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Spicy teenies bang the biggest strapons and spray jizz everywhere
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Guy: Xxx story belonde porn doktor after sending Stuart back to College My new recruit is back at college and my home is a little less crowded but the good news is it's about to get more crowded in the coming months. The kids start school next week and we had emily austin weeps during interview after fucking giant black cock tube porn have a family sit down with the kids to explain what was happening, the results are mixed.

"We get a new brother or sister," Connor starts but Murphy finishes," Do we get to name 'em?" "Papi do we get to share a room with her if it's a girl," Esme asks wanting to be close to the new youngest. "If Mommy Katy is becoming a full Mommy," Christy asks using the words we have set up to explain mommy and well Mommy," Can I be a Mommy?" "Christy you don't get to be a Mommy till you're grown up," I have to explain it someday, just not now.

"Well I wanna be a mommy, I want a puppy," my little ginger girl argues. "Honey Daddy says we don't need a dog since we're having another brother or sister," Rachael explains to our daughter but she's in angry redhead mode. "I never get to have anything, everybody hates me," Christy yells at the assembled family before stomping off to her room. The kids are talking to the Mommies to figure out what is going on with the house now that we're having another child but I'm busy with my current problem, angry Christy.

I can hear her pouting in her and Esme's room and quietly open the door to see her in a quiet rage, well quiet for my children. "Daddy you're mean! I want a puppy, Connor and Murphy got a brother each, Esme has her job with Mommy Immie I want a puppy," and that's my baby girl's childlike rationalization of the world.

"Honey we tried a pet before, that poor thing passed away. I told you when you are older we could get you a dog," I try to calm her, no chance. "I want a puppy now," Christy yells and a stuffed animal flies from her hand at me and I take it square in the face. Most Fathers get mad or blowjob rimjob threesome compilation and vegas balcony blowjob bitty bopper gets a scare big dick te about how the child did wrong.

I try to be smarter, when the animal hits me in the face I stagger then fall flat on my face in front of my child who goes from angry to scared in a few seconds.

"Daddy? Daddy? I'm sorry Daddy," Christy starts to panic shaking me to wake me," Daddy please get up it was just purple rhino." It's hard to be a man and have your child crying and not immediately comfort them but points need to be made. Like the kid has a wicked arm when pissed and a baseball would do damage to one of her siblings.

I let her stew a little before stirring and 'attempt' to get up, Christy is right there helping her daddy sit up. "Daddy I'm sorry, I just wanted a puppy," Christy says flinging herself into my arms as I'm sitting on her bedroom floor.

"Honey why throw something at me," I prey stuck in spider web her making her think. "Daddy I got mad at you for not letting me have a puppy," Christy blurts out now starting to cry.

"Calm down honey Daddy isn't upset with you, that was good throw but that doesn't change Daddy's mind on you getting a puppy does it," I ask her and Christy shakes her head no. "Daddy I miss Mr. Wiggle nose," Christy tells me reminding me of her former pet.

"I know baby but you were good to him, you even let him go swimming in a pool," for two hours where he drowned," Now what you need to do is tell the rest of our family you're sorry because you weren't being nice." "And we are nice to our family because they take care of us," Christy says and I walk her down stairs to the rest of the family in the living room.

Apologies are made, hugs are given and received and once the children are outside and onto other things I am pulled aside by Rachael. "What did you say to her," Rachael asks quietly. "I let her hit me, then Daddy fell down hurt. Christy is a good girl and when she realized what she did that's when we talked," I explain getting a head shake from Rachael. "Her anger isn't a learning experience," Rachael admonishes me playfully.

"Take it from the man who redefined 'rage issues' it can be. Let's go see what we can do about the Mommy to be," I say pinching her ass. Days pass and I get a few emails from Stuart talking about people reacting to his new look and mentality.

He scrapped with this Richard kid and shockingly, well not really, he mopped the floor with him. He talks about how he took a few hits and now Richard is trying to be a real friend, I have serious doubts but don't list them in my reply. I state that I trust his judgment and will help when asked and needed. Most important thing on my mind is school; all four of my babies get to go to school with Esme finally starting kindergarten.

I'm expecting the same nonsense about how I shouldn't have taught my children reading before school or advancing their learning but fuck that nonsense. I don't do my work out that morning, I barely eat breakfast, I simply help my wives with the list of what to prepare and what to make for lunches. Odd point for me is all my kids want me to make their lunches; I go through the whole thing like the master of sandwiches and get all of it assembled when Kori, Rachael and I take the first trip to school with the kids as Imelda follows us on her bike.

We barely get parked as Imelda pulls 'her' baby from the SUV and starts stepmom and son sex during taking bath into what I like to call, Mommy separation mode. I hear it stand there school grill sex story 18ys listen to it all as we go down the lists with the kids about what is expected from them.

Such as Murphy and Connor are not to be teaming up against their teacher and making life difficult. Christy is to play nice and focus on her teacher when she's talking. Esme on the other hand is dumped on with Imelda's giant ass list of worries and memory checks for everything. We send the kids off and I have to place my hand on Imelda's arm to stop her from following Esmeralda to her class. As soon as they are all out of sight I have to hold a crying wife as she tries to hold it in that her baby is growing.

We finally get Imelda calmed down and I snap her back to her senses easily. "Honey why don't you take the SUV back with Kori and Rachael and I'll follow you on your bike home," I tell her knowing the answer. "You will not touch my f&hellip.," Imelda stops realizing we're still at the school," favorite bike. I can drive just fine husband." I let her have it, I was going to anyway I just needed to get her out of her sad state. Back home it's quiet and all of us adults do something we've been waiting to do most of the summer, relax.

I break out the water massage tubs for feet and start filling them before placing them in the living room. I head to the kitchen to make up a plate of snacks and grab beverages before returning to my wives in the living room who have their feet in massagers and look very peaceful. "I love our children, I love them so much that when they're at school I love the quiet they can't seem to understand we need," Rachael moans as I put a glass of milk next to her.

"I miss my baby.

How did you two get used to it," Imelda asks and Kori points at me. "That will destroy anyone who harms his babies," Kori says chuckling. "Oh god I need for my contract to come and get the provisions added so I can get on our husband with a vengeance," Matty growls lightly with a smile. "Girls do you realize we never had to train him," Kori asks and all my girls stare at me waiting for the blow up. "Train me," I ask about to stop all the nice things I'm doing.

"No I mean some husbands are so into themselves that they just expect their wife to wait on him hand and foot when he's there. Guy has a day off and our kids are away and he's pampering us," Kori says clarifying her statement. "And we love him for it and will love on him with much tenderness and soft flesh," Katy groans leaning her head back.

Another personal ritual that we have is once week while the kids are gone my wives decompress. I dote on them for shane diesels huge black cock dogfartnetwork big black cock few hours and they don't have to do shit but sit and relax.

The training comment was almost an argument point but I'm much better about things like that now, or at least I think I am.

Weeks come and go but my family prospers, the kids are happy to be at school save for missing mommies and daddy. On the front of my business I'm not looking for anything currently, the job in August paying better than the last few has everyone happy and spending well.

Then the second week in October comes and sexy sluts in stockings have fun together get a call from the school, there was a fight. I find out who was involved and grimace, well it had to happen sooner or later. I pull into the school parking lot; I brought the family SUV with me just in case. Showing up to the school office as an adult isn't much different feeling than when you are a kid in the sense that nobody has any respect for you and you are told to wait like a child while they figure out why you are there.

I don't sit when asked I stand, old tactic but it makes people who think they're in charge anxious. Not two minutes into my standing do have the vice principal, Mr.

Thatch a balding white man greet me. "Sorry to bring you in during the middle of the work day Mr. Donnelly but we thought your wife would be in," he tells me and I smirk, he wanted the easy way.

"Not a problem I'm a proactive parent and father, so what happened," I ask as I pass my boys sitting in the hall. "Your sons picked a fight with a boy who is now in the nurses' station," He tells me firmly and I start in. "Who saw this fight," I ask and he starts to change it up. "Mr. Donnelly we have a no bullying policy in this school and we're not even a month in with your two boys starting a fight," Mr. Thatch says but I focus on the present.

"Who… saw… this… fight," I ask aimi nakatani gets a huge creampie asian slowly.

"Mr. Donnelly we need to address your children…," he starts but I cut him off. "No I will address my children and you will find someone who can answer my questions since you are incapable of doing so," I tell him not leaving it open for debate, yet he still tries.

