn't work.

I stripped of all my clothing, stood in front of my full length mirror and looked at my body. I looked at my full bush and thought 'all the kids are shaving their hair'. I pace around the bedroom until an hour before peter came home. I got in the shower debating shaving my bush. When I muster up the courage to do it I got out the scissors, a razor and some shaving cream, then sat on the side of the tube.

I started clipping the hair to mike it easier to shave when Slick cougar cunts hammered in wild gangbang heard Peter come home. "Honey I'm home" he said. I jumped because I lost track of time and I didn't know how he would react to me shaving it. I know he like my full bush, there have been many of nights where after we made love he stroke my hair with his fingers.

"I am in the bathroom" I shouted. He came up to the bathroom to see me sitting on the side of the tub cutting my bush. I decided to play it cool like nothing id out of the ordinary. "What are you doing?!" he shouted. Oh msn I knew he was angry just play it cool and stick to the plan. "Oh nothing baby, I was thinking earlier that if I was going to a nude beach I don't want to seem old by having a full bush. I just going to shave a little bit and sees how it looks okay sweetie." I went back to shaving my bush like nothing happen, hoping he would drop the subject.

"So you're shaving for him?" he said aggravated. Crap he's not going to shut up about this. "Well baby do you want to help. I left to go on the trip with Johnson Saturday morning. He pick me in a town car and we headed up to the airport. On the way there he just keep talking about all the fun we are going to have and the games we casual teen sex casual photo session and sex play.

When we arrive at the airport we meet with his friends they were only men all of them good looking. I notice that I was the only woman, and probably by not by accident. He introduce me. They were Mickey who was two inches taller than Johnson and you can tell he hung out at the gym a lot, to follow him was Carl who had blonde hair and about 6'4 who was slightly chubby, brad who is bald and fit as fiddle, Craig and James who were identical twins with red hair and wash board abs.

We got to the boarding area and we headed toward the bar. We only 20 minutes, but we were drinking. Then Carl said to me, "What does your husband think you going to a nude beach with a bunch of men?" I don't know why I said this (it must been because of the drinks) but I said, "well he said he fine with it he even downloaded an app so I can record anything." We laughed then they called passengers to board the plan.

We were there in within an hour. We got the rental van and headed toward the hotel. Johnson checked and the desk clerk led up to the top floor. When she open the door I realize that thus wasn't a normal hotel room it was a suite. Then told us where everything was.

I was a little uncomfortable with their only being 5 beds and 7 of us. I ask, "What was the sleeping arrangements were going to be." "They're going to be two to a bed, unless you don't feel like sharing.

Then twins are used to sharing a beds" Then the clerk interjected "The pull out couch is the size of a queen then I send someone up with some sheets if you like" "That will be lovely?" I said feeling more comfortable, with that she turns and walk out the room. Johnson and his friends started to change into beach ware and getting things ready for the beach. I changed into a two peace string bikini. The bottom had string on the sides so you can tie them, while the top had two places to tie it.

I need help forming the bottom knot on my top so I called out to Johnson, "Johnson would mind if you can tie my top" "sure thing but I told you before you can call me jimmy" he said he came up behind up behind me closer than he needed and thru feeling of his hot breathe on back sent a tingle straight to my legs.

When he finished he announced that he was done and walked away. We headed down to the hotel had a couple of drinks before heading to the beach.

When we got there we all unloaded in the van. Then they started undressing. Once they were naked sporting hard-on bigger than my husband and no hair, they look at me with confusions.

Craig said, "What's wrong? Are you shy?" "Well just don't feel comfortable getting naked yet especially with all you standing here." Jimmy step in and said, "Well you should feel comfortable you are incredibly sexy to be bottled up by clothes and besides this nude beach where you have to be naked." "What!!

You didn't say that when you invited me." I said "I thought that was obvious when I told nude beach. You guys go ahead and I will talk to her and see she wants to go back to the hotel." He said. The guys pick up their stuff and walk down to the beach. Jimmy then walk brunette ex girlfriend alyce sage sucking dick outdoors pov blowjob exgf to me and said "just feel comfortable inside your own skin.

You said your husband wanted some recordings right?" I nervously shook my head yes. I was instantly regretting letting them know about the recording app on my phone. He circled around me until he was behind he wrapped his arms around my stomach. "Are scared of being naked in front of others?" I shake my head yes.

"Alright let's start with your top okay" I shake my head yes not sure what to stay. "Close your eyes." He pulls me into him I feel his hard Dick pressed into my back.

My god it felt good. He pulled the string of my top. He let the top fall the floor. "Open your eyes now." I open my eyes and I kind of felt hot under his touch Sexy, desired, and young. "See that was not so bad no was it. Okay where going to move your bottoms". He moved his hands on top of mine then moved both of our hands to the strings on my bottoms.

