She plays with herself and with a friend julia reaves

She plays with herself and with a friend julia reaves
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It was a hot summer afternoon when Shelly pulled her car into the driveway; the drive home seemed to take forever as she thought about how exciting the weekend would be. Being one of the hottest young bengali boys girl open xxx vedio in school Shelly always had her pick of what parties she would go to, and what guys she would hook up with that night. From head to toe Shelly Bellwood was absolutely stunning, a figure of beauty and seduction most girls would kill to be, and most men to be with.

Her short blonde hair came down in front of her dark green eyes, and her full wet lips showed off the most mysterious and seductive smile.

A smile that had been known to get her almost anything she desired. Her skin was tan and smooth, it almost glistened in the sun as she stepped out from the small red convertible her father had given her for her 18th birthday.

She was wearing a tight white blouse that showed off her most breath taking feature, a pair of perfect large perky breasts that have been the topic of most boys' locker room conversations since the 8th grade.

The tight fitting shirt was buttoned low enough to reveal a lacey pink bra and high enough to expose her tiny diamond bellybutton ring. Standing up Shelly smiled as she ran her fingers through her hair, noticing her parent's car was nowhere to be seen.

"Gone for the weekend I bet, ooh this is going to be great." Shelly thought to herself. She reached down to straighten her little pink skirt, a strip of thin material that was just long enough to cover her matching thong, before heading inside. Her high heels made a loud clicking noise as she ran up the steps to the front door, kicking off her shoes she sighed in relief as she felt a blast of cool air from the air conditioner climb up her smooth long legs, raising her skirt a bit. Giggling she began to make her way to the bathroom, wanting to take a nice cold shower before she left for the night.

"What are you laughing at?" She heard as she entered the living room. That voice, she hated that voice, it could only be one person… Andrew. Shelly groaned as she looked over to see her annoying 15-year old brother lying on the couch in the same red basketball shorts and white t-shirt that he always wore. "I thought mom and dad were taking you with them this weekend." Shelly snarled as she stood in between him and the T.V.

"Nope, they said I could stay home with you, my dear sweet sis" Andrew's lips grinned as he looked hungrily up and down his sister's stunning body. "My my, didn't daddy say something about wearing outfits like that to school?" He said as his eyes traveled from her little bellybutton down to her perfect pink toenails. Andrew was always staring at his older sister around the house, trying to catch as much of a glimpse as possible without making her too angry. At the dinner table his eyes were constantly fixed on her enormous breasts, and during the day when she would lay on the floor with a pillow to watch her favorite soap opera, you could count on Andrew to be right there in the big lazy boy recliner behind her, staring down at that heart shaped little ass that would sometimes wiggle or clench if he was lucky.

"Ugh, well fine at least I'm going out tonight, have fun kid-o." She laughed and turned to walk away. "Oh not so fast Shell, they also told me that you were to be in charge while they're away, which means Somebody is going to be staying right here.

They'll be calling tonight to make sure everything is ok." Her jaw almost dropped when she heard she was going to be spending the entire weekend alone with the most annoying little pervert she'd ever met. His evil grin grew larger as he put his feet up onto the coffee table "Yep, me and you sure are going to have a fun couple days sis.

You should get a porno for us to watch" he remarked with a laugh. Shelly raised an eyebrow, looking down at her little brother in disgust. "Is that all you ever think about? I would think you get off enough just watching me around the house all day" she turned around angrily, flipping up her skirt a bit, giving him a quick peek at her smooth round ass as she walked away.

"I'm going to go take a shower, we'll figure something out later." Oh man this is gonna be the best weekend ever Andrew thought to himself, letting out an evil laugh as he reached out from under the cushion, pulling out a small digital camera.

Hearing the bathroom door close he listened carefully for a locking sound, but didn't hear anything. "Yes! She forgot again, ooh little buddy this is gonna be great" he whispered as he grinned evilly, holding up the camera. Meanwhile Shelly was in the bathroom, quickly unbuttoning her blouse she tossed it into the sink along with her skirt. She opened the closet door and pulled out a towel, walking to the shower she reached in to turn on the water. Turning around she looked at herself in the mirror and smiled, admiring the redhead teen fucked on desk for casting lacey pink bra and matching thong she'd just bought.

Fidgeting around by her back she undid the strap of her tightly fitting bra, letting the rest slip off her body as her large perky breasts bounced free.

Reaching down she slid her thumbs along her hips, pushing her skimpy thong to the floor, revealing her smooth tight pussy. Stepping out of her thong with one foot she raised it up with the other, letting it dangle from her tiny painted toes she daintily flipped it aside.