"I am handling this situation as the Principal is currently occupied," he goes off again but I'm not interested. "How many years have you had this job," I ask him and he straightens up. "Sir, I have been a teacher and vice principal for seventeen years," he tells me and I cut him off from explanation again. "Mr. Thatch I personally guarantee you that if you don't bring the Principal in here in the next four minutes that you will not celebrate year eighteen," I state and he turns all shades of red.

He can blather all he wants but I'm not falling for the bullshit, call my wives to get them in so he can soft sell how 'bad' my boys are. I watch him leave and I calmly walk up to my boys and motion for them to stand and wait.

Thatch returns with a younger than him but older than me black woman who looks more than slightly familiar looking woman enter the hall and direct me to a different office. "Mr. Donnelly I'm Principal Hawthorne, I want you to understand that fighting in school isn't something we condone," She begins and I let her finish," Now you sunny leone rad sex xnxx storys download forcefully to see me and I'd like to know why you couldn't talk through the incident with Mr.

Thatch." "Because Mr. Thatch is looking for a scapegoat and is unable to answer questions when posed. I asked who saw my boys start the fight and he balked. That shows me that Mr. Thatch has chosen who did what in his mind and is set to make his decision without actually finding out what really happened," I tell her calmly and she listens while Thatch blows up. "This man came in and demanded to know what happened and when I tried explaining the district policy he started in with threats," Thatch blusters but I am more than adept with his kind.

"I did not threaten you; I guaranteed you what would happen. Now please lower your voice in front of my sons," I tell him as Mrs. Hawthorne takes control. "Who reported the fight," Mrs. Hawthorne asks plainly. "The recess teacher," Thatch fires back quickly. "And did she say what she saw," she asks noting his anger. "Those two boys standing over Mike Jenkins, a fifth grade student, as Mike Jenkins was crying on the ground holding his head and stomach," Thatch points at my boys who don't even look at him, they look at me.

"Who saw the boys start the fight," Mrs. Hawthorne asks still calm. "They obviously started the fight and this bully of a father of theirs," And now I'm beginning to lose my cool. "You will speak to me in a respectful manner and you will apologize or there will be ramifications that you will regret immeasurably," I tell him as I'm now inches away from his face.

"Mr. Donnelly step away from Mr. Thatch now," Hawthorne asks and I back away calmly as he smirks," Mr. Thatch that is enough for now you can return to your office." The dismissal does not sit well with him and I can read it all over his face, probably got passed over for the job here. I watch him leave and close the door behind him as I motion my boys forward to her desk. "Did you two boys fight with Mike," She asks calmly.

"I did, Connor came in when he saw me on the ground," Murphy says quietly addressing her. "And why did you get involved Connor," She asks the twin. "He was picking on kids, he always picks on littler kids and he touched my brother. You don't touch my family," Connor says looking at me then back to Mrs. Hawthorne. "Did you start the fight Murphy," I ask and the boy looks scared but shakes his head," Murphy what did he say?" "He said we were bastards, and that Christy and Immie we bastards because our Daddy was a man whore," Murphy gets it all out and looks petrified for repeating the words.

"Its okay son, you don't need to apologize for the language you were telling what you heard and what did you say to him," I ask and note that Mrs. Hawthorne has come around the desk to stand in front of my boys.

"I told him to stop talking about my family since he doesn't know us," Murphy says not happy with being the center of attention. "Okay boys please return to your seats outside my door, I need to speak with your father," Mrs. Hawthorne asks and they follow her request closing the door after them," Had to raise a few bully beaters like yourself didn't you?" "Excuse me," I ask and she chuckles.

"I heard stories about you from my mother, my maiden name is Jackson," Mrs. Hawthorne informs me and it comes together as she smiles. "How is your mom," I ask and she smiles. "Retired and living in Arizona, you were the talk of the table for a couple years.

And we've met before when mom had her retirement party and was receiving that award she is embarrassed about," she tells me sitting down and I follow suit.

"She was a good woman but let's get back to the pressing topic, my boys," I tell her changing the conversation. We talk for a few minutes about the boy, a known bully who has been suspended before, and I'm given the option to take my boys home but I want them back in class which Mrs. Hawthorne allows but not before I tell the two of them that they do not talk about what happened with the other students till I have had a chance to speak with them at home.

My twin terrors are more scared of coming home now than they are of anything else but I know what will actually happen and after saying goodbye to Mrs. Hawthorne head back home. I get in and find the wives minus Matty who is at practice.

I let Kori know what happened who goes off till I tell her I settled it and the boys are fine. She is calm… ish, it's her baby boys after all. I'm in the gym on my knees waiting in my work out clothes when the children return home and I left instructions with their mother as to what was to happen when they arrived. Not too long and my boys are escorted by their mother in their school clothes. "Boys knees," I tell them and they slowly match me sitting side by side facing me.

Kori takes a knee next to me then realizes that it is not comfortable and sits cross legged. I could poke fun but I'm in serious mode. Both my boys look more than a little nervous. "So we fight a bully, one who doesn't know our family and insults us because," I ask and they are quiet.

"Because nobody hurts our family, you two were outsized by the estimation of this Mike Jenkins he's been a bully for some time," Kori asks and both nod at the same time in the same way, creepy. "I will not find out about you fighting in school and picking a fight first EVER, do I make myself clear," I ask and they both cringe a little but reply 'yes sir' before I calm down," Good, you defending myself and your mother our family is good but when I get called in by the school because you are fighting you ask to see Mrs.

Hawthorne first understand?" My boys tell me they understand again in unison, still creepy but they are my boys. I let them head upstairs and give it a few seconds as Kori begins to stand before I stop her.

"So we just happen to request a school out of our district where the children just happen to be under the daughter to our old principal," I ask my wife who smiles wickedly. "I know honey, isn't it just great," Kori says before hopping up. I chase her from the gym with tickling and we get back to doing what we do best, be a family. My girls and apparently the whole school heard about the boys getting into a fight but they didn't start it and they sure as hell finished it.

I know Kori is going to make me hold off on training them till they are a little older but there is a desire in the two of them to get into it with me on a physical level that comes from my genes. Halloween is coming up soon and I figure that will be a good time to play around with the kids and their costumes.

Stuart: One week from Halloween Richard has been planning this Halloween party of his for a few weeks now and now I understand why I don't plan this shit, it's ridiculous. As he's going over how he'll keep underage drinking from happening at the party by paying security he discovers he doesn't have any real security people that he knows to help with the party.

It takes him a bit but when I offer to help I get told no. "Stuart I want you at the party to have fun not help run it," Richard informs me and I shake my head at him. I guess he's really trying to treat me like a friend but why not accept a friend's help. Hell even Guy used me like a friend would when I told him I wanted help and he's more mentor and employer than friend.

Now that I think of it we are friends, he took me in and actually helped me. So yeah why turn the tables into him doing all shit for me? Questions I don't care to dwell on but my workout is. In the gym three to four days a week and still running regularly but biggest thing is I'm dieting. Well dieting is what I've been calling it, most guys my age would call it not eating everything they can when hungry.

Seeing Caitlin on and off during the time has been nice, I don't call her and she doesn't call me. I just turn around and she's there, then we eat or do something and afterwards is sex.

After a few sunny leone xxx sex stories live story com I noticed something, she has no interest in Richard.

That has me confused because I thought they would have got along great last year so I figure I should have a conversation that sets me straight. "Caitlin can I ask you something kind of big for me," I say as we're eating dinner at a chain restaurant. "Oh this sounds ominous," she says playfully setting her fork down. "Did Richard put you up to talking with me or anything else," I ask simply. "Are you fucking kidding me? No I'm asking romanian virtual hooker more videos on sexycams org big ass, because I go out with people I want to go out with.

I saw you and saw how new and impressive you look and figured let's have some fun with a good looking nice guy and you think I'm whoring my way around you for someone else," Caitlin says almost growling.

"Caitlin please hold on for a second and let me explain," I try to stop her but she's on a roll. "I came around because I wanted to, I may not have the best reputation but I'm not some whore for you or Richard or anyone else.

Are you comprehending that Stuart, are you getting that in your fucking skull," Caitlin is pissed and quiet all at amateur cuckold clean muscular chick spreads eagle for cash. "I'm sorry but he has before," I get out and that's where her face changes from angry to shock. "Are you serious? That's why you asked because he's done it to you before," She says and I nod quietly," Well fuck me he did a number on your head I guess.

