Sister in law xxx brazzers

Sister in law xxx brazzers
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Mistress Sabrina giggled as she applied the lubricant to the slaves already wet pussy. The girl was soaking wet from the long ordeal of being tied to the spanking bench so securely, she couldn't move a muscle. Ropes laced over her legs every several inches and then across her back the same way.

Her arms wound tightly with several bands of ropes about her upper and lower arms, leaving her no room to even wiggle. To add to the fun of it, Sabrina had stretched saran wrap over her as well and then used a blow dryer to actually shrink wrap her into place. She was secured beyond any hope of escape and that thought alone made her sopping wet.

The only part left totally exposed was her sweet pussy and asshole. Even her face was partially covered by the blindfold that kept her from peeking around. Sabrina took great delight in pouring the cold lubricant on her asshole and allowing it to slowly drip down over her lips before using her fingers to work it into couple does oral only masturbation and fingering slit.

She was sometimes gentle, sometimes rough, keeping the girl totally unsure of what to expect.

She was well lubed but Sabrina kept adding more, mostly for the joy of hearing the squeals as the cold liquid hit her tight little ass crack.

Finally satisfied with the lube job, Sabrina placed the rest of the bottle on the slaves was safe.not like she was going anywhere. She stepped back to admire the sloppy wet cunt of her slave and was happy at the sight.

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Turning to the others in the room watching, she winked and smiled. Now the fun was to begin. They all smiled in anticipation of the show. She started off gently with two fingers deep into the girl. She slid them in and explored the pussy all around, slowly and gently applying pressure to relax the muscles and open her up more.

The slave moaned as Sabrina's fingers probed her deeper and deeper, her pussy responding with even more wetness making her truly a mess of cum and lube. The third finger was a lil tight going in but, with patience Sabrina had the little whore moaning for more as she worked her tight pussy and began to fuck her, making sure the free finger tickled the clit.

Her trespassing schoolgirl teens fuck with a homeless guy was opening nicely, accepting the three fingers easily and as the slave came a small little climax, her pussy pulled on Sabrina's fingers in her. "Awwww.look.the pussy wants more." Sabrina said laughing. The crowd responded with chuckles and encouragement for more.

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They were definitely a hungry crowd. Sabrina Worked the three fingers in her a bit longer until the pussy was really relaxed to her touch. Then she pulled the fingers almost all the way out and added her pinkie to the group and slowly slid the four back in.

The girl squealed and grunted at the same time. The noise, though odd, was definitely a hungry sound. She was tight around the four fingers and Sabrina worked them slowly and with great patience into her pussy. She paused twice to drip fresh lube onto the lips to allow them to slide in without any friction.

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The slave was moaning and getting off almost constantly, Sabrina had to pause several times as the girl came.

Was annoying but inevitable. Finally, she got tired of waiting and got a little bored.

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A sadistic little idea came to her and she placed the bottle opening directly against the girls asshole and squirted the cold liquid into her.

The squeal that followed was most satisfying and Sabrina made a mental note to insert ice into her ass later that night.

As the slave girl finally relaxed and her body stopped the spasms, Sabrina was able to proceed. With great care she folded her thumb into the palm of her hand and slowly began to slide her whole fist into the girl. The fingers slid in so easily, this cunt was finally ready to be fisted.

When she came to her knuckles Sabrina twisted her hand slightly and pushed gently towards the asshole and away from the pelvic bone. The gentle steady pressure finally paid off in a single instant of pain and then. her fist was in her. The girl screamed a most satisfying scream and then began to chant "yes, yes, yes" over and over again.

The sound of the fist in the pussy was incredible, wet sloppy slutty sounds. Sabrina giggled as she began to fist fuck the girl slowly and gently but with good sunny leone and other girl sex. As the slave came again and again Sabrina fucked her faster and faster.

The girl was screaming and moaning and squealing, sometimes all at once. She was begging for more and crying out in complete ecstasy. Sabrina didn't let up until finally the girl's pussy exploded with cum.

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She ejaculated all over and it squished/squirted out around Sabrina's fist and ran down the slaves legs. She was crying out incoherently and laughing as tears rolled down her sweet cheeks. Her breathing was irregular, ragged, and harsh as her pussy squished out the last of her cum. Gently Sabrina withdrew her fist, the knuckles popping out and the girl breathing a sigh of relief as her pussy was emptied.

Quivering and unable to talk she wept tears of release. She mumbled thanks and Sabrina began to wipe her cum/lube soaked hand off all over the slaves bare neck and face, leaving her covered in her own sex. Sabrina kissed her, stroked her hair, and whispered sweet words of praise. The slave smiled through her tears and tried to speak but could not.

Instead she just smiled and nodded and breathed in deeply smelling what a lovely cum slut she was as her world spun on around her without her notice nor her care.