Rich bitch gets taken down and fucked in every hole

Rich bitch gets taken down and fucked in every hole
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The World's First Futa Futa's Wedding Delight Chapter Two: Futa's First Naughty Wedding By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 April 17th, 2047 "So, did it work?" Adelia asked me, leaning forward, the interviewers dark eyes so warm as they stared at me. "Did they keep you distracted?" I patted her caramel-hued thigh right above the hem of her dress, my futa-dick twitching as I remembered that wild night.

"They tried. My cheer squad showed up and kept me busy for a few hours, and the president of the University of Washington demanded a nice fuck pressed against the hotel room window." I smiled as I remembered driving my cock so hard into her cunt while she screamed her head off. "But by 4 AM, there were a lot of passed out, well-fucked girls in my room, and I was still somehow keyed up and wide awake. "My cock had an itch in it. Rosemary was in the hotel somewhere.

Her pussy was in need of being bred. I tried to focus on the promise I made Kurt, but. I found myself with no diversions to enjoy." "That doesn't sound good," Amelia said. I squeezed her thigh and shook my head. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ June 11th, 2022 I closed the door to my hotel room behind me as quietly as I could.

That itch throbbed through my futa-dick. I had a complimentary bathrobe wrapped about my body splattered in my own jizz and half the pussy juices of the University of Washington's cheer squad, both former and active members of the group. They were all passed out. I should be passed out. But my futa-dick throbbed. It thrust out the gap in my robe, pointing ahead of me. It was almost like it pulled me along. I stumbled down the hallway of the Red Lion Hotel, one of the nicest in Seattle.

The wedding was happening tomorrow on the premise. My ex-boyfriend Kurt was marrying the love of his life, the mysterious Rosemary who swept him off his feet in a day. I bet she would gasp so loudly on my futa-cock.

She would milk my dick of all my girl-cum. I would pump her full of so much jizz. It would be incredible. Fantastic. The bride would scream out in asian babe aika gives a titty fuck to her man tittyfuck threesome as I bred her pussy.

I would give the happy couple the naughtiest gift of all: a futa-daughter growing in Rosemary's baby. I know Kurt didn't want me to fuck his bride. I wanted to keep that promise so badly. "Stupid cock," I muttered as I marched to new porn game marie rose fucking sfm play free elevator.

"There is plenty of pussy back in my hotel room. Mei Wen is cuddled up with her wife, Immaculada. I could just fuck her up the ass. Doesn't that sound good?" My girl-dick twitched a no. "This is so wrong," I groaned as I reached the elevator. "Come on, it's not too late to turn around, march back to the hotel room, and enjoy Ashlie's pussy." It was wonderful seeing the cheer captain.

It had been three years since I kinky teen fucks her teacher in class the pushy blonde who strong-armed me into being a cheerleader and utterly changed my life. "Please, please, let's just go back." I pushed the down button on the elevator. "Why am I doing this?" I demanded. I knew it was so wrong, I just couldn't stop myself. I even hated myself as I stepped into the elevator.

"Just such a futa-slut. Can't control yourself at all. Rosemary's the <em>one</em> woman in the world you promised not the fuck. There like 3 billion other women out there. Why not go find one and breed her?" The elevator lurched down. "There's other women in this <em>hotel</em>. Plenty of women are in Seattle we could breed, too." But Rosemary. She was forbidden. Why did that make her so intoxicating?

Why couldn't I just do this <em>one</em> thing for Kurt. He was a great guy, an amazing friend. He didn't hate me after I became a futa and broke up with him. Why was I doing this. I wanted to cry in frustration. The elevator doors opened onto the lobby. I stepped out. There was one way I could find Rosemary. One person in this entire hotel who could give me the answers. I marched towards the front desk through the empty lobby, my futa-dick pulsing before me.

I reached the polished, marble surface of the counter. A metal push bell, the type you smacked with your palm to make it ring, resting before me. I smacked it. A chime resounded through the air. My futa-dick pulsed and throbbed. I put on a hungry smile, eager to seduce the concierge into giving up Rosemary's room. I just had to dangle my futa-cock before the concierge and she would— A man walked out of the back room, a smile crossing his dusky features.

"Can I help you, miss?" he asked, his accent cultured and British, the refined tones of someone from the Indian Subcontinent who had an education. "Is there something wrong?" "No, no," I groaned. "You wouldn't be able to tell me which room Rosemary Ramsey is staying in." "Ah, no," he said. "She asked for her privacy.

You must be. Becky." I swallowed. "Guilty." I leaned in. "Bet you never thought to meet a celebrity, eh? I can give you an autograph if you help me out." "You're hardly the first celebrity to stay at the Red Lion Hotel," he said. "This is where dignitaries stay when they visit Seattle. I can help you with something else, but not this." The finality in his tone sent such relief through me.