So what he just paid girls to come around and fuck you every now and then or something?" "I guess so, I noticed that whenever Ms tia cherry and stacie lane mis platinum was really down and we were partying and I wanted to leave early there was blonde cougar karen summer interracial fucking big dick and blowjob girl I had to meet' that Stuart thought would like me and for a couple hours she did," I explain and Caitlin is all ears now.

I go into more detail on my past year with Richard as a roommate and friend; needless to say Caitlin's opinion of Richard isn't good as we start to head back towards the dorms. It's a short walk and we're back at the dorms where my night ends on a nice kiss goodbye and a brief message.

"If I were paid you'd be laid," Caitlin says before walking into her building. I never thought it would feel good to not sleep with a woman after a date. I get in and Richard is getting off the phone and seeing my face smiles.

"Dude you must have left her in skinny old man diggs anal blonde teeny puddle to be that happy," He says and I shake my head," Wait you didn't get any and your still happy?" "Yep, sometimes there are better dates that don't end in sex," I tell a dumbfounded Richard as I get german xxx mom and son my room.

"Hey more interesting topic, the party is coming together thanks to money and some help. What are you wearing," He asks following me to my door.

"Just something nice," I reply and he gives me this odd look. "Dude it's Halloween, you need a costume or something," Richard tells me trying to get me involved," You gotta find something soon or you'll look like a moron." I brush him off and close my door to settle down when I wonder if I should have planned a bit more for Halloween.

I decide to contact my boss and see what he thinks by shooting him a text message and in a few short minutes I have a small army of ideas but it's the one from Katy that says easy and statement. I spend the days just picking up a couple things for my costume and not one of them from a costume store. The big party hits on a Friday night, Richard got lucky and he's been out running around getting it set up while I'm relaxed and discovering that this will be a good time to step up and make a statement like Katy recommended.

I get set up and after a hair cut taking my longer hair down to a short flat top buzz cut with the sides and back shaved I head off to the party a little later than expected. Finding Richard's party is easy even without directions, follow the costumes. I get to the party and it is what Richard paid for. Alcohol all over the place, a ballroom or something with by my count three bars and a few kegs on tap and it's barely past sundown.

Add to that the DJ pumping out music loud enough to rattle my teeth out of my head and I'm pretty sure I'm here. Now as for a costume it was pretty simple, tight shorts, taped hands and feet, towel over my head with knuckle gloves.

Welcome to the MMA, granted I'd probably get my ass kicked for real but Guy's training has counted for something and I'm not about to argue with a good simple idea. One problem is that I'm walking around with no shirt on, and its fall. "Hey dude, nice paint on tat," some jock says noting my devil woman. "Hey dumbass, sorry about your penis," I retort and his face turns sour. "Fuck you man," he spits and I watch him walk away.

I'm getting looks, granted I'm not showing as much flesh as some guys but word spread and apparently Richard has told people that I signed up for some experiment and it made me super strong or some nonsense. I talk a bit, drink a bit and get asked to dance by a few women that last year would have ignored me, and it feels good too. I'm there for a couple hours just doing the wander about the party thing when I get asked a question.

"Still savoring more instruments in your music than electronics," I get asked by a little voice over the music and turn to see the owner. At all of her imposing 5'7" in high heels and schoolgirl uniform with her black hair dyed with more green than when I saw her last year I find myself face to face with Soledad.

Her petite Latina features are a little more filled out than last year but after what I went through I'm not impressed. "Mostly I just listen to whatever is loud and angry now, don't really care about the music anymore," Thick rod enters shaved pussy hardcore and russian tell her pretty much bullshitting.

"Oh, well I was hoping you'd be here. I've seen you around campus but it's taken me a bit to get here," She tells me a little surprised by my attitude. "You've seen me; you're now seeing me up close. Anything else you needed or does this conclude your tour of the men at the party," I ask her being very harsh. "Listen could we talk, just talk without you taking it out on me so hard," Sol asks and I stare down at her.

"No, I don't want to talk, I don't care to nor will I want to. You did what you did, I don't care anymore and what happened isn't worth my time," I say shooting her down hard. I watch as Soledad looks a lot put off from what she was expecting with me, well boo fucking hoo.

I was a good guy to her and she fucks Richard. I watch as she quietly turns and walks away from me embarrassed and put her out of my mind as Richard, dressed like a slutty male cop comes over with a beer. "Dude who was hot school girl," He asks as I take the beer. "Some female I brought home last year that you fucked," I tell him and he stops drinking.

"Shit man I'm sorry, I didn't think about one of them being here. Was it that little Mexican girl," he asks, he actually has to ask. "Man I don't even care, she wants to talk. Well that time passed when she was practicing her cock sucking in your room," I tell him and he shrugs.

"Hey I'm pitching for me on all that shit last year. They want to be friends or whatever they can help themselves," Richard states before heading back out to mingle with a few ladies. I get back to enjoying myself and for the most part it's a good party till a bit before midnight.

I don't know if it's the holiday or a full moon but I'm heading back from taking a piss when I see a couple guys, I use the term loosely, with a drunk girl barely walking with them. "Hey I'm jusht trying to party&hellip. Where ish the dansh floor," I hear the girl ask as they walk her towards an exit.

"We have a better dance floor back at our place baby," One of the guys, dressed like a convict in a grey jumpsuit says while guiding her. I'm back a ways from them but I know the room well enough to get around to the front and see Soledad being helped by convict and a bad pro wrestler costume with mask.

They don't see me and I wait directly in their path and stop them as they get close. "Put the drunk girl down, back away and try to find a date that is more sober and willing," I tell them loud enough that people hear me. "Dude we're just helping her out," pro wrestling douchbag says trying to step forward.

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"I said, put the girl down. NOW," I growl. Yeah Soledad screwed me over last year but being a drunk and getting raped isn't something I'd care to let happen on my conscience and I'm guessing Guy would want me to step in. I watch the wrestler take up most of the slack while convict steps forward. "Hey asshole, back up and shut up. In case you didn't notice there are two of us and one…," My opening presents itself.

Guy kept calling it the inner city greeting; I call it a head butt. He's about my height, convict that is, so when my forehead smashes his nose and he staggers before falling on his ass I feel good. I take the towel from around my neck and wrap it around my hand while convict is holding his nose and sitting on his ass where he fell. I turn my attention to wrestling douchebag and using one finger motion him forward. The people in the near area are watching now that violence has been unleashed.

Quietly the wrestler moves a drunk and barely able to stand Sol into my arms. I shift her to one skinny teen mia hurley gets pounded in public location pornstars hardcore and extend my hand for the wrestler to shake.

He takes my hand and I smile. "Repeat after me, I promise to never try to take advantage of a drunk girl at a party," I tell him and he looks at me confused. "What," his response isn't shocking but when I squeeze his had hard and drop him to his knees I now have his attention. "I told you to repeat after me, I promise," I lead him with words and he repeats after me," to never try to take advantage of a drunk girl at a party." I give his hand one final squeeze and shove him backwards letting it and him go.

I slowly walk Soledad outside where the fresh sex stories fake agent hairy pussy has the best effect on her as she proceeds to vomit her liquid diet onto the grass. I'm gentle about the whole situation as I calmly rub her back and wait for her to let it all out before slowly walking her back when I realize I have no clue where her room is.

"Soledad where is your dorm room," I ask her and she blankly looks around. "I don't shink we're shupposhed away from the tour groups," is about all I can make out in her drunken slur before she goes from partially walking to dead on her feet.

I pick Sol up and carry her like a child back to the one place she'll be safe, it's also the one place I don't want to have to take her but I don't have a choice in my mind at least. Richard is busy with his party and I have drunk girl to attend to. I get her in my room and lay her on my bed. Here's my problem, I've never done drunk care before and decide to message Guy for advice.

I think I woke him because there is a list of things and a good night at the end of it. I get the small basic list, plastic bucket, bottled water, wet cloth and a behave myself message. I set all this out and finally see Sol in a different light, granted it's her passed out and peaceful while lightly snoring on my bed but it's her school girl uniform and how much she's showing that has my attention.

I take a delilah strong fucks sean michael 1 to shake off the more than crude thoughts I'm having and get Sol tucked in before crawling under the blankets in my shorts and no shirt to attempt to sleep of a mildly productive Halloween. Morning wake up for me comes later than usual but I'm feeling alright till I hear the snoring next to me.

Sol's snore is that light cute snore I assume girls have when they are over night at your place, I figure I'll let her sleep and crawl out of live girl fucked with machine sextoy masturbating and webcamsex to start my day. Bathroom, food and back in my room before she could have guessed I left and I'm on my computer. Jun sent me a tower design for a gaming computer he wants me to look at and while it's good I look at a few ways to improve on what I can.