Opening the shower curtain she gasped as she stepped in, feeling sexy shae summers gets rammed and jizzed on by her masseur warm water splash against her smooth creamy skin. Ahh just perfect she whispered quietly as she let the warm water run through her hair, losing herself in the hot steamy atmosphere of the shower. Creeping as quietly as he could Andrew made his way to the bathroom door, camera in hand.

He pressed his ear against it and listened carefully, he could hear the water running and grinned. Kneeling down he squinted as he tried to catch a glimpse through the crack in the door, seeing nothing but his sister's bra and panties spread out on the floor.

"Mmm new underwear huh sis?" nolita gets onto her knees and sucks cock mumbled to himself evilly, his hand almost shaking with kinky gf morgan lee tries out anal sex while being filmed as he reached up to turn the doorknob.

Shelly thought she heard a noise but was too busy relaxing to really think about it, standing in the steamy water she arched her back, letting it trickle down her large perky breasts. She brought a hand up and gently cupped one of them, giving her small, perfect nipple a soft pinch her lips couldn't help but smile as she massaged her breasts.

Beginning to feel a bit aroused she let her other hand trace a finger from her belly button down to the lips of her smooth, moist pussy.

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Closing her eyes Shelly began to moan softly, not knowing her little brother had snuck his way into the bathroom and was just behind the other side of the curtain. Andrew almost dropped the camera when he heard the moans, knowing exactly what she was up to. "Ooh this is perfect!" he whispered as he peeked through the side of the shower curtain seeing his sexy older sister naked for the first time.

Andrew's mouth was wide open as he watched Shelly play with herself, it was even better than he imagined! His hands shaking he watched closely, not blinking at all as his sister brought herself closer and closer to a climax. He stared as she let her hand slide over her breasts, rolling her hard nipples in between her thumb tamanna bhatia saxi xxx story fingers.

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Her toes wiggling up and down as her legs trembled, two fingers slid slowly in and out of her warm pussy lips. Oh this is it, he thought to himself as she opened her mouth widely to let out a moan, her eyes closed tightly Andrew quickly grabbed the shower curtain, swinging it open he brought the camera out from behind his back and flashed a picture of his sister in mid orgasm.

Shelly opened her eyes and let out a scream, quickly covering her breasts with her hands she almost fell backwards. Her little brother looked just as shocked as she did as he reached down to pick up her bra and panties, running out of the bathroom as fast as he could.

She could hear him laughing hysterically as she grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her chest; it only went halfway down her ass but she was far too angry to care. Running after him she screamed "Andrew You Little Brat!

I'm Going To Kill You!" She chased after him until she got to the kitchen, her dripping wet body caused a puddle on the tile floor and she slipped, giving Andrew just enough time to run upstairs with the camera. Shelly sat up and slammed her fist against the ground, growling loudly she got up and stomped her feet.

"Get back here right now you little shit!" She screamed, making her way to the stairs. Her body was shaking with anger as she got to the upstairs hallway, looking down at all the closed doors she knew it would be hard to find him, even though he couldn't move without her hearing. "I promise if you just give up and hand over the camera I wont get angry or tell mom and dad!" she said loudly in a calm voice as she made her way down the hallway.

"Oh I don't think you'll be telling mom and dad anything for a long time" Andrew said in a malicious voice. She turned around quickly and saw him leaning against the wall, his arms folded as he grinned, his eyes glued to pawg oiled bikini babe blows fat cock sexy ass that was exposed by the towel.

"Give me the camera Right Now!" she said angrily as she walked up to him, pinning him against the wall with one arm. "Easy there sis, I don't have it with me of course, it's hidden." He smiled, looking down at the droplets of water running along her cleavage. "Where the hell is it you gang rape teen in front of her mother full story twerp!

Go get it right now or I swear I'll kill you myself!" she growled as she placed a finger under his chin, bringing it up to her face. "It's in my room, go and look for it I don't care, you'll never find It." He said innocently, puckering his lips making a kissing motion at her.

She pushed him away and slammed open the door to his room, looking through every bookshelf and cabinet. "Come on where is it, where is it!" Shelly mumbled to herself as she rummaged through his things, finding nothing but some comic books and a small collection of her bras and panties.

Stepping into his room Andrew closed the door behind him and grinned as he watched her search franticly, dressed in only that small bathroom towel, her body still dripping wet. He walked over and lay down on his bed, giving out a seductive moan as he stared down at his sister's legs and nice round ass, thinking of what he'd just caught her doing in the shower. "By the time you find it, it will have already been sent out to nearly everyone in school" he laughed loudly as he glanced over at his computer.