I tried. I couldn't find Rosemary. I didn't have to betray Kurt. My poor dick would just have to find satisfaction somewhere else. I gave the concierge a polite smile and turned around, my aching girl-cock bouncing before me. She needed to cum so badly and. A maid crossed the lobby heading for the elevator. She had ebony skin and a certain sway to her hips that her gray smock couldn't hide. My clit-dick twitched so hard at the sight of her curly weave of hair spilling down to her shoulders.

It had a lustrous gleam about it, exciting. She entered the elevator. The doors started to close. I hurried across the lobby, calling, "Hold the elevator!" "Sure," the black woman said, thrusting her hand out and catching the door. They retracted. She gave me a smile and then her eyes widened when she saw what was bouncing before me, thrust through my robe's opening. "You?" "Yep, me," I said as I slipped into the elevator.

"Mmm, yes it is. Shania." I read her name off her nametag. "What a cute name." "I heard you were staying with us," she groaned. "Oh, my god, I love watching the Miss Bred Beauty Pageant. I masturbated so hard during the last one when that pregnant, Chinese girl used the violet wand on your body and made your dick erupt so high up into the air." "That was sooooo much fun," I groaned. "Ha-Yun deserved to win the crown this year." "And now you're here with this dick," the Black maid said.

She fell to her knees as the elevator lurched up. "Oh, god, it's just as big as they say and. Is that pussy juices on your dick?" "I've been fucking all night," I purred, staring down at her, an idea forming in my mind. "Why don't you get a taste?" "Yes!" the Black maid breathed. Shania <em>inhaled</em> my cock.

She sucked my girl-dick into her mouth with such enthusiasm. I groaned as her lips wrapped about my girth. She sucked on it so hard. Her cheeks hollowed. Her tongue danced around it. I groaned at her hunger, the pleasure shooting down to my pussy, satiating that itch. For a moment. I pulled open my robes, baring my round breasts. I smiled at her as her dark eyes stared up at me. Her ebony cheeks hollowed as she worshiped my ivory shaft.

She bobbed her mouth as she sucked with such enthusiasm, her tongue dancing around the crown of my dick. The elevator stopped, dinging that we arrived. The doors opened as she kept sucking on my girl-dick. She worshiped it. bobbing her mouth with such hunger. Her right hand grasped the base of my futa-shaft, stroking me while her left pressed into my blonde bush to stroke the hot lips of my pussy. "Ooh, yes, yes, yes, you naughty slut," I purred.

"Mmm, you're so hungry for my futa-jizz. I'm going to just pump your mouth full of cum." She sucked and slurped on my dick in answer, her fingers jamming into my cunt as the elevator doors slid closed. We didn't move, the elevator just on standby between floors, echoing with the sounds of our passion.

"Yes, you're so eager for it," I groaned, my pussy clenching down on her digits. "Mmm, yes, just keep sucking on my dick, and you'll get your first taste of futa-jizz." Her eyes fluttered. "It's such a salty treat." Her lips popped off my dick long enough for her to moan, "Oh, I want that so badly, Becky!" I groaned as she engulfed my futa-cock again. Her tongue danced about the spongy crown. My pussy clenched down on her. I whimpered, my blonde hair spilling about my shoulders as I shook.

She had such an enthusiasm about her. I couldn't deny her what she craved. I didn't fight her as she worked those two digits in and out of my juicy snatch, teasing me, driving me wild. My ovaries grew hotter and hotter as my cum built and built inside of me.

I licked my lips, grinning at her. I would fire so much jizz. I would drench her in my cum. It would fell incredible. My pussy clenched on her probing fingers, increasing the friction while pleasure rippled down my girl-dick from her dancing tongue. "Ooh, Shania!" Young natural looking girl sucking a big cock 9 tube porn panted. "Oh, damn, that's good.

I. Yes!" My orgasm burst inside of me. My pussy spasmed about her fingers while my futa-cock gave her what she craved. I pumped load after load of futa-jizz into her hungry mouth. Her ebony cheeks bulged as she gulped down my cum. She swallowed with noisy passion. Pleasure rippled out of my cunt, meeting the rapture firing from my futa-dick. I smiled, drinking it in. My entire body buzzed from the euphoria of this moment.

I shook my head, a big grin crossing my lips as she nursed on my girl-dick. Her tongue caressed the spongy tip as my ecstasy peaked and died.

"Mmm, yes, yes, you loved that," I moaned. She popped her mouth off my futa-dick and bounded to her feet. She threw her arms around my neck, new porn game marie rose fucking sfm play free dark eyes swimming with such lust.