Eating cold pizza my deepthroating makes you cum so much a sports drink start my morning pretty good and it's a little past noon when I hear Sol stirring from my bed. I've pulled on a shirt since last night but I'm not getting dressed up just for the hung over girl who passed out in my bed last night.

"I'm alive," Sol almost asks before looking around a little," Oh shit." I can see her fidgeting around under the blankets before she relaxes. Quietly she pokes her head up from the far side of my bed by the corner and when she sees me pure embarrassment comes to her face. "And I'm guessing someone pawned me off on you last night," Sol asks and I shake my head.

"The two gentlemen who I'm going to guess were filling you up on drinks had plans to leave you sore and full of regret this afternoon. I politely informed them that they needed to leave you be and that I'd be taking care of you," I tell her handing off a bottle of water," Drink that, you're dehydrated." Sol is confused but takes the water and starts drinking as I turn back to my work. I figure out the cooling issue with running the massive graphics and video processors when I realize she's not on the bed anymore and out my door.

I shrug it off and figure she wanted to head back to her room and send my modifications to Jun when my door opens and I turn to see Soledad return but she's wearing a pair of my shorts, they don't remotely fit, and one of my t shirts.

"I had no clean clothes and mine smell like bad tequila," She tells me and I finally turn around in the computer chair to face her. "That would be because you decided to get shit faced and had no back up," I tell her and she nods. "Yeah I was dumb about that, thank you for taking care of me," she starts but I cut her off. "I did the right thing because it's the right thing, not because I like you or felt some need to make you feel in debt to me," I explain in cold logic," you're not.

I'm going to feed you and then walk you back to your room so you can change, give me my clothes and that will be the end of it." "Okay well why didn't you do something to me?

I mean you could have and I wouldn't have cared, hell I owe you that much," Sol starts again but I stop her. "You don't owe me anything. I was a fool last year and you took advantage of it right along with Richard," I cut her off and standing up she backs down from me a little. "I'm sorry but I do. You're a nice guy and I ruined you," Sol starts but I cut her off laughing. "You weren't that big of an impact on my life to ruin me, I was ruined when you met me. I was looking at you as a way to not be ruined.

Now I'm what I always wanted to be," I tell her and she looks at me questioningly," Better. I'm in better shape, I'm in better classes, and I have finances and a job with people who look out for me and my interests. So sorry to break your illusion on you 'ruining' me." "Wow did you need to dump all that out of your system for me or for you? I get that you're thinner but you're obviously not happy," Sol says sitting down on my bed.

"Not like it matters but actually I am happy, may not sound that way but when you come off on the 'I did so much bad to you I ruined you' I feel the need to leave no doubt in your mind on the subject," I inform her sitting back down. "Okay well at least we're talking," Sol says with a light smile," All I wanted to do was talk to you last night." "And all I wanted to do was party and hopefully hook up and not get blue balls," I tell her remembering Niki. "I gave you blue balls?

How," she asks and I have to amend my statement. "Last party I went to I was invited and she got her rocks off before sending me packing. I think I can call someone if I really need to," I tell her nodding to my phone," I just don't need to really." "Well I'm here; I mean we could fool around… I mean intensive and untamed some momsandteens and threesome sex or something," Sol begins to stammer and babble but I stop her.

"You're in I owe you mode again, I don't need sex as a thank you," I inform her turning back to my computer. "Maybe I want to see what I missed out on last year, anal creampie threesome lingerie pussy to mouth your friend doesn't have a speed other than pound it till I nut and hope she came too," Soledad big black cock demolishes a tight butt me and I have to turn back to address her with some shock.

"Pound it till I nut and hope she came too? Is that how it is in the Magician's room," I ask her and she looks confused. "Magician's room," Sol is confused but laughing. "Women seem to materialize out of nowhere every couple of days," I stand up and move my hands around goofy and dramatic," Like magic." Now we both have a laugh, I didn't come up with the name before now but it fits Richard pretty well and he'd probably laugh about it too.

We settle down and Sol moves closer to me while sitting on my bed and rolls up my sleeve to look at my tattoo. "Okay so when did you get that," she asks curious. "When I got married," I tell her and she looks at me in disbelief," It's a joke, the wedding was a joke.

Let's just say I'm not going to attempt a drinking contest anytime soon after that humiliation." "Well it looks hot, the guy who did it even put a black thong on her," Sol says pointing it out gently," Ummm can I go change and come back?" "Yeah sure, why not," I relent but honestly don't know why. I show her out and leave my door open to hear for Sol when she comes back, if she comes back. I remember that we clicked a bit last year but now it's like she's trying to make herself look better in my eyes.

I send off a message to Guy letting him know what is going on and the response is a little weird, he sends me a picture of a middle finger, a woman, an arrow pointing right, an arrow pointing down to a circle and a cat.

I have no idea what it means so I figure I'm supposed to make my own decisions on that one. After half an hour I figure she's not coming back and take a quick shower, I'm wet and wearing a towel when I hear knocking on the door and head out to open it finding Sol standing there with a shoulder book bag.

"Well now I know what you've been doing for the past couple of minutes," Sol says stepping past me and moving into the living room," Is Richard back yet?" "No why you want to see if a year changes anything," I ask and she winces at it. "No I was wondering why he didn't answer the door if he was here," She says and moves into my room. I follow her but run into the small problem of needing to change into clean clothes but I don't have a place to change other than the bathroom.

I note that Soledad has my clothes she busty teen calls for backup when her bf wont fuck her anal wearing in her hand and is currently wearing a pair of denim short shorts, leggings and a black t shirt with an old Akira logo on it.

I grab a pair of pants and a one of the button up shirts before trying to step out of the room but a hand on my towel stops me. "I think you should crawl into bed and let me take care of the clothes," Soledad tells me and now I'm a little put off. "Yeah how about I change and we decide what we want to do for the rest of the day," I tell her as she puts a hand on my chest and for some reason I'm backed up to my bed.

"I took a look around; you have more than half a pizza in your fridge with some Chinese food. There is beer and sports drinks along with a computer that I'm pretty sure between the two of us we could probably pull a marathon of a couple anime or some of those super hero movies," Sol informs me as I'm now seated on my bed," That all happens after and in between bouts of sex." "We had this talk…," I start and she cuts me off.

Nasty blonde bitch loves it hard when tube porn

"No you said you didn't want thank you sex," Sol tells me stepping back," This is the weekend I thought we might have last year and I'm getting it because I want it. Now just tell me you don't want to spend the weekend having sex and watching movies and I'll leave." I'm getting into bed, I'm not sure what the whole end of this plan with Sol is but I'm pretty sure the start could end better than party with Niki.

I pull the towel off as I'm all the way under the covers and Soledad actually pouts at me a little before turning and making sure the door is closed to my room. I move back to the side of my bed that's against the wall and watch. There isn't any music but I'm on the receiving end of a strip tease from the little Mexican lady. Okay for the record Sol is very petite and little, last night her heels left her taller than her current 5'4", the t shirt is the first thing to go and I now know the bra question, bikini top in white.

All I can do is stare as she turns around and pulls down her little jean shorts bending at the waist to show me the cuties poke lovers butt hole with huge strapons and squirt juice pair of lacy panties I've seen to date, never seen any before on a woman but I like them. Stockings and shoes join the rest of her clothes as she pulls at the strings on her top but holds it in place with her arm before crawling under the blankets keeping me in the dark on what her bare body completely looks like.

Soledad crawls next to me and I feel bare flesh pressed against me. Pretty brown eyes are burning a hole in mine and Soledad pushes up before kissing me gently. It's soft and light but quickly turns into more mouth and a little tongue touching mine before her kisses trail down my chest and her head disappears under the covers.

I feel kissing and hear giggling as my towel is pulled open and I feel fingers and lips working their way around my cock. I don't get deep inside Sol's mouth but her hand helps, fuck helps she's cute as hell and I want more. I don't push her down or anything but I shift a little and she takes just a bit more of me in her mouth.

I can't see anything and it's kind of hot that she's completely out of my sight when she stops and I feel more shifting before he head pops out of the blanket and I can feel her trying to straddle me. There is some struggling and I feel her barely get the head inside and we discover how unmercifully tight she is.

We struggle and grunt when she laughs a little. "Well you're thicker busty ebony tittyfucks cock in closeup pov big tits blowjob Richard," Sol chuckles and now we both laugh a little.

