Sensual babe desires thick cock in pussy

Sensual babe desires thick cock in pussy
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It was about four years later and Shailesh was fourteen now. He had not visited Kerala since age ten. The memories from the last visit were still fresh in his mind. He vividly remembered the one month he spent blowing his uncle night after night.

He often masturbated during the four years thinking of those days. His parents had decided that it was time visit grandma and grandpa again. His hopes ran high; he was waiting anxiously for the moment he could blow his uncle Shashi.

The train journey was a gruesome 36 hours. He expected uncle to be at the station but he wasn't there. He reached home; having put the luggage away ran out on the fields, to look for uncle. He looked all around but Shashi was nowhere to be found. He asked his cousin about him, and was informed that uncle Shashi no longer worked in the fields. He was cabbie now and also worked part-time for a local political party with communist ideologies.

It was 8'O clock, but uncle was nowhere to be seen, he was disappointed. At around 9'O clock Shashi finally came home. They all had dinner together.

During dinner, both of them exchanged glances. There was the usual noise in the background of everybody talking about things which was too petty to be paid attention to, for Shailesh was busy feasting his eyes on his uncle. His appearance hadn't changed much but his beard was now longer than before and he now wore glasses. Shailesh was futilely trying to figure out what was going on in his uncle's mind. Shashi did have the thread of the conversation but wasn't making any inputs himself.

He was checking the boy out. The little boy whose mouth he bitchy teens bounce on boner hardcore blowjob fucked had grown up a lot. He was taller, and the features on his face were well developed now. He had no facial hair.

His physique though not developed fully, he certainly seemed a bit strong. After dinner the conversations continued amongst everyone but Shailesh wasn't paying attention. Shashi came over to Shailesh and asked, "So how are you doing?

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I haven't heard your voice since the last time you visited, why are you so quiet?" "Oh, nothing" he replied, "Just bored, I am fine." "How are you? Vinod said you're a cabbie now." "Oh yes.

I am now, I earn more this way." Saying so Shashi moved closer to Shailesh. He saw the glint in the eyes of the little boy, who had now, grow up a little. He just nodded in understanding.

The following day, Shashi came home earlier than yesterday, at around 7.30 pm. He had some coffee, while everyone was busy watching the news.

Oddly Shailesh was interested in the news, but his heart at the same time, was racing with excitement now more with the knowledge that uncle has come home earlier. Shashi wasn't feeling much different either, he was too eager to get his hands on the boy but was just playing it safe. The moment Clock struck 8'O clock, both Shashi and Shailesh exchanged glances and that was all they needed.

Immediately they got up on their feet and were ready for the good old stream in a jiffy. As both of them walked, Shailesh was following his uncle who was navigating his way through the dark with the help of a torch light. Shashi asked, "So, how old are you now?" "Fourteen", replied Shailesh, which had no sooner fallen in Shashi's ears than a smile flashed on his face.

Excitement and anticipation was building within Shailesh to unprecedented levels. He could clearly remember the fragrance of his uncle's manhood and the taste of his semen.

His arousal was obvious and hence noticed by his uncle who was obviously aroused too. After a while, Shashi asked, "So did you do the kind of things we did together with anyone else?" "Huh, do you mean the things we did in the stream???" "What else can I mean?" "Oh, no" By this time they were at the stream, Shashi looked around if there was anybody close by.

He then proceeded to take off his clothes; Shailesh was by then already nude, and staring at him. Having taken off their clothes, they stepped into the stream. And Shailesh did not waste any time; he just got on to his knees. His eyes which were already feasting on the beautiful erect cock his uncle had on display now got a closer look.

On this his Uncle obliged him by pulling back his foreskin and putting a display of manhood than had the boy mesmerized, the fragrance of his cock filled the air intoxicating the boy. Shailesh just loved this smell; he closed his eyes and took deep breaths inhaling the sweet smell of his uncle.

Shashi was aroused more and more with realization that his cock alone had tamed the boy into submission, and that now he could do whatever he wanted to him. A rush of excitement went through their bodies simultaneously. Neither of them could wait any longer; and with a slight movement forward, Shashi's erect cock glistening with pre-cum entered the boy's mouth, touching his tongue.

As the taste spread on his tongue, his head went into a dizzy of sexual pleasure. Shashi held the boy's head firmly and began fucking his mouth. He made deep thrusts sending his cock very deep into the boy's throat. Shailesh loved the taste and also the breathlessness his Uncles big cock was causing.

Shashi now increased his speed; his cock now went in and out of Shailesh's throat faster than before. "Oh you definitely seem to like it this way, huh boy." "Now I am going to cum in your mouth and you better not waste a drop." Shashi had figured out that Shailesh liked rough sex, where he never had any control on whatever was happening to him.

Before even Shashi himself realized he blew a massive load of cum into Shailesh's throat. The boy was caught unawares, some of it went straight down his throat and some went into his wind pipe and some still in his mouth. The boy was choking, struggling to breathe and swallow the cum in his mouth; he didn't want to waste a drop.

Shashi screamed, "Don't you dare waste a drop, drink it all." Shashi had never been this rough with Shailesh, but Shailesh was enjoying this and Shashi knew it. Shailesh just cleaned his uncle's cock with his tongue and was about to get up when Shashi grabbed him by his waist and pulled him up and gave him a deep kiss, his tongue moved all over Shailesh's mouth as if they we cleaning them. Just then Shailesh felt a sudden jolt of pain and realized an intrusion in his ass.

