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Sex japanese selingkuh durasi lama
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"You could tie me up." Kiki's response was unexpectedly enthusiastic, "Oooh, thank you! You've never asked me to tie you up before. You know how much I love that." Actually, I didn't, and I hadn't though of that. As usual, the situation here is a bit complicated. Kiki may, or may not, have tied me up before, depending on your point of view, it was Kennedy, Kiki's alter-ego that had done the tying.

I didn't know that Kiki, as Kiki, not Kennedy, liked to do it, she'd never said. Sometimes, she's just too accommodating for her own good. If she's said she wanted to do that, I'd have been all for it.

So it's Kennedy who'd usually do the tying up, and she was right though, I'd never asked. Kennedy will do things to me, like the tying up, I don't ask, I don't get a say in it, I like it like that. But in this case, I'd been looking forward to this moment. We'd just bought ourselves a house together, our slice of the suburban dream. Well Kiki provided most of the money, her porn production company is where the money comes from; it's doing very well.

Money is not my specialty in this marriage, she does sometimes call me her "kept man," I like that.

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I'd finally gotten my doctorate, and I'd found a new position at a school down in L.A., near Kiki's company. The new school didn't have quite such a good reputation as my old one, but it was a hell of a lot closer to Kiki. That was the important thing. The new school had some interesting programs, and I got to work on a cross over between particle physics (in which I'd done my doctorate) and GR, shy college student hot family breakfast sex was also a fascination of mine.

Gravitational Wave Acceleration, fascinating, but I'm sure you don't care. So now we were living in the same city, we went looking for a house. We found this one, which was within walking distance of Kiki's company (though this being L.A., I'm sure I'd be arrested if I did try to walk there, no one walks in L.A.), and was only fifteen minutes from the new school.

Or half an hour on a bike. I preferred the bike; it helps keep me fit. The Angelenos in the department think I'm crazy, the foreigners think it's no big deal. One of the thing I particularly did like about the new house was the breakfast bar. It was a lot like the breakfast bar in Kennedy's apartment at school, the one she'd tie me up to. So naturally, when we're standing in the living room, surrounded by moving boxes, the kid was staying with Kiki's parents, and we wondering what to do next, I suggest that, and she says that about how much she enjoys it.

So I'm a bit puzzled, "I didn't." "Didn't what?" She's a bit puzzled as well. "Didn't know you liked tying me up, and I like when I don't have to ask." "Oh." She sounds thoughtful, then adds, "New beginnings." That had been theme between us while we were house hunting, this was a new beginning for us. We were starting our life as a couple properly. Adjustments could be made, in this case Kiki was assimilating some more of Kennedy's attitudes.

Though we never actually discussed Kennedy, who Kiki referred to as "the Bitch," I think Kiki would prefer Kennedy left us alone. She smiled her shy, innocent, smile. Somewhat incongruous that, Kiki being shy and innocent, and said, "I'll try not to ask in future." That sounded good to me, but then she rather spoilt the effect by asking, "And then what?" Like I said, I'm not used to enumerating my fantasies, I'm not usually asked, but subjected to Kennedy's whim, but we're starting on the new beginnings, so I say, "Then you blow me, and I lick you, and you blow me again." That would be just about a perfect bondage session, with none of the pain and humiliation that usually goes with it.

The bondage is what I really like, the rest I could maybe do without. Kiki looks me up and down in that manner which suggests I have too many clothes on, so I remedy that and now I'm naked.

And hard of course. Kiki is smiling most enthusiastically, then excitedly asks, "Which box are the toys in?" I had no idea, Kiki was keeping the inventory on her laptop. But, she seemed to have an idea and delved into a couple of boxes, before fishing out the toybox.

She comes back with the toybox, grinning, sets it down, kisses me and again says, "Thank you!" She does sound so enthusiastic, it's infectious.

She nods to the breakfast bar, and I turn around and take up my usual position, legs spread, dick below, leaning over the top. Kiki efficiently ties me up with the Velcro cuffs, and adds the spreader bar (those were some of the first presents I ever bought for Kennedy), and I'm helpless. There's some rustling, and sounds of delving in boxes behind me, I can't see what's going on. Then, Kiki appears in front of me, where I can see her. She's wearing just that white leather mini skirt, my favorite, though it is draping a bit weirdly, and also some spike heels.

She is carrying the horse whip though, which is the totem of power in these scenes, I really don't like it being used on me, and it'll cause a safeword if it is.

I'm not sure I like where this is going, but the being helpless part is another bit I really like, which Kiki then reminds me of, "You do remember how this works, don't you?