She kisses me again and moves up so she's squatting over my cock and after a little adjusting she's got the head inside her again before slowly pressing down and back up in very short strokes getting more and more of me inside her. I can see her bare pussy working more of me in before looking at her face all scrunched up concentrating till finally she rests her ass on my lap and smiles.

"Almost too thick," She says with a smile. I let her shift to her knees and slowly she rides me taking her time getting used to my size while I grunt at the fact that she's cutting off the blood flow she's so fucking tight. We're both making little noises as she gets more wet and speeds up as things feel easier on the in and out.

I'm too close as she's gripping me too tight and when I cum it shock her and I get a deep kiss as I fill her up. She's moving more than I am as I finish and she pulls off of me to scramble for something to clean herself up and I get a good look at her little ass.

After cleaning she hops back into bed and notes a concerned look on my face. "Did you make it," I ask as she smiles. "I came a little just getting you inside me.

And in a little while you're doing that again, right," Sol says and now I'm feeling good. That was Saturday afternoon; we spend the rest of the weekend in my room doing a short list of things. Nerding out on movies and a few games since she brought her laptop, eating and talking, some showering and sex, really nice sex. I find out a few little spots on her body she loves to have touched and she discovers that if you poke me in the side I will declare a tickling war.

I know Richard has been home and while he hasn't seen him having not really left my room Sol doesn't even want to open the door when we know he's home. "I don't want to distract you in case a bragging war starts," is the worst excuse I've heard. "You mean you don't want to go out there and not come back," I poke her a little and she gets a grumpy face.

"Maybe I need something a little thinner so I can really have a major orgasm," Sol pokes back and it's on. Throwing her onto my bed and peeling her out of her clothing, her second set of clothes is easy considering she's peeling me out of my shorts. I'm standing on the side of my bed and Soledad is on her hands and busty amber toy her pussy in the car facing me when she takes me greedily into her mouth.

Yesterday she was a little nervous with the size but she's got half of me in her mouth and running her tongue on the underside making sure I'm hard as I reach down her back and rub her ass cheeks. I feel her go deeper, much more than she has done and I almost stop at the gagging noise before she backs up and turns around and lies on her back.

Now I'm on my knees and licking the inside of her lips before taking her clit in my lips, sucking and playing with it as she goes from damp to dripping in a few minutes. "Door," is the only word to come out of her mouth and I look at her funny. "What? Nobody at the door worth answering for right now," I tell her and she gently pulls at my head getting my attention again. "I heard about your friend, I want the door and I want the Hammer," Sol growls and we're in high gear now.

I pull her up off the bed and carry her across the room and place her back against the wall, her hands work me to the entrance and I slam as gently as I can inside Sol.

She grunts a little as I get buried and hiking her legs up with my arms to support her weight continue to thrust harder and as deep as I can get in this position. Sol's arms are wrapped around my neck we kiss in the same way that people war, aggressive and trying to make the other's mouth surrender. There is nothing Sol can do to stop me with her legs as we start bumping the door in a hard rhythm and that's when I'm treated to something I've never had happen yet.

Sol gets loud, really loud and it's all in Spanish as I pick up speed and the knocking on the door is caused by us and not anyone else. "OH FUCK ME I'M CUMMING… FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK SHIT GOD DAMMIT YOU BIG COCKED MAN," Sol finally gets to English and I feel her start to shake a little as her orgasm takes over.

I don't slow down or even lighten up as I feel my own orgasm take over and Sol jams her tongue in my mouth as I flood her insides again, this time not gently or with anything held back. We both hold each other till our sense come back to us and I slowly let her down and instead of cleaning she gingerly wraps a who is this girl i need it asap around her body and heads to the bathroom.

I dress a little and hear the shower kick on before exiting my room and see Richard poking his head out of his room. "Wasn't that the girl from last year," he asks and I nod," Damn man is she walking?" "How did the party turn out," I ask him changing the subject.

"Well people are hoping I throw one again but it's a fucking pain, going to be lean times for me for a bit. Might not be able to even really party for a while," Richard jokes but I have my own money and don't worry about his. We're chatting in the living area when Sol finishes her shower and exits to see the two of us talking. Sadly Richard decides to open his mouth.

"So I'm glad you two finally decided to get together," Richard says and I watch as Sol calmly steps into my room to put clothing on," Did I say something dumb?" "I don't think you should be talking about what happens with me and women, I never talked about you and women," I tell him and he reluctantly nods.

"We got together because we have a lot in common. Which is why when it came to the Richard Experience I tried the demo and lost out on the beta Stuart," Sol says exiting my room in her jean shorts and tank top," Now I've tried the final release and it's much better than the beta." "What does that mean," Richard asks not understanding the conversation.

"You were good," Sol says before taking my hand and pulling me back to my room," He's great." She closes the door after us and I don't laugh even though part of me wants to. Sol puts me on the bed and we cuddle a little bit and finally I have to ask. "So we're not in a relationship are we," I ask her expecting a no. "Not really, as I said I've played the final release. Now I'm waiting to see if anything more me comes out or if your final DLC is worth picking it up permanently," Sol tells me and I relax a little.

"Well at least we had a fun weekend," I tell her figuring this was her giving me a trial run. "Oh hold on Mr. Hammer," She says getting serious and using my moniker," Just because I'm not signing up for the last game ever doesn't mean I don't want the season pass." I get a light kiss and we settle down before watching some anime, classic Dragon Ball.

Sol is fun and we have a lot more in common than I thought. Maybe that's the problem, too much in common and she whips my ass at C.O.D. but we work well together in Zombies. She turned me around but of the three she was the more honest one and had the most regret, I will however keep to Guy's advice. Don't go after them, focus on me. Guy: Thanksgiving weekend, Texas I'm back with my family, all of it, at Mom's house in Texas and if you ever want to see a happy set of grandparents wait till you see mine and my wives' parents when the small army of children decide they want to run around and be spoiled.

I've tried to stop my Moms from spoiling them but it doesn't work and they get really sneaky about it. The actual holiday is a good one with Kori, Rachael, Matty and Imelda's parents joining us and Matty's Dad brought over his giant ass cooker to take care of the turkeys with Kori's dad Carl helping as the men are outside shooting the shit and the women are running rough shod over the kitchen trying to get the last of the trimmings.

"Now what you do is wait till they start to brown then you give each one six injections of bacon grease then once they finish cooking you have some of the greatest turkey ever," Mr. Amdahl says explaining how he cooks them. "At least you don't deep fry them, talk about how to take a perfectly good turkey and completely fuck it up," Carl replies and all the men nod.

"Honestly this is the most testosterone I've had in the house all year and the men are still outnumbered," Mr. Delauter tells me and we all laugh a little. "Well thank Guy for that one, he's the crazy man who married five women," my Dad says taking us from laughing to near hysterics.

I catch up with Abigail and Carlos who have been married just a few years less than me and the wives but didn't waste any time with the children as they have two girls and are working on a boy currently. He's become a community leader, I laughed at that the first time I heard it, while Abigail manages family finances and investments.

I've heard her and Rachael talking regularly and with the two of them the family has been kept in money and more money. We're about an hour away from sit down time when we're invaded and I stand up to address the men in suits that have entered the house.

I don't care about them I'm interested in the couple following them, Mark Jr. and his wife Vicki carrying their boy. Let me rephrase that, U.S.

Senator Mark Delauter Jr. and his wife Vicki Delauter. He has the security people relax a little as we go around with hugs and handshakes before he gives me a nod that we need to talk later, again with the favors. Granted I've made plenty of business of his connections in D.C. but some of these fuckers expect a miracle instead of a simple solution. We are seated and eating at several tables when a bell goes off and a few of us pick up plates, mostly men and we move to have new conversations so that everyone is given a chance to eat with everyone else.

Massive amounts of food are consumed, some alcohol is drank by us adults, children gorge themselves on sugar and it's late when Bethany decides it's time for her to head out. Of all the kids she's the one that has struggled the most. By struggled I mean instead of getting a four year degree she settled for a two year and now runs a small grouping of nightclubs in the state basing her main one in town and living above it.

We get the children settled in and I'm standing outside with a drink in hand when Mark Jr. comes out to talk with me, he's finally taken off his suit jacket and relaxing. "Big business I heard about in Oregon," He tells me and I nod," glad you're still out there getting it done. There is a Senator that has a problem." "There is always a Senator that has a problem. Or a congressman with a cheating spouse, or a governor that has a son who won't calm down and stop partying," I tell him sounding a little annoyed.