It was painful for the boy; he broke the kiss and screamed in pain. Shashi couldn't care less, he continued finger fucking the boy's ass. Stretching his asshole, and massaging his inside with as much roughness as he could. Shailesh had now accommodated the finger and was feeling the pleasure. Shashi stopped and went to pick up his clothes. Shailesh had only begun to be pleasured for the first time by his uncle, and hence was obviously disappointed. But Shashi had other plans. He had a tube of lubricant hid between his clothes.

He came up behind the boy who just stood still and squeezed the tube having inserted it into his ass. He emptied half the tube into the boy's ass. Shashi wasn't sure the boy could take him, nor was Shailesh. He then used the remaining lube on his cock, just to make sure his cock could go in.

Shailesh never knew if a cock could even enter an asshole. But at this moment the very thought of his uncle's huge cock inside of him made him shiver with desires. He was sure he wanted it inside, just so that he could pleasure his uncle.

Shashi laid the boy in the shallow part of the water, where it was only a few centimeters deep. Shashi raised the boy's legs and Shailesh co-operated by holding them up. Shashi was now positioned above the boy, his cock at the entrance of his tight pussy likes massive shlong hardcore blowjob. Slowly Shashi pushed the cock forward but the ass was too tight to take it.

He pushed harder using his hands to keep his cock in the right place. The hole was now opening allowing access. "AAAAAggggggggggg, It is pa&hellip.infuuu.ll stop&hellip." Screamed Shailesh loudly. This was exactly what Shashi wanted to give Shailesh, pain. It made him feel proud of his own cock.

Shashi pulled out, and Shailesh breathed hard, waiting for the pain to subside. But Shashi was not to stop. His arousal now greater than ever, the sight of the tightest asshole never entered by anyone, a virgin ass ready to take him was intense.

His cock was now harder than before. He pressed his cock against the tight hole and this time came in with twice the force than before and the ass hole stretched to eternity the entire seven inches inside the fourteen year old tiny tight virgin asshole. Shashi was in heaven, the tightness was too good to be true he thought for a second as it hurt just to keep the cock inside the boy. Shailesh was in excruciating brazzers milfs like it big eva notty milf squad vegas the stakeout, the hole was just not stretching enough to accommodate Shashi's cock.

He screamed, "Take it out&hellip.Aagh." "Its too painful, it's too painful, please." Shailesh exhaled heavily tried to relax but found it impossible. Shailesh tried to move out from the under of Uncle Shashi but even that failed. It felt as if his hole was being torn out while Shashi just held the boy's legs up so allow proper access.

Shailesh was hitting his uncle with his fists and trying to bite him to get himself free. Tears flowed down from his eyes into the stream, he was crying profusely. He begged, "Please leave Uncle, please leave me, it's too painful, it is too painful ……" His pleadings became louder and louder as each moment passed by, "aah huh, it is too big, it is pretty amateur brunette babe gets banged and cum facialed pornstars and hardcore big" Hearing the boy plead, and beg was making Shashi more aroused, his cock just grew harder inside.

When Shashi heard it is too big, it sent a ripple down his entire body and he could not hold it.

Even though the child had not even accommodated his cock inside, Shashi began stroking. The first stroke drove Shashi crazy, while the boy was left breathless, gasping for air. Shashi couldn't stop now, no matter what. He didn't give a damn about the boy he just wanted to fuck this hole hard. The second stroke had the boy almost pass out in pain. But the pain began to subside with the third stroke and pleasure was slowly and increasingly taking over his body.

He opened his eyes to see his uncle fucking him hard, and the sight was pleasant, his strong body moved in a rhythmic motion fucking his ass really hard.

The pain was all gone and Shailesh was in heaven now, the pleasure this was giving him was worth all the pain and even more.

Shailesh now raised himself up and embraced his uncle. They kissed each other, Shashi was an expert he played with the boys lips and then slid his tongue in, to fuck Shailesh with his tongue. The fun had only begun for Shailesh; he spread his legs georgie lyall sucks mr longwoods long wood in the car and wrapped his knees around his uncle, giving Shashi deeper access.

Shailesh only managed to mumble "faster" a few times. Mostly he was left speechless, by the superb display of raw fucking power by his uncle. Shailesh was now matching his uncle's rhythmic thrusts. Shashi was too excited; he was fucking the boy faster and harder than what a veteran whore can take. Shashi in a fucking frenzy screamed, "Oh&hellip.ohhhhhhhhh.

I am about to cum; I can't fuck you any longer" Shailesh just managed to mumble something that could not be deciphered. And then a deep thrust, Shashi blew a huge load of cum into Shailesh's asshole.

Filling him with all he had, Shashi had his testicles emptied into Shailesh's asshole. Shailesh's ass was leaking cum, he used his fingers with great dexterity to ensure that not a drop that leaked went anywhere but his mouth. Shailesh laid there still exhausted, unable to move. About half an hour later, he raised himself to standing position; however he wasn't able to stand still with his legs shaking and shivering due to exhaustion.

Shashi was scared to death on seeing this sight.

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But that was only until, Shailesh with his legs still shaking asked, "Will you come home early tomorrow?"