Little girl and small bpy

Little girl and small bpy
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Kaye Appleby was getting ready to go into town to have lunch with a couple of her girlfriends when the doorbell rang. She wasn't expecting anyone so she did up the last of her buttons and went to the front door.

Looking through the peep hole she saw Tommy stood there fluffing his hair. She smiled to herself, lunch would be just a little delayed.

Kay opened the door wide and gestured Tommy inside. Closing the door after him she pecked a kiss on the back of his shoulder.

"Hi Stud." Tommy gave her a look and Kaye noticed he didn't seem the shy boy anymore.

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He looked confident. In the past few weeks with her help he'd learnt a few tricks and maybe it was time to step up his education a little bit. "I'm sorry Tommy I'm off out, I'm having lunch with a couple of friends." Now he looked disappointed.

Kaye smiled; that was easy, he had a lot to learn before he was the finished product. "Come and chat to me anyway while I get ready." Kaye was already ready for her lunch but she'd decided to have some fun with Tommy. In the bedroom Kaye pointed to a chair, "Sit there," she went to her wardrobe and took out a sheer blouse and a pencil skirt and lay them on the bed.

"How are you, how is school?" She knew any mention of school embarrassed him. "Did you have your math test?" "…sokay." Kaye took off her blouse and made a fuss of adjusting her bra. "Do my tits look good in this bra?" and, before he could answer, she rubbed her right nipple through the material, "this one's still sore from you sucking it." Kay stepped out of her skirt and watched Tommy's eyes move between her boobs and her knickers.

"Do you like what you see young man?" She pulled her knickers up a little so amateur blonde hotty getting a good fucking lips of her pussy could be made out.

Tommy laughed, "Very much so." "Well admire away but don't touch." Kaye got some stockings from her draw and sat down to put them sunny lonce and slman kan. She was very deliberate in her actions and made sure Tommy saw it all knowing exactly what she was doing to him. She scratched herself, "This is a little sore too." She smiled, Sore but a nice sore." Standing up she took her skirt and slipped it on.

"Do you like stockings? Do you prefer women with or without them?" Tommy didn't answer. I like hold ups, sexy. Got to be sexy. Kaye took up the blouse and put it on and buttoning it up. She looked in the mirror, "Oh, you can see my bra underneath." She took off the blouse and took off the bra offering Tommy a quick look at her tits before she slipped the blouse back on.

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"You are going out without a bra on?" "Why not, I've got the boobs for it haven't I?" "But everyone will see." Kaye laughed, "No one is going to see. And even if they do what's the harm?" Kaye made sure her tits jiggled under the sheer material.

Tommy was a real tit man and Kaye knew that would do the trick. Tommy stood up and moved across the room. "No.

No I've told you I am off out." Tommy didn't listen.

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He grabbed her and threw her face first on to the bed and pushed up her skirt. Kaye protested, "Tommy I said No!" Tommy ignored her protests and tore at the skirt. Kaye twisted and turned, "No I said No! Tommy stop it!" Tommy slapped her face hard. "Shut the fuck up!." he commanded and ripped her blouse off then again tearing at her skirt before finally giving up and telling her to "Get that fuckin' thing off." "Tommy this is rape." "So?

Get this skirt off." "This is rape." Kaye again protested as she undid the button, "There you go." Tommy pulled the skirt off and turned Kaye over. He ripped at her knickers until they were shredded. Straddling her back he reached into her bedside draw and took out the lube.

"What are you doing?" Kaye was sobbing but Tommy was determined to show her who was boss. He lubbed up his cock and then pushed lube into Kaye's asshole. She gasped. "Don't Tommy. no please. not like this I beg you. I have to go out." "You can go out after I've finished with you." He pushed his cock against her hole but it wouldn't go in. "Relax it." Kaye refused. Tommy pulled her head back by the hair and yelled in her face. "Do as I say or I will hurt you." "Yeah," Kaye screamed, "how?" Tommy turned her back over and struck her 3 more times, "Is that enough or do you want some more?" He turned her back over and this time she let him in.

"You are a bastard." Tommy's cock wasn't little and the pain of him getting all of it into her tight little ass made Kaye wince.

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Tommy fucked her asshole as hard as he could and without mercy and after he had cum her collapsed against her back. Kaye allowed herself a little smile; Tommy had come a long way from the nervous boy taking sneaky quick looks at her body. Not only had he learnt a lot of tricks but he was also becoming a Dominant and just two weeks after his sixteenth birthday Kaye knew it wouldn't be long before she could let him meet her friends.

"Are you done?" She asked. "Yes." "Good." Kaye moved from underneath him. Her asshole and face hurt but she felt absolutely fantastic. Wait till the girls heard why she was late and what fun she'd had.