She kissed me hard, thrusting her cum-coated tongue into my mouth, letting me taste myself. I savored the flavor. I groaned, loving the taste of my own jizz adorning her tongue. It was such a wicked treat. It made my heart race. I squirmed and groaned, my hands kneading her ass while my futa-dick throbbed between us.

Then she broke away, the elevator shifting. She stared at me, passion building in her dark eyes. "You have to fuck me now. You have to breed me! It's just at the right time for me to qualify to be on the Miss Breed pageant if you knock me up today." "Mmm, but you'd let me breed you no matter what time of year, wouldn't you?" I asked, pulling her tight against me, my finger digging into her rump.

"In fact, you'd do anything to be bred by my futa-cock, right?" "Yes," she breathed, her eyes tremulous. A big grin spread across her mouth. "Anything, Becky. You could fuck me in the middle of Pike Place Market or a Seahawk's game." "Not a Husky game?" I asked. "I mean, I used to do that <em>all</em> the time when I was a cheerleader." "I know, I went to every Husky home game," she groaned.

"And I'm a Cougar fan." My eyes narrowed. The Washington State University Cougars were the rivals to my alma mater. "Maybe I shouldn't breed you at all." "No, no, go Dawgs!" she moaned, humping against me.

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"Fuck the Cougars. They lose at the Apple Bowl all the time. Just breed me, Becky! Please, please! Put your futa-seed in me." "Well." I said. "Maybe I could overlook your allegiance to Wazzu if." "What?" she moaned, quivering in my arms, her smock rubbing against my futa-cock and throbbing nipples.

My pussy grew so wet. "I'll do anything, Becky! Anything!" "Do you know the room that Rosemary Ramsey is staying in?" I asked. "The bride for today's wedding?" God, it really was today, wasn't it? I'd been up for twenty-four hours, the last ten just rusia pantat gede susu gede. "I do," she groaned.

"Oh, god, I'm not supposed to tell, but. but. She's staying in room 1543." That was only two floors beneath mine. Naughty. "Now breed me!" she moaned, pressing away from me and leaning against the elevator's silver-paneled wall. She hiked her smock, revealing a pair of neon-green panties that almost shone against her ebony skin, the crotch soaked by her juices "I need it so bad." My dick twitched.

I could breed her then enjoy a nubile bride. I pounced on her, pressing my tits against her smock, feeling her round breasts beneath. Our lips met in a hungry kiss while my hands ripped down her panties, shoving them down her thighs far enough so my cock rubbed against her curly bush.

I shuddered at the feel of her silky pubic hair as I maneuvered my clit-dick's tip to her dripping cunt. She groaned into our kiss as I penetrated her. I sank into the Black maid's pussy, eager to create a mixed-race baby with her. I just knew our daughter would be so cute.

I shuddered as I sank to the hilt in Shania, her silky, hot flesh wrapped about me. She broke the kiss and screamed out at the top of her lungs, "Becky's going to breed me with her big, White clit-dick!" "Yes," I groaned, drawing back my hips, my futa-cock sliding through her tight snatch.

My own pussy clenched at the feel. She had such a juicy grip on my dick. It was incredible. I thrust into her hard. The elevator groaned, shaking around us. The metal paneling flexed behind her as I drove my dick into her silky snatch again and again.

She groaned and whimpered. Her pussy clenched on my cock when I pulled back, flaring the friction. Flaring the pleasure.

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"Yes!" I hissed as I drove into her, my crotch smacking into hers, rocking the elevator again. "Oh, my god, yes!" she gasped, her words echoing through the box. "Just ram that futa-dick into me, Becky! Breed me! Mmm, yes, yes, knock me up!

I want your baby! I'm going to win the next Miss Bred Beauty Pageant!" "I hope so!" I moaned, her hips wiggling, stirring her hot flesh around my cock.

"Oh, damn, Shania, you have such a delicious snatch. Ooh, you're going to make me erupt." "Yes, yes, yes!" she precious blow from legal age teenager gorgeous gal hardcore and massage, bucking into me. Her fingers found my naked rump, her nails biting into my flesh, pulling me tight into her. "Ram that futa-dick into me. Oh, damn, that's good. That's a good dick." "Uh-huh," I whimpered, plowing into her as hard as I could.

My orgasm already swelled inside of me. I knew where Rosemary was. I just had to breed this sexy maid, filling her snatch up to the hilt with my fertile futa-seed, and then I would satiate my lusts. I would enjoy Rosemary. My hips hammered hard, driving us both wild. Shania heaved against me, her smock teasing my sensitive nipples. Tingles raced down to my pussy. My snatch clenched. Juices ran down my thighs, the heat tickling me.

One more naughty sensation to enjoy. Shania's fingers kneaded my rump, pulling my butt-cheeks apart. My eyes widened as she dipped her fingers into my crack. A wicked grin spread on her plump lips. She arched her eyebrows as her exploring digits found my asshole. "You naughty maid!" I groaned as she jammed two fingers into my asshole.

