Estate agent in action landingstrip and hardcore

Estate agent in action landingstrip and hardcore
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CHAPTER TWO. So as the personal relationship between my mom and I grew stronger in a different way, so did the concerns as well. We would continue to be have our intimate interludes at night, but we were also very careful. Thankfully, my mom was on time as far as her period went. So she decide to go on the pill. After about another month, she showed no signs of morning sickness or missing peroids. So we were both in the clear. I knew it would still a while before the college accommodations and living arrangements would be authorized.

But every so often, my Aunt Deena would drop by just to check up on both my mother and I. Now aunt Deena was just as much of a knock-out diosas latinas cogida analmente en trio big butt my mother. Deena is about 10 years younger than mom, but her height, weight and her cup size is just about the same. But unlike mom, Aunt Deena never married, nor does she have any kids.

Deena has had a couple of personal and sexual relationships with a couple of different guys. I guess she isn't ready for a steady relationship yet. But little did my mom know, that would all change one afternoon in the middle of November. I came home from my afternoon class while my mother was still at work, when my aunt Deena decided to stop by to check up on me. "Hi Cody." aunt Deena said as she greeted me. "Oh, hi aunt Deena." I said. "How was class today?" she asked.

"Oh, piece of cake today," I replied. Then I added, young innocent teen amateur dirty companions daughter dirtier stepmom we had was just an exam today, nothing special." "Your mom called, your sister checked herself into the hospital for stomach pains." "Oh my god, really?" I asked.

Then I added, "Hope it isn't too serious." "Your mother will be home in a bit to get a few things." Then aunt Deena added, "I think she's going up for a day or so, depending on what they find out. So she asked me to stay here and keep you company this weekend." Now my sister Dana attends a big college, which is a four hour drive from home. So I know mom won't be coming back tonight anyway.

So my mom came home a short time after I did, gathered a few things, gave me a hug and a smooch and said, "Bye Cody, I love you." "I love you mom." I replied. Then I said, "Please give Dana a hug and a kiss for me." "We'll do sweetheart." my mom said as she dashed out the door. So I was able to get a few things done around the house with aunt Deena, it only took us no more than maybe an hour and a half. Then the phone rang, so I answered it, "Hello." "Hi Cody, it's Dana." "Oh, hey Dana.

How are you feeling??" I asked. But by the tone of my sister's voice, she didn't sound too good. "I could be doing better, but I'm still having stomach issues." she said. Then Dana asked, "Did mom leave yet?" "Yes," I said. "Mom left about over an hour and a half ago. She's coming up to be with you." "Good, because they need to ask mom some questions about our family history before they can run more tests." "Okay," I said. Then I added, "As soon as you guys find out anything, let us know.

Okay??" "Ok, gotta go. Love you Cody." she said. "Love you sis, bye." I said as I hung up. Then I told aunt Deena, "That was Dana, she wanted to know whether mom left yet or not." "As long as she called to check up on you too." Deena said. "You know," I said to Deena, "I wonder if Darren knows awesome teen angel likes fingering and fuck going on here." "Well if he calls, I guess we'll let him know." Deena said.

So after my aunt & I cleaned up the house a little, I suggested we order Chinese carry-out. Then Deena remembered she had a couple of films she left out in the car for us to watch later.

So we made it a movie night. Although it was still early in the evening, she wanted to order now instead of later. So we decided to order from the local popular chinese place we usually order from every now and then, and that really hit the spot.

After we ate, we put a film and started watching a romantic comedy. It was a rather funny one. By the time the film got over, that's when the phone rang again so I answered it, "Hello." "Hi Cody, it's your mother." "Oh, hi mom. Did you get there okay?" "Yes, I got here about maybe over an hour ago. Is aunt Deena there with you?" "Yes, she is. How's Dana feeling?" "Dana's okay, but she's in a lot of pain." "What's wrong with her?" "Well, she may have appendicitis.

But they wanna run more tests on her just to make sure there isn't anything else wrong with her." "How soon will it be before they can do an appendectomy on her?" "Well, the earliest they can do it is later tomorrow moring.

Did your brother call you yet by any chance?" "Yes, he did about an hour after Dana called. But I told him as soon as I knew what was going on with Dana, I would keep him posted." "I'll call him then as soon as I'm done talking with you and aunt Deena. Did you guys watch one of the movies she brung over?" "Yep, we just now got done watching one right before you called.

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We're gonna take a little break and clean up a little before we start on the second one." "Cool!! Well, I love you Cody. "Love you too mom. Here's aunt Deena." I said 'bye' to my mom as I handed the phone over to my aunt. My mom and her sister talked for about maybe ten to fifteen minutes. So while they were chatting, I got up, cleared off the coffee table that we had our chinese food on and put some of the leftovers on the fridge.

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I then got out some microwave popcorn to get us ready for our second movie of the night. My aunt got off the phone just as the popcorn was done popping in the microwave. "You're such a good nephew sweetheart." my aunt Deena said as she filled both of our glasses up with cold drinks.

Then she said, "Well, your mom won't be home until either Sunday or Monday." "Well," I said, "All I can say is that Dana makes a speedy recovery." "Same here." Deena said. "By the way, your mom said that we both can sleep out here on the sofa bed tonight if we want to." "Cool," I said. Then I added, "Why don't we pull out the sofa bed now, that way we don't have to do it later when we start getting tired." "I agree," Aunt Deena said. So it took us no more than a handful of minutes to get the bed out, and get everything situated.

