Rio lee and katt dylan shared a hard cock in the livingroom

Rio lee and katt dylan shared a hard cock in the livingroom
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THE INTRUDER When Daniel and I had got married, it was a dream come true. I was only 24 at the time, and he was 30.

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He xxx lis tiffian sex stories xxx sweet, caring, funny, energetic, and very loving.

We always went on date nights, and had romantic dinners, it was wonderful. But over the first year of our marriage, he started to change.

He would stay later at work and leave me eating alone 2 or 3 times a week. It was heart breaking to say the least. Every time I asked him to come home on time for dinner he would, at first. Then he started making up excuses why he couldn't make it home till late. I have always taken care of myself, work out regularly, always clean shaven, and am always presentable.

Now I am no supermodel but I was told plenty that I could be. Let me describe myself. Standing 5'2'' 110 lbs. with long curly red hair down to my ass. Light green eyes. Not huge breasts but a nice firm 32D cup, my ass was right there with it, with what was referred to as an "Onion" booty.

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I hit the tanning bed after every work out considering I was a pale red head. It only made my skin tone normal as you would say, instead of pale white. My husband was in good shape as well, standing 6'0'' 180 lbs. of lean muscle. Very handsome and well-groomed for a man. I thought our life was great until he became distant.

Our sex life started to dwindle quite quickly after the first year. He was a wonderful lover in bed, he had a little bit over average cock size, packing 7 inches when fully hard. He wasn't thick at all, but he knew how to hit the right spots I guess you could say.

I came at least once every time. We have been married for a year and a half. And he is a totally different person then the one I fell in love with. He is actually eating dinner with me for the first time in 2 weeks, and I thought I would spice up the meal by wearing a slutty maids outfit while serving him.

I cooked his favorite meal, and served his plate with a cold beer. ''Do you like your meal sweetheart?'' ''It looks good'' while staring at his blackberry… ''Do you like my outfit? Its crotch less, and your dessert is waiting.'' I say with a sly smirk. ''Not in the mood for dessert, Tiff…'' ''How about some hot wet snatch then?'' Trying to pretend I didn't know what he meant.

Sitting on the corner of the table with my thighs open. ''I said NO, I am eating, then I have work to do!'' Chugging his beer after rolling his eyes. Trying not to act upset and hurt, I say ''Oh ok I'm sorry hunny, you are right.'' I get up from the table and walk out of the kitchen and run upstairs, eyes full of tears.

Ripping of my outfit and throwing it to the floor in the closet. After getting dressed I had downstairs to clean up and possibly have a decent conversation with my so called husband.

But the kitchen is dark and there is light coming from his office door. So I creep over to the door and try and listen, he is on the phone talking about meeting up with someone in a bit. My stomach is in knots, as I start to wonder what has happened to my marriage. Then he hangs up and the door flies open. He stares me down, like I am a nasty piece of trash for trying to have sex with my husband. Pushing past me he heads towards the door.

''Where are you going?'' ''Work called, they need me to go over right away, a client needs to see me.'' He says with a cocky tone. ''When will you be back? How late will you be? Will we be able to watch a movie later?'' He eye balls me with a look of hatred and scowls, ''I'll be back when I am BACK!!'' Angrily I stormed off, knowing full well that his 'client' was going to be fucking him. What a fucking pig, he has the nerve to be fucking some skank from work, when I want to please him in every way.

I ran upstairs and peered out the window, he was backing out of the driveway. I opened the window as he took off down the street. The opposite direction then work of course. It was a cool spring night, so I thought I'd leave it open for a bit. I got a hot shower, then put on a spaghetti strap and a pair of panties, then hoped into bed to watch my show. It was french teen couple getting splendid undergarments from boyassociate 10:30 when I turned the tv off, and rolled over to go to sleep, he of course was not home still.

But I was too upset to care. It was about 2 a.m. when I felt the cool breeze against my bare legs, half asleep I reached for my blanket, and bumped something firm and hairy. I grabbed it with my hand to feel what it was, but before I could turn around to see who it was, they shoved my head into the pillow.

Now wide awake I started to freak out, thinking it was my husband trying to kill me finally. But my face was to the side so I was able to breath, as I struggled I tried to see who it was, but couldn't see a face.

Then I notice the shadow on the wall, it was not my husband at all.

But a stranger, the shadow was massive with long hair, and a huge body, like some kind of wrestler. Then sheer panic as the savage intruder grabbed my panties, and ripped them from my body in one lash.

His hands were massive, as he grabbed my left ass cheek and squeezed it tightly, I then was able to get just how big the stranger was.

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My whole cheek was in his giant hands, and I knew that he could tear me to shreds at any second. Im begging for mercy and pleading for him not to hurt me, ''please ill give you anything you want in my house…'' the massive beast slams down on top of me, and puts his hands all over my body.