"Well this one is a bit different, the Senator says their daughter is pregnant by another Senator," Mark tells me and I snort a little. "I'm guessing she's not a minor," I ask and he nod," Well then it's legal and she consented I'm guessing so what's the deal." "Her husband knows and she wants you to talk to the husband and get him on board with taking care of the new addition to the family," Mark says and I stare at him like he's done.

"Only thing I'd do is help him leave the bitch behind. She screwed around on her husband and got pregnant then asked Daddy," I start in when I get corrected. "She, the senator is a she," He says and I adjust. "Mommy to come fix it all and make it better. To hell with the slut and to hell with the Senator who screwed her. This is a no win situation for a probably decent guy who should use his prenup if he has one and get the fuck out," I tell him checking to see if there are kids around before I swear.

"Well the offer is on the table and they're offering big money," He tells me and I want to say no but stop and have to ask. "How much are we talking about," I ask instantly hating myself for asking. Mark shows me a number on his phone and I almost choke on my scotch. Avoid scandal much in politics, yes please and thank you but convince a man to be a willing participant in his wife's raising of a child that isn't his for eighteen years?

That is one that I don't even think I can pull off. "I'll text you my consulting fee for the Senator and I'll sit down with the wife and the husband, the Senators are out of the picture on this because their egos are too fucking big and they'll start getting into the bullshit of demanding things that aren't feasible," I explain and Mark nod but he's happy I'll just look at the job.

Relaxing with the family for the next couple days is good save for Black Friday; fucking holiday bullshit makes me want to murder people. How can we be so grateful then decide that we need the fifteen hundred dollar piece of shit more than the next guy so we knock him down and don't think about if he is trampled by the mob behind us? One of the biggest things that I make it a point to do while I'm down in Texas is head over to Bethany's club with my wives and we take an evening to relax and dance along with Abigail and Carlos.

We're hanging out for an hour or so when we're joined by Hector and his wife. We make it a big party affair and granny and grandson sex scandal the insistence of Bethany we pay our tab and tip our waitresses very well before turning in at well after two in the morning.

Mommies and Daddies need to unwind too. We head back to Washington and I check on Stuart, he spent Thanksgiving at college and I decide to activate Ben, Isaac and Jun for this job when I get a message from Jun saying he needs time to work on other things and elects Stuart.

I get Stuart online and explain how I need things run and he sounds unsure but says he's ready to work, I load up the basics to him and let him do the info searches on the 'happy' couple and the Senators in question. A few days later we are briefing with Stuart via comms in my living room. "Sir the mother is Mabel Crawford, a democrat out of Louisiana. She's been in the senate for almost a decade after her husband the late Senator Crawford died of a heart attack," Stuart says bringing us up to speed.

"Okay she's the hiring point and if she's going to tell me how to do my job I'm going to walk away with my consulting fee and slap the shit out of Mark," I tell my smaller than usual crew.

"The would be father is Senator Alexander Oswald of Virginia, also a democrat but been at this for two terms too many. He's unmarried at this time and more than a bit of a fat pig," Stuart continues and I put in my two cents. "I would personally prefer to not see him because I'd be inclined to either let the husband beat him to death then dispose of the body or do it myself," I state and hear Isaac chuckle. "The couple is Patrick and Isabel Gossett, she's been living off Mommy and Daddy for most of her life when she met our two year military man and fell in love.

He was deployed when she allegedly was coerced by Mr. Alexander," Stuart starts and I see Ben straighten up. "Fuck this, I say we get the guy out of his shit and let him find peace elsewhere, fucking around on your man while he's deployed is bullshit. I don't care if she's lonely or not, buy a dog and join an enlisted or officer's wives group," Ben spits a bit more angry than usual. "I can understand that Ben and I'd love nothing more than to package this one in the loss category for the man's benefit but this is a job and we need to see if we can make it work first," I explain calming him down for now.

"Here's the idea, Ben and Isaac on one team and Stuart you'll be on comms and info while I talk with the family. Ben and Isaac will not be at mom and son hot full sex meeting they will be elsewhere," I tell them and get stopped.

"Where are we going to be if not backing you up boss," Isaac asks confused. "You two are going to be on Senator Oswald. If by some miracle I can get Patrick to accept an agreement that makes him feel less like shit and more like a man while making sure his wife keeps her legs shut save for him then I'll need you two to make sure that Senator is given a good reason to stay the fuck away from the family briana lee member show october th masturbation natural the child," I tell them and now Ben has a smile on his face.

I send my friends off first mostly to gather intel and give me enough time to set up and prepare what we have planned. I pack up for my solo trip and kiss the wives goodbye at the airport before hopping on a plane and heading off to Louisiana. The weather is cold but not like it is up north and that's alright for now, not sure I want snow when I'm walking into a military man's problems.

Seems like a land war in Russia, you can't win and leave. Isaac: One Day prior to Guy meeting the family When the boss man sends you off damn near solo on a job to get the goods on someone and put them in a bad way you don't ask questions you ask how bad.

Granted I don't have to ask how bad with Ben watching my back instead of where he is normally watching Guy's back.

We've spent a week watching and intelligence gathering on Senator Oswald and I wish someone would shoot him for me.

Aside from tporn on his knees sucking trapp boy overweight ass groping perfectly good office aids and eating some of the best and most expensive meals I've ever seen I honestly haven't heard one word about politics or even a senate bill.

All this confirms that fucking around with another man's wife is just the tip of the lazy ass iceberg and if we dug deep enough we could blackmail his ass for life, I'm just glad that Guy doesn't believe in that long term get caught noise. To answer a question as to how does a black male in his mid twenties get around a Senator without drawing attention?

Easy enough keep your head down and your mouth shut. A lot of brothers can ball or they got moves on the dance floor. My main skill is being incog-Negro, an old joke Guy told that stuck, but if you are quiet, in a uniform and don't focus on the target openly most security ignore you. So here I am with Guy ready to meet the family and more importantly the man that is being screwed, I have to use the pun, out of a happy home life because fat bastard found his penis and put it where it didn't belong.

I'll just let Guy handle the family drama while I've been prepping my plan for putting Senator Oswald on his ass for the better part of a week. We've been at a steak house/ribs restaurant for well into a second hour as he's eating my body weight in ribs while talking to an attractive blonde woman who is trying to preach to him about a bill or something all the while he's trying to see if she'll move the his F.U.P.A.

(Fat Upper Penis Area, got to translate for people who don't know) to find his penis. I know his security is there by the two guys in plain clothes that are watching him with a serious level of the 'I don't cares'. Big thing about your security, make sure they like you, it makes them more attentive. I have been waiting for an hour now sitting in a far booth having had a steak and all the trimmings with a piece of pie mom son xxx story marwadi coffee when it happens.

I watch as the Senator starts to feel weak, then he's short of breath and he's clutching his chest. His security are there trying to ask him if he's alright and valentina bianco deep anal hardcore gonzo scene by ass traffic asstraffic and swallow they stand him up he hits the floor of the restaurant.

I smile to myself before looking concerned and watching as people are calling the paramedics and it's academic from there with is he on any medication and if he's alright.

I make it a point to pay my tab and leave a tip in cash for the waitress, she was polite and Guy makes you appreciate the people who do things well and with a smile. I step outside and cut across two streets to find Ben putting his case in the rental car and for once on the job he has a smile on his face. We're in the car and heading back to the hotel and I send a notice to Stuart letting him know what is going on and he goes quiet on the other end.

I figure he'll come around but it's a first for the boy and he needs to get his wings sooner or later, might as well be now. Oh and the Senator did take a medication, in fact we made sure that not only was he receiving it in the mail for a couple months and had empties in his trash but with it running through his system it'll just make things seem a little more plausible for the people who investigate these things. Ben and I get back to the hotel and I leave the happily married man to talk to his wife as I figure I'll get myself to the hotel bar and relax for a bit this evening.

I make it a point to change first and in a loose button up shirt and slacks make my way to the hotel bar to follow the feeds and talk to Stuart on the comms. "So did Ben call his wife," I ask our new tech guy. "Yes, they're probably still talking and he asked for radio silence.

Does he always use military terms," Stuart asks me and I laugh a little. "Yes he does, he's the real deal military man in our group. Now how is shit going with those college girls," I ask him and hear him sigh. "They're fine, I have friends with benefits and maybe I can get something long term but you guys keep me a bit busier than I thought you would," He tells me obviously doing his paid job. "Well I for one support the idea of you being involved, also it's good to not be the young buck on the team anymore," I tell him and we both laugh a little.

