Son forced mom ful movie

Son forced mom ful movie
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*Sorry it took so long. It was a big mistake having her pass out at the end of part 2, it made it very difficult to start part 3.* With a splash of something cold and wet on her face, Emily woke. She instantly regretted it. The man who had captured her stood over her, a sneer plastered on alexa nova deep throat blowjob her step dads cock face and an empty cup in his hand.

"You had me worried for a second" he laughed "What, were your daddy and uncle too much for you?" Emily tried to shout at him through the ball gag, to scream at him, but she could do nothing as a tear rolled down her cheek, just one of many streaking her pretty freckled face.

The man ran his fingers through her silky red hair, and she grimaced as she felt his erect cock rubbing on her soft cheek, shaking her head as he stroked himself over her face. But she was helpless, unable to move, only her head and hands on this side of the wooden partition and her body tied down on the other side, naked and vulnerable in the main room with the other men.

Even now she could feel multiple hands groping her, squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples. The screens above her showed everything in full detail; the stranger pinching her hardened nipples. Her math teacher running his hands up her soft, creamy thighs.

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And her father and uncle, laughing in the crowd, blissfully unaware of the identity of the virgin they had just defiled. They joked two arab babes first time art imitating life chatted with other men, sipping beers taken from a cooler on the floor and having a great night while the girl who trusted and loved them most in the world lay naked, bound and defiled just a few feet away.

She could still feel their cum inside her, leaking from her sore little slit as her unknowing teacher leaned close and slid two fingers into her. "I know you must be tired after all this, particularly after how hard you came on daddies dick," her captor murmured as the girl let out a small whimper, her every muscle burning with exhaustion and her loins burning with desire as she squirmed to escape the fingers inside her. "Try to enjoy what comes next." Then he turned, putting his engorged member back into his pants, walking from the room and locking the door behind him.

Once again the darkness surrounded the poor girl, and she was left alone with nothing to watch but the screens above her.

In the main room, the host returned with a cheer from the audience of gathered men. He took a moment to admire his captive, her soft, pale skin drenched with sweat and cum but still as perfect as when he had tied her up, her firm breasts rising and falling with each breath, her gymnasts body and ample yet firm ass suspended for all to see by the ropes that held her fit, smooth legs apart.

The other men stepped back, eying the girl hungrily as they waited eagerly to hear what would happen next. The host grinned as he raised the microphone.

"Now who's ready for the main event?!" The men cheered, raising their drinks in celebration. A figure emerged from the side door, and the men cheered once more as they turned to look; it appeared to be a girl about Emily's age, a blonde girl wearing a tight - fitting school uniform that highlighted her slim build and small, perky breasts. She wore oversized aviator style sunglasses that covered not just her eyes, but much of the rest of her face. Emily was unsure if it was the girl the men cheered for or her companion, for beside her marched a huge great dane, obediently staying at her side as she sauntered into the room.

The host waited until the cheering died down before calling out "Now. give it up for Angel and Demon!", and the men began to celebrate even louder than before. The new girl approached the captive, and Emily knew that whatever was going on, this girl had a part in it. Angel put on a show, commanding Demon to sit then sauntering around the prisoner, swaying her hips provocatively and moving in time to the music.

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Then she stopped between Emily's bound legs, bending slowly with her ass raised in the air. She stuck her tongue out slowly, then bent her head down, raising her ass to tease the men as she licked gingerly at her captives sore, cum-smeared pussy. "Mmm" she said as she turned her head and smiled wickedly back at the men "Tastes like Daddy" The kittens nail fellas anal with big strapons and splash charge cheered loudly at this, and Emily burned with shame.

Part of her wondered if the girl was just teasing the horny older men or if she actually knew how right she was, but a glance at the face of the host made her think he didn't want 'Angel' ruining the surprise.

The men paid no mind to the girls words though, except that many - including Emilys uncle - had resumed stroking themselves through their pants or even openly. Her train of thought was interrupted as Angel once again lowered her head, her long blonde hair cascading down to tickle at Emily's soft thighs, and gently took the poor girls pussy lips in her teeth, pulling at her victims skin teasingly.

She began to swirl her tongue into and around the young redheads sweet folds, teasing at all the right places, and Emily sobbed as she felt the telltale signs of her body beginning to respond yet again.

She looked on helplessly as Angel's hands lifted her own skirt, raising her ass and fingering her own pussy for all the men to see as her tongue swirled expertly in Emily's cunny.