You don't get a say in this, I get to do what I want." That had the desired effect, it turns me on like crazy, and to reinforce the point she swishes the whip. Sometimes I think that sort of thing is going to make me come on its own. Then, she raises the skirt and I see she's wearing the strap-on dildo. That's what was causing the skirt to hang funny.

That's another part of these scenes I'm entirely unsure about, but the effect is turning me on even more. She drops the skirt back, and swishes the whip some more, before announcing, "I do so enjoy this, and hearing you cry." Well, I'm glad I could help her, but I still hate the pain.

But, she does sound so enthusiastic about it. Then she asks me, "Will you let me?" Smiling evilly, and looking at the whip, then adds, "Please, please. I so want to." Her enthusiasm reminds me of a Japanese anime character for some reason, they get really over the top.

But as I said, it is infectious, so I hear myself saying, "OK." I'm not sure I fully thought that through. But she squeals happily, and kisses me, very enthusiastically, before going behind me and whacking me a few times.

"OW! OW! OW!!" That whip really does sting like a motherfucker, I hate it, if it weren't for Kiki asking so nicely like that, I'd be rapidly thinking of the safeword. But, she stops and comes back to my head, "Ohh! Thank you!" Then kisses me a myriad times, and says, "That turns me on so much." Then again with the "Thank you"s. I'm smiling, pleased to have pleased Kiki so much. I do like pleasing her; I do love her.

I'm not thinking much, until a few more whacks land on my ass. Shit that's bad, "OWWW! OWW!!! OWWW!!!" But again, she stops and comes back to thank me. I'm feeling kinda disoriented by the change between whacks and thank yous, and she is enjoying it so much I don't want to spoil her fun. Then more whacks, but after a few "OW"s, I kinda zone out.

It's a bit like a trance I get into sometimes after a lot of sex. Things get really very hazy. Next thing I know is Kiki is sounding worried, "Matt? Matt? Are you alright?" I don't know if I'm alright, I feel like I've been turned upside down and inside out, I love her so much, it just wants to burst. I ask her, "Hug me." Quietly. She does hug me, and I do burst, something overflows and I just say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you." I'm almost as enthusiastic as she was.

It's such a weird reaction on my part, I think I'm going to have to do that again. Weird, I know, I'm thinking I want to get whacked, and with that evil horse whip. Love does weird things to me, so does pain it seems.

She looks a bit strangely at me, I'm grinning a really goofy grin, then she asks me a question, this time she sounds more like the normal Kiki, not the enthusiastic anime girl. "I know a blow job was next on your list, but would you mind licking me? I'm really turned on." That was kind of weird, not only am I totally not going to object to licking her, I never do, but as I said, she can be too diffident for her own good. But also, being asked while tied up, almost spoilt the scene, I like it when she makes up my mind for me.

So I answer, "Why would I? Though I like it when you don't ask." She says, "Oh, sorry." Then pulls up the dining table to give herself something to lie on, and lies down on it in front of me.

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The strap-on has gone somewhere, she's no longer wearing it. Then, tons of orall service job from blondes striptease and hardcore pushes her pussy into my face and start's rubbing me over her, just like I like her (or usually Kennedy) doing to me.

She gets off in no time, and I'm happy, I'm sure I'll get more of a chance to do more later. I wait, staring at her juicy pussy, tantalizingly close to my nose. Eventually she stirs, and sounds more relaxed now. She turns around, and kisses me, and again says, "Thank you." In a rather dreamy voice she says, "Blow job?" I nod enthusiastically.

She gets off the table, and I hear her under the table, then feel her mouth on my dick. Then whoah! I'm coming. Again, it felt like something burst, this time through my dick. I'm just about out of it, but I do hear a cough and a gurgle, then a laugh. Kiki appears, "Wound up were we?" I must have been, but at that point I really didn't care about much, I just smiled an even goofier grin.

She does ask, "Lick next?" She's going down my list, I'm too out of it to appreciate the question, so she climbs on the table and presents herself to me. I find enough brain power to do some good on her. She does seem to appreciate it.

When she finally does come, she manages to turn around to kiss me, before throwing her arms around my neck and snuggling while collapsing. That was nice. When next she stirs, she says, "Blowjob?" That was a question, to which there's only one answer, I nod enthusiastically. I'm already hard after getting her off, that does turn me on. She oozes off the table, rather unsteadily and disappears from view.

The blowjob doesn't start, but I hear some rustling, then she comes back into view and shows me the strap-on beneath the skirt. Telling me, "I almost forgot about this. You know how much I love this." Again, I didn't know Kiki, rather than Kennedy, did like doing that. Again, she was the enthusiastic anime girl again. She leant down and kissed me excitedly again, several times.