"You have no idea!" she groaned. "Ooh, Becky, if I had you at home, the things I'd do to you. I'd worship you! Mmm, every bit of you!" She pumped her fingers in and out of my asshole, the velvety heat melting into my pussy. To my ovaries. I groaned and rammed my futa-dick to the hilt in her juicy snatch. My back arched as the pleasure spiked through me. My cunt clenched. My futa-cum spurted into her fertile depths. I flooded her with my seed.

My pussy convulsed. My asshole writhed about her naughty digits. I groaned with each blast, pumping my jizz into the depths of her cunt, feeling her up with my spunk. "Becky!" she howled, jamming her fingers so deep into my asshole. "Oh, fuck, yes! You're breeding me!" "I am!" I groaned, leaning against her, nuzzling into her ear. "All my futa-cum is just firing into you. It's racing to your egg. You're going to have my daughter. You're going to be so curvy and round when you appear at the beauty pageant, Shania.

"You're going to be a star!" "Yes!" she gasped, her pussy convulsing around my dick. Her pussy milked my spurting cock. I savored her flesh, loving how she drew out the last drops of my futa-spunk. A dizzy wave of exhausted heat shot through me. My body was at its limits, but I had one more pussy to enjoy before I passed out.

"Sorry, Kurt," I groaned, my orgasm peaking through me. My hand shot out and hit the fifteenth floor button. The elevator lurched as Shania panted, her head leaning back, rubbing her glossy weave of black hair against the metal panel. Her pussy's writhing passed. She let out a purring sigh as the elevator slowed. The doors opened with the ding. "Enjoy that bride," she panted. "Mmm, maybe she can compete with me." "Maybe," I told her as I pulled away, my dick popping out of her juicy snatch.

My dick glistening with pussy juices, I stepped naked onto the fifteenth floor. My eyes read the brass signs on the wall. To the right rooms 1501-1526. So I went left. I marched with purpose, the numbers growing, a hallway bend approaching.

I grinned as I passed 1533 and 1535 on my left, 1534 and 1536 on my right. I trembled, getting closer and closer. I rounded the corner and— "Ooh, you are busted, Becky," said Monique Jackson, the former president of the Sigma Lambda Tau from the University of Washington.

She started the tradition of me breeding their new pledges every fall ever since the orgy we held back in my freshman year of college. Around her rose more of sorority sisters. They were camping out in the hallway.

I spotted Navneet and her wife, Stephany, flanking Monique. Then doors opened and more sorority sisters appeared, their eyes staring at me with such hunger. "Kurt asked us to rent out the <em>entire</em> floor for our sorority to protect his bride," Monique said. "We had to do some naughty fundraisers stunning latin teen toying her sexy ass get the money." "Damn," I said in awe, shaking my head.

"He really, really doesn't want me fucking his bride." "You'll have to settle for us," Monique said, her arms wrapping around my arms. "You look tired. So we're going to fuck you into unconsciousness to keep you out of trouble." Then the Black girl kissed me hard on the mouth, my futa-dick, wet with Shania's pussy juices, throbbing against her tank top.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The sorority kept me busy until I passed out. When I woke up, it was around 1 PM. The members of Sigma Lambda Tau were all still there to make sure I didn't go wander off. The wedding didn't start until 4 PM. My poor futa-cock had never been so used. Sorority sisters were a horny bunch. Finally, I was allowed to return to my hotel room, under escort of giggling sorority sisters, so I could get ready.

Dona and Janice awaited me, shaking their heads while grinning smiles crossed their lips. "I knew you'd sneak off," Janice said. "I'm glad my brother listened to me." "How much did it cost to rent out an entire floor?" I asked Kurt's step-sister. "Oh, we had a deal on the room block for the wedding," Janice said. "And the sorority, well, they were eager to help.

Plus, I think you turned them all into exhibitionist, lesbian sluts. They produced their own porn website to finance it, with cam streams and amateur videos of them having sex, especially the girls you bred at the start of the school year." I returned home just to breed Sigma Lambda Tau's new pledges for the fifth asian babe fucked on massage table from her client running.

It was a tradition. "I need to watch those," I muttered, then I gasped when I saw the soft-blue dress laid out on the bed. "Is that for me?" "Your manager sent it over," Dona said. "He picked it out for you." I rarely gave much thought to Damien, my manager. He was an effeminate, gay guy, always fluttery and giddy. I didn't have to worry about him interfering in my fun nor getting caught up in having me breed his girlfriend or anything like that.

