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Hot webcam slut rides dildo in shower f
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*5th PERIOD HISTORY CLASS* "Everyone gets to choose their own partners, you have three weeks to turn in the complete assignment. Partner up and get started!" Shouted Mr. Hayward our history teacher. Mr. Hayward was a pretty cool dude for a middle aged man going through a divorce.

He gave out a lot of projects that took weeks to finish. I guess that was his way of keeping us busy while he focused on his home life, non of my class minded anyway. "Do you have a partner yet, Davy?" I asked my friend who had the class with me and sat a few seats to the left. "Yeah man I'm with Claire this time" He replied. I was a bit annoyed that he paired up without me seeing as we always did our projects together.

It forced our parents to let us spend extra time at each others houses especially during the school week. Claire was a girl he told me he had been texting for a about a week earlier that day and it all made sense after that realization.

"Vanessa, partners?" I asked the girl who sat directly to my right. "Sure it'll be fun" she replied. Vanessa was a flute player in the school band. She had pale skin and brunette hair. She was a lot shorter than I was. She wore glasses and dressed conservatively most days but occasionally she'd wear shirt that showed her perfect B cup cleavage and a pair of jeans that made her ass look bigger than usual. If I had to rate her honestly I'd give her a 6 but she was a very sexy 6.

"Lets meet up after school and get right to work" she demanded. She took school very seriously. *WALKING WITH DAVY TO MEET VANESSA* "Bro you should totally try and see if you'd get any action from her" I barezar stella old poran sex stories nude xxxx story Davy. "I plan on it my dude but what about you and Miss Vanny?" He asked in return, he knew Vanessa since they were young and called her Vanny.

They weren't really close however. "Aww man! No way! She's like a 6!" I quickly snapped back, denying that I found her attractive. "Haha a 6? Wow you must really like her bro" Davy said joking back. "Like who?" said a voice who had just joined us as we walked.

"This girl in our cla…" Davy began to say but stopped once he noticed the voice that had joined us belonged to Vanessa who was now walking with us. "No one, wanna go to your place and start doing some research?" I asked her "Sure but you can't stay long, my dad won't be too happy with me having a boy over, project or not" We split up with Davy and headed back to her place, did a short research session and called it a night.

The next couple of big black shaft for a raunchy bint cumshots and big tits went accordingly. We'd spend time at each others places doing our project.

We got to know each other pretty well during the short time. We talked to each other about a lot of things in between talking about our assignment. She told me she was a virgin and that she was currently in a relationship which I sana anjus teen pussy gets foursome action known before. She seemed to be in love with her current guy and never let off the vibe that she was the type to fool around on him, Id never expect her to anyway she was a virgin.

*SEDUCING THE BAND NERD* We were at school in one of the computer dens in our upstairs library. The dens were a small room with a computer a desk and some chairs for students to go in a work on things during school or after school on some occasions. We had been in there for an hour and both of us had began getting bored.

*Bell rings signaling the next hour of classes* "Should we go back" I suggested but really I would have rather stayed there instead of being in Algebra. "I have art right now, I don't think my teacher will care if I show or not" She replied back giving me the lead to decide rather we went back or not. "Lets get a little more finished and then we'll go back" I stated She smiled and we went back to working for a few minutes and I couldn't help but think about how we had been alone in the room for so long already.

We could have fucked a few times already if I had a chance at her. "You ever let your boyfriend finger you?" I questioned completely out of the blue and kind of embarrassed once I realized what I had just asked.

She just looked at me, not grossed out but really didn't seem too pleased either. "Are you some religious save yourself for marriage type?" I asked in a judgmental tone "Are you some sex crazed dude that gets off on girls opening up to him" She bitched back. I was a smartass and replied back "maybe" "Ok well "maybe" I should go to class then" she said as she started to get her things packed up.

Instantly I knew if she left she would have the whole day to think about how much of a perv I really was for randomly questioning her sex life like that and I didn't want to end on a note like that but I didn't know what to say to make her stay. Without even thinking about it I turned her chair toward me, put my hands between her thighs and grabbed a handful of her pussy up through her skirt. She was wearing a black floral skirt with a white tank top that showcased her perfect rack.

"what the fu." she started to say before I kissed her and slid my fingers up and down around her clit.

The sound of us making out was all I could hear when I noticed she had stopped resisting. I had her legs spread open fingering her tight hole slowly with my index. She let out soft moans that drove me crazy with desire. I kissed her neck and her ears. While fingering her with one hand I held her by the back of her neck keeping her face close to mine so I could feel her breathe softly on my face our foreheads touching.

I stuck my tongue down her throat and she attempted to swallow it. It was the kinkiest thing I could have imagined as I now had two of my fingers inside her once virgin pussy. Fingering her now with two fingers I pulled the straps of her tank top and bra down to the side and let her boobs poke out as I began nibbling and sucking on them.

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So soft her nipples were in my mouth. "ahh. ahhh" was all Vanessa could get out with me fingering her at a faster pace. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and sat back in my chair and waited for her to react, but she didn't she just sat there in the chair with her tits out and legs still spread apart. Without thinking I began unzipping my pants and left my chair. I grabbed her skinny pale legs and pulled her onto my cock which was average for my age but it didn't lovely virgin nastya fucks dildo like a pornstar because it was Vanny first cock ever.

I was standing with my pants around my legs and she sat back in the chair with her tits still out, skirt pulled up and dick inside her. When I put my dick in it slid into her pink hole with ease as she had been very wet from being fingered. I pushed me dick all the way in between as she let out a deep breathe and "ahhh" for a moan. I started to fuck the virgin band nerd. Her pussy warm and tight, legs over my shoulders as she laid in the chair getting thrusted. I put my face up to hers and we began kissing as I fucked her.

Her moans so sensual but quiet. Almost as if she was embarrassed to be moaning. I fucked the virgin for about 3 minutes before I felt myself beginning to nut, and nothing was convincing enough to pull out of her pussy. It felt so good, and the thought of being her first fuck made me feel entitled to nut in her.

How stupid. "Oh fuck" I said in a low tone "What?" Vanessa asked, she was out of breathe "That was great…" I replied, hiding the fact I had just busted inside of her … "It was unexpected" she replied after short delay.

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"did you, you know cum?" "Oh no of course not. I stop before it even becomes an option" I lied. "Ok well you can take your dick out of me now" she said jokingly and kind of bothered. I pulled out and cum began oozing from her pussy hole but I don't think she noticed because she pulled her skirt back down, put her tits in back in her tank, packed her things and left.

Didn't even say bye, I suppose she just realized she got fucked for the first time at school in a computer den all while cheating on her boyfriend.