Sexy blonde has her trimmed snatch pummeled

Sexy blonde has her trimmed snatch pummeled
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Jennifer leafed through her college application and marked each box on her checklist to make sure she had all her papers in order.

She cringed when she came to the only unchecked item on her list: full medical exam. She knew that for her that meant a trip to the gynecologist - and she was NOT looking forward to that. All summer she'd been putting it off, hoping she could somehow get a note from her parents or something - but to no avail. She finally realized she was going to have to get it or work until the next semester started, and even then she'd still have to have the exam done.

Might aswell get it over and done with, she figured. She picked up the phone reluctantly and dialed the number of her best friend's sexy ebony oils up for a good fuck. After a few routine questions, the receptionist made an appointment for her the next day in the afternoon.

Jennifer dreaded it already, but she knew it had to be done. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next day at 4.30pm, Jennifer nervously flicked through an out-of-date magazine as she sat in the waiting room. The receptionist smiled sympathetically at her, remembering how awkward her own first gyno visit had been, many many years ago.

Finally, Jennifer was called into the doctor's office, her stomach in knots. Dr. Feldman looked up from his last patient's notes and couldn't help but notice the perky breasts of his young patient, her hard nipples pointing at him from beneath her flimsy rock t-shirt. It didn't help that her jeans skirt was so short it made him want to see her bend over, wondering if she wore panties or not.

Trying to clear his mind, he told her to have a seat and looked over his chart to ask her some basic questions. She was clearly uncomfortable, and seeing her so close with that tight shirt didn't help him feel any better. After he was done with his questions, he told her that she could go ahead and change into a gown and he would be right back.

He left quickly and locked himself into the adjacent bathroom, from which, through a hidden camera, he could see her close up. He could feel his cock getting even harder and he quickly unzipped his pants and started jerking off while he watched as Jennifer took off her clothes. A flick of a button in front of him and the camera zoomed in on her perfectly trimmed, pink pussy - a few seconds later Dr.

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Feldman came so hard he almost lost his balance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jennifer looked up at the ceiling and tried to think of something funny. Her legs were wide apart in stirrups, the cold metal against her skin causing her to get goosebumps. She felt exposed unfathomable and sensual oriental group play japanese and hardcore embarrassed, and tried to remind herself that this was just a routine exam, that Dr.

Feldman was a professional and had done this a million times before. Little did she know that the good doctor already had another massive hard-on - which Jennifer couldn't see from her position - brought on by the close proximity of her gorgeous tight pink pussy.

He pictured himself rubbing his hard cock over her plump young pussy lips and sliding it in what he was sure would be a really tight pussy. Instead, he put on a pair of rubber gloves and figured he was going to have to get his kicks another way. He had explained the details of the exam to Jennifer before she had changed into the gown, but she seemed so nervous and frazzled, he figured he could push the envelope a little.or a lot, depending on how things went.

After putting on the rubber gloves, he put a little KY jelly on his right index finger and positioned himself closer to Jennifer. He could feel himself get more agitated and excited and it took all his efforts not to rush things. He slowly inserted the tip of his finger in her pussy, careful not to push to hard, and reassured her that she was doing great. He slid his finger in a little further, feeling her tight pussy clamp around it, and pushed a little more. Probing the inside of her pussy, he pulled his finger out and boldly slid a second one in.

Hearing no objection on Jennifer's part, he decided to brave a third one. When all three fingers were deep in her tight pink pussy, he started sliding them in and out.slowly at first, then just a little faster, hoping that he would get lucky with the response he needed to go further. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jennifer felt the doctors lubed fingers sliding slowly in and out of her pussy.

She tried to think of what classes she would take that semester but had no luck concentration of something else. Suddenly she felt something and realized her pussy was involuntarily contracting around the doctor's fingers!

Oh my God, she thought, he must think I'm sick! She tried to relax but soon noticed that she was breathing harder as the doctor started sliding his fingers in and out of her a little faster it seemed, maybe a little harder. She knew she was getting wet dudes stare at lesbo fun pornstar and hardcore now, realized that her hard nipples were poking through the gown and hoped the doctor wouldn't get mad at her and send her home!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A couple of minutes into fingering Jennifer's pussy, Dr. Feldman suddenly realized that she was getting wet. What had started out as lube was now pussy juice on his fingers! He smiled and thought to himself, good little slut. He noticed she was beginning to breathe harder and felt her pussy contract around his fingers in spasms.

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He started pumping his fingers in and out of her harder, faster and before long she was barely suppressing her moans. Continuing to finger her juicy pussy with two fingers, he pulled out the third and started rimming her puckered virgin butthole. Jennifer shuddered and let out a moan as she felt his finger slide into her tight ass, the doctor now fingering both her tight holes faster and faster.

She gasped and, under her breath, begged him for more. Dr. Feldman didn't need any further encouragement: he unzipped his pants in record time and let them fall to the floor. His cock was hard as a rock and oozing precum, which he rubbed on Jennifer's now swollen clit.

She moaned like a slut, eager and begging for him to take her. Before she knew what was happening, she felt the tip of his cock poke at her tight pussy as the doctor pressed down on her.

She moaned again, yesss please doctor please, she begged him as his cock slipped into her wet pussy. He groaned loudly as his cock slipped into her pussy, so tight it gorgeous bffs megan and aj outdoor threesome fuck gripping him. He started fucking her young tight pussy harder and harder, still slipping one finger in and out of her now slightly lubed asshole.

She moaned and writhed on the chair, her legs still wide apart in the stirrups, and he moaned while he continued sliding his cock harder and harder in and out of her. Suddenly he pulled out and, without warning, forced his thick hard cock into her tight asshole. She bit her lip to stop from crying out but didn't object. Good little slut, he said, drilling his cock deeper into her asshole, forcing her tight virgin hole to take his whole length. He reached behind him and grabbed the metal speculum used for gyno exams.

He stopped for a moment, enjoying the sight of this little whore with his cock in her asshole, then started sliding the cold metal speculum in her still dripping wet pussy. She shivered a little but moaned again, clearly enjoying the invasive instrument. Dr. Feldman slipped the speculum into her, then started fucking her pussy with it, matching his strokes as he continued sodomizing her.

She moaned and groaned like a seasoned porn star. He stuck the speculum in her and focused on fucking her ass harder, feeling her tiny hole opening up under the pressure of his probing cock.

He pulled out and admired her gaping asshole, red from being stretched so much, before slamming his cock back in and fucking her so hard the chair threatened to collapse. He moaned loudly as he came in her. He pulled out, watching his sticky cum drip out of Jennifer's ravaged hole. He looked at her, smiling, and said, you're a nasty little slut aren't you? She nodded, smirking at him, and he knew this was only the first of many more visits from Jennifer.