Slutty lezzies fill up their oversized butts with milk and squirt it out

Slutty lezzies fill up their oversized butts with milk and squirt it out
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In the summer I always enjoyed going to the pool with my friends. I was a young boy the age of 14 when I had my first sexual experience at the pool. It was one of those pools that had a mechanism that created waves in the water so rafts (made of plastic and filled with air) were very popular there.

Me and a few friends from school were there and this very hot girl, Tiffany, was lying on her raft talking and sunbathing. She had a great body she was about 5' 5'' and had nice C cups, and of course, she was wearing a bikini!

The waves had rocked us all back and forth for about 15 minutes. I got tired of lying on my raft so I took it and put it by all of our stuff. When I got there the waves had stopped (ever 20 or so minutes they switch the mechanism on or off). So I decided that I would dive in the pool and get back to my friends.

Upon my return I found that Tiffany had been flipped on her raft and everyone was laughing. When she re-emerged from the water, her boobs had fallen out of her bikini; I guess it was a little bit too big for her. This instantly gave every guy that was able to see it a boner but luckily that happened under the water. She ran back to our stuff very embarrassed. I swam out and chased after her (after my boner had subsided).

I consoled her at our stuff because she had started to cry. "Don't pay attention to those assholes" "I'll try" "You know, you do have great tits." "Really" "Yes" I placed my hand on the inside of her thigh "You know I've always thought you salacious anal riding with sexy luscious babe smalltits homemade hot" "Would you like to see more of me?" I said I'd like that very much.

She told me to meet her in the woman's changing room, in the handicapped stall in the bathroom in a few minutes. I got in there a few minutes after she left. I knocked on the door to the stall. But there was no answer. I saw feet under the door but no answer. I began to worry that someone else was in there but then she opened up the door. "Why the handicapped stall?" I asked She said because there was the most room in it, as a devilish smile slid upon to her face from out of nowhere. She started to untie the string to her bikini in the back.

As the top fell to the ground I felt a sudden tightness in my swim trunks. And I guess I wasn't the only one that noticed it either. She dropped to her knees and slid them down for what seemed like forever. When they finally fell to the ground we both gasped. Her in surprise, me in relief from the netted prison my cock was trapped in. My half hard dick popped out and said hello to the beautiful girl standing almost naked in front of me.

She asked, "Can I touch it?" I had no complaints. So I agreed. She began to stroke it slowly. This was the most pleasant experience I had yet to feel in my life. She just kept pumping the skin over and over again as I felt it grow to its full size.

My eyes had closed to enjoy the moment, when I suddenly felt something warm and slippery engulf my member. I looked down to see her mouth surrounding it. She sucked dick like she had don't it before. I moaned in pleasure. "You seem like you have done this before" "Nope, i'm just a natural" she replied, removing her head from my dick and still holding it in her hand.

She put it back in her mouth and sucked on it for another minute or two. I cautioned her that I was going to cum soon but she didn't pay attention to my warning. I shot my load down her throat and she swallowed every bit of it. Even the little bit vbrator vs fat vagina lips japanese hardcore had leaked out onto her chin.

"That was great" I said, "but now it's my turn" I kissed her slowly and passionately. Our tongues engulfed in a battle that nether could win, they slithered around each others' mouth the sensation was great.

I would have to make a note to do that more often. After we broke our kiss, I told her to sit on the toilet and spread her legs. I removed her bikini's bottom and stared in awe at the marvelous thing in front of me. She had a shaven pussy, I was in heaven. I kissed her beautiful cunt gently. I licked all around it. I'll never forget the taste, it was heavenly. As I licked more, more of her juices were flowing out and into my mouth.

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I stuck my tongue in and I felt the walls of her cunt squeeze my tongue as the pleasure intensified. I noticed her clit, so I flicked my tongue across it quickly and she gave a slight shudder followed by a moan. I decided to remember that for the future. I did it again, to the same amateur milf hooks up with black guy. Then I went all out.

I licked her pussy and sucked her clit with a passion. The minutes seemed like days. I thought my fun would never end. By now she had started to moan quite loudly. It was then I realized that someone else may be able to hear us, I didn't care. I kept on ravaging her pussy with my tongue and she kept moaning louder and louder. She soon reached climax and love juice rushed to my face as her legs squeezed it, I still love that feeling to this day.

I licked up every drop of it I could get. She was dying for cock now. She needed it, and I had it. She begged me, "put it in, now." Once again, I had no obligations not to. I stood up and positioned my cock to her fuck hole. Perfectly aligned, the toilet was the perfect height. It was like it was meant to be. I slid my cock into her pussy slowly at first, as soon as I got it all the way in, I instantly retracted my previous statement.

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THIS was the best feeling I've ever had. The feeling of her pussy surrounding mine and the whole ecstasy of the situation was great. I pushed my dick in and out slowly at first. Then I started going faster, then faster still. Eventually she started to meet my thrusts back as best she could.

I was starting to feel an orgasm coming on and I warned her, "I'm going to cum soon I'm going to pull out." If I pulled out a second later, she may have gotten pregnant, but my timing was perfect, I came allover her perfect tits and stomach.

She meanwhile was moaning sunny lean poran sex stories story loud, I was surprised everyone in the whole god damned world didn't hear her. We cleaned up really fast and went back out into the pool.

My guy buddies asked me why we were gone so long. All I said was, "Today is a day for the history books"