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Ripping my shirt open to expose my breasts, he starts to fondle me like some kind of toy. The smell of him was that of dirty gym socks and sweat. Still pleading and asking to be let go, I feel his hands grab my wrists and pin them to my side. I scream in terror, ''OMG please stop! Let me go!! Please!'' Then I feel his huge tongue on my back, its wide and rough like the feeling of a cats tongue…he licks up and down my back ignoring my frantic pleas.

Then his tongue goes over my ass, and between my thighs, sliding into my pussy. I gasp for air at the shock of it. I try to get away but cant seem to break free, his massive and strong hands have me pinned. He pulls my body into his face, sliding deeper and deeper. My body quivering against my will to the strong tongue inside me, I start to tingle all over as I feel just how long his tongue is. The dirty nasty tongue of my intruder is bigger than my husbands dick!

I am losing control of body, my pussy is starting to gush, and I get light headed… ''whats happening to me.?'' Am I enjoying this? It cant be real, I am getting turned on from this monster tongue inside me! My body naturally takes over and I start thrusting into my strangers mouth, feeling my orgasm build, I feel as if I could pass out from pure lust.

Then the tongue retracts from my dripping snatch. "what the fuck?!'' Not being able to understand why he stopped or why I didn't want him too stumped me, and also horny homo with a booty gets mouth and ass fucked hard tube porn me. ''Why do I want his nasty tongue in me? WHY?'' About 5 seconds had passed before I felt something else at my pussy, but this was way bigger then the first.

it started to push at my tight pussy, and I knew what it was, this monster was about to stick the biggest cock I have ever had inside me. I was scared but my neglected pussy was throbbing and drooling for attention.

Then the head pushed into my hole, it was massive and solid, and the smallest part of it. More and more easing inside me, ''OMG!!!'' I screamed, "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!" He then jammed what felt like 3 soda cans stacked end to end, into my married pussy. I immediately came all over that massive cock, a shrill of pain and lust, made the biggest orgasm come from my tiny body. I passed out for a few seconds to awaken with my hands released and his hands on my waist.

He was using me as his personal fuck toy, and I wasn't stopping him. My pussy drooling and slobbering all over the best cock to ever be rammed into me.

''OMFG, FUCK ME YOU FUCKING MONSTER, FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG FUCKING COCK!!!!'' Not knowing what was happening to my body, I just took it, over and over. Then he grabbed my shoulders and without warning stood up with my body still on his cock. With one hand around my shoulders and the other on my tits, he started slamming into me again and again. My body hadn't stopped quivering from the first orgasm when another one hit me. Not once did my new lover stop fucking me…pounding effortlessly into my now swollen and stretched pussy.

As I was approaching my third orgasm, the beast tossed me on my bed.

I waited a few seconds before turning over on my back. And there before me was a beastly man with long brown hair, standing 6'10'' 280 lbs and built like a tank. His manhood pointing to the ceiling, and glistening with my juices. His body cut like a stone mountain with sweat running down his chest. He stood quietly and stared for a minute, then swiftly darted towards me, throwing me onto the floor in front of him. My juices dripping on my face and chest. I then instinctively knew what to do, I grabbed his member with both hands, and was in awe at the sheer mass of this cock.

My tiny hands just barley grasping half way around the shaft…I then licked from his baseball size balls to the head and back down. Tasting myself on him, trying to please this beast with my tiny mouth. Stroking this cock was making me wetter, stroked so long they took seconds to complete. Staring into his dead eyes as I jerked him off while sucking on his balls.

I felt the twitch of his member and he grabbed my face to shove his tip in my mouth. My jaw to the breaking point as he let go one of the biggest loads on this planet. I swallowed and swallowed for what seemed like forever, until it overflowed my lips and poured onto my perky tits. Then he pulled back and sprayed more all over my face.

I was covered in the most delicious cum I have ever tasted. Then before I could think, he grabbed me by the throat, and tossed me onto the bed face down. Grabbing my hips and slamming into my ass balls deep all at once, "OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! YESSSSSS!'' I came instantly which sent shock waves thru my body, and as I did my beast busted again inside my married pussy.

Quivering and convulsing I passed out onto the bed. When I awoke it was 4:15, I was covered head to toe in thick cum, and my pussy and ass swollen beyond recognition. But I didn't care…my body still shaky from my earth shattering orgasm, I wobbled to the bathroom.

As I approached the door, I heard the shower running, "OMG is Daniel home? Did he see me like this?'' I push open the door slowly, and there is my new lover waiting for me pretty euro babe cayla lyons trades her pussy for cash pornstars and brunette clean him off.

I look down between my legs, my pussy making a puddle on the floor already.

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I walk in and close the door…I knew I was in for a rough Sunday morning, and I couldn't wait.