He kept watch over my money, booked some interviews while I was hitchhiking around the world, and was always looking for new ways to monetize my brand. I hated all that stuff, so I just let him deal with it a. I ignored it, and him, as much as possible. "I need to give him a pay raise," I said, picking up my dress and holding it to my naked body.

"This is gorgeous." "You can try it on after you shower," Dona said. "You are filthy. You smell like a lesbian sorority house after a weekend-long orgy." "We crammed it into a few hours," I said with a big grin.

Janice laughed, shaking her head. "Let's get you ready for my brother's wedding." What followed was a blur as the three of us hurried to get ready.

We had hair to do, makeup to apply, and beautiful dresses to put on. I showered with such haste, coming out feeling energize. I didn't have time to think about the bride. We gasped and shouted and rushed around the hotel room like chickens with her our heads cut off when we couldn't find the eyeliner.

(We found it beneath someone's discarded panties). Five minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to start, which I thought was perfect timing, we were riding the elevator downstairs.

I shivered, hoping I had a special section in the back far away from any woman who hadn't met me, surrounded by the sorority or my cheer squad or something. A buffer to keep an orgy from breaking out in the middle of the ceremony. We moved through the first floor and headed out to a large hall transformed into a wedding dream.

White silk draped the walls, hiding whatever ugly hotel conference room features there would be. Rows of white chairs, bisected by the center aisle with a carpet of purple leading to the altar, were filled with people in their Sunday best.

Ushers in suits with purple cummerbunds waited at the door. "Becky," one said, a guy a vaguely remember hanging out with Kurt during college, smiled at me. "Right this way." "Oh?" I asked. "Um, where are you taking me?" "To your seat," he said. "It's right up front." "What?" I gasped, feeling everyone's eyes in the auditorium staring at me.

Many of the women gave me smiles, those sultry looks of remembered passion. I'd fucked them, bred them. They sat by husbands and boyfriends. There was a distinct lack of children, I noticed; everyone attending was eighteen or up. "You can't put me up front," I hissed. "That'll put me close to the bride. You know who I am?" "Oh, I know," He said, his marvelous aperture of a beautiful teen plowed hard flicking down to my expanding girl-dick, tenting the front of my soft-blue dress's short skirt.

My futa-cock was already getting hard, thinking of the bride in white mounting me before all her guests, fucking me at her wedding, screaming her head off wild abandon.

"Please, please, Kurt can't mean for me to." But Kurt was already at the front of the altar, waiting with the minister. My ex-boyfriend looked. dashing in his black tuxedo, a purple cummerbund about his waist, a matching bow tie at his neck. He had a pocket square giving a further accent of purple. He filled out the suit like. Like James Bond. He beamed at me. I had never seen a look of such joy on his face as he nodded at me. He wasn't objecting to me being led up front.

He <em>wanted</em> me up front. Did he think I could hold to my promise? I wanted to. Those blue eyes begged me to. He trusted me. I shouldn't have come, but.

It meant something to my ex-boyfriend that I was here. I nodded at him. I would try so hard, but. when his bride flung herself at me, I wouldn't be able to stop what happened. She would ride me in her virginal white, screaming her head off with rapture while the entire audience watched. Could Kurt want that? "Right here, Becky," the usher said, sitting me in the front row.

A mature, beautiful woman sat on the aisle, her eyes lighting up at the sight of me. The two seats beside her were empty before several older men filled up the rest of the row. "Mmm, this is her?" the woman purred, her brown hair permed, looking so graceful. She had smooth skin, a woman in her late forties who took care of her body.

Her large breasts swelled the front of her pink dress she wore. It was cut low to show off her ample bosom. A wedding ring glinted on her right hand, a sapphire-studded locket dangling down into her tits. "The world's first futa?" "Yes," I said, my futa-cock going hard. "Are you my. distraction?" She gave me a wicked smile. "I am. Here to keep you from slipping your dick into my daughter." My eyes widened.

"You're Mrs. Ramsey? Rosemary's mother?" The mother of the bride gave me a wicked grin as I sank down beside her. Then her eyes flicked down to my cock tenting my skirt.

Her hand stroked up the blue, satin material to my dick. "I am. It's a pleasure to meet you, Becky." "Pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Ramsey," I groaned as this delectable MILF squeezed my cock right here in the middle of the hall. And no one cared. Not the preacher standing with Kurt and his groomsmen, not the men sitting down the row who must be uncles of Rosemary.

This MILF was openly squeezing me, draping over me, as the music of the wedding march struck up. I threw a glanced behind me as the bridesmaids appeared, each marching down the aisle in their purple dresses. I groaned as the mother of the bride reached <em>beneath</em> my skirt up and my thigh to find my cock contained in a snug pair of panties, the tip peeking out the top of the waistband. The bridesmaids all sex kitten angela white bounces on big cock of bf at me, smoky looks in their eyes as they passed, witnessing the mother of the bride pulling out my girl-cock.