She turned to see the picture pasted onto an email, with the title Shelly Bellwood's Shower Scene, but the camera still wasn't in sight, she knew he'd have a backup.

"All I have to do is press send and everyone will see what a slut you really are." Andrew sat up on the edge of his bed with that evil grin as he looked up from his sister's ass, "that is, unless you're willing to play along with me." Shelly took her eyes off the computer screen and looked at her little brother, who already had a tent in his shorts from having just seen his sister not only naked, but fingering herself.

"Play along with you?

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What the hell are you talking about just give me the camera or I'm calling mom and dad right now, you'll be dead when they get home and you know it!" Shelly said angrily, holding her hands on her hips. Andrew just smiled and leaned back on his bed.

"Oh Shelly, my dear sweet sister I know you wouldn't dare think of doing something like that, your reputation is in my hands you see. I know how much that means to you, it's much more important than seeing your little brother get in trouble with mommy and daddy isn't it?" He said, looking up at her to wink before lying back down.

"Andrew alright I wont tell, just Please don't show that picture to anyone! We'll forget all about it, pretend like it never happened ok?" Shelly pleaded, trying to act as sad as she could as her eyes still glanced around his room, trying to find the camera without him seeing. Andrew rolled his eyes, sitting up he smiled. "Ooh sis you don't think I could just let something like this slip away do you?

No this here, this is pure gold. I've never had this much power over anyone before." He said slyly, crossing his legs. He could see his older sister's expression; it was just what he'd hoped for. "What do you want then? Anything Jesus, just get rid of that picture Please!" Shelly whimpered.

Suddenly Andrew's grin became even larger, his eyes began to look evil as he sat up on the edge of his bed, tapping his fingers together in front of him.

"Take off that towel" he said quickly. "What?!" Shelly snapped. "You heard me, take off that towel, you said anything, didn't you? Well I want to see you naked, now Do it!" he ordered. "Fine! If that's what you want so bad here!" Xxxxx sex stories porn school girl movies said after a long pause, then turned around and removed her towel, letting it drop to the floor she faced to look at her little brother, his eyes were glued to her enormous breasts as he slipped his hand down into his shorts, it was obvious to her what he was doing.

"Mmm god you're so hot sis" he said quietly. "What are you doing you little perv!" Shelly yelled, looking at him in disgust. Andrew glanced down and grinned, getting a brilliant idea. "Oh Gosh you're right sis! What am I doing?" he said with a sarcastic frown. "You should be doing it for me!" Andrew giggled as he reached down to pull off his shorts; his 6-inch rock hard cock sprung up into the air, watching his sexy big sister stand totally exposed in front of him.

"Well, what are you waiting for, it aint gonna get any harder." He said with a smug look on his face, glancing over to the computer screen. Shelly stared down at her little brother's cock, and then over to the monitor again. She knew what she had to do.

Not saying a word she walked over to him and kneeled down in between her brother's legs. Reaching up she wrapped her soft little hand around his tool, hearing him gasp as she began to stroke up and down. "Oooh yeah that's it, now suck it" he said with a grin, staring down fat old woman sex storys his big sister he reached out and placed his hand on the back of her head, stroking her hair he brought her face closer to his hard cock.

She shook her head no and closed her lips tightly, the tip of his cock pressed against them as she mumbled. "Just think of your reputation sis" she heard her little brother say, before opening her mouth, letting his member slide in along her tongue.

"Oh god its so warm, your lips are so soft sis" he said evilly, not taking his eyes off her as he watched her slide his cock in and out of her mouth, sucking gently as her tongue rolled over the tip. Feeling like he was about to burst Andrew began to rock his hips back and forth, pumping his hard cock in and out of his big sister's mouth rapidly. Moaning loudly he grabbed the back of her head and shoved it down against him as hard as he could, his body shook as he began to shout "Mmm yeah sis don't stop!

I'm gonna cum!" Grasping her hair he pulled his throbbing dick from her lips, Shelly gasped for air as she held onto his knees, breathing heavily.

Just then Andrew let out a deep moan as his juices began to spray from his throbbing cock. Smiling he looked down and watched as he came onto his big sisters beautiful face, it landed along her breasts and in her hair. He laughed silently, leaning back on his bed. "Damn sis, that was better than I imagined, you better go clean up we've got a lot more fun ahead of us before mom and dad get home" Andrew said with a grin, tossing her the towel.

To Be Continued…