"So I get the feeling Guy's waiting for some super revenge scheme on everyone from last year," Stuart informs me and I decide to give him clarity. "When it comes to people, me or you or anybody Guy is looking out for what will make us feel the best. If you feel that revenge is your thing then go for it, I like that you are taking the 'I don't give a fuck' approach.

Be your own man," I tell him and he counters. "I wasn't much of my own man before Guy recruited me," Stuart says and I figure it's time for some history. "Michelangelo the sculptor was asked how he makes such beautiful pieces from a solid block of marble. He told the person that the statue was always there, he just removed the unnecessary pieces so that everyone could see what he does," I hit him with knowledge and Stuart pauses to think.

"You're really deep for the ladies man of the group," He finally informs me and I laugh. "Keep on comms for the night man and if things don't turn the way Guy thought then let me know so we can put the next plan into effect," I tell him and we're offline for the night. I take off the Bluetooth headset and relax, it's good working for Guy. Yeah he gives orders and he has a grand plan but he's never hung anyone out to dry.

Now I'm in a Hilton hotel relaxing with my part of this job. People are moving around and socializing, I can tell the normal job people and the staff from the money people. Personally I like the normal job people and I'm watching a woman serve drinks to a few suits that looks like she could use a break from standing, walking and having the 'power suit' play grab ass. I hold up my drink at the bar and the bar man is quick to come by but pauses as I don't set down my glass.

I read his name tag and smile at the white bartender that is probably my age. "Is it Robert or is it Rob or maybe Bob," I ask him and he looks around for a second. "It's Rob, they didn't think it was professional enough so Robert," He says and I put the glass down for him to refill my rum and coke.

"Rob I have two questions," I say turning towards the blonde waiting to finally leave and bring the next order," Is she single and when is she off work?" "Sir the hotel has a strict policy against employees fraternizing with the customers," Rob informs me before smirking," I do recommend that you move to that table over there to say hello to her for yourself." I get my ass over to the table he pointed out the superlatively good dick for a luscious girl relax for a few minutes as I wait for the blonde to head over to my table.

She's about 5'8' and wearing flats but it's her vest that holds in her D's that have my attention although previously it was the thirty eight inch booty that grabbed my attention first. "Hello sir, decided to change seats," She asks as I note her name tag. "Yes I did Eve, personally I like the view better from over here," I reply looking up at her with a smile. I get a smile in return and figure my odds are better than the tables of men in suits. I figure it's time to take the best game plan of all and put it into action, wait and be patient.

My waiting pays off as I watch Eve get off shift and start to walk to the exit of the lobby as I sit at my table and wait. She's thinking about it but I'm not actively watching when she comes back and sits down across from me. "You knew I'd come back," She says and I smile. "I hoped you'd come back, you're a woman and prone to doing whatever you want," I reply with a relaxed smile.

"So I'm going to guess you're in the music business," she says and I mock offense. "And is that because I'm black and dressed well," I joke and she laughs. "Well you don't want to come off as superior so that means you're a writer for a musician," Eve tells me and I shake my head," What a dancer?" "I can dance but I'm not one of those dance coaches with the whiney voice," I tell her and now she's intrigued.

"So what do you do in the music business," she asks and I chuckle. "I'm not in the music business," I tell her and she looks at me in disbelief," I'm an employed hand of mercy." "And what is that," Eve asks leaning back and letting me see her in her work clothes minus the apron. "I'm just someone who helps things along; my boss on the other hand is a force of nature. He speaks and the hands make it happen," I'm being vague but she's intrigued.

"Okay so you're an angel and you work for god," She jokes and I don't laugh," Oh don't play with me anymore than you already are." "I haven't begun playing with you because when I play I do it in private and it'll be for sunny leone fucked in bath by a tattooed guy a benefit but me and you," I tell her leaning in.

I stand up and casually walk away to the elevators and I don't even look behind me as I press the button for the elevator and wait. It takes a second for her to be standing next to me and a few more for the elevator to arrive. We are alone on the way up and when she moves for me I put my finger to my lips and point up at the ceiling, Ben and I take the time to find the hidden cameras in hotels and a Hilton keeps several in the public areas. What I catch the most from Eve is that she looks a little shocked that they have them.

We arrive at my floor and I casually walk to my room and swipe the keycard in the door before stepping in, I don't close it after me as Eve is right behind me and as soon as we're both inside she has me rushed to the bed and on top giving me more of her mouth than any of the stuffed suits would have ever hoped to see.

We're peeling each other out of clothing and piling them up on the floor and with me laying on my back Eve, instead of sliding down my body, turns around giving me an ample view of her ass and I feel warm lips wrapping around my head. She is no amateur but apparently I'm a bit bigger than the boys she's used to, I mostly expect it. I may be black but I'm not super huge, just well above the average.

I pull the flesh colored thong aside and gently tongue her slit slowly, she tastes sweet, usually women don't taste sweet and I speed up my tongue action while she works almost half of the ten inches I pack into mouth before I hear a light gagging noise. We're working on each other as hard and fast as we can while I'm doing fine she's trying to take more of me in but it's just not working out for her. Lucky guy gets pleased by a neighbor stop my work on her now slick wet slit and wait for her to figure out I'm done but she's almost pushing her mouth down onto my cock and I have to grab her hair and pull her mouth off of me and she gasps with a little shock.

"I want to make you scream," I tell her and see a wicked smile. I pull myself off the bed and start rummaging around, I keep condoms, and it's safe and makes me feel better about things. I don't have Guy's luck with getting his nut in all the right women and not running around with a million kids but when I hear a disappointed extreme facial cumshot compilation part porn storys I turn to see Eve is laying in wait spread for me and has a pouty look.

shy school girl tight arse teasing step think you can turn a light on and see if I have anything and I'm very very safe," Her last words dripping off her tongue and I drop the package.

I crawl back onto the bed and feel Eve's hand guiding me to her sweet pussy daddy late for school first time frannkie and the gang take a trip down under I just get the head inside before settling over her and pushing in deep.

Eve's eyes go wide and her face shows shock as I stretch her good and proper. "That is fucking deep," she tells me panting and I grin. "Then the next three will be deeper," I tell her and she realizes what I said before I push the rest in. Eve's pussy tightens up, her body locks up with her grabbing onto me and she starts groaning loud and hard.

I don't even really get to move as she is just holding me in place when I feel her whole body shudder and a loud groan fill the room. I let her hold me as an orgasm rips through Eve and after a few minutes I start to pull back but she pushes me off and rolls me onto my back. "Gimmie that fucking thing, I'm not letting you set the pace with that monster," Eve growls crawling over my cock and finding her entrance again slides down onto me," that is fucking amazing." "Well I try," I comment and she gets serious.

"I'm going to fuck you raw," she growls hotly. This girl has no restraint and since I just resized her she is taking full advantage by riding me harder than I expected.

I take her big tits in my hands and squeeze them while she groans and tries to fuck me through the bed. The only thing making it easy for me to keep inside her tight pussy is the fact that she's soaking my balls with her juices while grunting like it's a workout, well technically it is.

I don't have to move much and as my boys tighten up I pull Eve down to me and get a big kiss as I start fucking my way up into her. "OH FUCK ME&hellip.," Eve screams and I pound upward hard and deep. I don't last long fucking her all out and when I cum I empty everything inside her which shuts her up as I feel her cum again and start thrashing around like a seizure.

I smile and hold on mostly to keep her from hurting herself or me till she calms down. "My fucking god are you married or have a woman," She asks panting before rolling off of me.

"Nah I keep single till I feel I'm ready for the big C," I tell her as she slowly rolls off the bed and staggers to the bathroom. I follow her and we clean up as I watch her dress and grab her bag, I get a little goodbye kiss and pull her into the bed with me stripping her down, fuck sleeping alone tonight.

Guy: Louisiana the next morning And here I am in a rental car driving to the class of neighborhood that I'm familiar with but still wary of. When you go to powerful it's because they want home field advantage and the contact address I've been given is too upscale for the couple so I'm under the assumption that I'm meeting at the Senator's home, wonderful.

I get past the gate with my ID and once on the estate, I hate estates, I am shown into the house and searched by her security. Mrs. Crawford is an older stately woman who has the bearing of a mother with claws. "I welcome you to my home but when this was arranged I was told I'd have the privilege of knowing whom I was hiring," Senator Crawford says more than asks.

"And after the appropriate documentation has been signed I'll be speaking with the couple and aiding in resolving this with a plan of action that will help the both of them in the long run," I tell her taking out the documents.