The MILF leaned over and sucked my dick. I shuddered as the second bridesmaid passed me, a Black girl with a willowy figure. She gave me a wink that promised so much fun as the MILF sucked and slurped on my cock right here at her daughter's darryl hanah and shyla jameson hot some in the bedroom threesome blowjob. "Oh, god," I whimpered, the pleasure shooting down my cock.

A camera flashed, the wedding photographer immortalizing this moment before turning to snap pictures of the bridesmaids. I shuddered, my head sweeping around, my blonde curls dancing around my head as this married woman loved my futa-dick with her mouth.

And no one cared. That seemed weird but. for the last five years, I was on TV having sex all the time. Laws were working through congress to exempt me from decency ordinances. The FCC had long since stopped fining companies who showed me having sex on broadcast television. It was. normal to everyone here to see me having sex. Even expected. I was something new. Something different. Something that broke all the rules and changed everything for everyone.

There was even talk of a new amendment to the constitution to permanently let futas do all the lewd behavior they wanted, supported by so many women. "Oh, Mrs. Ramsey," I groaned as the next bridesmaid passed me, a barely legal, blonde cutie who gave me a naughty grin. "Ooh, yes, yes, that's nice." I couldn't help the sounds I made as she sucked on my cock. Her mouth bobbed up and down on my dick as the music changed to announce the bride—<em>her</em> daughter.

My futa-dick ached in her hungry mouth. My pussy clenched as the pleasure swelled through my depths. I looked behind me with everyone else. A gasp ran through the audience as Rosemary Ramsey appeared on her father's arm. I groaned at the sight of her, too, her mother's mouth sliding up and down my girl-dick. So warm and hot. Mrs. Ramsey's tongue danced around the crown, teasing me, giving me so much pleasure. I groaned, my pussy clenching. My toes curled in my shoes as my heart beat so fast.

I drank in the sight of the bride clothed in her virginal white, a veil covering her face but not hiding her blonde curls spilling about her gauzy face. She he had a plunging neckline, her bodice adorned with glittering crystals that reflected the light and gave shape to her round bosom. She clutched a bouquet of purple flowers—a mix of tulips, roses, and carnations—before her.

I hardly noticed her father standing tall beside her as they made their way up the aisle. Every stately step of the bride and her father had me shuddering. My orgasm swelled in my pussy. The mother of the bride sucked hard on my cock.

She put such passion into it, slurping and making such a noisy, wanton sound. "Damn," I muttered beneath my breath, my pussy growing juicier and juicier. "She's gorgeous." I wanted Rosemary so badly. The bride's green eyes met mine through her veil.

Her cheeks grew rosier as she approached. She had to see her mother bobbing her head, sucking my girl-cock. Rosemary gave me a dazzling smile, nodding her head as she drifted closer and closer to me. "Kurt," I whimpered. "Oh, Kurt, she's perfect." I wanted to soil her. I ran my hands through her mother's permed hair, bobbing the MILF's hungry mouth up and down my dick. I squirmed in my chair, my nipples rubbing against the satin of my dress. The pressure swelled in my ovaries.

My futa-cum boiled in them. Rosemary's dress rustled as she reached me. For a moment, she was only an arm's reach away. Then she swept past me, blocked from my sight for a moment by her father—the husband of the woman sucking on my girl-dick.

I groaned as they moved towards the altar, my eyes landing on Rosemary's back left half-exposed by her dress, the skirt clinging to her gorgeous rump. "I want that ass," I moaned. The bride looked over her shoulder at me. Her green eyes smoldered as they met mine. I erupted. My futa-cum fired into her mother's hungry mouth. I groaned and shuddered.

My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed out of my cunt, soaking my thighs as I trembled. The chair creaked beneath me. My breasts quivered in my bodice as euphoria swept through me. For this wonderful moment of ecstasy, I stared the bride in the eyes. As my rapture crashed into my mind, we were connected. I quivered, wanting this to never end. My cock kept spurting, kept firing ecstasy through my body to my mind. Rosemary turned away to take Kurt's hands, given away by her father.

Mrs. Ramsey gulped down my cum as I leaned back in my chair. I groaned, my toes curling in my heels. Mr. Ramsey turned away from his daughter and walked to us, his eyes glancing as his wife sucking the last of the spunk out of my cock. He nodded his head and then took his seat beside me. "Mmm," purred the mother of the bride as the reverend launched into his sermon. Rosemary held Kurt's hand, her body trembling as she stared at him. Not me. Despite the fact I knew Rosemary's pussy ached for my futa-cock, that her womb begged to be bred, she kept her gaze fixed on Kurt.