He slowly pulled the strings and the bottoms fell away. Then moved our right hands to cup my now hairless vagina. I was embarrassed by this action not because of his boldness but the fact I was getting wet.

I moved our hands away so he didn't feel my wetness. He let me go and pick my bikini put in his bag and grabbed the cooler.

We walk out the beach to find the guys. When spotted them and there was talking to someone I didn't know. When we got there the random guy was leaving. I ask "Who was that guy?" Carl responded "oh he was selling us a HD camera so we can make film for your husband." I knew I was regretting telling the bout wanting a recording.

Mickey told he was going to the water. I spread out my towel and laid to catch some sun. I was lying on my back getting a tan and reading book when mickey came back with a bunch of good looking girls. The guys got quiet for a moment as the walks up us.

Two blondes and three brunettes. The two blondes name were; sally who was the dream petite small a-cups and a bubble butt to match and Claire who was top heavy and almost flat in the back. The brunettes were; Jasmine who was about 5'6 with ether large b-cups or small c-cups, with heart shaped butt and smooth legs, after her Stephanie who was at my height but a little chubby not huge where she has rolls but not bone skinny), next was Stacy looked like miniature me except that the fact that she had huge tits (later learned they were E's).

They were huge I was lusting after her and got embarrassed again because of I was getting horny. They were all shaved except forThey invited us to a game of volleyball. On the way jimmy came up to me from behind cupped my ass and said, "Don't worry about them your still the hottest one in the group." I got wetter as he played with my ass while we walked.

I had a flurry of emotions come to mind. Did he think I was jealous over these young girls? He really grabbing my ass? On the way to the court we realized that we hand an odd number.

Stacy had come to the decision that we swap every time someone gets tired. Craig gave the wager that loser had to provide the beer. I sat on the side of the court watching all these young hot guys running around with full hard-on's was getting me crazy.

The weirdest thing about it was that jimmy was the smallest. He was eight and half and thick as a soda can. For some reason I thought the identical twins would have different packages, but they were the exact same and easily in double digits, with a width at least three inches wide like a soda can. Seeing all of this was getting wet in places I shouldn't be as I am married woman.

I looked from guy to then to the girls. I never thought I would be excited about seeing girls before, but this was making me wet. I guess I staring for a while because Jimmy screams, "Ah caught her staring at my Dick!" then started wiggling his hips around everybody was laughing.

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Then Stacy brought me that to end when she said, "alright guys you had your fun. Can you switch in for me?" "Yea sure" playing in the game was just a distracting as watching. After a half hour of playing it came to that the guys lost. On the way back I was talking with Stacy.

"How did you get to go away with six well hung guys and where did you meet them?" Stacy said. I kindly replied, "Jimmy is my husband boss and those are his friends. I met jimmy at a work party thrown for him and he invited me here.

For what reason I don't know why." We went back to where we left everything. I went back to lying on my back, in shade slightly relaxing when someone step over me.

I looked up to see jimmy. He got down on his knees straddle my chest, had my phone in his hands and said, "What type of videos and picture did your husband want?" "Incriminating ones." I say with laughter.

He gets closer and his Dick touch my chin. I figured this was the type of stuff Peter wanted to get rid of him, so I took the phone out his hands and turn on the video setting, then hand it back. Then he pointed the camera at with one hand hold his Dick in the other started saying, "Is this the Dick you were drooling over earlier"? At the same time he was saying that he was stroking it and slapping on my chin.

I moving my head laughing at the childish behavior that haven't experience in long time. Giggling like a child I say, "Yea this is the one." "Why were you staring at my Dick it never did anything to you" still slapping it all over my face.

I am still laughing not realizing the other people around me. Then he ask that question I got a serious look on my face and gave a serious answer. "Well it's bigger than ones I see all the time it's certainly thicker to." I bring my hands up to start stroking him. "Wow I can barely get my hole around it." I saw in real amazement. "What do you mean that you see all the time?" said James.

"I am the trauma nurse." I say. Jimmy went back to slapping my cheeks with his dick. Slapped on both of my checks then I open my mouth tell him to stop but instead his head goes inside of my mouth. Some reason instinctively starting sucking on his head. Man he tasted good for a cock. He gave me a low moan for my actions which caused me to suck harder. The look of pleasure on his face only wanted me to please him more.

Then he pulled it away and left me gasping like a hungry nympho. He walk away sit down on the loungers they set up he and motion for me to come to him with the wave of his legal age teenagers play with cock on cam hardcore blowjob. I got up and walked over got down on my knees, look inside his eyes and started blowing him. I wasn't really deep throating him yet but I was able to get to over half way there.

He starting bucking his hips hoping he could get more oh him in me. I pulled back just to tease, him deep throating comes later.

I was in my own little world until Stacy said, "wow you can really suck cock." I broke my concentration and starting laughing. We are were laughing.