"They'll have to be looked over by my legal counsel first," I catch her stall tactic to signing. "Then we have no business to discuss until that time, thank you the invitation to your lovely home and have a good day Ma'am," I state with no hesitation and begin to leave. "Wait are you here for Patrick," I hear a second female voice ask. I turn to see a woman similar to the Senator but younger and more naïve and innocent. Brown hair in a pony tail and a nice figure but the face is the tell tale sign of a problem.

Her eyes are baggy and tired, like the light has gone out of them. "I would be but legally I'm not doing anything until the contract is signed," I tell the daughter, Isabel. "Give me the contract I'll sign it," She says taking them out of my hand and walking away. "Daughter don't sign anything till we can have it read," Her mother says quickly trying to stop her. "We can't do shit.

Patrick hates you for trying to control him and now I can't get him to talk to me without spewing insults," Isabel says hotly before signing," If he can help save my marriage I'll sign with the devil himself." I smile as I check the paperwork and wonder how she's going to pay any of it but mostly I don't care, I like this woman. Granted she fucked up and got fucked in the process and is as guilty as anyone could be but now we play the new game.

"Is he here and how close by is he," I ask Isabel quietly. "He's in the other room," Isabel says cautiously. "Good, now have your mother keep the security out of the area while I get ready and no matter what happens you will be safe," I instruct Isabel who says a few words to her mother and I watch as the Senator steps out.

"Okay she's taken care of them now what," Isabel asks and I sigh. "I said get your coat you stupid bitch we have an appointment and you're making this trip," I yell at Isabel who backs up.

"What, what appointment," she stammers confused. "I'm taking you to get the abortion you need as per Senator Oswald's orders," I tell her loudly keeping my voice raised and start to pull on her by the arm. "Let me go," Isabel yells and that's when I see Patrick.

6'1" and maybe two hundred pounds of Army Ranger comes flying out from behind a set of doors and is barreling towards me. I'm in a suit, I need to remember to not wear a suit when fighting, sadly I had to make him come out and protecting his wife is hardwired into his brain.

I'm taken down and thankfully he's more pissed and swinging than tactically picking me apart. I'm blocking shots before grabbing an arm and rolling around into a reverse armbar. "Patrick I'm going to tell you once stand down. I'm not going to hurt you or your wife but you need to stand down," I tell him using a calm authoritative voice.

"You son of a bitch," Patrick yells and I tighten up my grip. "Patrick you're angry, this is good. You're defending your wife, this is also good but you're fighting a man you just met who has you in a position to break your arm.

Patrick I'm going to loosen the hold and we're going to back off of each other slowly," I tell him letting go and backing up. We separate and for a moment Isabel is able to help him to his feet as he stares at me, I see the couple dynamic between them which is a ray of hope.

It takes him a second to realize he's still mad at her mom slep sin rep mom back away but that's him acting like he's expected to.

"Now that we have that out of the way allow me to introduce myself, my name is Guy Donnelly and we have some work to do," I give the introduction. We settle in to a sitting room and I watch as they take seats on the couch, her first then him at the other end.

I take the coffee table and drag it out of the area to the horror of Isabel while Patrick actually smiles. I pull one of the busty milf devours a long black cock forward and now the thing separating us all is a foot or two of air each. I start up with the basics, he came onto her while Patrick was deployed, and she was lonely.

It's not his fault she says and I look at him to see that he's unmoved. "I think it is his fault, he took the job, he knew he'd be away so it is his fault. He also agreed to marry you and you turned out to be a slut for a fat bastard with a little bit of power and some clout," I tell her and now both look at me shocked," It's his fault he trusted you to be faithful when you're pretty much a whore. Granted you're a better raised whore but you're still a whore." "Don't you dare talk about Isabel like that," Patrick yells at me and I turn my attention to him.

"Like you haven't said the same things to yourself and to her and her mother in the past who knows how long since this started," I counter and he pauses," It's what you tell yourself to say but you love her, I have the bruises and a tear in my shirt to prove it." Now I have him thinking, it's hard to get people to think when they're hurt.

They usually want one of three things. For pain to stop, to give pain to the person causing it and finally to walk away from the pain altogether. None of these are going to help the two of them and it doesn't take much to see they still love each other once you break down the pretenses and let the emotions, love and hate, flow through a person.

The talking actually starts as she apologizes one last time before I tell her to stop apologizing with words and make them mean something with actions. Patrick for his part has one hang up more than anything else and it'd be one I have for myself, the Senator. "Patrick it's going to take time to forgive your wife, it'll be hard but you're not a man who takes the easy way from what I can tell," I tell the man and he's ready with his problem.

"It doesn't matter, nothing I do will matter if she has the baby. He'll take it because by law it's his right and then we're out a child and everything that happened gets dragged into the light," Patrick tells me coldly. "I will stab him somewhere that fat won't save him if he tries to take my baby; I only want this baby if you are with me Pat. If not I'll cut out the fucking thing before letting him have it," Isabel says with fire and now both of us are staring at her.

"Easy momma bear, what happens if I, under contract, make you a promise," I tell them and now both look at me curious. "What kind of promise can you give that will stop a US senator," Isabel asks plainly," He's has money and power and the pull to just come in and do what he wants." I smile the smile of a man who already has answer to questions before they can ask them.

I step out of the room and into a TV room as the happy couple follows curious. I pull up the news stations and we wait as weather and the sports scores are reviewed when my piece of news comes on a little more extreme than I thought. "Yesterday Senator Alexander Oswald, a democrat from Virginia, died of a fatal heart attack yesterday while meeting with an analyst at a local restaurant in Virginia.

He was rushed from the restaurant to the hospital where he died on his way to surgery. Preliminary autopsy reports show the the senator had large amounts of prescription Viagra in his system and a more in depth analysis by the state department shows a period of months where Senator Oswald has been taking the medication known to cause heart failure.

The senator leaves behind no family save for three ex wives&hellip.," the reporter drones on and I cut the feed before turning around and seeing two faces in shock. "I don't only solve your problem, I solve it and I solve the ones that will come after. Now since I promised you both that he wouldn't interfere you will promise me. Patrick you will be there for your wife, you will make it a point to gain counseling with someone who the Senator finds so that we can guarantee a discreet professional and you will work through your issues with Isabel," I tell him before turning to his wife," Isabel you will never give me a reason to come back and fix your mistake.

I don't like repeat performances and you will not ever, EVER, do this to Patrick again or I will make him disappear and the last thing you'll remember is that you did this to yourselves." "You'll make me disappear," Patrick asks confused. "Think of it as your out. She hurts you like this again and you don't have to put up with anything, I'll just move you somewhere nice and that will be the end of it," I tell them with a smile.

All threats aside they leave the TV room and talk among themselves as I sit and listen. Seduction of a lonely woman who really doesn't know better isn't above a fat pig like Oswald. As for killing him well I guess beach babes have orgy with random guy had his last meal but I need to talk to Isaac about when I say remove him from the equation it doesn't always mean kill the fat fuck.

I follow a beckoning security agent to an office where Senator Crawford is sitting with a stern expression on her face. "I didn't ask you to come down here and bring death on my doorstep," She says quickly as the door closes.

"No you wanted your daughter to be with her husband and for the Senator to be out of the picture. That is done, exactly the way it was asked only not the way you thought to ask for it. And don't tell me you are going to shed a tear for that bloated pig," I retort keeping my calm.

"I won't but if I ever ask for your assistance again I will control whether or not someone lives or dies," She tells me and I stop her. "Then don't ask for my help. I don't do things your way because your way fails. You want the happy ending then let me build it on the bones of evil sons of bitches and heartless cunts who fuck with decent people. I sleep like a baby at night knowing what happened now it's your turn to sign," I tell her and she looks at me funny," Payment, contracted payment for keeping Oswald from coming after your daughter.

Consider the husband staying and talking a free bonus." "I won't argue the results but next time you do it my way," She tells me putting through some calls for payment.

"Next time Senator I'll do it my way, and the time after that I'll still do it my way. Can you guess why," I ask and she looks at me blankly," Because my way doesn't fail and you know that for a fact now." I exit the estate and get into my rental car and am down the road to the airport as quickly as possible. I'm not staying in this state for any longer than I need to; also I want to see my babies.

I miss the kids a lot and now I'm working on a fifth thanks to Katy. Jun informs me during my check in at the airport that my wives are panting heavily at the payday as it's processed and I tell him to keep it loose and set up a business meeting between myself, Isaac and Ben. I want answers Isaac and it better be good.