Unlike her bridesmaids, who were all four staring at Mrs. Ramsey as she popped her mouth off my girl-cock, the bride fought down her lusts.

For now. "Oh, that was delicious," purred Mrs. Ramsey while the reverend preached about love and fidelity. "Oh, Huey, I'm sorry to say her cum tastes so much better than yours." Her husband shifted on the other side of me, his cheeks flushed as his wife cuckolded him in the middle of their daughter's wedding. "I need this cock in me," groaned the mother of the bride.

"I can't wait for the ceremony to be over. Does that make me a wicked mother, Becky?" She had drops of my pearly cum beading on the corners of her lips. I licked up one, shuddering at the salty taste. I needed my dick buried in pussy right now. Rosemary's was off-limits. She was right there, only ten feet away. I could pounce on her, fuck her while she gave her vows to Kurt to be his faithful wife or.

Or I could uphold my promise. "It makes you a horny MILF in need of my futa-cum breeding her cunt," I hissed at her. "What are you waiting on? Impale that pussy on my dick. It's why you're here. To be the slutty mother of the bride and keep me from fucking your daughter." "Yes, yes, I'm doing hot pussy school chick doing large shaft reality teen for Rosemary," moaned the MILF as she straddled me, my chair creaking, our dresses rustling.

Her pink skirt rose up legs clad in beige, thigh-high stockings. "And for my naughty pussy." "Mildred," groaned her husband, his eyes locked on his wife as she prepared to cuckold him in the middle of the wedding ceremony. They must have been married for twenty-five years. Had she ever cheated on him?

I bet she hadn't. Not until me. But she was so eager for it. "Ooh, you naughty MILF," Huge squirt by busty chubby chick squirtsquirtingorgasmdpbjdouble penetrationblowjobtits fuckchubbyb hissed as the reverend read from the bible, "you're not wearing any panties." "None," she groaned, her skirt ridden up to expose her soaked, brown bush hiding her married cunt.

"I was ready to protect my daughter from this magnificent dick. You're bigger than I imagined. I'm going to enjoy this." "Yes," I moaned, staring at her daughter over her shoulder as she lowered her pussy to my hard cock. I groaned at the first kiss of her wet bush against my dick, her silky pubic hair caressing my shaft. Then the mother of the bride impaled her cunt down my futa-cock. I grabbed her naked rump as her married pussy took me to the hilt. She hissed out in delight, her large tits pressing into my upper chest above my own boobs.

Her spicy perfume filled my nose. Our gowns rustled together as her cunt's silky walls clenched down around my thick shaft. A camera flashed. The photographer recorded this moment. The whorish mother of the bride whimpered as her pussy slid up my cock. Her ass clenched beneath my groping hands. Her cunt clung to my dick, the juicy friction shooting bliss down to my cock. She reached the pinnacle of my shaft and swirled her hips, stirring her flesh around my sensitive crown. Pleasure flowed down my shaft and melted my pussy.

My cunt clenched as she slammed down my cock, enveloping me in her married snatch again. The mother of the rough piercing for my pierced tight cunt moaned into my ear as she rode me. Her lips nibbled on my lobe. "So good," she purred. "Oh, Becky, your cock is so good. So much better than my husband's." "Mmm, yes, just work that pussy up and down my dick.

I'm going to breed you while your daughter gets married. You are such a wicked mother." "So wicked!" she groaned, my eyes locked on her daughter who still stared at Kurt. My fingers slid across the MILF's flexing rump. They dipped into her butt-crack. She gasped as I entered her, my fingers sliding down her flesh until I nidai ali all xxx storys her sphincter.

I toyed with it, her cunt tightening on my futa-cock, increasing the friction. The rapture. It was so exciting having this MILF ride my cock in the middle of the ceremony. My finger toyed with her asshole, circling her puckered sphincter. I pressed against it, my finger pushing on the slick opening. Then I entered her. She groaned, her snatch squeezing down so tight on me. She slammed her pussy down hard, pausing for a moment, squirming impaled on my girl-dick as I invaded her bowels.

My finger probed deeper and deeper into her back door. Her anal sheath clenched down around me. It felt so amazing to me. It made me quiver and groan. "Oh, yes, yes, you're going to breed me while my daughter marries Kurt," she moaned into my ear.

"Breed my married pussy. Mmm, I want another child. Another daughter. A futa-daughter!" "Yes!" I groaned, her bowels clenching down around my finger. Then her married cunt slid up my dick while her tongue danced across my earlobe. I fingered her asshole, thrusting my digit over and over into her velvety depths while she worked that juicy, delicious cunt up and down my futa-cock.

