Redhead maid gets punished by huge cock

Redhead maid gets punished by huge cock
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PLEASE RATE IT & GIVE COMMENT TOO First Contact It was a just starting of last december when I met these girl. She was in tenth grade myself.She was pretty cute & has a nice busty figure.Her name was Arnesha.In fact I & she was very close friends.Share many jokes, some nasty one too.As these girl was frank to me about whatever she talk I never hesitate in discussing problems with her.As the year passed we came more closer & closer.And then one day.

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It was in fact oridaniary when I was walking out of the school gate.Suddenly she caught me. "hey what do you think are we stupid ?" "what ?" I answered "You thing I don't know what u wana trying to tell & what do u think do we donot know about sex?" Opps! I forgot to tell you.Actually back their in school we friends were having a hot topic about sex & immaturity of girls about it.She was also part of it.So now & then I bragged her about it.So now she was bragging about it.

So now I said "If u have the gut then show me ?" "what?" "yea prove that" For a moment she was astronished, that I clearly noticed in her eyes.And next moment she astronished me. "Ok what u want?" I could only stare blankly stare at her.Then she again spoke.

"OO! I see u want a favour?" That was too much for me as she was starting too disgrace my manhood.I took the challange. "Ok met me at my house on monday?" Saying no further I walked towards my house.

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It was a beatiful morning.And to make it good my parents was out of state for bussiness issue & I was totally left alone for three days from now.And more over it can go to perfect if she came to keep her promise.Clock struck 12'0 clock.When somebody rang my door bell.I opened the door thinking that she will probably never show up.But I was the one who got stunned.Their lady stands with red mini & a tight boot cut near my door steps.Well I might be utterly wrong if I tell don't tell she was looking very sexy,that she never looked before.She then came in.We started too have chat.Then I came to Know that her parents were comming late at night so,probably if things get right she was mine for whole after noon.After sometine we started to get cosy.

I took her in my arms and touched the parted lips with mine. I think probably it was her First too as was mine.The way she shivered at first make me confident about it.Then I held her tight as she was holding me.Our heart beat started to increased.Then I kissed her face,licked her cheeks.All kinds of thought was rushing in my brain & I was too slow to keep up with anal of beauty is destroyed hardcore and blowjob I slowly moved my head downwads kissing her down her throat towards her tits.I say it is the most perfect tits that a girl at her age could have.It was bulging,round,soft,& sexy.I slowly moved my hands above them.As she caught my hands.Forcing her hand out of the way I implanted a kiss on right side of her tit.she shiverved moved a little & forced my head out of the way.But I am not the one to get out so easily.I forced my other hand behind her back under her mini & towards her bra.She again tried to free herself, I told her it gone be allright.Then slowly moving my hands under her mins I opened it.Now she was wearing A bra from which her lovely tits rests & pants of course.In the mean time I moved my shirt, showing my bare chest.She was looking at my manly body.I slowly bent my head forward & kissed the reveled portion of her tits.She shivered grasping my hair.I slowly moved my hands & un buckled her bra & removed it.She was covering her breast with her hands.But taking her into my confidence I slowly removed them.Then for frist time I saw fully bare tits.they were beatiful round,bulgy,soft,with semi-brown areolia & lite brownish bud.I was very happy to see them.Like an alien creature I touched them moved them,felt them,& even pressed them.And now i was too eager to taste them.By these time I already removed both of our pant & we were only in our underware.I slowly moved my tounge & touched the skin of her tits, she again shiverd.I licked her tits from top to bottom leaving the arelioe & the bud, which in other way would rise her tension & getting her more excited.

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With other hand I tried held the other but her hands was rebeling towards mine.Then After few seconds helding her hands firmly.I kissed her nipples.She tried to shiver But her body was going through intense pleasure & she couldnot refuse but only to shuffle here and their.Then I started to smmoch them suck them deeply.Inside mouth my toungue was vigorously working on her nipples.Sometime licking them,biting them,sucking them.By the time she stopped rebeling me & pused her hands from down to head grasping my hair & thrusing it fowards towards her tits.I did the same thing to the other one.As they were too soft & bulgy to let my hands go I kept pressing them.Then pressing both of them from the middle I moved them towards face to face,at a point where two nipple touched each other.Then extending out my toungue I licked them.And taking one by my hands I pour them in my mouth as far as I could & started sucking them vigoursly.She by the time mourning out of pleasure.Pressing her nipples with my fingers I moved my head downwards through her stomach towards the bottom.I slowly removed her red panties.By these time my dick was as hard as rock.Opening it I got my first real sight into girls vagina.But it was busy to be licked.So I told her & her she agreed to cut it off.With a shaver I shaved her Pussy to plain land.It was really beatiful view.As i slightly removed her thig I saw plain white flesh which at the bottom was cut into V shaped thing, but it edge was folded smoothly into a bulge which was probably proecting a inner core.A beatiful frgrance was comming from inside which drawn me towards it.I slowly bend my head & kissed the parted lips.A shiver ran through her body which by the time frose into ice.Then with my fingers I slowly parted saucy bimbo pleasures dicks in a blowgang closed lips & poked inside.

It was pinkish from inside with small hole opening.I streached them to see more but the hole was small & more over the extending walls of the pussy is already getting wet.

Slowly with my right hand I rubbed her labia majoria which was by the time was getting wet too.Frist I put my tounge in the hole licked it & sucked it then moving my tounge over the cilt I started to finger fuck her.A few she came pouring on me.Then it was her turn.Laying her down I moved on her & place myself in such a position that my dick was infront of her mouth.I told her to touch it.She glared for a moment & then touched it.Now she was grabbed it with both her hands.I felt a current run through my body.Then I told her to suck it.She hesitated at first.But later agreed.Slowly she let it in.Then started to lick it.It was like dream come true.She was not takeing it deep enough.So I told her.And then Slowly she started to understand.Her tounge was touching my dick's head as she sucked it.She sucked it nice & hard.I felt my dick was getting hardewr and harder in her mouth.Now she kinky cutie finger fucks pussy and gets licked and penetrated in pov licking it like a lolipop.Now she was suck the head of my dic like anything.By these time I become to desperate.I caught her arms that was holding my dick & streached them apart.Then I pushed my dick in her mouth & started to mouth fuck her.She was in pain grasping for air.Then I spluttered her mouth with my hot cum.I think it was too much for her.She immediately let go of my dick & try to spill them out.But I graped her & requested her to sallow it.She spill half of them but agreed to sallow the remaning.Then she aggred suck my dick until it hard again.In few minutes it was hard again.I slowly sleeped down & positioned my dick to have the ultimate pleasure.Then I slowly made my way in.At first she was steef.So I have to force my way in, which was in deed had pain & pleasure.As she was virgin it might be more pain full for her in the first time as her hymen was started to rapture.But I was too taken away with pleasure,so I rammed it in harder & harder.Then out of pain she begged me to withdrew.That brought to sences I immidetly withdrew it.Then I saw blood was ozzing out of her pussy.It was due to rapture of hymen.

But then still holds my errect cock in her hand.Her eye was full fantasis, so as mine.And a new blood started to flow through our vein & we were lost .