Nsidemysexysecrets i love making him cum &lsaquo nsidemysexysecrets c tube porn

Nsidemysexysecrets i love making him cum &lsaquo nsidemysexysecrets c tube porn
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HOT LITTLE PUSSY! What's better than sex? More sex with a game, or two thrown into the mix. Some people think sex gets boring, same old thing all the time. Well, let me tell you it doesn't have to be that way. Of course when I started out I had no idea what to do or really know how to tease and please a man.

But as I got, more educated, I realized the things I could do to turn a man on. I did learn fast though, for a female, one size does fit all. In all my experiences the men I was with told me the same thing, 'You have one hot pussy girl.' So I decided to take advantage of it and started my sex game.

I wanted to see how long it took to get a guy off. I soon realized it was fun for me, but not to fun for him. But I had to learn more about my body. So I figured there was only one way to do that and that was masturbation. You heard me right! I love touching myself, getting myself wet, tasting myself. And I do taste pretty good. And when I cum, it's a whole new taste, Yummy! Who wouldn't like it? As l learned what my body wanted and yearned, it made everything so much easier.

I could control myself well, but the guy on the other hand couldn't. One time I remember, I was with this xxx hot japani oil sex. I walked into the room naked.

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Of course he was all smiles, I must say I am very attractive. All natural blonde no dies on this female. I gave him a smile back and he walked up to me. I slowly removed his clothes. I could feel his cock against me, rock hard. When he was stripped, I turned around and leaned back into him. I smiled. I took his hands to my breast.

He was gentle as he kneaded my breast. I let out a soft moan and tipped my head back onto his shoulder. He electra angels rough bdsm threesome anal fuck nasty girls pussy fuck down and kissed my neck. I told him, 'I have a surprise for you'.

I took his hands from my breast and guided his hands down to my throbbing wet pussy. I inserted his fingers, with mine. I heard him gasps. That rock hard cock was pushing into my back so hard I could feel it throbbing, I smiled. As we were figured fucking me, I could feel the pre-cum on my back.

I removed our fingers and turned around. I took his fingers and mine a put them in my mouth. "I taste good." I said and he looked at me in amazement. The look on his face was priceless. I reached down and grabbed his cock, He told me he could feel the heat coming from my pussy. I was ready to insert, when I heard him groan.

I didn't even get it in and he cum all over me. I couldn't believe it! At that time I realized, I could do just about anything. And the challenges were endless. All you had to have was an imagination, and mine was on a roll. I think about that time and that man and chuckle. Whenever I see him, I put my fingers in my mouth and I see that cock of his popping to a salute. He will shake his head and tell me, one day he will get me back.

And I can't wait! Another time I remember, I masturbated in front of a guy. I had candles lit.

He lay on the bed and watched as I lay on the dresser. I started at my breast and worked my way down to my pussy. He was jacking off while watching me. But I didn't want him to cum doing that, so I got up and rolled him on his back. I straddled him and slowly, lowered myself onto his cock. He let out such a groan. 'Boy you got one hot pussy' He said, I grinned. He grabbed my hips and thrust twice and it was all over.

But just to feel that thrust and burst of cum inside me drove me insane.

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I wanted to taste us both. So I got off him and started giving him a blow job. Although he was going soft, he still was enjoying and so was I.

There are a lot of things to keep sex interesting, and every day I think of a new way to explore. I have fun and I am not shy. My hot pussy and I can go a long way. Most men I have sex with, it doesn't take long. If I am lucky I might get 5 minutes of sex time. But I enjoy sex and sometimes I want it to last longer.

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That will be my next challenge, how long can I make him last? Hmmm, something to think about. 2 boy one girl fuck here I am talking about sex and doing the things I do best. Now I am so horny I will have to masturbate or go find a guy. What one will be easier? Both really, getting a guy has never been a problem for me. All I have to do is give a smile and lick my lip and like magic, men appear.

I have my choice. I usually can tell how long a man will last, but that depends a lot on me. So I choose what I want, a quickie or a super quickie. And tonight I feel like a quickie. I don't have to work in the morning and maybe I will get a double if I let him stay longer. That reminds me of the time in the shower. But that in itself is a whole new story. Back to tonight, let me tell you how this went! I bring this guy back to my house.

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Yes, I have been with him before, so I know what he is about and he knows my tricks and games. He tells me it's his turn to make me cum quicker than him, of course I just laughed, but I shouldn't have.

He meant what he said, and he tried his hardest, but with such a hot pussy like mine he didn't have a chance. But I did enjoyed him trying. It was the most fun I had in a long time. And of course, I went for a double and he delivered!