Heady bliss spilled through me. I groaned, my heart pounding, the pleasure pulsing through me, gathering in the depths of my cunt. My juices flowed, staining my skirt, sticking to my ass. The MILF nibbled on my ear, sending such naughty delight shooting through me. "Oh, Huey, I'm getting bred at our daughter's wedding," she moaned to her cuckold.

"Ooh, yes, I'm going to explode on this dick." "Wicked mother," I groaned, my body trembling, my ovaries growing tighter and tighter as she worked that delicious sheath up and down my cock so fast. I was getting so close to my eruption. "So wicked." She nipped my earlobe, her pussy clenching down on my girl-dick as she rose up it. My sensitive crown throbbed in her.

Her married twat almost sucked at my ovaries, so hungry for jizz to erupt into her. I pretty nubiles in a casting scene hardcore and blowjob a second finger into her asshole. She squealed in delight and slammed down my girl-cock. "With this ring, do you, Rosemary Ramsey, promise take Kurt Albertson to be your lawfully wedded husband," the preacher said in his graceful, almost airy, tenor, "to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, through good times and bed, until death do you part?" "I do," the bride said in such a gushing tone, speaking such traditional vows while her mother's juicy pussy slammed down my girl-cock.

Rosemary slipped the golden wedding band down Kurt's finger. I pumped my fingers faster in and out of Mrs. Ramsey's asshole as I stared at the couple. Kurt held up his wedding band, his eyes locked on his blonde bride. He held her dainty hand, bringing the symbol of their union to her finger. "With this ring, do you, Kurt Albertson, promise take Rosemary Ramsey to be your lawfully wedded wife," the preacher repeated, "to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, through good times and bed, until death do you part?" "I do," Kurt said.

Rosemary let out a sobbing gasp of delight as the ring slid up her finger. My girl-dick throbbed in her mother's pussy. Mrs. Ramsey slammed her pussy down my cock. She whimpered in my ear as she lifted her married cunt up my girl-dick, missing this moment, so lost to the lust of being bred by my futa-cock. "Then, by the power vested in me by God and the State of Washington, I now pronounce you man and wife.

You may kiss the bride." Kurt lifted the veil, exposing Rosemary's flushed, smooth cheek to my hungry gaze. He leaned and captured the lips I wanted to kiss. The lips I wanted to see locked about my girl-dick. She melted against him as applause erupted through the auditorium. My futa-dick erupted into the mother of the bride's pussy.

I groaned, tears misting my eyes as powerful emotions erupted through my body. As my futa-jizz pumped into the older MILF's silky pussy, a welter of passions surged through me. Jealous of both Kurt and Rosemary, joy that my friend found the love of his lust, and that aching need to cum in Rosemary's pussy like I spurted into her mother's snatch all swirled together in me. The rapture slammed through me as the ecstasy melted my brain.

Mrs. Ramsey moaned into my ear, her cunt convulsing around my girl-dick, her pussy milking me dry, eager to be bred by me. She whimpered as I fired the last blast of girl-cum into her snatch. The happy couple broke apart. Breathless, they turned to face the crowd. Kurt had such a beaming smile of joy on his face, his blue eyes bright. He ran a hand through his red hair before he and his blonde bride stepped off the dais and marched down the aisle.

Rosemary's green eyes met mine. The bride gave me a naughty wink as she passed. My futa-dick erupted a second time into her mother's cunt.

I howled out my rapture. I had to have her. I wanted to fuck her so badly. I wanted to breed her and cuckold Kurt so badly. I wanted to bend that bride over and fuck her in her white dress while the world watched. "Ooh, she's so pretty," Mrs. Ramsey moaned as she trembled atop me, my cum breeding her pussy. "Mmm, she's so happy with Kurt." "Yeah," I groaned. I had to remember that. Kurt. I couldn't fuck his bride.

I couldn't. How was I getting through the reception? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 17th, 2047 I blinked back tears as I remembered that magical moment of Kurt and Rosemary's union. The joy in their eyes, the pleasure buzzing through me as I spurted my cum into the mother of the bride's delicious snatch, breeding her. A smile spread across my lips. I glanced at my wife, Sharron, her strawberry-blonde hair spilling about her lovely face, almost a mirror of her mother's, her cheeks pink with a flush.

She dabbed at her eyes. The big smile on her lips had the same beaming joy her father wore that day. Sharron's blue eyes twinkled as she held her pregnant belly. My heart swelled with love as I remembered another wedding day. Ours. Adelia cleared her throat. "So, Becky, you made it through the ceremony without breeding the bride." I wrenched my gaze from my wife to glance at Adelia.

"Yeah," I said. I swallowed, my mouth so dry from the emotion attacking the back of my throat. "Now I just had to survive the reception." "Kurt had a plan, right?" I nodded my head. "But I wanted her so badly. After enjoying her mother, well, I had to find out how the daughter stacked." To be continued.