Then she asked, still excitedly, "Can I? Can I? Can I?" I usually didn't like admitting to liking the dildo, but she was so enthusiastic, I just had to let her, so told her, "OK." Again she squealed, and she bounced out of view, and there was a pause, and the sound of squirting lube, while she kept up a commentary about how much she liked doing this to me.

"Mild discomfort" is how I've described this act before from my point of view, but today, I really didn't mind. It didn't bother me at all, apart from turning me on so much. It usually did, but the discomfort and the humiliation would distract me. Now I didn't feel humiliated, but loved, and no discomfort. Physically it didn't really do anything for me, but spiritually it was wonderful.

She finished, and I was grinning, I'd actually enjoyed that, with her obvious enthusiasm. She came round to where I could see her, she saw my smile and frowned, asking, "Sorry, didn't I do that right?" I was usually in tears by this time, it's the humiliation I usually like (I'm screwed up like that). I want to put her worries to rest, so said, "No, I enjoyed that, and your enthusiasm." Then grinned some more. She seemed surprised, but happy, so then asked, "Blow job now?" I thought of a smart ass answer, I don't see what other answer I could give to that, but decided on a serious, "Yes please." But then added the smart ass bit anyway, "You may have noticed, I like blow jobs." I was also mightily turned on after the ass fucking.

It usually turned me on, but after actually enjoying it, wow! So she does blow me, she does her usual indescribably good job of it. I know for a fact that she gives the best blow jobs in the world. It was all good, bondage, and blowjobs, and short skirts, and a totally sexy Kiki, the hottest girl in the world.

(I'm not biased, she really is.) And I'd just come not so long ago, so I didn't immediately come this time, just melted into a moaning heap as she teased me forever. But, she didn't make me come, not that I noticed this fact, until she stopped. I let out an exasperated moan, but then she whacked me a couple of times with the whip, undid the cuffs on my wrists and stood there while I undid the rest of the bonds.

When I was free, she stuck her tongue out at me, taunting me. There was something she wanted, and she was trying to put me in the right frame of mind to get it.

I was never one to refuse Kiki anything, so I reached out and grabbed the back of her head. I entwined my fingers in her hair and dragged her down to my dick. What she wanted was a rough fucking, so I let my primitive side take over. Still holding her head, I rammed my dick as far into her mouth as I could get it. She made satisfying gurgling sounds to go with it.

I pulled out, and she gasped for breath. I pull her down onto the floor and knelt between her open legs. With my other hand I roughly fingered her pussy, she was sopping wet as expected, and asian masseuse loves jerking off cocksucking and hardcore at the treatment. Then, I took my dick and rammed it in her pussy. She started to come immediately. I didn't let that distract me, but pounded away as hard as I could, soon she was coming again, I started thinking about joining her finally, so when she came again, so did I.

Then collapsed my full weight on top of her. I was pretty much gasping for breath by that time, it's a workout going at her that hard. I feel myself being hugged, so I roll over holding her tight, hugging her back. Breathlessly, she sighs, "Thank you. Only you can make me feel so used, and so loved at the same time." I was out of it, but enough of that filtered through to make my heart sing again.

God, I love Kiki. We lay together for a while, recovering, then Kiki took my hand and put it on her slimy wet pussy. Her pussy still felt very interested.

Then she asked me, "With your new found enthusiasms, would you like to lick it out of me?" Then she added, "I do love it sooo much when you do that, would you please, please?" Again, Kiki had never lesbea hd teen oral on puffy nippled gf any enthusiasm for me licking up the mess, it was Kennedy who liked me doing that, and took every opportunity to make me do it.

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I could never admit to liking that, even if it turned me on so much, and again I liked the way kennedy would force me to. But again, Kiki's enthusiasm was infectious, I couldn't refuse Kiki anything she wanted, curvy chick tries out anal sex in pov going down on her sounded like a fantastic idea.

I still didn't like the taste, but Kiki's reaction made it all worthwhile, I do so much like pleasing Kiki, and I wish she ask me for more. So when she's come, and we're hugging, she says, "We can have a romantic day tomorrow.

Just the two of us in bed all day. How's that?" I was all for the idea, I smiled at that, but I wondered if it could be even better. I looked away, embarrassed, shy again, and asked, "Could you, err, use the collar?" I was talking about a bondage collar I'd bought for her, it showed she owned me, but I was never one to ask for things like that.

Kiki smiled, but didn't say anything. We still had a lot of unpacking to do, and that's what we did for the rest of the day, except for the time we fucked, and I went down on her, and she gave me a blowjob. We did finish the unpacking, and we very tired by the time we got to bed.

We just hugged; we must have been tired.