So we put the second film in that Deena brought over, and it happened to be a good action flick. We were able to watch the whole moviethrough. But I knew that we were both getting tired. So after we got done watching the second film, both of us decided to call it a night. By this time, it was after midnight anyway. Normally on the weekends, I usually stay up until about either 1 or 2 am. But it was a rather busy week for all of us. So about maybe no more than a half an hour after we finished up watching our second movie, both aunt Deena and I fell fast asleep right there in the living room.

But about maybe a couple of hours into the dead of night, I suddenly started feeling a hand slowly stroking my cock. I then glanced over and I couldn't believe was I was seeing and feeling. Aunt Deena was not only stroking my huge cock, but at the same time was taking my hand underneath her night gown. She wasn't wearing any panties becuase she was fondling my fingers on her pussy which was soon getting wet. This was turning me on and really ravishing latina starlet has her pussy plowed creampie brunette me hard.

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"Do you like that Cody?" she asked. "Ohh, you feel so wet aunt Deena." I said. "I want you to fuck me sweetheart." sah requested. "Are you serious, Aunt Deena?" I asked in astonishment. "Yes, Cody honey." aunt Deena replied. Then she makes what turns out to be a shocking & startling request, "Cody, I want to have your baby.

I'm not on the pill. So please, cum inside my pussy." "As you wish dear." I said. But before I could slowly put my huge cock deep inside her tight twat, I wanted to lick her cunt first. So I went ahead and I got up under her night gown, and I could see her trimmed snatch right in plain view. So I was awesome hottie banged in a massage room to put my face & tongue in up and down her slit, and I went to town on my sweet aunt.

And it didn't take long before my aunt Deena to get aroused, I wanted to get her all nice and wet before I could insert my huge cock deep inside. But what I didn't realize was that I quickly put her over the edge, because she let out the biggest moan when she screamed, "I-I, I'm gonna cum!!" So not a second too soon, and my aunt was spewing her love juices as she reached her orgasm.

Her pussy juices were so sweet and hot. But shortly after Deena had an orgasm she command, "Cody, stick that HUGE cock in my pussy. And don't stop!!" With that said, I slowly risen up from her pussy to join her face and I gave her a long, passionate kiss.

Then I slowly positioned my cock so I can place it in her gently. She said it's been years since the last time she's had intercourse, so it's clear that she was nice and tight.

Sure enough, she was. I slowly inserted my huge cock in slowly until my shaft was almost fully in her. She was letting out a moan, and then a sigh while I was slowly in her. But then I slowly pulled part way out and took a quick breather, then I slowly put my cock back in her. But this time as I went all the way in, I hit her cdrvix. She started getting aroused as I was slowly beginning to pump my cock deep in her womb. All the time as I was doing that, I was able to cup her nicely tanned tits.

"Oh Cody, you feel so good inside of me." Deena said as she continued to moan. "Now, go harder and faster." So after a few nice, slow & easy strokes, I started to pick up the pace a little.

I remembered how long I lasted when I fucked my mom, so I figured I would last longer with aunt Deena. I was able to go a lot faster and a lot harder, you might say I was getting a overnight workout.

But not long there after, Aunt Deena reached huge dildo in their hands trying first lesbians penetrate pantyhose and erotica climax again as her inner pussy walls clamped my shaft. She let out a huge moan, "Oooooh, I-I'm gonna cum again!!!!" And with that, she came all over my shaft.

Her pussy was dripping wet with her love juices. All of the sudden shortly after, my balls began to churn. I knew I was about to cum also, because my big shaft was also getting swollen in her pussy. "Oh, oh, oh, I think I'm gonna cum!" I told Deena. And that was all it took, because I started to spew endless rope after rope of my precious baby seed deep in her fertile pussy.

I must've shot maybe eight or nine ropes of cum deep inside her. As I slowly began to pull out of her, all I could see was white jizz dripping out of her. After all that, I kindly asked her, "So how was i?

Did you enjoy me sweetheart?" "Oh Cody, you were wonderful to me. It's been years since a man has satisfied me like this. Was I great?" Without hesitation, I said, "You were the best dear. Only a real woman can please me like you can." "Really?" Deena said. Then she added, "I don't want you to tell anyone that you're trying to impregnated me.

I'm not gonna ask for any form of child support, should I do in fact become pregnant with your baby." "I won't say nothing to no one." I said.

Then I give her another passionate kiss and said, "I love you aunt Deena." "I love you too Cody." she said as we cuddled each other tight and fell right back to sleep. We were able to sleep on through the rest of the night like nothing even happened between us.

Now all this time that very slim blond babe pounded by pawn man aunt Deena was single, we were under the impression that she was on the pill. But as she told me that night, she wasn't. But what I can't figure out was why does she want to have of all people, my baby.

It would be a while before we would find out.

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So then it was the next morning and my aunt Deena was already up, because I could smell the waffles in the kitchen going. Deena was making breakfast for both of us. The phone rang again, but this time it was Deena who answered the phone. And by the reaction of her voice, it didn't sound too good.

She then hangs up the phone and said, "That was your mom on the phone about your sister Dana. They're gonna go with the appendectomy surgery, but unfortunately tests came back and they found something even more serious." So now, I'm more worried about what might be wrong with my sister. Because my aunt Deena didn't say anything else. Anyway, breakfast was ready and the coffee was done.

CHAPTER THREE COMING SOON!!!! Please leave feedback.