Before her body could betray her once more, Emily was surprised by her tormentor pulling back. Emily was momentarily confused, until she saw the wicked smile on Angels lips. "Now it's Demons turn!" she announced, and the men cheered again as the tiny blonde girl called the dog over. Emily was too exhausted to even struggle now, her legs burning and every muscle in her body feeling dull and dead. The dog lacked the subtlety and finesse of its master, but more than made up for that with eagerness, its cold wet nose snuffling in Emily's helpless pussy before it's long tongue began lapping desperately at her.

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Emily felt disgusted as the long, slimy tongue slid into her, reaching the hardest to reach places as the creatures hot, moist breath washed over her loins. It slipped in and out of her in long strokes, filling her with warmth as it seemed determined to lick out every drop of cum the other men had deposited in her. and it felt wonderful. The sweet, innocent young girl, the virgin gymnast who priti zinta xxx pron story never let a boy touch her until tonight, who had been kidnapped and defiled in every way and every hole, finally gave in.

She surrendered to the animal, opening her legs for its tongue, barely noticing as the bench was raised up beneath her and a pillow placed under her firm round ass. Her mind had finally cracked, and now she belonged to the dog. and the dog knew it. She hadn't seen the host sliding the platform up to the edge of the bench, but she certainly noticed when her new lover begrudgingly removed it's tongue from her to step aside.

She had given up completely, running on pure animal instinct now, and her mind barely registered the cheers of the men as she raised her hips in search of her missing lover. Then the animal clambered up, scratching her slightly as it awkwardly attempted to position itself above her. She felt the weight of its huge, furry body clambering up between her legs, its forepaws wrapping clumsily around her narrow waist as the long wet tongue began to lick her neck.

She felt something prodding her groin, and shifted slightly as the dogs clumsy humping motions caused its hard red cock to brush past its target.

She raised her hips once more, arching her back, her eyes glued to the screen showing the view from the camera in the hosts hand. She watched every thrust with baited breath, the dogs balls bouncing back and forth. Then the animals pointed red cock struck home, and she screamed through the gag as it thrust upwards onto her tight, moist little slit.

The creature knew it had succeeded, and began pumping into her, thrusting home like a Jackhammer. It stepped in closer to her, its claws digging into the girls soft skin as it wrapped them tighter around her waist, its long tongue slobbering over her firm breasts, covering her pink nipples with warm drool. It slammed into her harder and harder, and she tried desperately to open her legs further for it. It's long, red organ seemed to be growing within her.

A whimper escaped her lips as she watched her young hole stretching around the beast, its thrusts getting shorter as it filled her completely. It's rapidly expanding shaft seemed to pulsate, and she saw what appeared to be a massive, thick lump growing at the base of its cock.

It gripped her even tighter, stretching her painfully as it forced its knot inside her, and she screamed once more as that now familiar combination of pleasure and pain shot up from her loins. A few more quick thrusts, and the beast was fully inside her stretched pussy, its knot held firmly between her tight pink lips.

She felt the stretching, felt the pressure it put upon her clitoris. It continued to jackhammer into the young girl, eliciting moans as large tit beautiful babe devours large cocks squirting and japanese writhed beneath it.

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Then came three more hard, quick thrusts and she felt a torrent of hot cum shooting up into her, the hot cum filling her even more than her father had, and she bucked her hips wildly beneath the creature as she was taken by another orgasm.

She watched herself stretched by the huge organ, felt every inch of the thick shaft inside orgasmic anal drilling session smalltits and hardcore, her sweet little cunt spasming around the creatures knot as she came. Emily lay panting beneath the creature, her eyes closed and her expression slack as she recovered from her climax. The dog scrambled over and off her, turning its back to her, but its huge knot was stuck firmly inside her, keeping the creatures rear attached to her.

She let out a small moan as it attempted to pull free, her tortured pussy lips straining to keep it firmly inside her. ***** I smiled as the dog clambered off the girl, her pale body slick with sweat and cum. She had taken it well.

I leaned close with the camera, and was pleased with the view of the dogs large knot locked inside her, the lips of her tight little cunt distended around it. It looked painful, but judging by the small movements of her hips, the pleasure must have outweighed the pain. I nodded to Angel, and she moved to assist. Demon was still locked to his bitch, his back turned to her and his penis stretched backwards, and he curled around and began to lick at her pussy.

Angel stood over Emily's naked body, her small hand reaching down to massage the bound girls clitoris. The men watched intently as the girls quietly worked, Emily's firm young body shuddering periodically from the combined ministations of Angels fingers, Demons tongue and the huge pulsing organ inside her. The main event was almost over, and those who would not be permitted in the afterparty didn't want it to end.

Then Emily shuddered one last time, and the dogs huge cock slid from her tortured hole. A torrent of thick white doggy cum gushed from her, and then she lay still. "Alright boys" I called out as I turned to the crowd "I hope you enjoyed the show! See you next week!" ***