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"Would you ever take me back?" cried Renee into her ex-boy friend's shoulder. "I don't know if I could Renee. You lied to me a lot, and it really hurt me," Travis responded. He had broken up with her two weeks before for calling him numerous times saying she was pregnant, after stating she was a virgin. He eventually yelled at her and told her they were done.

She came to his door when he was in the middle of talking to his friend Nikki about getting together one night. Travis took her in only because of the pouring rain out side, now he had a gorgeous thirteen year-old burnette crying in his shoulder, her breasts pressed firmly against his chest.

He was planning on having a cam-to-cam session with Nikki, so she was seeing all curvy teen loves ridding a fake dick shaved pussy masturbation this, and kept typing that Renee was turning her on, and that she could kind of see her ass.

Luckily for Renee she didn't see this. They were on the couch and the cam was pointing to where his dick would have been, but the top half of Renee's ass was now. Travis was beginning to get a boner as he saw the things that Nikki would messasge him, how she'd like to be there with them both mostly.

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The fact that Renee's small yet perfect AAcup breasts were pushed against his chest, she began to feel his rock hard member pressing on her stomach. Her tears lifted slightly as she brought her leg around and sat on his lap facing him, feeling his dick push into her stomach everytime she breathed out.

"What if I gave you my virginity?" she asked looking into his eyes. "Renee.I don't think I could go back to you, even if you did. Maybe if you gave me some time, but I still don't know." "Well, what if we had sex anyways?" she asked putting her arms around charming gap of a lovely teen plowed hard neck her shiny brown eyes looking into his blue eyes deeply.

She put her finger to his lips when he opened his mouth. "Travis, your the first boy I've ever done anything more than kiss with, I promise." He wasn't sure that she was telling the truth but he put his arms around her as she began sobbing again. He saw that Nikki was asking him if was going to have sex with her. "Renee." She sat back and looked at him, "Please," there was a begging and innocent look in her eyes as she began lightly rocking her hips back and forth.

A single tear was rolling down her face. Travis had never been able to say no to a crying girl, and especially one as cute as Renee. He reached up with a hand and gently whiped the tear away and kissed her lips lightly.

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"Renee, I don't think we could, I'm a virgin to, you know that.and we don't have any condoms and I know you're not on the pill." "Please, Travis," she begged once more as she rocked her hips against his hard dick.

She gently pushed her chest against his, and brought her lips close to his, staring deep in his eyes. Her eyes were shiny, from crying, and he knew he couldn't say no. He gently moved his hands down to her ass and gently began kneeding them, she quickly rested her head on his shoulder.

"Ohhh, Travis. Please take me, Travis!" Travis saw that Nikki had typed that she had began masturbating and couldn't wait for it to start. Travis laughed a little, he usually didn't like girls who acted like they were constantly horney, but something about Nikki was different. He quickly drew his attention back to Renee and slipped his hands around between them and began lifting up her shirt over her breasts and off her head.

She reached behind herself and took her bra off exposing her little thirteen-year-old breasts that only Travis had ever felt, more-less seen. He quickly placed his mouth over small teen would you poledance on my dick nipple and began to suck gently. Renee loved him sucking on her, although he'd only done it once before, and he loved to do it. As he switched breasts Renee started rocking her hips again, and began lifting his shirt off, then unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.

She crawled down him taking his pants and boxers down as his raging hard on sprang out. She placed her mouth on it and began sucking it slowly into her mouth. Travis almost thrust up hard, into the back of her throat, but didn't knowing that, if she wasn't lying, this would be the first blow job she'd ever given. As she began to get more comfortable with the seventeen-year-old's dick in her mouth, occasionally having it poke the back of her throat she took off her pants and thongs and began rubbing herself.

Travis started running his fingers through her hair and moaning slightly, coming close to orgasim. Renee was beginning to get very wet, and even slid her pinky inside her tight, virgin pussy. After only a few more moments of sucking, Travis couldn't take it and slowly pulled her up and sat her so his dick was against her stomach.

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He could feel Renee shaking, as if in fear, and asked her, "Are you sure this is what you want?" "Yeah," she replied biting her lower lip. Indeed she was scared of losing her virginity, but something he didn't know was that she did love him, and had always been afraid to admit it.

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She trembled more as she felt herself lifted, and his dick head pushing against her virgin pussy hole. She closed her eyes as she slowly felt it push the walls of her pussy apart. Only after pushing in a tiny bit into her extremely tight, hot, wet, virgin pussy he felt his dick head hit her hymen. She must've felt it to, because she put her head on his shoulder, almost crying already. He kissed her neck softly, and pushed through it.

She let out a small squeel and began crying a little as he continued to push all the way in. He was ready to explode and fighting hard not to by the time his entire length was inside her. Renee's fear left her once her hymen was broken, but she continued to cry. It hurt her so bad to feel his big dick inside her young pussy. He began gently grazing his fingers over her back, he knew she liked it when she was sad, and kept kissing her head. He looked at the computer screen to see that Nikki stated that she already came once, and was jealous of how gentle Travis was being with Renee.

She sniffled one last time and shifted so she was sitting up, wrapped her arms around Travis' neck, getting lost in his deep blue eyes. A single tear rolled down his face slowly, seeing her face covered in tears, her eyes red from crying. She rocked her hips to show him she was ready and kissed his tear.

He kissed her lips deeply and placed his hand on her ass, kneeding it again. He pulled out halfway and slowly pushed back in, her still tight pussy squeezing his dick, he instantly felt the sperm rush up his dick.

He knew that he wouldn't be lasting much longer but wanted to make it as far as he could for her. Renee lifted her hips up and sat back down slowly and smiled at Travis. He smiled back at her and they both started a slow rythem as Renee rested her head on Travis' shoulder, moaning loudly. "Stick a finger in her ass!" Nikki typed with a grin smiley natural babe sucks cock pornstars and hardcore. Travis ran his middle finger over her pussy, getting some juices on it as they very slowly humped eachother.

Slowly he pushed the finger into her ass hole. He heard her gasp and lift her head up quickly, afraid he hurt her again he began to slowly pull out.

But she moaned louder and he began to slowly finger-fuck her ass hole. She was moaning loudly, nearly screaming at the feeling of his big dick moving in and out of her pussy slowly, and the finger now pumping in and out of her tight ass hole.

She lifted her head and gasped for air as she felt a most powerful orgasim coming on. She screamed loudly and pushed her forehead against his as she rocked her hips back and forth quickly.

Her whole body trembled violently, now from pleasure, as she came hard.

She screamed again when she felt his dick start throbbing. At the first glimpse of her squeezing pussy he shoved in all the way and came harder than he had ever or, as he thought, ever could. She screamed at the massive pleasure in being filled with his sperm.

Unfortunately after a minute or two their combined intense orgasim subsided and she collapsed on him. He sat up and held her, his dick slowly going limp, but remaining inside her pussy. She kissed his cheek and he kissed her neck as they both closed their eyes, to rest for a bit.