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Looked around me every coupled up and making out. Stacy came and joined me asking her if I can show her some tricks? I said, "Sure, copy everything that I do." He still had my phone videotaping us then said, "Can my little sluts say hi to the camera?" We broke away from the pleasure for a moment to say, "Hello". I lick from top to bottom, then past it to Stacy and she did the same.

While she did that I went to his balls and started sucking. Then he continued, "Martha who are you making this video for?" he said while he moaned from his double blow job Some reason I answered without a second thought and straight into the camera. I broke away to answer him, "My husband Peter, hi Peter" I say excitedly.

I then turn to Stacy and say "Now Stacy the key to a good blow job is that it really slippery. Now watch lick the head and tease him" I put my head in my mouth and swirled my mouth around his then piped it out of my mouth to show Stacy the action. I stoked him to make sure the spit tot all around. I then passed it to her He was giving us a constant moan and had the hardest time saying, "Would he approved of what you are doing right know?" "I don't think he would mind he's been katreena kaif xxx full sex stories mp4 story to bring another girl into the bedroom for years so I am just thinking of this as a trial run." I don't why I said that but after it sent me wild.

My juices were running strong down my legs almost dripping. I knew he was talking about me sucking his fat Dick but I played it off. Stacy was working his balls and I working his shaft.

"Am I bigger than your husband?" "Well he is only six, but you're definitely thicker than him" I don't know if he was trying to humiliate my husband, or really trying to figure out if he measured up to the task, but at that moment I was so horny and into sucking his Dick that I didn't care. Stacy and I switch places. I was about to deep throat him, but wet crack if banged hard girlfriend homemade stop the action.

I was truly saddens at heart because I wanted to show me my skills. Then he pulled up me up where I straddled his body and Stacy moved out the way. Stacy took a hold of his Dick and lined it with my opening. I looked around everybody was in their own sex. Carl was onto of Stacy, Mickey with Claire, Craig with sally, James with jasmine, and all while Brad was filming. Jimmy turn the camera to my face then back down my body. "Stop when you no longer feel your husband.

Okay" "okay" I started to lowered myself slowly but since he was thicker it took a while before I got about five inches deep. I was moaning like a mad woman. "It's here. This is where he stops" that sentence was the hardest sentence I had to stay because gravity was pulling me down.

"Good this is Peter's zone. Go ahead and keep coming down." I lowered myself, whimpering and moaning the whole time. If I was a little wetter I could have easily slid him in. When hit the bottom I stop let me adjust.

Oh god it felt so good, the feeling of being so full. I never had that before I don't want it to go away. I didn't think about what I was doing or what I was saying or Peter, before I started to rise up and he stop me. When I started to rise Stacy moved to my chest to pinch and sucking my nipples. "Stop just let sit there. This is my zone okay. Does it feel good to have something this deep?" I knew I would be Cumming in just a matters of moments. "Ohh god baby your zone feels soooo good!" "Okay ride me and describe it to the camera" oh shit I forgot about that damn camera.

Well it's too late to start acting like a conservative wife now. "Mm baby, I riding your big dick. You're so deep. I am moving up and down on your hard Dick Jimmy.

Oh baby Oh what a beautiful hard Dick. Ah I Cumming." At moment Stacy moved between our legs spread my butt cheeks apart darted tongue in and out my asshole.

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"Awe did you just come from my Dick? Did my big dick make you come?" all I could do was shake my head yes with my eyes closed with Stacy's tongue inside my asshole. "Was a strong orgasms that you just had on my dick?" He said as I am trying to regain composure. Again all I could do was shake my head yes. Jimmy and I can tell that Stacy was getting restless, so Jimmy said, "Stacy why don't you come up here and ride your face?" He put down the phone and reclines.

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Stacy steps up straddles his face, facing me. I can feel her body's vibration from the tongue lashing she was getting from Jimmy. She leaned forward and started licking all over my face. When she got my mouth I captured her tongue in between my lips and we started to passionately make out. At that moment Jimmy was more focused on Big dick rams twat from behind hardcore russian than he was me so I started using my Kegels exercises to get him interested.

I slowly started to ride him. He had started to get in a rhythm with me and soon our hips were meeting. The feeling was amazing. Jimmy went on for another five minutes before I started to feel him swell inside me. Another feeling that was new to me and hard to describe. Jimmy was able to lift Stacy up to say, "I'm about to cum where to you want it?" "Go ahead and shoot inside me. Give me your load." I screamed Right before Stacy came, I came then Jimmy filled me up.

I looked up to see brad filming the whole thing. Then Craig came up and said, "Come on we are going to get something to eat at the hotel." I feeling a little sore and had a struggle to get to my feet. We all got dressed. I was looking for my top I ask Jimmy where he had put it.

He simply said, "You can get that back when we leave." I was so sore I had to walk leaning on Jimmy muscular shoulders.